GTPlanet vs. Mariah Carey [2021]

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Still in, but I have to go to my mechanic tomorrow. Hoping they aren't the festive type...
Update for those who asked: My dad just told me the Carey ad that took him out is a McDonald's ad, and it plays about 30 seconds of the song.
Thanks for the heads up. (As @Daniel will no doubt update your dad's entry in post 2...) I'm not lovin' it.
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I've been spiked with an unsolicited side order of
& cheese in Greggs the bakers in previous years but I just can't stay away from the place. This morning they Carey'd me.
Fortunately no
so far this year which to me is still the real ear poison.

@Daniel @TB I'm out.
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In just the mere hour of time I was in a store yesterday, I got a good old fashioned Whamming, briefly followed by its spiritual successor (Mariah'd? Carey'd?).

Warning to those still alive and fighting: order online.
Fortunately I'm now working full time from home for the forseeable so no risk of hearing it on the office radio, one thing I suppose I can thank Boris for.
You know what really pisses me off? The only time I heard the song was when I got Carrey'd. After that, the song literally never plays anywhere.

Screw you, Mariah.
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Now that Wham! Last Christmas isn’t the audio plague it used to be in my life, I must admit I quite like it, if only for the synth track.
Made it to the 21st. Shop foreman had the radio at work set for 80’s music. Thought I would be safe.
RIP me.
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Well the good news is I made it through the last day of work before holidays without getting eliminated. Now I need to worry about Xmas shopping.
Got my warning lights this week already... A local radio (not mine) passed Johnny Eat World's "Last Christmas" cover a few days ago and today I've heard on the mall what I thought it was the song but it was just a cover (made by a woman but the voice difference was noticable!!) :D:D:D

Aaaaaand I just crashed out whilst doing Christmas shopping. Damn song came in as part of a playlist in Asda. 🤬🤬🤬
German Charts:
1. Wham! (George Michael/Andrew Ridgeley) - Last Christmas (for the first time since 1984)
2. Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You
3. Chris Rea - Driving Home for Christmas
German Charts:
1. Wham! (George Michael/Andrew Ridgeley) - Last Christmas (for the first time since 1984)
2. Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You
3. Chris Rea - Driving Home for Christmas
At least Nr. 3 isn't the abominable dirge that is Tell Me There's A Heaven. Its video is full of that feelgood Christmas spirit.

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God damn it. So close. Almost made it and I worked in an industry where it would have been a Christmas carol minefield and I - still - managed to avoid it. Until five minutes ago. Absolutely shattered, on eve too. 😅
Originally I was going to post about my (lack of) strategy for avoiding Carey on the Xmas playlist that usually finds it way into proceedings on Xmas night. HOWEVER...

Last week I had the brilliant idea of booking my Covid booster jab for today of all days (I'm sure I won't be regretting that tomorrow!). 1 hour ago ago I get in line at the local pharmacy and not 2 seconds later, George's succulent tones starts winding into my ears as part of Heart radio's Christmas playlist. "Aha!" I exclaim quietly in my head, "I'm not playing that game anymore, I can enjoy this as much as I please! Do your worst,

My masked smile fades away towards the closing stages, however, as I realise that Sod's law decrees that Mariah will surely be next... and there's still 3 people in front of me. Sure enough, in come the jingles...

Over and out. @TB @Daniel
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Alas, it was not meant to be.

I went to my local Goodwill to donate some books that had been collecting dust, the collection point being outside of the building. Against my better judgement (and a small desire to find a pair of shorts and some bad movies), I decided to go inside and do a little shopping. After finding some clothes and a copy of Max Payne staring Marky Mark, I decide to make my way to the checkout. And then I hear...

...the bells...

...those damned bells...

...which prompted a response from a nearby older worker, and I explained the contest to her. She was visibly confused, but thought it was funny all the same. :lol:

Not counting last year in which I survived, I think this is the longest I've lasted in both versions of GTP vs. since I started being a participant.
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