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  1. Help

    i download MGS3Subsistence_Game_Save and MGS3Subsistence_System_Game_Data
    but this files are not PVS .
    i just do what the f.a.q. said just unzip in the right place.

    but i think i must download or rename de file like this
    BASLUC-12312....... .PVS

    sorry to ask ,but i can´t make it work.
  2. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    I just sent you a PM. Read that.
  3. drakular

    hi i wonder if you can help me, i dont have an adaptor thing but i really need save's and im sure other people do as well, but if you have any god of war, god of war 2, kingdom hearts and kingdom hearts 2 saves can you plz add them, :)
  4. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    If anyone has a PS3 save of Vegas it would be much appreciated :):tup:

  5. Hello, im new here just wanted to know if anyone had a .psv format of a FF12 save with most items minus a few of the espers and around the time you board bahamut. I lost my game save and thats about where i was at. If its around there I would also appreciate it Thank you
  6. sam_w


    does anyone have a 100% save for tony hawks underground PAL in .psv??
    thanks alot :D i lost my save when my ps2 crashed while saving ages ago :(
  7. pj454


    Anyone have a game save for Metal Solid 2 and 3 100% Complete (PAL)... I dont want to have to collect all the dog tags again especially in extreme in mgs2 and doe green frog things in mgs3... lol
  8. Cryto


    Okay i know this is probably easily answered but I have not seen it anywhere

    The kow to postt is very nice but I cannot get the file onto my USB device... maybe I have to "unzip" it but i dunno how 2

    Thank you for any advice
  9. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Download the program that was used to 'zip' the file in particular from the internet. Right click on the file and select, usually, 'extract file here.'

    The newly extracted file is your raw .PSV file, or whatever. Move that to your USB flash device in the correct location.
  10. Cryto


    well i tried wut u said and it says that it is "write protected"
    Does that mean I cannot do it i guess? :guilty:
  11. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    What specific file is it?
  12. ak-47.


    I need a resistance fall of man european save can anyone give?
  13. here you go coolalien10.Enjoy.It is a PAL gamesave.

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  14. I'm Looking for a Resident Evil 4 Save that has the Handconnon unlocked...any help is appreciated.
  15. anyone have tokyo extreme racer zero or tokyo extreme racer 3? thanks...
  16. bjhean


    I'm looking for a MGS3:SUBSISTENCE PAL save. Thanks
  17. syo


  18. seanchump


    Does anyone have the ability to upload the GT5: Prolouge DEMO Game Save or know where to download it?

    The servers for the Demo are down because Prolouge is out in Japan. I do not see any other way to unveil the WRX or remove the GTR's black mask...

    While installing linux I lost all game saves. :indiff:
  19. Hi

    I have a problem with game save in GT4.
    I've downloaded BESCES-5171947414D4544415441.PSV , and i copied it to PS3 virtual memory card PS2 I assigned slots, and when I run GT4 there is " memory card in slot 1.."
    Can someone tell me what to do?
  20. im also looking for a tokyo extreme racer zero save the last time i checked there was a way to convert game saves on the ps2 if you download a game save to a game shark or action replay or codebreaker just remove those memory cards and save it to another it should put the save back as a normal save. let me know if any of that works
  21. noodlearm


    I downloaded the GT4 save and it worked great, I was wondering if someone may have one with just the gold licenses and the prize cars that come with them, nothing else and 0% complete for North America. Thanks again for all the hard work. BTW, the GT# save would have been fine except it doesnt transfer all licenses just A & B.
  22. frankiewilde


    I downloaded the MGS 2 and MGS 3 Saves respectively and when I uncompressed them with winrar like you said, I got two files, not .psv or anything, I read your entire post, i know they aren't PAL saves, I know they should work, I think they might be labeled wrong, but I don't know what to rename them or how to turn them into psv files without getting a corrupted file on the PS3 system when I go to move it.
  23. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    I tested both. I get two .PSV files. I have no idea what your problem is.

    I right click on the save once on my computer and "Extract Here." I then right click on that file and "Open With WinRAR" and just open the PS3 file, then the EXPORT file then the PSV file and there it is.
  24. I put the MGS3 Subsistence save on my PS3 that is supposed to have the stealth camo and bandana but when I start a new game and get the backpack I don't see the items anywhere. I load the demo trailer part of the save first and then back out to start a new game so I thought that would work but I don't see the bandana or the stealth camo anywhere in my list.
  25. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    There is no 'Bandanna' item in MGS3: Subsistence. It's for the Metal Gear game save, which is a game that came with Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence.

    There are thee files you need for the MGS3:S game. One; the game save I mentioned above, Two; the regular game save, and Three; the "MGS3: Subsistence Game System Data" file. Download all three and you should be ready to go.

    EDIT: Quick question; does the game start off from the beginning, or does it start with the ending clip and song?

    Try this save...

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  26. hellban


    hey solid_lifters, just download ur msg2 ultimate game save, and i have one question, what should the file be called when i put it on the ps3 because my ps3 says it is corrupted and i think i've just got the file named wrong or sumthing stupid like that, lil help?
  27. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal


    You didn't open it all the way, I bet.
  28. SoLiD_Psycho


    Lifters, help me out, man. I did everything you said for the mgs3 saves: downloaded the three saves, exported them to PS3/EXPORT/PSV , it's still not working. Should I add .psv to the end of the name???
    I tried PMing you btw, didn't let me.
  29. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    If you opened them up properly, you don't have to add .psv to the file. It should be there already. Make sure you unzipped or uncompressed the file properly. Just like what it says to do in the first post. Reread it again, and then again.
  30. SoLiD_Psycho


    OK, I did everything exactly like it says to( save it to computer, extract it with winrar to PS3/EXPORT/PSV), still nothing shows up. The only way I get something to show up on the ps3 is when I add .psv at the end of the filename, even then I only get a corrupted data icon. IS there something wrong with these files because I'm not the only one having problems with them. Could it be the filename?
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