Is it worth buying a PS4 for Project Cars?

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by Biggles, Dec 21, 2015.

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    Just do it. It's an awesome game, you won't regret it.
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    If it was only 400 patetos , hmmmmmm

    Lets count :

    1 : new TV = 280 €
    2 : wheel.. = 340 €
    3 : seat ....= 220 €
    4 : ps4 .....= 380 €
    5 : game ..= ..70 €
    Makes a total of..... 1290 € :crazy::crazy:......
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    Here's the thing - you have to think about the big picture. You wouldn't be buying a PS4 just for Project Cars. You'd be buying it for Project Cars, and Assetto Corsa, and GT Sport, and GT7, and whatever else lies ahead.

    GT6 is, in terms of racing, the best of what the PS3 has to offer. In the grand scheme of things, this will undoubtedly pale in comparison to what is coming up, or in the case of PCars, what is already here.

    I love GT6 and have played it almost every day since it was released. But since I got PCars last week, I don't think I can go back because the whole time I am playing GT6 I would be thinking, 'PCars is much better than this.'

    Ps. I play PCars with the DS4 controller only, no wheel, and I have no problems with it at all.
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    Initially I spent around £650 what with the PS4, T300, T3PA, TH8A and pCARS which was spread out over 3 months. Not particularly good value, or good sense 'just' for one game I agree but I'm looking toward the future releases, not just the present.
    What I don't understand is some people are just not willing to 'bite the bullet' and upgrade to PS4 unless budget won't allow it ! If you can afford a new console, why not get it now and miss out on what's available presently, and in the near future.
    I've read many comments along the lines of "I'm not buying a new console until GT7 arrives so I'll stick with GT6 on PS3 thank you very much". Yes, GT6 is to many people, the pinnacle of the genre, but it's over now. Apart from online, there's nothing else it can do to hold interest for many players except maybe nostalgia ?
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    I race with the Geezers (Age 60 & over) in GT6. A few have begun the swap to PS4, a couple are all in & we rarely see them on PS3 anymore. I'm not sure if anyone has gone the PC route. I've been holding off to see the trend and because I was a G27 owner. Some of the online experience posts caused me concern as well.

    I was gifted a G29 so now scouring the pawns for a PS4 & will download the game once the PS4 is in hand. May go the PC route as well once I upgrade the boot drive to 1TB SSD. Already have AC on Steam but have not used it in a while.
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    In my opinion it's worth buying a ps4 for Nothing! Ps4 itself is essentially a very good deal console computer and media player

    By the way, if you don't mind some bugs that SMS can't fix it right now, ProjectCARS is definitely the best sim on consoles now
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    That's such a tough call.

    I already had my PS4 because of battlefield, so getting PCARS was a given.

    I'm a long time GT player, since 1, played online 4-5 days a week since Prologue. After playing PCARS (with a controller) for a month, I can not go back to GT6. It just feels so sloppy and uncontrollable.

    That said, PCARS has been one of the most frustrating gaming experiences I've had. The design decisions combined with the bugs have, on more than one occasion, caused me to walk away in frustration.

    My biggest issue with PCARS is the AI. In my opinion, it's terrible, on par with GT. They drive sporadically, use no racecraft, drive like little scared chicken :censored: (if you get close, or try to bump draft, they violently veer off course). You have to fiddle around with the AI difficulty to get a good race at an event, and every event seems to be slightly different. I usually put the AI somewhere between 85-95. When adjusting the AI difficulty, I've found that sometimes, for example, if I have the AI set at 90, I absolutely kill them. They are early on the brakes, slow through apexes, and slow on exit. If I up the difficulty to say 91 or 92, all the AI suddenly becomes insanely fast, and fast in unrealistic ways...mostly by being absolutely insane on the brakes, and having unrealistic speed down the straights. Also, about 50% of the time, when you start a race, the AI is crashed on the grid before the race even starts.

    Like I said before, I usually play racing games online. I only turned to offline because the online for PCARS is so dead most days. I'm PST, and my gaming hours are in the evening. When I check the main lobby, I'm lucky if I can find 10 rooms; and most of those rooms have 1-2 people in them. If I do manage to get on earlier in the day, or on weekends, there's still only roughly 20 rooms open in the whole world. Half of those rooms will be GT3 lobbies with all assists turned on. There will be a handful of LMP1 and FA/FB/FC rooms, but those are usually crash fests as well.

    The penalty system online is extremely obnoxious and extremely easy to abuse if you know how to. For one, the penalties really limit the amount of wheel to wheel racing you can do (especially against an unknown opponent), as your chances of getting bumped off track and taking a penalty are extremely high. Moves like Zanardi's "The Pass", or Lowdes at Bathurst, etc, are impossible in PCARS because of the penalty system. Dirty racers have learned that they can simply bump another racer off track, causing them to take a penalty, while the dirty offender carries on unscathed.

