GTP_WRS Week 58: Watch out! Javier's Got a Wheel

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I use the DS4 (for the leaderboard)

You'll need to send fetchy a PM to update the board with your controller type as he uses the senders ID to attach the change details to. We have a guide that tells you how to do this and many more things over > here <

I've clipped the bit about controller changes below but take a look at the guide for full context especially who to send the PM to

Changing your controller on the board

Changing your controller is a lot similar to changing your country above, we just have a different subject and body message:

Subject: Change Controller
Body: G25
Fetchy support quite a lot of controllers, like: Wheel, G25, G27, DFGT, Driving Force, T500, Fanatec, CSW, Fanatec Clubsport Formula, Controller, DS3, DS4, six-axis
Apologies, this is a bit late but there is still time to sign up for the Saturday race folks

Event 58 : Watch Out! Javier's Got a Wheel

Ford Mustang Gr.3 @ Tokyo Expressway - South Inner Loop


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Back from mini break :lol:


Not a clue how this was a 54 first split, I was sliding about through the double right hander.
I messed up the hairpin by running to wide. Sometimes I wonder if it's better to run a bit wide there as it's hard to get on the gas taking a tight line.
BB -1 seems slightly better for me and getting the front in to tuck in without hitting the inside curb/wall. Who knows... This one is a bit frustrating with 1 out of 3 laps being clean.

This is it for me with almost a second improvement at the line.


Good luck everyone and keep the mobile wheel refinishing guy on speed dial!

Ready for the next TT on Sunday 👍
Beat my time but bottled it on the last sector, I lost nearly 2 tenths in the last sector so only beat my time by a few thousandths:banghead:


So disappointing could of been so much better, I think most of it was lost in the very last turn as I could feel my ghost breathing down my neck:lol: