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  1. duchesne_813


    Does anyone have a car that can win the historic car cup in the expert category? if so, would you be willing to let me borrow the car (i will return it) or tell me what car you used in the process. I am having a hard time getting a car in my budget to even keep up with these guys. Budget: about $1 million.
  2. DC9990

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    I'm actually having the same problems, Tried a RM 69' Chevvy & couldnt keep up with the Jag/Ferrari/Ford Le Mans cars :(
    Might try a Cobra but thats suicide.. Maybe the 512BB Tuned?
    I would like to see what someone who managed it used
  3. smailey112


    I am wondering too... Have spent loads of money on trying different cars for that event
  4. Morsolo


  5. GM


    Has anyone acctully done this? I have a Ferrari P4 and I am finding the Deep Forest race very hard.. has anyone got any advice or is the Ferrari just to slow?

  6. Morsolo


    Hello everyone,

    I've noticed a lot of people - myself included - have been having trouble with this event (first up: I'm using a controller)... Anyway, the usual line up of opponents consists of cars like the Toyota 7, Chaparral 2J, Ferrari P4, Ford Mark IV, etc.

    Unfortunately, to keep up with these guys, it would mean buying a car of similar spec, that is ALSO pre-1979. Alas, they are all in the $20,000,000 bracket and you're wasting your money if you want to spend all that money on a single car, for a single event.

    If you have a hefty amount of money, you can get lucky and buy the Toyota 7 from the Car Lot for about $3,000,000. I'm not sure how well it would do (as I didn't use it), but I'd assume it would make things MUCH easier.

    HOWEVER, the way I - and a few others - have completed this event, is with the Lamborghini Countach LP400 '74.

    You can buy the Lambo for about $300k off the Car Lot, or you can win it from the "Lamborghini Exclusive" event in A-Spec Pro, I'd recommend winning it as it will be new and you don't need to worry about Engine Repair and whatnot.

    Update: Other Cars to Try:
    If you don't like the Lambo, here is a list of other car that work (according to other members):
    • Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RM '69
    • Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C2) Race Car '63
    • Chaparral 2J Race Car '70
      The ugly one with the jets, it'll win EASY, but it's a waste of money...
    • Toyota Toyota 7 Race Car '70
      It's a Prize Car in B-Spec "Like the Wind"
    • Ford Mark IV Race Car '67, Ferrari 330 P4 Race Car '67, Jaguar XJ13 Race Car '66
      They're all $20mill, but if you've got one, great!
    ...and here are some cars that a commonly asked about, but that (usually) don't work (or are a waste of time, because just use one above):
    • Buick Special '62
    • Dodge Challenger R/T RM '70
    • Ferrari 512BB '76
    Anyway, back to the guide, which will assume you went ahead with the Lambo...

    Once you've got your Lambo, tune it up. To the max. Add EVERYTHING. Including ride-height adjustable suspension; and customizable transmission. In addition: ADD A WING, the added downforce works wonders. (Also: I used Racing - Medium tyres)

    Now, tune your Lambo. I dropped my gear ratios so the top speed was 260kmh (Approx. 162mph). A top speed of about 170mph will do nicely. Then drop the ride-height, I set mine to -10 front and back. I also adjusted the brakes to 6 front, 4 back, but I don't think this makes much difference.

    The only setting I have is ABS at 1. However, I did turn the racing line on. I do NOT recommend you follow it (because it'll be too slow), but it's a helpful reminder that "this turn is tighter than it looks". Now you're ready to hit the track. The technique for both tracks is the same and you must follow it EXACTLY.

    First, you must eliminate the bullcrap-fast-AI car the usually pops up in events. You know, that one car that is always INSANELY fast. Keep exiting and re-entering until there are (usually) two moderately faster cars, rather than one insanely fast car.

    Second, you need to get in front AS QUICK AS YOU CAN, once the race progresses a bit, you wont stand a chance.
    • On Cote d'Azur, you can get to at least 3rd on the first corner. If you're not 1st by the really tight hairpin. Restart.
    • On Deep Forest, you can get to about 4th by out braking and running on the inside of the first bend. By the time you reach the first tunnel, you should be 2nd. By the time you reach the back straight, you should be 1st. If not, restart.