    In an average lobby, when the race starts, it's not unusual for up to half the grid to have trouble loading. you then have a situation where half the cars on the grid are uncontrolled, which causes starts to be a mess. On top of that, the game does not remove stationary cars from the grid, so when you come around for lap 2, there's a parking lot on the starting line.

    Lastly, like GT, PCARS has changed elements of its physics engine with patches. Most recently has been stuff to do with tire temps and camber. Now, I'm all for SMS trying to fix issue with the game, but at the same time, I am getting beyond sick and tired of these racing games constantly changing their physics. I spend dozens of hours refining the tune on my SLS AMG GT3. I took a brake from PCARS when Fallout 4 came out, and just went back to PCARS the other day. To my delight, I discovered there was changes made, and all my work on my SLS was for naught, as the car can't hold a decent temp/pressure in a suitable range to save its life. My SLS is now completely uncompetative online, and I really can't find the motivation to retune it; especially since I had a unique tune for over half the tracks in the game.

    PCARS definitely has its moments where, when things are going well, it is freaking amazing. For me though, those moments are outweighed by the frustrating times. To me, PCARS is another classic case of a game being developed by people who aren't really "gamers". They're computer experts, racing experts, etc, but they must not be people who spend countless hours in online lobbies trying to be competitive, as if they were, they would not have made many of the design decisions they did.
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    I bought my PS4 mainly for PCars back in May 2015, even with some bugs it's still the best racing experience one can get on console imo. I've got other games since then (F1 2015, Diablo 3, Fifa 16, Rocket League) so it was worth it for me. If you're not interested in getting a gaming PC then PS4 would be a good choice.
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    Allreday got Project cars and Driveclub.
    Now waiting the PS4 :O
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    Thanks @twitcher, what a great post. :tup:

    I was a pretty active sim racer between 2008 & 2011: GT Prologue, Ferrari Challenge, Supercar Challenge, Superstars of V8, & GT5. I even ran a league for a few years with weekly races. But there came a point where I was becoming increasingly frustrated with console sims, their limitations, online PSN issues, mind numbing public lobbies, and in general, I just wanted more realism in terms of tire modeling and drafting than what GT could give me and I eventually moved on to PC sims. I had a love/hate relationship with Simbin and finally moved to iRacing and was pretty active for about 2 years. It seemed to be everything I was looking for. But when the economy started to pick up in 2012 and my working life became busier, I just didn't have the time anymore. And with sims like iRacing, if you didn't spend the time to practice and settle on a decent setup and set a good qualifying pace and in general, didn't show up for a race with your A game on, you needn't bother showing up at all; those guys are all business. Likewise, it became a scheduling problem as the times during which the series I was racing in were running simply didn't work for me due to work or family obligations. I haven't run a race in iRacing in almost 2 years and my PC is now a bit slow and long in the tooth. When you're married and working long hours and have kids, you take your free time when ever you're luck y enough to get it. And since I only used that PC for gaming, it often sat hibernating for months at a time, and every time I turned it on, I spent 2 hours running a myriad of updates. There are pros and cons with the PC route.

    So I was actually looking for a decent pick up game that I could just play off line when ever I had the time. In that sense, what you wrote above is really rather disappointing, although I should have expected as much. Having decent AI is a limitation that nearly all racing sims I've played suffer in varying degrees. They're usually needless slow, braking much too early, blocking at every opportunity and generally driving in a way that would have them black flagged in the real world. In very general terms, most racing sims have AI programmed to slow you down and make you lose, rather than just drive around the track setting competitive times. And the sims that seem to have somewhat competitive AI also seem to have AI that defy the laws of physics. I first found this in NFS:Shift so I guess it stands to reason that Slightly Mad hasn't pulled off some sort of miracle.

    All that said, my wife bought me a PS4 and Project Cars for Christmas so it looks like I'm in by default. I haven't even opened the box yet, but I guess it's time to dust off the T500. At least now I have some idea of what I'm facing.
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    Check the "career mode" thread on here for all kinds of tips on setting the AI.

