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  1. Jimmy B

    Jimmy B Contributing Writer

    Hey guys,

    My name is Jimmy Broadbent and i'm one of the commentators tasked with calling the superstar races.

    At the moment we're in the process of improving the broadcast (keep an eye on the Gran Turismo YouTube channel) and I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to you guys and find out what you'd like see/hear on future race broadcasts.

    I know there have been a couple of small issues with some of the races (i tend to get a first hand view) but my goal is to make sure the broadcast is the best it can be, so any help you can give would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


    I would like to see a T24SS broadcast for all 3 regions, that is if Polyphony can iron out the issues of mass disconnects and blue screens. Oh, and the EMEA Manufacturers T24SS should be interesting thanks to @Tidgney causing the PUG Train to form.
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  3. mclarenLB


    United Kingdom
    Yo Jimmy, Its Lewis Bentley :)

    Are they working on improving the information they give you as a commentator at all? Back at Nurburgring obviously you guys had plenty of information on the drivers that you could talk about, and in the sign up form that gives us eligibility to participate in the Superstar races they had us provide a bunch of information on ourselves (From things like Real name to Favourite Car) and when filling these forms out I always thought the purpose of them was to provide information on drivers? That might be something to ask the guys you work with on the broadcast.

    Another thing from a broadcast perspective, I absolutely think they need to go back to using Real Names in these major events, PSN Names in their very nature are really unprofessional, and just a pain to call with all the unnecessary numbers and stuff that all the PSN names have tacked on. Obviously I know that isn't your guys decision to use the PSN Names on commentary but I do think its something that cheapens all the superstar race broadcasts on the commentary side.

    So far the only part of the broadcasts that have been uploaded are a bunch of highlight reels and short edited down clips, and I know there is a lot of demand in the community for being able to watch the full races, if live streaming them was a possibility, I think that'd go a long way for building spectator interest in the championship.

    It doesn't look like they provide you guys with any information on how much fuel the cars have, and good fuel management is such a stupidly huge element of the game at a high level which I don't feel like gets any attention on the broadcasts, this is mainly due to the accelerated fuel consumption multipliers we have in the races, but the refueling rate stays the same, meaning that in a race with x5 Fuel Consumption, any fuel you save is 5 times more effective than in the real world. This is why (In the slower cars especially) you've probably noticed massive trains tend to form, which is actually everyone trying to milk short shifting and lean fuel mixtures as much as they can in the slipstream to try and get a jump in the pits. It leads to massively reduced on track action and ruins the races a bit imo, but again its not you guys making decisions on the races, but something you should be aware of on commentary.

    A good example you can look back on is my Corvette in the Le Mans highlights from last month, the Corvette is one of the fastest Group 3 cars on the straights, but it often perceived itself as looking slow and is picked up on as being slow from commentary, even though in reality I'm whacking it up to a stupidly lean fuel mixture constantly to try and make 3.2 Laps of fuel in a stint last 4 Laps. :lol:

    Anyway, maybe you picked up on something from this directionless rambling, maybe it wasn't helpful at all :lol: But hopefully it helped :)
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  4. sundaydriving


    There are broadcasts? How is anyone supposed to know? Not having seen any I can only respond with the below.

    I think these should be supplementary to the players individual streams. A broadcast of the entire race should show interesting bits of the race from every player involved, sometimes using different views from those we already see on other streams and not focus too much on the strategic minutae which viewers can usually get from player streams. A few replays of important moments from varied viewpoints wouldn't go astray.

    As a potential viewer I don't exactly agree with @mclarenLB around fuel management. Almost everyone who plays is managing fuel and that in itself isn't particularly interesting, what would be interesting to know is if the fuel management is working out better/worse than expected to those around them. Maybe they're losing too much time because of it, maybe they're going to have to pit again or perhaps its worked out well and they've leapfrogged a bunch of players during the pits?

    I have no issue with PSN usernames being used, nor would I care if players wanted to use their "real" names. Maybe players could be given the option? However - theres no point calling a (whatever) name during the broadcast if that isn't easily linked back to the "car".

    Also, even though some players take the game very seriously I still think it should be a fun broadcast - whatever that means.
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  5. Alpha Cipher

    Alpha Cipher

    Glad to see you take some suggestions! :D
    I'm not sure if this is in your power, but the promotion of the Live Broadcasts is lacking. Even if you're a GT fan you have to dig deep just to find these broadcasts. I think they're already good in themselves, its just that they're not reaching the target audience
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  6. azrilnazli


    Hi Jimmy, you should try your direct drive with GTS and enjoy the 4k hdr experience

    Always tag gran turismo game in Youtub Live

    If PD could do something like iRacing Spotter features , that will be amazing for broadcaster
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  7. Tidgney

    Tidgney Premium

    United Kingdom
    I honestly feel like the streams just need to go out. It's never going to be perfect straight out the box as its new but everyone wants to follow the championship so when the regional and world finals comes everyone knows the story on how people got there :D!

    Would be good if you got all the information on cars for the manufacturers and potential cars in Nations? I'm sure the community can help with that before a top 24 race for you. Like the PUG FWD train because accelerated tyre wear kills it haha!
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  8. eAxis Patohm

    eAxis Patohm

    Yeah, we Need more Streaming Content, ,Content, Content - to build the userbase and "write the Story" as Martin already mentioned.

    I dont know, why we dont get "LIVE" Broadcasts - at least once per week for all regions - that would be amazing! :)

    Dont worry if it wont be perfect (The GT World Tour were VERY high Standard already) - all other e-Sport - Racing Broadcast has a way to catch up (Look at Forza RC for example, in the 3rd year, but commentary and Perspecives, GUI and stuff is still very bad).

  9. Crazy Taylor

    Crazy Taylor Premium

    PD could actually tell us when a broadcast has been done. It the usual thing where one knows by stumbling onto something on either the website or youtube or finding out weeks later on the live events thing on te game.
  10. VeeDoubleU


    I think actually broadcasting them live through the official YouTube or Twitch channel would be a good start rather than only having some 'Top 5' videos and highlights.

    Also, as pointed out, there needs to be usage of real names, I mean, when people signed up for the Star Player system, they provided names and that information really needs to be given to you. It was so so cringeworthy hearing 'here comes Azorean FAT' in one of the commentated videos.

    I assume that neither you or your fellow commentators have any access to what is shown on the screen, but it seems as if the shown footage isn't always the best stuff to show. At one race, the overtake for the lead was completely missed by the cameras.

    The actual commentary yourselves do is very good considering how little information you are all provided but maybe there needs to be a good focus on who is more suitable for lead commentary and who is more able for colour or in-depth analysis.
  11. Guffaluff


    Well, can't really suggest anything, absolutely loved the live stream from the Nürburgring event.

    Most definitely not in your power, but more live streams tops my wanted list. Seeing just short highlights seems like a wasted resource :)

    P.s. Hoping to see more GTS content on your channel ;)
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  12. Jimmy B

    Jimmy B Contributing Writer

    Cheers for that initial feedback guys, keep it coming!

    There's not much info I can give on a concrete dates/times etc but I'm extremely confident that we'll be seeing more content coming out on the GT YouTube channel in the very near future. I'm hoping to be able to promote the streams/videos myself a little bit when I get the go ahead, so hopefully that'll get more people interested.

    We have been given info on you guys (fave car/track etc) but in all honesty there isn't alot of time to use it. Most the races I've casted have been too action packed for us to get anything in edgeways haha.

    Info on cars would be great, especially for the manufacturer races. Nations is usually easy enough, because everyone is in the same car ;)

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  13. ZokyCRO


    United Kingdom
    All has been said pretty much, I would just add more options for you commentators to have access to all race information, but in order to have livestreams possible they need to and we need to make 100% sure(by testing) that the servers are working absolutely perfect. (what happened yesterday was a clear sign we are still far away from that).

    Live streams on weekly basis would be absolutely awesome, and also promotion needs to be a lot better then on all social networks.
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  14. SkyPikmin


    Hello Mr Jamble Wanglebork :lol:

    @Jimmy B
    If you want a first shot at cars information for the manufacturers series i think i can tell some about some manufatcurers and then everyone feel free to complete with his personnal opinion about the cars he already used

    So i'll begin with....

    Lexus (as it is my choice in manufacturer series)

    Gr4: FR, fast in straights, good on fuel economy, when tyres start to be worn it become difficult to handle in turns and under hard braking

    Gr.3 (Emil Frey Racing 2017): FR, Fast in straights and turns (not the best but i would say a good average), i would say that it's a good all rounder for manufacturer series, the car is quite stable beside it's tendency to oversteer if throttle is put too hard at a corner exit, quite good on fuel economy, and tyre wear doesn't really affect the balance of the car, just slows you down a little in every turn


    Gr.4: 4WD, can be fast around tracks with tight corners and short straights, but lack of overall straight line speed and burn fuel and tyres like hell would do (at least that's what i know :lol:)

    Gr.3: FR, like the gr.4 car, it lacks some straight line speed, but makes up for it in technical tracks sectors, however it feels like it still lacks some power to be really competitive


    Gr.4: MR, well i think everyone will agree it's quite OP atm, fuel economy better than everyone, more speed in every part of a track than most of the other gr.4, that's THE gr.4 atm