    Once you're first, the rest is pretty straight forward. Drive like a madman and don't mess up. There is ZERO margin for error and the Lambo's shorter gear ratios (for the turns) means you need to block on the straights.

    A few last-minute tips:
    • The Lambo is back heavy, which means you cannot turn AND power-out of a corner. Slow down A LOT if you need to in a tight corner, to make sure you can have the fastest and STRAIGHTEST path out of the corner. Keep in mind to make sure to KEEP BLOCKING if you need to.
    • The Lambo can easily out-brake the opponents, but don't get too cocky, especially in combination with the point above.
    • Once you've gone past the 1 lap mark, if anyone gets past you, you might as well restart.
    • Relax a bit. For some reason, I've noticed that the AI slows down a bit when you're IN FRONT. The reason I say this is because, if I didn't get first at the start, they'd always rocket away from me, but if I got it, I'd be able to keep them behind me (even before I needed to block).
    • Relax A LOT. If you're like me, towards the end, you'll be getting a bit twitchy, because this is an intense race. If you need to, PAUSE. As I've said, there is ZERO MARGIN FOR ERROR.
    • ...and as a warning, the car you win is crap... So don't expect an awesome prize for beating this impossible event.

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  7. JamboGT


    United Kingdom
    Also you can buy the premium Camaro 69? Race modify it and tune it, was a very entertaining and tough race but won both race first time out by under half a second!

    Also the Race Modified Camaro has the coolest set of rear tyres in the game.
  8. OkeyD


    Thanks much. This race is a bitch. I've already tuned my Countach and no dice but I haven't touched the settings yet. I will do as you say and hope for the best.

    One question. How much horsepower does yours have? Mine's only got 514.
  9. eVilate


    Thanks for this, currently stuck on this one myself. However I'm stuck on it with B-Spec so not sure how well my driver will go with getting to the front asap as he tends to give way to them at corners while they just ram him. At any rate it will be better than other attempts.
    Would you know of any better cars that might come up in the used cars list?
  10. Morsolo


    You've got no hope in B-Spec unless you get one of those faster cars. As I mentioned, the Toyota 7 MIGHT have a chance; and it's about 3 million on the Used Lot. The Chaparral 2J is probably the best choice, but dunno how expensive it is.

    Also, B-Spec drivers are useless, you'll need THE BEST car FULLY TUNED... Just to stand a chance...
  11. ucwepn


    Thanks for help been trying with the countach for 2 days with no luck might try full race suspension and try again, using dfgt. If i fail too many times again I will try camaro rm. (that bloody gt40 is too quick)
  12. nicefrog


    Hi mate how are you :D, I've made this race pretty easy in a fully worked 1971 Mustang, but that was with some good driving also. By pretty easy I mean with lots of track practice and setup :p but once you get the car and driving right it's not that hard, I'm not any GT legend (much) so it's certainly do-able

  13. Josh88


    Thanks for the guide, can anyone who's tried both the Countach and the Mustang/Camaro recommend which would be best?
  14. eVilate


    Ill just have to wait for that Toyota 7 now. By the time I get one, my drivers level will be way above the needed level for this event which might help.
  15. Morsolo


    I've tried with both the Mustang and the Countach; and in fact, the Challenger. I wrote this guide after trying dozens of cars, wasting millions on tuning them up.

    The reason I say the Countach is better is, because whilst it is a bit slower in the straights, it makes up for it in the corners. The way I was driving, I could have never done it in a Muscle Car.
  16. FeedMeRice


    Thanks for this. I tuned up my Countach and ran an event just to see (didn't adjust any settings) and you are definitely right about the horrid understeer while accelerating. You really have to straighten the thing out when goosing it out of the corners.
  17. JamboGT


    United Kingdom
    The race modified Camaro handles beautifully, I made all my time up in the corners with it.

    Maybe I am just awesome :p
  18. HaylRayzor

    HaylRayzor Premium

    I used the Countach to beat this race. It's definately the toughest in the game so far. I passed the 2J going into the first turn and he dogged me the whole race. I finished 0.5 ahead of him.
  19. GeechySuede


    I used the Race Modded Challenger....tuned the tranny down to 168 and the only thing that mattered was driving consistent.

    Easy as pie over here.
  20. Josh88


    Thanks, gonna give it a shot now.
  21. A-SpecUA6


    Thanks! But what I did was instead of buying the full customizable tranny, I got the Race Soft tires instead. That Toyota race car was a dick but all in all, it was alright.
  22. dre0r


    i got the toyota 7 race car when i finished my 100th race or 2000 race-km (doesnt exactly remember).
    the first race was quite easy. but the 2nd race in monza was total pain in the ass against the chapparal 2j. this thing is just so fast round that small corners there.. and the toyota 7 has big wheelspin even in the 3rd gear
  23. ucwepn


    hey man hows it goin? i did the first race with the countach but im struggling with cote, might try a mustang hehe. add me man!! ucwepn05
  24. GasolineJunkie


    United States
    Looks like I'll be tuning my Countach. Hopefully all goes well.:)
  25. ppark7384


    I beat monza but can't beat deep forest. I manage to get to 1rst but I'm concentrating so much on my driving I forget to block... The toyota race car always seems to pass me. Anyone have suspension settings? I'm using doing -1 camber and leaving the rest stock. Maybe it is fatigue, I will try again tomorrow. Good night.
  26. Player1Wins


    I used the Shelby Cobra '66 for this event. Worked fine.
  27. bjqrn


    I just completed it using the race modified Camaro. Lovely car! :sly:
  28. gz


    sorry for the little OT, but ...

    is this confirmed :dopey: ?
    do you really get a toyota 7 after completing a 100 races or 2000km of in-race distance ? :eek::dopey:

    I mean - this guide is a blast, I'm definitly having great fun with the tuned LP400 and I'm truly grateful to Morsolo for giving us some very good advice on getting my beloved Lancia Stratos :tup:

    on the other hand, can-am, group c and old race cars are my personal favorite ( more that the lates LMP ), so I would be really interested in some way to get the Toyota 7 without having to pump-up B-Spec Flavio ( Bob's italian counterpart ) to extreme "like-the-wind" levels
  29. James2097


    Countach wins easily with Morsolo's tuning (I'd figured out pretty much the same trick with this car just hadn't seriously attempted it yet). Its scary how fast the Countach is tuned considering it has a rep as a fair old lump of lard.

    You can get into the lead by the first corner of Cote d'Azur even if you get an AI car that wants to whizz far ahead of the pack. I just drove very precisely yet dirtily slamming the opponents when needed, staying on the AI's racing line to keep them from whizzing past.

    Deep Forest I crashed a few times and still won, it wasn't as technical at all. You can even have a bit of fun drifting the Lambo around some of the very fast corners if you set the ABS to 2 so it bites in a bit more, and slightly less rear wing downforce. I find quite an aggressive driving style at corner entry actually suits the Lambo quite well, to temper the understeer. Don't worry about losing rear end traction, it'll help point the car in the right direction, and the throttle actually causes a bit of oversteer THEN massive understeer, so its quite safe to get quite out of shape.

    The only thing that messed me up on Deep Forest was the crest coming into the first corner that likes to spin the car if you're coming in under full braking, the rear wing tends to pull the front of the car upwards when you get a bit of air, so you have to go really straight over crests. Else, all very fun and easy. :)
  30. Morsolo


    You get a Free Car ticket at 100 Races (I think), either way, it is a random car, there's is (next to) zero chance it would be the Toyota 7. I totally agree with your favourite comment though, I LOVE the old race cars, I ADORE the Ferrari P4 and Jag XJ15, the curves are beautiful.

    I find that if you stay in 4th Gear and lift off the power slightly for the crest, you'll keep your wheels on the ground, because - as you said - the wing lifts the car and if you loose your front wheels for too long, you'll either have to brake HARD to make the turn, or hit the wall thanks to understeer, either way, it wont help your position.

    Thanks guys for all the comments, this is my first time writing a guide of any sort, so any criticism is cool too :p ... Any other events people are having a hard time beating that I could write a guide to? :)