January Nupdate 2023

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These games are no longer about which one is better. Two different systems.
It'd be about what games have what.

HAVE either game improved on their franchises?
Have either game revolutionised the racing genre?
Have either game brought fun to the user?
Have either game succeeded in bringing new players to either franchise?
Have either game helped expose car culture to new generations of non-car enthusiasts?

Both games have their flaws. All racing games have their flaws. Reusing assets or not. I feel more concentration should be on the respective titles, than comparing car modelling.
I understand both titles are the most popular in the genre, especially as next gen, but may as well compare all games in the genre. How about throwing in the PC3 E30, Assetto Corsa E30(console & pc versions), add any PC games that feature or mod E30s? Run the gamut to represent all games people play.


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These games are no longer about which one is better. Two different systems.
It'd be about what games have what.

I always find it amusing that people compare Forza with Gran Turismo. When they are literally for two different consoles, ergo, markets.

Only like 1%, probably less, would choose to buy an entire different system just because one is better than the other or have the money to have both consoles in the first place, or a PS5 and a good gaming PC (which is even more expensive than the Xbox).

Gran Turismo does great sales because it literally has no competition. There's no game for the PS5 that is the same genre as Gran Turismo.
And no, a game having cars and tracks in it is not the same type.
Inb4 someone comes and tells me this.
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I used to be on the bandwagon until GTS, PC2, F7-FH4, AC and ACC. It’s just not worth it. They’ve all filled a Jones to drive cars virtually.
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You cannot work 52 weeks a year, it's unsustainable and can be bad for team morale when some have to work over Christmas and New Year.
Hello from a "part-time" (still 40hr/wk) retail job in the USA! I worked Christmas and New Year and get no weeks off, ever. Not a single second of paid time off.

I absolutely hope Polyphony's devs get that time off. Nobody should need to work like this.

However, they do have plenty of cars unreleased. They make about double the cars they put into the updates (around 60/yr if I remember correctly, and averaging 36 released in updates per year in GT7 if they continue with the 3 cars per month pattern). This may be to have additional content to keep putting out as they shift focus to their next game, or it may be to save them for the next game. I don't know. But there's still nothing stopping them from planning to put 3 of those in an update. It doesn't need to be a substantial update, I don't expect that around the holidays, but it's still completed and unreleased content that they could release.
GT7 officially abandoned in Jan 2023 since they didn’t follow the official roadmap they never provided!!! The sky is falling!!!
Kaz did say they weren't monthly updates, it was just coincidental and we may get two a month, or none, depending on when content is ready.
Yes that may be the case but they set a precedent by releasing an update every month on the last thursday for the last 10 months straight! I'm really not too bothered if they miss a month or two but after setting a standard at least communicate if things are going to be different and let the community know. In the end PD have just left everyone guessing and speculating when a simple tweet would have smoothed everything over with your player base. We shouldn't have to dig through old interviews after the fact and put the pieces of the puzzle together like 'oh that's what he meant by that off handed comment'.
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