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A (Mostly) GT5 Fanfic
Author: SomePlayaDude

DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ (Feel free to copy and remix.):

- This fanfic contains many cases of possibly offensive contents and insults to others that i may not have intended, and apologize firsthand if it hurts.

- Any similarities in this fanfic to other media are coincidental, provided i have no intent of such.

- There will be references, and crossovers to other fanfics. One important plot device is based on a crossover.

- I may make requests for online help.

-The biographies do not cover all the important plot; read the synopsis on this post.

- Chapter progression will fluctuate.

-My Photobucket will be riddled with SPOILERS, so tread carefully.

- I have no intent on competing with other fanfics, and they inspire me to make this.

- If you wish to criticize the cars, the characters, the content etc, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make it constructive, and not spark into a flame war.

-Lastly, don't tell me how to write MY STORY, while feedback will be considered. Feel free to speak your mind, but don't be an ass, okay?

Thanks for reading my long warning.... you can go on now.

"Enter Jacob Ross, a man who claims to be the undisputed best on most racing disciplines, while under a different moniker. He leaves his criminal past to live with friends and family in Japan, but mainly visits for another reason altogether."

Chapter List


He terrorized these sands. The sheriff's not happy. Justice's swift punishment due.

West Man in East Land.
The New Blacklist.
Stay A While And Listen.
This Is It. Showtime!


Highlight to reveal. Some points are not covered here; read the story to find out what.

A mysterious Ford GT was seen humiliating a prominent tuner club just outside Tokyo. The day after, the car arrived at Gion in front of Hideki Minami, a university student who follows automobile news in Japan. The driver, and our protagonist, is an American man named Jacob Ross, who reluctantly began to share his criminal past.

Jacob begins telling his past, with Rockport as his former home. A new street racing crew called The New Blacklist took over underground racing in Rockport for over 2 years now. The blacklist consists of Murph, Queen, Gator and Pakcik, with leader Outlaw. The police plots to arrest Outlaw and put him behind bars. Outlaw apparently escaped, as proven by the presence of his real identity: Jacob.

The day before Outlaw's escape: Jacob worked with Ramlie to finish tuning his vehicle: A Ford GT. Without any significant modifications, the Ford's status is left "just above stock". Later, Jacob talks to his parents, and then his little brother Keith, which led Jacob to move to Japan. But first, he needs to do "The Outlaw's Last Ride".

The day of escape: Outlaw got into a chase from the police, who are eager to get him. After a bit of planning, The Outlaw's Last Ride was set up, and executed perfectly, causing to the public, the death of Outlaw, while Jacob Ross walks out alive. He then drives his Ford GT cross country, and he connects with his to be Dark Horse.


Chapter 1:


A new life. A new objective. A new Jacob. Same old friends.

When The Sun Rises.
Hilltop Hijinks.
A Red Spy Is In The Base?
The World Warriors.
A Meeting Of Minds.
Hearts On Fire.
Knock 'Em Down.


Jacob flees from Rockport, Georgia and goes to Seacrest, California. After handling cargo of his car, he visits and stays with his parents' new beachfront home. Eventually, he had a dream of his wife, and regained his interest in finding her after deserting her. Japan is the beginning of his search, with his old gang to help.

While arriving in Japan, Jacob faces off his former self in his dreams, hopefully settling with what he went to do. After landing, Jacob meets up with his university classmate Bernardo, and one of his mentors, Alan. They drive home, which took a turn when Jacob chose to run the 300C with other common sports cars.

Keith planned a shootout in Motegi a week after Jacob arrived. Jacob, having not settled with a car, goes to Osaka with Alan to get his Ford that recently arrived. After arriving, he met up with Gary Dhetto; an old friend, and well renowned gangster on public service. Afterwards, Jacob makes his move towards Motegi at high speed, hoping to get there in time.

While getting to know the roads of Japan, Jacob arrived in Motegi by the time his friends ended their runs. He started and wiped the floor clean, showing his ability as a racer. Eventually, time has passed and the Ford GT is well known as the Dark Horse in Japan, whose fame thwarts it's driver's plans to find his wife. Keith then requested a meeting with a few associates that may help Jacob with his wife.

Jacob and Keith meets up with the men that may help with finding a lost woman. One of them is Gary Dhetto, and the other: a finance CEO named Koji Yamazaki, preferably called Vulture. They get to know each other and agreed to help each other out. Eventually, the Yakuza that split from Vulture's control started to attack them, causing a premature split. After that, Jacob has sent a request that he hopes will be replied to.

During the pause, Jacob is 'attacked' by Bernardo and gets to know their small library of cars. Afterwards, the two gets the green Lamborghini checked up in a racing garage. At said garage, Jacob re meets with Hideki Minami, and sees his car for the first time, and his crush, Ayumi. After narrowly escaping, he meets Bernardo for the real reason they arrived: to try out Lucia's BMW that has been revamped.

Eventually, Lucia gets her way to the tuning shop, revealing the past of her ill gotten LF-A and Keith's first step to racing greatness. After arriving, her sad mood turns to sour anger after her car seemingly gets taken. After finding out it was Bernardo and Jacob's small prank, she readies, until she chases the men around, eventually catching them. After the mishaps, Jacob is offered a position in a prestigious supercar racing league from Vulture; an offer that he accepts.


Chapter 2:


Meeting of kindred spirits. Vengeful souls interconnect by blood. Justifies that you want him dead.

The Fastest.
Seasonal Shrines.
Going Down On It.
Everlasting Spirit.
Riders On The Storm.
From Nippon, With Love.


Jacob prepares for a race in Fuji Speedway, while a yellow Bugatti appears and is driven by Shinzo; Jacob's father from Rin's side of the family. After their re meeting, he reveals a competition called the King Of The Ring is in qualifying, with the winner going to compete in Nurburg, Germany alongside the mentioned yellow Bugatti. Meeting with Williem Weiss, the undefeated champion of said competition, and Lucia's big brother, Jacob wins his spot on the Ring, and grabs one of the fastest production cars in the world.

After a quiet morning, Jacob receives a message that Rin is found often in a shrine near the base of Mt. Hakone. Hoping to catch her, Jacob gets there with Bernardo, only to find nothing. After a small survey, they find their old friend Murph, and Katsu's Yakuza ambush. After a moment, Jacob sets the Yakuza up for an ambush courtesy of Gary. Gary's gang proceeds to leave no survivors around, while Katsu tries to escape, causing Gary to destroy his Challenger. The police arrived with Jacob and Murph still on scene, with Jacob meeting recently promoted secret agent Izumi Yamazaki, Vulture's little sister.

Moments later, Jacob catches up with Murph about what's going on with his former gang. Finding out his purpose being in Japan, Jacob proposes him to fetch his Mustang for a sum, hoping he sees it the next time they meet. At their home, Bern, Keith and Gary plays games, unknown that a certain Japanese duo sneaks on the house. Soon, spotted by Lucia and Alan, they are saved by a returning Jacob, who proceeds to tell them a deeper side within his tragic story.

As Jacob reunites with Lee, Keith reveals a darker side to the GT-R, being given from a 50 year old legend in racing, known as N.Z. Soon, Lee invites the two for an unsanctioned speed run. Jacob and Keith arrives with their cars, and meets up with Gary's second car: a modified Shelby Cobra. While making their runs, Jacob meets with a racing veteran and rich man Eduard Alvarez, who will be one of Jacob's opponents on the Nurbugring. The Yakuza makes a move and kidnaps the Yamazaki siblings, with Jacob probably next on their list.

Jacob wakes up a few days later to find out the grim news of the Yamazakis. Then, he goes to Suzuka with Lucia, with intent on coaching Hideki. As they arrive, Jacob takes interest in the memorial of a young Nobuhiko Hiramoto, who Jacob visits on a spot near the 130R. Leaving a mark of gratitude, he returns to Hideki to start co-driving him in a small race. After that, he personally meets with Heishiro, and is challenged in a race in a few days time. After that, it is found that Heishiro isn't exactly a honest man, and tries to kidnap Lucia, while failing miserably. The two get out of Suzuka after getting a call on Shinzo's recent critical state. Upon reaching the hospital, Jacob is gifted Shinzo's car, an Audi R8, and plans to use it for the grudge match, after gaining approval from "The Enigma Known as N.Z".

Ready for his duel with Heishiro, Jacob meets a worried pair about his friend Bernardo. Unable to help, Jacob leaves for Suzuka in a deluge. Meanwhile, in Kyoto, an enigma and a gangster goes to a hotel to end up in a gunfight. Hearing that gunfight was the Yamazaki siblings, who end up planning their escape. After the rescue succeeds, the four go to Suzuka, to see Jacob after his domination against the Oyabun. Unable to accept his defeat, despite the advantage, Heishiro tries to kill Jacob in an ambush, only to be ambushed himself. After his escape, Jacob is finally relieved, while N.Z meets up with the missing Rin Nishimura.

A few days later, Izumi travels to America for a job she has to do. At the airfield, she meets up with Heishiro, who reacts aggressively. This leads to a small hostage situation. Requesting Jacob Ross, Heishiro seems to have it covered, until his request tries to kill him. Seemingly successful, Jacob frees Izumi, but Heishiro uses a bomb strapped on him to threaten them a last time, before being shot by another agent sneaking: Bernardo. After revealing his true allegiance to Jacob, he heads home, finally, with Jacob revealing why he went to the airfield in the first place. Events follow.

Chapter 3:


An opportunity to prove that you're the best. Many ways to win. Even blood can be spilled to do so.

Cowboys And Japanese.
Secret, Secret. I've Got A Secret.
Given To Fly.
The Man With The Chimera Tattoo.
Sonny California.
Orange Lightning.
A Whole New Breed Of Supercar.
7 Minutes. That's All I Need.
Back Through Hell.
Outlaw's Last Ride.
We Will Never Forget.


2 months passed. Jacob, having received notoriety in racing, goes to Tokyo to visit an injured friend. Said friend is secret agent Izumi. She eventually ordered the man to head towards a lone food shop in Aoyama. Having nothing to do, Jacob goes and meets up with the owner. Having to know her well, he leaves, to see her kidnapped straight after. A rescue follows, which leads to meeting with some top racers in Japan. After the events, he finds out about the involvement of a criminal group, hopefully stopped by Vulture soon.

Jacob gets to Tsukuba to inspect his wife's SVT Cobra, test driven by Kuroiuma fan Ayumi Tanaka. They both leave, with Jacob revealing his wife's accident, and inspiration from a friend, named Sonny, to lead life in the fast lane. Arriving at an eatery on Tokyo's bayside, they see Keith arrive with Hideki, and party crashers Gary and N.Z. N.Z spills the beans on the Harbingers, with them responsible for the past events. N.Z also unexpectedly opens his veil, revealing more questions than answers, and giving Jacob his lost wife's locket, to help inspire his path to reign supreme in Germany.

Jacob leaves for Germany, taken there by plane. At the airport, the brothers meet with Gary and Vulture, with the former telling them about an assassin that knows no remorse, and manages to put Gary behind bars. Joining the conversation is N.Z and Izumi, telling the former gangster to calm down. As the group split up, Jacob meets with his old acquaintance Lee, and tells a story on how Sonny became involved in his life and racing career. Reaching Germany, the two meet up with former New Blacklisters Murph and Fred, with plans to reunite. Another reunion is also in the plans for Gary.

In Ahrweiler, Sonny awaits the gang within his assistance and tells his story to a random interviewer. With the gang arriving, they re meet and catch up, with Leona joining in to complete the group. They split up eventually, with our protagonist getting to know his childhood friend, and doing a favor with him. Traveling north, details unknown to the New Blacklist emerge.

Jacob and Sonny leaves for a port, carrying Sonny's backup car should his Camaro break regulations Leaving early, Sonny drives fast and shares what he plans to Jacob. Upon arrival, Sonny leaves Jacob to find the car: a modified Camaro SS. Leaving with it to Nurburg, Jacob praises the tuning. Meanwhile, a meeting in Monaco reveals a bit on Ginoa's past, alongside Paul's shaky allegiance to the Harbingers.

Nurburg. An induction for the racers of the competition is present. Jacob arrives with friends coming in from all directions. Meeting with Eduard once again, they meet the recently engaged and Williem. While due for something, Williem takes his leave, and leaves Jacob with the rest. After a bit, a FIA conference with some of Nurburgring's ring meisters happens, with Williem showing off his Audi in the ring. Afterwards, Jacob and Sonny, unimpressed, meets outside, eventually splitting up. Murph then gets a go at the famed Ford GT that has been haunting Japan: a wowing site to many who reside at the track.

While Jacob gets lunch with Murph, he meets with Leona, whose reason being in Germany is revealed as her induction into the Nurburgring meisters. With a request from Jacob, she leaves the scene with Murph, leading to Ginoa attacking our protagonist. Wanting to talk instead of kill, Ginoa's allegiance is revealed to be not concrete as she is paid off to eliminate the Harbinger's current administration. Later, Leona shows the grand tour of the Nordschliefe in high speed, while Paul meets the Harbinger himself.

A day later, Jacob gets up to speed to the Nordschliefe's twists and turns. Having the track to himself, he prepares a self made endurance and practices to beat the lap time of at least 7 minutes, and try to keep it consistent. Later, in the town, Ginoa confesses her sins, while extending them. Sonny then meets her for the first time, finished with souvenir shopping. Later, Jacob shortens his time in the Ring, with practice, practice and practice. Friends worry when he hasn't finished a lap after 20 minutes. Then, Jacob gets a glimpse of morality once again, finding out he beat the quota afterwards.

The day of the competition's elimination round. Jacob discusses a lot of things with Sonny, while his dad, Louie Ross Jr. arrives, partially surprising his son. They go around and get to know more on the competition and it's prize: a Black McLaren F1. Naturally driving it like a real racer, Jacob is inspired to get it, despite having the library of cars back home. The competition was fierce, but Jacob ended up on top at the end, with Sonny, Eduard and Williem joining him to the final round. The Harbingers aren't happy and managed to kidnap each and every one involved in the competition, even Jacob.

A few days after the kidnapping. Paul takes a drive around the ring and tells Ginoa the source of his intent to win: coercion and threatening to his family. His wife already injured and daughter in custody as well with the involved in the competition, making the whole thing so far a standstill. Then, Jacob Ross managed to escape his capture with help of his friends, and reunion with another: A Mustang that hasn't been caught by the police with a hefty bounty, owned by the Most Wanted racer, while all clean of heat. With identity and friends on threat, Jacob resorted to his Outlaw persona to find out what's going on, assisted with N.Z on intelligence and Gary on protection.

From Outlaw's threat, Paul is ordered to enter a high rise building in Frankfurt. Upon entry, he receives threats on information regarding Outlaw. Almost on the verge of spilling it, Gary interferes to finish his obligations with Ginoa. Blood spills, knives drawn, tricks unleashed. Then, Gary received the upper hand and drops her off the building, only to reconcile and save her with his emergency exit: a parachute. Later, they meet up with Outlaw and N.Z, revealing the history of the McLaren, and it's significance on why the Harbingers wish to claim it. In desperation, he ends up destroying the Most Wanted Mustang so that he can stop the Harbinger. Already devastated by a virus planted by Leona and Murph in their network, the freeing of hostages and unknown betrayal from his hired work, the Harbinger is spared from death and is given a walk away, with N.Z's blessing. Days pass, and Paul, reunited with his daughter, says farewell to Jacob.

The day of the finals. It turns out to be an upset, when the winner isn't the veteran Eduard, the returning champion Williem, or even the street racer Jacob. Sonny takes the crown, winning him the crown, but not the McLaren. A GT by Citroen replaces it, and Sonny is content. Meanwhile, Jacob leaves his friends and crew with Lee back to Japan. Gary and Ginoa, already in Japan, gets more work, revealing the client hiring Ginoa is Vulture. Then, N.Z meets up with Alan at their home in London. N.Z gets to work on his research with Mythic, eventually revealing that he is supposed dead racer Nash Kirkham.


Chapter 4:


The stars are in place. Play your cards right. Before it's too late for both of them.

Eruptions From Mt. Fuji.
Duty And Honor.
Escaping Death.
The Messiah And The Hero.
Stacked Deck.
Is This The Destiny We Seek?


After a month from Europe, Jacob, reliant on his Outlaw persona has gained a significant notoriety in Japanese street racing, with his new Mustang. Hideki, who started dating with Ayumi, meets the Mustang at their home in Gion. After a small surprise prank, Jacob tells the tale on how he met his wife in London, extending from the time he saved a young Lucia. Then, Rin meets with Jacob's commander in his days, Jared, who aims to bring them together once again.

After a night of sound sleeping, Ginoa gets pranked by Gary, to find out that she has minor issues. Resolving quickly, they head for Fuji, to meet up with Keith. Then, Rin infiltrates the Ross home and sends a message, one that Jacob would savor for later. Jacob spends his day in Fuji circuit, meeting with Vulture, Gary, Ginoa, Keith and Alan, and gets a small look at Keith's day job as a GT500 racer. Also, he drives Sir Ben's Ford GT LM racecar for the first time, marking an impression for Jacob on underestimating track racers. Later, Sonny arrives, with his repainted GT, and a F1 car to show off, and practice as well.

While Sonny reveals information from an anonymous source on Mythic's inner details to Keith, Jacob gives away the Jaguar XKR he claimed to his mentor figure, Alan. Upon daydreaming, Jared arrives receiving a warm welcome from his fellow soldier. Invited for a drive by Jacob, they use it to catch up. Revealing that he plans for a small party, he brings a few people to celebrate, including Gary. With Lucia, Bernardo and Williem on the way, alongside Gary, Ginoa finishes her assassinations for the day and accidentally meets up with Kate-Lynne Yamada; Rin's current alias. Later, Jacob finds out about Rin's position as the Mythic driver 'Infernal Phoenix', realizing a cryptic message on the six pack of beer is actually a message.

One wedding day later, Jacob, Sonny and Alan are greeted by Vulture on a hot day in Tokyo. Greeting them was also Heishiro's M5, reclaimed by Vulture. To analyze it's potential, Lee, who appears to be passing by, checks the engine. Then, they head to a graveyard by Minato Ward, and the three visit the gravestone of Sir Ben McCarthy: a man with significance in the trio's lives, while Lee and Vulture get along. After finishing their last goodbyes, Vulture, in a surprisingly manner, hires Lee for his experience, and his first job is to take them to the wedding of Bernardo and Lucia. The wedding went smoothly until the judge that was going to officiate it got killed in suspicion from Ginoa. Having Gary replace him last second, it all went smooth afterwards. A week passes and Outlaw, who's not content with the racers he faced, burns a sacred monument to provoke and announce that he's waiting for someone.. someone to set him free.

The actions of Outlaw has granted Jacob opponents that he craves for since the return of the infamous street racer. While dissatisfied for now, he then gets information from the Yamazaki siblings about the Harbingers' increasing actions in Japan, led by former Mythic mentor Clark Kayne, whose uncanny similarity to Outlaw has given them an idea. The idea to lure the Harbingers to Japan to finish them off so Nash can make a clean start. To do that, Jacob plans to make the biggest street duel yet, and called upon the New Blacklist once again to scout the Messiah and his actions on the streets. Meanwhile, Gary and Ginoa meets up with Jared to realize the Harbingers' objective comes in the form of Rin Nishimura.

With Outlaw on the loose, Clark gets back up to speed with his former teammates in crime: Gary and Ginoa. Then, he finds Rin, with the help of the aforementioned duo. Getting her skills up to speed with her teacher, they reminisce on how the amnesiac escape actually happened, and why Jacob was split from her. Then, Clark heads to the Ross home to find Outlaw, but finds Sonny and Keith instead.

With Vulture updated on the situation between the ultimate street duel and all of Mythic's involvement, he gets Gary and Ginoa to keep a close eye on Clark, while gaining his trust. At the time, Clark requested for the two in hopes to settle a grudge that changed his life, and his ideals on the racers of the track. After a success in beating up a man deemed responsible, Clark finds his way to Outlaw. While Keith's group celebrate his victory and promotion to a higher racing pedigree, they begin to realize on Jacob's change of heart, and attempt to find him after missing for days. Rin gets her reputation in street racing up, while Clark finds Outlaw first, and issues the challenge they have planned that will engrave their lifetimes.

A beautiful afternoon of golfing is interrupted by CIA agents as they arrest Vulture Jing. Realizing his sister's situation, Vulture tries to escape, but failed. The failure leads to Gary getting to work. After some nasty business, Clark and Ginoa ready outside the CIA HQ to rescue their comrades. While successful, Ginoa received serious injuries and is on the verge of death for the first time. With the Yamazakis forced into hiding, they are contacted by Keith, whose missing brother has the group of friends take action. Futile, they await tomorrow, where Outlaw will battle Clark across the nation. Meanwhile, Jacob Ross gets taken over by his inner demon, Outlaw, and the Harbinger arrives in Japan, awaiting the presence of the recently captured Phoenix.



They traverse through the roads of fate. Only one will reach the end triumphant. Gaining the ultimate prize.

The Final Round.
The Sun Sets. A Cowboy's Last Ride.


Hey. It's only 2 parts. Just read it. (yes, it's picture heavy, unfortunately, but it's the decisive moments)
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Author's Note: I've already announced ALL the major cast of this story. I've always done a character's biography about a week before debut. And forgive me if some of them ended up being too bland or boring etc.. I am aiming for a diverse cast, of the many nations on this Earth.

How To Use

~ Quote. A quote that matches their personality, and possibly reveal intents.
Name: The name of the character.
Age: The given age of the character.
Racing experience: Since this is a racing game fan fiction, this is considered an important stat, while many variations of good great etc. can be judged so nobody can be sure who's the best.
Chosen car: Car who is affiliated with the character. It can also be a manufacturer that may be affiliated.
Dream car: Car that did not appear in GT5, and what should be their car. May be more than one, can be unrealistic, and doesn't mean the current car will be replaced.
Likes: What the character likes, normally related to the plot.
Dislikes: What the character dislikes.
Bio: A short description of the character. Some of the further characters are affiliated with spoilers of the story.
Leitmotif: A song i give the character, to give strength to their being. Will not be shown on all characters.
Spoilers?: Any plot based spoilers may appear here, highlight to see. Only the important ones can be found here. Come on! Just read the story if you want more!

Current Protagonist

~ I follow a path of pure evil, with intentions as pure as an angel. What is there to judge?
Name: Jacob Ross
Age: 31
Racing experience: Unmatched in most disciplines(according to own ego)
Chosen car: Bespoke 'Dark Horse' Black & White Striped Ford GT
Dream car: Ford GT40 Mark 1, Hennessey Venom GT.
Likes: His GT, superiority, stripping others of their fame.
Dislikes: Those who threaten whoever is close to him, unworthy drivers.
Bio: Educated with a Bachelor's degree, and once served the marine corps, Jacob has never been interested in life until he saw the meaning of his family's heritage. He underwent many phases, and recently became a wanted street racer trying to uphold his ideals.
Leitmotif: Metallica - Some Kind Of Monster

- Was Outlaw, the Most Wanted racer in Rockport.
- Met Murph and Fred in the Motorstorm Festival in the City.
- Married but wife is missing, while not divorced. His main motivation in Japan.
- Caused Keith to go street racing, inspiring him to race seriously in his league.
- Known as the Dark Horse.
- Is Mythic #1: The Horseman of the Apocalypse.
- Related to Ben McCarthy's Proteges, while not part of it.

Other Cast.

~ There's a lot i need to learn. I must be blessed to meet him.
Name: Hideki Minami
Age: 22
Racing experience: Good in track racing
Chosen car: Blue Toyota 86 GT.
Dream car: None.
Likes: His crush, painting, tuned cars
Dislikes: Bullies, economy status
Bio: Hideki is a student living in Gion. A devout follower of racing news in Japan, Hideki got his 86 GT as a gift for graduating high school. His passion for tuning and racing sparked then, joining Kyoto University's racing club out of pure interest.
Leitmotif: Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)

- Has a crush with Ayumi Tanaka.
- Met Jacob and became his first Japanese friend.
- Studies with in the same class Ayumi.
- Gained trust from Jacob to receive stories of his past.

~ Didn't anyone tell you the best is the one that would stare at the risks and just believe they never exist?
Name: Murphy Barrister
Age: 28
Racing experience: Excellent, but risky.
Chosen car: Red McLaren MP4-12C
Dream car: Noble M600.
Likes: Motorstorm Festivals, hot girls, gambles
Dislikes: Hospitals, thieves, spies, those who think he's crazy
Bio: Murphy is an insa..*reads note* slightly insane stunt driver who drives like he's to be rewarded taking risks; near misses, oncoming, shortcuts, you name it. He tries to be likable, which tends to be the hardest part for anyone willing to be friends with him.
Leitmotif: Ash - Orpheus

- Met Jacob and Fred in the Motorstorm Festival in the City
- Has an online collection of cars.
- Buys off Bernardo's Murcielago
- Knows the Ross family as much as his own cars.
- Currently possesses the New Blacklist cars. Is paid for Outlaw's Mustang.
- Was once part of the Harbingers, while a minor role. Said role is to spy and eventually kill Jacob Ross.

~ The source of everything is what matters. To me, i want to find what makes up speed!
Name: Ramlie Aji
Age: 49
Racing experience: Great, but better on the strip
Chosen car: Grey ZZ-II
Dream car: HPP Superbird, Koenigsegg Agera R
Likes: Arcade drivers like Crazy Taxi, car modifications, Wangan Midnight style speed racing
Dislikes: Vehicles with no power.
Bio: Better known as Lee, Ramlie knows his way to getting his car fast both on the roads, and in the shops. He also enjoys drag racing, and fiddling with what makes a car go to make it go better.
Leitmotif: Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser

- Lives in Japan for speed opportunities.
- Knows Sonny, and is close to him.
- Former chosen car is a Grey Pontiac GTO

~ Heh. They will know why I am the true regalia of street racing.
Name: Leona Mashkov
Age: 26
Racing experience: Excellent, unlike most celebrities.
Chosen car: Green Mercedes SL55 AMG
Dream car: Mercedes SL65 AMG Black, Mercedes SLS Black.
Likes: Being posh, expensive jewellery, being on top of others
Dislikes: Being underneath, police, family
Bio: Leona ran away from home when she could drive. A woman who gained a fortune after a lucky bet in Vegas, she took the money to live a lifestyle as rich as minor celebrities, with street racing learned shortly afterwards to support it.
Leitmotif: Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid

- Having a holiday in Europe..
- Said holiday is a runaway. Revealed as new home, and promoted into a Nurburgring Meister.
- Knows Gary, but details are sketchy.
- Known to be VERY lucky.
- Owns an SLS.

~ If you can't shake them off, you can always try a more direct approach. Gehehe..
Name: Fred McStevenson
Age: 36
Racing experience: Skilled dirty driver. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
Chosen car:
Black Saleen S7
Dream car: Cadillac CTS-V, Bugatti Veyron Vitesse.
Likes: Brian (his big rig), reliable friends, NASCAR
Dislikes: Vegetables
Bio: A former truck racing driver. Fred has experience getting fast lap times in giant racecars, and with experience like that, is no doubt an excellent car driver, although he hits more than he can turn.
Leitmotif: Eagles of Death Metal - Speaking in Tongues

- Met Jacob and Murph in the Motorstorm Festival in the City
- Races in a supercar series in America.

