Just Raced Under The New Algorithms and Rules

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    I'm starting to suspect someone screwed up and the blame is assigned backwards atm. In 1.15 I still get a full 10 sec penalty for someone brake checking me in the middle of a straight, it's the first clip in that compilation video I posted. A dive bomb hitting you in a corner gets a lower penalty then the victim taking the corner normally. Actually it doesn't look like it looks at incorrect braking at all.

    The game can race a bunch of AI cars together through corners, so it can determine correct entry speed for each car in a pack on the fly as well as determine the optimal line for each car. You would assume that the car deviating the most from the optimal solution is to blame when an incident happens. Of course the AI isn't very good and often brakes in the apex and tends to crash into you, so perhaps that's not a good idea.
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    This is kind of the issue. PD's AI are morons, so any penalty system derived from their abilities is also going to be moronic! Professional level AI is generally only competitive until you are in the top 50% of players. But Sport Mode attracts the top 50%. So whatever PD have as AI behavior has absolutely no relationship to real driving. It is, beyond a doubt the absolutely worst AI of any driving game, unable to provide a challenge to anyone except the noobiest of noobs.

    So let's drop that idea!

    But PD do have a driving line, with clearly marked braking points, adjusted for type of car and grade of tire (you don't get the same BP for a Miata on CH as you do for a VGT on RSS!). I have a feeling that this, if adjusted better for good drivers' abilities, could give the game a clearly delineated 'my fault/your fault' point for adjusting penalties. But it needs either adjusting for tight packs, or simply turning off...

    All in all, all this angst about Sport Mode penalties has simply illustrated beyond a doubt that the current state of the art is completely unable to steward a race automatically. The sooner GTS players acknowledge this, the sooner we all go back to organizing and hand-stewarding our own Leagues, and recognize Sport Mode to be the abject failure it is, the better.

    I had no problems whatsoever finding a clean room 24/7 in GT6. We self-stewarded, knew the rules, and had hosts who quickly kicked and banned bashers. The rules were pretty standardized, and ONLY penalized the aggressor. We returned position for contact that enabled a pass, we returned position for cuts that enabled a pass, we kicked players that brake checked on straights...

    I wonder when we will all wake up from this Sport Mode nightmare and finally face the fact that the Emperor Kaz is wearing no clothes?!

    A soccer match with a blind referee is not a soccer match. And a soccer game that allows (nay, encourages!) players to foul each other and pick the ball up and run with it, rugby style, with no flag (and a red card) would quickly be laughed into oblivion. I sometimes wonder why the equivalent of that in motorsports is given the time of day?

    Sport mode is an utter failure, and the longer we keep supporting it, the longer GT slides backwards in the eyes of serious racers. More and more of us are leaving for AC and PC2, and we probably won't come back while this degree of ineptitude from PD continues.
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    This is the worst update ever in the history of PD. Someone should get fired. Today I had two really good races with good sportsmanship from all players around me, but everyone got a penalty several times. The worst one was when I got passed in the corner. The guy squeezes himself to the inside, where I already was, but I gave to much room, so the guy took it. Fair, but he did touch me on my side. we came out side by side respecting the space we needed for each other, but I got a 3 second penalty. He got nothing........at the end of the race, he apolegized for that moment and was very surprized to hear I got the penalty.

    After several races I can conlude that the penalty system is almost random. It's a bigger joke than it already was.

    On the other hand, I see people are really affraid now of loosing SR points, they al break on time now. The system may be faulty, but I do like the effect it has on the driving behaivor of people.
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    PD seemed to have taken a decently working penalty system pre 1.10 and messed it up in many ways, iRacing has a very functional penalty system, if you rear end someone while hitting the brakes, it often shows 0x for contact incident, if you're still going fast (pushing the throttle) while rear ending it rewards you with a contact incident, same as brake checking if you're on a straight and brake check under speed it rewards you with an incident, but sometimes not in a corner while slowing down. etc. Yesterday during a race on iRacing someone in front of me slammed on the brakes and I end up rear ending him and sending him a helicopter crash (spectatular crash I must say) and ending his race but I wasn't given any incident points while he did (total of 6 or 8 I think it was).

    Perhaps PD needs to put in a way to decide what the driver/car is doing before a penalty is handed out.
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    First and foremost. Quit messing with whatever they do with the handling characteristics of the cars. And to a simple fix with the penalties. They first have to pick something a stick with it but when a penalty is incured immediately the car is ghosted slowed to a specific speed Serve the penalty an ghosted to a safe racing position
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    It could be well that somehow there is an AI algorhythm. That is very wrong of course.