    And like I said, it's not all bad. If anything, it's more good than bad, maybe 50/'s just that when the bad happens, it ruins something that is so good, that it can be very frustrating, and sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Glad to hear your wife was looking out :lol: Hope you enjoy the game, have Merry Xmas :cheers:

    Forgot to add. At the very least, PCARS has a great track list. I've found it extremely enjoyable to learn some new circuits, and ones that are not the usual mainstream suspects. I'm talking tracks like Oulton Park, Snetterton, Cadwell Park, Donnington, Ruapuna, Warkins Glen, Sonoma, Road America, Zolder, Rouen Les Essart (my new fav). I watch a ton of motorsport, so I always enjoy getting the chance to learn a new track in a game. I find it gives me a ton more perspective and insight when I'm watching a real race.
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    PC route is an option for rfactor games and other games that use their engine which are unlikely to come to console and as already mentioned especially for those who are into leagues. Otherwise console has lots of good racing games. As a matter of fact I will not be surprised if PS4 community of Pcars is twice as big as the PC. Visually I think Pcars is great but car models are not to the likes of DC, Forza or even GT6. GTS will definitely have top notch gfx anyways

    Having said that just for 1 game you have to buy a console is not worth it.

    Surely there should be at least 10 games in your wishlist or 5yrs lifespan in which you will using the PS4. I will not recommend you a PC since you are mac user and the desktop will take space, money and for a game or Pcars2 is probably worse than PS4 option
  15. dolande


    I did that over black Friday and I have no regrets.
    And AC is coming, and then GTS, and then GT7, and hopefully Pcars2 and GT8 before PS 4 gets replaced by the next generation.
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    I own both a gaming PC and PS4. If you are mainly buying it for PCars, I'd say pass, but if you have other games in mind, I say go for it. I really like the PS4 a lot, but the experience that I've had with racing sims on PC has been great. I own PCars on PS4 and its good, but I own Assetto Corsa on PC and I love that even more. I also own a few Simbin titles that I picked up in a bundle for under $5. I had no idea what I was missing on PC.

    Honestly its personal preference though. I would have probably purchased PCars on PC if it was mod friendly, but I decided to purchase the PS4 version for $20 from Amazon. If building a PC isn;t an option for you, I'd go for the PS4 due to the fact that you will have more racing options in the future. Right now you have PCars, Driveclub, and F1. You have Sebastian Loeb (Demo available now in the EU PS Store) coming on 1/29/15, Dirt Rally, Asseto Corsa coming in Q2 2016, GT Sport and GT7.
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    @killerjimbag why am I unable to PM you? I am thinking about buying a gaming PC for Project Cars. Well, actually, the question is a bit different than that. I need to replace our 15+ year old laptop and will use it for my wife's craft projects and for my Spec Miata data and video. For an extra $200 I could buy a good gaming laptop. Should I make the transition from XBOX to PC for project cars. Is it worth it to get the PC version of Project Cars? When I play on XBOX, there are never more than three to five online rooms to choose from. I have zero friends on XBOX currently playing Project Cars. How are the rooms on PC?

    @Johnnypenso - looking for your opinion too. And anyone else here who has Project Cars on PC.

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  18. David Bailey

    David Bailey

    Get it, I'm a hardcore Gt man but once you start fangin' some of those museum pieces from the 60s,70s & 80s around the tracks in free run and watch the replays its hard not to fall in love with it.
    Be warned it does take a bit of time to setup controllers and learn to navigate menus (Gt leaves it for dead in that dept) but any dramas the boys on these forums seem to have the answers to any probs.
  19. killerjimbag


    My honest opinion, lots of PS4 users.
    Is there some problems, yep. But there seems to be,not trying to be an elitist, lots of good wheel drivers on PS4. You have to narrow down who you race with. Just my thoughts!
  20. EmArA


    Have you bought the PS4 already?
    My thoughts anyways...
    Eventually more games are coming to PS4: GT sport, Sebastian Loeb rally, Assetto Corsa, Formula1 2016, project cars 2...etc. Or just wait for the PS4 slim and project cars 2 (if u r really good at the waiting game). U would be buying ps4 sooner or later the question is when.
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    In my experience if you want to go the PC route a desktop would be the better choice instead of a laptop, you are restricted on your options to improve it and laptops tend to thermal throttle on performance more. If the mobility of a laptop is prefered though, go for the laptop. With that said, the experience I have had with PCars on PC I would say is superb, I haven't done anything online yet because of a few personal reasons though. It seems that more people are preferring the idea of the PS4 for PCars so that might be a better option for that reason.
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  22. GrumpyGrumps


    The thing about PCars AI is that, despite all of it's flaws, at least it is able to make the game difficult. I moved to PCars on PS4 as a change from GT6, and the AI in GT6 is nonexistent. Not a single event is challenging, at all (at least since they took away the long endurance races in career mode from GT5).

    The AI cars are just mobile obstacles, and catching them and passing them is not difficult in any way. In addition, GT6 allows you to, in many cases, spec your car up to the point where the speed differences are massive. You can come into a corner carrying so much more speed than the AI that the only difficulty comes with trying to adjust your line to miss them while keeping your speed up.