~ They all doubted me. Then, i doubted them. It's a funny world.
Name: Louie Ross Jr.
Age: 58
Racing experience: Prominent LM Racer back in the day
Chosen car: Any Corvette, preferably his remade Black Corvette '60
Dream car: None.
Likes: His sons, his wife, proper retirement
Dislikes: Maintaining his cars if they go bad
Bio: Louie started racing through various disciplines, and became well known on his skills driving the Chevrolet Corvette; gaining the nickname "The Corvette Captain". His last race was his finest, but he wishes he could push the gas pedal once more before getting too old.
Leitmotif: The Who - It's Not Enough.

- Last race is in Nurburgring.

~ I hope, for everyone's sake, that i raised them the right way.
Name: Laura Ross
Age: 55
Racing experience: Can drive, but not race
Chosen car: No preferred car
Dream car: None
Likes: Her sons, Louie, helping others
Dislikes: Getting older.
Bio: Laura is the mother of two sons, Jacob and Keith Ross. While tending the home and raising her kids ended up being her life, she had no regrets, seeing the two grow into her husband's successor.

~ I can't let everyone down. My passion brings me victory, no problem!
Name: Keith Ross
Age: 23
Racing experience: At a young age, superb
Chosen car: Silver Chevy Corvette C6 ZR1
Dream car: None
Likes: POWER, Japanese culture, family
Dislikes: Showy cars, tofu
Bio: Planned successor of his father, Keith has no trouble getting his grips on racing the GT500 league. Still young, he puts the emphasis on fun when racing, while trying to be as good as his father in his heyday.
Leitmotif: Airbourne - Ready To Rock (Black Dog Barking)

- Became a threat on track after winning a Lexus LFA on street racing.
- Met Vulture when Yakuza stalks him
- Moved to Japan to race the GT500 for a certain legend.
- A gamer.
- Is slowly being taught by Jacob, under parents' request.

~ There's no better medicine than a good laugh.
Name: Bernardo Bellini
Age: 32
Racing experience: Learning proper throttle control, but otherwise great. Once tried rallying
Chosen car: Lime Lamborghini Murcielago SV
Dream car: Lamborghini Diablo GTR, Lamborghini Reventon.
Likes: Pranks, famous Italian racers, Lucia
Dislikes: Shifty people, those who get angry due to his pranks.
Bio: Bernardo is an Italian man who acts as Lucia's racer when she recently started her racing career. He met Jacob during their undergraduates in London, alongside Lucia, and Keith afterwards in Japan. With handsome looks and sexy accent, he unexpectedly doesn't flirt with other women, showing that he is smart enough to know it will backfire most of the time.
Leitmotif: Santana - Evil Ways

- Engaged to Lucia. Now married.
- Not well known as a ninja wannabe, but has unspeakable pranks already performed.
- Sold his Lamborghini to Murph. Got a Murcielago SV afterwards.
- A secret agent. Codename: Agent Blaze.

~ Perfection at a young age. Perfection in the future.
Name: Lucia Weiss
Age: 20
Racing experience: Good, and plans to get better
Chosen car: Tuned Purple BMW 130i
Dream car: BMW 1 Series M Coupe, BMW M6.
Likes: Scoping cars for potential, standing out from the crowd
Dislikes: Laziness of others
Bio: Known by many as one of the Prodigies of German Tuning. Lucia's family are one of the most well known tuning companies in Germany, and she plans to show that change can mean something in a positive manner, even seconds off lap times.
Leitmotif: Feeder - Sweet 16

- Carries a nasty temper.
- Her preferred car turned to a Tuned Purple BMW 1 Series Concept Tii.
- Once had a relationship with a Yakuza boss' son. Broke up hospitalized.
- Not inclined with parents, but strong with her brother.
- Leads a small racing team with Bern and Williem. Currently rallying in Finland.

~ My days of glory are over, but i know there's more for me to achieve.
Name: Alan Robinson
Age: 55
Racing experience: Former touring car champion. Dormant, but potent.
Chosen car: Blue Jaguar XJ220
Dream car: Jaguar XKR-S, Jaguar C-X75
Likes: Cleanliness, victory, rewards from effort
Dislikes: Messy places, deception
Bio: Having former British touring car racer on his resume, Alan serves under Lucia as an adviser of life, teacher of racing, icon of legend, and butler of home. Knows many racers at his time.
Leitmotif: Queen - Made In Heaven

- Owns multiple classic cars that no one knows of.
- Actually has a preference: A Blue Jaguar XJ220, was unknown beforehand.
- Knows Ben McCarthy, Louie Ross Jr. and more.
- Was a teacher for Paul Henderson before Lucia.
- Was once known as N.Z. Knows the current identity of N.Z.

~ I pulled up to the east about a year or two. And I yelled to the states 'Yo homies smell ya later'. I looked at my kingdom. I was finally there. To sit on my throne, as the prince of 'out there'.
Name: Gary Dhetto
Age: 25
Racing experience: Great cruiser and drive-by specialist
Chosen car: Purple Challenger SRT8.
Dream car: Chevrolet Bel Air, Saleen S5S Raptor
Likes: Muscle cars, bling, being leader
Dislikes: Proper spoken English, nosy Europeans
Bio: Gary once led a prominent gang in California, and controls most of the crime there. After rehab and public service, he goes free again, under the employ of a man who wants a former criminal to do some crime.
Leitmotif: Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop

- Is the personal favorite, or the Creator's pet, if you have hate on him.
- Met Jacob, in an accident involving Rin. A sleeping accident.
- Vulture is his boss.
- Used to own a tuned Purple Dodge Challenger RT. Also owns a Shelby Cobra.
- Talented in video games, alongside shooting.
- Rivalry with Ginoa Fantoccia, which cooled down. They reunited, and became partners again.

~ Wow! There's so many kings and queens out there. I have to prove that I'm part of it soon enough!
Name: Ayumi Tanaka
Age: 23
Racing experience: Street racing specialist
Chosen car: Yellow RX-7 Spirit R Type A
Dream car: None
Likes: Cooking, expensive pottery, touge
Dislikes: Wimps, mice
Bio: Ayumi is an exemplar university student with great sports records, grades and leads a car racing group within her university, giving locals her nickname of Rotary-aijin. A Suzuka specialist, she's also done touge to strengthen up her handling at high speeds.
Leitmotif: Stevie Nicks - Doing The Best I Can

-A huge fan of Kuroiuma A.K.A. Jacob Ross.
-Leads the Kyoto University racing group.
-Knows Hideki, and are close friends. Knows of his approach. Now dating.

~ A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.
Name: Jing Fei Xi/Koji Yamazaki - Nicknames Vulture
Age: 39
Racing experience: Little, but knows how to drive
Chosen car: Black Mine's BNR34
Dream car: Bentley Continental Supersports.
Likes: His grand influence, being the top, negotiation to his advantage
Dislikes: Rash decisions, learning again
Bio: Vulture is a half Chinese half Japanese man who is a director of a prominent Asian finance company, and shareholder of many others. With millions flowing through him and control of organized crime in Japan, it's that reason why you want him not being your enemy.
Leitmotif: 30 Seconds To Mars - Hurricane

- Gary's his right hand man.
- Once is betrayed by a Yakuza family.
- His sister is a secret agent, and also his snitch into that agency. Is recently found out.

~ To have the crown for so long.. It's time i find a new king, or reap immortality.
Name: Williem Weiss
Age: 31
Racing experience: Masters most tracks, especially Nordschliefe
Chosen car: Orange Audi LM Quattro
Dream car: Audi R8 GT, Koenigsegg CCXR.
Likes: Family legacy, Audis, Nurburgring lap times
Dislikes: Unfair practice, insults
Bio: Williem was the first man to win a large scale supercar tournament in Nurburg, remaining undefeated for 3 years. Having a home nearby helped him with practice on the track, while providing support to his family.
Leitmotif: The Maccabees - Glimmer

- Lucia's big brother.
- Met Eduard in a prototype showcase.
- Now retired, and currently rallying in Finland.

~ My past hinders me like the breeze; it is trivial.
Name: Shinzo Nishimura
Age: 61
Racing experience: Talented, once street races
Chosen car: None specified
Dream car: None
Likes: Peaceful surroundings, happiness of others, heritage
Dislikes: Being pestered, computers
Bio: Once affiliated with a few Yakuza families, Shinzo left that past after his daughter is born. His happy days begun with her marriage with Jacob, and wishes to see those days again.

- Dead. Presumably poisoned.
- Actually has a preferred car: a black Audi R8 4.2. Given to Jacob on deathbed.

~ Hahaha! Just because I don't seem serious doesn't mean that I won't be.
Name: Izumi Yamazaki
Age: 32
Racing experience: Top notch, due to police training.
Chosen car: Blue Modded Mitsubishi Lancer 9
Dream car: None
Likes: Her job, justice, kendo
Dislikes: Guns, crime
Bio: Izumi is a secret agent. A position gained after promoting with distinctions from speed enforcement. Although a newbie on the secret agent business, don't let her car be chasing you, or you will pay.
Leitmotif: Nero - Me & You
- A secret agent, but in reality a snitch.
- Cannot control laughter.
- Recently found out as a double agent, and now on the run.

~ There are fools that believe in their bloodline or their spirit that'll bring them triumphant. It's your own personal effort that will bring that victory; those fools..
Name: Outlaw
Age: ??
Racing experience: To him, there is nobody above him
Chosen car: Black Mustang
Dream car: None
Likes: Winning, superiority.
Dislikes: Losing.
Bio: Leader of the New Blacklist, Outlaw is a name feared by all racers on the street. With him, this cowboy rides the fastest Mustang built, made for him, winning for him, but a deeper tale is hidden within him and people are looking to find who carries this mask, even after death.
Leitmotif: Metallica - The Outlaw Torn
- He's recently disconfirmed as dead. Seen in Germany.
- He's also Jacob Ross.
- And once a freelance police agent, before his betrayal, leading to his position on America's Most Wanted.
- Jacob has revived Outlaw, for reasons unknown.
- Mustang has been destroyed. Now drives a Trans-Cammer (still credited as a black Mustang).
- Raced the street racers of Japan. Now, a self proclaimed king of the streets. Burned the memorial of a prominent racing legend.
- Taken over the body of Jacob Ross.

~ My payday comes in the form of appreciation that my friends would give me.
Name: Eduard Alvarez
Age: 36
Racing experience: Stig-like, or so he says. Experienced in hypercars.
Chosen car: Indigo W12
Dream car: Gumpert Apollo Enraged, GTA Spano.
Likes: Money, expensive things, uniqueness
Dislikes: Wasting money for no reason, settling down
Bio: Living in the 80s, Eduard started racing when he was go-karting as a small child. After his family passed away, he is left with a bullion of cash, which he spends the right way to ensure life is best for a while.
Leitmotif: INXS - What You Need

~ I am the true definition of Enigma.
Name: N.Z.
Age: ??
Racing experience: Said to be the ultimate racer.
Chosen car: Many
Dream car: SRT Viper TA, John Cooper Works R56
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Bio: Self proclaimed Enigma, N.Z. is an identity used by an unknown man. Nobody really knows who it is, where it came from or why this person lays waste on the track. First appearing in the 60s, somehow, whoever this N.Z is, still carries on to race like every track shows him no challenge.
Leitmotif: Ian Brown - F.E.A.R. (UNKLE remix)

- Is Rin's guardian. Later revealed as watching the Mythic.
- Knows too much on current affairs.
- Opened his mask, but got more questions than answers.
- Has connections with police.
- The N.Z identity is born from a collaboration of select professional racers, succeeding one after another.
- Current N.Z is Nash Kirkham, once presumed dead, but in hiding.

~ I can't let them know. I can't let them worry!
Name: Nami Seno
Age: 56
Racing experience: Can drive, but not race
Chosen car: None specified
Dream car: None
Likes: Rin, her American family, keeping secrets
Dislikes: Others that think she needs help
Bio: Nami met Shinzo in a street racing incident. She could never forget the days she raised her daughter and meeting her handsome American husband. Now in mourning, she may need help, despite denying it.

~ There's no questioning it; I have to be the hero!
Name: Rin Nishimura
Age: 27
Racing experience: Once a credited police officer for high speed pursuits. Has experience in experimental racecars.
Chosen car: White Lexus LF-A
Dream car: Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package, Porsche Carrera GT
Likes: Being useful, technology, carefulness.
Dislikes: Getting held back, people insulting how 'pretty' she is.
Bio: Once a top notch police officer, Rin crashed into a coma with her husband unintentionally. Now, awake with a new mission, she takes her praised potential into the roads of Japan, but on the other side of the law.
Leitmotif: Muse - Save Me.

- The main reason Jacob goes to Japan: to find her.
- But there's more to an amnesiac run away for a reason. It's due to Harbinger pressure and death threat.
- Is watching the Ross brothers' actions.
- Is Mythic #4: The Infernal Phoenix.
- Used to prefer a white Lexus IS-F.

~ The streets are my slaves, as i reign supreme.
Name: Katsu Takaguchi
Age: 25
Racing experience: Thinks he can't lose.
Chosen car: White Mine's BNR34.
Dream car: None.
Likes: Leading, being above others, tuned cars
Dislikes: Unfairness
Bio: While seemingly a street racer who leads The Tsunami Riders, Katsu actually is a good racer, while not showing off in front of other Japanese racing clubs.

- Son of Yakuza boss
- Once lost a LF-A to Keith
- Vengeful at the Ross brothers, but dies trying.

~ They cannot take my empire away from me. I have no choice but to do this myself, then!
Name: Heishiro Takaguchi
Age: 56
Racing experience: Experienced.
Chosen car: Silver M5
Dream car: BMW M5 F10.
Likes: Superiority, advantages, his family
Dislikes: Rude people, Jacob
Bio: Oyabun leader of the Takaguchi Clan. Once under Vulture, he betrayed Vulture to prove that he doesn't want to take orders. Tries to avenge his son's folly.

- Following a hit list involved in his son's death. Jacob is the last one.
- Dead, due to being shot in the head while threatening with a bomb.

~ Are you looking for the perfect racer slash badass? Accept no substitute.
Name: Sonny Meng Xian Zhen
Age: 30
Racing experience: Former Indy 500 and NASCAR racer, with a hand at Formula racing. You can guess where this is going.
Chosen car: Specially made 'Dark Horse' Camaro SS.
Dream car: Equus Bass 770, SSC Tuatara.
Likes: Vintage cars, peace and quiet, professional wrestling.
Dislikes: Strong smells, attention.
Bio: While born in Singapore, Sonny lived in America all his life, but is known as a top racer on the speedways there. Retiring after a set of controversy from media, he lives quiet in the desert, where nobody knows your name.
Leitmotif: Rush - The Body Electric

- Is my personal avatar. Not a 100% match of me.
- Childhood friend of Jacob Ross.
- A Camaro fanatic. Owns most models of the Camaro, including an IROC-Z. Prefers a cobalt Camaro Z28.
- Used to be offered into the New Blacklist, but refused. Instead he helps them as their "contact".
- Is Mythic #2: The Soul Chimera.
- Owns a modern day Camaro, tuned to supercar level too.
- The teacher of Ben McCarthy's Proteges.
- Wins the recent King Of The Ring.

~ I grew up weak, slowly getting stronger and stronger. Then, i realized. The weak will die, and the strong only live to see their dreams realized.
Name: Ginoa Fantoccia
Age: 27
Racing experience: None, but knows how to drive fast.
Chosen car: Black Ferrari F40.
Dream car: Ferrari P4/5
Likes: Money, heavy guns, casual wear.
Dislikes: Heights, high heels.
Bio: Born in the slums of France, Ginoa lives her life the way nature teaches her: Only the strongest survives. Her skills as an assassin is unparalleled, especially in one incident where she killed all the policemen in a small jail she was held captive in.
Leitmotif: KMFDM - Megalomaniac

- Is my 2nd favorite.
- Once worked together with Gary. After being saved, she's back together again.
- Once betrayed him. Regrets it, and wants to find clarity.
- Walks with knives, blades, bombs and more at the ready, somewhat attached to her body. Claims as a walking weapon.
- Ruthless, but has a code of honor.
- Is in intensive care, despite being on the World's Most Wanted.

~ I have to strengthen up. Nobody, and i mean nobody, would take me for granted no longer.
Name: Paul Henderson
Age: 32
Racing experience: Intense training brings intense results.
Chosen car: White Aston Martin V12
Dream car: Aston Martin V12 Zagato
Likes: His daughter, luck, golf.
Dislikes: Bagpipes, those who judge his heritage.
Bio: Paul brings the racetrack a sense of brutality. The reasons for this are unknown, but he used to be the greatest touring car racer of his age, with a reputation for racing cleaner than deodorant. Not exactly proud of being Scottish, he's fond of the accent though.
Leitmotif: Van Halen - When It's Love

- Is Mythic #3: The Highland Wyrm.
- Is Alan Robinson's true successor.
- Is devoted to his daughter: Amelia Henderson. She's in custody by the Harbingers.
- Wife is in a coma.
- True intent to race for the Harbingers is due to blackmail.
- Paul WILL be the protagonist of my sequel.

~ They're all nothing, once we gain what we will claim.
Name: Unknown, but known as The Harbinger
Age: ??
Racing experience: Unknown if he is even involved.
Chosen car: None specified
Dream car: None
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Bio: Leading the Harbingers since it's founding, he leads with a fist of iron in organized European crime. He finds himself taking over small tournaments for one thing only: to find the people that can potentially change the racing world.

- The group mentioned are the Mythic. A 4 group of perfectly trained racers selected and trained by racing legend Nash Kirkham.
- His company dissolved. He lives a new life, and won't hesitate to bring back The Harbingers.
- Became N.Z after Alan, but before the current one.

~ How long have I waited. Waited for the moment that i can shape these racers to the way I wanted to?
Name: Nash Kirkham
Age: 37
Racing experience: Mere words cannot express his skills.
Chosen car: Black McLaren F1.
Dream car: W Lykan Hypersports, McLaren F1 GTR, SLR 722 Stirling Moss.
Likes: Being an enigma, patience, planning every step ahead.
Dislikes: Failure, those who think he's old, weak beliefs.
Bio: Leading a racing project dubbed 'Mythic', Nash's quota for that job is backed up with years of racing at the top. After a series of unfortunate events, he crawls into hiding, waiting for the time to strike.
Leitmotif: Coldplay - Speed Of Sound.

- Is the current N.Z.

~ There won't be a peaceful life if that's how they're living. I'm sure a little influence would do the trick.
Name: Jared Sykes
Age: 36
Racing experience: Moderate on track, but loves drag racing.
Chosen car: Green Lotus Esprit
Dream car: Lotus Exige Sport, TVR Sagaris.
Likes: His muscles, pacifism, destroying anything that cannot be pacified.
Dislikes: Monkeys, being racially insulted.
Bio: Jared is known to many soldiers as a supreme commander, with medals for all sorts of accolades. Recently put on a task force in Japan, Jared's secondary objective is to get to the bottom of the split between one of his own men, and his wife.
Leitmotif: Delinquent Habits - Lower East Side

- Was the one who split Jacob and Rin, while forcibly against his own will.

~ Those losers on their track machines should just worship me already. The streets are the ultimate testing ground.
Name: Clark Kayne
Age: 34
Racing experience: Exemplary in professional racing.
Chosen car: Specially tuned 'Dark Horse' 430 Scuderia.
Dream car: LaFerrari, Pagani Zonda Tricolore, Pagani Huayra.
Likes: Insulting others, respect to those he wishes to give, his cap and sunglasses.
Dislikes: Drivers confined on track, his already dead family, belief in external guidance.
Bio: Project Mythic was headed by Nash Kirkham, but he had help from others. One of them is an already proven king of the streets, whose identity well known by any law enforcement in the world. Clark's only objective is to be the best by self effort and reward. Never has the world had a more soulless racer as successful as he is, sans Outlaw.
Leitmotif: Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King.

- Is my 3rd favorite.
- Once worked with Gary and Ginoa.
- In Japan for many reasons. One of them is to find out the status of the Infernal Phoenix. Is teacher of said Mythic member, alongside Sonny.
- Died on track once. Miraculously still alive, and vengeful to the existence of those that raced with him that day.
- Is the 2nd protagonist in my sequel.
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STATUS: GREEN LIGHT MEANS GO! STARTS AT Q1 2014 (by the time i have a stellar array of cars). IDEAS MAY CHANGE DEPENDING ON DEMAND.

Highlight spoilers underneath.

Hey. Anyone have a keen eye? Am writing the ending now, while no pics are available.

Due to the GT6 blowout of info, it's time for the sequel to be announced, and blown out. Highlight, of course. Also: HUGE SPOILERS. Don't read until my ending is posted, unless.. well.. you know.

The protagonist is Paul Henderson. The focus will be on why he's one of the chosen ones. It also involves the return of Nash Kirkham to the world racing spotlight. The return will follow up with the beginning of the on-track adventures of the four Mythic.

A second focus will be on Clark Kayne, whose race with Outlaw gave him so much that he's continued to commit himself into street racing, while still helping with the new Mythic racing team. His hate for other unworthy racers will echo forth a challenge for his car, or theirs.

Protagonist: Paul Henderson.
Deuteragonist: Clark Kayne.
Story Name: Dawn Of The Mythic
Summary: A legend in hiding has brought the world a new level in racing that nobody's ever seen. Who is prepared to see the consequences?
Content Involves? Various racing pedigrees, development of a team.

Confirmed characters added and returning. Highlight for more details.
Also, if you want, guess who they are through the YouTube links alone. :)

~ I know it's hard, but it's a whole more to gain if you try rather than to refuse. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Paul Henderson
Job: Professional Driver. Family man. Story Protagonist.
Skills: Lucky, knows his way around any track, willing to commit to anything worth doing.
Car: Silver Aston Martin One-77.

~ You looking for someone.. more of a badass than me? You're out of luck, buddy! LEITMOTIF.
Name: Sonny Meng Xian Zhen
Job: Professional Racer. American racing legend to be.
Skills: Racing is in his interest. Skillful mechanic. Looks that kill.
Car: Black "Dark Horse" SRT Viper.

~ It's not time for me yet.. Like Hito-san saw in me, there has to be someone worthy to crown. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Alan Robinson
Job: Racing mentor, now retired.
Skills: Countless racing awards, being a servant and a father.
Car: Crimson Jaguar XKR-S.

~ It's time i get a proper chance to make Shinzo-sama happy.. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Nami Seno
Job: Retired. Was once a sales woman.
Skills: Keeping moral spirit high.
Car: Black Audi R8 4.2 FSI R TRONIC.

~ I've waited long enough. It's time we get to work, so that our efforts fruit only success! LEITMOTIF.
Name: Nash Kirkham
Job: Unemployed, but was once a racing king.
Skills: A deep thinker and planner. Talented in hiding secrets
Car: McLaren F1 Stealth Model/ Black F1 GTR Base.

~ After all those years, i can finally begin the path i dedicated myself to. I know Otou-san watches me with joy. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Rin Nishimura
Job: Many, but focus on the track.
Skills: Knows how to handle multiple aliases. Also talented in extreme skating.
Car: White Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package.

~ If i get to mentoring them again, then i will also evolve with them! This is the best idea yet, ahahahaa! LEITMOTIF.
Name: Clark Kayne
Job: Street racer.
Skills: Street racing basics mastered. Has inside contacts within Ferrari.
Car: Ferrari FXX.

~ These fools will make hardly any progress without me and my Dark Horse. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Jacob Ross
Job: Army soldier turned street racer. Now wanting to enter track racing.
Skills: Army know how, such as gun handling and close quarters combat. Was one of the best racers on the streets.
Car: Black Ford GT40 Mk 1.

~ Little Amelia is taken care of. Go teach the racers a thing or two, honey. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Carrie Henderson
Job: Lecturer.
Skills: Taking care of her family. Getting any opportunity that won't seem risky.
Car: Blue Peugeot RCZ.

~ Risk earns you reward. Reward earns you with a.. ermm.. i don't know! LEITMOTIF.
Name: Murphy Barrister.
Job: Street racer.
Skills: Won't mind taking any level of risk. Slightly insane, but trustable.
Car: Red Light Car Company Rocket.

~ I ride the Rock n' Roll train, so i can make that breakthrough. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Unknown, nicknamed Armand von Mysticio.
Job: Stage Magician by day, Rockstar by night. One of Paul's mates.
Skills: Illusions, the way of the guitar.
Car: Blue Oldsmobile Toronado.

~ A face full of fist is what you want, right? LEITMOTIF.
Name: Englehart (no surname)
Job: Armand's bodyguard. Another one of Paul's mates.
Skills: Professional bodyguard. Trained in MMA.
Car: Orange Maserati GranTurismo.

~ OBJECTION! Hyuck hyuck hyuck, that is one helluva fun thing to say! LEITMOTIF.
Name: Billy Bob Marsden.
Job: A court Judge from Texas. Also talented in investigation. Yet another of Paul's mates.
Skills: He can call every bluff and get away with it. He can see any lie from anyone.
Car: Grey Alfa TZ3 Stradale.

~ So, you ask me: why is this my fate? F:censored: your fate, that's why! LEITMOTIF.
Name: Ginoa Fantoccia
Job: Assassin for hire.
Skills: Does her job with as little mistakes possible. Feared icon of the underworld.
Car: Black Ferrari F40.

~ Too much risk on their jobs. But, no matter how dangerous they're going to, they won't be a wound i can't fix! LEITMOTIF.
Name: Jayendra Singh
Job: Psychological and physical doctor.
Skills: Smart and polite. Charitable.
Car: Red Honda NSX Type R

~ One by one, they die... by me, and no one else. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Amadine Richelieu.
Job: Assassin for hire.
Skills: Killing with finesse. Leaves no evidence behind.
Car: Green Elise '11.

~ There is a lot at stake. My family's name is at stake. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Mirielle Richelieu.
Job: Millionaire, Nuclear energy baroness.
Skills: Control. Having the resources to get her anything she wants.
Car: Gold Tesla Model S Signature.

~ Milady, please. Let me be the one to handle your burdens. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Boniface Richelieu.
Job: Servant to his sister Mirielle. A sommelier. Also talented in racing.
Skills: Able to tell between what's what in the finest things in life. Was one of Paul's competition back in the day.
Car: KTM X-Bow Street.

~ I'm not bothered by stupid trivial things. Because you won't really need my help if it's that minor. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Fiona Henderson
Job: Fashion Model
Skills: Supportive, but only when she cares. Notably pretty.
Car: Bronze Range Rover Evoque.

~ Yo! I thought you didn't miss me? I know you're all tearing up and all, but you don't have to. LEITMOTIF.
Name: Gary Dhetto
Job: Professional Criminal
Skills: Weapons expert in just about everything. Also not a racer, but rather talented in driving.
Car: Purple SRT Charger.

There are more details as time goes on. Stay tuned.
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Part One: West Man In East Land

Japan. Many aspects of life can be seen in the technologically advanced world within. Though, the hustle and bustle of daily life can be a stressful one.

While there are many ways people beat that at night, one popular method involves a lot of cars, a group, and quiet empty roads. It's no surprise that Japan, having one the largest automobile industries in the world, has also it's unique share of car fanatics.

A group of such currently drives around a part of the mostly empty highways outside Tokyo; a hotspot many call "Route 5". It is considered by many an icon of Japanese street racing.


The leader of said pack is a Nissan Skyline R34, an iconic Japanese domestic car that was tuned and overhauled by tuning enthusiasts from Mine's, allowing it to reach a power output of 600hp.

