Legacy Of The Dark Horse Ending: The Sun Sets. A Cowboy's Last Ride.

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    When you mean Enigma, do you mean:

    - N.Z: a mysterious racer well known with the name.


    - Nash Kirkham: the man recently donning said name.

    I'll assume the former until told otherwise.
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    Encore, can you feel it?
    Just a little bit louder! C'mon!
    Just a one more time, c'mon!

    Name: Keith Ross

    Age: 23

    Chosen car: Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR-1

    Owned cars: Alfa 8C Competizione, Nissan GT-R Black, Ferrari 458 Italia.

    Occupation: Le Mans Racer.


    Keith was born in California as the second son of Louie Ross Jr. and Laura Ross. Having a bigger brother, Keith already had someone to follow. Unfortunately, Jacob's recent mourning of the grandfather Keith never met caused them to be distant, while temporary. Jacob began to accept Keith as one of his own, and someone to bully.

    From the beginning, Keith was properly raised from the get go, while Jacob wasn't left behind. What inspired Keith into racing, aside from his dad's history, was just the amount of Corvettes his father has in the garage. One day, the whole family was turned to panic when they couldn't find Keith taking a nap in Louie's C4 ZR-1.

    While Jacob left for 2 years of military training, Keith wasn't any more heartbroken. Having nobody to guide him, Louie sees the worry and decides to take him along any races that he participates in. Alongside this, Keith started gaining interest in Japan after watching a documentary on it, alongside watching anime and reading manga. With these, Keith hardly missed his brother since, but to most people, he was never the serious, heroic person that is Jacob.

    Whenever Jacob returns home, Keith takes his time to be with his brother. While appreciating the attention, Jacob kept on being more and more serious, while Keith was more of a child at heart than he is. Despite the difference, it didn't stop them from playing video games together. Their favorite game? Street Fighter Alpha 3.

    When Jacob left for higher studies in England, Keith knew it had to come. While just aged 13, Keith continued his studies in his local high school. He had a circle of friends, but for a good reason: the school had a bullying spree rooting from Sonny's top performance, forcing a conflict on the campus that turned into a battleground. Keith's training on Muay Thai, inspired from his characters in Street Fighter: Sagat and Adon, helped the side he's on gain advantages each time a small brawl happened.

    When Keith left the school after graduating, he decided that the study life isn't for him. He participated in small scale racing in the country. Using his father's C5 Corvette, he won multiple races. This caused him to be the center of attention for many sponsors, but one opportunity to Japan? It sucked him in, while saying goodbye to his parents.

    Keith arrived in Japan like a monkey in a city. Having a quick guide from his sponsors, he began living there happily, while lonely. When his sponsor hired Bernardo Bellini, who knew that he was one of Jacob's closer friends? With that in mind, they connected quick and started the path of the road warrior.

    Soon, Bernardo split and Keith became a lone wanderer. His skills improved, but to him, it's just about the thrill of the race, until an incident left a friend hurt. Using his earned funds to get him a C6 ZR-1, Keith defeated the man hurting his friend and won himself a Lexus LF-A. The LF-A served as a symbol that Keith is serious on his job now. Unfortunately, the man that lost to him was related to the Yakuza, and having multiple threats to him, Keith resorted to a man that offered his protection: Koji Yamazaki.

    From then on, Keith went to win a second year of the GT500 in driver's points. He was recently promoted to the much larger Le Mans scene. Partnering up with 2 other professional racers, he came to take on the best the racing scene have to offer, sans F1.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Knows racing is his future.
    - Is more focused on the fun factor than what's to gain.
    - A video gamer.
    - When asked what's important in a car, it's power. When asked what's his favorite RPG class, it would be a powerful warrior. When asked what gun he would use in an FPS, it would be a shotgun.
    - Has the most precise foot control and the most firm hand grip, allowing for him to adapt any style of racing should he learn it.
    - Fluent in common dialects of Japanese. Also a fan of Japanese Culture.

    Alignment: Neutral Good.

    Weight: 80 kg (177 lbs)

    Height: 6'1" (1.85m)

    Sports Played: Muay Thai.

    Favorite Music Genre: Hard Rock.

    Inspiration: Jacky Bryant (Virtua Fighter), Rob Van Dam (WWE)
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    You got the fear...
    Again and again.

    Name: Unknown, only known as N.Z.

    Age: ??

    Chosen car: Various

    Owned cars: Unknown

    Occupation: Professional Racer


    The Enigma is only known as N.Z. What the initial means is unknown, but to the mass, it's just a combination of two letters. What it means remains a mystery to them forever, except for us. SPOILERS AHEAD! READING IS HAZARDOUS FOR THE WEAK WILLED.

    Post World War 2. Japan has been bombed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Very few came out of the atom bomb radius alive. One of the very few was an aspiring kamikaze pilot, willing to die for his nation. His name was Natsuhito Saito. Unfortunately for him, when he was about to leave the country, the bombs landed, causing the deaths of millions. The war ended soon, but Natsuhito was suffering in many ways, from injuries, the loss of family, the loss of what mattered to him.

    Evacuated from the hazard zones, Natsuhito's face is in need of surgery to fix. Unable to find a reference, he came out months later as a new person. Since nobody knew about his former position as one of the Imperial Army, Natsuhito went free. Given a new slate, while unintended, Natsuhito made up a new identity to cover up. Making up most of the things except for a few details, he went on, unnamed.

    Having nothing to do but wander around Japan, he stumbled upon a set of televisions in a shop. It was about cars racing. The show intrigued him. He wondered if there was opportunity in such a world. He knows nobodies can make a name for themselves, provided they get a car and know how to drive. Eventually, the former Natsuhito started by researching in libraries all about this phenomenon that is racing.

    After years pass, Natsuhito knows all the tricks from the books, literally. He managed to prove himself to the country to show off his talent. He would become a car tester after heading to Fuji Speedway and somewhat beat the lap times of the current test drivers of racecars. When asked, Natsuhito told them his name would be N.Z. There is no record of his involvement in other racing events, but it was speculated that he was involved in many of them.

    The last record of Natsuhito being N.Z was at the revival of the Mille Miglia. Driving a BMW 328, he was paired with Alan Robinson. While going strong in a good position, Natsuhito's chest suddenly felt a huge pain. This led to the car stopping and letting everyone pass. Unable to continue, and with nobody monitoring the situation, Alan took over as driver, and then he saw it. Alan's driving was full of finesse, and he managed to get a good position. Eventually, they both became friends, but not for long. Natsuhito eventually passed away due to lung cancer months later. Having told Alan of all his exploits before hand, he took the N.Z name, and brought the name into the higher echelons of the legends.

    While touring car racing was intense in a modified 1960s Austin Mini, Alan's real glory days is when he was racing LMPs in the 1990s. While not winning any of the races, Alan was satisfied, while deciding to quit being an enigma and begin making a real name for himself. He searched high and low, until he found a veteran Indy racer named Gerald Masterson. Gerald, native of both British and American racing, was given the identity at the peak of his performance. Being a big fan of it, he couldn't say no.

    After years of racing at the top, Gerald decided to use the power of the name to start anew a group of elite racers, using the name wisely. Thus was born the Harbingers. Hiring a select few, including Alan as his inner circle, they began recruiting various names in racing. They initially are not getting any results. Unable to cope with failure, Gerald, now the Harbinger, used the group as a method of getting what he wanted, dropping the N.Z veil altogether.

    The name hasn't been heard in a decade. But, activities from the Harbingers have done a lot to the racing name. One such project is Mythic: a training regime for four "unfortunate" talents to begin their path racing. Jacob is selected by blood, Sonny by interest, Paul by relationship, and Rin by youth, skill and technique.

    The Harbinger soon gave a chance to give the name "N.Z" to some of his captains, provided he/she proved worthy of it. After an incident causing Clark Kayne to get caught working against them, the N.Z name was taken as well, and nobody knew how, when and why. The name then suddenly appeared in many places. Behind the veil is the man that "died" during said incident: Clark's brother figure Nash Kirkham.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Unknown, only talent is racing.

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Weight: ??

    Height: ??

    Sports Played: Unknown.

    Favorite Music Genre: None in particular.

    Inspiration: None in particular.

    Author's Notes: This is one of the biographies that i had to do to uncover the mystery. Yes, spoilers, especially the real name of the Harbinger.
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    These bios are awesome. A lot more detailed than before. I might be doing some lesser detailed bios for my fanfic.
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    United States
    I did mean N.Z.
    Very interesting bio!
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    The world is spinning too fast. I'm buying lead Nike shoes.
    To keep myself tethered. To the days I tried to lose.

    Name: Hideki Minami

    Age: 22

    Chosen car: Toyota 86 GT

    Owned cars: No other.

    Occupation: Student.


    Born in Kyoto, Hideki's life has never been fully up or down. To him and his 2 sisters, it can only be mentioned as peaceful. Having a father as a scientist and their mother a manager of a small gardening franchise, the children were an example of a regular middle class Japanese family. The days split, the family would come together tonight, looking at the beautiful garden. In the right seasons, the cherry blossoms would bloom.

    Each of the children would take a whole different path in their life. One would take music, another would take acting. Hideki's road hasn't been decided until he started playing around a few crayons when he was 4. He drew something that couldn't be attributed to, resembling a pink lollipop shedding bits of white. Nobody could tell until his father saw the tinge of pink and white split up meaning the cherry blossoms blooming.

    From then, Hideki's true calling is art, but he didn't just rely on scenery. Some of his favorite cartoons inspired him, like Doraemon, Gatchaman, Crayon Shin Chan, and his favorite: Speed Racer. Although he's fond of animation, he always thought of how it's really done. Getting an explanation over a magazine, he saw how much work it had to just make a minute of moving drawings. He ultimately gave up on making cartoons, but it didn't stop him making doodles.

    At school, Hideki would hang out with many art students along his high school life. They would always share what they drew should they have any. From this, Hideki learned many styles of drawing, with the curriculum he follows helped on his method. He never had a preferred style, but Hideki's a natural sketcher. Regularly, Hideki spends money on the many widths of pencils, but a guitar was the emptier of pockets.

    While playing it to serenade the ladies over his time in high school, he never got the attention of the ladies. Being a short person wearing glasses, and not exactly handsome, Hideki wasn't exactly a chick magnet. But he was persistent. He soon found out about the local car racing scene. While too young to join, Hideki sees interest.

    After entering Kyoto university for having an outstanding portfolio, Hideki thought of getting a car. Having received his license during holidays, he only needs a car. Unfortunately, Hideki doesn't have the tolerance to save about a million yen. Focusing on his studies, he stumbled upon Kyoto Uni's racing queen, and the leader of the campus' street racing club: Ayumi Tanaka.

    While Hideki wanted women to adore him, he saw Ayumi as a way to hopefully get him in the league of racing. She didn't pay any attention to the boy regularly seeking her attention, until she was harrassed by a rival racing club. Stepping in to protect her, Hideki unfortunately got into a blunder by having to race them in Suzuka in about 3 weeks.

    Appreciating the actions of her new friend, Ayumi went to train the boy and connect with him. Taking an old Mazda FC from her spare cars, they went around the roads around the prefecture in speed. While still new at the racing scene, Hideki learned fast, knowing that losing would be disastrous.

    The day of the race. With Hideki under pressure in the FC, he knew the common tactics of the racers, and took their weaknesses and exposed it. He knew he was a natural, while holding back a little too much while racing. The race was clutch till the end, with Hideki taking the lead by the last passing of the 130R.

    After that, Hideki gained the respect of Ayumi and the racing club. He won enough money to get a home in Gion. Living alone for a while, he was surprised when a birthday party for his 22nd birthday got him his 86 GT. The joy followed up with his graduation, and the joining of the Kyoto University racing club. When he thought racing was a fun hobby, he soon met an American, whose tragic tale brings him to doubt Hideki's view.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Quick learner.
    - Holds back on suspicion, but always curious.
    - Perceptive towards his surroundings.
    - Artistic. Learning to play the guitar.
    - Friendly, especially to those close to his own age.
    - Always thinking about the future. Keeps tabs on public events.

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)

    Height: 5'2" (1.56m)

    Sports Played: Badminton, Baseball

    Favorite Music Genre: As long it's not mainstream.

    Inspiration: Yuta Takemoto (Honey And Clover).

    Author's Notes:

    - A side character getting a detailed bio? Well, Ayumi's getting one too!

    - Also, while easy to cheat (freaking Google!), there's the leitmotif choice. New to Hideki, a different one for the evolved Keith Ross. I'll update the brief bios if i feel like it.

    - The only confirmed few that won't be getting this treatment would be

    The Takaguchi Clan members,
    Laura Bradley-Ross,
    Gerald Masterson,
    Eduard Alvarez,
    Williem Weiss,
    Shinzo Nishimura
    and Nami Seno.

    But, you can decide if they deserve one.
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    Hail to the king, hail to the one!
    Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun!
    Hail to the king!

    Name: Unknown real name, current alias: Clark Kayne

    Age: 34

    Chosen car: Ferrari FXX.

    Owned cars: Countach 25th Anniversary, F430 Scuderia, SP1, Diablo GT, Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni, Reventon, Ferrari GTO, LaFerrari.

    Occupation: Street Racer


    The man who was now known as Clark (will be referred to as such) was born under an abusive father and an uncaring mother. As a result, his years of youth were full of misery. But, Clark was born a man full of talent. A biological prodigy. He learned the alphabet just a few days learning to read. He knew how to run at high speeds and became captain of his school's running team. Despite this, he hated his dad, and plotted so many ways to murder them in cold blood.

    By the time Clark reached 12, he sabotaged his parents' car and caused an accident that killed them both. Managing to pack a bag, clean of all identity, Clark left for an orphanage. Being ruthless and brutal, Clark lived there in harmony for the first time, with his fellow orphans living in fear from him. After weeks of fear, Clark met another orphan named Nash Kirkham. While initially suspicious, Nash got into more fights with Clark than anyone else.

    While constantly clashing, they soon gave up on their hatred. Clark claimed him as his worthy opponent, while Nash thought of making friends, regardless of what struggle. Persistent, Clark accepted and they became "brothers", making up the name for Nash to identify. The other orphans used this as a method to steer away from trouble.

    By the time Clark reached an age of 18, he left the orphanage and lived with Nash, who left a few years earlier. Nash lived a life being the safety car of various racing events. Only needing a meager license, Nash had it run his life at the time. They would both take turns riding their car through the track with the Mercedes SL55 pace car.

    Their talents were noticed, however. After a year of reckless track practice, they became good at controlling the car, and opportunities open. While Nash got into a small time racing league, Clark was accepted into a much larger vintage racing league with a Countach 25th Anniversary. Clark was dominating, with a performance mimicking the best of the best, and he was enjoying the riches he can possibly reap. He even met a lovely woman who planned to marry the man after the race.

    But, a last race in Monza caused a fatal crash to happen. Nash, who was watching the race, overheard the secrets behind the adjudicators to kill Clark. After the crash, Clark was taken out of the league and is effectively dead, causing his wife to be's suicide. Clark ended up in a 2 month coma, and is miraculously revived by doctors paid by his insurance money. Clark woke up and put on a new identity to cover up the plastic surgery.

    Clark's manager has no idea what happened, as Clark already felt the car's sabotage. It mimicked that of his own towards his parents. He felt like it was karma, but he couldn't accept his loved one's death because of something he didn't do. He vowed for revenge. He developed a hatred for the people involved on that track and started racing on the streets. The Countach is brought back, and thus began Clark's road to dominance.

    Money is no stranger for Clark. After 2 years, he became the boss, and his name would echo across Europe when it comes to street racing. Clark's possessions multiplied by a large amount, and he was rumored to have entered the Harbingers. With eyes and ears on all streets in the UK, Clark finds 3 potentials: two found racing on his turf, and the other as a favor from Nash. Clark took two of the three in. The Messiah would then give his blessings to the Chimera and the Phoenix.

    Clark would then get involved in large criminal activity in Los Angeles. Having the mind of a tactician, Clark overcame the odds of his new found friend, Gary, and used the talents of Ginoa to end the war in blood. After that, he was informed of an attack in Georgia involving Rin's coma state. Helping make a distraction, Clark was turned traitor, but the Harbinger had other plans for him after giving a second chance. What are they?

    Skills and Traits:

    - Spiteful to those he chooses to.
    - Relies on veiling his face with a cap and sunglasses, to hide the evil within.
    - If he disagrees, he will find a way to make them think otherwise.
    - Relies of brute force, especially to those he spites. Also a fan of spitting those under him.
    - Actually friendly to a select few that proved themselves.
    - Serious.
    - A mastermind at his own right.

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Weight: 73 kg (160 lbs)

    Height: 5'11" (1.80m)

    Sports Played: Athletics.

    Favorite Music Genre: Nu Metal

    Inspiration: Clark Still (King Of Fighters), Brian Fury (Tekken), Albert Wesker (Resident Evil).

    Author's Notes:

    - The only antagonist that will get this treatment, because.. let's say i was about to make Clark the protagonist in Dawn Of The Mythic. But if i did that, it would follow the style of Legacy Of The Dark Horse, and it would be rated 18+ for violence. I want to do something mostly fresh and new. I'm trying to step away from getting sequelitis, and make something even better.

    - There won't be bios for my new six, but some info? Nah, maybe you can figure out who's supporting and who's antagonistic when you see it.

    - I will randomly do any character if there's no requests. Tomorrow will be a person that strives to be better than you.
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    I look at you, then you me. Hungry and thirsty are we?
    Holding the lion's share. Holding the key.
    Holding me back cause I'm striving to be...

