GTPlanet Celebrates 15 Years Online: Thank You!

Congratulations from Canada!

I've only been here a short two years and a bit, but I've met some great people and have taken part in, and now host the GT6 Duel of the Week, it's one of my favourite things on the internet.

Unlike other forums on the internet, the staff and regular members on this forum are so polite and helpful. It's truly an amazing place to post. I also want to thank this site for broadening my horizons. Without GTPlanet, I probably would have never bothered to give these other racing games a try, but now Project Cars and soon Assetto will enter my collection alongside GT6. So thank you once again to the staff for hosting this website, and for the users that make it great.

Keep it coming! :gtpflag:
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Congratulations Jordan on the 15th anniversary and cannot thank you enough for helping to have a place for online racers on the Playstation with GT.
Congratulations, and good luck for the future! Extremely happy I joined this place almost 6 years ago, when I was about as young as when you started. Looking back it was just the right time between being a silly kid on the internet and growing up (some :P), learning and adapting a lot here. On a daily routine it's easy to take the way GTP is run for granted but it's really not.

Interesting bit about London too. I always assumed, while GTP's very international, most activity would be from the US. London is one of my favourite places, it's cool how GT relates to it since the start of PS3 - GT and by extend GTP cover so many of my interests, it's almost scary!
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Congrats on 15 years, GTPlanet!

I joined GTP just before GT5 came out, and even now nearly 7 years on, it's still one of the few places I check-in daily on the internet... this community (especially the photomode community :D) has truly played a huge role in my life!

Here's to the next 15 years! :gtpflag:


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Congrats @Jordan and congrats to the rest of the GTP faithful too for helping make this place what it is ... Best website on the net !
I'm not the most vocal member by a long shot, but have enjoyed this place everyday since joining (I will hit 7yr anniversary myself this coming January)...I consider GTP my second home :)

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I joined as a really stupid little kid in chat who knew nothing about cars. I lurked a lot more recently out of my interest in Forza Horizon and GT Sport/7, but I remember when I first discovered this site while anticipating GT5. Glad to have been a member of the community, even if I was kinda bad at first.

Guess I can rejoin the community now as an adult, who actually understands the world. Here's to 15 more!
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Congrats to @Jordan for creating such an awesome forum. & congrats to everybody else who has made GTP what it is of today.

i joined a few years back, & I do not regret it it's actually amazing to be here with all the GTP members, feels like we're all one big team!:cheers:Thank you for everything! :gtpflag:
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Thanks to Jordan and the whole "team" for GTP, and for somehow managing to maintain a fun, positive and equal experience for so many members over the years. The internet can be by nature a very transient, amorphous place, so becoming a mainstay and a home base of sorts for so many, for 15 years plus, is pretty remarkable.
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Although I have not been a GTPlanet member for very long, roughly three and a half years, I must share my gratitude for your dedication and drive to take this website to where it is today. I've found here a community of many individuals from many places, but for most of us we all share one thing in common, our interest in motorsports and sim-racing! Through the past three years of my membership I have come a long way, and I've experienced a lot in my own personal life. I've increased my sim-racing abilities tenfold through the support and guidance of everyone who was willing to help despite a divorce, moving homes, with milestones such as graduating high school and starting college also on the table. For that, the unwavering support, and overall safe heaven for online racers and enthusiasts a sincere thank you is in order.

@Jordan, thank you for everything you've put into this place, and the community which has grown from it. Congratulations on 15 years! I wish you all of the best for the next 15! May GTPlanet continue to grow and prosper.

With gratitude,


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@Jordan - You obviously did something right as when I joined 3 years after you started GTPlanet, it was already one of, if not THE first search result for Gran Turismo 4 information. The site has only grown larger and better since and will continue to do so for a long, long time.

I typically go months without checking Facebook, days for email but I'm on GTPlanet at least 4 times each and every day. I've joined other forums here and there but none have the same feeling of "home" that you get with the awesome members and staff here.

A fantastic accomplishment that you have every right to be immensely proud of. I appreciate the opportunity you gave me to help in the very small part I've had here and I wish you all the best over the next 15 years.



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Amazing. Where would we all be without GTP to waste our work/ school/ spare time on? (Reddit probably).

It's an absolute pleasure to be a member here, @Jordan, we all owe you our gratitude. And thanks also to the staff who help keep the order.