That alone makes it easily comparable to many exotics. His name is Katsu Takaguchi. A part-spoiled young man filled with pride to lead his group to drive fast across Japanese highways as a method to get attention.

This specific tuner group, named The Tsunami Riders, drive cars that would outrun most other groups, and thus, hated by majority of Japan's racing community. This is because they would ridicule other groups on car selection and power, on which most Japanese commoners cannot afford. Their blog is home to common flame wars after every event, despite having many devout followers.

They are having their drive, while suddenly, one of the deputies, in a RUF tuned Porsche, notices a powerful sound. He looks over his rear view mirror and sees a striped supercar.


He immediately turns on his group's specially made communication system. He calls his leader.

RUF: "Huh? What's that? Hey Katsu-sama"

Katsu: "Yes?"

RUF: "Have any of our boys owned a lean, striped car?

Katsu: "No. Maybe a poseur. Outrun it when you can."

On the next turn, the Ford purposely warms its tyres, preparing for war with the RUF-tuned Porsche.


RUF: "Ahh! What monster is that? Never mind. You shall not pass!"

They arrive at the next straight. The RUF powers on, but is easily caught by the Ford.


RUF: "Katsu-sama! It's coming for you."

Katsu: "Not to worry. If i can outrun you no problem, there's nothing to worry."

A few moments later..


The HPA Audi driver contacts his leader, to the latter's slight disgust.

HPA Audi: "Damn it! Boss!"

Katsu: "Huh?"

HPA Audi: "The car. It's a Ford GT!"

Katsu: "Really? Could it be.. no it had stripes."

HPA Audi: "This one just slips through me easy."

Katsu: "Hmm..."

They enter a tunnel. The Ford sets its sights on 2 of Amuse's premium road cars.


The driver inside the GT muttered.

GT: "You're no match for my race engineered monster."

The cars continue along the road, with the Ford catching up after every turn. Until..


The 2 Amuses are overtaken with the Ford blasting through from the inside; a risky move nonetheless.

Soon, the GT enters the straight. The driver sees the 600hp Skyline.


Despite having 50hp short and being heavier, the Ford somehow came close to it no problem. The Ford's Brembo brakes heat up on the next turn before the tunnel. The exhaust lets loose some heat as it slows down.


Eventually, Katsu sees the GT.


He remarks:

Katsu: "Bring it on! More horses and less weight; a win for me!"

The mysterious GT driver sees the situation as an easy challenge.

GT: "This is a sham. I know people that can take you down effortlessly in this position."

The Ford driver got bored and ignored the apex on the hairpin, while Katsu raced like his life is on the line.



Katsu: "What? He messed up the apex and still catches on? It must be modified."

On the ramp to the large straight, the Ford eventually accelerated past the GTR on the inside. Katsu, trying to minimize scratches, had to move outside.


Katsu: "NO!"

The Ford paced down, allowing the Skyline's headlights to shine at the goods.


Katsu notices the V8 and recognizes the engine work.

Katsu: "Oh my.. It's totally stock! And road legal too!"

The Ford zoomed away like an arrow from a bow.



A day has passed. The news of The Tsunami Riders' defeat was eventually spread due to evidence from monitored CCTVs are taken and uploaded to YouTube. The video has gone viral in Japan, and the victimized group's blog while reluctantly accepting their defeat, got more views than before.

One such follower lives in Gion and has heard of the news. His name is
Hideki Minami. He's a university student doing his masters in art. He owns a tuned GT 86 and recently got his racer's license. While he enjoys to drive, he prefers to use the communal transport than drive as he might not be able to pay for the rising prices of fuel.

He looks at the blog and looks at the post recently made by Katsu. One part of the post takes Hideki's interest, saying: "The Ford GT is a car I've seen outrun me, but when modified. This one's plain stock. It prances like a horse.. a dark horse. Kuroiuma. What a fitting name."

Later, he takes a night walk to a nearby convenience store to buy some drinks and snacks. On his walk back, he hears a sound of a powerful car. Seeing all the car enthusiasts that lives nearby, he ignored it. He casually walked back home until he sees..


Hideki: "Whoa.."

His heart starts to beat fast. He walks toward the car.


The car is empty, but lights still on. Assuming it's just an oversight from the driver, he approaches even closer, when suddenly:

???: "I wouldn't do that if i were you."

A figure appears. He wears a bespoke dark leather jacket on top, with an unzippable section on his left shoulder. He also wears a sweater with grey jeans and casual shoes. Appearance wise, he has a buzz cut, an aggressive snarl, a clean shave and a helmet tattoo on his neck.

Hideki, while still shaking, notices that the man is not Japanese. He then tries to make conversation:

Hideki: "You're... not from Japan?"

???: "I'm not Japanese but i live in Fuji. And don't shake like that. It irritates me."

Hideki swallowed. But courage allowed the interview to follow.

Hideki: "You own this car?"

???: "Why does that matter to you?"

Hideki: "A blog online says this GT beat the top tuner group."

???: "Oh, sorry. Did i make someone cry"

Hideki: "It is you! Why are you here?"

GT: "I heard a lot of top class racers live here. I would like to challenge them."

Hideki: "What is your name?"

GT: "You can call me nobody"

Hideki: "No! Please! I insist."

The GT driver, while about to leave, mutters:

GT: "Oh i hope i don't regret this.."

The shady man begins to talk.

GT: "I'm.. Jacob. Jacob Ross."

Hideki: "*struggling to say Jacob*"

Jacob: "Try a little harder; you'll get it."

Hideki: "I respect you Jacob-san"

Jacob:"That's better. Now, your turn."

Hideki: "Minami Hideki. I'm doing a Master's at Kyoto University in Art"

Jacob: "That's all i need."

They both enter Hideki's place nearby. Both men took a seat. After serving a drink to his guest, he then asks one of the obvious questions.

Hideki: "How did you end up here, in Nippon?"

Jacob stands up from his seat and starts to talk, showing that he needed to let something go.

Jacob: "Well, i was happy in the states, but i came for a reason."


Author's Notes

- Ford GT '06: 581pp, oil change, weight reduce 1, non pp adjusting parts sports soft. On the progress on making this fanfic, it breaks down, and is now 583pp.

- This scene is a reference to another GT5 fanfic driving a car with a tuner group. Can you find it?

- Jacob Ross' name is influenced by Edgar Ross, of Red Dead Redemption infamy, and Jacob being a common American name.

- Hideki and Katsu were nameless and unimportant to the plot before the final cut. In fact, all Japanese names are coincidental if mixed with other media(sorry).

- Gion is such a popular place for fanfic protagonist homes. I made Jacob poke fun at it.

- The photography was me being a noob with a camera. I got better.

- The next parts of the prologue will take place in Rockport. Hope you all don't mind.

- There will be a LOT of characters to be introduced. Sorry if they're not exactly developed well.

Cars Introduced.

- Jacob's Ford GT '06. 581pp

Cast Introduced.

- Jacob Ross. Our protagonist. One with a dark past involving racing cars. Apparently, his skill is somewhat amazing for one that's not involved in the track.

- Hideki Minami. A university student doing a Master's in Kyoto Uni. A recent member of those who follow the racing community.

- Katsu Takaguchi. A wannabe street racer. His talent on the roads are comparable to his talent on boasting: not promising at all.
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Nice start. Though you could just fit all into a long post.

I am eager to read this. And any help is appreciated.
Next part of prologue up soon. I have the whole prologue's storyline written down in bullet points, but not yet finalized, cleaned and refined for quality's sake. I'm hoping part 1 can hold out for now, thus the length.

And no photos for now. I know it is sad. How about a teaser. We're going to be introduced The New Blacklist. I promise I'll try to make them interesting.
Part Two: The New Blacklist

The next few chapters will be taken from Jacob's perspective.

The story begins in my former home in America:
Rockport, Georgia.

Whoever designed the roads there must've had a hand in the Nurburgring because, for all i know, any street racer would not resist what the roads offer. Freeways, weaving roads, alternate routes. It's any skilled driver's paradise, given if they would accept the thrill of being chased by Rockport PD, which uses a bounty system to track down, as they say it:"wannabe" racers that roam the streets. To many, this is just another way for us racers to poke at their faces on how they should give up chasing shadows.

After the events involving the former Most Wanted racer's blue M3 escaping the city, and the most skilled police driver turning rogue to chase him, the city's underground race community went dormant due to a mass arrest on most Blacklist competitors. It lasted for quite some time, while small time racers made names for themselves. The police activity rapidly decreased until a new batch of racers arrived and sparked the fire.

The group took claim of the name "The New Blacklist", and changed the list to an unordered 4 members, and the "Most Wanted", an anonymous leader who has proven himself. After proving their worth on the streets racing and having a sizable bounty, akin to the old Blacklist, anyone can make a challenge to any of the 4 members. Winning gets you a lot respect. Beat all 4, and you get either a position inside the list, or a challenge to the anonymous leader for title of Most Wanted.

For 2 years since their arrival, no racers have beaten any of them in a challenge, resulting in either their pink slip, or having them regain their reputation afterwards.

The racers are akin to professional racers, but wilder, louder and aren't scared to get a little dirt on their boots, and dents on their cars. I personally know the members of the motley crew:

Murphy Barrister "Murph": A half Brit, half US. He used to do stunt driving in the circus until the group disbanded due to an accident. He grew bored eventually with unemployment, and met me when i started racing and became close to me ever since. Drives a crimson Mercedes SLR McLaren.

Ramlie Aji "Pakcik": Malay man. Proves that when a taxi driver drives too fast in the Malaysian highways, he's up for the big leagues underground. A great mechanic, but a better driver, and superior drag racer. He drives a heavily tuned silver Vauxhall VXR.

Leona Mashkov "Queen": Russian woman. She ran from home driving fast and dodged Russian police easy. After hopping through different lifestyles, she settled in Rockport for a long time, but began racing during the dormant days, and never lost until i came along. Drives a striped green Mercedes SL55.

Fred McStevenson "Gator": Big guy used to race in big rig racing leagues. When not in season, he hangs out in Rockport. While preferring uncommon American cars, he excels in pursuits as his car can take a pounding, while the cops take more of a hit. Drives a grey Cadillac CTS.

The anonymous leader, to most, is anonymous. He would take races by storm, dodge police like similar magnets, and do the craziest chase records. It's gotten so bad, the police were rumored to make a life sentence to the man under the moniker being told by everyone: Outlaw. Only the new list carries his true identity, and this privilege can be given to those that beat them.

Now, Outlaw was like if.. hmm.. Batman(?) was a street racer. He drives a riced out Mustang said to be tuned and modified by top racing companies. He wears a getup that, under his intention, looks like fear itself. A cowboy hat, tinted goggles, a racing balaclava, cowboy style overalls, and even a voice adjuster. Now while there are tons of possible doppelgangers, the real Outlaw can stand out amongst them with the mentioned voice changer, and if that won't cut it, a one-of-a-kind tattoo on his left shoulder given from an unknown artist.

The police were no slouch either. The new head of police assigned to this was relentless in his attempts to find Outlaw. He would have patrols interrupt races, have undercover units in our meets, and once took a few racers hostage, with Outlaw rescuing them in the end. This time though, they want Outlaw behind bars with amping up the old fashioned chase by bringing in more than double their amount of interceptors around the nation. This is going to cost them. Indeed it will.


Jacob: "Give me a break. Maybe a little sip of.."

Jacob looks at the square shaped bottle.

Jacob: "Pow-kuh-ree?"

Hideki: "You say it like 'Poh-ka-rie'"

Jacob: "Whatever."

Then, while having a sip, Jacob looked at Hideki's face. To him, it looked like Hideki's having a little difficulty trying to absorb the info.

Jacob: "You okay there?"

Hideki: "I don't mean to be rude, but how do you know all of this?"

Jacob: "Well... you don't mind me sharing a secret?"

Hideki: "I wouldn't. Please show me if you will, Jacob-san"

Jacob opens the special zipper on the left shoulder on his special jacket. Hideki sees only a man's arm, bolstered with years in the army.

Hideki: "Huh? What a.."

Jacob: "I'm not done yet."

Jacob took his Ford's keys from his pocket, and one of the key chains carries a UV light. He uses it to shine his shoulder. An art of a red demonic cowboy on a demonic horse emerges brightly.

Jacob: "You see... I am Outlaw."


Author's Notes

-Pocari Sweat is one of my favourite drinks, so i did a why not?

-Initially, i thought Outlaw will have a regular tattoo. I made it a UV one to make it stand out.

-Also, i had the idea that Jacob was well known as Outlaw. But i scrapped that as it may end up arresting him realistically.

-I won't be pushing chapters without pictures often. And each chapter will be minimum of 20kb on notepad in size; not saying quality > quantity.

-A fully American blacklist was dull, so i made them rather international.

-Murph is influenced by me if i thought a real life person drives like in Burnout and NFS Hot Pursuit reboot.

-Gator is influenced by Mater and Mack of Disney Pixar's Cars, with a bit from Big Rig Stig in Top Gear's Big Rig challenge (I need to find out the dreaded third way of stopping a big rig).

-Leona's presence as a Russian in USA is influenced with the multitude of Russians in the various GTA games alongside the Russian voiced female Boss in Saints Row The Third. Another character with the same influences will pop up soon...

-Pakcik is initially an inside joke when i use a VXR in Most Wanted (then Carbon) and started winning with what i think is the worst car in the game. Since I've been to Malaysia and know Malay, it is easy to develop him too.

Cars Introduced.

-Nope.avi They're to be introduced when they reach the GT5 section. Psst.. have a look at the bios to see what to expect.

Cast Introduced.

- Murphy Barrister. Crazy, but knows what's what in living life, at least. Was once part of a 'circus' back in Britain, driving fast cars, and participated ATV rallying.

- Fred McStevenson. Former Big Rig racer on track. Has a tendency to connect with the cars he drives, and also use them as weapons to maul his opposition. BEWARE.

- Leona Mashkov. Rich. Luxurious living. Lucky. Backed up is her skill driving like a pro, as she once escaped her not so luxurious family in Russia, and controlled street racing prior to meeting Outlaw.

- Ramlie Aji. (Will be known as Lee from here on out.) The Malaysian highways had a king, once. He moved to Rockport to find opportunity, but opportunity found him once he met Outlaw.

- Outlaw. Self proclaimed king of The New Blacklist. Unstoppable. Feared. Powerful in controlling the city. The police are in desperation after his actions cost the state millions.
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That backfire shot of the Ford GT is amazing. Like the looks of this so far, hoping it develops well.
Part 3: Stay A While And Listen

Well it was all normal until i drove out of a tunnel during a chase. I saw, to me, the biggest police ambush, with about as much enforcers as a premiere night in a drive through. The cops were armed to the teeth, a helicopter above and left no hole empty for the car to drive through. It really looks like it's over for the poor sap controlling the car.


Outlaw: "Ahh, it truly is such a shame."


Hideki: "So... You did your time in prison, Jacob-san?"

Jacob: "Don't jump to conclusions so quickly, boy.


Let's go back to the day before that or it wouldn't any make sense. I had a friendly race with fellow blacklist racer Murph..


It was the last turn. While both our cars carry up to 700 hp, his SLR knows no mercy. He pushed his car and was about to overtake me with what's left of his nitrous. I noticed a bunch of oil barrels and rammed head on; while controlling my throttle.


While i slowed down, the SLR lost control. It was tricky, but..


I slid and slipped by. Luckily there was not any considerable damage.


I won the race. Before you ask any premature questions, anything goes in Rockport. I've seen racers take down gas stations, ruin giant signs and demolish a few verandas, just for victory. Only one rule applies: Make sure your car is ready to roll.

Seeing as you think how Outlaw is the best, I'm not perfect. I lose a few races sometimes, but not when something's on the line. Part of my creed as Jacob and Outlaw is to win when risk of anything towards me, friends and family are on the line.

After we picked up the pieces, we went to refill and have a little chat at a nearby gas station.


Murph: "Great race Ja.. Outlaw."

Outlaw: "Careful there Murph"

Murph: "Pardon me, oh headless horseman."

Outlaw: "That was good, but we can do better. I want at least 3 years undefeated."

Murph: "Yea i got that covered up, mate."

A message ringtone sounded from Murph's smartphone.

Murph: "Oh? Take a gander at this."

Outlaw: "Hmm?"

Murph: "One, your backup car's maintained, parts re-looked, reassembled and is ready to roll.

Outlaw: "I'll see it myself later. Tell Lee to meet me at the usual warehouses in 10 minutes."

Murph: "Yeah.. *typing on touchscreen* Got it. And..

Outlaw: "Let me guess.. the police op."


Murph: "...Spot on, mate."

Outlaw: "I'll pay a visit to the cops soon. Tell the list to lay low and get out of here after.. tomorrow maybe."

Murph: "Another one?! Lame!"

Outlaw: "Just be back after 2, 3 months maybe."

Murph: "They want Outlaw desperately off the streets, you know. They'll just keep messing with our racing until you're gone."

Outlaw: "So be it."

A pause occurred as both cars fill up. Then, Murphy pays the station owner. Just as another thunder bolts down Rockport City, I had an idea.

Outlaw: "Murph."

Murph: "Huh?"

Outlaw: "I think it's time we commence "The Outlaw's Last Ride"."

Murph: "Pardon? The what now?"

Just when i was going to drop the bomb, the police scanners from both cars start to receive a call, and they hear sirens coming from the nearby police station.

Outlaw: "Great.. I'll call you about it later."

Murph: "Alright, man. See you soon."

The SLR drives away to the city center.


Murph blasts through the walkways where cars don't drive on, showing the slight insanity a former stunt driver still has within.


After a while, the skies clear up momentarily, which indicates time for me to ride away.


I passed through the former finish line area. The rain, and the city's drainage system cleared up the oil on the road. Nature sure is interesting.


I drove into the Rosewood borough, a residential zone with an university within. Lot's of police chases here nowadays, but probably more wrecked cruisers.


I parked the Mustang at a truck yard. I waited for a while. Eventually, it started to rain again. Well, at least i don't have to wash the darn thing again.


After about 10 minutes, in the blinding deluge, another car appears. Black with white stripes. No doubt you know what car this is.


While exiting my own car, i can see from the other car, a woman in a fancy dress and a man dressed for a tropical holiday exit the lean car, with an umbrella. To me, without an umbrella, my cowboy overalls feels like a poncho.

Leona then threw the keys of the car at me. I caught it. While alluring, Leona has a strong accent to go with.

Leona: "So, the vnye zakona (outlaw) got himself a Ford GT."

Outlaw: "Yeah. You should get yourself something fast as it is."

Leona: "Lee here checked out the parts and did all the maintenance things like race teams to new race cars."

Outlaw: "Should be fine then. Thanks."

Leona: "Pazhalooysta (you're welcome)"


I approached Ramlie. He's a generation older than me, but he tries his best to be young. I applaud that, while it is a little silly.

Outlaw: "Let's get out of the rain."

Ramlie: "Come on boss man. You know you want to go jalan-jalan (have a drive)."

Outlaw: "Let me just see what you did. I also want to tweak it to my liking."

Ramlie: "OK. We go now."

We moved the cars to our private workshop next door. I took out a bag in the Mustang's boot; don't worry, it's not drugs or money, you'll see what's it for. I threw a set of keys to Leona.


Leona: "What's this?"

Outlaw: "Leona, drive my Mustang to my place. You know how to lay low, right?"

Leona: "Da. Poka." (Yes. Bye.)

Our workshop is a tuner's wet dream come true. It carries parts for just about anything. I requested the GT stay stock, with a few minor adjustments.

Outlaw: "So.. it's lighter and the suspension's adjusted to easily control oversteer."

Ramlie: "Ehhh boss man. You owe me good this time"

The dyno registered the car's power at 560hp; 10 more than stock.

Outlaw: "What's this supposed to mean?"

Ramlie: "Alamak (oh dear), i put in performance oil."

Outlaw: "I don't think i want to owe you anything anymore."

Ramlie: "Why you have to be so tough to me?"

While i asked Ramlie to adjust the gearing, i went to a private area. Remember the bag from the Mustang? This is what it's for. Outlaw then took off his veil, and became Jacob Ross. No one saw me... Well, i thought.

Ramlie: "*looks at stopwatch* 2 minutes. Superman can do it faster."

Jacob: "Lee! That's not cool."

While i was viewing insurance and ownership papers, Lee turned on the TV.

Jacob: "Papers are clean, but i think you need to call up this one, Lee?"

Noticing Lee's ignorance is pretty much a bad thing to me, until i saw what's on the TV.

Jacob: "Lee, what are you? Hmm.. that guy seems familiar. Oh it's.."

Ramlie: "Hey boss, that your little bro?

The TV show was about an interview with racing drivers on the rise to stardom. The guest of the show today turns out to be my baby brother Keith Ross, who lives in Japan. A bit of a japanophile, but true to his roots as an American, and he wants to bring our dad a big, gold trophy to succeed him as the next Corvette Captain.

Keith started life in Japan ever since he had the opportunity to race there in the GT500 races, with just enough money to start a career and get a small home. He's gotten a few sponsors, for all i know, and became rich after 2 years in the league. After that long, I just hope he still remembers what a Cadillac still is.

Keith didn't go alone. Following him was my old classmate Bernardo Bellini, an Italian who owes me tons back when we were studying in London. A rising from zero to hero racer who idolizes many Italian race icons, went to Japan initially as Keith's race partner in the GT500. Then he became a private racer for another close friend.

Who is Lucia Weiss. Young German tuner, prodigy and understudy of her father's servant and former touring car racer Alan Robinson. Lucia studied in Tokyo and did a specialized car engineering course under Toyota at only 19 years old. She went on to start a small time racing career, with Bernardo as her driver. I don't know much details on it.

Alan served under her family ever since he retired from the brutality of British touring car racing in the early 2000s. An old man, who has seen all the faces of racing drivers of his time, including my father.

The TV show distracted me and old Ramlie for quite a while. It is my baby brother were talking about here! We're 8 years apart!

Eventually, after hours of tweaking.

Ramlie: "Ok Jake my bro! I reduced weight by 90 kilos, made a better all round gearbox and installed the Hudsen Tech devices."

Jacob: "Hah. Now i owe you something."

Ramlie: "For real now? No play play, you?"

Jacob: "For real."

I hope i said the right response there. Lee's a tough cookie for bargaining.

It was late. Me and Pakcik split ways. While he had his VXR and blasted away from the garage, I took the Ford to a safety bunker of sorts, where the list and i hang out when the heat's too much. I had to get used to it's throttle and handling before i take it fast.

From there, i took a cab to my safe home in Dunwich Village. It's not comfortable, but it's nice enough for a wanted man who races and wins tens of thousands each week. My bank? Let's just say it might reach a few million.

Eventually, i thought of the future of this city, and myself. If these guys would want to keep racing, the police shouldn't be that serious about it. This arrest Outlaw thing is killing me, but if that man were to go, that would cool down the heat on the racers for a while until another "vigilante" rises. I'm pretty sure the list can hold off any wannabes to the throne.

When i thought "Where would Jacob go?", I called up my parents. My dad,
Louie Ross Jr. and my mom, Laura Ross. It would help getting me a bit of wisdom.

Jacob: "Hello?"

Louie: "I freaking told you ALREADY, we don't want your freaking.."

Jacob: "Pa'! It's Jake. Not the salesman"

Louie: "Oh? Jake? Sorry 'bout that. (shouting) Laura! Jake's callin'!"

Well, it was a long talk. For the sake of me and you, let me summarize:

- They're proud of me, despite being Outlaw and the Most Wanted street racer. They don't want me arrested though. Of course i had to agree with that one.

- He wants me to visit soon, in their place at Seacrest County, California. That's a cross country trip!

- They miss Keith, and they want me to take care of him, which means I'm going to Japan. Perfect, for my own reasons.

- We agreed the family legacy of racing as the Corvette Captain goes through Keith, not me. I'm not a fan of the Corvette, so it's pretty obvious.

There's more, but i wouldn't touch them; still sensitive to me.

Just after the call, i made a call to Keith, from America all the way to Japan. I know this is going to cost me.

Keith: "Konnichiwa. Keith ni hanasite e mas." (Hello. You are now talking to Keith.)

Did that really come out of his mouth. Yes, and i kid you not, it was hard to not laugh.

Jacob: "Keith?"

Keith: "Wait a sec.. that you, Jake?"

Jacob: "How's my baby brother? Where's the gang?"

Keith: "Hold a sec, I'm a call em and turning on the speaker."

A pause started. This pause cost me 2 dollars.

I reconnected with my old gang when i was a college man, and Keith, of course. I told Keith about my proposal to live there. There was no argument there, it's a yes. But on conditions. The conditions are nice and dandy, but i have to get my own car to drive around there. Perfect time to test out the Ford GT.

When i ended the call, i checked for messages. Murph apparently asked Fred and will get the memo tomorrow. I also got some messages from inside men in the police department about tomorrow. I told them not to worry.

When i went to bed, i looked at my wedding ring on my hand and sighed. Then, I thought of my contingency: "The Outlaw's Last Ride", which involved getting Outlaw..

..into a fatal car crash.


Back into the present, Jacob requested a break.

Jacob: "Give me 5 minutes. Go and have a stretch or whatever."

Jacob didn't notice the small crowd of people. He thought to himself.

Jacob: "Maybe a reputation boost would help me with my errands."

He then recalls the important facts of his past in his mind. He continues the story afterwards.

FIN Part 3

Author's Notes

-Trust me, these NFS Most Wanted pictures are HARD TO MAKE! The rain, especially ruins some parts of the pictures i had taken.

-The biographies for characters introduced here will not be shown until Jacob meets them in the story. That will be true for most recurring characters.

-Keith's character is influenced by protagonists of other fanfics, in terms of personality, and probably a bit of the GT Academy: video gamers of GT5 that race and plays games.

-Bernardo is initially called Bellini Rossi, and is related to Alessandro Rossi. Also, he's influenced by (for some reason) El Mariachi from the action movie "Desperado", or any Antonio Banderas action on the movies.

-Lucia is influenced by Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. I don't watch it devoutly, but i like Marceline.

-Alan is influenced by Alfred Pennyworth of Batman fame, and a little bit of Valkenhayn R. Hellsing from Blazblue.

-Leona's Russian has to be romanized so readers can tag along.

-I will try to encourage first language speaking from non Brit/American characters.

Cast Introduced.

- Keith Ross. Jacob's brother. Once studied, but was more interested on racing. After gaining an opportunity to race GT500, he couldn't refuse. He is fueled with the thrills of being behind the wheel.

- Bernardo Bellini. A friend of Jacob from back in university. Followed Keith racing, but went for his own opportunities after meeting Alan.

- Lucia Weiss. A child of a famed tuner in Germany. Being a prodigy, her popularity in tuning culture is unmatched, but she pursues a career in being a racing manager instead.

- Alan Robinson. A retired racer, hired by the Weiss family to adopt and teach Lucia. Was once a LM racer, but turned to touring cars as his age gets to him.

- Louie Ross Jr. A retired racer (again..) and the father of the Ross brothers. Well known for his handling of the Chevrolet Corvette, and dedicates in teaching his son how to master one before he left for Japan.

- Laura Ross. Mother of Jacob and Keith. Wife to Louie. Acts as an important figure for Jacob and Keith before they split ways.
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What i mean by crossover, i meant to have it work like a reference. The bit in the author's notes means you have my full discretion to do it if you want. :)

Prologue Finale will be coming next Monday or Tuesday, entitled "This Is It. Showtime.", but I'm not sure it'll be a finale if the next few chapter's gonna be more flashbacks. Also, we'll meet up with the last of the blacklist members: Gator.
Part 4/Finale: This Is It. Showtime!