    Better than you!

    Name: Jacob Ross

    Age: 31

    Chosen car: Ford GT '06

    Owned cars: R8 5.2 FSI, Mustang Trans-Cammer, Ford GT40 Mk 1, Shelby Mustang GT500.

    Occupation: Unemployed. Known to street race.


    Born in California, Jacob was the first son of soon to be racing legend Louie Ross Jr. and forensics analyst Laura Ross. Jacob's childhood wasn't fueled by the memories of his parents, but instead, his grandfather Louie Ross Sr. Louie Sr was a battle hardened soldier who's once served in the invasions of Europe in World War 2 and played a role in the Vietnam war. His parents too busy to take care of his son, Jacob relied his youth on his grandfather and his best friend, Sonny.

    With the departure of his grandfather when he was 7, Jacob dedicated his life to succeeding him, while adapting the traits of heroism and seriousness. His parents were concerned about him, and tried to get close to him. While a rocky start, Jacob is evident of needing another helping hand for life support, which led to the birth of Keith.

    Learned of their lesson, Laura and Louie raised Keith as their own. Jacob felt left out, while still part of the family. Unexpectedly, Jacob grew up to be more disciplined, and hardly rebelled at all. His interest led him to be the best in the form of a human's natural skills, watching most realistic action movies, such as Rambo. He left for military school across the country when he was 15, much to the dismay of Keith. Meeting with Jared there, Jacob felt more at home with his fellow cadets. He stayed there for 5 years, and was sent to Afghanistan under command of a small force.

    Feeling led to their deaths, Jacob and Jared survived an attack on their squad, killing everyone else than themselves. Attempting a daring escape with a Humvee, Jacob first saw why his father took the path that he currently walks. Having felt that life is valuable, Jacob left for a higher education after receiving a bravery award, alongside the mastery of close quarters combat. Jared stayed on to be the hero he is today.

    Jacob was then slowly educated. It was a hard and long process, until he got into the Brunel University to do a Bachelor's in Sports Sciences by the age of 21. Unexpectedly joining Jared and Sonny under one roof, they are greeted by Bernardo Bellini, an aspiring Italian. With a suffering home, Sonny took the wheel in racing the streets, with Jacob slowly following. With winnings coming in week after week, their actions are monitored by an interested Clark Kayne, the boss of the streets, and a mastermind.

    This led to Jacob getting abducted by Nash Kirkham, and learning under his wing with no consent. While this may come as no surprise, Jacob just followed the teachings, knowing that he might need those skills and reflexes for the future. He had no idea on Sonny getting involved, while receiving a tattoo, and a codename (Mythic) from Nash for finishing the training.

    Years pass. Jacob gets his diploma. But before that, he meets with a variety of people, from Lucia Weiss, Sir Ben McCarthy, to his future wife, Rin Nishimura. Returning to America with his wife, they formally married and settled in Georgia. While Jacob did a small service to his nation, his day job is being a bounty hunter around the nation. It was then he met with Gary Dhetto, while he was hunting a bounty in California. He keeps his identity as a secret while doing so, under a moniker he made up: "Outlaw".

    The moniker allowed him to live and prosper. But, hungry for the thrill of the race, Jacob received an invitation to a rally event in an apocalypse. While his peak performance started to rise there, no winnings are made. The event changed his life though, as he met with the Enigma for the first time, along with Murphy Barrister and Fred McStevenson, who owe the man their lives.

    After getting a new home, and ready for a child, Jacob bought another new Mustang. Seeing how his wife loves the new age of muscle cars (while somewhat having a strife against the older ones), Jacob bought a new Mustang '07, which, in pure coincidence, crashed with his wife's SVT Cobra. This caused him to be split from his wife as he enters a new state of depression. Having suffered minor cuts and bruises, Jacob's soul corrupted itself, as he went rogue and began racing underground with the Mustang rebuilt. It didn't fully heal the wound, but it helped..

    Until the day Rin left the hospital for unknown reasons. He never made it his priority until he realized what he lost. Also, he was seemingly under an illusion, that the streets call out to him. Getting loose ends tied up, he opens a small hole in his soul for wisdom. This wisdom led to his departure from America to find his sweetheart in the only place she may be: Japan.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Battle hardened soldier. Is awarded a medal in bravery, and CQB.
    - Serious. Will only joke if he's the one making them.
    - Strong. Carries a muscly build, but not one that's like Terry Crews.
    - Top level racer, while preferring the streets.
    - Creeds to be the best in what he can be.
    - A dark hero; protects the innocent and the weak, should it help his own agenda.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good.

    Weight: 87 kg (190 lb)

    Height: 6'2" (1.88m)

    Sports Played: Rugby, American Football.

    Favorite Music Genre: Heavy Metal.

    Inspiration: John Marston (Red Dead Redemption), Protagonist (NFS Most Wanted & Carbon), Big Boss (Metal Gear).

    Author's Notes:

    - Our protagonist, about to lose that name. Also, a few spoilers; you will know what it is if you see it.

    - A plot hole? Yes. How is the Enigma at the City while Nash is still Nash? Could there be another... nah. Explanations with this "Enigma's" identity soon.

    - Coming up: between life and death at all times.
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    I need the sunshine in the morning! I'm heading for the open road!
    Sunshine in the morning! Lord, you gotta let it go!

    Name: Murphy Barrister "Murph"

    Age: 28

    Chosen car: McLaren MP4-12C

    Owned cars: Yamaha 660R, Mercedes SLR McLaren, An assortment of cars not known to many, Light Car Co. Rocket.

    Occupation: Street Racer


    Murphy (well known as Murph), is born in the outskirts of Milton Keynes. Having a less than stellar IQ, he's known to be crazy. Despite this, his parents raised him like any normal boy, except of his unusual tendency to do all sorts of oddities. Some of these include destroying toys, messing with people's stuff, and more. Trying to cure him, Murph is sent to various hospitals, eventually hating it since it did nothing to help.

    His crazy tendencies got him into a school for special people, where he meets the disabled, the impaired and the uncontrolled. Getting up to speed with the people helps him and his inside voice, should he ever carry one. He eventually got kicked after an unusual conspiracy to overthrow the school managed to envelop him.

    His life took more of a turn when his parents divorced in front of his eyes, prompting him to choose one. At the age of only 16, he chose to live his life on the road. From then, he started a life of thievery, while hiding under the guise of an adopted child fathered by a priest. His specialty is mugging and pickpocketing, but his real forte is jacking cars, selling them to nearby chop shops. To the choppers, Murph brings home a lot of Japanese parts, specifically from ATVs and dirt bikes. Murph mentioned it as a "preferred vehicle to take".

    The priest, having no clue of the boy's spending habits, raised the boy as his son. He told him to "do whatever the Lord pleases". To Murph, who had no understanding on what that truly meant, he saw it as a means to take advantage of the resources he gains. The priest, who had no family, loved him, and to Murph, he's the only person he cared about.

    Soon, the priest let him go after passing away from a heart attack. Murph was 24. He got out of the home, and his money from all the jobs he's done over the years total up to a great amount. He buys a home in Guildford, and a private hangar nearby the Top Gear Test Track. But this time, he prefers to earn the cars. Besides studying for a while on stock markets (for dummies), Murph lights a bulb, seeing how good he is on fleeing the police back in the days of jacking cars. Murph decides and turned to street racing, using an SLR McLaren. His style of taking too much danger to himself made him stood out against the regulars of the roads.

    But, just as he finished his first race, victorious, The Harbinger himself met him. Immediately hired for driver work, Murph's craziness is taken advantage of when he is trained to kill. Murph has no respect for his employers, but Nash Kirkham gained an interest. This interest is considerable to the point when he is sent to stalk Jacob Ross, a man who changed his life in the foreseeable future.

    Meeting Jacob formally in his bachelor party, Murph also gets to know Laura and Keith, while Louie Jr is suspicious. After the scouting, he receives orders to eliminate him, and make it look accidental. Inviting Jacob to the rally in The City, Murph gets ready an ATV he was provided from the Harbingers. On orders from Nash, he was told to temporarily be N.Z, to help veil his identity, and make him feel he's being mentored. Receiving information, Murph successfully fooled Jacob, but ended up teaching him more than tormenting him.

    By the end of the third day, the city crumbles. Taking advantage of a distracted Jacob, Murph took the opportunity to kill him. A piece of debris landed on his head, and knocked him out, cold. Jacob, feeling a small ounce of pity, stuffed Murph in the back of his car, and manages to escape through the mess. Murph is then assumed dead, and his life takes a turn when he meets Jacob Ross and Fred McStevenson as friends, hopefully for real this time.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Insane, but has it's limits.
    - A daredevil. He likes to live life on the edge.
    - Skilled thief. Also good at keeping quiet.
    - Knows how to lie, and keep himself only to himself.
    - Possessed a great supply of vehicles and cash, but only shares to his friends.
    - Knows how to read the stock market (strangely).

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)

    Height: 5'11" (1.75 m)

    Sports Played: Soccer, Cricket.

    Favorite Music Genre: Punk Rock.

    Inspiration: Frank Martin (The Transporter), Richard Hammond (Top Gear)

    Author's Notes:

    - From writing the story, Murph turned out to be a favorite of mine with Jacob, which is why he's returning for the sequel. His role? I've yet to work out how he will fit in.

    - Coming up: The puppet master.
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    And birds go flying at the speed of sound, to show you how it all began.
    Birds came flying from the underground; If you could see it then you'd understand?

    Name: Nash Kirkham

    Age: 37

    Chosen car: McLaren F1 GTR

    Owned cars: McLaren F1, Viper SRT10 ACR, Mini Cooper '98.

    Occupation: Retired.


    Nash was born in a car that crashed, killing his mother. His father, a survivor of said crash, raised him from scratch. Having no mother never had Nash concerned. The Kirkham family of Manchester was one of the richer families in the UK. Nash's life was filled with controlled luxury, with his father only giving his monthly pocket money should he be a good man, and not plead.

    As a result, Nash was disciplined and patient. He was homeschooled, and was given table manners. Nash was born a gentleman, while a little inside of him had a rebellious side: a side that can be witnessed when he grow up. Nash's interest in racing was when he watched a recorded race of the Mille Miglia. He then saw the mysterious N.Z. Having no stop of interest, Nash decided to research on his existence, only to come up blank. He never gave up, though.

    Soon, Nash's father passed away due to old age. Nash, being aged 15, had to move to an orphanage, with his family's estate and inheritance on hold until he reaches 18. Nash, who was an avid student to study economics and marketing, had to live a new life, with things like truly limited luxury, and being schooled in a public school. He was never fond of living amongst others lower than he is.

    His life never changed until he met another boy in peril. A redhead with an unknown name. Upon asking, the boy would quarrel with the kind hearted Nash, or even begin fights. Soon, these brawls and arguements would lead to a friendship, with Nash finally knowing the boy's name: an unnamed messiah who was about to be known as Clark Kayne, while it isn't his real name when he was born.

    Nash turned 18, and left the orphanage. His inheritance of his family's estate given, Nash thought of spending most of it in the stock market. After studying and doing the work, he bought stocks from various companies and used the rest of his money to live in a middle class home. He then brought his friend Clark in, and got a job in driving the safety car.

    On their free days, they would take to the track with the modified SL55 pace car, and do laps around the various tracks they were asked to regulate. From Brands Hatch, Donington Park to Silverstone, they were used to the ways of speed. Soon, their laps were comparable to those of more potent supercars. Their exploits didn't go unnoticed, however.

    Splitting paths, Nash went for a small scale league. Using a rented car, underpowered for such events, Nash went to see the thrill of racing. Having a MINI Cooper beat something like a Nissan Skyline was only believable when seen with the naked eye. Nash raked in winnings and eventually told a lovestruck Clark about his wealth and his estate.

    Out of season, Nash specated the last race of Clark in Monza. By the time he wished him luck, Nash overheard some dirty business from the adjudicators. Seeing that they are FIA officials, Nash has no idea what to do but warn his best friend, but it was just a tad too late.

    Clark crashed and "died". His love life vanished, and his money was saved by Nash's quick thinking. Nash used the racer's insurance money to revive his friend with a treatment he never knew he had to use again. Within the months his brother was asleep, Nash received millions with the money he invested into, effectively making him richer than a small kingdom. He used them for investments in the market, while also storing some of the money in various private bank accounts.

    Nash saw the redhead wake up from his death. Clark, who recently donned the name for identity purposes, was filled with vengeance. Nash decided to help his friend out, despite the hurting of others. While carrying them out, they were contacted by a Gerald Masterson about the involvment of something big. They were induced into the Harbingers: a racing group turned criminal conglomerate. Nash met various faces within, but took interest in Alan Robinson: the Bristol Harbinger himself.

    Soon, Clark came in, and the brothers were given a higher rank for loyalty. The loyalty allowed Alan to start a "project", which to the two brothers was a small racing group of street kings. Green lighted by the Harbinger, they went to find talent. Clark noticed the actions of three potentials, while Alan had his eye on one. Settling with four, Nash volunteered to mentor an American: Jacob Ross.

    Over the days he mentored the man, Nash learned himself on how to control a more powerful car than he's ever driven: a Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR. Using Jacob as the worthy rival to teach and beat, Nash's moments with Jacob was one full of enjoyment and learning. Nash saw the strength and spirit within himself alongside Jacob. Nash decided to engrave their moments with a special UV tattoo. Having implemented such to the other 3 "Mythic", Nash took a deep interest to the Phoenix when he was told of the only female member of the group, and a favor for someone he met on track.

    After letting them go, Nash kept on racing. He saw the identity of his idol: N.Z as a name, not a person. Aspiring to be him, Nash kept on being the best he is, from racing touring cars, to the highest level: RedBull X racing leagues. His obsession with Rin had him bring her along for a few of these runs. Offering the respect of a gentleman, he found out more about Rin's lonely childhood. Discussing with Clark, he agreed to have Sonny arrange a meeting with Rin and Jacob. It turned out to be a meeting of lovers, witnessing the moment with his own eyes.

    Nash was last seen helping Rin in coma after the Harbingers' last meeting had them decide to end her. Nash went to plan a way out for her. Meeting with Clark and Jared, Nash helped Rin escape her death and split from her husband. The consequences are large though, with Clark on thin ice and Nash staging a large accident that would kill him.

    Or so everyone thinks.. for Nash has taken all the rights. All the personality. All the being of N.Z. Nash would go so far to add the words "Enigma" to the revived name, having it his calling name in that identity. To even further hide his identity, he dyed his hair grey and got plastic surgery. All he did is wait, and wait..

    Skills and Traits:

    - Has a good eye on the things he focuses on.
    - A heavy planner and investigator. A trait he got from one of his idols: Sherlock Holmes.
    - Looks for what's good in bad things.
    - Merciful in heart. But may lose control of emotions.
    - Has no intent to be famous.
    - The last surviving member of a rich family spanning generations.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Weight: 82 kg (180 lbs)

    Height: 6'0" (1.82m)

    Sports Played: Equestrian, Soccer.

    Favorite Music Genre: Classic.

    Inspiration: Jonathan Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventures), Jim Moriarty (BBC Network's Sherlock).

    Author's Notes:

    - Nash was intended to be the antagonist of chapter 4, instead of Clark. He would use the new Harbingers to take down what has been established in Japan of all names racing. The final duel was supposed to be Viper SRT10 ACR VS Ford GT.

    - But in that universe, Gerald Masterson is dead, and Clark Kayne would have to take Jacob's stage as protagonist for that chapter. Looking at Clark as a villain of ambition (and always was), it's not likely that he would oppose his brother, thus scrapping this plot.

    - Coming up: The character inspired from this game.
  11. SomePlayaDude


    They will not force us! They will stop degrading us!
    They will not control us! We will be victorious!
    So come on!

    Name: Rin Nishimura

    Age: 27

    Chosen car: Lexus LFA

    Owned cars: Lexus IS-F Racing Concept, Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Mustang SVT Cobra.

    Occupation: Various.


    Born in her family home in Tochigi, Rin was a baby girl who was regarded a biologically advanced person, in terms of her physical performance and her mental strength. But what lacked within her was her emotions. She's easily an unusual person, being shy to most people and doing all sorts of odd behaviour in most situations. Nevertheless, Shinzo and Nami were happy, and raised her with all their love.

    Having a father working for the Yakuza, Rin had a slightly bumpy relationship with her father. But, Rin loved her mother a lot. Despite the one sided choice, Rin would vow her entire life so that both of her parents would be living in eternal harmony. Rin would take it up her honor to ensure that. While she liked to wander around her family's large garden, she was restricted to visit the garage, for reasons unknown.

    Rin's life would take a slight turn when she fiddled with her father's computer when she reached 6 years old. Intrigued with the pictures and colors, she accidentally bashed the screen open with her hands. What happened afterwards was a monitor needing a replacement, and the parents' finding out of her inner strength and interest. Rin, however, was crying, but her hand seemed unharmed.

    The school life of Rin was pretty basic, while a little lonely. While she enjoyed to study all things, her true focus and favorite subject is apparently sciences. Rin's emotions are fickle, and a few cases involve her breaking randomly were marked on her report card, along the great performance she has. To call her a nerd would be an understatement, due to how Rin grows up getting more and more prettier each year. The boys would always flirt and woo at her every time she would travel down the hall.

