how to burnout

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This thread tells exactly how to do this. Please search before you post a question. Also, read the AUP. Improper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are generally frowned upon here.
how to about 30 mph very heavy front not stand burnout my FJR-1300 is heaviled if some one front braking not wheelie it 215 weight?
write back :nervous:
Please direct all questions to the thread mentioned in my previous post.

Once again I would ask you to read the AUP before posting again. Specifically,
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No not native i am american english don't make worse if some :indiff:
indifferent said how to my game this yamaha yzf-r1 we how did get my rear tire not slick long burnout getting maybe disabled abs write back
Sorry my freind, i cant understand what your trying to say. Your words are spelt correctly, but they are not put together to make a proper sentence.

Sorry i can't help.

ha were so crazy wierd also my controller left stick analog i can't drive burnout about 30 mph so stupid argh
i am sorry about talking grammar i am hard hearing aid :ill:


United Kingdom
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Without wanting to pick through the minefield of text that is this thread, this post contains the solution:

This thread tells exactly how to do this.

So we're done.

bobby... If you're American, English IS your native tongue. I know BSL has its own grammatical structure, but if you could try to approach the language structure you'd read in books it'd be helpful all round.
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