Inside Sim Racing video. GT5P vs Forza 2 Now with new 2nd video!!!!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5: Prologue' started by Kryz11, Apr 5, 2009.


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  1. newbielives


    I was just playing Forza2 with the MS Wheel in bumper cam view on Suzuka with the Stock Mazda Spirit RX-7 with TSC STM and ABS Off and thought hey this is pretty good, graphics are okay and throttle control is pretty essential to driving fast. The cars even felt heavier like if it was harder to control then GT5p. Could Forza2 be more sim then GT5P?

    I then switched back to GT5p with the G25 6speed&clutch Wheel on Suzuka in cockpit view with the Stock Mazda Spirit RX-7 with all aids off, ABS set to 0 and brake bias set to 7:4

    AND HOLY COW GT5p graphics blow away Forza2 but what is more surprising is that GT5p is actually harder then Forza2, I found myself carefully controlling the throttle just as much as Forza2 with one exception, it just felt more natural to the point I didn't even know I was controlling the throttle. It was like GT5p was giving so much more feedback then Forza2 that I was reacting sub consciously.

    While paying attention to my driving on the "S" corners on Suzuka I notice it was actually harder in GT5p, In Forza2 you could pretty much lift off throttle to shift the weight back and forth through the curves without much understeer.
    In GT5p to get through the "S" corners in Suzuka, it was much harder requiring a ballet of throttling that was much more intricate then what was needed in Forza2 to control understeer and all at the same time feeling more natural.

    GT5P is simply the better DRIVING SIMULATOR
  2. 8@nO$


    The comparison is simply ridiculous! I have been playing GT series games since '98 and i really don't think there ever was a console sim with more realism regarding response and feel. In GT5P in particular, the guys in PD went too far.. Playing in Professional physics is pretty much like driving the real car (in an idealy even road of course)-anything from throttle response to weight shifting works almost perfectly - i drive a citroen C4 VTS and the car in game feels exactly like the real one under pressure-exactly! i would give 98 in physics. And sound? 90% of the car sounds in GT5P are recorded on the real cars!! So how can forza be better?
    Because of the in game music??? i don't believe that any serious racing game player drives with music turned on... Buy an i-pod if u wanna listen to music! I seriously believe that GT5P is an outstandingly realistic sim with what it has, the 70 cars or 30 cars i don't care! It's the best thing after the real thing, end of story.It's a hardcore simulator and driving really fast in professional is pretty damn hard... I don't think that ANY racing game could ever beat GT, the game is from another planet. And those guys in the vs. are complete idiots. Anyone agrees, raise their hand...