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MustangGT3 & CorvetteGT3 !

They were concerned that rain would hurt participation, but data has shown only a 9% drop in wet sessions compared to dry

GTP wet tires will be improved for Season 3

Lockups should be a little easier to clear with Season 3
Significant resources are being invested to fix the current stability bugs

Unattached qualifying sessions will be getting static weather

Two all-new Street Stock bodies, current Street Stocks will remain free while the new bodies will be paid content. You will get both new bodies for the price of one car

2 new "American-Based" GT3s added to both GT3 and IMSA for Season 3. They don't explicitly say it, but this is almost certainly the the Mustang and Corvette

Navarra, Sachsenring and Oswego coming for Season 3

Navarra will be a free track

Oswego paved will come for Season 3. Oswego dirt may be slightly delayed

Rain tires will be added for PCup, MX5, GT4 and LMP3

Trucks getting physics overhaul

UI improvements in Season 3 include new AI page, Driver Stats, Lap Charts and Lap Graphs


This second half is mostly long term plans, not season 3 plans. I think I got everything, let me know if I missed something.

Lots of discussion of the current project for overhauling the rendering engine. I've pulled the key paragraph and put it below . Progress is being made but this is a long term project so they're asking for patience.

we are happy to share that we have selected a path that will ensure that the technology meets our specific requirements and goals: we will build the future graphics engine ourselves. To be clear, this won’t be a conversion of the current engine and its features into modern API calls. Rather, we are doing this right and will take advantage of modern principles and capture the incredible capabilities and direction of modern GPU technology.
There's some discussion of UI improvements to the AI seasons page.

They are working on improvements to the experience of updating and installing the game.

Career Mode is progressing but still lots of work to do

Audio team is "focused on re-architecting the core audio tech we use."

Improved FFB. Along with a significantly higher tick rate and associated tire improvements"
A significant evolution in the tire model is in the works, which will result in a huge leap forward with tire modeling in iRacing. We are restructuring the tire interface code to make it more efficient. We are overhauling how we model the contact patch, as well as the shape of the tire. This will result in more accurate dynamics and wear across the shape, as well as better moments.
This will all be tied together with a more precise and lower latency core physics engine that is being re-engineered to better leverage modern PC hardware.
In sim UI project is ongoing, they actually just brought on a team of contractors to work on this.

Oval refresh Phase 2 not ready yet but they're still working on it.

Production work is underway for the Spa rescan.

Zolder is getting an art refresh in September.

Working on a Mini Stock for September.

We re-scanned Sonoma several weeks back, and the next day the pavement came up in testing. Typical iRacing luck; we’ll be back. This is part of our initiative to refresh all of our NASCAR tracks.
Proper Gen 4 car is in production

Dirt Road content is in the works.

More often than not, if you see us photographing a car or track out in the world, it’s coming #soon. And man, we’ve been caught red-handed a lot lately. Time to start wearing disguises
Australian projects #soon

"Shocking" was not an intentional clue

Last time I mentioned our plan to return to England for track scanning. Our team has been busy these past several weeks and have captured drone, photo, and scan reference at three different circuits.
Interesting to note, last time they mentioned the England trip, they said 2 tracks. Now they're saying 3.

screenshots seems to show Thruxton and Cadwell in production.
iRacing is shut down right now because of another ddos attack, they’ve been happening for a couple week now. I don’t even understand why they would go after iRacing of all things.


Back up today, but who knows for how long.

I have a hard time believing that this is some disgruntled player who got banned. I've been on the service for only a couple years now but I don't recall any attacks like this during my time with the game. Tin foil hat on here, but what a coincidence that this all started happening around the time when Rennsport, a direct competitor to iracing backed by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment fund, went open beta. The Saudi's wouldn't pull shady things like this, right?
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iRacing is a low impact target - a few tens of thousands of people impacted at any one time across the entire planet? Small fry. My personal feeling is that it's just being used to test a DDOS network for a higher-target attack in future. iRacing may just have similar infrastructure to the intended target.