Lap Times - Twin Ring Motegi Road

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just got done with a championship race there.

fast lap - 1:59.577
bike - Yamaha YZF-R1 RM '05

that was a hell of a lap/bike, and I was still figuring out the line till about the 3rd lap or so. I've only been playing the game off and on since tuesday, so I haven't played all the tracks/figured the lines out and my time will probably get demolished, but I was happy. I'm not sure how much more time I could take off, but I figured I was near my limit.

rock. :cool:
I ran a 1.53(I think) on the Ducati 999R superbike, but that was cutting 2 corners and the last chicane(driving straight then hopping over to the mainstraight).
well, that doesn't count. I was meaning clean times. btw, I lowered my time to a low in the last race. the one where you win the 7 Star Honda CBRR1100 or w/e the name is.

rock. :cool: