GTPlanet Celebrates 15 Years Online: Thank You!

Discussion in 'The Rumble Strip' started by GTPNewsWire, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. axletramp

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    Congrats Jordan and congrats GTP! :cheers:

    Next month I'll have been here 15 years myself.

    *gulp* Where did that go!?

    Just as well I bought that lifetime membership all those years ago. :lol:
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  2. TX Executioner

    TX Executioner

    United States
    Are there any plans to get more shirts in stock? XL's are already gone and I would love to have one but I was a little too slow on the trigger.
  3. RUI


    So there you go. That post is 15 years and 7 months old!
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  4. Wolfe

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    GTPlanet is such a haven for sensible, quality conversation that it's easy to forget how terrible the internet can be and difficult to put up with spending time anywhere else. I'm proud to be a member and glad this place has such lasting energy and a top-notch staff. :cheers:

    Kudos to @Jordan for the achievement of building GTP into what it is today.
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  5. Jordan

    Jordan Administrator

    United States
    Thanks for all the great comments, guys! I especially love to hear all these stories of how you found the site, it's really interesting. The fact that some of you are coming up on your own 15th anniversaries is yet another testament to the strength of our community here.

    Yeah, I am sorry about that; they have sold quite a bit faster than I expected. More stock will be available soon, but because of the holidays, I am not sure when that will be. I will let you know when the XLs return.
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  6. blackjack


    Congrats to GT Planet. I hope there's a long road ahead as well (pun intended). I have to say though, I have been a little bit disappointed with the distinction between news and advertising getting a little blurry of late.
  7. Sprite

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    United Kingdom
    Congratulations to @Jordan on creating a safe haven for us to enjoy a good normal (sometimes) conversation about Gran Turismo and other stuff too.

    I joined all those years ago looking to talk about GT with others and like everyone else I wandered outside of those specific forums and found myself immersed in the whole forum at large.

    Here is to another 15 years. :cheers: :gtpflag:
  8. Leadfoot530


    United States
    Congratulations to @Jordan, all the moderators, and the rest of the staff on the milestone. I joined just under two years ago, and have loved every minute here since. Originally found the site courtesy of @oink83's YouTube channel. (I'm not even sure if he's still around or not.) Felt like a good place to keep up with GT, and a great place to chat with fellow motorsports enthusiasts, so I signed up while sitting in my homeroom class my Junior year of high school.

    I've met some great people on here in my short amount of time, and dare I say it, we're not even friends, but I consider a lot of people as extended family. Great people, great conversations, and a great atmosphere. Thanks for the fun times, and here's to at least 15 more years! :cheers:

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go look into purchasing one of those nifty GTP shirts! :)
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  9. ToyGTone


    Congratulations to @Jordan and pretty much everyone over here for making this possible! :gtpflag: Let's not forget Kazunori Yamauchi and his team Polyphony Digital for creating the masterpiece, Gran Turismo!

    Without him, there will be no such thing as GTPlanet. This Forum grow more than just a place where we talk about GT, this place became one of my daily life. It's been fun spending my time here. I remember this site from like 2010 or 2009 where i was searching for some help on GT4 Driving Mission (Hello Mission 34 with that SLR McLaren :mad:...:lol:). Then i started to read some GT5 news like seasonal events, updates...etc and finally in 2013, i decided to join in. It was a slow start for me with mostly being quiet but slowly i started to engage more and make new friends. I admit that there were some terrible moments i have done here and regret doing. :sick:
    Overall, i have enjoyed my time over here and i'm looking forward to next years.

    Once again, Congrats from that place where they race F1 and WEC yearly.
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  10. Saidur_Ali


    Congrats :gtplanet:, :tup: to all involved.

    Soon as you like stories Jordan, I will mention what lead me to join. Back in 2008, I remember watching last part of final F1 race of season and Lewis managed to just win the title right at the end. That got me interested into F1 again and I started watching the 2009 season. It got me wondering how these drivers are so quick, at the end of the day they're human. I had a few ideas why they might be so quick so decided to try and complete GT4.

    Some background info: I wasn't very good at GT4 when I first got the game in 2005, didn't play much of GT3 as I only recently got the console. Didn't really play GT4 much as my younger brother hogged it, he completed as much of it he could. When I did get some tries, I used to struggle to get Bronze for some of the tests. Also remember trying Jeremy Clarkson's GT4 NSX combo and I was way slower than him. Probably was worse at racing games then than when I played GT1 back in the day somehow. :lol:.

    So going back to 2009, I tried to put what I learnt from watching F1 into practice on the game. I also watched some YouTube videos of likes of holl01 driving to understand better. Amazed how someone could drive so well and it lead me to this place to get some tips on how to tackle the events best. I was a lurker still at time, managed to end up easily getting Golds but still far off the top drivers.

    What lead me to join was when I was trying to find a specific car for some manufacturer race to get up to 100%. Found Famine's GT4 Complete PAL Used Car Cycles List thread, I think it might have been a requirement to be a member to download attachments back then (Not 100% sure). Signed up and got that file IIRC. Good timing as I managed to get also the Black cars which otherwise I wouldn't have known about.