Many congratulations from a tropical place in the sun.


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So isn't it quite crazy to acknowledge that there are now members on this forum who are younger than the forum itself? ;)

Congratulations and Happy Birthday GTP. Without this website, my life might be completely different. :cheers:


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I definitely fall into the come for Gran Turismo stay for the forum and people you meet category.

When I joined (some time during GT5 Prologue) if someone said to me a forum which at the time was something I barely knew existed would change your life I would have simply laughed.

It's here I've met real friends and by that I don't just mean online but in person also, it's here through various reasons that I changed my life around and lost 30kg in the process. Many here can say the same as me and that's what makes this site what it is. It's not just some pixels on a screen making up words, it's the quality of those words but most importantly the people behind those words.
And that is what GTP is to me, the people.

Congrats on the 15 @Jordan and good luck for the future. 👍
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Congratulations, @Jordan ! Awesome thing to start your own. More power to you and all the staff that help to bring us a place to congregate. Peace peace peace. Stay up!
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Although it's only coming up to my 3rd anniversary on GT Planet, I'd like to say congratulations @Jordan on your 15th.
I don't do Facebook, Twitter or any other social media for that matter. I do however thoroughly enjoy hanging out here on a daily basis following various threads, making friends & meeting new people.

Here's to another 15 years :cheers:
Congratulations from Germany. :cheers:

As of one of the members who are way above the average age of you, I have to say that is always fun competing with you youngsters in the WRS. I will play Gran Turismo until my retirement and beyond. :)

I’m looking forward to the new design of the website. :gtpflag:
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Wow 15 years, can't believe GTP is now a true teenager at this point.

If it was not for a little blurb in an oh so innocent magazine article back when I was 23 years old, I probably never would have known this community during its infant stages. It helped me escape and more importantly I met some very influential people around the world in my life.

Congratulations @Jordan along with each an every person that has made GTP what it is.

Happy Birthday GTP from someone that has become just a lurker :-)


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I've said it before but I see this is a great opportunity to say it again.

Thanks @Jordan, for creating the good part of the internet and for maintaining it so well. It must be a lot of work. Congratulations on another milestone and all the achievements along the way.

Thanks to all the staff too, for their efforts in helping to run the place.

Thanks to the membership, who keep the site alive and keep each other entertained and informed.

I love it here. :gtpflag:


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I feel like a massive idiot for not even responding to this sooner, but Congrats and a Massive Thank you to @Jordan for creating this wonderful place. I've been on many forums, but I simply haven't had the attachment to them like I have this one (my first home on the internet so to speak) :cheers:
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Happy Birthday, GTPlanet !!!
Nearly 10 years since I returned to the virtual racing, and I can say that because of you. Since then there has been no turning back. Even if I do not have many posts, I've watched you every day, and I can say that the information and advice found here helped me a lot. Thank that you exist, thanks to all members for ideas, help and support in my adventure called "virtual racing simulator".
Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :cheers:


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I've visited GTP a couple of times looking for GT news and tunes etc.
Started wandering in other sub forums and topics, lurking around a bit more and found there was a lot more to GTP than meets the eye (read in Optimus Prime voice).

So 5 years ago I decided to join this funny and often punny bunch.
I visit GTP multiple times a day, mostly residing in the rumble strip and console & pc gaming sub forums.

I've always experienced that the GTP members are helpful, respectful and understanding to one another, even when discussing heavy and complicated topics and while doing so also providing perspective when opinions differ.

This is a great community.

Congratulations @Jordan and thank you and all the staff for this great place. :cheers: :gtpflag:
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Happy birthday! I've been here for 12.5 years, it's funny looking back at old posts I've made and what a cocky idiot I sounded like :) Not much has changed there I suppose!

My fondest memory on the forum was the 'real life challenge', where given 30,000 credits, you had to buy and modify a car and get the best 1/4 mile time. A friend and I stayed up an entire night abusing an old Impreza, launching in 2nd gear with full ballast on the rear. It was so long ago that posting a picture as evidence was pretty difficult hehe

I don't use the place quite as much as I used to, but I read the news articles most days (at work), and personally enjoy the fact you've branched out to include news from Forza and other games.

It must be a funny feeling to have people using this website that didn't exist when it was created :D