The next morning. Rainy, but I'm OK with that. Had a shower, then as i got my clothes on, I heard my phone ring. Queen's the caller.

Jacob: "Hello?"

Leona: "Look outside, cowboy."


I see two riced out cars outside, one owned by Leona. The other... well were you listening? Be honest.

I won't spoil. It's obviously Lee. He's in the call as well.

Ramlie: "Boss man! Already ready for departure."

Jacob: "Of course not!"

Ramlie: "Just kidding with you man. Hahaha."

Leona: "So, Mr Cowboy, you ready to leave this city again?

Jacob: "I think a better breakfast would suit my morning."

Leona: "Operation: Bounty Hunt is today. We're going to be wise racers and leave. Just a precaution."

Jacob: "Hmm... can you call Fred? Meet me at the restaurant near the docks in a few."

Ramlie: "OK boss."

Jacob: "And take care you two. Might not be seeing you after a while."

Leona: "You too, cowboy. Do svidaniya (goodbye)."

The riced out SL55 leaves the tunnel, followed by the super powered VXR.


Those two. Always together, but they have no chemistry within themselves. Oh well.

I walked down 2 blocks to a parking lot. A covered up car was present. I opened the covering and..


Jacob: "Leona does know how to drive this thing."

I really thought she was some stuck up royalty b:censored:h, but she's incredibly likable if she wasn't trying to kill you.

I made my way to the restaurant. I turned on the radio for some music.

The song links are in Youtube. Be warned.

Song: Metallica - King Nothing.

On my way, i luckily had no trouble meeting any law enforcement. Just in case, though, i am prepared with a police scanner, and backstreet knowledge.



I parked my car beside an abandoned lobster shack. Nobody minds me parking there, and not much cops go on patrolling the beach. I closed the shack with a metal grate. Without my Outlaw cover, it was ridiculously risky to come out with a cop around.

Jacob: "*humming* Where's your crown, King Nothiiinggg?"

The restaurant was serving brunch. I don't fancy brunches, but it helps skipping a meal if I'm prepping for a great chase later. Got a table for two; something i used to do pretty often. No, I'm not gay; don't get any ideas.

A few minutes later, a big roaring engine sound was heard. I'm sure you still remember Gator? His car's got a lot of horsepower, but is way heavier than the norm.


After that sound was heard, a big fat guy went by the door and noticed me eating some soup. He wears a nice woodcutter getup and steel toed boots. With such an intimidating outfit, Gator looks like a rough type. He is, but Fred's nice and humble. It's good to have friends like that sometimes.

Fred: "Little Jacob!"

Jacob: "Fred, ya big oaf. "

Fred: "How's about we get some grub first"

Jacob: "Agreed. Let's eat."

No doubt he eats like a pre-hibernating bear. I'm seeing large things on his plate that disappears in a second. Despite that etiquette, we did talk during our meal.

Fred: "So, i wanna thank you for this brunch."

Jacob: "It's my pleasure, but can we talk the serious things now?"

Fred: "I'm good with the hush hush. So i heard from Murph you want to do The Outlaw's Last Ride?"

Jacob: "He remembered?"

Fred: "He just needed a little mind juice is all."

Jacob: "Yes. I'll call Murph to prep it when it's time. Be sure to be fast."

Fred: "You're sacrificing yourself to make sure all o' us keep on burnin' rubber?"

Jacob: "Yes. Yes i am."

Fred: "Such a noble cause. I wish i was in your shoes, Jacob."

Jacob: "Trust me, you wouldn't want to."

Noble? It's ironic that being a public nuisance counts as something noble.

After 5 plates from the big man, we split up. Gator leaves and will prepare the truck carrying the coup de grace that i will be using.

I, on the other hand have some parties to crash. Specifically one at the Police HQ in Rosewood. I changed to Outlaw in an undisclosed location before i head back to the car.


There was some sort of speech there. The police chief was making a statement.. It was a bore. I overheard it, but not from too far off. It's strange on how they don't hear a super powered Mustang approach, let alone have it parked next to the station. There must be some patriotic s:censored:t playing in the background.


I did remember a part of the speech that stood out as a crowning moment of funny.

Police Chief: "And now, we bring in some of our finest interceptors, alongside those from Carbon City and Tri-City Bay.."


Police Chief: "We are going to catch Outlaw. No excuses. Today we see him behind bars! He will only regret that he ever roamed the streets."

I decided to make a statement. A big powerful one too, by say, putting the power on neutral gear.

One sound of 700 horses, to go!

As the big blasting sound was heard, the police were in shambles. No order was present after that one. Such jokes make me smile fiendishly.


I went and called in Murph about the truck.

Murph: "Yeah?"

Outlaw: "Murph, clear the streets and prep the truck. It's chase time."

Murph: "Alrite, mate. What's in the cargo anyways?"

Outlaw: "That's for you to find out. I have the keys. Just hope i get there in time if you're that eager."

It's about time. No, I wasn't nervous. I've had chases last an hour, and i would make it last forever if fuel wasn't an issue. I made my way to the police HQ in the City Centre, but i "mistakenly" rammed into a lone patrol in the center of the city.


Tapping into their radio, a function of the police scanner in the car, i overheard the poor officer's plea for help.

Police Officer: "Dispatch! My car has been rammed by what looks like a code 3 street racer. Make and model identified as a Ford Mustang."

Operator: "Unit, clarify the car's color."

Police Officer: "Roger. It's black with a red stri.."


Interfered. You know we're in for the chase of the century.

Operator: "Confirmed, all units, i repeat, all available units report to the City Center. Suspect identified as Most Wanted racer "Outlaw". All units on high alert."

I turned all electronics off afterwards. It's go time.

Song: Paul Linford & Chris Vrenna - The Mann.

NOTE: Pictures are not in any given order.

The chase lasted an eternity, if you're an impatient man, that is.



What a variety of units. All destined to be wrecked and all so frail.




No doubt i had fun playing cats vs Speedy Gonzales.




You might be thinking: "They'll catch me anyways". If they did, i wouldn't really be in Japan to mess around a poseur tuner group.

Song: Paul Linford & Chris Vrenna - Most Wanted Mash Up.




Enough! You are, all of you, beneath me. I am Outlaw, you dull creature!




Eventually, my phone rang. I'm partially glad; i was running out of fuel.

Outlaw: "Yes?"

Murph: "Alrite cowboy, this is it. All street cameras down and Fred here made sure the cops would set up at the desired spot. Meet you at the tunnel, guv."

Hah! The timing was perfect. All i need to do is lose 'em, but..


These guys are relentless! Eventually, i chose a perfect way to lose them at the auditorium.


Hope I'm not ruining anyone's dream.


I went past a nearby construction site.


Jumped off to the highway. There's no way the cops can find me without a chopper.


As it started to cloud in, i entered the east side of the tunnel.


There, i see a large semi with some load. I see Murph and Gator. I got out of the car.


Outlaw: "Cameras gone?"

Murph: "Look"

Murph showed me a laptop showing the street cameras around the tunnel will record now with things currently out of sync with the current events, with Murph accessing their live feed. In one of the cameras, I noticed the police set up one hell of a block outside the west exit. They were using a megaphone.

Police: "Come on out Outlaw! Your racing days are over. Come out with your hands up!"

I would do that, if i was suicidal.

Fred: "I made sure them cops end up in that end of the tunnel, because I told them the unit from Fairview covered the east."

Outlaw: "There's no Fairview unit present at the press conference"

Fred: "See how i helped? Also, not all cops get the memo."

Murph: "Besides, we can use Gator's cop "friends" to help persuade them."

I went and set up my final blow: Another Mustang! A mannequin was inside it's boot.


Fred: "Is that... another 'Stang?

Outlaw: "Yep."

Murph: "Actually, thats not a Mustang. It's all body worked and stickered to look like one."

Outlaw: "Double yep."

Murph: "Jake... is that your old Storming machine."

Outlaw: "Yep infinity."

Rockport isn't the first road i drove onto, due to that Mustang. That so called Mustang is a car i used on the Motorstorm Federation's Festival in the City, or well, a half destroyed one.


I was good there, but not good enough to enter the Brotherhood. Given, i only brought a muscle car, and that's where my driving skills pretty much started to rise. During that event i met Gator and Murph, both of my best friends.


The good times.

Murph: "I need to wipe the dust on my ATV soon."

Fred: "And Brian needs a new victim."

Outlaw: "Enough reminiscing guys. We have no time."

Murph: "Jake!"

I walked to my old muscle car. Murph and Fred walked with me.

Song: The Assembly - Noisia.

Murph: "You gonna say goodbye?"

Outlaw: "I already did. This thing can't run no more. I have a spare nitro from the Festival in this thing."

Fred: "Well, I'm sure you'll get something else you can storm with."

Murph: "Yeah, Jake."

Outlaw: "No doubt when the next Storm be raising, i'll get something to drive."

I put my outlaw stuff and dressed it to a mannequin without worry as i have a spare. The ruined car was a happy thought, but sadly, this had to be done.

I arranged the mannequin to push the the nitrous on the car. We stood next to it as it was about to go. And we said, altogether:


ALL 3: "We'll miss you, Big Dog."

The car nitro'ed it's way out.

As i look at the car exit the tunnel, i muttered an insult the cops. If they can't catch Outlaw and never will...

Outlaw: "Ahh, it truly is such a shame."


We heard an explosion, and policemen trying to regroup. While a bit cruel, i find it sorrow to me and to the public world, for that is the end of Outlaw.

The truck drove out of the east exit with my car inside. No evidence. All clean.

Soon, we all meet up at a safe location. We watched the news.

News Reporter: "Operation Bounty Hunt was in one sense a success to the police, but to the public: a sad day. While a rule breaking street racer due a life prison sentence, Outlaw was pretty much an icon to the streets. His confirmed death was in the form of suicide. The only evidence
was a police helicopter camera showing the events as all other media failed to provide evidence at the time."

News Reporter: "The camera shows that the iconic red striped Mustang exiting the tunnel and blew up in the end, hitting a plethora of police cruisers. Luckily, there were no serious injuries, and no deaths. One police officer picked up a burnt cowboy hat, probably owned by the deceased

News Reporter: "With me is the police chief. Sir, how do you react to the events today?"

Police Chief: "I am happy that he is gone, but gone from the streets. We have no intent on executing the man. Just put him on trial, or fine him."

News Reporter: "Any things you may consider to the people? After all, we all have no idea who Outlaw is."

Police Chief: "We'll start a charity maybe, or maybe find ways to legalize the racing. Either way, his name will be respected, not tarnished. But, any wannabe Outlaws on the streets will be chased and put down."

Me and Murph looked at the news. While the stuff i really can't say if it's bull:censored:t or not. Murph was occupied with packing his necessities away. I looked.

Jacob: "Just one bag?"

Murph: "Don't worry about me. I travel light, like you. I have safe houses all over the nation. My SLR i'll keep here with the Outlaw-Mobile."

Jacob: "So what are you going to bring?"

Murph: "Since you were so nice to ask, and grabbed yourself a Ford GT, i went and got meself one of these bad boys."

I looked outside and saw a red McLaren MP4-12C. Gator jumped out of it.

Fred: "Hot damn, that is a sexy ride."

Jacob: "I agree."

Murph: "See? This is British engineering at it's finest."

Murph puts his large camper bag on the passenger seat. He called out to me.

Murph: "Hey Jake?"

Jacob: "Huh?"

Murph: "I heard you're passing by Seacrest."

Jacob: "I have family there. Why'd you ask?"

Murph: "I also heard you're going to Japan."

Murph... how in the world did you.. never mind.

Jacob: "And?"

Murph: "That Ford of yours ain't gonna get there without some help. I have chaps there that can help at Seacrest."

Jacob: "I'm going tonite. See you there."

Murph: "Alrite mate."

Gator drove from the garage a black Saleen S7. Sounding like a beast, he shows off in front of the McLaren.

Fred: "This 'ere is my killer jaws."

Jacob: "Well, i suppose we all spent money on supercars."

I made my farewells to Gator afterwards. I'm sure Murph must've told them about my plans in Japan. I went and brought my GT to the streets and left for a cross country trip eastbound, waving to my friends.


Jacob ended the story, while feeling that he did the right thing. Everyone clapped.

When the place cleared up, Hideki cleaned up his place after the events. Then, he notices Jacob looking at his Ford. Approaching him was a question.

Hideki: "You plan to race the people with this car?"

Jacob: "It's not the best car in the world, but to me, words cannot express our bond."

Hideki: "I heard if you give love to something, it gives it back as well."

Jacob: "Agreed."

Hideki: "Also, the blog mentioned you as the Dark Horse. Don't be suprised if people came up to you and asks you about it. Look out for the word "Kuroiuma"; that's the word they'll most likely use.

Jacob: "No doubt i'll try to get away from the spotlight, but i'll keep that in mind."

Hideki: "Here's my number if you want to visit Kyoto."

Jacob added the number and traded. Then, he walked to the car.

Song: Base Telemetry - Lance Hayes.

Turning on the beast caused a few car alarms to ring, and wakes the residents. Screeching his tires around the wide open asphalt, he stops and opens his windows to Hideki.

Jacob: "I'm glad i met you, Hideki. Call me when you're in a spot of trouble."

Jacob drove off. Setting his GPS to his brother's home in Fuji, he looks at the amount of fuel he has. Then he preps a 4 hour run with the Ford, while confident he will be there in 2.


Author's Notes

- Long part. Hope it was worth it.

- Not all chapters will have 4 parts. They would most likely have more.

- We won't be seeing Rockport anytime soon.

- Murph was intended the only person Jacob met in the Festival. Adding Gator makes it more interesting.

- I have MORE CHARACTERS to introduce soon.

- The crowd overhearing Jacob is Outlaw will forget that, for plot reasons.

- Gimme some feedback on the music immersion thing.

- Next few chapters will be more flashbacks. Sorry for that, but the main plot device will unearth itself next chapter, and I'll mix with present day stuff.

- Next chapter is at Seacrest County.

- I'm a better Motorstormer than a GT player. I'll admit to that. GT progress now: A= 39, B= 25, no licenses :yuck: . Motorstorm status: Festival done, Online lvl 59.

- More Motorstorm: Apocalypse goodness from Murph, Fred and Jacob.







Thanks for reading. Chapter 1 coming soon (this week).
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Part 1: When The Sun Rises.

On his way home, Jacob takes one of Japan's freeways. The lateness of the night provides nothing to stand in the way of the 550hp Ford. Jacob gives power to the GT as it goes off the ramp.


The car starts to accelerate, and shows no sign of the driver going to slow down.


The car peaks at 211 mph; 6 more than it's regular 205 mph.


The last time Jacob reached this speed was back in the States, just after he left Rockport due to Seacrest, California. As the car passes under the bridge, he remembered his misadventures there.



Seacrest County. 9 hours after departure from Rockport. It's early morning. Jacob got his grips on his Ford GT, entering the next turn at 120mph.. a 90 degrees turn.


Jacob: "Whoaa! There's a quality drift there."

Then he looks at the Hudsen Tech control panel. He sees a nitrous option and pushes it. The car boosted as it enters West Beach Freeway.


The car reached it's provided top speed at 205mph, but given the slight weight loss and power gain it had, the car went on to go up to 211mph. While the new milestone seems impressive, it isn't to a sleepy Jacob who releases the car's accelerator due to fatigue.


Jacob: "zzz.... HUH?! I need something to wake me up."

He was lucky that he napped on a straight. He turns on the radio.

DJ: Alright, thanks for tuning in everyone. We have more requests, and Harry from Dakota asked for STP's Interstate Love Song. Thanks Harry, a perfect song for our listeners on the road. Stay safe, fellow road warriors.

Song: Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

Jacob: "Perfect."

The speeding car zooms by a truck in the tunnel, nearly dodging it.


As Jacob exits the tunnel, the day got brighter, and he sees some windmills. He was fond of them in the past.


The nonstop driving cause Jacob to stir a little mad, which causes him to desperately find a rest stop. Later, he stops by a donut shop for a nap in the car and some breakfast. The place has a gas station nearby to refuel.


He gets just enough food to last the morning, and a mix of caffeine and rest to drive. Eventually, as he walks towards his refueled car, he gets a call from Murph.

Jacob: "Hello?"

Murph: "Hey Jake! You did an all nighter, mate?"

Jacob: "Believe me, you don't want to know."

Murph: "Well, i stopped somewhere and got some rest, though not for long."

Jacob: "Where you at?"

Murph: "2 hours off Seacrest. You?"

Jacob: "At a donut shop on Route 29."

Murph: "Allright. The container shipping is at Route 30 on South Bay Turnpike. If you came from the dams, you should go towards where you came from."

Jacob: "And how am i going to get to my parents' place?"

Murph: "That's easy, knucklehead. I'll pick you up. Take a nap maybe at the warehouses, tell them Murph said hi."

Jacob: "Okay. See you."

Jacob, having more energy, swings out of the rest stop in style.


He goes the other way and sees an unfinished ramp.


Jacob: "I really wonder what that's for."

He drives speeds up to 200mph. Strangely, no police action is heard from his Hudsen Tech control panel. Then, he zooms by a power station.


Jacob: "Windmills. It's the future. No, not the car's future, i hope. All right, radio, it's your turn to shine!"

Song: Deep Purple - Highway Star

Jacob listens to one of his favorite songs.


As he enters another tunnel on Route 30, he notices that he's going the wrong lane.


He quickly adjusts while listening to the riffs of Deep Purple. Upon exiting, the car and the driver eventually stumbles upon a big bridge.


Jacob: "I'm a highway star!"

Seeing the company, he drifts his way to a stop, to the dismay of some workers forcing them to dive away for their lives.


Jacob stops at a spot. He gets out and talks to the manager in the public offices.

Jacob: "Hi, how much for a trans-continent transfer."

Manager: "Depends on the load and location. What are they?"

Jacob: "Japan. And the load."

Jacob points out to the car. The manager whistles.


Manager: "A Ford? That there mister, is a sweet sweet car."

Jacob: "Thanks. And how's about a small rest on this here couch"

Manager: "No!"

Jacob: "Oh and Murph said hi."

Manager: "Oh god! You know how to tame that beast?"

Jacob: "I'm too sleepy, maybe if i could.."

Manager: "Sure. Yeah. Take all the rest you need!"

As Jacob takes a rest, the manager surveys the car, he looks at Jacob's international license.

Manager: "Hmm.. yes this is good."

He looks up his computer to finish the transfer. Eventually he looks at the tires.

Manager: "Uh oh!"

Going out, he sees the car's tires all burnt out. He wakes a sleepy Jacob.

Jacob: "..huh what's the matter?"

Manager: "Your tires.. they've lost grip."

Jacob: "Really?!"

Manager: "I'm afraid so."

Jacob: "Buy me a new set of tires pal. Also..

As he reached for his wallet, he sees a picture of a Ford GT on the calendar. He sees something else he wanted.

Jacob: "..get me the six spoke rims, like that one."

Manager: "Ahh. I'll put that on the bill."

After 2 hours of warehouse hustle and bustle. The manager reverses the car into the cargo container.


He then throws the keys to a fresh looking Jacob.

Manager: "The rims and tires coming tomorrow."

Jacob: "Thanks."

Manager: "So, how do you know Murph?"

Jacob: "Me and him, we go way back. There was this festival involving bikes, cars and trucks racing.."

A few miles away.. a McLaren blazes to Route 30 from Hope Canyon Freeway.


Murph enters the tunnel from the wrong lane.


He drifts inside, precisely steering and applying power to dodge 2 traffic cars.


He exits the tunnel and takes a dirt path.


He then arrives at the shipping warehouse. The workers hear the sound and duck for cover. The McLaren enters to see no one to run over.


Murph: "Where's everyone?"


Murph began making more donuts than Dunkin' Donuts on rush hour.


Eventually, Jacob appears. He gets in the car. He wonders where Murph's bag went.

Jacob: "Hey. Where's your luggage?"

Murph: "I put it at where I'm living at, at an undisclosed location in the middle of nowhere."

Jacob: "Right.."

Song: Burnout 2 Destroyer Mix - Stephen Root & Steve Emny

As the supercar leaves, Murph attacks the manager with words.

Murph: "I'll see you guys with some cargo, alrite?"

Manager: "Okay, but no more tricks ok?"

Murph: "Can't guarantee that, ol' bean.


Later, the car drives through the freeways at a high speed. Jacob sees the car also has a Hudsen Tech control panel.

Murph: "It's stock with that panel, mind you."

Jacob: "So you know where to go?"

Murph: "Mission Beach?"

Jacob: "You still remember where?

Murph: "Uh huh."


The car drifted exiting the freeways, and into the winding wide roads of Mission Beach.


The beach was peaceful and nice.... for a Twin-Turbo V8 supercar to blast through with a madman in control.


The car drifts through a big turn, spooking another car to stop.



Murph: "Hey Jacob, you wanna see some sun tanning chicks?"

Jacob: "I'm married!"

Murph: "Your loss, mate. And.. MY CAR!"

The McLaren smashes through the police barrier.


Jacob: "Hey, you nuts?"

Murph: "That's a compliment."

The car drives through the sand, showing the tyres Murph uses are more than just radials for supercars.


Jacob: "You're not scared of getting that sand somewhere in the chassis?"

Murph: "I'll get someone to clean it; Lee isn't the only mechanic master in America."

Eventually, the mad MP4-12C went to a nice seaside home.


It stops at the front door. Jacob gets out.


Jacob: "Hey Murph!"

Murph: "What's up pal?"

Jacob: "I might not be back for the list, but if you guys are actually losing.."

Murph: "I'll make that call to you, no charge."

Jacob: "And take care buddy."

Murph: "Cheers, mate."

The McLaren leaves the area, probably to invade more streets with speed.


Jacob rings the bell, to have his mother, Laura, open for him.

Jacob: "Hi, Ma'."

Laura: "Jake, dearie, you've arrived. Where's your car?"

Jacob: "I'm having it sent to Japan. Murph sent me here."

Laura: "You sure it's fine to hang out with a nutcase like him?"

Jacob: "If we've been buddies for a while, it is. Don't worry, Ma'."

They enter the house. This is the first time Jacob went in such a lavish home, though he knows Keith lives a similar life.

Jacob: "Where's Pa'?"

Laura: "He's just maintaining his cars dearie. How about you say hi? I'll get lunch ready. I have your favorite."

Jacob: "You're an angel as always, Ma'."

He went to the garage. Jacob's dad, Louis Jr, is busy working with something under an old Corvette C3 Convertible.

Jacob: "Pa', I'm here."

Louie: "Jake? I'm coming out"

After a father to son hug, they discuss current events.

Louie: "So, who brought you here?"

Jacob: "You remember Murph?"

Louie: "Of course."

Jacob: "Let's just say he barely got me here alive."

Louie: "That's just like him. Hope we don't meet him in E.R."

Jacob, while new to the home, isn't new to his dad's cars. His dad has collected most non limited edition Corvettes, even the original C1. What he didn't know was the presence of a revived 60' Corvette by Art Morrison.

Jacob: "This looks pretty ancient to be at the front."

Louie: "That's my favourite one. Revived by Art Morrison, i drove it a lot as it brings me back to when i was a young boy."

Jacob: "It's good to hear that."

Louie progressed to hit the ignition. The engine was turned on. It roars like a hot rod.

Jacob: "You sure you can still drive, Pa'?"

Louie: "I drove cars that handle like a barn. Don't you doubt me, Son!"

Jacob: "Course i don't."

Just when they're about to have a drive, Laura calls for lunch. The men put their boys' toys away and goes back up.

After lunch, the family had their own obligations. Louie went to a mechanic who's been working on his C4, and Laura went shopping for groceries. Jacob, while alone and finished checking his social media, takes a nap in one of the bedrooms.


He had a dream. He is in a white void. Empty, he looks around. He sees a woman. The woman is walking away. She disappeared. Recognizing her, he naturally speaks.

Jacob: "Jess?"

The woman appeared in his face. In a haunting voice, she yelled at Jacob.

???: "You left me... and so... i left you."

Jacob eventually went to reason with his inner demon.

Jacob: "Jess. Please."

???: "Don't call me JESS!"

Jacob: "Alright then, Rin Nishimura!"

Ghost of Rin: "Do you see the consequences. The prizes that you have gained, after leaving me!"

Jacob: "I didn't leave you for nothing"

Ghost of Rin: "You left me to die."

Jacob: "I would if i didn't get the money to free you from your slumber!"

Ghost of Rin: "You should've stayed by me. I need you personally."

Jacob: "Are you saying i'm a bad husband?"

Ghost of Rin: "Your actions will account for that, but let me ask: are you ready to settle down and stop being some cliche racer cowboy?"

Jacob: "That legacy has ended."

Ghost of Rin: "That legacy rewarded you and deepened my suffering."

Jacob: "Your suffering is also my suffering, Rin."

Ghost of Rin: "I.."

Jacob: "QUIET!"

A long pause started. The dream world shook.

Jacob: "I won't let you judge my weaknesses. I still love you, Rin. And i know you are smarter than this, and you would love me so. You aren't a stupid woman."

The ghost of Rin starts to tear up.

Jacob: "I married you, with purpose. The Rosses want a good wife, the Nishimuras want a strong husband; they both support this. I don't want to fight an illusion of my weakness no more. You know you need me, Rin."

Jacob felt strong, and as he reasons with the demon within, he sends his final blow.

Jacob: "We all make mistakes, Rin. I have. Did i want to race for the cash? I do. But i wish to prevent any mistakes like that crash. If I'm the best driver in the world, there wouldn't be any reason we split up like that. We'll settle down somewhere and be a happy family."

Ghost of Rin: "And now..*sob* if you still love me so.. come and find me *sob* in the real world."

Jacob: ".... I would do anything to do that."

Ghost of Rin: "Do what you want to help, but i beg of you.. *sob* save me. Save me from the prison of loneliness."

She moves away by some unnatural force, trying to reach on to her husband. Jacob reaches out for her, but their hands phase through each other, and he ends up falling down an abyss that appeared out of nowhere.


Jacob woke up panting. The clock just ticked in at 4 pm. The parents just came home to see Jacob on the couch, looking depressed.

Laura: "Jake! Dearie, what's wrong?"

Jacob: "It's.. It's about Rin, Ma'. It's someone i regret letting go."

Louie: "She didn't file a divorce?"

Jacob: "No.."

They had a talk about Jacob's new motivation in life: to find the woman that he loved.

Jacob: "She ran from me. I can already feel the pain. My life is empty without her."

Louie: "Son. How are you going to find her?"

Jacob: "I asked Keith that day. He knows someone that can help."

Laura: "Jake dearie, we know you're trying your hardest, but we doubt she's in America now."

Louie: "So, Japan is your best bet. You can try asking the Nishimura clan."

Jacob: "They may not forgive me after my desertion. I might have to prove it. Strength and charm, i know i have. But i have a feeling they may question my driving prowess."

Louie: "Thus, your Ford GT?"

Jacob: "Will be the key to unlock the door."

Laura: "Racing. It's in your father's blood. I know you can do it, Jake dearie."

Jacob: "Wherever she may be, i just know it.. she still loves me."