    Gr3: MR, good all-rounder for manufacturer series, it might not outperform an other car in pure speed but is good on fuel economy and on speed too, seems like it has a good cornering potential, but rear tyres might be it's weakness


    Gr.4: 4WD, Honestly it seems quite like the mazda gr.4 but with more straight line speed, less tyre wear and better fuel economy :lol:

    Gr.3: FR, The beast when it come to accelerate from 100kph to 200, then it has a maw speed that is not really above any other gr3, but, yeah, that's a pain when it destroy you in a 400m straight line after a corner exit, you can only see it going away (unless you drive a mustang :lol:)


    Gr.4: FR, Seems like an esay car to drive, but it will require you to push it hard to achieve good lap times, so it is not rreally good on fuel economy, but in race it's faster than a lot of other gr.4, problem come when pitting with 15% less than everyone else, and then all job done needs to be done again in second stint

    Gr.3: Basically a buffed version of the Gr.4, but with better fuel economy, it's as fast as a lot of gr.3 car when you know how to push it to it's limits and can save some fuel (but i think still less than majority of other Gr.3 cars)

    That's 5 done, 20 left, might come up tonight to help this go in right way, but i have some races this afternoon and didn't even start training so got to go :lol:
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  15. Azerach


    It should be live. Highlight reels or videos after the race don't have the same impact.
  16. Whitey093


    United States
    You have great entertainment instincts Jimmy, i think if they just let you own it and run with it your way that would be the best case scenario.

    My only possible input if pd wanted to go big with this would be to try to develop the drivers characters with pre and/or post race interviews, podcasts or youtube specials so specatators get to know these guys and care about their favorites. Reference shows like the ultimate fighter or masterchef for example.

    Either way, regardless of how this turns out, cant wait to see where your YouTube channel goes and will be supporting your career wherever it takes you.

    Cheers and No punterino the jimmer!
  17. Tidgney

    Tidgney Premium

    United Kingdom
    Literally the most fun train anyone has ever been involved in :lol::lol:. Chaotic clean racing everywhere!
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  18. GT Sport

    GT Sport Premium

    Only thing I would like to see is the upload of the full livestream (of all 3 regions if possible).
  19. Cerebral303


    Echoing what has been said already PD need to broadcast at least the Top 24 Super Stars races if not all of them. Races should be on YouTube, Twitch etc and on race day it should be front and center of the GT Main Screen on PS4 when you log in. I find it surprising that instead of it being unavoidable it was almost unfindable. I enjoyed what you commentated on but it just made me want to watch the full race!

    And most importantly:
    Getting to know the drivers is key to wanting to support them.
    Pre and post race interviews, short segments about how they got into motorsport, GT and online racing, interesting facts, favourite racing stories etc.

    Best of luck and thanks!
  20. GT_Alex74


    Hey Jimmy, nice to see you there !

    I think your performances are just fine, what the broadcasts really need is just to exist in the first place. A 2 minutes highlights video published a week after the race doesn't cut it and is an insult to the time, work and dedication you guys put into this. Put those Twitch channels to use - or even use yours maybe !

    Post race interviews are a good thing, of course everyone might not be available for those but it's free to ask the drivers. I've helped Jomas with a few endurances he hosted recently and we have a streamer covering the races, and so far the podium always joined his party for post race interviews, it's a nice touch and keeps the viewers involved.

    As a Mazda driver, this is pretty much spot on.

    The Gr.3 has very nice brakes, and great turn in, traction out of corners is not the best though, many because it has a bit of turbo lag. But it's very fun and rewarding when you're used to it. Sadly, it has a very high aero drag and max power is a thin peak right before the rev limit, so straight lines really hurts it. Very difficult to overtake because of that so having a good qualy is crucial (fun fact : I can't even overtake a Jaguar with slipstream, once I move to the side, I can't even manage to pull a bit of my nose in front of it before the Jag starts to go away again). In FIA races, as long as I have slipstream, I can save fuel pretty well with it, but if I lose it, I'm dead (unless it's just before a technical section), because I can't save fuel alone without losing a lot of time thanks to the peaky power curve. No complaints about tyre wear here, fronts goes a bit faster, so the car doesn't really get unstable in the long run. I did a 2 hour endurance on Suzuka with it, with low tyre wear and fuel depletion and in those conditions it was really strong, still keeping a good pace through the end of my stints.

    The Gr.4 has the same drawbacks made a bit worse, but the chassis works the opposite way : it doesn't like long high speed corners and direction changes, where it understeers, but it's very strong on tight corners exits. Nurburgring GP and Dragon Trail Gardens are probably the best tracks for it... but on a single lap. It basically wears tyres like a FWD, and finishes stints with no turn in (still keeps traction though because it's 4wd). I have to always drive it with brake balance set at 5 (max rear bias).

