How to

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I like to start with the Miata. Win the Sunday Cup and the Clubman Cup and sell both cars. You need to have $10K and the Miata. Go buy super slick racing tires and enter the Roadster Enduro. After winning that, you get a cool $100K. Go buy a Vitz and tune it up with 200HP+, then race the Vitz race in Pro League. After winning the first 4 races, save and exit the fifth race to get the prize car you want, which is the Alteeza LM race car. You need an Alteeza for the Alteeza races. Now you have a formidable race car to lay waste to almost every series it qualifies for. You can win the Like the Wind race with a big turbo and get the 787B if you'd like. However, go to the Amateur League and race the Dream Car series. It's only 7 races and 5 laps each. Each race nets you $25K. Two prize cars you want for winning this are the FTO LM and the RX-7 LM. Love both of these cars. Doing this will set you up with plenty of money to never race series after series to earn money.