When Jacob has been married for a while now, he once lived happily with his wife: a Japanese woman who moved to America for studies. She was named Rin Nishimura, renamed Jessica Ross after marriage. She and Jacob got into a car crash, in which Rin received a coma, and Jacob got out with a few minor injuries. He provided money for her treatment by street racing, and continues to prove he wouldn't make more accidents by being the Most Wanted; an ego that built him as a self proclaimed king of the roads. It is rumored that when she woke up, she had a minor case of amnesia, and ran away. Jacob was too occupied with being Outlaw to find her, until now.

Jacob: "My flight's tomorrow, to Japan."

Louie: "Give your condolences to Alan for me, son."

Laura: "And give Keith a mother's love for me."

Jacob eventually parted ways with his parents. His objective is to now find his loved one, while carrying on life with a new main language, new opportunities and old friends.

FIN Part 1

Author's Notes

-Jacob was intended to have a normal American wife. It would coincide with the plot though.

-There were a lot of names i had to go through before i had to settle with Rin. Same with her surname.

-Yes, i know the rims are different due to model region difference, but correct me if it isn't.

-I have no plans to use other racing games from here on out until one part later. All GT5 now baby!

- This won't be last time you hear from the manager.

-Miss The New Blacklist? They will be referred to, or even make an appearance as the story goes on.

-Next part maybe Sunday.

-I'm aiming for a few things in this fanfic: dark protagonist, tragic love story, interesting blend of characters and maybe minimal deaths. Important that i get reminded if i lose track of these.

Cars Introduced.

- Murph's MP4-12C. 575pp

Cast Introduced.

- Rin Nishimura (Jessica Ross). Apparently, Jacob is a married man. Rin was his wife before an amnesiac attack dragged her away from Georgia. Suspecting she's in Japan, Jacob goes himself to find her, and hopefully rekindle their love.
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Part 2: Hilltop Hijinks


Jacob returned from that flashback to the real world. The adventures he has went through just now seemed like it happened to him for real. He blindly drove the Ford through the freeways, until he regained his senses and slowed down to an unexpected corner that claimed many unfortunate street racers.


Jacob: "Not today, Reaper... Rin is waiting for me..."

He turns on the international radio station as he enters a long tunnel. A song was playing on the station.


Song: Pendulum - Crush

As he goes through the tunnel, he got bored. He wouldn't go using his phone at blinding speeds, and thus, he decided to look through his Hudsen Tech control panel touchscreen and goes through what can it do.


Knowing that the Ford is supercharged, not turbocharged, he wonders why there's a Turbo prompt.

Jacob: "Turbo? Did Lee put something behind my back?"

Pressing the option has the screen show another prompt.


Already going 211mph, Jacob didn't expect the car to go any faster, until it happened.



Feeling like Clarkson's Ariel Atom ride, Jacob feels like going through an airplane takeoff. Holding the throttle like a child and their teddy bear, Jacob truly feels the force emitting from the turbo.

Jacob: "Whoohoo.. the presence of this device really makes the cars seem unfair."


As the turbo takes the car to 232 mph, the car surprisingly stays intact.


Soon, Jacob gets used to the Turbo power. He wonders if Lucia can adjust his Ford's gearing for him. He soon enters a state of focused speed. A speed racing trait, with tight hands on the steering wheel.


When the turbo finishes, the control panel shows some sense of humor.

:) :) :)

Jacob: "Really?"

Eventually, he slows to a halt.


He gets out for a moment to check the engine. To his surprise, while hot, it looks like it can function perfectly fine. Then, he takes a small rest in the car, waiting for his engine to cool down.

Jacob uses this time to reminisce on how he arrived in Japan. A long flight from California to Tokyo enters his mind scape.


During the flight..

Attendant: "Ladies and gentlemen, we appear to have hit a patch of turbulence. Please, return to your seats and fasten all safety belts. All refreshments are now on halt. Thank you."

Jacob sits comfortably in the First Class section. A perk of racing underground with one car, is a lot of leftover cash. Most racers have backup cars, and it means Outlaw has to deal with way less expenses. Outlaw's cash is unknown, but it was rumored that it reached past the million mark.

He watches a box office movie in the provided screen. He found it boring due to it being a comedy, with slapstick humor and some rather immature jokes. Having nothing else to do but laugh forcibly is torture to his mind.

Eventually, since the flight is not going to arrive soon, Jacob took another rest sleep, with intent to face off another nightmare. Already facing off an angry form of his runaway wife, he expects the worst from his inner demon.


He enters another white void. Expecting to see another version of Rin, Jacob started to look around. Instead of Rin, he found a man wearing a familiar outfit. This outfit belongs to Jacob's villainous alias: Outlaw, looking like a demon. No doubt, a verbal battle is about to ensue.

Aspect of Outlaw: "You're willing to throw away my legacy, just like that?!"

Jacob: "This legacy? It cost me my girl!"

Aspect of Outlaw: "She's just a tool! She knows nothing about racing! It's in our blood, from our father. You're making us proud with the actions you gave up on."

Jacob: "You tell me, what do i gain from continuing the fight with the police?"

Aspect of Outlaw: "Fame, fortune, whatever! It's making you an idol to the racing world. You could get a lot in this world with that life, maybe even another wife."

Jacob: "I agree, but things like that goes too far, and you would undermine Rin like that? That's where it all goes wrong."

Aspect of Outlaw: "Tools are to be replaced once they break. Do you use a hammer that breaks after every hit? All those racers, proved incompetent by your gang, and they proved nothing to your skills."

Jacob: "My skills are nothing if i would just use if like that. Do you realise these skills i get are with reason?

The aspect of Outlaw stops being aggressive to his human self.

Jacob: "It's for Rin! All the times the police chases us was for her, you selfish fool! I would come up to her and tell her.. that her desertion was not for my profit and for her sake; and then she would come back to my life. There! Would you accept that?"

Aspect of Outlaw: "..."

Jacob: "I'm not planning to let go a tool, that i would willingly reuse, because it's the best gift a man needs."

Aspect of Outlaw: "You won't turn your back on racing?"

Jacob: "I don't plan on giving up racing if it means i love her. Not by a long shot."

Aspect of Outlaw: "You know, Rin is nothing but a sad story without us. Just do an old sheriff one favor."

Jacob: "..."

Aspect of Outlaw: "I want you to live a life that would make Rin proud. Drive your car to sustain your desires and hers, not to prove yourself, because you already have. I hope for your sake, your friends accept you on who you want to be. Let Outlaw be your guide should you go against the law."

Outlaw walks away, while his iconic riced out Mustang suddenly appears. He enters the car, and roars the engine, causing Jacob to be unexpectedly blasted away.


Jacob wakes up again, to have the flight already overseeing Japan's mainland. The plane lands shortly afterwards.

Captain: "Konnichiwa and welcome to Narita International Airport. Please ensure all hand luggage are taken with you and have a safe journey."

Jacob leaves the plane, with one thing on his mind:

Jacob: "Outlaw... am i glad you are on my side."

He eventually gets himself to immigration. He gets asked by the officer:

Immigration Officer: "(broken) Reason of visit, mister *flicks through passport* Yaekob Rossu?"

Jacob: "*sigh* I have family here. He lives in Fuji."

After the hullabaloo with baggage claim, Jacob goes out, to see familiar faces. An old man who has wisdom and experience written on his face, and an Italian man, with swaying hair and undeniably charming good looks. No doubt they were happy to see their old friend.

Bern: "Jacob! Mio buon amico!(my good friend)"

Alan: "That's him? Oh my goodness, it has been ages. Did you do something to your hair, good sir? Haha."

Jacob: "Bern. Alan."

Bern: "Oh! He remembers us. Ti devo(I owe you), old man."

Alan: "Let's see what bag of tricks i have.. You drive us back then? Hahah."

Bern: "Oh, did i just get swindled by some old man? Dannare(damn)!"

Jacob: "Well I'm seeing you two getting along well."

Bern: "Shut up, man!"

The three get into a car that Alan normally drives around with. A Chrysler 300C.

Jacob: "Don't you have anything more classy?"

Bern: "Sorry, amico mio. Limited budget."

Alan: "It was this chap's idea of getting this."

Jacob: "Well, i like Chrysler, so you got lucky, Bern."

Bern: "Gratzie. (Thanks)"

After a while, they end up in a road in downtown Tokyo.


Jacob: "So, it's a left side road.. Hey Bern, you okay with the wheel."

Bern: "I don't mind driving for you, but Alan. Come on, mi servo?!"

Alan: "It's good to have a break from the things i do."

Jacob: "What, dusting the pans and things like that?"

Alan: "It's more interesting than that, my boy."

Bern: "He does teach Luce a lot of things."

Jacob: "Luce huh? How's you and Luce by the way? All Romeo and Juliet does is go kiss?"

Alan: "Hahaha."

Bern: "Oh hahaha (sarcasm).. I'm gonna propose to the signora soon, but just need to get things out of the way first."

Jacob: "Like?"

Bern: "Her new racing business and sponsors. All lavore da fare(work to do)."


Jacob: "Well, she needs something to do. Not just learning."

Bern: "I know, amico."

Jacob: "And.. I'm noticing some changes made to this car. I've been in mafia transports in Rockport.."

Alan: "Oh, this? Well, Luce wanted to lighten the big lug, and it was Keith's idea to put better parts."

Jacob: "Now that you mention it.. How's Keith?"

Alan: "He's getting all excited. It's his big brother that's coming."

Jacob: "Not big surprise."

Bern: "Keith wants to show suo fratello (his brother) the skills he got racing here, and he reserved part of Motegi for us to have a shootout in a week's time."

Jacob: "Well, i can't guarantee my car coming here at that time."

Bern: "Your car? It better be something that can match ours."

Jacob: "Well, impress me."

Bern: "You remember my graduation gift? A Murcielago LP-640."

Jacob: "You can do better, Bern."

Bern: "I gave it the works. It's got 740 horses with a racing exhaust. Unless you spent a fortune, you can't beat Il Toro."

Jacob: "Okay. What about you, Alan?"

Alan: "I have some obligations; I can't come."

Bern: "He drives a lot of classics. I don't know what you have that can match our cars."

Alan: "Oh, you will be surprised."

Jacob: "How about Luce?"


Bern: "She drives a lot of different cars. A tuned Audi TT, maybe the Z she tweaked."

Jacob: "Anything she prefers nowadays?"

Alan: "I overheard her mentioning she's going to be using her newly tuned BMW 1 series just for this. That what you want, Bern?"

Bern: "Oh yea! That's it! Gratzie, Alan. That even i don't know"

Jacob: "And i have this deep feeling Keith has a ZR-1 ready for us."


Bern: "Well, he is the capitano."

Jacob: "You don't need rocket science to figure that out."

Alan: "That chap took weeks to figure out driving that thing like a pro."

Jacob: "Well, I'm sure I'll take longer. Corvette's are known to test their driver's skills"

Bern: "Ai yaa!"


Jacob: "Bern!"

Bern: "Mi dispiace(sorry)."

Alan: "Remember, you need to work on that throttle, Bernardo."


Jacob: "That's the way out?"

Bern: "Yes."

Jacob: "Well, you need GPS devices."

Bern: "I don't drive to Tokyo very often. Be lucky there's barely any traffic."

Alan: "It's going to be a while till we get there."

After a while. Both Jacob and Alan takes a nap. Bernardo tries to get used to the throttle of the Chrysler. While getting used to the car, he couldn't control his needs for a toilet; thus making a sudden stop.


Bern: "Oh man.. Pausa toilette!"

Bernardo takes a small toilet break at the mountain lookout building about a few paces away from the car. Leaving the keys behind, a suddenly awake Jacob looks at an asleep Alan and a running Bernardo.


Jacob: "What mess have i gotten myself into now?"

Jacob gets out and stretches a bit. He gets some of the fresh Japanese highland air into his body. After he does his stretches, he waits for Bernardo, only to see he's nowhere to be found. Then he hears sounds of cars.

Jacob: "Sports cars.. and a lot of them too!"

Jacob gets into the Chrysler to try his hand at racing on the mountainside. Knowing the weakness of big heavy cars on winding tight roads, he knows it would be tough.

He leaves Bernardo to his problems, and is sure Alan 'wouldn't mind'.


After a short while, he was right. A group of cars present itself, all having a fast cruise.


Jacob powers the Chrysler to catch up to the person in the back, driving a Silverado.


The group in front, while minding their own business on the roads, don't mind having any car join their drive.


The upgraded Chrysler takes advantage of the Silverado's weight, passing it from the outside.


The road's design allows the Chrysler to see all the cars in the drive.


A Supra RZ blocks the 300C, which Jacob intends to fix.


After passing the Supra, he slows to not scratch the 300C. While admiring the SVT Cobra in front, Jacob hears a heavier sound than the rest, he peeks ahead and sees:


Alan: "What in blue blazes?? Jacob! Where's Bernardo? And what's with the bright red mess in front?!"

Jacob: "I had one of these SVT Cobras at home. Man do i miss it? Is that.. a Super Bee?! That man has a great taste of muscle there."

Alan: "He really has no idea how to drive it.. I can see it."

Jacob: "That car.. i would get one if Rin was OK with it."

Jacob passes the cars and looks upon a car he once owned: a SVT Cobra


He passes it as well, praising the tune given by Lucia. He then goes side to side with a Corvette C4.


Alan: "Corvette's are popular in Japan alongside Vipers, Jacob. Don't be surprised."

Jacob: "I will be if you did say Cadillacs are too."


Jacob: "That car looks like one of those things from that racing game.. what was it? Gran Turismo? Auto Modellista? I forget."

Alan: "Focus, Jacob. Video games aren't really fair comparisons to your eyes."


Back on the mountain lookout.

Bern: "Ahhh, sensazione rilassata."

Bernardo goes to the spot where the car is, or was, for that matter.

Bern: "Mio Dio! Auto è sparita!"

Then, he notices the Chrysler passing by with other cars.

Bern: "Jacob!"


Jacob: "If this thing can take Super Bees, i think it can take my car."

Alan: "Dream on, Jacob. We're only going at 150."

Passing the Charger, the two see another interesting muscle.

Jacob: "I like the old GTR there. Very balanced and cheap too.. Hey, a Chevelle!"

Alan: "That's a rare sight. A working Chevelle!"


After a while.


Jacob: "There are a lot of old Skylines and Lancers here. I like them compared to their new age versions."

Alan: "Sorry to say, but Keith bought a limited version of the new GT-R.. more powerful and cost about 300k American. It was named after some bloke who was known as the Stig round these parts."

Jacob: "Ben Collins GT-R? That's really odd to hear."


Jacob: "So the story of that Audi, is that a kid drove his mother's wagon to show off to the tuners around. Beat that, Alan."

Alan: "It's called stupidity, Jacob. Unless you want to have a derby along with the race, bringing a wagon is pretty stupid. No offense to the fellow there."

Jacob sees the leaders: an Evolution 7 and 8.

Jacob: "That's an interesting duo there."


Already devoured the Evo 7, the Chrysler hungers for the Evo 8.


Braking late by the blind corner, the Chrysler spooked the Evo 8, and caused him to slow down.


Jacob: "Mountain racing is fun. I once went round the Carbon Canyon like this."

Alan: "You and your underground street credo."


5 minutes later.


Bern: "Jake. Seriously, i like the air, but tell me next time, mi amico."

Jacob: "Sorry, Bern, but if the horn blows, I'll be the first to answer the call."

After about an hour from Jacob's drive, Jacob is directed until he sees the neighborhood of his new home. The houses are spacious, and the land area is more than enough for any family. Most of these new homes are still being built by workers, and there are very few who live here. Jacob's group of friends are one of the few.

Alan: "Keith and you will live here. Me, Lucia and Bernardo are just across the street."

Jacob: "Well, I'm expecting a welcoming party."

Bern: "Too true, mio amico. Come on, the gang's waiting."

Jacob exited the car alongside Alan and Bernardo. Waiting for them is a young, pretty German woman with a thick ponytail, a happy vibe and an attractive mini-dress.

Behind her is a cheery young man with tied blonde hair, a small beard, and a getup that's downright American. He's currently holding a party popper, ready to blow.

Keith: "Jake's here!"

Lucia: "Now there are two Herr Rosses."

Bern: "Welcome to Japan, mio amico."

After that, it was all a celebration. Food, drinks and things like that. A normal happening if someone reenters life into those that care.

Jacob eventually adapted Japanese life, while under the care of non-Japanese friends. Having a Japanese wife has it's perks on learning the important Japanese edicts and parts of it's language, although Jacob needs to know how to read it; a skill that he plans to learn.


Back in the tunnel, Jacob sees many cars speeding by. He parked away from their driving line so they can notice the GT. Seeing on how most of them are tuned domestic cars he can get hundreds of, he takes little interest, until he saw..


Jacob: "An RX-7?"

The yellow RX-7 passes by at a high rated speed.


Jacob: "I think it's about time i get going."

Apparently, as Jacob re-enters his GT, he notices there are more features on the Hudsen Tech control panel.


Jacob had a look on the panel screen. The control panel only records speed of the cars that passed by recently.

Jacob: "Let's see here. 170, 185, 188, 179, 185, 160? Huh? 201? Mighty impressive for an RX-7"

He turns on the engine once again. The roar of the supercharged V8 echoes through the tunnel.


FIN Part 2

Author's Notes

-There will be 2 more flashbacks..

-I won't translate anything from Bernardo and Lucia if they seem simple or widely used. Japanese people will speak romanized Japanese if a foreigner is around, or translated to English when the scene only carries Japanese.

-I'll amp up a bit of funny and action.

-Next part introduces another 2 characters. One of them is the creator's pet; a character i like the most, but you may not like. The other is the owner of the RX-7.

-I'm having trouble with splitting narration and dialogue. I'm hoping the Italics helps, or i might try font change..

-Yes, this story starts REAL REAL slow. I'll try to speed up.

-The race on the mountains are added in the final print.

-The name of the title is referencing a track on an old PS1 racing game RC Revenge called Hilltop Hairpins, but i don't see any hairpins on my run with those cars.

Cars Introduced.

-Alan's Chrysler 300C. Tuned for 500pp.
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Sorry to say, but Keith bought a limited version of the new GT-R.. more powerful and cost about 300k American. It was named after some bloke who was known as the Stig round these parts."

Sounds familiar... :lol:

Nice read. 👍
I like this story. I like how you've taken it slowly and have been very in-depth with character profiles etc.
Part 3: A Red Spy Is In The Base??

As Jacob exits the tunnel, he didn't realize his long waiting made the clouds above drizzle. The roads are soaked while Jacob exits the tunnel.


He drives in at 170mph. While still very high, it's as high as he goes under the rain. But then...


Jacob: "The police scanner's picking something up."

The Hudsen Tech police scanner starts listing down an APB translated from Interpol.




Jacob: "This country too? Oh wait... Interpol?"

While planning an escape from Route 7, Jacob looks up to see a toll booth is ahead.


Jacob: "I just wonder how much is the toll around here?"

He finds an automatic toll machine, with nobody around. Lacking the top up card needed to pass these tolls when there's nobody to monitor it, Jacob surveys the area. After a while, he sees a machine with a car picture on it, with guidelines in Kanji.

Luckily for Jacob, he comes naturally prepared, like what he did in Rockport. He has a special Kanji reader on his smartphone. The Kanji eventually becomes Romaji, and he continues to translate that into English.

Jacob: "Let's see here.. use your Kousoku prepaid toll card to pass the toll booths in a flash."

Instructions read by Jacob leads to more instructions.

Jacob: "1. Put in 1500 Yen for card, with free 1000 yen topped in. Seems like a deal."

Jacob: "2. Wait for machine processing."

Jacob: "3. Grab your card, and thank you."

Following the instructions, Jacob gets the card. He goes back to his Ford and uses the card, fearing the incoming police patrol.

Jacob: "Go, my dark horse. Outlaw commands you!"

The aforementioned dark horse reins to life, and does nil to sixty in just 3 seconds. The momentum is just enough to escape the area without a trace, hoping that his prints left will be veiled by the rain.


To lay off the heat from the police, Jacob chooses to drive through the dark village roads. For the rain to stop and the skies clear, Jacob can finally get some speed up. While taking his time, he chooses to go slow, which, on the contrary, shown by an ex-street racer is about 100mph.


Jacob: "Dark, and there should be barely any activity. Though, i don't really know what holiday is being celebrated."

He then finds a gas station in the middle of nowhere. While his GPS is positive this route will lead him home, Jacob gets off to refuel and ensures his car's engine is fine from the aftermath of the Turbo system.


During refueling, Jacob opens the car's bonnet at it's back. As he inspects the car's parts, some people pointed at him and came over to see the Dark Horse.

Attendee: "Anata wa Kuroiuma desu ka?"

Jacob: "Huh? That means.. "are you". And that word.."


Hideki Flashback: "Look out for the word "Kuroiuma"; that's the word they'll most likely use."


Jacob: "You're talking to me?"

Jacob looks through a note on his smartphone to help him face off Japanese dialect.

Jacob: "Umm.. "Nihongo ga dekimasen (I don't speak Japanese.)"

The man that asked initially is shoved by another man.

English speaking attendee: "Mr. Ford driver man! You not Japanese. And you speak only English?"

Jacob: "Glad there's an English speaker.. Yes, and tell these guys the cowboy that rides the Dark Horse, is me."

The Japanese group of three gas station attendants, apparently car enthusiasts, mingle within their circle. Only one person knows and understands English in that group, using him as their ambassador. He then asks Jacob:

English speaking attendee: "You want anything, Kishu-san?"

Jacob: "Kee-shuw?"

English speaking attendee: "It means horse rider."

Jacob: "Oh.. well..

Jacob has a lot in his head, but he eventually had the perfect use for a bunch like them.

Jacob: "Can you have a look if anything's worn out in the V8. You all look like capable mechanics. And call me Kuroiuma-san. I'll give you that much."

English speaking attendee: "Yes we can, Kuroiuma-san. We'll tell you what needs replacing."

The group gets started with spanners and flashlights, while Jacob takes a rest in the store after removing the petrol nozzle, closing the gas cap and paying for fuel. He eventually reminisces, once again, but this time, it's about his Ford.


It's been one week since Jacob got to Japan. He wakes up spectacularly early, at 4 AM. He has something to do. He needs a car for the Motegi shootout Keith planned for their small group. He rummages through his e-mail

Jacob: "Let's see.. trash, junk, trash, more spam."

Jacob then finds a lone e-mail from the Seacrest container shipping that arrived the day before.

Jacob: "Dear Jacob.. your package has arrived.. head to Osaka bay.. Oh hmm.. that's a reasonable price."

Jacob finishes his transaction via online banking with one of his secure banks. Seeing on how it's just 4 AM, he knows only one person that may be awake. After taking a shower and preparing for today's activities, he looks online for a driving guide to Osaka from Fuji.

Jacob: "5 hours? Son of a.."

Jacob has the priority on today to make it in the shootout in time with his GT. He goes next door to see one of his mentors, Alan, drinking some Earl Grey.

Jacob: "Hey Alan."

Alan: "Jacob? Up at this early hour?"

Jacob: "You still remember about the shootout today?"

Alan: "Don't you remember I'm not part of that?"

Jacob: "It's about my car."

Alan: "Oh, yes. You haven't divulged to us on what it is."

Jacob: "It's here in Japan, and I'm hoping you can take me to Osaka in 3 hours."

Alan: "Wha? That fast?"

Jacob: "Does it look like I'm lying?"

Alan: "Well, i don't want to answer that. But i think i can help. Come with me."

Alan walks about a few blocks away from the house, with Jacob following. Upon entering the small town nearby, there are people around that hang around or prepares their business. As Alan walks further and further, Jacob gets more intrigued by the surroundings. Eventually, the two arrive in a rather sturdy looking hangar-like structure. Alan opens the door with a retinal scanner.

Jacob: "This isn't some sci-fi theater, is it?"

They both enter.

Alan: "You see, Jacob my boy, this here is my private collection. No other mortal has been here other than myself."

Jacob: "You better have something with a proper working engine."

Alan: "Rest assured, all the cars here can still run, last i checked."

Jacob sees all sorts of vintage, and classics that Alan keeps over his years. There's an E-Type, a 300 SL, a 2000GT and a few more. The cars are arranged well, except for one car in the back, which is all covered up.

Jacob: "So, how does Luce and Bern not know about this?"

Alan: "Well, let's say when they're not home, i bring these in from time to time."

Jacob: "I'm not sure you can help me, if the best thing you have is just a Countach."

Alan: "Jacob.. you worry too much. Open up that cover."

Jacob opens the cover, and sees a blue Jaguar XJ220 that seems new, for it's age.

Jacob: "This.. this is.."

Together: "Perfect."

The 2 men enter the car, with Alan on the wheel.

Jacob: "You better still have it, old Al."

Alan: "Hohoho, you will see why they call me The Bristol Harbinger."

Alan turns the ignition. The turbocharged V6 lives once again. It leaves an impressive sound. One that is nostalgic to both the men inside.

Alan: "Ready? For the Japanese road trip of your life."

Jacob: "I have this feeling that i won't be seeing the end of these road trips anytime soon."

The Jaguar leaves the hangar with an automatic door, and sets off from Fuji. It gets on the freeways. The mostly empty freeways are peaceful, and for Alan, a perfect time to reach the legend's well known 218 mph top speed.



*Car engine sounds*


Keith gets up from his alarm. Normally a nocturnal person, Keith rearranges his sleeping pattern for race weekends or things that needs doing in the morning.

He opens the blinds to let the light in. Getting some fresh air from the outside, he accidentally sees a rather disturbing view of Lucia.

Keith: "Waaah!"

As Lucia notices Keith's current location, the blinds quickly cover up.

Lucia: "Hmm.. Darf nichts sein.(Must be nothing)"

She ignores and moves in the shower room. Back across the street..

Keith: "I'm too young for this s:censored:t, but then again, Jake's married... Damn, i need to grow up."

After a bit, Keith dresses up and sees a note left by Jacob on the dinner table.

Keith: "What's Jake up to now?"

He reads the note.

Keith: "Getting my car at Osaka. Meet you guys in Motegi by midday."

Keith gives this a bit of thought.

Keith: "If from here to Motegi is 3 hours, and Osaka from here is 4... Jake.. You better make it in time. I want to see your ride in action."

At the time the gang had breakfast, Jake and Alan drove fast on the freeways near their destination. The speedometer reached 218mph.


Jacob: "So, how about you lighten this car? Put lighter seats or engine parts."

Alan: "Jacob.. the stock car is fine. It's the pureness of the car that makes it a joy to drive."

The radio has been on for some time, showcasing the music of the 70s to the 90s. Music that Alan enjoys, especially on these long cruises.

Alan: "So, Jacob. What do you listen to often?"

Jacob: "The golden ages of rock."

Alan: "Well.. *listens to DJ* I'm sure you enjoy Queen."

Jacob: "They're fine to me."

Alan: "Fine?! To Queen! Blasphemous."

Jacob: "You want to prove me otherwise? I do know a few songs."

Alan: "How about.. Under Pressure?"

Song: Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure

The song's bass riffs, stolen by a rapper, beats through the stereo.

Jacob: "I like this."

Alan: "Relax to the tunes, my boy."


While listening to the music, the car nears it's destination.The Jaguar keeps up it's 218mph top speed; showing the engine still working after all those years. The car enters Route X. A notable speed testing zone for cars.

Jacob: "Route X. It's like they can't just add another number to these freeways."

Alan: "Well, this route has a bit of history with speed tuners putting their cars at face melting speeds."


Alan: "On your left, you will see some windmills. Probably used to power the lights around here, and it's efficient due to the sea breezes."


Jacob: "Fine job to the engineers there."


Jacob: "An airfield?"

Alan: "Well, this is a military airfield. Shoot on sight and more of your American rules. It's hardly used now, but there are planes now and then."

Jacob: "Funny. I would love to get assigned here on duty."

The speeding Jaguar approaches a tunnel.


Jacob: "Just realized. How come there's no enforcement on speeds here?"

Alan: "Technically, this part of Osaka isn't fully owned by the Japanese Government. You'll see why in a bit."

Inside the tunnel, the Jag speeds through like a cheetah, with blinding lights.


They pass by a communications array.


Jacob: "These things are military level."

Alan: "Believe it or not, the port we're going to is mainly operated by the American Navy. Lot's of drag racers and muscle enthusiasts. You'll feel just like your Marine days again, eh Jacob? Hahaha."

Jacob: "I don't know.. I had friends that died serving our flag."

Another big turn faces the speeding Jaguar.


Jacob: "Hey.. you know. Queen is interesting."

Alan: "Glad to hear that, my boy."


Jacob: "How's about more recommendations. I know the really popular ones, but any undermined classics?"

Alan: "Try The Invisible Man."

Jacob: "I heard that song's name before, from Scatman John."

Alan: "Shame that you hadn't hear the original, but i applaud Scatman for covering it his own way."

Jacob: "Rest in peace, to both of them."

Port in sight, the Jaguar leaps for approach.


Alan: "Here we are."


Jacob: "Where are we stopping?"

Alan: "Go by the ship outside. The building here's for parking and, believe it or not, some racing crews use the outside rooms here like pit lanes. They are public, last I've been here."

The Jaguar started to brake.


It stopped near a passageway. Jacob gets out.

Jacob: "Alright Alan. You better get going to your meeting."

Alan: "Haha, don't worry about me, Jacob. This cat will get me there in no time. See you later."


Alan made the car burn rubber; an unexpected move from a sophisticated old man.


Jacob walked in the port, to see a navy soldier guarding the entrance to the containers.

Guard: "Halt."

Knowing American soldier lingo, Jacob talks the way he used to.

Jacob: "At ease, soldier."

Guard: "An American? Man do we not get people like you around here getting cargo everyday."

Jacob: "You know it."

Guard: "I don't like your tone man. You don't look like a soldier to me."

Jacob: "Well, I dress up like this everyday, but I assure you, I was a marine once."

Guard: "How's about some info with that, sir. I have databases for id checks."

Jacob: "Look for a Gunnery Sergeant Ross. Status: Alive and off duty."

The navy soldier looked through the database. The army is well known for having some of the fastest internet speeds for intel purposes. Eventually, he sees Jacob's name and photo when he was a soldier; confirming his facts.

Guard: "Id, confirmed. A gunny eh? Why'd you go off duty anyways?"

Jacob: "I got married, you know, settle down."

Guard: "Live the good old American life. I get your point. I got kids back home."

Jacob: "Where did you live?"

Guard: "Arizona. Whole family stays together there."

Jacob: "I'm a Georgia man myself, but i have family in California. I live with my brother, the race car driver in Japan."

Guard: "You're Keith Ross' brother? Nice. Before i lose myself, i need to know why you're here."

Jacob: "I'm here to collect some cargo. Here's the box number and receipt."

The navy soldier reads the papers and accepts Jacob into the area.

Guard: "Yeah.. let's see in the computer.. Ah! Your cargo's waiting for you, Gunny. Here's the number and the keys. Just ask the workers or soldiers for directions if you're lost. It's rather hectic in there sometimes; makes me glad i work post here."

Jacob: "Thanks, private."

Guard: "Gunny."

Jacob goes in. Using his Gunnery Sergeant status, he got help from a few people about where is his cargo. The helpful soldiers help Jacob get what he wants. After half an hour, Jacob has the crate ready for deployment. The large crate opens and..

Jacob: "Unscratched, unmoved, and new tires and rims. Excellent."

He then took out his keys from his pocket and started the V8. The sound from the exhaust took the attention of marines patrolling the cargo company, and they made remarks on the GT as Jacob drives it through the port.

"A car? Not just any car!"

"Nice car, sir."

"Would love to see that thing blast those Japanese cars."

"Sweet sweet V8 man."

"Ford needs another production run of these bad boys."

"I miss good ol' USA."

"That's something I'm afraid to drag race with."

He gets it to the outside areas where Alan told him about the race teams using the area as pits.. A few off duty marines hangs around Jacob ignores them for a while, knowing they won't help without pay. As Jacob exits his car, he goes up and gets an bolt opener to open a few bolts. When he's about to begin, he is interrupted by a soldier.

???: "Well, well, well. What's Jake doin' here in the east side?"

The figure, while looking like a short Caucasian American soldier, has a teenage bob, and a birthmark on his left eye. Jacob turns around, and immediately recognizes him.

Jacob: "Oh? A scar on the eye? Oh my, is it you, Gary Dhetto?"

Gary: "You talkin' to the boss, or well, was the boss."

The two immediately reconnect with a handshake like they were brothers.

Gary: "How's Jess, man?"

Jacob: "You didn't hear? She ran from me. No divorce, no fight. Woke up from coma. Just like that."

Gary: "Damn man! For real? Maybe she ran not because she hates you. I mean, who hates you? You're awesome!"

Jacob: "Well, thanks for the positive aura. By the way, how's a two timing, gang warlord, carjacking gangster doing in a military port across the world?"

Gary: "Yo, I'm doing public service, b:censored:h! Master got arrest, no bail in jail, only way to pay, with community!"

Jacob: "That's.. lame"

Gary: "Yeah.. I'm not into rap. Say.. this thing yours?"

Gary points to the Ford GT.

Jacob: "It is, but i need to swap some tires. You don't mind getting the jack?"

Gary: "F:censored:k that!"

Gary whistles. The off duty soldiers hanging around got closer, revealing them as Gary's goons.

Gary: "Alright you guys, this is Jake. He's my homie from way back. I owe him much, so can you fellas change a few tires?"

While the soldiers got to work, Gary takes a small walk with Jacob.

Gary: "Man, while i don't understand jack s:censored:t in this place, I'm sure i can help, right? *winks twice*"

Jacob: "How long do you have till you're done with service?"

Gary: "Today's my last day. After this is done, I'm gonna arrange me a new gang based just out of Tokyo. All American. I mean, like Caucasians, N:censored:s, Latinos. The full deck!"

Jacob: "Well, how about a proper job? For cover's sake."

Gary: "I went through the newspaper ads, and got a job as a bodyguard for this guy. A CEO of a finance company, whose name i can't yet read."

Jacob: "So, what exactly are you doing?"

Gary: "Ya son of a b:censored:h! I'm doing, you know.. *shoves Jacob*"

Jacob: "Gangster stuff."

How Jacob met Gary was another story altogether.

Jacob: "So, you drive anything? You had a nice low-rider back in the day."

Gary: "The trouble with them pimp mobiles, is the fact they don't go fast round the track, even if you put a billion horsepower."

Jacob: "Cut to the chase, Gare-bear."

Gary: "Alright. I was gonna get me a respected muscle like a Ford Thunderbird or a Plymouth Road Runner, but i got me a pony car of the 70s. Lemme find it in this crowd of a parking lot."

As Gary surveys the large parking lot from a distance, he sees cars of all varieties. After half a minute of wrong pointing, he gives up.

Gary: "Well, s:censored:t. It's time for backup."

Gary takes out a keyring, and uses the car lock system.

Jacob: "How do you have an electric car lock when the car's as old as.."

Gary: "Hup hup hup, listen..."

He pushes the button. A car beeps twice.

Gary: "Hey, you wanna back off? The parking's for employees only!"

Jacob: "Just get the damn thing already."

Gary leaves Jacob and enters the parking lot. With id in hand, he moves towards his car, starts it and drives it to a spot where he spins and parks it.


Jacob: "A Hemi V8?"

Gary: "I had this thing put through multiple shops. It's got 620 bhp, a sports muffler, and everything inside actually works."

Then, one of Gary's men came to the two and told him that they're finished with the work. The two returned to the pit stop to see the car fueled up, primed and ready.

Jacob opens the ignition, he hears revival and joy.

Song: Criterion - Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 Menu Theme.

Jacob: "What a sound.."

Gary: "Indeed. When i see you without her, I'll admit, i miss Jess. Without her is kinda like soup without water."

Jacob: "Hey, Gare-bear. Let's stay in contact if you're here for a while."

Gary: "Gotcha. See ya, J."

The car leaves behind the military controlled port. No doubt Gary sees another V8 at work, hoping his vintage can catch up should they race.


The car zooms to 211mph in a bit. Jacob praises the acceleration.

Jacob: "No doubt a container cannot hold this beast."


The GT passes under an overpass at maximum velocity.


And then, it drives to the sunrise. Jacob sets up the GPS on the Hudsen Tech control panel.




The clock ticks in at 8 am. Jacob has a lot of ground, and a lot of risk. To get to the shootout in time will have him test the car's limits and go through a mix of freeways and mountain roads to ensure traffic is minimal. Jacob then remarks at the challenge.

Jacob: "This horse will ride to the challenge if I control the reins!"



When we return to the present, Jacob is browsing the various snack products being sold in Japan. While there are some well known brands, he dares not to ask about the ones with weird pictures on them. As Jacob walks out, he sees the men finished with the engine check.

Jacob: "So, how much do i owe you?"

English speaking attendee: "The car needs no new parts and we cleaned it up, Kuroiuma-san. How about 5,000 Yen for service fee?"

Jacob: "Seems fair."

As Jacob pays the group, he sees the Yellow RX-7 again, but this time, parking behind his GT.


Attendee: "It's her!"

Jacob: "Who now?"

English speaking attendee: "You'll admire her.. i know you will."

Jacob: "I'm already married. See the ring?"

The door opens to see an attractive woman with long red hair, casually dressed with a designer tank top and jeans. The trio behind Jacob wows, while Jacob gets to his car, not expecting anything. The woman suddenly takes a good amount interest in the Ford, a trait not very common in the States, and starts bombarding the black car with a camera from her smartphone.

Jacob: "Can i help you, ma'am? This is my car you're taking.."

The pretty woman then suddenly turns at Jacob's intensely frustrated face and accidentally takes a picture of it.

Jacob: "pictures of..."

As Jacob does the cold stare, he sees enthusiasm within the girl. She then goes through her phone to see a predicted photo of Jacob sourced from the CCTV at Route 5. It matched most of the features on Jacob's current face. Suddenly, she leaps into action.

RX-7 Driver: "Kuroiuma-san!"

Jacob: "Oh hell no!"

Jacob grabbed the woman's arm. Her reaction was unexpected. She just fainted in joy.

Jacob: "Strange... Hey, you guys know who she is? Saw the car pass by at 200mph."

English speaking attendee: "Her?"

The group looks and sees the fainted woman in slight amazement.

English speaking attendee: "Ohh, her? She's the owner of a prominent racing club in Kyoto. She's Ayumi Tanaka. Nicknamed Rotary-Aijin (Rotary Mistress). Famed girl who's well known in racing around Chubu and Kansai. You hit her?"

Jacob: "I had the intent but let's say i used the power of the voice."

The 4 men carry the fainted Ayumi into a small home owned by the trio. As Jacob exits the home, she awakes shortly afterwards.

Ayumi: "Doko ni? Watashi tachi wa doko ni?" (where are we?)

Attendee: "Anata wa shisshin shta." (You fainted after seeing that man)

Ayumi: "Kare desu.." (Is he..)

Attendee: "Hai. Kareha kuroiuma desu." (Yes, he's the Dark Horse.)

Ayumi's eyes suddenly open and quickly wakes up. She looks by the window and locks on to Jacob, who at the time, is bidding farewell to the English speaker just outside.

Jacob: "Thanks for the service. It's about time..."

The guys look at the door being slammed to see Ayumi, who is still crazy about a former street racer. Trying to keep calm, Jacob quickens his farewell.

Small Author's Note: Perfect time to click the link on top of the post, if you get what i mean. ;)

Jacob: "..*quickly* i get going before they know who i am."

Unfortunately for Jacob, the latter isn't true for a girl with a reputation in racing. She dashes like mad for reasons Jacob wants to not know. Jacob starts making a mad dash himself to the Ford that's ready to leave.

Ayumi: "Stop! Kuroiuma-san!"

Jacob: "I'm sorry, but I'm already married!"

At the small scale chase, Jacob's running is no way as fast as the girl behind him.

Ayumi: "No, i won't let you go so easily!"

Already on the run from the police, a two car chase would grab more attention. Jacob feels he has no choice.

Jacob: "*muttering* Why? Why me?"

He turns around quickly and catches the girl as she attempts to stop, only to choke her afterwards. Due to lack of air, she faints. Jacob, being a US marine, is trained to do non-lethal take downs without any major damage to the body.

Jacob: "Well, that's that. Tell her nothing has happened, OK?"

English speaking attendee: "Okay, Kuroiuma-san. Sayonara!"

Jacob leaves the area, hoping to never see her again..


The Hudsen Tech control panel shows that Interpol has given up on the search due to lack of evidence. This news brings up Jacob's mood after the incident with a fan girl.


Jacob: "Well, to the house!"


Back at the station..

Ayumi: "I have to see him again! He can teach me!"

Attendee: "Please, Aijin-sama! You don't have to torment Kuroiuma-san anymore."

Ayumi: "Tell me guys, do i have to beat you down on some information?"

Attendee: "Aaahh"

Ayumi: "Kidding! I'll find that man. He's going to get into my grasp after his next big break teeheehee."

The Yellow RX-7 leaves the station.



Author's Notes

-IMPORTANT!!: I have to apologize if anything related to Gary's language and mannerisms (or anything in this fanfic) breaks the GTP AUP. I have zero plans to get banned.

-Next part will be the last time you'll see the Ford GT for a while. I'll focus more on other cars in the next few parts.

-Yes, i didn't reach 218 mph. I have no idea how to reach that with a non pp adjusting XJ220.

-Yes, i really can't tell if the Romaji is right. Thanks RCKakashi14 for correcting a few things.

-Yes, unrelated references are totally unrelated. The initial title was Battle in the Base, with focus being the military base, but a battle makes no sense. I'm sure you can get that reference.

-Yes, Gary's character is based on protagonists from criminal/gangster sandbox games.

-Jacob's relationship with Gary is NOT being a fellow gangster in the past.

-Rotary-Aijin Ayumi is initially going to be introduced later, but i found an opportunity. She was intended to be the No. 1 fan of the Dark Horse, and i re-looked this mini chase scene many times to make sure i don't scar her for life. One revision had Jacob threaten her with a gun!

Cars Introduced.

-Gary's Dodge Challenger. 582pp
-Alan's Jaguar XJ220. 568pp
-Ayumi's Mazda RX-7 Spirit. Tuned for 500pp.

Cast Introduced.

- Gary Dhetto. Former gangster, who once ruled the underworld beneath Hell Lost Angeles. Arrested, he gets released on parole for years until recently. Now, he's finding work in Japan, where the US government can't find him. And he's the creator's personal favorite. Ding Dong~

- Ayumi Tanaka. A woman, famed for her handling of the Rotary engined Mazdas. Leading a racing group in her University, she is sought to find a celebrity racer to teach her to drive. Failing after multiple attempts, she knows Jacob Ross will be the one to help her.
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Allow me to correct you in the Romaji writing, pardon me for being a Grammar Nazi. :dopey:

"Anata ha Kureiuma desu ka?" should be "Anata wa Kureiuma desu ka?"

It may be written as "ha" in Hiragana, but it is written as "wa" in Romaji and read as "wa" too. Wa is a particle that shares its hiragana equivalent to "ha". Though "wa" also has its own hiragana character but not used as a particle.

"Umm.. wata shi wa ni hon go ga hanas mase."

"Umm.. watashi wa Nihongo wo hanashimasen." OR "Nihongo ga dekimasen"

- "Dekimasu" means "able to". "Dekimasen" is the negative form.

- "Kureiuma" should be "kuroiuma". Kuroi means black and the world should not change upon compounding it to a word. Kuroi is an "i" adjective.

"Kureiuma-san! Sore ha anata desu!" - simply use Kuroiuma-san!

"Koko ha doko?" (where are we?) - Doko ni? Watashi tachi wa doko ni? (where are we?)

"Anata ha ano otoko wo mi ta nochisotto u shimasta." (You fainted after seeing that man)

"Anata wa shisshin shta." (You fainted after seeing that man)

- Make it simple. The Japanese sometimes write and speak in a simplest manner.
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Part 4: The World Warriors.

After Jacob's misadventures, he finally reached home. Parking next to a silver Corvette, he gets out and locks the car. He then turns on the home security after he gets through the front door. He sees the television still on. Keith is currently playing his PS3. Jacob gets on the sofa and talks next to him.

Jacob: "Hey, what's going on?"

Keith: "Oh, nothing. How about you? You look like you had a rough day."

Jacob: "Hmm... telling my life's story at a guy, challenging the residents of Gion in Kyoto. You know, that place with all the racers.."

Keith: "Where's the place you get that bit of info? I had no idea."

Jacob: "And got chased by Interpol and a crazy fan girl. Maybe tonight's just rougher than sand, with a diamond or two in it."

Keith: "That sounded pretty entertaining actually."

Jacob: "Well, entertaining was one way to put it. I'll stay with rough, for now."

Keith: "You didn't tell anyone about Rin?"

Jacob: "...."

Keith: "Don't worry man. We'll find her. I arranged a meeting with a man that can help tomorrow. Wake up by 9, I'll get my Corvette running by 10. That Ford of yours needs a break. Look!"

Keith showed Jacob an article on Japan's hot tuners on his phone. They see the leaked photo of the Dark Horse.

Jacob: "Well, i have a penchant for getting unneeded attention"

Keith: "Besides, there's another few pictures here by someone who claim to have met the rider of the Dark Horse. Can't say the photos are fake, but i can't say they are."

The next set of pictures were uploaded a few moments before Jacob's return. Revealing that Ayumi contributes to the news, Jacob just shudders to think what his Ford is capable of.

Jacob: "That fan girl?! I need to get my way off the island of fame!"

Keith: "Well, i can't help with that, but I'll do anything if it's going to quicken your hour in the spotlight."

Jacob: "Thanks. So.. how about you? Video games?"

Keith: "Just started. I was busy arranging the things at home. Ma' wouldn't wanna see the mess in my room and the house altogether."

Jacob: "I haven't noticed anything about the mess? You should hire a butler, like Alan."

Keith: "If i had the kaching to spend, Jake. Maybe we better get the home all clean by ourselves."

Jacob: "Well, alright. Is that?"

Song: EXILE - The Next Door.

The TV, connected to the PS3, eventually showed a game. The game boots up to be:


Jacob: "Keith, this is just what i need."

Keith: "I know man! How about we get a best of 3 sets, first to five per set, like old times?"

Jacob: "You know I'm better than you."

Keith: "Who knows? It could be different. I had practice."

Jacob: "When was the last time we're gonna settle over video games?"

Keith: "If you want to fight, go fight. Don't talk."

A regular versus mode began, with Jacob playing Cody, and Keith playing Adon.

Keith: "You can't beat Muay Thai, Jake!"

Jacob: "Don't bore me too much."

The two, playing on game pads, begin their battle in the virtual world. Their battles fill the brother's seemingly endless night. Happenings to lengthened combos, ridiculous set ups and unexpected counters burn into their minds.

As their game carries on, Jacob remembers the last time they competed was at Motegi, in a shootout.


Jacob is on his way. Using the GPS from the Hudsen Tech control panel, he gets round the morning rush hour, having his racing skills tested by going through a mix of highways and weaving roads. The time ticks at 9 am. The sun shines at his car like a giant magnifying glass. Giving in to his recent addiction of Queen, he's glad a song of said band appeared on the radio.

Song: Queen - The Miracle


Jacob: "Nature and this song.. what a combination."

He takes a right turn at 100 mph, a pace he needs to keep up to reach his destination in time. This is also good practice for his driving.


The weaving roads continue, with Jacob taking a bit of oversteer that he manages to control.


The car passes by a beautiful morning sun, blocked by clouds. The sky seems pale, but that being a good thing doesn't distract the man in the car.


Tires be burned by Jacob, Outlaw Of The Dark Horse.


He then sees a silhouette that leads to a freeway entry, which means it's about to be 200mph time. Weaving traffic helps him recognize the car's wants in turning.

Jacob: "Come on. I'm going to show the gang what I'm truly capable of.



In Motegi, 2 hours later.

The guys get their cars ready. Keith was the first to arrive in a Silver Corvette ZR-1.


Keith: "Hah, 638 horsepower don't disappoint. Then again, i think Bern did get a little lost with the nice lady following him."


Keith went in the pits to meet with the track keepers from Honda.


The track keepers checked on Keith's reservation authenticity. Keith had no problem getting it sorted, and had the track for himself for a few minutes.


The practice allowed him to get familiar with the small part of the track he reserved. After a while on the track, he knew ordering spare tires from nearby garages is a good idea.


Keith: "60 on the first turn, and 50 on the next ones."


Moments later, a blaring sound was heard.


Bernardo's Murcielago arrived.


Upon hearing the sound, Keith immediately went in the pits. Then, the Murcielago went there and the two cars park in the pit lane.


Bern: "So, signore. We shall see if the Blue Devil can keep up with my Toro. You are facing a car worth it's weight in gold."

Keith: "And you spent a whole lot more than i do. Besides, proper track demon from Le Mans. A lot of fun too."

Bern: "It won't be fun if I'm racing for something, Keith."

Keith: "I don't think a bet's gonna be worth it if Lucia kicks your ass."

Bern: "I'd like to see her try. I have 700 horsepower. You know i have about a hundred more than your little ship here."

Keith: "Your heavy car? I think Luce brings the lightest car for us."

Bern: "Speaking of Luce.. where is the signora?"

Keith: "Wasn't she behind you?"

Bern: "We split up a few moments ago. I think she needs the toilet break a while back, mi amico."


The two hear a heavy turbo sound.


Keith: "That should be the nice lady?"

Bern: "Nice?! It's hard to say if the signora has quite the short fuse."


Keith: "She is a rather serious person. I wonder why you're so close to her?"

A BMW 1 series appeared and went in the pits. One look can already tell you that it's been modified heavily, with a splitter and a spoiler, with custom rims and paint job. It also carries a turbo and has mostly lightened interior.


Keith: "That's the first time I've seen this machine."

Bern: "Same here, mi amico."

The lady gets out of her car. Her decent experience compares with the two boys in terms of her car being the most drivable.

Lucia: "So, meine freunde, we get this show on the road or we wait for Jacob?"

Keith: "I vote we wait for Jake."

Bern: "I think we should see if he's coming, mi amica."

Lucia: "You're right. How about you see what i did with my car. Come on."

The boys look at the specs from a dyno. The BMW is only 1270kgs and has 570bhp, with a top speed of just 196mph. This makes it worthy to face off the Corvette and the Murcielago brought to the track.

Bern: "That's some heavy work there, mi amica. Ottimo lavoro!"(excellent work)

Lucia: "Danke." (thanks)

At the time, Keith went and called Jacob, who at the time is still on the way. Unable to answer, Keith assumes he's coming.


At the time, just entering Tochigi Prefecture, is Jacob.

Jacob: "Keith called? Well.."

Jacob looked at his speedometer.

Jacob: "I would answer if i wasn't going this fast on these turns."


Keith: "Alright guys, we get some practice done. Then we get a time in about half an hour. We only have this side of the track. The other's being refurbished. Also, Honda has gladly given us the optimal times for our level. A stock GT-R Black can take this track road legal with only 38 seconds on the clock, and i think around 37 seconds is the time to try reach. That ok?"

Lucia: "Ja."

Bern: "Si."

Keith: "Also, try to stay away when practicing, and no cars on track during our lap. Want to minimize scratches on our cars. The staff also want you to wear some racing gear for safety."

The three gets practicing after outfitting and preparing.





After a while, the gang finishes their practice runs. They all end up in the pits to decide who goes first.

Keith: "OK! Since we have the track all remembered, let's see if anyone's eager to go first."

Bern: "Well, I'll agree Keith go first, right, mi amica?"

Lucia: "Right, and you after him. Give the lady some rest."

Bern: "Then it's settled! Keith, you go first"


Keith gets the honors of going first. An honor he didn't really want.


Keith: "Those guys.. ask me to go first. What next? But at least i get to set the benchmark."

Keith's ready, but he eventually got bored after going round the track endlessly. He started making donuts before he goes for his lap. His friends are unamused and shared their opinions.


Bern: "Keith, you have to do your lap. I want to do my lap."

Keith: "I'll go, after my tires are warmed up.. heheh."

Lucia: "That's not funny! Would Jake like to see you goofing off now?"

Keith: "Aww, guys, you don't have to be so serious."

The car starts to control it's drifting. It ends up on the best line.


On the straights, Keith's shifting prowess and power control has him go through the straight in no time.


On the next turn, Keith surprisingly made an excellent grip turn; a term unable to comply from a Corvette.


The car powers onwards through the second straight.


Then, as he reaches the fifth gear, he has to brake, for fear of colliding with the sand.


He executes the next turns fast and swift.


With marks still on track, Keith is proud of his lap as he shoots the straight.


Keith: "Yeah! Who's bad. I am!"

Keith got a lap time of 37.157 seconds. While not bad, he went in too safe on this run. But he's happy with the time.


Next is Bernardo and his Murcielago.

He puts all the throttle on the turn before his lap.


Keith: "Bern, don't burn out the tires. It's not cheap to get tires imported from Italy."

Bern: "I can't give you promises, mi amico, but I'll try not to get them hot, hehehe."

Lucia: "It's that or I'll have you burned in a stew, Bern!"

Bern: "Don't worry, i won't do it again."

The 740 hp Murcielago charges towards the first turn.


On the first turn, Bernardo, a rather sloppy throttler, entered clean, but powered on in the end. This action causes more smoke to appear.


Bern: "Oops.. i didn't want that."


Back at the pit lane, Keith had a look at the lady. His reaction?

Keith: "He's dead."


The Bull exits the turn in an excellent fashion.


The sun shines brightly at the green paint. It brakes when the lights blend in with the brake lights.


He took the two turns very well, showing that his practicing paid off.


The green flash reaches the straights and shows a V12 in work. His colleagues, specifically a German woman aren't happy with his treatment on tires, despite the speed.


The Murcielago finishes. After a while, the time is confirmed and recorded at just 36.611 seconds.

Bern: "It's time you guys bow to the majesty that is Lamborghini!"


As Bernardo exits his car in the pits. An angry Lucia starts throwing at him with what she can find.

Bern: "Aaah"

Lucia: "You schwein! (pig). I'm so not paying for this mess."

Bern: "Don't scratch the paint, mi amica. Per favore! (please)"


After the small mess. Lucia gets in her car and goes round the track. The tossing of hard objects would've continued if it weren't for Keith intervening.


Bern: "Whoa.. Gratzie, Keith."

Keith: "Hey, she does have a temper. If you're going to propose to her, it better make sure you don't blow it up like that."

Her skills, while new to the racing scene, is considered above the norm, and practice runs on the track helped her learn the car's handling.

The car passes the straights.


It makes a turn that tests her steering prowess and her resistance to the G forces.

Lucia: "So, this is like to be on the track.. Exhilarating, but i just hope i won't get into any endurance races."


The car then boosts ahead.


The brakes heat up, but manages to slow the car. Lucia learns why this is fun.


The chicane was passed in a quick fashion.


The car reaches the line.


Lucia: "Racing sure is fun.. Waaahoo!"


The BMW reaches a time of 37.211 seconds, just above Keith's. The group checks the clock at 1:30 PM. Then, they have lunch.

Lucia: "My time's not that bad, if i may say so myself."

Bern: "You know it, mi amica."

Keith: "I had fun, guys. If only Alan were here."

Lucia: "What's Alan up to, Herr Bellini?"

Bern: "Something like a FIA meeting in Tokyo. There's been more unfair play in the racing scene and innocent racers are going missing or even dying. The FIA is trying to find ways to rid of these, especially in unsanctioned track racing. They can't just go to the authorities all the time."

Keith: "I heard about rumors where criminal groups have hit-men kill opposing drivers."

Bern: "Si. And also, there are cases of having cheating in form of extra power, non limiting limiters, or even sabotage."

Lucia: "Grausam!" (cruel)

Keith: "Yikes. Criminals should look at street racers for most of that."

Bern: "Speaking of street racers, where's Jake?"

Keith: "Oh, i forgot! I tried to get on his cell and i think he's driving. Whatever it is.."

As Keith grabs his phone, it suddenly rings.

Keith: "This is Keith."

Jacob: "Brother! It's time."

Keith: "Holy, don't sound like Liquid Ocelot man. It freaks me out."

Jacob: "Have a look at the screens. You're about to have a taste of what's to come."


The gang looks at the camera to the entry and sees Jacob in a Ford GT. A car, considered a collector's antique as of today.


Bern: "Dio mio!"

Lucia: "Ist dass?" (is that)

Keith: "A Ford GT?!"


The Ford enter the pits, parking next to the cars.


Jacob exits the car and starts to brag while the rest starts doing a few observations.

Jacob: "One of the 4 thousand. How's about that?"

Lucia: "Herr Ross, there are things in here that shouldn't be legal. A computer?"

Jacob: "I know. They won't mean a thing. Also, it's as legal as your funny little bodywork here."

Lucia: "Take that back."

Jacob: "I don't need to."

Bern: "Mi amico. How could you get a GT now? This is supposed to exist in collectors' homes."

Jacob: "Well, Rockport has connections with Ford Racing. I asked the people there personally to make a copy. The thing is stock, mind you. 550 horses, but i had it lightened."

Keith: "Back on track. Jake, you should go take the small track for a spin. Beat 36.611 seconds and i think you made a clean sweep."

Jacob: "After all the mess I've been through, i do think i need a few laps to cool down. Any of you guys have some spare tires? I might lose the grip on this thing."


After a moment of respite for the car and driver, the Ford exits the pits with Jacob on wheel.


Jacob starts to practice and gets the car through the first turn with burning the new set of tires.


After a few practice laps, Jacob starts his real lap. While pretty sure he can beat his friends, he wants to exceed that by a margin. He sees how difficult it is to even reach 37 seconds. The car enters the turn and..


Jacob: "Showtime!"

The car blazes through the straight.


It enters the first turn clean.


And exits it as such.


The car goes through the straight fast.


The Brembo sports brakes are tested before the next corner.


Jacob puts a little too much power at the end of the turn, causing unneeded oversteer.


And uses that momentum to change direction quickly, impressing the group.


Keith: "Whoa. That's my big brother."

Bern: "No wonder he's never caught on the streets."

Lucia: "It's too bad he's married, or he would be my king of the road."

The action they witnessed causes them to cheer.

The car crosses the line!


The time was impressive. 36.514 seconds!

Jacob parks the car by the pit line.


He exits the car with victory on his mind. At his celebration, he mutters:

Jacob: "No one can beat Outlaw!"


The brothers are neck to neck with both players taking a set each. It's 4-4 on the last set, and it's the final round. As Cody finishes a stun combo that leaves Adon with a sliver of life, Adon does a comeback that is seemingly unbelievable, with ambiguous crossovers and ridiculous unpredictability; a trait of the self proclaimed king.

Keith: "It's Keith. He's angry, and you can't stop him!"

Keith manages to stun the stun tolerant Cody. Adon progressed to finish him off with a full metered Jaguar Avalanche, a fitting end to the brothers' set.

Keith: "That's how it's done, Jake. You don't need Guile's theme with that one!"

Jacob: "Keith, that was some mad stuff. Congratulations."

Keith: "It's good to see you accepting that."

Jacob: "I'm not going to whine like a real loser."

The brothers shake hands for good sportsmanship.

Keith: "Let's get some shut eye. We have a meeting tomorrow. Goodnight, Jake."

Jacob: "Goodnight, Keith."

As Jacob ends up in his room, he wonders and wonders. Are these people Keith called the miracle workers he needs?

Jacob: "Rin..."


Author's Notes

-I play Street Fighter, and at best, at an intermediate level with Cody on a DS3; i am no Daigo Umehara.

-I redid the shootout since i didn't really care before. The best time was Jacob's GT with exactly 37 seconds.

-All the cars were in sports softs and ABS 1, no assists. These are the best i can do, but i think i might be able to reach 36.4 with other cars on this level (570-590pp).

-Difficulty on getting good times from easiest to hardest: Lamborghini(4WD), Ford(properly tuned), BMW(tuned) and last the Corvette(still requires proper control after tune).

-Aside from Marceline the Vampire Queen, Lucia's personality is based on another fanfic protagonist who goes irate after a bit, while not exact. Can you find it?

-Yes, this is like a Top Gear challenge lap time, is it? It's kind of inspired by one, while serious. Please don't make direct comparisons, as calling Lucia Cpt. Slow is kind of odd.

-Next part will introduce another character; another important plot device and will be the last character for a while. And he's not really Japanese.

-I initially planned to get some shots from the brothers' Street Fighter duel. I might do that if i feel like it. The screenshot is from PC and don't get your hopes up on playing online with me.

-The shootout above will be perfect with that link to the song. What link you say? Well, it's on the same place on the last link i teased.

-During their lunch, i had the gang mention there are too much criminals in fanfics. I'm a hypocrite though, because i have a small gunfight coming up and criminal characters, including the protagonist! :dopey:

Cars Introduced.

-Keith's Corvette C6 ZR-1. 579pp
-Bernardo's Murcielago LP640. 576pp
-Lucia's Tuned BMW 135i. 572pp
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Part 5: A Meeting Of Minds.

Downtown Tokyo, 1 PM.


Keith and Jacob are at a restaurant at Tokyo. Serving food from around the world, this restaurant is popular towards the foreign people, while also serving Japanese. The brothers await for their meeting.

Jacob: "Who is this guy we're meeting? It better not be someone from the law."

Keith: "Oh, err... he's someone i met during my first years racing the GT500. He helped with the sponsorships and agrees that as long as i race well, he'll get us cash. Life's good if you know how."

Jacob: "Well, what's his name?"

Keith: "Koji Yamazaki."

Jacob: "Koji.. i think i've heard of him!"

Keith: "You do?"

Jacob: "I'm a criminal. I have to know these big names so i have to avoid when i can."

Keith: "Criminal? Koji? He's generous for a man in his position. He would have left me for dead if he was what you call him."

Jacob: "I think he's going to be too generous."

As they wait for a while, they hear many cars pass by. While mostly domestic, there were a few tuners with showy exhausts.

Keith: "These guys know no taste of good cars."

Jacob: "I can't completely agree, but not everyone can get a Corvette you know."

Keith: "Screw you!"

Then, they hear a bigger sound. A foreign sound to be precise.


Song: Rob Zombie - Two Lane Blacktop

Keith: "Oh, Koji sent him?"

Jacob: "Him?"

Keith: "His right hand man."

The heavy sounding car appears to be a purple Challenger. It drifts through the hairpin like any muscle car fanatic would, given they can do so.


Keith: "I wonder what Koji's up to if he sent him."

Keith prepares himself, while Jacob, knowing who's in the purple car, prepares a more casual look. The Challenger parks next to the restaurant.


The man getting out is former gangster Gary Dhetto.

Keith: "Jacob, meet Ga.."

Already knowing the man approaching them, Jacob does what's natural.

Jacob: "Gare-bear!"

Gary: "My brotha' Jake! What up dawg, gimme some skin."

The two buddies shook hands like they were buddies for life; something Keith didn't anticipate.

Keith: "You met before?"

Jacob: "Oh, if you told me it was Gary beforehand, i'd tell you more."

Gary: "Sorry, Keith my man."

Keith: "That's alright, but how'd you meet."

Jacob: "It was a disturbing case of Gary taking a little "nap" with someone's wife. Said wife is missing."

Gary feels a bit of frustration with that one.

Gary: "Talk later, i have orders. Get in the restaurant, home boys."

The three enter the restaurant. Gary asked for a table of 4.

Keith: "Where's Koji?"

Gary: "Mr. V's is in a board meeting for a while. He's coming in 10 minutes tops."

Jacob: "I know this Koji guy's traits. Top of the food chain, wise, decisions that affect the world even, but to hire American muscle?"

Gary: "A bunch of Yakuza's under him went outta control, and then they bounced. With their leave, that's half the men under his wing gone."

Jacob: "So, you ever had a few turf wars?"

Gary: "Naw, this city's too strict, and we don't have a working gang yet. Mister V sends me on private errands that involves, say, bullets on Yakuza heads and maybe people in his way."

Jacob: "You haven't changed a bit."

Gary: "Other than Jess, so have you."

Jacob: "What else do you have in mind for us?"

Keith: "Gary's also in the business of keeping order on the race tracks."

Gary: "D:censored:khead! Don't make me fill you with lead!"

Jacob: "What's wrong with that?"

Gary: "Sorry, i just don't like it if SOMEONE gets ahead of me. One portion of our finance's funds came from race sponsorships from race drivers. Keith here got us more than ample. He got his share."

Keith: "A very generous share. You don't want to know where i lived before Fuji, Jake."

While Jacob gets his hands clean, he hits a suited man. Looking shady, the man walks away in a quick fashion.

Jacob: "What a weird man.. Oh well.

As Jacob returns, the trio then gets their menus. Keith and Gary ordered their usual alongside an extra order. Jacob struggles to get anything.

Jacob: "I really have no taste in food around here. It's easier if we had some basic things like steak or pancakes."

Keith: "Lemme help with that. Other that the well known sushi, the Japanese eat set meals called bento. There's also full carbohydrate meals like udon, soba, donburi. If you're still hungry, we can have some sides."

Jacob: "I have no clue what you're saying, but I want these grey noodles with beef."

Keith and Gary: "Soba"

Jacob: "Whatever."

After their ordering, they continue breaking the ice.

Gary: "Back on that, the racetracks are home to great racers, and some bad cookies. There's reports on killings, illegal advantages and such. Criminals start racing in groups or sneakily associate with others. Your man, Alan, was in a meeting discussing that with the FIA."

Jacob: "How'd you know?"

Gary: "Well, i was in that meeting. Being a witness to a recent crime on the track. You don't want to be on my shoes, J."

Jacob: "So, you have anything on the New Blacklist."

Gary: "Why does that matter. Oh wait, you're that cowboy dude... whatshisname.. Outlaw."

Jacob: "That's some pretty well hid info there, Gare-bear."

Gary: "Mister V has eyes and ears on any criminal group. I know Leona personally as well."

Jacob: "Well, anything?"

Gary: "Not really. Your group isn't any worth in the world market."

Jacob: "Good."

Gary's phone rings.

Gary: "Yo."

Koji: "Gary, i'm approaching in 5 minutes. You already ordered my food?"

Gary: "All taken care of, boss."

Koji: "Good. Butter them up for me."

Gary: "You tha boss."

*call ends*

Gary: "Mr. V's a' coming."


Keith: "How is he?"

Gary: "He's doin' alright."


Jacob: "How long are you both acquainted?"

Gary: "Just met him last year."


Jacob: "For a CEO, just wondering, if he has an expensive car, or if he has good taste."

Gary: "He's not a good a driver unlike us, and especially unlike you, J."


Gary: "He does have a nice Skyline R34. Tuned by... whazzit called again? Starts with M."

Keith: "Mine's?"

Gary: "Yeah, that's it."

Jacob: "Well, you did see my Ford all over the car news a few days back. Whipped a man's Mine's easy."

Gary: "True. But he is a cocky jerk, that Katsu. Tries to get attention, like some whiny baby. You know that's some proper whipping you gave him."

Jacob: "And why you call him 'Mr. V'?"

Gary: "Well, that's a private thing. Keith knows why too.. Oh whoops."

Keith: "Gary!"


The boys, as they continue with their chatting, hears a sound outside. Gary recognizes it.


Gary: "That be him. I'll fetch the guy."

Gary goes outside to greet his boss. Coming out of the Skyline was a man with long hair, shades, a red suit and leather gloves.

Gary: "So, how'd the board say about your decision?"

Koji: "It'll take time, but they will agree eventually. You got the Rosses under control?"

Gary: "Mr. V, man. This isn't a formal meeting."

Koji: "You're right, Gary. I think i need to cool down a bit. I want to make friends with Outlaw so i can control him. We help him, he helps us."

Gary: "Jake's smart. You better think of something."

Koji: "A man should choose a friend who is better than himself. There are plenty of acquaintances in the world; but very few real friends."

Gary: "So.. we're going to be really buddies? I mean like, not a 'soon we betray him' thing?"

Koji: "No, Gary. His skills are useful, but we may lose him if we mislead him. You did say he is smart... why are you happily tearing up like that?"

Gary: "Oh come on, Mr. V!"

Inside the restaurant.

Jacob: "You better know a few steakhouses here."

Keith: "Don't worry. I do know a few. And i can buy meat so we can make our own, or we can try teppanyaki."

Jacob: "That is?"

Keith: "A chef, cooking things in front of you with a grill."

Jacob: "The chef better be skilled."

Keith: "It's 5 years training, or so i heard."

Koji enters the restaurant with Gary, with the former introducing himself to Jacob.

Koji: "If you heard from Keith and Gary, I'm Koji Yamazaki, director of Hagetaka Finance by day, and crime lord by night. You're lucky your brother knows me, and I know a lot about you, Jacob Ross."

They shake hands.

Jacob: "It's good to finally meet a man like yourself"

The men sit as they wait for lunch.

Koji: "So.. Keith called. Said you have marital trouble."

Jacob: "Yes. If you're the only chance i have outside police."

Koji: "The police are useless."

Gary: "You know it."

Koji: "I won't do things for free, of course. I am in a bit of shambles now with half my organized criminals defecting to their 'sorry roots'."

Jacob: "Don't you have money?"

Koji: "It is better in times of need to have a friend rather than money."

Jacob: "A proverb guy.. Interesting."

Koji: "I find them useful to express my feelings."

Jacob: "Well, you're fine, Koji, but i want to hear your proposal."

Koji: "Alright. First, call me Vulture."

Both Keith and Gary gasps, in surprise.

Jacob: "What's wrong with that?"

Vulture: "It means i want you to be part of my inner circle, with these two. A friend within. Friends help each other out."

Jacob: "That's very direct, but.."

While giving himself a moment, Jacob soon makes a decision.

Jacob: "I think in this land, i need more friends."

Vulture's gamble paid off, knowing that they are destined for good things.

Vulture: "Second, you'll have to provide me with possible information."

Jacob: "You're a big company, why ask me?"

Vulture: "Not everyone is a client of Hagetaka Finance. Also, you can just mention the name and address, and i can have a information check, or send a specialized team. We'll follow up."

Jacob: "Sounds fair, and the third?"

Vulture: "When we ask you to do a race, you do it. I'll contact you about 2 weeks before. Payment will be discussed, and i strictly don't do interest."

Jacob: "That... that i can do very well."

Vulture: "Good. I'd adjourn this meeting, but we have a meal, and i need to know you a bit more."

Jacob: "So that's why you call him Mr. V.."

Gary: "*angrily*F:censored:ng son of a b:censored:h, J. F:censored:ng son of a b:censored:h.

Their appetizers arrive. Spring rolls. While enough for the group, Gary gobbles them up like a vacuum cleaner.

Vulture: "Gary! No."

Keith: "Come on, Gary! I want another. You had, like.. 8.. no 9!"

Gary: "Aww, I'm a sucker for these things, Mr. V."

Jacob: "Well, you better finish your main course."

Gary: "No problem!"

Jacob: "So.. why the name Vulture?"

Vulture: "I compare myself to it. A Vulture takes opportunities as it sees it. Meeting you, was one."

Jacob: "Really? I always thought of it like a grave robber?"

Vulture: "That's too direct. There are always good things about what already exists."

Jacob: "And, why Gary?"

Vulture: "I need someone i can trust. I bailed him out from a life sentence, to just public service. That wins his trust easy. Also, with talent like guns expertise, why waste it?"

Gary: "I can juggle guns for you? We can play that version of Russian Roulette! Whaddaya say?"

Jacob: "I think all of us will pass."

Gary: "Come on! Only one of the guns has a bullet."

Keith: "How about a man's contest?*shows arm*"

Gary: "You can't beat the ghetto dude! *fakes muscly arm*"

Jacob: "In my time here, i met a few Japanese people. You don't talk like one."

Vulture: "I'm half Japanese, half Chinese. I take my Chinese side more preferably. My preferred name is Jing Fei Xi. You should meet my sister. She's the direct opposite."

Jacob: "I'll see how lucky i am on day your sister meets me, but i've had it worse."

Vulture and Jacob looks to their side to see the two arm wrestling. Keith managed to barely beat Gary.

Keith: "You can't win. I drive a tough car. Proper steering gives you muscles, you know?"

Gary: "Son of a b:censored:h! We go again, you handsome devil!"

Vulture: "You two look bored."

Keith: "I wonder why the food's taking so long?"

Then, Jacob notices the suited men from earlier, looking shadier than ever. After a while looking eye to eye with Jacob, they got off together and one of them began charging, katana at hand, towards the group.

Charging Man: "BANZAI!"

Jacob: "Yakuza?!"

The restaurant clears out quickly, with screams and afraid people. The staff ran from the back. The four get up quickly.

Jacob threw a pepper shaker to the man's face, which ends up stunning him for a moment. He uses the moment to kick the table he was sitting on to space out the charging man to regroup with his fellow Yakuza, with Keith hiding away. Gary reveal guns on his waist and starts cover firing. Vulture sneaks through the bar.

Keith: "Jake! Over here."

Jacob rolls in to his brother's location. On the other hand..

Vulture: "They're fine, Gary. Now go and do your thing."

Gary: "Leave it to me."

Gary takes another gun on his waist, and starts going akimbo. With a distraction like that, Gary keeps the Yakuza men locked down, while purposely missing shots. Vulture moves ahead from another angle and flanks them as Gary reloads.

As one of the men come out of hiding, he sees Vulture just in front of him.

Vulture: "You came for me, i presume? *loosens tie*"

Vulture parries a katana blow with a plate from a nearby table. As the Yakuza man regains his balance, Vulture uses a chi focused palm strike to hit him in the head hard, causing him to faint. Behind him was another member about to slash Vulture, if it weren't for Gary's incapacitating him just when he was about to strike.

Gary: "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you.. No, wait, yeah I did."

The last member tries to escape, if Jacob hadn't barred the escape with his athletic body.

The man attacks Jacob with a spinning kick. Jacob holds the fast leg with his left hand.

Jacob: "Too slow!"

He then carries the man momentarily and pins him to the bar, knocking him out.

The four hears tires screech outside, followed by doors slamming and Japanese banter, with even more tires screeching outside.

Vulture: "More of them. Gary, cover the doors and windows. You two, get out the back and go home. I'll get back to you when it's time!"

Jacob: "You guys better be alright after this."

Gary: "Don't worry J, we've gone through worse."

Keith: "Come on, Jake, we have no time!"

The brothers escape through the back. Luckily, there is no one yet. They keep running towards the city's crowded area to lose the men. After double checking their backs, they take a breather.

Keith: "*pant*Oh man, *pant* i don't want to be in that situation, ever."

Jacob: "Those two *pant* better be fine."

Keith: "Better them *pant* than us."

Jacob: "I know, but *pant* i don't have any other options *pant* to find Rin."

Keith: "They'll call us. I'm sure *pant* you have Gary's number."

Jacob: "I do. *pant* Come on, let's get home."

Keith: "In a minute.. I'm still hungry."

The two sees a Japanese cuisine restaurant next to them.

Jacob: "Sushi?"

Keith: "You know me too well."


Song: Rob Zombie - Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix)

After the two brothers fled the restaurant, the whole place is swarming with Yakuza, mostly those who were once working for Vulture. Gary takes a peek out. The view is less than pleasant.

Gary: "Mr. V! We gotta get outta this mess. They have more men than i have bullets."

Vulture: "Relax, Gary. This place is interconnected to the city's sewer system. We get out there."

Gary: "Sewers?! F:censored:k that s:censored:t, i don't wanna be smelling like crap. And how'd ya know there's a sewer?"

Vulture: "Focus, Gary. There's no other way out, and i take one step ahead. Come now."

As the two get to the kitchen, Vulture opened a few valves and caused a gas leak. He then opens a trapdoor that leads to a passage to the sewers.

Gary: "What is this? I don't even.."

Vulture: "Just GO! I'm not sniffing any more gas!"

The two enter the passageway. Vulture closed the door and walked a far distance. Their fine clothes drip with whatever the substance on the floor is.

Vulture: "Gary, when i say so, use a tracer round and shoot that door."

Gary: "Alright man. But i gotta get another as this one my last."

As Vulture watches the door, he smells fragrantly revolting sewage. Gary unloads his current magazine on his gun and loads a lone bullet that he stored in a small bag on his belt. He looks at his boss, while covering his own nose.

Eventually, the Yakuza ransacked the whole restaurant in search for Vulture and Gary. After about 10 minutes of searching, they actually found and open the door to the passageway. The gas travels through, and Vulture's sense of sight, along with his sense of hearing kicks in.

Vulture: "NOW."

Gary: "Jackpot!"

Gary shoots his gun. While the bullet ricochets to the kitchen, the heat from the tracer round ignites a gas tank, igniting the area. Vulture and Gary runs through the sewer to barely dodge the flames.

Vulture: "Good job."

Gary: "No way man, good job to you."

Vulture: "Let's find a way out of here and clean up our trail ASAP. I'll contact men to secure my car and clear the zone."

Gary: "I hope my Challenger is alright. Don't wanna see a smoking car."

Vulture messages his men with orders. His phone is specially made to work anywhere as long as there's no jamming. Gary leads his boss, with one hand a gun, and the other a pinch to his nose.


In a Japanese restaurant 2 miles away from the Yakuza raided one, 2 minutes ago.

News: "We're here at the restaurant with police monitoring the area. The Yakuza, in groups, entered the place with katanas and guns at the ready. All exits are sealed. According to our sources, they are in search of a not to be named big business CEO and an unknown associate. Details are sketchy and we have no confirmation on who they look... OH MY GOSH!"


News: "We have this on camera? OK, good. It seems that the restaurant has been either sabotaged, or an accident has occurred. We are seeing a fire here. Local firemen are on the way."

The news is being broadcast on every television on the news channel. While there are many viewers, two notable viewers are recently escaped from the restaurant victims, Keith and Jacob. They view the TV.

Jacob: "Boy.. what are they up to?"

Keith: "*munching* How are you not worried? Isn't that an explosion?!*swallows*"

Jacob: "I can see from his eyes. That Koji is smart and he must know the ins and outs of this situation."

Keith: "He's wearing shades!"

Jacob: "The things you can notice on the man's body language is amazing."

Keith: "I hear you, bro."

Jacob: "Rest assured, if these guys stand in my way, i won't hesitate to take action."

Keith: "Yeah, yeah. Shall we eat?"

Jacob: "Umm, yes."

Jacob begins to sneer.

Jacob: "What is it that the Japanese say when they begin to eat?"

Keith: "Itadakimasu. But i see no reason to say tha... *looks at Jacob* Oh you.."

Jacob: "*small laugh* It tickles when you speak Japanese."

Keith: "F:censored:k off! *shoves Jacob's shoulder*."

The brothers enjoy a fulfilling Japanese meal, with a few brotherly banter in between. After exiting the restaurant, Jacob received a call from Gary. Keith goes and fetches his car.

Jacob: "You cheated death again, Gary?"

Gary: "Hey. I do what's best for both of us. The boss is smarter than ya think."

Jacob: "So, you left no traces of the Yakuza knowing me and my brother?"

Gary: "No. I doubt they got your name on their death note. They must've followed Mr. V or something. For now, we are gonna put that on our agenda. Gonna protect our ass first."

Jacob: "And then Rin?"

Gary: "And then Rin. Smell ya later, Jake."


As the call finishes, Keith drove his Corvette up to the street, picking up Jacob.

Keith: "So, what's up bro?"

Jacob: "Gary made it out with Vulture."

Keith: "That's not a surprise, is it?"

Jacob: "Yea, but how about you give me a surprise."

Keith: "Corvette speeds into the sunset."

Jacob: "Push it, Keith!"

The Captain sets sails and journeys on as his Corvette leaves Tokyo, heading west for Fuji.


Bernardo hangs out around the market near their home to do some shopping. For a man, he enjoys making cuisine for his romantic interest and his servant. He then sees Lucia's tuned BMW driving past the market, with Lucia on wheel.

Bern: "Che cos'è questo(What's this)? Where's that thing going off to?"

He then waves goodbye to the purple car.

Bern: "Arrivederci, mia cara."

Returning home by bike with some vegetables on tow, Bernardo asks a relaxing Alan what's up with the BMW.

Bern: "Alan, where's the signora headed to?"

Alan: "She's doing girl things, i guess. Don't fret, my boy.

The TV turned to the news of the imploded restaurant.

News: "The victims of the explosion are identified as Japanese who..."

Bern: "That's the restaurant Jake went to!

Alan: "Calm down, you. The news said the victims are all from Japan."

Bern: "Don't be senile on me, mi servo. I'll call them up."

Bernardo doesn't hesitate calling the brothers, who are currently having an American car go fast on the mountain roads.


Bern: "Hello?"

Jacob: "Keith's driving unnaturally fast, so make this quick."

Bern: "You alright, amico mio? Heards of an explosion on the place you gonna have lunch."

Jacob: "We're fine. All the victims were Yakuza, if you plan on mourning."

Bern: "You're coming home now? I have to count who to cook for dinner."

Jacob: "It's not like you want to cook for the ghosts of the Ross children."

Bern: "Haha, perhaps not, amico mio. I'll see you boys soon. Ciao."


Jacob: "Bern called, said he wants his two best friends back."

Keith: "How many best friends you have in your lifetime anyways? I know Murph that's for sure."

Jacob: "Well, that's none of your business."

Keith: "Alright then. But you'll tell me soon, alright?"


Jacob: "A 2 way?"

Keith: "Left sends you to more winding roads, right is to home. I'm not gonna draw any straws on which way, pardner.


Jacob: "So.. any ideas now, with our only lead going nowhere.."

Keith: "Yikes, Jacob. Patience is a virtue. But, any leads might help."

Jacob: "How about the Nishimuras?"

Keith: "They heard of Rin gone missing, but hasn't seen her since."

Jacob: "I can't just come to them with a blank slate."