    A small event happened to Rin when she was 12. When Rin was about to exit her final class of the year, her teacher asked her about her dad. Confused, she asked back. The teacher, apparently used to street race with her father. Rin, having no idea about her father's racing roots, headed home to see an aged Shinzo. She asked, and after a persistent volley, he spilled it all. Shinzo was a street racer, meeting his wife when he saved her from a few bad racers, after seeing them desiring a misuse of his wife to be.

    Rin then had a sneaky habit. When she reached 18, she got her license in an instant (which had perfect scores). Desiring to know about the thrill of racing, she would take her father's cars to drive by the nearby Twin Ring Motegi. A car she got connected with was an old Toyota MR2. The MR2 would go on missing for more days without notice until one day, her mother was cleaning the garage noticing the car missing.

    While Rin was about to get caught red handed, her parents caught her having a race with some rookies in the same class. She would take the trophy, and a live interview had her admit her guilt of taking the Toyota out and doing it all after finding about the justice behind her father's actions. It appears that she was racing with a good purpose. Her parents caught her, and she panicked. But, they were proud. Shinzo would come back into racing after that day.

    Her moment of glory was spent with her heading into the University College of London studying Computer Science by the end of that year. Shinzo would go on and carry on what she's started and Nami would find more ways to support her. One such way was the contact of an old friend: Nash Kirkham. Nash was informed of her study, but had an obsession for her when he found out about her racing pedigree on the loose.

    Rin then was contacted by Clark Kayne. Having a suspicion on him, she didn't answer until the man came himself to offer her "The path to more than being a normal human". While reluctant, she accepted, and Clark saw the cutesy look she had. Determined, he would be the one to bring her higher in the racing world, but in the ways that she would be happy to accept the offer.

    Eventually, Rin finished her training, but not without a scar. Nash would tattoo her back. She took it hard, and was in pain of getting it. She then met her partner in Clark's world of racing: Sonny Meng. Sonny saw her as a pitiful person, but he couldn't hate her for any reason. He asked Rin "In a man, what would you seek?". Her answer was: one that would be strong to all the decisions and mistakes she would make in the future. Sonny seemed like he gave a light bulb too much power. He knew who she should meet. Arranging a meeting in a restaurant, she sees the strong American man; One with a positive vibe.

    This is Jacob Ross. While meeting him, they had chemistry. They would go eye to eye. Soon, she saw Nash, and notices the young teenage girl by him. Jacob, revealing her rescue by him, was clear to Rin that he had a cliche heroic side within. They fell in love, witnessed by Nash. A marriage was arranged soon enough, revealing their parents heritage. They were destined for good things, despite not knowing they were Mythic aside from themselves; a fact not mentioned over their years of matrimony.

    After graduation, the newly wed couple moved to America. Rin was called Jessica to blend in the country. What didn't help was her unnatural beauty and her height. Having no idea on what to do, she went to do police duty. Her husband had her own agendas, but they would always see each other every night. Time passed, and Rin was a decorated officer of speed. Promoted, they moved to Georgia, where she would enforce the fastest racers on the streets. She would get to know Jacob's new found friends from the City: Murph and Fred, alongside Jared.

    Unfortunately, her life would take a turn when her SVT Cobra crashed into a brand new Ford Mustang. The crash caused her to enter a coma state. Rin had a tendency to cheat death, and this is her third time that she's entered a coma. But, she's never had it longer than this. A Harbinger plot followed, which had Jared evacuate her back to Japan for safety. While safe, she felt like she was in a prison, and needed out. Taking identities and living by the Tokyo bay side, she took a new life, while praying her knight in shining armor would come to save her one day.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Is years ahead in terms of intelligence.
    - Has a large interest in technology.
    - Hasn't made a significant impact in life, and aspires to do so.
    - A little shy, a negative trait which trades off her beauty and physical performance.
    - Charismatic in both speech and looks, despite being shy.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Weight: 57 kg (125 lbs)

    Height: 5'4" (1.63m)

    Sports Played: Skating of all sorts, even extreme.

    Favorite Music Genre: Alternative.

    Inspiration: Influence straight from Jet Set Radio, Barbara Gordon (Batman).

    Author's Notes:

    - Coming Up: "I'm the man in the place, punch you in the face, a gun in my waist."
  12. SomePlayaDude


    Yeah! My durango, number 95. Take me to the home, kick boots and ultra live.
    See heaven flash a horrorshow. Knock it nice and smooth.
    Step back and watch it flow. YEAH!

    Name: Gary Dhetto

    Age: 25

    Chosen car: Challenger SRT8

    Owned cars: Shelby Cobra.

    Occupation: Free agent.


    Gary was an illegitimate child from a negro gangster father, and a caucasian indie rockstar mother. While being a white bread, the genetics on his father is reflected on his voice and mannerisms. The unusual genetics also gave him a birthmark on his left eye: a large patch of dark skin the size of a tennis ball.

    Instead of school, he followed his dad's footsteps, not knowing his mom's identity. Naturally learning the art of run, gun, steal, lie, cheat, drive and all that relates to gangster, he reaches to the top of his gang by the age of 19, overshadowing his dad even. Worrying that his son poses a threat, he persuades all the major gangs in California to go up against him.

    In response to this deception, Gary went and did his own dirty work. After surviving two ambushes with the help of a passersby named Jacob Ross, he's had it no more. He then hired two people that deem worthy to his eyes: a professional assassin, and a mastermind. The two people ended up being Ginoa Fantoccia, and Clark Kayne. With Ginoa handling the major names in the opposing end, and Clark handling the planning for gang attacks, their force succeeds in wiping out most of the resistance. Gary personally saw his father's untimely end and shot him in the head.

    After this, Gary went on and became a public hero, with the help of false publicity stunts arranged by Clark. He started the works of famous celebrities like movies, music videos and more. His skills are honed even more, with the threatening of a holidaying Sonny Meng to train him in driving. Gary then assumed his role as king, if it weren't for what's to come. Ginoa stayed in California, while Clark returned to Europe when help was not needed.

    One evening, a member of the FBI was killed in self defense from Ginoa. Immediately, she pinned it on Gary, who found out moments the FBI came to arrest him. Soon, the amount of policemen were overwhelming, causing Gary to come out and surrender. His empire no more, and he was taken to a maximum security prison.

    Betrayed by his closest ally, Gary seeks revenge. But, with seemingly no way out, he had to hold it until the arrival of Koji Yamazaki. Koji saw the gangster having no future in death row, and uses his talents to reduce that to parole. Gary was, more or less, grateful to him. Koji offered a job to handle crime in Japan. Accepting the job, Gary got into public service as a marine stationed in Osaka harbour.

    While revenge ridden, Gary's service in the marines are taken advantage of to hone his skills. Gary recently entered the world of athletics and played a lot of sports. He also met up with some similar people on parole that want another go at the criminal business. From the opportunity Vulture gave, he was healthier, happier, and a new gang came to power soon enough.

    Gary's last day of service is greeted with an old friend: Jacob, who's been having marital issues with Rin running away. Having a large interest in Rin, Gary dedicated a moment of his life on helping his friend out, while handling his own agendas as well.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Skilled gunner. Can hold a full auto machine pistol with one hand stable.
    - Quick on his feet. His senses are alert.
    - A quick learner.
    - Will not let anything go, until motivations come into mind.
    - Antagonistic at times.
    - Is too laid back and casual at times of dire need, except of his own.
    - Misuses women.

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Weight: 72 kg (160 lbs)

    Height: 5'1" (1.55m)

    Sports Played: Baseball, Soccer, American Football.

    Favorite Music Genre: Mix of rap and rock (ala Walk This Way).

    Inspiration: Claude (Grand Theft Auto 3), Murdock (The A-Team), The Boss (Saints' Row), Jeffery 'OG Loc' Cross (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas).

    Author's Notes:

    - A character in development since 2008, but a simple character. My first intent for Gary was to bring the mood up in the gloomy setting.

    - And he's my ticket to GTA 5's Roleplay Events, should i ever get to it. I have the biography all ready to roll out (an antagonist, a guy who thinks he's king of them all), but looking at how it's doing, I'm holding it back until it looks better.

    - Coming up: One of the racers on the list.

    Bonus Round: The Many Faces Of Gary Dhetto.

    Grand Theft Auto Online: Gary the TF2 Soldier.


    ModNation Racers: Gary the racing gold mine.


    The Sims 3: Gary the teenage heartthrob.


    LittleBigPlanet: Gary the adorable little slapper.


    Saints Row: Gary the president in purple.

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  13. SomePlayaDude


    If I should touch you, I might be electrocuted.
    Deep in your body you will get your first taste.

    Name: Fred McStevenson

    Age: 36

    Chosen car: Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

    Owned cars: Saleen S7, Cadillac CTS Sedan '03, Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (Pete), Peterbilt 387 (Brian)

    Occupation: All around racer, from big rigs, pikes peak, street racing and supercar racing.


    Fred was born in Virginia. But he never knew his dad. It is said that his father died after a serious accident, involving a sheep, a mountainside and an ambulance speeding by. Aside that, Fred was born with a mother, and 2 brothers, who handles a country farm. The family would work day and evening to gain their daily wage. Among his family, Fred would eat the most of his family, getting the name "Gator" from his brothers.

    While each member of the family would handle their duty, each of them would do it every single working day they could. Fred handled the crops. He would take a tractor to plow along the fields. He just wonders, at the time, if it could ever go any faster, or if this would be fun, than live in monotony.

    As they grew up, they slowly became more and more wealthy, selling a surplus of goods around the state. Their crops are praised for the family's treatment towards their farm. This has garnered unwanted attention, as suited men arrive to purchase the farm. They are refused when the family has nowhere to go should they sell.

    When Fred grew up to be 20, he came home from civil service in New York. His fears confirmed when he saw his family recently massacred. Knowing that the guilt came from the company that asked for a purchase, Fred thinks of his actions carefully. While not a logical thinker, he had to do something to put their guilt. He went to spend the family reserve on finding a way to fairly accuse them. For this job, Fred went high and low, but found a prosecutor by the name of Billy Bob Marsden.

    Billy was new to the field, but he was good. He managed to get enough pieces of evidence to actually start a claim. The claim, while powerful, wasn't decisive enough to arrange a winnable lawsuit. While the company took action, Fred was unnoticed due to his lack of involvment, until he saw a note hidden on the tractor he plowed all those years. It was decisive for Billy to finish his claim and win his trial.

    But, the company took action after this discovery. Fred was surrounded, and his only way out was a big rig that happened to pass by. Putting the driver aside, Fred lets go of the load and starts heading to the district court. With cars chasing behind him, Fred drove like what he should. He reminisces the movie "Duel" and uses the giant vehicle's weight it to push his chasers to the sides. Fred gained a sense of being a racer. He knew should a new life begin, he has another option to get back up to the top.

    After a year, a new racer in the Big Rig racing leagues appeared. Driving a custom Peterbilt, Fred McStevenson takes the stage as the great racer he knew he could be. He travelled around the country with an RV, which he named Sally, courtesy of his late mother. While his rigs take a new appearance every year, he calls each and every one of them Brian, in memory of his bigger brother. For regular driving, he has a pickup, which he calls Pete, in memory of his second brother.

    After years of racing, the league Fred races in proves to be nothing for the grizzled veteran. Having gained weight and a much larger RV, Fred decides to take his modified Peterbilt to a rally in a destroyed City. After performing amicably, the big rig couldn't escape the city's massive disasters that happened in the last day. Fred was guilt ridden, for he couldn't save his truck like his family. He prepared a suicide, until a black Mustang passed by.

    This Mustang is owned by Outlaw, but Fred easily recognized the look resembling Louie Ross Sr. Jacob spilled it all to Fred, and managed to persuade him to move ahead. With that, they escaped, unknown that another man is in the boot. Eventually, he joined up with Jacob, bringing his RV over to Georgia. With a favor from Murph, he gained another life in the streets. What experience on the rigs tournament would bring the streets is a brutal one.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Heavy eater.
    - Overweight, but rather top notch on his reflexes.
    - Has a heart for his friends.
    - May rely on force if needed.
    - Brave, and will find ways to settle things.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Weight: 203 kg (446 lbs)

    Height: 7'0" (2.11 m)

    Sports Played: Too unfit to play any.

    Favorite Music Genre: Country.

    Inspiration: Mater (Cars), Bear Hugger (Punch Out!), Mr. Krabs (Spongebob Squarepants).

    Author's Notes:

    - From here on out, I won't be putting any more biographies until i post the ending. It might come either by the end of this week or by the next.

    - A request away is another biography to be posted.
  14. Turbotwin01


    These bio's are pretty good, I just can't really think of one I want to see. If I do I'll let you know.
  15. amemyarz


    United States
    I think you hit all of the important bios for me.
  16. Turbotwin01


    The Gary representation are awesome btw, I like how Gary has his Challenger with pimp wheels in GTA Online.
  17. SomePlayaDude


    Author's brief note: PICTURE HEAVY!

    Cape Ring, Fukushima Prefecture. 4 PM

    Song: Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams.

    While normally used officially for FIA regulated racing, the track seamlessly merges with the public road, allowing for a smooth change from track to street.


    An indigo Ferrari waits at the line. Owned by the Messiah: Clark Kayne. The car has it's body work removed to accommodate with what's to come.

    Clark: "I heard of poseur racers in this country, but they shouldn't have issues coming here on f:censored:ing time!"

    Waiting for his challenger, there are a whole load of racing enthusiasts by the bleachers. They consist of mostly Japanese people, but there are chunks of people that came from all over the world. No doubt they await the cowboy that will be the one to stop the Messiah, or the other way around. They wouldn't stay quiet.


    Very few have the privilege of meeting Clark due to some of his loyal men guarding him. Managing to get out of the crowd, one person went on to meet the Messiah, particularly a racing celebrity. He wasn't alone, though.

    Sonny: "Hey, teach."

    Clark: "Sonny. So, you're wanting to see your friend crushed? I like your approach. And who's this?"

    The person accompanying Sonny was a young man. Wearing glasses and having a look reflecting a casual student in his university days. This person is:

    Hideki: "Minami Hideki. I came here.. I came here.. because.. I admire you, Messiah-sama!"

    Clark: "Pssh... Heartwarming."

    Sonny: "This boy also seems to know who your opponent is lah. I don't mean the Outlaw guise, i meant about Jake."

    Clark: "You have to tell me new things every time. This is a good find. What did he tell you?"

    Hideki: "Umm.. he just told me about why he left the US, about his wife, and.."

    Clark: "That's a story i have to hear soon enough. He's not here yet.."

    Hideki: "He's been missing.. for weeks. We haven't gotten any word on where or why at all."

    Clark: "That's widespread news already.. But, since you are his buddies after all, i know you have taken the steps, correct?"

    Sonny: "Phone calls. Text messages. I did them all."

    Clark: "Hmm... I guess you don't have to worry any more. Your demon approaches."

    The line sees a car approach from afar.


    Song Progress: 0:56

    A black 70s Mustang. Clark knows this is the one.


    The crowds see with awe. Clark reacts with a small grim smile, showing how glad that his opponent that he seeks to defeat has arrived.


    The Mustang parks by the capped man, by a distance that readies the cars for their battle. A man exits. The man was once known as Jacob Ross, now something different altogether.


    Clark: "I don't like the looks of this. You two should go."

    Sonny: "It's.. so unsettling. Come on, boy. We head to the finish line before these two lah."

    As Sonny and Hideki moves away, he looks back at Clark, seeing a wink from the dark eyes within his sunglasses.

    Clark: "So.. this is the end for our tales of splendour. The treasure in the eyes of the greedy rogue. The food in the hands of the parched and lost. The kiss of the prince charming, to the sweet lady. How, oh how? How is it you're not human no more, Outlaw?"

    Outlaw: "My agendas are mine. You have no business in the plans of the racing king."

    Clark: "So.. slips? Or we race like those so frail to even walk our paths? The ones that roam the streets here have no proof that they're supposed to be in your shoes, or mine."

    Outlaw: "I'd be so happy to take what you stake, but we have more than just the respect of the people on the line. To suck it all up, from what you've left behind. It's like you don't want me to race with you at all."

    Clark threw his hat in front of Outlaw. His red hair shone brightly at the sun. Then, he takes off the glasses and his evil face comes alive. The thousands in the lanes witness the scene.

    Clark: "So serious. It's a demon indeed. I've battled the most human out of the ones that hold the wheel. But you. You are something."

    Outlaw: "Something?"

    Clark brought out his hand, stopping the words from Outlaw.

    Clark: "When i saw the person laid out to me.. he was a spirited young man. I can see, within him is someone finding the meaning of life. For you? You want to take the path i took? I'd happily accept that.. fufufu."

    Outlaw: "You'll be surprised that i won't be following your stained footsteps for long.. because..."
    Outlaw strikes a pose that brought everyone to awe.

    Outlaw: "Everyone that's brought a fine car has been obliterated. This country is no different than the rest of the world. And, let me add: i can't wait to soil your reputation as much as the world will watch the ultimate battle between the ultimate in racing."

    Clark: "Spoken.. spoken like a true king. Now.. now we begin! Get inside. The lights will be green. The route?"

    Outlaw: "I know where to go. The checkpoints. The distance. No more questions."

    Clark: "The news doesn't hide from you, huh? If you know our route so well, let's see who will be the one on top."

    They enter the cars. It's time.


    A Ferrari and a Ford's V8. Amidst the crowd at the start line, Sonny read the specifications.

    Sonny: "So.. that Ferrari is quite the machine. It's lost that wing for the right reasons, not for spunk. 570 horsepower, and just about a 1.2 tons."

    Hideki: "And how do you even know that?"

    Sonny: "I had my team tune that thing, and i watched the overhaul myself. He paid me good, even though i owe him. I wonder what made him lose the wing."

    Hideki: "Owe? There's more about you.. and that Clark-sama.. He's bad to the bone."

    Sonny: "Of course lah, but he's not a killer. He's just someone pretty pissed about something. And let me ask: how'd you become the one that Jake would tell his life's tale to?"

    Hideki: "Ermm.. well, he told me.. It's just pure coincidence. But, it's only me, and no-one else."

    Ayumi: "Deki-san! Did you forget about me? How could you!"

    Hideki: "Aaah! Don't startle me like that.."

    Ayumi: "You're going to try being tougher than that, I'll give you that much. Hehehe.. oh! Is this?"

    Sonny: "You small fry ah! You don't hide that bit of info from Sonny/"

    Hideki: "He's.. the Sonny you've been hearing about. The one that won that tournament."

    Ayumi: "Ohh! And you don't look like much of a race car driver. More like someone from that television show.. what was it? American Chopper?"

    Sonny: "I get that a lot, trust me lah."

    Ayumi: "So, what chance do you have.. on who's going to win?"

    Sonny: "Let me think.. it's hard to bias one of my works against another lah. But, Outlaw's Mustang has an astounding 750 hp, with a balanced chassis weighing in at 1400 kgs."

    Hideki: "Belive me when i say any super tuned car can blast these two cars. I mean, like a Bugatti, or one of those 1000 hp GT-Rs."

    Sonny: "Hey, you want to be more careful with what budget street racers have. The Messiah is rumored to have millions in his coffer, alongside the only person with access to premier equipment from Ferrari when it comes to street racing. And: trust me when i say these two cars.."

    The three looked at the cars.


    Sonny: "They would be rather.. a massacre to the street racing supercars even. So many adjustments in the cars lah. And too much power is bad for the road they'll take."

    Ayumi: "But.. wouldn't the police be on their tail now?"

    Sonny: "Hahaha! I had a friend bribe the country's law enforcement yesterday. Big guy, but he's really good at it."

    Then, Sonny checks his watch and prepares to leave.

    Sonny: "Fuh. Well, I've got to beat them to that place soon. You two?"

    Hideki: "It's been an honor.."

    Ayumi: "Deki-san and his honorifics can be a little too much. Bye, Sonny!"

    Sonny prepares his Citroen, satisfied.


    After a moment of finalizing. The two cars prepare. A battle that should be marked in history, to those that would cherish and see two people in their leagues battle it out as one.

    Legacy Of The Dark Horse...


    The Final Round.

    A horn blows as the lights glow green!

    Song Progress: 3:49


    Outlaw's car launched faster than Clark's. Launch control on a Ferrari is beaten with a purely non computerized take off from a Mustang.

    Hideki: "What a car.. I can't believe we never realized how feared it truly is when we saw it back home."

    Ayumi: "WOOO! What an exhilirating moment! Come on Deki-san, let's head to Fukushima. Oji-san can't wait to meet you."

    Hideki: "Really? I'm hoping they're a change of pace."

    While the couple leave the scene, the race carries on. Many on lookers watch the dark horses after the first turn.

    Song: Styles of Beyond - Nine Thou (Grant Mohrman Superstars remix instrumental)


    Outlaw's Mustang truly is a feared machine, especially when it blasts the straights and weaves through the corners with no issue.


    Clark: "And i can't push my car too hard, or the tires will get worn out. Control.."

    The Ferrari stays behind the modified Mustang.


    But an opportunity strikes after reaching a hairpin. The people behind keeps their followers posted on the race status.


    Outlaw is pressured more and more by the Scuderia.

    Outlaw: "So, this messiah isn't just a name. It'd be unwise to challenge him without the right tools."



    Clark: "By chance you are just slowing down, Ross? I have this feeling.."


    While the heavier Ford stays behind, Clark kept moving ahead.

    Outlaw: "....."


    While that happens, Outlaw suddenly attacked!


    And the attack was quickly a success to failure.

    Clark: "What a dummy.."


    Outlaw quickly recovered, somehow.

    Outlaw: "Splitting migraines are a b:censored:.."


    The race kept on at this pace. Outlaw had no other method to hinder the Ferrari due to the nature of the track as a racing track as well.


    While Clark took the corners at an amazing speed, it's more amazing when the Mustang can do so at the same pace.


    Moments after that, they reach the first checkpoint.

    Fred: "Jacob's still alive? Yeeeaahooo! Look's like this isn't going to be a landslide win for any of the two."

    Fred updated a website monitoring the race with a photo and he types.

    "Messiah ahead, but race not over yet. Gap seemingly smaller than my belt size."


    The two cars approach Cape Ring's infamous 'ramp'. There has been no record of it's death toll, but many racing fans treat it as something of a real life HotWheels ramp.


    Clark and Outlaw took it at speeds that wouldn't damage their cars' chassis.


    By the spiral freeway, Clark took a moment of brief respite, until he saw how close Outlaw was behind him.

    Clark: "F:censored:! It's like death is coming!"


    Clark: "And with such determination.. you really have turned. Brother was right."


    How Outlaw kept close to the very light Ferrari was a mystery. Clark, seeing the presence of Jacob before their race summed up that the man he's racing is the alter ego Outlaw, not Jacob.


    Clark: "And now, i realized.. I will be the king, and i have to end your delusions somehow.."


    The cars leave the area.


    The roads between Fukushima and Tokyo. 5:30 PM

    Song: The Qemists - S.W.A.G. (feat. Zoe Devlin Love)

    The race carried on. Unusually, the cars haven't stopped for anything.

    Clark: "Hahaha.. My Ferrari is built for runs longer than a regular Le Mans schedule."

    But, as the cars pass by the 9th checkpoint..

    Lee: "Boss still standing strong?! After all the time behind that Italian? Just.. so amazing lah!"

    Lee updates the race.

    "No change in position and split. But have feeling Outlaw going to attack soon. They arrive in the speediest forest roads in Japan."

    Then, Lee thought of a better sentence. While a cliche..

    "This is just the beginning."

    Song Progress: 0:55.


    What Lee predicted was about to happen. Outlaw attempted another leap ahead.


    Clark was pressured. He accidentally pushed his car a little too much.

    Clark: "Psshh.. the tires aren't gone yet, but the grip is not as much as i thought."


    The roads are wide and straight. One thing was on their minds.

    Clark: "*pushes pedal on the right*"

    Outlaw: "*shifts gear upwards*"


    Outlaw's car overpowered Clark as they reach the next checkpoint. The man stationed there recorded the moment, shifting the tides of the supporters battling in the stream.


    Clark took his time at the back, trying to find Outlaw's weakness.


    Clark: "Pitiful understeer!"

    And with that, Clark took the car inside, taking the lead again.


    With that lead taken, Outlaw apparently slowed his pace slightly.

    Outlaw: "If his tires are getting less and less favorable, maybe it's better for me to keep behind him."


    Clark sees behind to see a more and more distant Mustang.

    Clark: "I better leave him before he sees another chance to strike."


    10 minutes later..

    Like in the blink of an eye, the cars split up from each other. The man ahead, Clark Kayne, has outran Outlaw. He looks to see nothing behind him, traveling at 150 mph through the end of the route.

    Clark: "Push over. Like i thought.."




    Clark sees the car and Outlaw promptly shows the finger. The Mustang travels at 170 mph.

    Clark: "Oh no you don't. *pushes pedal on the right*"

    The Mustang broke a little too hard on the next turn. The Ferrari takes the lead again.


    Eventually, it was back like ten minutes ago all over again.

    Clark: "What attack was that? That car has power.. I'd better not let my guard down again."

    Outlaw: "The more and more i push his mind to the deep end, the harder it is for him to get it back. Mwahahah!"


    The cars pass by another chekpoint, handled by a Russian.

    Leona: "Funny. Would it be short race, i know cowboy's the one ahead. But, i guess he has tactics for such long races."

    Leona updates the website.

    "Kayne is ahead still. But, don't give up on Outlaw. I have feeling he has won mental game."


    The expressway outside of Tokyo. 7 PM.

    After a fuel stop, Clark has left Outlaw behind.

    Clark: "214 mph. What a breathtaking speed for a domestic Ferrari."

    Outlaw hasn't been reported to stop for fuel, but..

    *heavy car sound*

    Clark: "So.. you've came?"


    Outlaw, with oily hands, had a grip more firm than a magnet.

    Outlaw: "Hello again, fool."


    Clark: "You've made it so interesting to the end. Dedicated like a lion hunting his meal."


    Outlaw then had another headache.


    What is this feeling that Outlaw felt within his head? Nostalgia? Tragedies? What's happened between the days of glory, to the penultimate street race?

    Song: 30 Seconds To Mars - Closer To The Edge.

    "Ok Jake my bro! I reduced weight by 90 kilos, made a better all round gearbox and installed the Hudsen Tech devices."

    "Hah. Now i owe you something."

    "For real now? No play play, you?"


    "You know we're in for the chase of the century."


    "Come on out Outlaw! Your racing days are over. Come out with your hands up!"

    "Ahh, it truly is such a shame."


    "Thanks Harry, a perfect song for our listeners on the road. Stay safe, fellow road warriors."


    "I might not be back for the list, but if you guys are actually losing.."

    "I'll make that call to you, no charge."

    "And take care buddy."

    "Cheers, mate."


    "We all make mistakes, Rin. I have. Did i want to race for the cash? I do. But i wish to prevent any mistakes like that crash. If I'm the best driver in the world, there wouldn't be any reason we split up like that. We'll settle down somewhere and be a happy family."

    "Bern. Alan."

    "Oh! He remembers us. Ti devo, old man."

    "Let's see what bag of tricks i have.. You drive us back then? Hahah."

    "Oh, did i just get swindled by some old man? Dannare!"

    "Well I'm seeing you two getting along well."

    "Shut up, man!"


    "Jake. Seriously, i like the air, but tell me next time, mi amico."

    "Sorry, Bern, but if the horn blows, I'll be the first to answer the call."


    "Route X. It's like they can't just add another number to these freeways."

    "Well, this route has a bit of history with speed tuners putting their cars at face melting speeds."


    "Indeed. When i see you without her, I'll admit, i miss Jess. Without her is kinda like soup without water."

    "Hey, Gare-bear. Let's stay in contact if you're here for a while."

    "Gotcha. See ya, J."


    "Whoa. That's my big brother."

    "No wonder he's never caught on the streets."

    "It's too bad he's married, or he would be my king of the road."


    "This is a sham. I know people that can take you down effortlessly in this position."


    "You plan to race the people with this car?"

    "It's not the best car in the world, but to me, words cannot express our bond."

    "I heard if you give love to something, it gives it back as well."



    "Stop! Kuroiuma-san!"

    "I'm sorry, but I'm already married!"

    "No, i won't let you go so easily!"

    "*muttering* Why? Why me?"


    "Alright. First, call me Vulture."


    "What's wrong with that?"

    "It means i want you to be part of my inner circle, with these two. A friend within. Friends help each other out."


    "That's some mighty fine control there."

    "If Pa' would see this, he would be prouder than when Senna won his third F1 championship."


    "Yet you missed the point, mi amico."


    "This is Luce's keys to her purple BMW."

    "You took it from her handbag like that. She'll find out for sure."


    "Jake!! Take it easy! My face is melting awayyy!"

    "Well, it's official. This thing is almost as agile as my Ford"


    "Esegui! Corri per la tua vita!"

    "That doesn't sound like an explanation!"

    "Du wirst dafür bezahlen!"


    "No! It can't be! I am a prancing horse."

    "The name of horse belongs to Ford, you foal!"


    "Well, you can say... he's riding the sunset."


    "How about you manipulate her schedule? Have no races for a week at the time I'll be butting heads with Will and some competitors in Nurburg."

    "That's a good idea."

    "It should be."


    "Murph?! What's a guy like you doing here? And what ninjas?"

    "We'll feed you to the crows. That's right, you're all going to die. If you do survive, you'll be crawling for mercy at the men i have outside the area."

    "Surprise, mo:censored:ers!"


    "I'm sorry, Jacob-san. I can't believe Nii-san would still call himself names!... but on the serious side, I'm here just to check on behalf of Nii-san. Between us, this is my first day on the field as an agent, and I'm hoping i won't mess up. I'll tell the guys to let you off."

    "Well, if you have any questions, feel free to refer to him. I think I'm done here."


    "That's too nice, mate!"

    "I didn't finish."

    "Well.. you old slug! Come on."

    "I want you to strip of what resembles Outlaw. Change it's exterior, get rid of the body kit, and leave anything inside all intact. I'll hand you the keys."

    "Now you're talking. I'll get to it when i can."


    "Ha ha, Keith. Don't think of catching the Dark Horse!"


    "Introducing....*mimics drumroll* Gary's second car!! Yayy!*mimics celebration*"

    "But how? Must've cost a fortune to get one."

    "It isn't that expensive. You have to know the right people, b:censored:h!


    "I don't hate the man for being a prodigy, but why are you so against this man?! You think he's better than you? Stop being jealous, Herr Ross!"

    "I have this hunch that I'll need it later. A proper thank you from my soul to his."


    "No.. you have all the talent in you to win, but prepare.. for the tears you let out for Shinzo, will present itself as an obstacle, and an advantage."

    "You do know a lot.. Who are you, really?"


    "You've already lost, Kuroiuma-san!"


    "Well, it's all about to go south for you."


    "I thought you were getting an Aventador."

    "I was, but to bring sentimental memories strengthens me. The agency found me an SV that i can buy; important that we get fast cars for our jobs."

    "Jake! Come give your old man some love."

    "Oh, Lou! Can't you see our baby's got hurt."


    "Alright. Before i begin, let's get to know each other. Call me Tomoko."

    "Tomoko, huh?"


    "I think we owe her, if she didn't send you in the first place."


    "But, can you send me back to Aoyama? I'm sure my sons are worried sick about me."


    "Blood was all over my clothes, with me trying to soak it all up. It was the worst day of my life."


    "Sonny can be a bit cocky, but he knows he will be if he can back it up."


    "Teenage wasteland! It's only teenage wasteland. Teenage wasteland!"

    "Oh, yeah!"



    "Looks like the gang's all here."


    "The Mythic.."

    "That's a name i wish to forget lah."

    "We were going to be the elite of the elite. How did we manage to screw up?"

    "For all i care, the boss just pulled the plug and cast us aside, just like that."


    "Okay, okay, Son. I'm officially impressed."


    "Smooth. That's not likely of you."

    "That sort of persona is not going to be on the track. It's this clean hotness, or no racing license in this part of the world."

    "Smart man."


    "You're the assassin? Fantoccia?"

    "Oooh.. it seems that I'm not the only one with their homework done. Tell me.. did Gary try to sell me out again? I know you're on cahoots with him."


    "That's me. How's the ride so far, Jake?"

    "Not so bad. I dread the day i go shotgun with Fred."

    "Hahahaha.. that's a scary thought. Well, these guys ahead are not jokes, Queenie."

    "She'll do fine."


    "6:58.126?! That's hyperspeed, for a car with no assists. I've seen 7 minutes in this level."


    "Today marks the day i shake these very foundations."


    "Ford's best feat yet!"

    "Ross! Ross!"

    "Send them packing!"?

    "He's done it. Cowboy is the best on track!"


    "And.. that isn't an illusion?"

    "Nope.. and this means i want my 100k now, Jacob."

    "Heck! Without Lou, i don't know how to survive in this country anymore!"

    "Ma! Calm down."


    "Oh my God.."

    "It can't be! (Isn't Jacob Ross in our custody?!)"

    "It's good to be back.... hehehehaa."


    "This will be your last ride!"


    "That Camaro's a monster. We reached the large straight, and i can't believe him.. always in front of me, EVERY GOD D:censored:N TIME!."

    "Chill, mi amico."

    "I know.."


    "AAAAHH. Deki-san! Deki-san!"

    "Where are my glasses?! If they're broken, ohh you're really going to pay!"

    "Who's there?!"

    "And i was about to go, too. Well, this will have to do, i guess."

    "Huh?! You!"


    "Hahaha! So this is the joy of the track, huh? I'll have to admit defeat on my stance on street racing.. But then, with all the time on the streets, I'll be unstoppable on track!"


    "You're a fine man, Gunny."


    "Yes! Just like old times."

    "It was all or nothing, teach.. You didn't deserve to go just yet.. i am nothing but the ultimate street racer without you, but i could ascend even higher.. I'm sorry i couldn't be better than i would be.. My pa' was proud of me, but i wanted YOU to be proud.."


    "See you at home for dinner. Goodbye!"

    "OH MY GOD! *coughing* F:censored:ING HELL, OUTLAW!"


    "Outlaw.. I'm sure i don't need any introductions. As much your fame has reached an all time high, it's never going to be as high as what I've already achieved."

    "You... you are Kayne. The Messiah. There has been talk that you've shown your face around these parts."

    "True. I'm the Messiah. I am going to be the one that leads these people, and become their king, like the roads behind me."

    "Cut to the chase.. I know what you want. We are the kings of these roads."

    "And, like a God, there can be only one."


    "*pants* That's what i get for a lack of sleep.. Even in the cold, I die.. But after that last death, I am reborn."



    Back into the race.


    Outlaw thought: what are these memories for? But he soon lost focus of these memories he carry as they enter the final leg.



    Route 5. 7:30 PM.

    Song: Madeon - Finale.

    Song Progress: 0:00 - 1:56.

    The cars pass by the last checkpoint. Murph handles this one.

    Murph: "That'll be the lads. Brace yourselves.."

    He updates the website before the last time it has to be.

    "Neck to neck!"


    And, believe it or not, Murph isn't crazy. The race was out of hand on who's first.


    Your last chance.
    Last summer.


    Your last dance.
    Beating your own drummer.


    Go out fighting.
    Go out young.


    A flash of lighting.
    Eclipse the sun.


    Brace yourselves.


    Brace yourselves.



    By the finish line, a crowd awaits. Not much people are in attendance for the celebration.


    Keith: "And i thought it'd be exciting. At least it's only us."

    Williem: "Ohh, Herr Kayne apparently is quite the racer. How it's going to work out, even i can't guess."

    Bern: "I hear engines. It's the grand finale!"

    Lucia: "Mein Bruder! Look!"


    Clark is ahead.. The cars power up from exiting that corner.

    Clark: "It's the end for you, Ross!"

    But, looking at the angle of exit, Outlaw has pushed the throttle seconds earlier, causing...


    A last second overtake. The crowd cheers.

    Lucia: "What.. a.. catch!"

    Williem: "Just like in Nurburg. What a scary thought.. *shudders*"

    Bern: "So, this is the first time power won against proper tuning. I must say.. it has to be what Outlaw has planned all along."

    Keith: "Jake! It's.. it's really him!"

    Clark: "You.. you devil! That was crafty!"



    Song Progress: 1:57 - End.


    Outlaw has taken another victory, and a notable opponent is now under him.

    While a celebration is to be planned, the cars aren't stopping. Why? It's due to an APB recently posted. The cars' scanners picked up a police report, and had to leave.


    The cars leave the scene. Outlaw then received a call from Clark.

    Clark: "Head to the warehouse district at the bay. My boys set up a hiding spot there. Follow me. Ta ta for now."


    The two cars park in an inhabited warehouse. Keeping low, they exit the car. Outlaw, whose composure reflects the results, stands still, looking at Clark.

    They shook hands, but Clark took Outlaw by surprise with such a grip.

    Clark: "You..."

    Outlaw: "What's wrong? You don't look too happy. Did i crush your dreams?"

    Clark: "It wouldn't matter much to me if i won or lost.. what we've done is the stepping stone i need to crush the spirits of this country's fast lane. There's only one problem.."

    Outlaw: "And I'm guessing I'm part of this.."

    Clark: "Right you are."

    Clark let go of his victim, and then he hit Outlaw with an unsuspecting right hook. Outlaw's head moved only a few millimeters, resisting the full force of the punch.

    Outlaw: "What are you thinking? What is it about me that you're so angry about?"

    Clark: "Hehehe.. what am i angry about? Who are you? Outlaw? I wanted to see the scar of the man, raised by my sworn brother. I appreciate your efforts that bested me, as i have tried to best you, but... you aren't the one i want."

    Outlaw: "And you want that tragic failure. Ross.. He is no more."

    Clark: "LIES!"


    Outlaw gets forced down to the floor. His mask is used as a cushion of the punch he took.

    Clark: "Come out, Ross! Come and face me!"

    Outlaw: "I told you.. fool. He won't be seeing you again."


    Clark: "If you won't co-operate, then it has to come to this... come on out, boys!"

    The warehouse was a Harbinger trap all along. Men are revealed from all directions, aiming guns at the situation. Walking in is an old man with a stick and a sinister face of vengeance: the Harbinger, clapping.

    Harbinger: "Well done, my boy. Very well done!"

    Outlaw: "You..."

    Clark: "Hehehe.."

    Harbinger: "Now.. Mr. Ross. You won't live to see tomorrow, for what you've already done to our efforts will just make us stronger."

    Outlaw: "Who is this Ross?!"

    While knowing he is right, the Harbinger had doubts hearing Outlaw's tone.

    Harbinger: "Ross? So you aren't Jacob Ross? My hearing must be so defected from all those years.. or maybe the information I'm getting hasn't been the truth? No matter. Your skills on those streets exemplify us all. And now, with the research we've been working on for years, it's time. Bring the girl."

    The three witness a tied up Rin carried by two men. Unconscious, she couldn't respond to what's about to happen.

    Clark: "Her?!"

    Outlaw was on his back, lifted by his arms.

    Outlaw: "...."

    Harbinger: "And, yes i must say.. this is a tad too cliche. I'm about to explain to you.. a bumbling fool, on what's about to happen. We take her. She dies. We prosper, with the nanotechnology of the future, we can mimic what she's capable of. And from a woman, the lesser kind, it's going to be an amplified product. It's going to be brilliant.."

    Clark: "...(F:censored:! How could they? Damn it, Jared!)"

    Outlaw: "....."

    Clark looks at the petrified Outlaw.

    Clark: "..(What's up with him?)"

    Harbinger: "And now.. let's get even, Outlaw."

    The Harbinger reveals a pistol..


    ..shooting Outlaw in the heart. He falls.

    Clark: "What the hell was that, Gerald?!"

    Harbinger: "... it was.. for that trap in Germany. For all that sacrificed their lives to make sure we ended up here. Now that he's out of the way.."

    Clark: "You p:censored:! Don't you know what district this is? Anyone can hear a gunshot!"

    Harbinger: "Relax... there's nobody around but us. You should chill for a moment. Or do something to soothe that inner rage, Clark."

    At the moment, Clark saw Rin, winking at him. Clark knew what that meant.

    Clark: "..."

    Harbinger: "What's wrong, my boy?"

    Clark: ".... (Brother.. you're.. you're..)"

    A figure jumps down from the balcony, unnoticed by many. He approaches the two henchmen nearby.

    Clark: "... (Here.)"

    Harbinger: "What?!"

    And hits them with a swift blow from a lead pipe. They were knocked unconscious.

    Harbinger: "How could this.. Clark!"

    The Harbinger shoots Clark in fear.


    Clark: "SON OF A..."

    Clark bleeds from the wounds in his leg and his stomach, but unusually stands strong.

    Clark: "You know.. My loyalties are from my brother.."

    Clark punched the Harbinger, and picked up the gun that was airborne. He shot the rope by Rin's body and freed her.

    Clark: "That's my real trump card."

    Nash: "I didn't know you had practice with those."

    Suddenly, the two men hit by Nash got up. Nash instantly beat one up with the pipe, while Rin..

    Rin: "Take THIS!"

    Landed a punch to his neck, causing breathing issues. The henchman immediately came back down.

    Rin: "And it's a wonder how i got kidnapped, sensei."

    Clark: "Heh.. now. You want to check on your.. hubby over there? He's not bleeding despite getting shot. He should be still alive."

    The Harbinger, thought to be unconscious, tripped Clark, who is unable to do any more after sustaining two bullet wounds. Nash and Rin didn't notice the happening as they check on Outlaw.

    Clark: "Nnnnghh..."

    Harbinger: "I suspected as much, from that day in America.."

    The Harbinger picked up his gun. He looked up to see his men putting their hands up from Jared's soldiers. He is in a rush from what's about to happen.

    Harbinger: "... I better make it count.. It's just blood that we need, right?"

    He aims at Rin, who's trying to wake her husband up.

    Rin: "Jacob-san?! You aren't dead at all! Wake up! I'm not wrong, i know it!"

    Harbinger: "Hahah!"


    Rin was shot through the chest. The sight was seen by a few, including what's left of Outlaw's vision.


    At that small moment, the white void Outlaw took over is filled with conflict.

    Song: Metallica - Low Man's Lyric.
    Song plays for the rest of the part.

    Jacob apparently woke up from the bullet shot to his wife.

    Jacob: "You.. you let her die! You monster!"

    Outlaw: "Awake, are you? Now it's the last time you will be!"

    Outlaw reveals a handcannon in his pocket like a real cowboy.

    Jacob: "At this point, you wonder why we're still alive."

    Outlaw: "It was a premeditated wearing of a bulletproof vest.. That Clark is pure evil, and a bullet won't stop progress!"

    Jacob: "But.."

    Outlaw: "The caliber of this gun will be the final scoop into your grave!"

    Jacob smirked.

    Jacob: "I find that funny.. Why is it phasing away?"

    They notice the gun that was there, wasn't.

    Jacob: "And you.. you think you can get away with what you've done? I appreciate it all, but.. now.. i don't want to be with you no more.."

    Outlaw: "No.. NO!"

    Jacob: "This is my world. What i believe in matters here. When i thought you would be the savior of my dreadful life... No more! You've outlived your usefulness. To take me over was the last straw you pulled. I don't want you to exist any more..."

    Outlaw: "Grr..."

    Outlaw starts to dissolve, slowly. Jacob's spirit strengthens, knowing he has to be himself once again.

    Jacob: "Be the proud cowboy you were meant to be, and watch me be the success we were meant to be."

    Outlaw: "....."

    Then, with a different tone, it suddenly happened.

    Outlaw: "Promise me.. that i won't be forgotten. I.. will be gone, but.. i want to exist, somewhere.."

    Jacob took his time, but seeing that Outlaw was part of him, he had to accept.

    Jacob: "I.. promise."

    Outlaw: "Good.. Now, i am.. proud to be gone!"

    Fully gone, Outlaw is no more. Jacob walks to his former identity's position. A cowboy hat was left in it's place.

    Jacob: "Now.. my dearest needs me!"


    Harbinger: "Bullseye!"

    As he moves towards her body to receive some of the blood..

    Nash: "YOU!"

    Not noticing Nash, he got hit in the head by a pipe. Losing a little bit of vision, he keeps his distance and aims at Nash.

    Harbinger: "I have to get out of here... I have what i need."

    Aiming till he reaches the door, the Harbinger leaves the warehouse. Nash didn't give chase, but instead stopped.

    Nash: "... Just as planned."

    Just as Nash turned around to Outlaw, he sees him observing the wound of the woman that tried to save him.

    Rin: "*cough* i.. i think he got my.. *cough*.. stay safe, Jake.."

    She loses her senses once again. She falls over to her husband's once unconscious body. He awakes. Pushing her away and opening his disguise, Jacob sees dread once again.

    Jacob: "This.. this can't be..."

    He hurries to give her all sorts of medical care to clean the blood.

    Jacob: "Come on! I got so far. I won't accept this kind of s:censored:! Rin!"

    Over to Clark.

    Nash: "How long has it been, brother?"

    Clark: "Grr... it won't be long for you if you don't call emergency. I've no plans to desanguinate, no!"

    Nash: "Ambulances already coming. Stay frosty. Aerobic breathing to keep up that blood clotting."

    Clark: "*exhales*"

    Nash stood and turned to the married couple, reunited in tragedy. Only carrying a little bit of pity in his heart, it is overidden with his plans in motion for Gerald Masterson.


    But, what was this prediction Nash made so favorable? The answer lies just outside..

    Harbinger: "That's the escape car. It looks like nobody is here. Finally.."

    He tries entering the driver's seat of the car, but it wasn't empty.

    Harbinger: "You.. you.. I know you?!"

    The figure got up and hit the Harbinger.


    The Harbinger is hit and goes down. A figure from the car emerges. A man with a bottle dripping with alcohol. The bottle was branded with Belhaven: a prominent Scottish ale. The bottle's insignia was seen by the Harbinger before he faints.

    Harbinger: "Scottish... ale... it can't be?!"


    A man has fully finished his vengeance on the man that threatened his family. This man? He's well known as the one to lead the new dawn.

    Paul: "What's up, Harbie? Ya all dinna expect ta see me, din ya?"

    Then, an armada of armored soldiers arrived, under command of an old Singaporean.

    Jackie: "That's him. That's the target. Man, he's an oldie."

    Paul: "Ya, but under the skin is pure badness. That'll be the bloke who's screwed with'a me. So.. we get the needle?"

    Jackie: "Of course, lah! Come on, boys. Go and get the case. But.. where's Nash?"

    Paul: "I'll get him outta there in a jiff."

    Paul heads in the warehouse to see a sight. Like a statue of a fountain. He approaches Nash.

    Nash: "Shh.. he needs the peace.."

    Paul: "Peace?"

    Paul takes a small peek at what Nash meant. He notices Clark in pain, watching the moment on the floor.

    Paul: "Ahhh. What a bummer."

    Clark: "Nghhh... brother.. i didn't want this.."

    The man with the cowboy hat is awake, holding Rin. The face has been revealed. The tattoo is veiled by blood. The man is flooding with emotion, after a moment of thought. This moment is the thought that his wife is dead. He didn't notice Paul and Nash, standing by.

    But one thing is certain: Jacob Ross is back. And then.. when he sees her hand grip something underneath the kevlar vest. Jacob took a moment to feel it, and he felt the locket around his neck, broken by the bullet.

    Jacob: "So.. there's hope left."


    Author's Notes

    - None for now. The wise words of Ocelot will be what's to expect. What words? Ermm, you'll know.
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  18. amemyarz


    United States
    THAT was a good read. Absolutely worth the wait. Amazing job!
  19. SomePlayaDude


    The Sun Sets. A Cowboy's Last Ride.

    This part is taken from Jacob's perspective, for one last time.

    Song: Pearl Jam - Sirens.

    At long last, i have returned. Outlaw is now just a fleeting memory. It's about time, you asked? You asked correctly. Gone is the racing god. Gone is the cowboy that raged an inferno. Gone is the fool that i was trapped within. Now i am me. Jacob Ross.

    I'll say this for sure: Did you expect this? I know you all did. With events that has happened, you think all i can do is cry? I lived life as the tragic clown fish once.. But let's look at the bright side.

    The Harbingers are now gone, with thanks to Clark's trap, Nash's actions, Jared's crew and Sonny's coup de grace. The Harbinger has fled from my view after Nash's pipe dream, or so i thought. Moments i walked out through the chaos, I saw him, apprehended with my former clothes, with the crimes i have committed. What a fitting end for a stupid old man.

    Three of us exited the building as hostages. Me, unharmed, by chance that Outlaw knew a kevlar vest is the thing to wear. Then, Clark, who is wounded.. shot in the leg and gut. But.. my dearest Rin. My dearest Jess. How can you just do that? Your love to me has been so dedicated. It insults me. What you've done is supposedly fatal. The blood from that wound's not going to clean easy, much to the benefit of covering my tattoo, walking by the policemen who misidentified the Harbinger.

    I hear sirens. Police cars, and a fire engine? That's going too far. But after seeing me, carrying a seriously wounded woman, they called in the ambulance. I walk by the chaos. Henchmen getting arrested. Soldiers getting accounted for. I walk.. towards Nash. Next to him is probably the people that stand by me at this moment of sorrow. She's dying, and i can't hope for any more miracles.

    Jacob: "Kirkham. You came to see me crumble or what?"

    Nash: "It's been a long time coming, Jake. You've crossed paths with Kayne, as by my ideals. It's about time you get what you deserve, while the injury not really what i planned out. Rin's been in the confides of the Harbingers, until now, where she's trapped by her own pain once again."

    Jacob: "Hah.. there's a lot of sins i have to confess to soon. Where's Son?"

    Jackie: "My boy just hanging around there. He call me just a week ago lah, and make me call my boys so we outnumber the bad guys lah. That's the girl you married? Pretty girl."

    Jacob: "You need to get your boy a good woman. He's thirty and what? Not a married man? *sigh*"

    Jackie: "Silly he is? Say he want drive fast car, and still he don't get girl."

    A gold Citroen arrives with Sonny on board. He approaches. And then i turn to see.. Paul? What's the Scot doing here?

    Sonny: "Alaaa, dad. You let me live my own life lah. I marry whenever i want, okay?"

    Jackie: "Whatever lah, but you promise you get someone pretty ah?"

    Paul: "With such a look, it's not tough ta find someone who won't say no. I mean, there's someone just under that level of good looking: Ross."

    Jacob: "Paul. What does this look like, to you?"

    Paul: "The last of our kin. Aye, but it hurts to see this sight, eh?"

    Sonny: "Don't be so negative lah. And what's the motto of the phoenix? After death, it will be reborn, is it?"

    Jacob: "Let's see for sure.."

    Jared popped by with the paramedics exiting an ambulance, ready to help.

    Jacob: "Come on, cap. No time to lose. Nearest hospital."

    Jared: "Rin.. oh my God."

    Jacob: "Don't go soft yet, cap. The nearest hospital, pronto."

    Jared: "... Don't worry, gunny. I got it."

    He lifted my dearest on a bed and i climbed in. I left everything to clean up with Nash. I threw my keys to him, hoping he won't do anything too drastic to such a beautiful vintage.

    Nash: "Jacob is devoted to the end, despite the corruption of his habit. I wonder what turned it all for him?"

    Sonny: "Hey, i didn't give up on him. I mean, i knew him for my whole life lah."

    Jackie: "Our whole lives, Sonny. You really have to get a girl to marry. You've already grown a beard!"

    Paul: "First, it was me and me girls in trouble. I couldn't a believe it's his turn nae."


    After all this, i decided to see how this all carries out. The legacy that i carry has rubbed through those i helped and hindered. I don't care what really happened to the rest of them, with my focus so far on Jess. But, i am sure you're all very curious. I've gotten into contact into those that were involved in this half year I've been through. A lot has happened, and i have thanked them personally.

    Firstly, let's see what has happened to that snaky gangster Gary.

    Song: Weezer - Automatic (L.A. Riots)

    He went back to the States, finished with the services of Vulture. He visits a local graveyard just by the outskirts of California, and overlooks a gravestone, while wearing his signature purple suit. He reads from a small note to a crowd of agents from various agencies. What does it all mean?


    Gary: "Ladies and gentlemen. We've come to mourn at the poor soul of the woman that we've respected as a fighter against justice, a messenger of the Devil, a plight of society. Yes. As much as it seems like a dream, the one and only Assassin is no more."

    Ginoa Fantoccia is dead. It's a sad end indeed. The world is rid of one pest that ruins the cycle of Capitalist life.

    After the ceremony, Gary then stares at the gravestone. The wind blows his hair and his suit. A figure approaches. A woman, to be precise.

    Ginoa: "So, that's how it looks like to die? I'd expect more of a turnout."

    Gary: "Gin.. you wanna be more careful now? Is this the first of what is supposed to be a fake death? You're dead. You're not supposed to give two f:censored:s about it, okay?!"

    Ginoa: "Hehehe, i have to get to know how to do this more often. Because, you never know. I won't say this will be the first of my very disappearances."

    Well, it seems that our Assassin isn't dead, at all. She's a tough nut. Gary pushed hard and spent a lot of money to get her back on her feet, while hiding from the police. They had to flee Japan, knowing that a new beginning has to happen. A beginning of a relationship? Maybe. Gary's not the sort to make a long term girlfriend stay, but time can change things.

    They walk through a path to the parking lot. Eventually, Gary gets on a specially made cobalt Ducati 1198, with the Assassin just behind him.


    Gary: "This is a sweet, sweet bike. I just don't get it, with you and spending."

    Ginoa: "Come on, Gare-bear. We can admire this later. Let's head to LA. I'm sure you still have your old place, am i right?"

    He starts the engine, and pushes the bike to the limits.

    Gary: "So, where to? To my place? Well, you'll have to live with.."

    Ginoa: "I'll live with anything, don't worry. I'm planning to live low.. until the time comes. For now.. for now.."

    Gary's conclusion? He's now in Los Angeles with Ginoa. Their names are to disappear from the wanted list. It won't be long before they re-emerge as what they live to be.. it's going to be something to look out for.

    Ginoa: "There won't be an end until i get what i want. Oh, Madame Amadine.."


    What did i tell the new Blacklist? I told them just one thing. I didn't give them any choice, but to once again, split up.

    Jacob: "So, it is settled? On what's about to happen? You all won't stay in Japan, no?"

    Murph: "Unfortunately no, mate. I have business to tend to back in my place. It's not racing, nope. It's more on the side of what's going to happen."

    Leona: "To sum up, Balagur has met living legend racer man. Nash, was it?"

    Fred: "Ah yup. Nash has plans for him. He told us that he wants his 'talents'. And no, he didn't exactly say what it is."

    Lee: "He scary guy, boss. But, looks okay to me when it comes to his intentions."

    Jacob: "Lee. I'm not your boss anymore. The purpose of this meeting is for one thing. The official disbanding of our little group, now that Outlaw is gone."

    Murph: "Gone? You don't mean? You really are turning a new leaf, eh Jake? It's unusual for you."

    Jacob: "A man told me to carry on with whatever decisions you made. I won't hesitate to bring my persona to oblivion."

    Lee: "To carry on."

    Leona: "Carry on."

    Fred: "To carry me? Er hemm.. I mean to carry onwards."

    Jacob: "With that.. good luck in the foreseeable future. Murph.."

    Murph: "I've got to go get in contact with Nash first, man."

    Jacob: "And in Germany..."

    Leona: "I won't give up. You give me chance, like Balagur told me about his tale. I won't forget it. I won't forget you."

    Jacob: "Right... I won't forget. How about you two?"

    Fred: "Back roaming around the States for me, ehehe. After winning the Championship, it's months of shine for me. Gehehehe!"

    Lee: "I'm going to stay at Nippon. Nice place. Won't be saying goodbye to the soil here anytime soon, but i need another job than just speed tester."

    Jacob: "Well then. It's official. We close our battle of pride. We're now beings, looking to survive. Racing is our tool. Use it well, as i will."

    The tension arose for a moment, then we split our separate ways. And i didn't tell you, we were in an airport, walking towards the agendas we were given.


    I didn't get much, but this is my best at describing what happened to most others.

    I didn't see Alan personally. He left Japan as soon as he heard that Keith has a reason to leave the country. Alan left for his home in London. But he didn't leave alone. He left with my other mother. Nami. I would have never guessed it. But a wedding is about to be planned for the two. Details i wouldn't share because i don't know.



    Keith, recently accepted into the 24 hours of Le Mans. That's following my father's footsteps. And to top it off. A whole team. Directed by my father. Mechanic team from Germany's finest, featuring the lovely Lucia the Prodigy. Bernardo happens to handle the work behind the curtain, with things like sponsors and licensing. A modified Corvette C6.R takes the helm, under Keith's beloved Blade Silver paintjob. And the drivers..

    The drivers, was i surprised who they are. Keith tags along with Williem and Eduard. Some of the finest racers I've battled across the dark Nurburg roads. Teach the boy well, or I'll have your heads.



    Vulture and Izumi, are unfortunately, stripped of their dynasty. Vulture does have a partial backup for this. He still has control of Hagetaka Finance, under a friend replacing him as CEO for the time being. The heat in Japan has been quite high since my final battle with Clark. As of now, i heard they're in China. I can imagine them doing the Asian things. Amongst the bamboo forest, a man meditates. A woman hopefully should recover from the traumatizing experience of being charged.



    Jared went back to his home in Washington, USA. He received a few distinctions from the Scotland Yard. He's satisfied that I've reunited with my beloved, after he told me about the guilt he carried. All i can do is not forgive, but to help him accept the fact that he's doing it for us. As my commander and my good friend, i say: at ease, commander.



    Hideki and Ayumi? I left them. But social media is a good thing. We said our farewells there. I told them what happened to Outlaw, and in return, they told me about beginning a tuning garage together just by the mountains of Fuji, a few blocks from Keith's home. It'll be about a year before I'm seeing that open, from what I'm hearing. The secrets they carry, i hope, stay secret. And for that reason, is why i gave them that deed. That deed to the home.

    I have to start dissuading people that think I'm Outlaw. I have this hunch there's a bunch of those people..



    And then we have Clark. A cruel man who has a plan. A plan to be the best. His treatment took a short time, surprisingly. He's persistent to roll on the streets again..


    He drives a new car, for his Scuderia carries a large bounty for facing Outlaw. Another Ferrari, or so i heard. It's style mimics of his Scuderia.


    And he's impressed. At the car i mean. He's still being a cocky a:censored: on the street racing in Japan. You know.. a proper car beats any cheap pocket rocket, and a proper driver behind it.


    Despite me driving mostly Fords, the engineering of Ferrari are exemplary. I don't have a say at this, but Clark plans to extend this and shove it in their faces, or so he says. He's bringing over his FXX, last i spoke to him.

    That will be the end for the racers in Japan, seeing how unfair that would be in terms of the average street racer's budget. How did he get one, and smuggle it out of Ferrari's hands?


    I doubt I'll be getting an answer, so: all the best for my worthiest rival. Hoping no more bruises from you.



    I had a chat with Paul by the mountain roads of the country. It was about more than just being someone that follows others.


    Jacob: "Family?"

    Paul: "They're back in me home. And I'm no person to hide secrets. They know Nash brought me along for an errand. That errand involves what he's going to do, and I'm sure Clark's told you all about it."

    Jacob: "He hasn't, actually. Please tell me we're on the same team."

    Paul: "We are, and let me have ye up ta speed. Something about Nash. Nash wants back on the victory road. Nash put us all in this."

    Jacob: "So that he would have us take the helm after he opens the path. I like it. But.."

    Paul: "Aye? What's up?"

    Jacob: "That we're going to be under Nash again. It's uncomforting, for me at most. Since he is my mentor of the roads. Would you love to carve your own path? I mean.. like the brave warriors of the past."

    Paul: "Oi. I'll have ye know, that the brave warriors were under one king. They obey his almighty order, because.."

    Jacob: "Because they think he is said 'almighty'. How about we get into Nash's head. We don't have to be his playthings forever."

    I gave Paul a moment while we watch the lovely sight.


    Paul: "As much as i wuld agree with ya, we'll have to go along with the flow. It's too complicated at the moment."

    Jacob: "*sigh*"

    Paul: "Hey. Don't take me word so highly. Opinions are hard ta share."

    Jacob: "It's not easy to sway your heart, isn't it? Well. I'll have to let time explain to you what i mean for real. You've been under the wing of those stronger than you. That's always been your trouble."

    Paul: "It has. As much as we help each other out, Nash's gonna need our help after what he's done."

    Jacob: "You know what?"

    Paul: "What?"

    I had another view telling him something. Opinions change.. like i truly have.


    Jacob: "You're right. I might as well try to clean up all my debts."

    Paul: "Or it might haunt you?"

    Jacob: "...You're not that dumb as you assume you are."

    Paul: "Huh? That's just off, man."

    Jacob: "Off, but... Sonny told me to tell you something."

    Paul: "That is?"

    Jacob: "Something.. i can't speak about it, in exact form, that is."

    Paul: "Oooh.. It's got me hooked in, I'll tell ya that."

    Jacob: "Tell me.. what is it that you dear most? I mean an object of sorts. Not a person."

    Paul: "Hmm.. i didn't give it any thought. What's that supposed to mean?"

    Jacob: "Trust me on this one. I am myself and how i achieved to reach this state of person today is because of my dearest remembering me from this beautiful pendant that Nash somehow got hold of. I'm not saying that a pendant is the miracle worker of life, but.."

    Paul: "Some sort of keepsake? Hmm.... I do have this one photo. It's me when i was a wee lad. I remember it like a moment i lost me balloon in me younger days. I saw a man pick it up, and it was the Flying Scot himself! Jackie Stewart. He gave me back the balloon. My parents, who were chasing me while i scurry around, thanked him, and took a picture of him and me. It's how i got into racing today. I want to be like that old man."

    Jacob: "It's time then. You put that faith of your skills into believing your icons of your past, and like me, there is good fortune to come soon."

    Paul: "I'd say... that might work out pretty dandy."

    And Nash? He's still waiting. I don't know how long will we wait, but..


    I'm looking forward to it.


    Sonny? He's disappeared without a trace. I know. I haven't met Jackie in a decade. He's grown, and he's akin to what he was when i do my own things with Sonny in their home. I thought nothing about him and his son, then.. I heard rumors.


    Rumors of a black Camaro shredding the large scale competition. Inside it?


    So, is that your calling, Son? I'll be impressed with what you can do. Sir Ben's Ford is one fine machine, though. It won't be long before we get on track together..


    There has to be another tale behind this high level racing... I'll see to it that any suffering you eased upon me, it will be paid back twofold!




    Just a week before all of this has happened, something called to me. I can't say what, but I had to end it. What is it that caused me to lose it? It must be that man. Hiramoto, was it? A shrine in Suzuka? I heard he's back, but i really have little in the faith of the supernatural.


    And then i had a second thought about it. Why is this man Keith's inspiration for life? Why did i choose to ignite the flames of a country so serene and respectful? What happened to my spare cowboy hat?


    I won't be getting an answer for those, but it's time I get things right for once.


    Yes. This is Outlaw's Mustang. I had someone paint it with white and red rims, according to how i feel then. What made me lead to such dedication like this, i have no idea. It just occurred to me that it's what i have to do.

    I had another round of Suzuka, once again. The Mustang is now just a sign that the legend lives on as a promise Jacob Ross kept. The white? It's not just a cover.


    The racer's plaque i burned had a car named after him. It was a cheap 86, but with proper tuning. The coloring was interesting to say the least, but i would prefer to name this coloring: the purification of myself.


    I wonder what part of my mind had me cross the GT500 Legend? I crave for such names, but Outlaw's infamy around here already got him probably more than just one name.


    The lap? I'm no Suzuka super professional, so don't expect the times i do here as great as the ones Keith does in his former day job.


    It was 2:05.892. Not bad, but this is my second time here. There's more to it than just saying that's good.

    I parked by the 130R again. The memorial isn't there. I have this feeling too much has happened in this spot. But, i can see some people watching me.


    I'm wearing Outlaw's hat, but the tattoo? Not visible to the naked eye no more. It was a surprisingly brief process. I don't know how Nash has experience removing those pigments of ink under the skin..

    The hat stuck with me, as per a promise, and my bespoke jacket and the such. It's a brand new look for me. I'm proud of it. The public knows I'm not Outlaw, and I'll keep it that way.


    And speaking of him.. I threw a large garbage bag. It's got all the jackets. All the covers. All the spare hats, except for the one i had on. With me is also another gasoline can. Nobody's seeing this; I can tell that's hard to be true.

    And then: the Devil's Dance once again. Fire burns.

    Jacob: "So long, cowboy."

    But the sounds of fire engines came quicker than i thought. I managed to get away before they arrived.


    At that day, there was one more thing before i am truly free of these chains. Just one more..


    These chains i mentioned? I call it my heart's burdens.

    Song: 30 Seconds To Mars - Kings And Queens.

    Song Progress: 0:00 - 0:29


    The roads are empty. It's like that day. When i decided to visit those two.


    What better time is it to reunite with a friend i now call inseperable. My Ford GT.


    My ally through the days of my sorrow. But today, unlike those days..

    I wasn't alone.


    I came from a hospital.

    Yes. Despite the severe injury...

    Song Progress: 0:30 - 3:19.
    My wife is alive and fine. She's just fatigued in the car. I guess whatever reason Nash had to treat a difficult injury and wake her up so fast again..


    It's got a bearing of his will being. That's a guess, but.. for us all: the moment of truth.

    She awakes..


    Rin: "Jake?"

    Jacob: "Hello again.."

    Her foggy mind must've been confused on why I'm pushing the Ford GT to it's limits. 210 mph. She's thinking about a kidnapping.


    Rin: "Huh?! What's happening? I can explain!"

    Jacob: "Jess.. Jess! Calm down. I've been filled on the whole situation. The Mythic.. The Harbingers.. Jared's doings."

    Rin: "Oh... you have?"

    I do. I have to know why. My instincts may be right, but who knew that might be what has been conceived.


    Jacob: "...."

    Rin: "...."

    Jacob: "Tell me.. how is it we haven't seen each other for years? I thought at first, when i came, the ring you wear would mean nothing."

    Rin: "Ehh.. it did.. a few weeks ago. The day you raced sensei."

    That day.. the moment i lost my soul to a demon.


    Jacob: "Interesting.. (the day i lost my very mind, eh)."

    Rin: "But.. we're back? For real? You are.."

    Jacob: "I am your husband, my dear.. we can go sentimental when we reach home. How about we catch up? What have you been doing to steer away from a bunch of professional criminals?"

    Rin: "But.. but first: you're really Jacob Ross? When i saw you that day on Nash-sama's final move.."

    Jacob: "I was still in veil, but then i saw you get shot.."

    I did witness it, while blurry. Nash filled that gap for me. It was painful for me and him.


    Rin: "It was luck. The bullet barely missed the major organs. And you coming back.."

    Jacob: "How about.. movement?"

    Rin: "It might take a while to.. get used to normal walking again. You have the.."

    Jacob: "Crutches? I'm afraid i have to do the lifting.. I'll get one first thing tomorrow."

    Rin: "Ha.. haha.. that's like you.."

    Jacob: "And about the cryptic things you do in Keith's home.."

    I didn't marry a stalker. I just didn't want to accept that fact.

    Rin: "...I can't help it, okay! I'm just a pretty girl; crazy and smart."

    Jacob: "As odd as that is, I appreciate you looking out for me and all, Jess. And where do you hang out?"

    I'll forgive that, for now.

    Rin: "Tokyo. Just by Yokohama Bay. We're headed for Kei-san's home?"

    Jacob: "His old home.. He's moving out in a few days, for Europe. He's gotten himself into Le Mans."

    Rin: "Really? Kei-san's been exceptional on the track last season."

    Jacob: "Indeed."

    Rin: "You must be proud of him."

    Jacob: "No s:censored:, i am. But.. let's get to someplace you can rest. I'm sure the mountain air would be lovely.."

    She suddenly held my arm. I am speechless, for a moment that is.


    Jacob: "Hey! Let go!"

    Rin: "My hero! Ahahahaha!"

    A small glance and i noticed she was in tears saying all of that. I can't object. I saw her smile again. It warms my heart, it did.


    Song Progress: 3:20 - 5:09

    Ross Residence, Fujinomiya. 10 PM.


    I parked the car by the home I live in. I got out the car that marked my being. I came over to see if Rin needs a leverage.

    Why did i mention that? Of course she needs it! She did open the door, but she's kind of stuck. We were stubborn when we denied the hospital's rehabilitation. I guess this is how it all paid.

    Rin: "Ahh. You don't mind if.."

    Jacob: "No.. Not one word. Allow me."
    I lifted her like when i married her for the first time. Like that time, i was walking to a home. I saw both the rings that bonded us. I saw her beautiful smile. But this time..

    We weren't ready for a remarriage at the time. Clothing and time aside, we're too focused on being together rather than the formalities. Also, unlike that time, the door opens to our surprise.

    Gary.. and a party blower.

    Gary: "Heyyy! They're backkk! Man am I so glad! I mean.. nothing to do with your.."

    Clark: "You as:censored:! Ruined.. THE.. SURPRISE!"

    I came in to see.. well, for starters: we saw a large banner. It read.


    And who did we see? It really is a surprise.

    "Dearie. I'm happy to see it worked out till the end."
    Laura Bradley-Ross. My mother, and caring housewife.

    "I wouldn't doubt Jake for one bit, Hon. He's tougher than Iron Man, he is."
    Louie Ross Jr. My father, and retired racer.

    "That's my brother! Wooop! It did work out."
    Keith Ross. My only sibling, and the successor of our father.

    "Mi Amico! And Rin? Mio Dio! Cento di questi giorni!"
    Bernardo Bellini. Italian secret agent, and family man.

    "Herr Ross and his sweetheart. Reminds me of that day once again."
    Lucia Weiss. Young German tuner with a knack in car mechanics.

    "Cowboy is back on his senses. I like."
    Leona Mashkov. Russian street racing queen, promoted to ring meister.

    "Little Jacob? You're not him no more? We miss you, you hear!"
    Fred McStevenson. Big rig racer, and a friend in many a dark time.

    "It's over already? I mean: grats, boss!"
    Ramlie Aji. Speed racer enthusiast.

    "Hoi! Just tell me when's the remarriage, and I'll crash it again. BAM!"
    Murphy Barrister. The world's craziest racer, bar none.

    "*blows* Three cheers for J!"
    Gary Dhetto. Not your typical American gang lord.

    "So... you're married, Kate? To him? I'd believe it only when i see it, hehe."
    Ginoa Fantoccia. Assassin in hiding.

    "Just like this, we have you back on the top in no time. Perfect."
    Nash Kirkham. Man of enigmatic legend, and my mentor.

    "What a sweet moment. I just can't believe I'm going to be his second dad, hohoho."
    Alan Robinson. One of the few racing icons of Bristol.

    "Don't worry about their marital issues. We have our own to catch up on."
    Nami Seno. Widow, and Rin's mother.

    "And thus, there was peace. No more soulless f:censored:er to deal with."
    Clark Kayne. Street racing messiah.

    "With them Harbie's guys all gone, we can finally have the celebration we need, ya."
    Paul Henderson. The new hope of Mythic.

    "And i can't believe i put these two together. Just tell me when you're getting a kid lah."
    Sonny Meng. Childhood friend in youth, celebrity in present, badass in his lifetime.

    "The sorts of things my boy can do. Get a woman lah, so we get these moments for ourselves!"
    Jackie Meng. Travel agent.

    "Ahah. I'm so happy, I'm tearing buckets!"
    Izumi Yamazaki. A former agent, now on the loose.

    "I have to admit that i wanted you for longer in my field of work, Ross.. But, a congratulations is what you need."
    Vulture Jing. CEO, but now taking a vacation.

    "Back together. I didn't expect it to happen so soon, too."
    Hideki Minami. A boy i trust, and one that has determination.

    "Deki-san! It's really the end of the story Jacob-san's been telling us about! The prince and the princess. Ahhhh."
    Ayumi Tanaka. Formerly number one fan of me.

    "And his pretty Frau is a talented racer? Not a coincidence, ja?"
    Williem Weiss. The man in the famed Orange Lightning.

    "Jacob had a tragic tale? I guess there was a sad before the happily ever after."
    Eduard Alvarez. Friend of many tastes in supercars.

    "You're easing that wound, eh Jake? At ease, Gunny."
    Jared Sykes. My commander.

    Here we are, together.

    I walked in to those that would support me, despite my recent crowning of evil. It makes me happy. I've finally felt that i achieved something. Just when i saw it all.

    Rin: "You've met quite the band of people to find me. And after all of this?"

    Jacob: "It's over. The suffering. It's about time i get the sunshine we deserve. Thank you, everyone."

    Song Progress: 5:10 - End.

    "And thank you.. for riding along with me."


    Author's (Final) Notes

    - First of all, thanks to everyone who read my story thus far. I won't make any special mentions, because, if you've read from the humiliation of the Tsunami Riders to here, you already are one of them.

    - Sequel? It's coming. Just hand me the break that i need. Fresh ideas, more interesting quirks, less cliches, and reduced ways of keeping a story stale. The sequel will be take a different standpoint on how it's presented, but it should be mostly the same style. Yes, the action will stay.

    - Clark was intended to use an Enzo Ferrari. But, it's such a fickle machine to drive, even after a tune.

    - So, it's a stock 430? It's still a Dark Horse Scuderia! The removal of the wing and body work was so i could give it more power. With a similar acceleration, it tops out at 214 with gearbox adjustment, but it goes 198 with the body work, and against 225 Trans Cammer? Doomed, I'd say.

    - Since nobody volunteered to do the duel with me, i had to do it within the confines of 2 player mode. Unlike most other fiction that uses it (there are a few older stories that use this to get 2 cars in one picture), i have a sibling do the work for me.

    - The last ambush was reviewed many many times. Paul has always played a large role in it from first draft. And, yes, that role is the final blow against Gerald.

    - The Harbinger's fate was to die, but i liked Nash's idea of framing him better.

    - I'm hoping to dodge the cliche of weak women. Rin may have been captured, but i don't know if i justified it correctly. She's got no dedication into martial arts, but i didn't say Jacob might've taught her to do so. She's going to extend that part of character in the sequel, if it's going to be action packed.

    - Despite Outlaw getting the win, the whole race isn't scripted. I don't have any qualms on who's going to win. Like what i did to Sonny in Chapter 3, it really sucks if the hero wins every single time.

    - A Guilty Gear reference in the form of how Jacob died and is replaced with Outlaw, akin to Zato-1 and his shadow Eddie.

    - My heart warmed when i read through my whole fiction. I did it to put the memories scene in SSR7. I felt sad that it had to end, but i was happy at all the effort i've done over the year.

    - And if you don't know: The last scene with Jacob and Paul. It's the passing of the baton. The sequel's not going to be very Scottish, but I'll try.

    - We all expected the happy ending? The hero has saved the princess. The bad guys are gone. YES I KNOW CLICHE. GAAAAAA*technical issues*.

    - Gary and Ginoa's scene references the ending of Metal Gear Solid 1. One of the gems of the last century.

    - Ginoa is planned to live. The scene is based on an episode of Leverage, where Sophie allegedly dies to hide from a former employer's actions.

    - Yes, i have memoirs of characters in GTA Online.

    Ginoa Fantoccia - Pegassi Bati 801.


    Jacob Ross - Vapid Bullet.


    Gary Dhetto - Bravado Gauntlet.


    Paul Henderson - Dewbauchee Rapid GT.


    Outlaw - Vapid Dominator.


    - Rin's "fatal" injury references that of Lisa Lisa in JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, part 2. A sword slice just by the heart, but not a fatal injury at all.

    - Those were the first photos I've caught in Cape Ring and Monza. And: yeah, pretty obvious, Sonny.

    - Yep.. That's the source of Paul's first name. Jackie Stewart had a son named Paul.

    - Confused with the chronology of events? Here:

    1) Final race. Outlaw banished. Clark and Rin injured.

    1 month.

    2) Jacob's second fire in Suzuka. Reuinion with wife. The final congratulations.

    At least a week ahead.

    3) The individual endings.

    - So, I'd like to admit something: why did Jacob (or anyone that drives) seem so powerful? He is, without a doubt a very talented driver. 'One of the best' mindset to back that up. Yes. That's strong stuff. This fiction debuts characters that has already developed. It's not the newbie rises from humble beginnings type of story. Don't take it from that angle.

    - The white Mustang is a sign that Outlaw is purified. Now, Outlaw is forever one with Jacob Ross. And if you're going to expect Jacob to get hold of the Shelby GT500 in the next game, it's going to be Performance White with black stripes.

    - Draft songs that have changed after each review of the final round. I think my whole fiction would feel pretty bland without music on the whole.

    Split/Second Theme Song.
    Epic, but destructive. To be used in SSR5 Finale.

    Nero - Me & You (Dirtyphonics Mix)
    Loved it since i heard it from Trackmania 2: Canyon. Since it's going to be in GT6... Also: Izumi's leitmotif (the normal mix).

    The Qemists - Stompbox
    Dropped in favor of S.W.A.G.

    Pendulum - Showdown
    While already used for Jacob's first track race in Fuji, i considered using it.

    Muse - Knights Of Cydonia
    Incredible, but i won't be using it now. It's going to appear in the sequel though, but when?

    Metallica - The Outlaw Torn (S&M)
    To be used on Outlaw's appearance, but it would feel biased on him as an enemy. I want him and Clark on same terms of fairness.

    The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Cato Remix)
    Overused. But i can't help on how epic it is.

    - The usage of Automatic (L.A. Riots) is my farewell to both this and GT5. For me, that song is the one that pretty much marked my GT5 experience, like with Moon Over The castle in GT4. Want the MP3? I'm sure you've heard of a YouTube Downloader.

    - And despite GT4 using the Ford GT as it's cover car, i never had any affection to it yet. At the time, my favorite cars were the Saleen S7, Lamborghini Diablo and the Porsche Carrera GT. I started caring after hearing of Carroll Shelby's death, and after that, it's pretty much how that love started.

    - But that love was with the Shelby Mustangs, not the Ford GT. It's not until i read about Ford whacking Ferrari is when i loved it, and buying the black striped Ford GT in GT5. Love at first drive? Hell to the yes.

    - Biographies are on hold. It will work under request now.

    - The distant relation between Jacob and Keith is a realistic one. I'm watching my dad and uncles and compare it to my own and my siblings. It's a scary thought, but it's something we might have to accept.

    - SEQUEL - The Dawn Of Mythic: A legend in hiding has brought the world a new level in racing that nobody's ever seen. Who is prepared to see the consequences?

    Hey, aspiring story writers to be.

    Want some tips on how to make a story? I know fanfiction's going to make a rise for the next game. While I'm no know it all, how about my top 5 tips?

    1. INTEREST. Make sure it's not going to be a bore fest. Maybe involve a few quirks within. A laugh is totally acceptable, even with the tone I'm going with. Ask yourself before inserting this into the plot: would someone read it and be impressed? Make some witty comments now and then. Make a quirk now and then. Make a funny joke. Try to suck the reader into the story. It doesn't have to be so dark or informative forever. Need help for characters? Try a Leitmotif to help convey how you should feel for him/her. Put a personality difference for anyone you see. Not everyone has to be heroic. I'd rather play the game with a diverse team and not with four white mages, thank you very much.

    2. NO MONOTONY. A long story shouldn't be occupied with the same result or the use of soulless robot characters along the way. Make it all different. Different every time is good, in both plot, style, and even writing style sometimes. The audience expects something fresh. And it'll be great to see varied characters, that talk, act, react, feel and seem different. If a fiction is difficult to read, it could be monotony, because having a character seem the same as the rest makes it like watching an army corp do it's daily rounds: boring. Also, try to get some relationship points in. Say and do things close friends would. Say and do things mortal enemies would. Don't spoil too much future info. Don't go doing risky things that'll tell readers about your habit of ass pulls, but at least risk a bit for something like a plot twist.

    3. DISCOURAGE REFERENCING. I'm not saying no to referencing (there's a lot in my work) but this is your story. You can say you got inspired from another medium. If your fiction has full of info required to know, they'd not read it at all, right? Try to make characters come from nowhere else but your mind. Ones with a personality made by you, while not exactly original. If you have to reference, it better be a well known one, or it has to be effective enough to make someone feel that it's worth it. You don't have to force anyone to watch Planet Of The Apes when i had Gary's Challenger on fire from 2-2. Instead of head on referencing the vague ones, try putting one that fits with the situation, to ensure someone at least giggles getting what it means. Reducing referencing also means less cliches; the bane of all stories.

    4. SIMPLE VOCABULARY. Let's try to reduce the useless info leaking out of paragraphs. It's totally fine if English isn't your first language. Go ahead and use the simple sentences as long as you know they're the right thing to tell. Like: 'I like the magnificence of taste provided in this pastry', can be reduced to: 'I like pie' very simply. We're not going to bash at you for simplicity, but try not to overdo it, especially in dialogue (see MONOTONY above). And find the mix between simple and realistic. Try not to explain every little damn detail in one moment.

    5. FEEDBACK. It's to be expected that if you write down something that'll be exposed to the mass media, it's going to impress them or just tell them.. nah. It's not that you're a bad fiction writer, but more of a bad sport by not taking it positive. There's bound to be a bad apple in the basket of fruity goodness. You screwed up something, yeah, you learn, not get a hissy fit about it. Also, if it's not feedback that you're being bombarded by of all the negativity, that's abuse. That's reportable to the moderators, so don't be afraid if things like that should happen.

    ..and I've implemented these into my fiction, more prominent since chapter 3. I've tried to improve over time, and some mistakes might be visible from my fiction. I'm not perfect, okay?


    From finishing this chapter, I've proposed reopening the crossover section. You, after all, are free to bring someone here to your fiction freely, as long as you obey these conditions.

    - No deaths, or crippling injuries. This is a DUH!

    - Stay in character. Generic talking makes me feel bad. Don't be afraid to do some character traits e.g: Clark can beat up a random person if he wants to etc.

    - No cases of biasing your own characters against mine. I didn't make fiction for that reason.

    - Read my whole story so you won't miss out on important details (the only thing i want from you).

    - Please not have too much of them. It's your original story, not the ultimate showdown.

    - Obey the locations:

    Anywhere: Jacob, Rin, Keith, Louie Jr, Laura, Bernardo, Lucia, Clark.
    Virginia: Fred.
    Washington D.C: Jared.
    California:Sonny, Gary, Ginoa.
    Nurburg, Germany: Leona, Williem, Eduard.
    London, UK: Alan, Nami, Paul, Nash, Murph.
    Japan: Lee, Hideki, Ayumi.
    China: Vulture, Izumi.

    Since The Dawn Of Mythic is just about a year past this ending, you can even make any of my work a side character for the story. Just ask me.

    Impressive crossover material will have me provide a mention, while outstanding performance will be repaid with an appearance.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Keith's Corvette ZR1 RM. 694pp
    - Clark's SP1. 590pp
    - Sonny's Camaro SS RM. 650pp

    Cast Introduced.

    - Jackie Meng Wei Ng. Sonny's father. A commander within a private security firm, backed up by many associates and his training in the Singapore Army Spec Ops. Jackie married a woman and raised Sonny from his birth till now. Harsh, and expects a lot from his son.

    Just some more sequel stuff.

    - Money gain in GT6 seems pretty hopeless if the seasonals is 20k each, so a wait is to be expected before i can begin.

    - Nationalities for the new characters:

    Armand - British-German
    Englehart - Hispanic-American
    Billy - American
    Fiona - Scottish
    The Richelieu - French

    - The prologue will focus on Paul getting to know his fellow team mates. A part for each person. The concept for him meeting Jacob again is the best, for me.

    - If money gain is unfavorable, i might have to put away the second focus on Clark, but he plays a major role nonetheless.

    - Expect a few more characters than the ones i confirmed to be revealed. Amadine is a character related to someone in this fiction. This person is CONFIRMED.

    - Start prediction? Maybe May, like this story. I have to get a hand on the game first, then see what progress can be made. This is obviously subject to change.

    "And that concludes the adventures of an American wandering around in an eastern land. The objective achieved. The couple reunited. A demon vanquished. But.. that is not all, for Jacob Ross has evolved, from one that thinks, to one that has no more doubts of his skills. But, that is something he has to prove, at another time."


    Jacob: "The sun sets for the day. It's about time we get some rest."

    Rin: "Until the next dawn."

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  20. Carmain2K


    United Kingdom
    Wow. This is brilliant. I have read every chapter and been amazed by it. Very well done.
  21. amemyarz


    United States
    I can't wait for the next one. Such a good ending!
    Congrats man. And yes, money is hard to come by in GT6
  22. SomePlayaDude


    Virus! Gonna kill you! Gonna thrill you!
    Gonna rock you up! Makes you high..

    Name: Ginoa Fantoccia

    Age: 27

    Chosen car: Ferrari F40.

    Owned cars: Ducati 1198.

    Occupation: Assassin for hire.


    Born a middle class girl by the outskirts of a French village, Ginoa had a name before she was known as who she is. Forgetting that name, she only lived on with her father and mother, who she also had bare connections with. They were young and hasty with getting a child, and her father was fearful of raising.

    When she was 9, her father left her and her mother. Unable to fund with current life, they had to live in the streets. They couldn't get a steady life at all, with her mother trying her very best to raise her. Eventually, one day, she was taken by a rich man. This rich man is a very wealthy businessman. Ginoa saw his face as he took her mother away. Also about to be taken, Ginoa ran, and after that chase, she got familiar with precise running. With stealing and mugging, her athletic training she adopted allowed her to escape easy.

    Having no lead by the age of 12, she didn't want to live the life of a street urchin no more. She met up with a wise priest, who had no room to adopt her. Instead, he gave her his blessings, and some advice. The advice consists of getting what she can by effort, and to work hard so she can be accepted. Ginoa took it by heart, and adopted her name. Staying in the church, she was schooled and fed by some of the other clergy, while secretly practicing her acrobatics and movement. After 2 years, the church was unable to pay for the next payment to the local mob boss. This led to a set of men that went to raze the place.

    At the night of the attack, the men would slay all the older people and leave no trace aside from fire. Ginoa, who pretended to put a face of sorrow in front of the priest, was approached. The man approaching her got the unfortunate end of getting sliced by a knife. While the rest opened fire, Ginoa was too swift, and took them out. She managed to exit the building in time before an explosion. She was surrounded by the mob.

