Here Are the Three New Tracks Coming to GT Sport

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  1. ToyGTone


    Did this earlier this morning:

    Possibly one of the best "Original" Circuit in GT for the last 7 years.
  2. Imari


    Very pretty track. Great layout too.

    Is it just me or does the timer in the middle of the screen spoil the interior view entirely? It's RIGHT where I want my eyes to be looking.
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  3. JDMKING13


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    They really need to add some damn bumps to the tracks it would really make the track come alive!
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  4. See this post for a video which mentions bumps in the road affecting FFB as a consequence of using different (better) steering wheel technology:

    I'm with you on that. For example, GT6 has the split time (is that the correct terminology?) difference even closer to the middle of the screen. No way of disabling it, moving it or IGNORING it. Come on, Kaz. This should not be an oversight (like so many other things in GT Land). :/
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  5. TypeRDC5


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    Really enjoying Dragon Trail, the seaside section reminds me of the swimming pool section at monaco, never been a fan of rally in GT games so not so fussed about that but surprisingly i love the oval! The sense of speed is great on the banking :)
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  6. FoRiZon


    Thats kinda surprising response coming from you tbh :p

    The track are really competitive and pretty. Even if im not having a PS4, I may gauge up slight of more interest on this game as a whole especially considering the Porsche is coming on GTS.
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  7. AleksandarSRB


    Its top track in last 7 years and share that top spot with Eiger nordwand, for me. :)
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  8. Firehuntah

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    So after trying Blue Moon Bay and Dragon Trail - Seaside I must say I really like both of them. Here's my thoughts on both of them.

    Blue Moon Bay:
    While I'm not even into oval racing at all this track actually is really fun to drive on. The nice thing about it is that the fastest line is right at the top of the banking. This makes it really challenging, get it exactly right in all 3 corners and you'll be running quick and consistent laptimes. But if you hit the wall just slightly it's actually slower than taking a lower line through the corners. In the only online race I had there so far I saw almost no one taking that highest line, that's why I won there with ease.

    Dragon Trail - Seaside:
    Very nice track layout with a good combination of quick and slow corners. I especially like those 2 tight Monaco style S corners. With the right line you can go through there quickly without losing too much speed. I think the curbstones are bit too wide though, not just at those corners but for the whole track. As for track side objects/detail it could be a bit better as well, it seemed a bit too empty to me. I think it'll be a lot more fun with some faster cars than in N300 as well.
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  9. trustjab


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    Loving that new Dragon Trail track. I'm not the best with a ds4, but last night I was able to do some 2:07's with the Hyundai Genesis and a mediocre tune. Looks like the fastest from when I was on were 2:03's and 2:04's. The seaside section with the Yachts is a nice touch. I wonder though, if this is just one layout from "Dragon Trail" because the naming isn't all one word, but seems like 'Seaside' is a variation of Dragon Trail? More tracks from Dragon Trail?