GTPlanet Celebrates 15 Years Online: Thank You!

Congrats, Jordan! GTPlanet has been my guilty pleasure, if I'm honest. Some nights I'll just screw around on here instead of playing a game or doing homework, haha.

You mentioned looking for help? I'm curious about that.
Congratulations from France ! Thank you for your hard work and for all the surprises you give to us every day about something we love !
Congrats from Scotland. :cheers:

Ludicrous to think this site is that old.
Can't put into words just how much this place has framed my view of the internet. Funny, touching, heated, passionate...there's too many adjectives to describe all the different experiences I've had.

On the verge of 9,000 posts may not seem like much to some but for me to find a home here and to be around for so long has been something else.

Then, this get the chance to join the writing team made that even better. Thank you to all those who've contributed to my growth as a writer for the website and to those who've read what I've written in the past 11 months or so.

Here's to more great years!
Even in my relatively short time here at GTP, so much has happened and changed. I've made new friends, people who I would have never met without creating an account on this site. GTP really has had a large impact on the last 3 years of my life. It's not just some website, it's an obsession and a large part of my daily routine. First thing I do when I wake up? Check GTP! Lunchtime? Check GTP! It's just crazy how much of an impact this site has had on my, and I am so happy to be a part of this great community. Congratulations @Jordan, here's to a lifetime of GTP! :D :cheers:
Glad to have been a part of this for so long. This is the only forum on the entire internet that I've checked in on every single day since being a member, where I have going on 25k individual posts, and is the only place where I've somehow gotten more involved without actually trying to (other than asking to be a mod way in my earlier days :lol: ).

Which brings me to saying thank you @Jordan for allowing me to develop something I've been passionate about since I was a wee one: writing.
Congratulations from Brazil !!! I check this site every day... Thank you for the very good work all these years... GT live in my heart!!
Congrats GTP! :cheers:

I would also like to add it was a pleasure meeting you @Jordan (and other GTP members + The PD team) back in May for the GT Sport Unveiling at the Copperbox. I can't thank you enough for providing me with the opportunity to attend such an event! :cool:
This place looks a lot different than it did back when I joined. Hopefully it looks even better fifteen years from now. Congratulations, GTP! :cheers:
Congrats from the Peace Garden State! Here's to 15 more :cheers: :gtpflag:
Congratulations to @Jordan and all of the mods and other contributors on a job well done these last 15 years. Here's to many more, from Canada;):
Congrats Jordan and team! Fantastic stuff you are doing here. It's usually my first and last internet stop for the day. Thank you for founding this amazing community, allowing me to make friends with some super-rad, like-minded, go-fast dweebs. :D

Cannot wait to see what is in store for the future.

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Feliz Cumpleaños GTP!

Looking forward to the arguments about the redesign!

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Congratulations on 15! You can expect me buying one of those shirts very shortly... :gtpflag:
Congrats from the Great White North, boss!

Thanks for entrusting me with a job here: it's been a heck of a ride the last year-and-a-bit, and I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store. I'd also like to thank all the members that have responded positively to our soft expansion in terms of scope on the front page: it confirms we've made the right decision. The community truly is the standout feature of GTPlanet, and it's what keeps me coming back every single day.

Here's to another 15! :cheers:
15 years? Wow. Crazy stuff. But nonetheless, I am immensely proud to be part of this fantastic website. Back in Gran Turismo 5 when I used to commonly join track day lobbies, there were a good amount of players who had the intent of racing and chatting. When the chatting part came around, many people often brought up GTPlanet and how much of an amazing website it is. From this, I truly realized how highly-regarded and respected the site and its members are and I'm sure you know this too, Jordan. Thanks for letting us wear the GTP name tag. 👍
Oh man, I remember the 10th anniversary like it was yesterday.
Thanks GTP for showing me what an online community could be, for forcing me to ditch text speak, for introducing me to all these wonderful people, for introducing me to all these hobbies, for broadening my horizons, for making me realise that Apokalipse is a terrible username...

Here's to GTP and may it last for many more years. :cheers:
Is it bad that I've been here for 14 of those years? :P I'll be lucky if I make it another 5... :lol:

Congrats to the fearless leader. Can't wait for the site updates! :cheers:
Congrats :bowdown: And thank You @Jordan for making this Awesome Website:D And a big thank you to all the great Mods for keeping this place safe for all of us :D
Here's is to another 15 years :cheers::gtpflag::gtplanet::D:)
Congratulations Jordan and :gtpflag: didn't realise you was so young when you started this place up. I've been here around 5 years myself here's to the next milestone.
Congratulation excellent site, I started my daily visit a few years back when I got into Gran Turismo, I am not interested in Gran Turismo anymore but I am still a daily visitor of your great site.
Even though I've only joined here since December 2014, I still call this place home. Congratulations to Jordan, and everyone else who has made this site an enjoyable experience for me! Hopefully I'll stick around for a long time.

GTP is truly the only automotive forum I've encountered that I feel like I want to be involved in. Something about this forum is just... better than all the other ones. The layout, variety of threads/subforums, and the great members make this site extra special for me. Kudos to everyone who has helped develop this forum, you've done an exceptional job!
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Has it really been 15 years? Time flies when you're having fun! Congrats, here's to 15 more!

I'll keep this short and sweet for the time being, I'll give out my full congratulations and what not next month in a very special thread, when I also reach the same anniversary as a member. :P