    In general, this season's track selection is very tough for Mazda, except for 1st, 2nd and last rounds.
  21. praiano63

    praiano63 Premium

    The most important thing in my opinion is to focuse on the battles from the front top drivers of the race till the last pack , anywhere the fight is on. Need more action. Staying on the front pack when nothing is happening is really boring . All those top 24 players are amazing drivers and are able to show top skilly moves anytime.
  22. DC2_Evan


    United States
    Like others have said, and it seems to be outside of your control, but just being able to see the races. Even if they were just uploaded to YouTube. All 3 regions would be ideal, but even if it is just one, as long as the racing is close and entertaining to watch. I would love to see more of these races but I just don't know where to find them aside from a handful of players youtube channels and even then, it's only one side of the race.
  23. Jomas


    Hello @Jimmy B , good to see you here and trying to make what you're doing even better!

    As @SkyPikmin did for some manufacturers, I'll do my point of view on Jaguar, the one I'm in for the seasons.

    In Gr.4, it has a pretty decent top speed, 7 gears and a good ability to save fuel, but it lacks of front grip and tends to understeer even on fresh tyres, which makes it very hard to drive on worn ones. Needless to say, the tyre wear on this car might be one of the worst in FR cars, so it makes the understeer very funny at the end of the stints! At least, the car looks and sounds good (maybe not with my livery tho :lol: )

    In Gr.3 it tends to be kinda the same about the understeer, but the car is one of the best in term of top speed (the counter-part of having general low downforce from the car itself) despite not having the best acceleration (as the GT-R or Mustang). So on tracks like Tokyo, Blue Moon Bay, Bathust, Le Mans or Monza with long straights, it can be good to very good, when it can be a nightmare when there is mid-fast corners and technical parts. It's everything or nothing but it's a really good challenge!

    On another side, I agree with @GT_Alex74 about the content given by GT. A livestream or just an uncut video about the whole race would be better IMO, and would be deserved for all the time you spent to commentate us. After that, highlights can be good, but only if there's the full content somewhere else.

    And few others informations about me which isn't asked in the Superstar form: I'm part of the "French Fries" team, born with a Belgian friend (Ti-toux) and @khkenni (Kenni3390) in last November, with this beautiful common livery... No I'm kidding, it's not a "real" team, just a bunch of friends under a funny name without anything serious :cheers::D

    To finish: about commentating itself, I can't see what to say about it, you're doing it right and the interactions between you two are well appreciated (unlike the Nations Cup Lago Maggiore Round 4 of Season 2 where we don't see you speak :dunce: )

    Keep the great work, and see you in the next Top 24! (If I'm in it of course)
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  24. Bobert power

    Bobert power

    United States
    It has been said in this thread before, but broadcasting each of the 3 regions' Superstar races would help bring attention to the series. I would like to be able to see the Americas' Superstars race be broadcast since I wasn't aware this was going on.
  25. Krypton78


    My thinking is the PSN IDs are important.

    We dont know the real names of all top players.

    What do I have of it if the commentators are speaking the whole time for example of Lewis Bentley and I don't know that its @mclarenLB ? (I picked you because you already mentioned your real name)

    At Nürburgring, if we hadn't have the list in this forum where the real names were connected to the PSN IDs (made from a participiant as far as I remember) it would have been uninteresting to me, because all I see would've been 30 "strangers" racing each other.

    But, I can of course understand that a participiant at such an event doesn't want to be reduced to his PSN ID. Therefore it would make sense to display both or show a list where you can look who is who.
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  26. D-Max


    Get the word out that it's happening and get it live.

    Where are these races? I've checked youtube etc but no bueno as of yet.

    A little background on drivers approach to the races such as results etc as anymore personal information would be wasting time thanks to how eventful things can be and the lack of time you will have to mention that.

    P.S Wang needs to perform better after Baku or he might get the sack.
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  27. mclarenLB


    United Kingdom
    You need to understand how ridiculous PSN IDs look (and sound) to people outside of the GT Scene, its one consistent thing in a lot of eSports that hold them back from being taken seriously by a wider audience.
  28. Lord Protector

    Lord Protector

    I think, in Sport mode, at least the "Star" players should be using their real names instead of childish PSN IDs (yes, mine included) in the races.


    Oh and one thing I didn't like during the May' event commentary was that sometimes commentators weren't paying enough attention to the racing and were like "wait this guy is not in the lead anymore? When did he spun away?" That felt really bad some times.
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  29. Krypton78


    OK, thats a point of course
  30. cleanLX


    United States
    big praise here for asking the community.
    shows you take the job, and the promoting, seriously.
    best of luck.