    Then started playing GT5P to improve further through TTs, still slow compared to the top drivers. GT Academy 2010 demo I was still a few seconds off but that made me even more interested in GT due to what was on offer. I started looking at steering wheels and Synwraith's transition from pad to wheel thread helped me decide on getting a wheel. I still wasn't much of a poster back then though. I managed to get much more competitive on GT5P due to getting DFGT and it was good to finally get into top 100 on a few TTs back in 2010 but still a bit too slow compared to the really quick drivers.

    Sort of still stuck around here due to GT5 hype afterwards and became more of a regular poster after release of that. Got hooked with the competition, so many great drivers that are members on here to learn from and compete against. Managed to keep on improving and could finally be competitive against some of the best drivers. Also got to interact with so many people from all around the world thanks to this website, so much diversity yet similar passions. Didn't really cross my mind when I joined here I would get to know several members by their real names and even meet a few at GT events. I suppose the Copper Box event was in a way like the 15 years online celebration event given the timing and collaboration.

    Soon as this article was posted on the 14th, I would sum up my feelings here being sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow. K3G ;).

    There are a lot of kind people on here which is good to see in a community, long may that be the case. :tup:
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  11. Ridox2JZGTE


    Congrats to @Jordan , hitting 15 years milestone and for another 15 :cheers: and thank you GTP for being a host to my garage and a great place to visit and stay.
  12. Small_Fryz

    Small_Fryz Premium

    Congrats!! :cheers:

    Its been almost 13 myself!! wow.
  13. boxster233


    I got my GTPlanet shirt a few weeks ago (superfast ship) and absolutely love it. My new favorite shirt. Even my wife complimented me on it. Super comfortable, stylish modern cut. Well-played guys.
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  14. Jordan

    Jordan Administrator

    United States
    Glad you like it, enjoy! :cheers:
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  15. unit-one


    Happy New Year!

    Good thing it stopped raining. XD
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    EDIT: Just noticed that this is not a 2017 New Year thread. 0_0'
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  16. High-Test



    Thank you. This is the one place on the internet that I cannot sensibly leave. There are too many good people. I but heads with quite a few. Best part is that they hit back.

    I wish you all the best.

    Sincerely, Someone who signed on 250,000 members and god knows how many years ago.
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  17. -Fred-

    -Fred- Staff Emeritus

    Well, there we are.

    15 years is a lot of time. I haven't been with my wife that long, and it feels like forever ago we first met. And yet I'm still here, posting around nearly every day, 15 years after I joined, and nearly 8 years since I've last touched a Gran Turismo game, still the very core of this community. So why am I still on "That stupid website about that game you don't even play anymore" like my wife says to me everytime she sees me browsing around?

    You. All of you.

    Every single one of you makes this place what it is, and that's why it's so entertaining to log-in and have a talk, no matter on which subject, with someone from anywhere around the world. From the oldest member to the newest member, everyone has brought along a contribution, big or small, into making GTPlanet what it is, and every contribution has been important in its own way.

    So thank you, all of you, for making this place feel like a big family, and here's to 15 more years.
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  18. gnomefromnome


    United States
    This was one of the sites I first joined. Others being GTVault, and GT3Times. This and Gamefaqs are the only ones I'm basically active right now.
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  19. Flerbizky

    Flerbizky Premium

    Can't believe I first set my feet on this here site 14+ years ago...... (October 2.)
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  20. kikie

    kikie Premium

    Congratulations @Jordan

    Has it been 13 years that I was looking for information about GT4 on the internet?
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  21. RogsR34UK


    I’ve only managed just over 14 years. There have been a few gaps as far as regular posting is concerned.
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  22. JohnBM01

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    United States
    As today (December 5, 2017) is my 14th year on GTPlanet, I am more than pleased to have been a part of this great online community for as long as I have. I have enjoyed coming here mostly for Gran Turismo back then. I still come here to communicate with an outstanding community as well as talk sports. You all are what I call my "extended international family." Part of my time being an active GTPlaneteer is in this site lasting long enough and me sticking around long enough to continue being a part of this forum. Maybe this salty veteran born and raised in Houston, Texas, USA will last long enough.

    Regardless, happy 15 years! Hopefully this site lasts much longer. Hopefully this Texas boy can last to maybe hit his decade and a half time on the fine GTPlanet.
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  23. Pupik

    Pupik Staff Emeritus

    United States
    16 years on the clock here. Not as active as before, as family, work, and travel (and dozens of other things) are the order of the day.

    I never moved past GT4 and my PS2, but I fired them both up last week. My daughter's fascinated with cars now, and we both spent almost two hours around High Speed Ring just for kicks, and to teach the importance of memorizing a track. That Dome Zero caught my eye, and it seemed like it needed more than 6.2 miles. I'd forgotten that I had about 450 of the cars.

    Still can't her interested in those license tests...but any interest in playing a game system older than her is something special.

    Thanks, Jordan!
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  24. Jump_Ace

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    United States
    I have two 'internet' homes. GTP and the CGC Message Boards for graded comics. The two best communities I've ever been apart of. So good, they are the only times I've met users in-person.

    I knew about GTPlanet years before I decided to sign up. Back in the GT3 days I was just interested in seeing who else was faster than me and I lived at Little did I know what GTP offered and truth be told, I was actually reluctant to sign up in the first place. It was one of those, 'fine, I guess I'll sign up here' moments.

    The WRS alone is reason enough to become a premium member. Add all the well-written, up to the minute articles for gearheads and gamers alike and it's a product that shines above the rest.

    Great work over the years @Jordan!

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