GTP_WRS Week 58: Watch out! Javier's Got a Wheel

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Next combo please kind Admins! :D:tup: 18 days off from now and itching to race but will be rusty... so would like to race from day 1 when the event is posted 💡

GL in the results to all taking part in this event :cheers:

I'm sure you would enjoy this one too Ron

Have to use a little strategy, oh and remember which laps you can make up 3 seconds missing out the chicane. Sounds easy but I think we all made the mistake of using it when we didn't have too.

More on track the better the combo works, plus it's good for WRS member building.

Enjoy your rest days Ron. 👍
Maybe I did.... Maybe I didn't ;)

Actually I had better final sectors than my submitted lap. It'll be close I'm sure. Wish I had more the for this one. Good luck tomorrow night:tup:

I think you will have a few tenths on me, as I said I lost a lot on the final turn.

I've had two .5s today at the T2 split only to feel the pressure on the final corner yet again. Not happy with my time as I know on a good lap without bottling it on the final turn that I would be close to 2 tenths faster.

Will have to submit soon as I have a match tomorrow night so won't get chance to run again.

Good luck to all still running, stay away from those walls :sly:
Time submitted

I used all the wall/collision penalty options to make my replay easier to check if my replay requires a check this week.

Had one last go at this tonight but no improvement, I had my chances with my best being a .491 second sector split, had those .5s as well..... just wasn't to be with the pressure getting to me in the final sector.

Had another look at my replay and my final sector is better than the one I thought I was posting for this lap. It's still a tenth slower than my best, but nearly 2 tenths faster than the split I thought I was going to be posting.

Good luck guys :cheers: