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Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by McLaren, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Voltaic

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    I'm pretty sure I bought it at Amazon. Try eBay as well. Good luck!
  2. Skython

    New Zealand Wellington

    :cheers: Your lucky to be in the USA. So in Amazon USA they can all be sent to you. But for me in NZ they only send to US. And the cheapest in UK is $36. And considering your money is in US money that's $28, not including shipping which will be another $7, which I don't find believable. :odd:
  3. Voltaic

    PSN:Voltaic01, GTP_Voltaic

  4. Skython

    New Zealand Wellington

    Wouldn't it be in Japanese though? And GTR 2 isn't on Steam from what I know.

    Anyway, I am currently stuck with a GTR 2 demo, and the past 12 hours I've been working on getting the other cars working, I've half done it. They're showing up in the showroom. But crashes when I load them up. I've spent the past few hours trying to figure it out but it's not going well. Does anyone know where the problem is?

    Please keep in mind I am a novice in this sort of thing, I've never worked with game files until about two or three weeks ago.
  5. HKS racer


    I'm going to post the Julien Regnard's FFB guide because I cannot longer find at Nogrip and I don't want it get lost. This guide helps to understand the basics of .PLR file and FFB editing. All credits go to Julien Regnard.

    examples of modified .PLR files you may want to try:
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  6. G.T.Ace

    Germany Bonn, Germany

  7. Furinkazen


    Love gtr2. Gt Italia have a huge grid mod, all recent le man's cars... And a Toyota ts030 is on way from gtr24h:-/
  8. Alltidxx

    Sweden Sweden

    Might have to reinstall it. New computer and all.
  9. plate88


    Got this on Steam a few days ago. Only $3.60! Never played it before and I'm loving it. A bit dated of course, but the handling and trackday feel of the game is pretty top notch. Also the customization and options are nearly endless.

    Anyone planning on buying the Steam version needs to be aware that its not completely the same as the retail version. All of its there, but the Ferrari's and Porsche's do not have liveries on initial download. These cars show up as silver/grayish cars all over the grid. Fear not, there is a workaround. Just have to of course download the game. Then download the 1.1 patch(US or EU) and install it into the GTR2 file. Then download the "no cd" patch into the GTR2 file. It will ask you if you want to replace a file and just click yes. And voila, all Ferrari's and Porsche's have liveries.

    I'm off to run a 24h of Spa race accelerated down to 2 hours with a 60 car field of mixed class racing. This is going to be awesome!
  10. Jav

    United States OrlandoFL GMT-5

    What!! Gonna get this as soon as I get home!!
  11. GTPorsche


    Yes, the Simbin games have been on a massive discount for the last week or so on Steam.
  12. Skython

    New Zealand Wellington

    For those who have no idea about the US/EU patch and Nocd and don't know where to get them, TADAAA!

    Also, just got GTR2 off of Steam today, decided to stop trying to get a hard copy within NZ because it's been almost 2 years looking around and there hasn't been a single one.

    Coming from GTL previously where I ran at 360 degrees rotation, 100% sensitivity and speed sensitivity at 100%, I would have thought that the same would be comfortable in GTR2. NOPE! I adjusted my settings and ended up at 522 degrees rotation, 100% sensitivity and 50% speed sensitivity. And over the 24 hours I've owned it I've already racked up 3 hours.
  13. Franjo

    Canada BC

    Bought it off Steam and applied patch and nocd. My question is am I able to join multiplayer games of people who haven't applied this patch? I tried joining a few games but had no luck, saying they were running a different version.

    I was able to host a room and my friend could join after we opened up the tcp and udp ports on our routers. I understand not being able to join if we don't have the proper tracks that the server is running.

    I have to say this game with a wheel is just fantastic, all of the options are crazy. I'm glad were able to install mods and addons like brighter headlights with the steam version.
  14. sems4arsenal

    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    Can anyone in any country get this game via steam (noob here)
    also can my laptop run this ?
    Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM 3rd Generation (2.2 GHz, 6M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz).
    Processor Bus Speed: 5 GT/s.
    RAM: 6 GB DDR3.
    Hard Disk: 750 GB SATA (5400 rpm).
    Screen Type: HD BrightView LED-backlit.
    Screen Size: 14".
    Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768.
    Optical Drive: SuperMulti DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support.
    Display Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000.
  15. HKS racer


    I don't know anything about Steam but you should be able to run at least 30/40 cars on tracks at high frame rates and full details. GTR2 is similar to rFactor there is a huge comunity around the web. But this comunity is splitted in many sites you know, "Mod Wars" and BS like that.

    Super GT mod is a must have. Register @ nogrip and f1classic, beware these two sites don't like each other.
  16. sems4arsenal

    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    Great news,was worried my Processor wouldn't run it.

    Where do I get it from though?
  17. TJisA1337NOOB

    United States Colorado

    Does anyone here have the culmone67 texture pack? And if so where do I go about downloading it? I seen it in a YouTube vid and looks pretty awesome.
  18. Sharky.

    New Zealand Christchurch, NZ

    Nope. Not even close.

    While it is true integrated graphic chips are a lot better than they used to be, the fact is they're still integrated graphic chips. Even though it would only be having to push to a 1366x768 display, it's still nowhere near the performance level of an actual dedicated video chip.
  19. HKS racer


    I can run rFactor 20 cars on track 50/60fps DX9 anti aliasing 2 on a MUCH worse laptop. 40 cars with GTR2 could be too much for his graphic card but we are still talking about a 2006 game. I think he can get at least 20/24 cars on tracks running smooth.

    Also don't forget
    - the 4gb patch that helps.
    - "Game booster" that indeed increase the performance.
    - keep your register clean, use "Advanced system care" or something like that.
  20. Jav

    United States OrlandoFL GMT-5

    Ok, so after having bought the game from Steam I'm a bit lost... I downloaded the updates from No-Grip Racing but where do they go? Where's the game location?

    Also, I went ahead and bought Race 07 this week wich was something stupid like 2.99. I'm having a blast with the WTCC cars, but what expansion do you guys recomend I get for it?
  21. Dahlsim


    It depends where you installed GTR2, but by default it should be something like "C:\GTR2". What do you mean by "updates" ? You mean the mods right ? There are usually 2 types : some are .exe (just follow the instructions like any program), but most are zip or rar folders that you decompress in the main GTR2 directory. If the decompressed folder is named "Gamedata", just drop it in the main GTR2 directory and allow to overwrite when prompted. For the cars and tracks there are also specific folders, but don't worry there's always a note in the mod that explains what to do.

    I suggest you create a folder named "gtr2 mods" or "gtr2 downloads" because soon you will have MANY files :D
  22. Alltidxx

    Sweden Sweden

    I recommend STCC 2 for tracks and cars. You can drive GT cars better in GTR2 so I wouldn't chase Evolution like most tend to recommend. Also WTCC 2010 got gorgeous liveries but I found it no fun at all to drive diesel SEATs :(
  23. Jav

    United States OrlandoFL GMT-5

    No, I mean the patches linked a few posts back. I'm using the default location chosen by the Steam installer. Thing is unlike rF, rF2, iRacing, P-CARS and Race07 I can't find the damn GTR2 folder anywhere! Or a hint on its location for that matter!
    Oh yeah, I got tons of mods on rFactor and I do exactly that. I try to keep it all as clean and organized as possible!

    Gotcha! I'll check them out!

    Thank you for the help guys!! Really appreciate it!
  24. G.T.Ace

    Germany Bonn, Germany

    Thing is the same as rFactor, the Steam version is just placed inside the Steam installation: X:\X\Steam\steamapps\common (or your username)
  25. Jav

    United States OrlandoFL GMT-5

    Now we're talking!! Thank you GT Ace!!
  26. Skython

    New Zealand Wellington

    Also, since I'm not new to GTR2, and it is a bit different from GTL in it's stuffs... Can someone tell me how to make the Prototypes usable in normal races. You can do the championships which use the cars, and you can do the 24 hours races, but the class isn't available in practice, or race weekend, it's still only FIA GT 2003 and 2004. Pretty much I just want to make a class available in practice/single race mode without combining it with one of the FIA GT classes.
  27. G.T.Ace

    Germany Bonn, Germany

    You just select the class and then the cars. What mod are you talking about?
  28. Skython

    New Zealand Wellington

    Prototypes SCC. From Perfectdark. It doesn't show for me in practice modes, only in 24 hours and championships. I don't know if it's meant to be like that, or if it's a problem with my download, or a problem with the person who is installing it. :p Most likely the last option, because I'm no pro at this stuff. :p
  29. ITCC_Andrew

    Canada Kitchener

    Given this thread I just started, I'm going to be following this thread a lot more often.

    The thread (I'm hoping) will serve as a general SimBin Studios discussion, for everyone and everything involved with SimBin. :)

    As you can tell, Jav, I've been playing SimBin games for a few years now, and still love them. :)

    But, yeah, WTCC/BTCC/STCC are the heart and soul of SimBin, Jav. You're best to go with STCC 2, like someone else said, and also try to grab those 2 BTCC cars if possible. (They're on Steam, so it should work.)

    I also got the 2010 WTCC, and that was good fun. All in all, it's less than $20 from Steam, so you don't have much to lose. :)
  30. sirjim73

    England Reading

    Thanks for the tips on mods and stuff guys, and should there be any around, not forgetting any gals. G T Ace is right about the steam location, cheers :tup:

    All this stuff is a bargain for what you get, bit of a no-brainer really!

    Finding the mods for Simbin stuff not as prevalent as those for rFactor, but if anything that means people only bother to convert the higher quality/more popular mods. And hey it saves some on the HD space :D

    Late joiner into these mods as my old laptop could never cope with running anything, but already a fully converted fan :)
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