GTP_WRS (GT5) Week 10 : Weekly Rally Series?

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Well I just submitted my time :) NIZZY ol chap, and like yourself I wasn’t going to go calmly into that good night, I just took another .2 off the OT (all of it in T3), so it’s now down to our hole card, my final lap was a thing of beauty, absolutely my cleanest run and a dead on apex escape out. something that I haven’t been able to do since I crossed paths w/ this track. Thankz to Zokyz ghost.

I would like to also say that I have had the best time this week and will always reflect on the back and forth as well as the fastest giving their all even in the tuning dept. or by giving top secret lines away and pulling back the curtain on how much fun this kind of driving is. 👍

I hope that everyone who put in the time got as much or more joy in the fact that they surprised themselves at what they were capable of. :cheers:


Fetchy said I'm good :) so on to the next windmill,
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I hope that everyone who put in the time got as much or more joy in the fact that they surprised themselves at what they were capable of. :cheers:


At first, didn´t think in participate on this week, but after the first tries i really liked a lot, and now i think i´m a big fan (that doesn´t mean i´m any good :yuck: )
Just submited my time and hopefuly my T3 will hold up, I just wish I could do this good on the road. They say that asphalt is only good for getting to the track and dirt is what you race on when you get there :)
Awesome quote, Little. 👍

Congrats on your (assumed) D4 victory!

Hope to check your replay soon to see what I was doing wrong. :dunce:
Thanks, using 45/55 torque, 10/7 BB.

I know that short shifting is the trick but I tried it and I couldn't figure out how you could feel the torqe pull, just amazing. I'm kind of handicaped using Auto-Trans and I couldn't go into the gears to force the thing to torque up... OH
Submitting with the following splits I got some time ago.


I had a good fun in the dirt. :)
Thanks, using 45/55 torque, 10/7 BB.
That's what I figured out this morning....been running wrong settings all week,idiot!!!:dopey:.....anyway,I have 4 more hours and now I see your T2 time but to conect everything together will require some luck aswell!!

Off to the track,later! 👍
Best of luck with that Zoki 👍 Great competition between you two this week.

I'm going to be running right up to the deadline too I think. Keep seeing better sector times but not tying them together very well... and my current fastest T3 is proving hard to beat to the line, even when I'm up 0.4 at T2

Today I've seen a 35.590 T1 and a 43.305 T2 as my best.... got 3 and a half hours to put it all together. I'f I don't make it, well I'll be happy to get a D2 podium considering I wasn't going to do this week at all, then expected to not do very well when I did decide to take part. I've already exceeded my expectations by a long way, so I feel quite satisfied with my rally performance now. :)

Best of luck to everyone. 👍 And godspeed to anyone who's chasing all the way to the deadline.... see you on the other side. :P

Had a very good long left after T2,min speed 162kmh but lost the braking point for last turn and went a bit to wide,didn't lost much with that but not sure how much....still not submitting!:)

That 42.7 on T2 is truly amazing...:bowdown:
Submitted with splits on board. Very happy with my splits, but that last sector.:banghead:
Submitted with splits on board. Very happy with my splits, but that last sector.:banghead:

:eek: Those are some killer splits Wes, congrats!

I give up.... I could sit here for the next 7 nights and still not tie my best sectors together. No consistency at all from one run to the next and a T1 of 35.5xx ends up with a T2 of or a crap T3, and I've managed the best T1+T2 of 1'19.0 only to throw it in the barrier on the last corner.

I'll just put it down to experience - I'm 100x better at rallying than this time last week so I'll take that as a reward no matter how it falls in the results.

Submitting with a disappointing T1 but my best T3 all week.

T1: 36.076
T2: 43.422

Good evening all. :)

Edit - actually not bad considering I was running with no FFB all week. Only thing now is, FFB feels weird when I switch it back on :indiff:
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Enjoyed this week.

Final splits and being submitted.

T1: 36.154
T2: 43.606

These were my best two splits of the week, if only I could have matched them with my best T3, but it was a bit poor .25 slower than my best. Should be close, Lefty, if your T3 is impressive. Don't think we will manage D3 gold though.
I hope my time holds out for a podium. But I think I've done a super quick TT. I'm hoping it's enough to get me second of D4 but pretty unlikely. Although I could be wrong and it's a terrible T3. Hope not because I was ragularly losing 2 tenths every lap.
Damn, those are some great times, W_G_E!

Someday.......I'm dreaming!

Started to try again to better my times but the martini said NO!!!

GL to all!!! Movie @ at 11!!!!