Kazunori Yamauchi has a busy day at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. (56k beware)

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  1. I have just returned from the Goodwood Festival of Speed and spotted Kazunori Yamauchi having a busy time. I spotted him meeting Sebastien Loeb and then going for a quick spin with Loeb on the Rally Stage. He then met up with with Kris Meeke and went for a spin in a Peugeot 207 S2000. He also drove the 1965 Jaguar XJ13 up the hill climbe course.

    Please enjoy some of the various pictures I took.









  2. patriotzero

    Turkey At HOME!

    did you ask to Kazunori GT5 release date?
  3. Coiler


    :lol: good one
  4. Sweet pics!

    Must go to Goodwood eventually. All these major stars, and star cars... I'd be in heaven :p
  5. SimRaceDriver

    United States Washington State

    wow! Kaz was definitely pretty busy that day...then again, getting a chance to drive those types of cars...feel free to make me that 'busy' any day of the week!

    And just for fun...here's a little 'caption' I made for one of the pics...the expression on Kaz's face just had me laughing and some how, what you see as the actual caption...just sorta came by accident.

  6. MarcoM

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    It had me smiling. Very funny :D
  7. Christhedude

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    haha great caption! Great pics in general!

    Did you or anybody get a chance to talk to Mr.PD?

  8. Jay

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    Thanks for the pics, he looks busy, seems no one asked him any questions.


    Our Distracted friend.
  9. DJW_GT


    Wow, It's Easily Distracted Translator!!! Thought it was another photoshop at first :lol:
  10. zazaza


    Sweet pics and funny caption! haha

    There are some cameras showed in the pics, so maybe we would see it on GT-TV.
  11. craste


    I'd love to interview him (KY)

    My first question would be "Instead of swanning around visiting car shows, can you please pull your finger out and release the game pal?"

    or - "if the games ready to be released then do it you annoying little man"

    or "Are you taking the freaking ...."

    i'd have one of my friends to stay around and listen to his response (as I'm being escorted off the premises by KY's heavies)
  12. Rob192005

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    That xj13 is one beautiful car. :)
  13. Good pics,he must have more fun than any other game developer,probably the most stress but I bet days like that make it all worthwhile.
  14. patriotzero

    Turkey At HOME!

    hi new translator where have you been? I miss you
  15. G.T.Ace

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    Yeah hes totally awesome! :tup:

    Thanks RetroGlide for the Pics!
    That Jag is sexy.^^
  16. Great pics thanks. Ky should really stop smoking, looks like his teeth have gone bad lol!
  17. hardvibes

    Italy Rome, Italy

    those on the xj13...absolutely:dopey:
    I hope the videos will be free
  18. Peter


    What model jaguar is he driving? He should have took the XJR9 for a ride instead.
  19. It was a 1965 Jaguar XJ13.

    As soon as he met Loeb he quickly put on a helmet and rushed off for a lap on the rally course. I was in the middle of a tugging batle with a TV camera man for best position so had little time to ask a question.

    I also spotted them in the F1 paddocks.
  20. seanchump


  21. paskowitz

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    Here is an idea, someone slip a piece of paper with the words https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=156 on it. That or you could be like, " hi my name is _______ ______ and I am from GT Planet (the best GT site on the web) and I would like to ask you some questions". He may sic the translator on you and beat you up but it would probably be worth a shot.
  22. Jack_uk


    It was brilliant there great variety of cars from sports prototypes to formula 1 cars but why was kaz there? Could he possibly be doing work on GT5 as well as having fun. Also it was a great honour to see the likes of Sterling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Sebastien Loeb and Lewis Hamilton. The red arrows were also brilliant
  23. Havok_

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    cool pics! what camera where you using?
  24. The Goodwood Festival Of Speed saw its fair share of Red Bull Racing action at the weekend with drivers past, present and - potentially - future taking part in the historic hillclimb.
    Set in the ground of Goodwood House in the south of England, the annual run attracts current and past racing stars and their cars and motorcycles as well as crowds of nearly 100,000.

    On Friday David Coulthard drove a Mercedes-Benz W154 then took to the hill in the Red Bull Racing showcar before meeting his fans.
    On Saturday it was Mark Webber’s turn in the car in front of the spectators. Over the weekend both Mark and DC were interviewed by legendary games designer Kazunori Yamauchi who created Gran Turismo, as part of a documentary he’s making.
    Mark also had time to chat to fellow Aussie David Brabham in a live Q&A and met up with fellow Red Bull driver, rally superstar Sébastien Loeb.
    To round off the weekend, our Finnish driver from the Red Bull Junior Team driver programme Mika Maki made the weekend’s final Red Bull Racing runs through the historic ground of the stately home.

    Source: http://www.redbullracing.com/Team/Team-Profile/News/Red-Bull-Drivers-Star-At-Racing-Festival/

    I wonder what this documentary could be. Also his encounters with various Red Bull Teams could mean something. Also Mr. Translator should be a hidden spectator in various GT5 rally stages. And he should be scribbling furiously on a pad.
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  25. G.T.Ace

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  26. Niko_9


    Thats My Hero There lol
  27. Conquerer



    lmao. This picture deserves a similar caption to the first one. Priceless Kaz face with "wandering" eyes.
  28. Conquerer


    Also Mr. Translator should be a hidden spectator in various GT5 rally stages. And he should be scribbling furiously on a pad.

    Oh man, that would be hilarious. If GT5 had a car livery editor I'm sure we'd see some Translator paint jobs.
  29. paskowitz

    United States New York

    GOLD:lol:! He has become an internet sensation of sorts. Now instead of damage or Forza being brought up every time GT is mention it is Translator-san. He is now a part of the GT series forever.
  30. Jay

    Australia Australia

    Suprisingly a thread hasn't been made about him, there is plenty of amusing photoshops around.

    It has almost become the "Wheres Waldo" of the GT world.

    Oh and Interesting information there Duphman :tup:. This time KY is the interviewer, I imagine it will be released in GT TV (in GT5 probably).
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