GTPlanet vs. Mariah Carey [2021]

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In unprecendented times like these, it's important to stay safe. The world continues to be swept by a dangerous pandemic, through airborne pathogens that are more likely to be found in shops, workplaces and other public areas.

Almost anyone is susceptible, and it can easily be passed on.

One of the best things you can do to protect yourself. Stay at home.

The next best thing? Wear headphones.

Oh yeah baby.

We're back.


General Rules and Guidelines:
  • Survive the remainder of 2021 (i.e. 23:59.59 in your time zone) without listening to All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey
  • Only the original song performed by Mariah Carey counts. Remixes, covers and the duet version with Justin Bieber don't count.
  • Hearing any part of the song counts as getting Carey'd. If you're unsure whether it's a remix or the duet version, keep listening to find out, or use apps such as Shazam or Google Assistant. If you're still not sure, it may be in good faith to consider yourself out.
  • GIFs, still images or muted video do not count.
  • When you hear the music, consider yourself Carey'd, out of the competition..
  • Do not post any links to the song in this thread without sufficient warning. This place is a safe haven.
  • While the rest of the site is free reign, keep in mind the site's rules regarding misleading (next bullet point)
  • You will not knowingly post any material that is false, misleading, or inaccurate.
  • If you play the link in the OP with any intention outside of refreshing your memory (i.e.playing it over Skype or PSN), you will be Carey'd if you hear it.
Some tips to avoid the song:
  • Do not trust anyone.
  • Avoid shopping at department stores, clothing stores, supermarkets - anything that may have a radio playing.
  • If you must step outside, consider bringing noise-isolating earphones and play loud music on them to avoid any other songs.
  • Do not trust anyone.
  • Have your computer defaulted to 'mute' and make sure that your volume is off while opening any links.
  • Do not talk to any other GTPers using Discord, Facebook, gaming voice chat, social media, or open any musical Christmas cards physically sent to them. We are all evil and cannot be trusted.
If you haven't yet heard the song, just click on the video below to watch it before avoiding it until next year.

Good luck everyone.

You need it.

GTPlanet vs. Wham!

GTPlanet vs. Mariah Carey
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The amount of times I have played this game and the amount of times I have failed is exactly the same.

Time to change that, I'm in!
Another year. Another attempt to survive.

I'm in.
Will probably get Carey'd by my wife again. lol
A couple of years ago my wife told me to stay in the shower for a few minutes because it was on the radio. :lol:

I can guarantee that both of my kids would take me out, though. :irked:
Aight, let's see how long I last until catastrophic failure this time.

I'm in.
2-0 so far, time to continue the streak.

I'm in.
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I'm a virtual recluse who doesn't listen to TV and radio and only shops in the local Tesco. I'm so nailing this, barring deliberate shenanigans. Do I have to formally declare I'm in to take part?
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Now I work on a music radio, but at least it's just full Salsa... Let's go for another Trifecta!! :cheers:
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Didn't realise it was remade and made much more difficult and unlike Last Christmas, I actually don't like the song.

Bring it on :)

3-1 on Wham!, let's see if I can do better against Mariah
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It's actually worth reminding everyone that, while "Whamageddon" has gone mainstream now, the fact we have documented evidence of it being played here in 2010 gets us a note on the game's Wikipedia page :lol:

The page also cites the Death of George Michael and that we on GTPlanet have since transitioned to Mariah. Seeing Wikipedia say "ApoCareypse" unironically is quite funny.
Well, you mariahed her...
Get out.
It's actually worth reminding everyone that, while "Whamageddon" has gone mainstream now, the fact we have documented evidence of it being played here in 2010 gets us a note on the game's Wikipedia page :lol:

I'd never expect to have contributed to such an important piece of Internet pop culture. :lol:
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Feels lime forever ago hat we did is last. A welcome bit of holiday banter.

I'm in, although now that I work at a movie theater, it may not be for very long!

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