Keith: "Ask Vulture. He might have information regarding her presence, or prove she may be in Japan."

Jacob: "In Japan... That's an idea. Thanks, baby bro."

Keith: "You're welcome."

Jacob goes and makes a call to Vulture. His phone is on voice call, probably indicating his policy with collecting random calls.

Jacob: "Vulture, if you get this message, have a sweep on the immigration arriving at Narita International by a 2 year range. Call me if you have something to go even with."

Keith: "I need to learn some of your social skills. They sound awesome."


Jacob: "In my lifetime, i think you'll need it."


Back at the house.

Alan: "See, they're fine. And I'm sure there's no such thing as a robot that can speak on it's own.

Bern: "I know.. but speaking of robots.. I've heard disturbing tales of robots on the race tracks.."

At the time, the TV was still on.

News: "We have an interview with a waitress who witnessed the whole incident before the explosion. Tell us, what did you see at the time you ran out?

The waitress replied to him through the provided intepreter, which bounced back to the news reporter.

Intepreter: "It seems that a lone Yakuza group charged towards another table with customers. I don't remember how they look, but there were a lot of people i saw. I might recognize one by seeing..

Suddenly, the waitress urgently points at the Dodge Challenger, which is being unlocked by it's owner: Gary.

News: "Wait, this is one of them?"

Gary: "And i just changed clothes.. Mo:censored:r"

News: "So, tell us. What happened inside that restaurant?

Gary: "Restaurant? I just park my car here. Ain't got nothing to do with no restaurant go boom. But.."

Seeing Vulture's men take his car away, Gary has to distract the news.

Gary: "I heard about the boom town. I ate there, and then i was window shopping in of of them..."

*looks at the wreck and it's area behind. Sees an electronics store*

Gary: "Them computer shops. Lucky for us, no one was hurt around. We all ran away as i was about to pay my bill. There's this other guy that screamed Yakuza."

News: "You getting this on camera?"

Cameraman: "Yep"

Gary: "Do you f:censored:ng mind? *clears throat*"

Gary looks behind to see the BNR34 already gone.

Gary: "The only thing i witnessed that the people who attacked had katanas. No doubt anyone can have a massive supply if they were Yakuza. OK, show's over, can i go now?"

Gary leaves the scene.


600 horses push the car to oversteer, which Gary controls.


The car's old age has smoke coming from it's exhaust.


Gary: "Maybe a new car? Nah.. i'll bring something from home."

Gary makes a call.




Song: Brain Failure ft. Dicky Barrett - Coming Down To Beijing

Jacob: "You have an interesting taste."

Keith: "Come on, Jake. Sing with me!"


As the Corvette reaches 170 mph on the road, music also fills the sound in the air.

Keith: "We're Coming down. Coming down. Coming dooown. B-E-I-J-I-N-G! Down!


Having knowledge of the song, Jacob sings along at the last verse.

Jacob: "Yeah, maybe I'll come out and join you in December..."

Keith: You know, that's not real good time for me. I'll go to California, buy my duty free...

Jacob: "OK, OK. How about if I come out in May or September?"

Keith: "You know, that's not real good time for me."

Jacob: "Well then you book the flights, and I'll bring it..!"


The Corvette shows extreme grip, unusual for many drivers to show in 180 mph. Keith has his hands firm on the steering, eyes on the road and hologram speedometer, and feet controlling the throttle. Jacob looks on during a pause.. and feels truly impressed.

Jacob: "That's some mighty fine control there."

Keith: "If Pa' would see this, he would be prouder than when Senna won his third F1 championship."

Jacob: "Yeah, if he won't get a heart attack of joy."

Keith: "How does he look anyways?"

Jacob: "Fine, but they are kind of lonely. They miss you as much as they miss Rin."

Keith: "Get them to come over. I'm sure they have no problem with their pension, and they can stay at our place."

Jacob: "We live in a large family sized home."

Keith: "It was cheap, OK? Even Bern said it was magnificent, and he was all bellissimo this and that when we first arrived."

Jacob: "Hey, calm down! You're driving at 180!"


Author's Notes

- Vulture and Gary are recurring characters of mine in my media, especially Gary.

- Vulture is influenced by the legendary SNK boss Geese Howard, but no Reppukens, Engrish and nightmares, I'm afraid.

- The leaving of the BMW is a sign of what's to come. It's going to be a bit silly, but hopefully a proper end to the "laying out the plot" chapter.

- I'm amping up the subtle referencing other fanfics here.

- If you've noticed, some songs i put on the fanfic are songs that are nostalgic to me. I plan on tickling the nostalgia bone of my fellow readers, hopefully.

- Next part will introduce us to, well, not another character, but some of the cars that might be shown in this fanfic: their garage. I already teased one car in a part before.

Cars Introduced.

-Vulture's BNR34. 585pp

Cast Introduced.

- Jing Fei Xi/Koji Yamazaki. (Vulture) Half Chinese, half Japanese entrepreneur. Being a CEO of a big Asian financing firm, he has the funds and the power to control crime in Japan, only that it's their trust he has to gain first.
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Sneak Preview.​

Author's Note:Just a few dialogue on what's to come in the next few parts (finale of Chapter 1 and bits of Chapter 2). These are subject to change, and names are not given and narrative adjusted for spoiler purposes.


"How did you meet Jacob anyhow?"



"Now.. you.. *pant* you are going to explain why you took my car!"

The two hugged each other like characters in a classic horror and yelled


"Watashi no giri no musuko? Jacob Ross."


"Now, anything else before we reconvene?"


Hideki climbed to Jacob's ear and whispered something.

"I think i have just the thing.."


"My Ford will bury you, but, no hard feelings if i whip you to shape?"

"Nein. We settle this like real gentlemen."


Jacob: "It's like a ninja mansion."

Bern: "Except there's no ninjas, and i don't see a mansion too."

Jacob: "Really? You know ninjas are to be unseen and act sneaky."

Bern: "Sneaky, huh? No wonder i feel like I'm being watched."


Jacob: "Well, it's been great guys. If you do find Rin, tell her i said hi."




He starts firing at the car's engine.


"Interpol! Hands where i can see them!"

"Don't say anything."

"I planned not to, like always."


The woman starts to frown angrily and hold her hands back and, smoothly, releases her hair bun and shows a mean Asian look, eventually turning into a seemingly different person.

"Fine.. you got me. I'm Izumi Yamazaki."


"Okay, they live in a new neighborhood... OHMIGOSH I see the Ford! Yippee! Thanks."

"I have this deep feeling, whoever Kuroiuma-san is, he's going to shoo us off like stray cats."


Next part by tomorrow or the day after. Planned to finish chapter 1 by end of this week. Hope i didn't spoil too much. :dopey:

Post Script tease:

Gary: "Score one for.. *mimics Doomsday* YOR DUUM!"

Weirdly, a sound that mimics a blink from the future is heard.
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Looking forward to it. 👍


"Watashi no giri no musuko?" should be

Watashi no koishii no musuko instead.

If you meant it to be "my beloved son".
Part 6: Hearts On Fire.

After a few days with the restaurant attack, Jacob watches some television. Keith is away for a practice run in Fuji Speedway for the GT500 league, which gives him time to have some time alone. After the morning routine, he gets on the couch and turns on the TV.

He watches an Asian drama, with subtitles. Knowing that it wouldn't end without tears, he changed channels. Anime, drama, news, infomercials. Jacob really feels he should get a life if the life he seeks here is like this.

Then, he rummages through Keith's game collection. An avid gamer, Keith arranges the games like books in a library. Jacob goes through the games, knowing video games as a way to connect with his baby brother.

Jacob: "Gran Turismo 5 XL, Street Fighter 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, LitleBigPlanet 2. Maybe I'll check his PSN games..

As he turns on the console, he hears knocking on the patio. He walks slowly to the patio door and opens it. Seeing nothing after reassuring, he closes it. Suddenly..

Bern: "Surprise, mi amico!"

Bernardo is sure that he caught his target, only to suddenly sidestep. This causes him to crash into the glass door headfirst. Luckily, nothing is broken.

Jacob: "No!"

Bern: "Jake! How can this be? I always catch you every single time!"

Jacob: "I lived a life where criminals creep up to you, Bern. I have to beat your silly recon tactic."

Bern: "Silly? Non possibile."

Jacob: "Why are you here without the door bell and how'd you get in?"

Bern: "I am a shadow, mi amico. I climbed in with a zip line i set up. Come, i show you."

Bernardo goes up the house with Jacob, and showed him the setup that he did. A zip line from balcony to balcony was present. Jacob, is no doubt, angry, but impressed.

Jacob: "Who are you and what have you done to Bernardo?"

Bern: "Haha. I am the one and only Bernardo Bellini! Italian ninja. You don't need a claw and a mask to show your beauty and skill."

Jacob: "And the knocking?"

Bern: "Guarda là."

The two sees Alan walking back to his home from the Rosses' front gate.

Jacob: "Okay.. now answer the second question, o' Sicilian Ninja."

Bern: "Yes. A few days back, when you and Keith went to eat, i saw the signora drive away with her BMW. I hadn't seen that car since."

Jacob: "You checked the garage?"

Bern: "Si, and now that you mentioned it, you haven't seen what's in it before.

Jacob: "Hmm.. you all shared a large garage, right? That building next door."

Bern: "Si."

Jacob: "How about a tour?"

Bern: "You didn't ask Keith about it?"

Jacob: "I wasn't interested. The Ford is the only thing I'd drive"

Bern: "OK then. Come follow me, mi amico."


The two go to the building nearby their homes. The building is secured by a top of the line security measures. While Jacob has been to Alan's private collection, The gang's garage is as elegant, while more secure.

Song: Lance Hayes - Additional Controller.

Bern: "Here we are.

Jacob: "Shall we?"

The cars are arranged like a rich man's private collection. At the time, only a small bunch of cars are present.

Jacob: "You leave our cars outside? There's a lot more space than i thought."

Bern: "Yep. And we don't store our cars we drive here. For easiness, mi amico."

The first car the group passes by is a red Audi TT, with custom rims and markings from HPA.


Jacob: "I have this feeling Luce did something to this."

Bern: "She did tweak the suspension and gearing. It goes fast, but a little sluggish sometimes. Although, i think my Toro goes round a bend slower. The all wheel drive does make it fine for anyone to drive."

Next: A white GT-R. There is a unique vibe emanating from this certain model.


Jacob: "And this one?"

Bern: "This is Keith's. While he's not a big fan of the GT-R, this one's a 300 model limited edition at this color only too. It's named after the Japanese racing legend known as the White Stig: Takanori Kanonji. It's beefed up compared to the latest GT-Rs out there, and, i must say, it would be able to catch our cars."

Jacob: "Alan did say it was about 300,000 dollars."

Bern: "Expensive, huh? We drive it every now and then. The special stitching and just a more powerful engine, dedicated to what the people call 'The Godzilla Keeper'."

Jacob: "I'd want to see the day he faces 'The Outlaw of The Dark Horse'."

Bern: "Dream on, mi amico. Also, you're not worried about your cover?"

Jacob: "Outlaw will make a return someday. Besides, it's not like this man hasn't got a story to get a name like the White Stig."

Moving on, a black Pagani C12.


Bern: "Luce did do something to this marvelous beast. A gift from my family, because i was a Pagani fanatic and the original C12 for less than half it's asking price? I can't resist."

Jacob: "I wasn't going to ask about the mods. You can see the titanium exhaust, and the rims aren't from Pagani."

Bern: "Ya, but i like this car. So much more lighter and easy to turn than anything i drive, and goes 199 too. Although, i had Luce mess around the suspension. It's a rich man's touge device!"

Then, an orange 350Z, fitted with aftermarket parts.


Jacob: "A Z-Tune?"

Bern: "No, but it does look like one. It's a 350Z RS, made by a collaboration of Nissan and Polyphony Digital; the creators of racing game Gran Turismo.""

Jacob: "And so, I'm seeing a lot of German touch to it, making this an L-Tune, am i right?"

Bern: "Lucia works on these cars. It's like her hobby to come here, alone, and just mess around with them. I don't mind personally. She always asks us."

Jacob: "This better be the last Nissan."

Bern: "It is, mi amico. Don't be hating them now."

Jacob: "No, I'm not. I just expected a bit of variety."

Next to it is a yellow Ferrari 458.


Jacob: "A Ferrari?"

Bern: "There are dealers here who sell it. Keith bought it after his first year here. He like it, and he compares it to his Corvette a lot."

Jacob: "Personally, i like this over any other model. It looks sporty compared to the new Berlinetta, not saying i hate the new car. I just like mid engined cars with a lighter engine more for their balance."

Bern: "U huh, real legit. Hashtag Ford GT driver. Hashtag Dark Horse. Hash.."

Jacob: "Tag Bern hospitalized."

The next car surprised the two: Alan's Jaguar XJ220, with Alan giving a clean wipe to it.


Alan: "Hello, boys. I hope my role in that small undertaking was.. knocking, hohoho."

Bern: "Mi servo, what's this thing?"

Jacob: "It's his car. Go ahead, Alan."

Alan: "I brought it in after you guys got your precious supercars. I have my own to indulge myself and possibly brag about. That enough for your tastes?"

Bern: "I'll summarize for you guys: This car is epic. Give us a drive soon."

Jacob: "Agreed."

And then, lastly: An LF-A.


Jacob: "Hmm.. this is interesting."

Bern: "This one's Luce's. She made it much more to her liking. Also, if she brought this to the shootout that day, she might've won. Though, i have no idea how she got 400k with a snap of her fingers."

Jacob: "I know a lot more about it, but you should ask Luce or Keith about it.

After a while, the two return back to their homes. Bernardo brings Jacob back to answering the second question.

Bern: "*whispering*The signora's car! Just remembered about it. Jake!"

Jacob: "Don't yell, I'm right here."

Bern: "Yes.. umm, can you accompany me to.."

Jacob: "Say no more. I'm in"

Bern: "That was fast. We take my Lambo.. i got to have it checked up."


On the road to a automobile repair store.


Bern: "How about a few tunes, mi amico?"

Jacob: "As long as it's a language i can understand."

Bern: "Well, scrap the CD player. Turn on the radio."

Jacob turns on the radio, already tuned to the international station. A song plays from it.

Song: Foreign Islands - We Know You Know It

Jacob: "What an upbeat."


The car progresses even faster than before.

Bern: "It's like you put 3 cans of Redbull in a song."

Jacob: "You can feel it too? Wait, you have ears."

Bern: "Jacob, you need to get rid of that type of humor."

Jacob: "If i can't help it, you have to hit me."


Bern: "Power out of the turn... Whoops!"

Jacob: "Too much power. You need some sort of throttle control class.."

Bern: "I would have you teach me, but i already know you want to get paid."

Jacob: "You already owe me THAT much, Bern."


Bern: "I just realized.. Le strade sono magnifici."

Jacob: "You can't doubt Japanese roads, can you?"


Bern: "That looks pretty off.."

Jacob: "Or did nature take a beating by the road workers?"

Bern: "I'm going to agree, but I'll stand with nature taking a drink and doing her own dirty work."


DJ: "Thanks for tuning in, mon. We got some more upbeat songs to keep that mood sky high, so don't be going anywhere if ya want that."

Jacob: "A Jamaican DJ? Sounds like I found myself in the Caribbean with Bern and his bull.

Bern: "Better that than you found yourself in the Sahara with Alan and his XJ220. "

Jacob: "Actually, Alan's not bad, if he leaves you alone for a while and lets you listen to his radio."


Song: Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance

Bern: "Luce is going to kill me."

Jacob: "You burning up the tires again?"

Bern: "Si. And also, look what i got!"

Jacob: "Is that?"

Bernardo dangles an automatic car lock, with the BMW symbol on it, key chained to a chain with a small doll that looks like a mini Jacob.

Jacob: "A mini me?"

Bern: "I just knew you would take attention, bambolina."

Jacob: "It's odd.. and i don't look that chubby!"

Bern: "Jacob, you're a man. Being fat doesn't really matter."

Jacob: "You know Luce used to take these slimming medicine one time. I have this feeling she still does. Besides, i served; i have to keep in shape just in case they call me."


Bern: "Yet you missed the point, mi amico."

Jacob: "Huh?"

Bern: "This is Luce's keys to her purple BMW."

Jacob: "You took it from her handbag like that. She'll find out for sure."


Bern: "Actually, i did. She checks when she needs them, so not to worry, mi amico."

Jacob: "So, why do you have it for?"

Bern: "I found out that she went to this tuner shop. I have a copy of the receipt here and seeing as you're the most capable driver in our little gang, i just want you to try out the car and give feedback. A little surprise for the signora."

Jacob: "Whoa.. She must be as blind as a bat not to notice your sabotage.."


They arrived at their destination, a tuning garage.

Bern: "Hey, Jake. I have the right to hit you for that"

Jacob: "Oh.. Go on. Anywhere you want."

Unfortunately for Jacob, it's definitely not where he wanted to get hit. The two suddenly exit the car, with one chasing the other.

Bern: "Prendimi se ci riesci!(Catch me if you can)"

Jacob: "Don't try me, Bern!"


After a few minutes, the 2 enter the shop. They see a myriad of cars. Different values and different owners. Many mechanics are present, some busy, some wandering, some taking a break.

Song: Nathan Boddy - Vintage Warmer.

One approached Bernardo, while Jacob has a look at their parts on sale.

Mechanic: Ah, Bernardo-san! Came in for your service. Hand me the keys, and we'll get it done.

Bernardo tosses the keys, while being all showy.

Bern: Car's outside, you know what to do. Gratzie.

Jacob looks through the parts, reminding him of his private tuning workshop in Rockport. He sees a blue Toyota 86, getting it's oil cleaned up. The owner, wearing a racing suit is approached by Jacob.

Jacob: "Hey, it's you."

???: "Oh. Jacob-san."

Hideki reveals himself by opening his suit's helmet. Jacob admires the blue 86 GT, with it's small wing and sporty bodykit.

Jacob: "You have a nice car here. This is a street racer's budget used correctly."

Hideki: "Yes, but i have no plans for that. I race on the tracks. There's a small track behind this store, and I'm getting seconds off my lap time. It's a hobby of mine."

Jacob: "And it looks like you're getting your oil changed. Well, your car looks like it'll beat anything at your level."

Hideki: "I'm good at what i do, Jacob-san, but there's a few racers better than me on that track."

Jacob: "After hearing my story, i thought you would be a better man in racing."

Hideki: "I'm motivated, yes, Jacob-san. I just joined the Kyoto University racing club. We're having a small gathering here, tuning and upgrading our cars."

Jacob: "Show me around, but i just hope no-one recognizes me."

Hideki guides Jacob deeper into the store. Many members have various Japanese cars on the floor, being tweaked or tested. They are fitted with mods only these sort of people can afford, like small parts and aerodynamic adjustments. Later, Hideki shows Jacob the leader of their club, which leads to Jacob possibly regretting.

Hideki: "She's our leader."

Jacob: "Her?!"

Hideki points to a face Jacob vowed never to meet again. A charming girl, with long hair. Ayumi Tanaka.

Hideki: "Ahh.. Ayu-san."

Jacob revisits his memories. An incident which caused her to faint, twice by Jacob, who wants out of the spotlight. He reacts accordingly.

Jacob: "I am getting out of here."

Hideki: "Hold on. Why?"

Jacob: "She's a fanatic of the Dark Horse! She met me in a gas station, had a picture to compare and then squealed to all hell! I doubt anyone forgets my face after an encounter so strange."

Hideki: "Wow.. You had a rough day. I can see that."

Jacob: "You've seen the motoring news online about me. I have this feeling she had a mp3 of the Ford GT's engine sound and has it ready to hear me coming."

Hideki: "That's over the top! But then again, if i hadn't met you, that might be the case for me. She has been acting all weird a few days after i met you.."


Hideki goes back to the days the 2 meet up at their university. Being close friends and doing identical degrees help them get close, while Hideki secretly has a crush towards her.

Ayumi: "Deki-san! Guess what? Tadaa!"

*shows picture of Jacob looking stern with his Ford behind him*

Hideki: "Huh? What? I haven't seen him. Up close, i meant."

Ayumi: "I actually met him! I saw the Dark Horse! He was all so handsome and not Japanese. That makes him awesome!"

Another moment.

Ayumi: "Look, Deki-san. I have a mark on my neck! He choked me because he couldn't resist me!"

Hideki: "....(I love you.. but did Jacob-san really do that?!)"

And another.

Hideki: "You know, Ayu-san. I saw the dark horse too. He visited my place."

Ayumi: "REALLY?! You make me soooo jealous, Deki-san. How about you call him and we'll idolize him together."

Hideki: "...(Jacob-san, your sad story fills my heart as well.)


Bern: "Hey Jake, why are we whispering over here?"

Jacob: "Oh, you're done, Bern."

Bern: "Si, mi amico. I have the BMW in my hands. I'll get it started for a test run, then come back here to get my Toro. And who's this?"

Hideki: "One of Jacob-san's friends. Call me Hideki."

Bern: "I'm Bernardo, call me Bern, Part time racer. I consider myself abbastanza bene nelle corse, though I once lost a showdown with il fratello del mio amico, the GT500 racer."

Hideki: "I love your accent, but I'm afraid I don't understand that.."

Jacob: "Go get the car set up, Bern. I'll finish here."

Bern: "Si. Si prega di fretta." (Yes. Please hurry up.)

Hideki: "He's not from here too?"

Jacob: "He's Italian. Country where they make Lamborghini."

Hideki: "I know about that, but Italian sure is fancy."

Jacob: "He's a sweet talker. Probably not one of a kind in Italy."

Suddenly, Ayumi gasps in surprise, slightly panicking the hiding men.

Ayumi: "Spanner!"

Jacob: "Phew.."

Ayumi goes by the two, luckily not noticing them as she walks by.

Jacob: "Look. I can see you like her. Talk to her. You will have my undying gratitude."

Hideki: "Huh? *blushes* but but but.."

Jacob: "No buts. You have to be true to your heart. I met a woman like that, and my heart told me where her destiny lies. She then became my wife."

Hideki: "You're married? I didn't know that."

Jacob: "You want another tale from the Dark Horse? Help me and i promise i'll tell you some deeper secrets. I'll see you soon, if i survive."

Hideki: "Okay. Good luck, Jacob-san!"

Hideki gets out in the open. Ayumi notices him.

Ayumi: "Deki-san? Why are you here?"

Hideki: "Oh, em.. well i just want to see what you're doing with your RX-7, Ayu-san."

Ayumi: "Teehee, well.. i adjusted it's balance and managed to get a small turbo working. It should run a lot better and faster."

Hideki: "Yes.. quite.. fascinating! Actually i came because.. because my car! I need help with the aerodynamics."

Ayumi: "Really? I think i can help you with that. Come on, Deki-san."

Seeing the opening, Jacob went by the two from behind and accidentally kicks a table and slips. The two looked back and saw nothing, veiled by another car. After the small mishap, Jacob gets back up and walks to a purple car.

The BMW, ready for departure with Bernardo on shotgun, gives out a heavy turbo sound, and looks a whole more different. Bernardo opens the windows.

Bern: "Fretta, amico. I can't wait to see what she's planned with this."

Jacob: "Hmm.."

Bern: "I have the full change list here. Changed bodykit to an adjusted 1M set, which is lighter. Painted Midnight Purple 3. Added BMW 1 series tii concept vinyl. Removed big spoiler. There's more details here.."

Jacob: "Alright, alright. How about the bill?"

Bern: "Luce already paid 500,000 yen for it. Shall we?"

Jacob: "Huh.. What happened to this car? They should let me test you before the day you got a facelift, little bimmer. Let's go!"

As Jacob opens the door and adjusts the seat to fit his American body, a worker whispers to a mechanic. The mechanic looked at the face of the man driving the BMW and compares it to the leaked image online. After the realization, they then started to cheer at him as he revs the car. The whole garage surrounds the BMW, while allowing it to exit. A certain duo looks upon the BMW as it leaves.

Ayumi: "Deki-san.. I can't believe we missed him."


Hideki: "I know.. Ayu-san. I know..


Song: Feeder - Sweet 16

The BMW goes through a popular freeway east of Shizuoka. More well known for it's speedway converted name "High Speed Ring", the duo drives there to try out the car's lesser ability: speed. The car takes the turn at 83 mph.


Bern: "Waaah, Jake. I'm feeling those G's"

Jacob: "Well, hold on to your underwear, Bern!"

*pushes pedal, car goes up to 90*

Bern: "Jake!! Take it easy! My face is melting awayyy!"

Jacob: "Well, it's official. This thing is almost as agile as my Ford"

The car continues to the next turn which leads into a tunnel. The car accelerates quickly, while not as quickly as the other 3 cars that it competed against, it would be if the tires didn't burnout.


Bern: "Hey! The signora hates worn out tires."

Jacob: "I'll pay for it, just let me have my fun time."

After they pass the tunnel, another steep turn awaits. Jacob takes it at 125 mph, which many cars cannot do without support of racing tires.


Jacob: "I can see a lot more potential with this than the other cars."

Bern: "Yo, Jake. The straight's incoming."


Bern: "Yeaaahoo!"

Jacob: "You get excited easy, do you? How about you do the handling?"

Bern: "OK, i know where, just get out at the next exit."

By the end of the straight, the car reaches 190mph.


Jacob: "Bern, we need to DYNO this car if you want power and speed measurements. Set up the one at home."

Bern: "I'll get it started when we're done."

The car weaves by the big angled road at 176 mph.


Then, they find the exit and finish with the speed test. A collaboration of tuners impressed the Dark Horse, a feat that has never been done since the birth of Outlaw's Mustang.



Author's Notes

- Sorry about lack of 86 GT photo. It uses the stock color blue and rims, sports exhaust, full bodykit and small sports wing.

- The 1 Series Concept Tii goes faster on Motegi West than the original one with wing. 37.168 seconds sports softs.

- Next part (finale) will unveil more information relating the expensive LF-A.

- The colors on the cars are gotten from the cars dealership except: HPA TT uses Granatrot Perleffekt from TT '07. GT-R uses White Pearl (3P) from GT-R '07, and Zonda C12 uses Nero Carbonio from Maserati GranTurismo S '08. The rims don't really matter, right? I forget what they are :)

- Well, I got lazy with translating the things they say. It's painful especially when you have different times to edit the dialogue.

- Any character on the "Recurring Characters" section are bound for a second appearance.

- The story will refocus on the main plot on the next chapter. It's also the chapter Jacob gets his second car (not the Mustang, but it's spoiled if you went into my Photobucket).

- I've no plans for a sequel after this story. I have the chapters laid out (vaguely) until the epilogue.

- In the small preview shows small hints that there are more characters to come. Mr. Nishimura , a German man, and Izumi Yamazaki. (All already named and given reason to the plot FYI :) )

- If a sequel is planned, any of the chosen recurring cast can be given the protagonist role, and that lays the plot down. Have a look in the Sequel Ideas (post 3).

- Finale by the end of this week.

Cars Introduced.

Cars in the garage.
-Lucia's HPA TT. 581pp
-Keith's Takanori Edition GT-R. 553pp
-Bernardo's Pagani Zonda C12. Tuned for 550pp
-Lucia's 350Z RS. 532pp
-Keith's Ferrari 458 Italia. 567pp
-Lucia's Lexus LF-A. 580pp

-Hideki's 86 GT. Tuned for 500pp.
-Lucia's BMW 1 Series Concept Tii. 562pp.
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