    Worse yet is the rubber-band effect of the AI in the seasonal events. You can haul a car in at 3-4 seconds a lap and then suddenly, as soon as you are past them, they hang 3 tenths back for the rest of the race. This is just ridiculous, and while the AI in PCars is by no means perfect, I have been ecstatic with it over that of GT6.
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  23. Biggles


    Well, I DID get a PS4 & PCars. My impressions so far:

    1) It definitely IS the game I have been looking for (compared to GT). No pointless (IMO) "license tests", no boring low-powered road cars, , no tediously drawn-out career mode, no unrealistic 3 lap come-from-the-back races - in other words, no artificially padded-out game-play content - more of an actual RACING game.

    2) Small number of cars & lots of tracks. Not that a small number of cars is a good thing, but I've always been convinced that the focus on providing huge number of cars in GT has led to other, very important aspects of the game being neglected. The variety of tracks is very impressive.

    3) Graphics - I was initially a bit disappointed. The re-plays are not as well done as GT6, but in-game driving is very nice, so no complaints.

    4) Sounds - definitely better in PCars than GT!

    5) TOD & weather options are amazing - it's possible to have a lot going on in a race which adds visual interest & handling variations.

    6) AI - don't have enough experience yet to comment.

    7) Online - no experience yet.

    8) Physics - this is the big one. Not sure about this yet. I've had times where I thought it wasn't that much of an improvement over Shift & other times where I thought it was quite good. Definitely more in the way of weight transfer & braking instability than in GT, but driving some of the cars fast still seems too easy.

    Incidentally, one thing I noticed is how there aren't much in the way of tire sounds - something that features very heavily in GT (&, I think in Forza). This makes it a bit harder to "feel" where the grip is, or at least psychologically it seems that way.
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  24. Racin-Rev

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    I specifically purchased a PS4 last spring just for Project Cars. I only play racing games. I have a T300 wheel and T3PA-Pro pedals with a home built cockpit. Now with the other games arriving within the next year or so I'm glad I already have my PS4. I still run GT6 but everything on the PS4 is a big step up from the PS3 capabilities. No regrets. If you are into sim racing, as you say, and don't already have a computer system for that, the PS4 is the only way to go.
  25. Blood*Specter


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    I am very much in the same boat with my G27. I got the PS4 mostly due to my liking of Battlefield 4. I am also a Playstation guy. But Project Cars on PC allows me to use the G27. And with a properly optioned PC the game is very good indeed. Bugs and unfinished features not withstanding. Finding and installing the right G27 drivers for Win 8/10 can be problematic. But it can be done and is worth the trouble.

    I have PCars, Assetto Corsa and RaceRoom on Steam. I have PCars on PS4. One day I may spring for the Fanatec equipment for the PS4. A lot for my friends are still on PS3 and GT6. I've not done anything on PS3 or 4 in a while.
    Just driving PCars on PC for now. Looking for a group of clean racers to hook up with.

    I would not buy a PS4 just for PCars. But you have a compatible wheel, so if you're a Playstation person, I say go for it.
    PS4 is very nice platform.
  26. Blood*Specter


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    The game really shines on PC Hami. But the issue is finding a crew of like minded (clean) racers to roll with.
    And the social aspect of Pcars is poor. Cant talk to others in the room. GT has it beaten by a country mile in those areas.
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  27. Motor City Hami

    Motor City Hami

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    On XBOX, there are currently a total of 11 players online split between four rooms. Those are pretty standard counts for the time of night when I get to play. Are PC counts any better?
  28. Animera


    New Zealand
    Public lobbies on PC are almost non-existent.
    There are lots of clubs and leagues that have private lobbies.
  29. MrF1


    To answer the OP Question:

    I brought a PS4 for Project Cars last week.
    I thought i made a massive mistake as i began to play without updating to v7.0.
    After a little reading, a 3 hour update and some time spent adapting to the driving style required to steer into the corners of this game and i can say i love it.

    There are many options to finely tune both car and wheel to your personel preference.

    I love the full length weekends and long races starting from a deserved position.
    AI is a vast improvement over GT6.

    and without drawing too many comparisons to the GT series i feel its a step forward.


    side note..
    i did play this on my friends PC before buying and im glad to say the differences are not vast.. not without putting them side by side maybe.
    PS has as many options and abilitys to change and control functions and with the new option to add additional HUDs its as call as a PC at half the cost IMO.
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    I have this game on my wish list and hoping that sometime soon there will be a sale for under 20$ so then I can get the game.