    Approached by the mob boss, she was framed for blowing up the church, and killing the innocent priests. When she was sent to the station, she thought of what to do, and when she walked in with the patrols, she had an outlook of the place. Soon, she was ready, and with a fountain pen she snuck in her pocket, she used it to begin an assault on the station.

    Coming out, she made a ran for it. Managing to steal a scooter, she fled the heat and had no other place to go but ahead. Taking no other option but to run, she kept going. She would pass by a mansion, and see a car outside. A man sees the girl on the scooter, and threatens her with a gun. Having reacted in a quick fashion, Ginoa jumped off the scooter and leaped high towards the man, killing him after a long struggle that ended with misdirecting his gun.

    It turns out the man was a wanted robber, who turned to murder after killing the owners of the mansion, leaving 3 children. Ginoa's hands are bleeding and she had no energy. Witnessed by a butler, he told the children what she did. They decided to bring her in for questioning. Ginoa woke up next morning with a butler serving her. She was then approached by the eldest child: Amadine Richelieu. Amadine was harsh to her, and with that, Ginoa kept her tongue.

    Then, Ginoa would meet with a mourning Mirielle. Mirielle told her about Ginoa saving the family's honor, and their deeds to their fortune. Ginoa was awarded with adoption, and one to receive their inheritance. Choosing not to go anywhere, she stayed, much to the joy of the home. Amadine kept her distance, while Boniface found someone to learn the outside world from, and Mirielle found a best friend.

    Eventually, they grew up. Ginoa, aged 20, had no qualifications for a proper job. She decided to take on a new life. First, she returned to the town she was born in and wiped out the mobs living there, taking over. With that take over, and with her inner confidence, she designated herself as an assassin, or a bounty hunter. While not many knew about how good she was, she was ignored until after a month. This took the eye of France, and law enforcement all over.

    One night, when Ginoa returned to the Richelieu manor, Amadine approached her. While they never got along, Amadine wanted to know how she became the Assassin of fame. It was then Ginoa found out that Amadine was another self taught assassin. They would clash. Strife flow through their hearts as their blades clash. Amadine's style was comparable to how smoothly a ballet dancer graces, while Ginoa's was quick, ruthless and straight to the point. They were so equal to the point that one would die if they ever had a small advantage.

    Ginoa would then move on to the international scene, notably the receiving of her F40 from the man who took her mother and enslaved her. A long chase ensued when she saw her mother's life taken from her body in front of her. After a long chase around the world, it all ended in an estate in South America. Receiving the Ferrari, she would travel north after getting hired by a gang boss in Los Angeles. Meeting up with Gary Dhetto, she taught him the nature of being the assassin she is today. Also meeting Clark Kayne, she has no concern to the Messiah of street racing, while also getting along without trouble.

    The life in Los Angeles was one of the best she had. She worked with Gary for years as the dream team of killers. Then, an FBI attack on her was sent out. Learning from the mob boss she faced a decade ago, she pinned in all on Gary, which turned out to be a bad move. With a small burden, she has to face it all again after getting hired by the Harbingers for ensuring their latest scheme to fruit. Upon hearing Gary's name, she had to finish him off, so that nothing can stop her from then on.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Scared of heights. Also hates traveling in airplanes.
    - Simplicity is key, for her. Hates to prepare for most of her jobs.
    - A bit of a tomboy.
    - Professional at martial arts. Also armed to the teeth with all sorts of hidden gadgets and weaponry.
    - Talented linguist.
    - Likes to travel, and adapts to the places she visits very quickly.

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)

    Height: 5'9" (1.75m)

    Sports Played: Athletics, darts.

    Favorite Music Genre: Industrial

    Inspiration: Nina and Anna Williams (Tekken), Kasumi Goto (Mass Effect), protagonists of Assassins' Creed.

    Author's Notes:

    - With the Richelieu's involvement in Dawn of The Mythic, one person related to them makes a comeback. And I think I spoiled too much.

    - Also, why did i post this? Well.. i have Jared, Leona and Lee's biographies all typed for weeks now. I'd say: why the heck not. This won't be as frequent as one a day, though. And I doubt I'll be making any more unless requests start rolling in.

    - Don't have the game yet, but now is the time i calculate how much I'll be spending on the cars to use (or not at all).

    Initial fee (paints, upgrades etc.): 2 million.

    Aston V12 Vantage: 217350.
    Aston One-77: 1320000.
    GT by Citroen: Prize car.
    SRT Viper 13: 123000
    Stielow Engineering Red Devil: 750000
    Ferrari FXX: 2000000
    Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary: 182000
    Jaguar XKR-S: Prize car.
    McLaren F1 GTR Base: 1750000
    Audi R8 4.2 FSI R Tronic: 166700
    Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package: 445000
    Lexus IS-F: 76600
    Ford GT 06: 149880
    Shelby Mustang GT500: 55000
    Ford GT40 Mk 1: 2800000 (Most Expensive)
    Peugeot RCZ: 42300
    McLaren MP4-12C: 225000
    LCC Rocket: Prize car.
    Ferrari F40: 450000
    SRT Charger: 46660
    Oldsmobile Toronado: 1000000
    Maserati Granturismo: 166500
    TZ3 Stradale Zagato: 605000
    Lotus Elise 11': 51000
    KTM X-Bow Street: Prize car.
    Tesla Model S: 92000
    Range Rover Evoque: Prize car.
    Honda NSX Type R: 119,570

    This totals up to... approximately 15 million credits!
  23. Turbotwin01


    Just a heads up, the Toronado in GT6 is far from bone stock. Jay Leno turned it into a FR instead of the stock FF layout, and it has over 1000 HP (unless thats what your going for, which is still pretty cool)
  24. SomePlayaDude


    Sneak Preview.

    Author's Note: My little New Year's gift: Dawn Of The Mythic stuff, to be released sometime this year (as of now, hehe). Not final, subject to change, yadda yadda yadda. Only contains stuff from Parts 1 - 3 of the prologue (out of six planned parts). Content is partially censored, pictures not yet done at all, and hopefully not too much spoilers.

    Optional song: Skrillex & The Doors - Breakin' A Sweat (Zedd remix)


    Nash Kirkham. A heir of a very wealthy family from Manchester, his intelligence and his gentleman's persona grants him money currently hidden from public eyes. Having the intelligence of a top class scientist, Nash can plan every move, given he knows what to do. Having grey wind swept hair and a unnaturally handsome face for his age of 38, Nash is often mistaken for an old man.



    "What's wrong?"

    "The car won't start!"

    "Oh. You want me to call.."

    "Don't worry. It's going to start eventually. This isn't the first time.."

    *more whirring*

    "Come on, you b:censored: piece of s:censored: car!"



    "No heir, and money goes to the government."

    "I can't waste that money, no. I just want to be alive again. It's not like we went through the many options to bring me back to life. If i just come over to the government and say: 'I'm alive!', I'd be a laughingstock of the country, or maybe get arrested on reasons i don't want to talk about."


    "I'm at a total loss.. I'd be glad to.. to be in these turn of events. It's just that me wife's getting a second child not long from now, and i have to be by her side at all times."


    Henderson Home. Cricklewood, London.

    The home takes the space of two houses, and a driveway is present in the area. The two storey house was rebuilt from scratch after the former home was destroyed in a suspicious gas leak. Fortunately, no casualties were found, but the former owner left London, leaving Paul to pick up the pieces and build his family dream home.

    It was 4 years later, at a night Paul was given a difficult choice. With the Aston Martin braking to a halt, it powers down, and Paul exits his car. In a rush, he forgets to lock it up and does so before entering the front door. Rushing up the small steps, he nearly trips and found himself infront of the door. Like any sane Brit, the door stays locked.


    "Oh.. you're back."

    "I'd say I'll be back, sweetums. I don't lie on me promises."

    They kiss momentarily.

    "So, just another night at the joint?"

    "It was a meeting."

    "At a pub. I just can't understand men sometimes."


    "Ahh. My number one fan. Come! Sit! We indulge."

    "Quite a peculiar spot for a wee meeting, eh?"

    "Ya. As much as i already know you much and vice versa, i hope you remember Englehart. My faithful German Shepherd."

    "I don't really see him much without ya anyways."

    "I'm always at his side, whether he likes it or not."


    "And the waitress lady's coming with our cocktails. You want one, Paulie?"

    "I'm a regular here anyways.. occasionally."

    "Two pounds say that she knows you."

    "I would bet that wager that she doesn't. Come on. We do this, Texas style."

    The waiter coming along is a pink haired woman, who has the privilege of using roller blades in the club. The manager, who only has one of the such wearing during service, possibly has to pay her more than normal. She keeps her balance right, and she brakes her skates like a real pro. No spills or splashes are seen.

    "Here's all for Mr. Armand's table."

    She serves the drinks, with the coasters put at the optimal spot. Paul takes an order.

    "Lass! Can i have the usual?"

    As the waitress took her time at the man's face, she remembers Paul, and knows what he wants.

    "Ab-so-lutely. Show me your card, Mr. Henderson."

    As Paul passes his card.

    "Well played, oh orange latino.."

    "Pay up, Judge."

    "Sonufa b:censored:."


    "NO! I don't want you to be next to him! Ever! AAAHH!"
    As Amelia begins tossing all sorts of soft objects scattered all over her room to the figure, the shadow is saddened to see what's happened. Leaving through the window, the person starts running to a nearby car parked.

    "Crap.. but I'm sure that Aston Martin's not hard to find in the small radius. I wonder if he found him already.."


    Minutes later, the men exit the area. Englehart didn't break any bones, but he broke their pride instead. Englehart received his slightly red shirt and tried to leave, only to meet the men behind their boss.

    "What? Stubborn to lose?"

    "They can be a bit of a b:censored: sometimes, but a guy's gotta get paid from me. Boys, leave me and him to our tango."

    The two men leave the area. Englehart prepares, but then, this is a man whose chains cover his chest. Taking a moment, he recognizes the short man.

    "Wait wait wait.. Are you by any chance the former leader ofthe.."

    "Yeah. The Saints of Los Angeles."

    Song: Motley Crue -The Saints Of Los Angeles.

    "I'm the boss, and will always be called as such, capice?"


    While the two left the club, the DJ blows an old cd and plays a popular disco song.

    Song: Was (Not Was) - Walk The Dinosaur.

    "Walk The Dinosaur? Oh hell yes!"


    In fear, the scotsman starts to sweat rapidly in the cold wind, as a woman wearing gloves grab hold of his spine, sliding it all the way from the neck to the abdomen.

    "Such a sweet specimen.. Oohh. Tell me.. What is it you do for a living?"


    The shadow kicked from a tree and jumps high up into the sky and prepared a strike aimed at the one in green. An overhead axe kick, made to destroy skulls.


    "Hey, sweet cheeks. What's your sign? I can see.. *rubs stomach* up hill climb."

    "Ugh. What a disgusting person!"


    "Tweee... *downed*"

    Gary gets downed, left unnoticed for the time being.


    "Yikes... i promise! Please!"

    "Yo, Gin. He's.. ermm.. begging."

    "Come on, Paul.. You're better than that!"


    Paul, instinctively, shoved her backwards, re twisted his arm to a normal position, and turned to face her. Ginoa, knocked back, rolled backwards and stood back up quickly.

    "Whoo.. that's the initiative you need to take every time, i suppose."

    "Coming from you, it means a lot, lass."


    Hearing from Paul, the man turns. Paul thinks he recognizes the man.

    Song: Metallica - Better Than You

    "What the? But.."

    The man, who carries a face of a serious person and a small tuft of hair. The man has muscly arms, and wears a black leather jacket. Not many know of the purpose of the zipper by his left shoulder. Alongside that, he has a t-shirt within, and nice grey jeans.

    Jacob: "So, right now.. You might be wondering how this scene came to exist in front of you, Paul."


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    United States
    Any update on the sequel?
  26. SomePlayaDude


    Small Preview: How's Things Going?

    It's going slow, but surely, there's more to come in what I've planned for this fiction. Unfortunately, from what's about to happen to me in the next few months, i won't be releasing any work until April. My current progress is currently on halt, with the Prologue Finale unexpectedly going to be about the size of the epilogue here. I don't think i can keep up this pace in the chapters, but I'm not going to say it's too late to try. Also: My current opening song, subject to change.

    What To Expect In Dawn Of The Mythic?

    It's much light hearted, and should be easier to go along with, let me tell you.

    Problem of trying to hook people in is that they just see, and don't bother because the presentation isn't good enough, or is something too vague? I'm not going to point names, but i know I'm one of this, and I'm trying to bring this problem to it's knees. There are much more casual forms of some real serious customers, like Jacob.

    And the rating: still PG-13, but it might be M for mature, if things get out of hand. I have updated my disclaimer to include that i should be warned about getting possible infractions or things like that.

    If you're not entertained by mere text of my development.. WHY?

    Ah well. I'll hand some examples on how less dark this is going to be. The seriousness is there, but only when it matters. Here's some of the fun scenes, non existent by my small new years preview.


    Ginoa: "Uh oh.."

    Past the door was a half naked Jacob, who was wearing a towel and rolling deodorant over his armpits. The view from Ginoa and Paul's looked like fanservice just rolled in.

    Paul: "Oh me God, hold me.."

    Ginoa: "Paul! Hey!"


    In too much joy, Paul mistaken Jacob for his wife and kissed him. Jacob takes it, but then immediately sits down.

    Jacob: "You tell my wife anything about kissing him, and it's the hanged man for you, lady."

    Ginoa: "Yikes!"


    Gary is busy playing croquet, by himself outside. He refers to a piece of paper on how the game is played. Carrie decides to interrupt his swing, which looked like a golf swing.

    Carrie: "Umm.. Gary?"

    Gary: "Hush, girl. I gotta bring on my A-game on this here ball."

    Carrie: "But you're alone. What's the competition in.."

    Gary zipped straight to the mother as he disturbingly rubbed her chin.

    Gary: "Oh, you're cute when you worry about me, you know. I gotta be competitive 24/7, so when I'm not alone, i won't suck, alrite?"

    As he returns to the ball, he didn't realize Carrie's true worry wasn't in the competitive spirit of croquet, but in how the mallet is held like a golf driver.

    Carrie: "And where'd you learn this way of playing croquet?"

    Gary: "FORE!"


    The ball flew up and hit a house infront of the yard. It bounced off the brick wall and proceeded to bounce to the house roof, which had the ball fall onto the Henderson driveway, where it hit someone in the head. From the yard, nobody can tell what it actually hit.


    Gary: "Oohhooo, if i was intending to blow a gasket, that's a skull fracture, for sure."

    Carrie: "You really aren't a normal human being?"

    Gary: "Hell to the no, girl."

    Carrie then head to the ball's predicted landing spot, and sees a man that got hit. By pure coincidence, it was Armand. Visible from her view was him rubbing his head in pain. Luckily, the ball was wooden, and damage was minimal to the skull.

    Carrie: "Ohmigosh, Mister Armand!"


    Carrie: "Fiona?"

    Fiona: "Ohh.. my car!"

    Carrie: "Fiona!"

    Fiona: "*sigh* What?"

    Carrie: "You don't mind heading to Edgware Road? My dad's inviting us for some lovely tea."

    Fiona: "Ugh.. alright, then. That b:censored: show her face again, and it's the Bermuda Triangle with her."


    Rin: "And am i glad to meet you, Carrie-san. *in haste* Paul said nothing about you, by the way."

    Paul: "What?!"

    Carrie: "Ugh.. Paul.. i thought you loved me?"

    Paul: "I do! It's just that.. well.. erhh.. (Curse her..)"


    At the same time, Gary pointed to Jacob as Jacob pointed back to Gary. The pressure causes Gary to confess.

    Gary: "That was the third strike.. he.. he. hehhh... *opens mouth in comfort* PEACE OUT, B:censored:ES!! *disappears from sight*"

    While Gary ran, Jacob thought he was scot free. Unfortunately, he wasn't.

    Jacob: "Oh Lord almighty.. please give mercy to my soul for the actions i did not do.. HELL, I'M OUT OF HERE! *also gone*"


    Sonny: "Well, now you know. Also.. have any idea who's inside? I want to buy."

    Paul: "(Is he in for a surprise..) And how much million pounds are you offering, lad?"

    Sonny: "I don't care. I'm sure i have millions of sponsorship money i haven't claimed. I NEED THAT, YOU KNOW IT AH!"

    Sonny's desire for such a classic have him not realize how hard he held on Paul's coat.

    Paul: "Hey! Can you.. stop holding on to me? This is.. a pretty expensive coat."

    As Sonny let go, his prospective car to buy came in the pit lane.

    Sonny: "Oh yeah. Come to papa."

    The car kept going.

    Sonny: "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.. OH NO!"

    Sonny rolled towards the garage as the GT40 suddenly stops in front of Sonny's standing position. A cruel joke within is somewhere relevant to the car nearly hitting the American Asian supercar celebrity.

    Fiona and Paul show concern to the Singaporean.

    Fiona: "Hey! Nice jump! Still trying to impress me?"

    Paul: "Look at that! It's like a soccer dive! *wheezes* Hahahaha!"


    Last thing: allow me to present my tribute to a legendary Ayrton Senna. Hayato Matsumoto, come on down! His role will follow along the rule of awesomely funny, and his relation to certain characters will surprise you... if i think it's what it is. No, he's not relevant to anyone outside this media, if another Matsumoto is seen or mentioned.

    Hayato then appeared sliding down the stair railings and land rolling, just stopping by the front door. His agility is no doubt one of his better skills.

    Hayato: "HAH! Boom, baby!"
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