Legacy Of The Dark Horse Ending: The Sun Sets. A Cowboy's Last Ride.

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    It took me many lunch break to catch up, but good read nonetheless. Good job
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    Not to moan, but your chapters are so long that my computer physically can't load an entire thread page. I've only managed to read the first two chapters, and they're very good, but unfortunately, I literally can't read the rest.
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    Thanks for that bit of feedback. I'm leaving for a holiday later and I'll find a way to get this to work before i go.

    From what I'm seeing, i pack so much content in one post that there's literally about a whole load more content from any other fanfic, and not enough posts per page other than story. I'm using a very potent computer and lag is present too. It's bad for me too, since i use a phone to look through for mistakes in my spare time.

    I've given it some thought and considered using a set of links to the title post, like in RKM Motorsport's page, except links are links to show the one post, not banners.

    The idea is to just stop loading at the first post (Title and Synopsis), making sure the links remain there. Hopefully this should do something about it, unless a better idea is available. I'll split up the parts ahead (not extra parts, like 1 part = 2 or so posts) so that hopefully, not too much story will be on one page in the future.
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    Good idea. It's not so much your story is bigger than all the others (not that it's small by any means) it's simply the amount of content per post is more than my pitiful computer can handle.
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    Part 5: Sonny California.

    Unknown location.

    Jacob stands in a dark void and sees nothing. Then, a red horse and it's demon rider is seen riding towards Jacob through the dark void. It leaves a trail of fire behind.

    The horse is followed by a chimera sprinting, a dragon flying and a phoenix soaring above.

    As they approach the lone man, they show no sign of stopping, about to run him over.


    A hotel room in Lubeck. 3 am.

    Jacob wakes up, panting. Immediately, he uses his laptop and receives a Skype call from Keith back at Japan.

    Jacob: "Nothing going on?"

    Keith: "Nope. But get this: I think Old Al's doing something behind my back. He leaves with his Jag more often than.. ever!"

    Jacob: "Must be more FIA meetings."

    Keith: "I assumed that initially, until he left at night yesterday. Meetings at night mean bad business, Jake."

    Jacob: "Well, if you're a little paranoid, go ahead and confront him."

    Keith: "Okay.. I have a race in a few hours and i have to bounce. Say hi to Sonny and Murph for me."

    Jacob: "Got it."

    Closing down his Skype after the talk, he puts away his laptop to hear knocking from his door.

    Jacob: "Funny. I didn't order room service. And at this time too.."

    Jacob moves to the door and sees through the peeking hole. Sonny, looking fresh, is present.

    Jacob: "Whoa."

    The door is opened. Sonny is shown to drag a small luggage bag.

    Sonny: "Always. ALWAYS. One step ahead, Jake."

    Jacob: "Some kind of monster.."

    Sonny: "Whatever.. You packed?"

    Jacob: "Let me take a shower first. Get the car ready."

    Sonny: "Cheh.. hurry up lah!"

    Closing the door, Jacob undresses and packs away almost everything, while accidentally tripping the only lamp. As he gets to reopening it, he is thinking:

    Jacob: "Is someone spying on me? Nah.."


    On the contrary, in a faraway landing pad on a rooftop. A certain assassin on hold is watching with long range binoculars. It's set to a special mode, able to detect the demon horse tattoo.

    Ginoa: "So.. that tattoo means that he's the one they call Outlaw. Well, the police aren't looking at the right places... I better note that.."

    As Ginoa notes down the crucial fact, she sneezed in the cold, and the pencil she used fell down the high rise building, with her seeing it fall helplessly.

    Ginoa: "*sniff* F:censored:k! Okay. Okay. Calm down, Ginnie. Calm down."

    She then checks her phone and notes the Outlaw fact, while checking her orders.

    "No deaths until you gain clearance. Cheers, lass." ~ Paul.​

    Ginoa: "This has to be the most restrictive set of orders EVER!"

    Shivering, she then packs away her tools and leaves to the stairwell. She uses a hidden lockpicking tool on her black hairdo to open the doors she went through.

    Ginoa: "Next agenda: cold medicine *sneezes*. And they call me the professional."

    She leaves the building. A black Ferrari is parked. She unlocks it manually and turns the ignition.


    A new set of orders enter her phone.

    Ginoa: "Head to Monaco. Meet with the Harbinger. Relay information, and killing may begin ~ Unknown number.."

    Ginoa inputs a number, as followed from a number on her notepad. She calls, veiling the call from authorities..

    Ginoa: "This is the Assassin. Orders received and will follow. *sneeze* Out."

    She leaves the area.


    The time of night allows her to exit, barely noticed.


    Owning the Ferrari since she killed the owner of it beforehand, Ginoa knows how to drive fast cars fearlessly.


    Back to Jacob, he showers, cleaning every part of his body. The dream he ventured had him mutter something.

    Jacob: "A horseman of the apocalypse, a chimera.. a yellow phoenix.. and the green dragon.."

    He continues, singing.

    Jacob: "Misery, there's much more to life than what you see. My friend of misery!"

    As he finishes, he wears a new set of clothing, while still using the same jacket. With everything all packed away, he leaves with bag at hand. Returning the keys to the front desk, he finds Sonny in his car, waiting.

    Jacob: "Shall we?"

    Sonny: "Go, baby, go!"


    For an early morning, Sonny sees the empty roads as a lovely, speedy drive with his Camaro. With Jacob following suit, they get to know more on each other, despite them knowing each other for a long time.

    Song: The Maccabees - Unknow

    Just while love, just while love, just while love remembers.

    Jacob: "How come you've never settled down?"

    Sonny: "Unlike you, i never had an interest in a relationship outside my cars."

    Jacob: "How's Jackie?"

    Sonny: "My dad's fine. He does want me to do something about my racing license on thin ice as we speak."

    Jacob: "And you've pleaded to the FIA for how long now?"

    Sonny: "Endless. I'm sure your license is fine lah."

    Just while love, just while love, just while love remembers.

    Jacob: "Only the race marshals know about the Dark Horse is me."

    Sonny: "Well, someday, you have to quit your anonymous methods, Jake. First Outlaw, then this Dark Horse.."


    Jacob: "I don't really want Rin to know that I'm racing."

    Sonny: "Oh my gosh, Jake, Jake, Jake! I know about rules on how the man is the king of the house and all.."

    Unknow me, as hard as it seems. Decide it and feel light on the breeze.

    Jacob: "I don't want our next meeting to be our last."

    And it's alright, you can lean it, you can lean it, you can lean it, you can lean it, you can lean it, you can lean it.. on me.

    Sonny: "We all don't want that. Me, you, even Gary."

    And I know, it's all you can see and to shake it.

    Jacob: "You'd mention Gary? Of all people?"

    To make it fall from the tree. And you're called into the water. And it holds you like a tropical disease.

    Sonny: "Gary gives me the creeps sometimes, Jake. I've never had a gun to my head before i met him. He and Rin might've married if it weren't for you being in it. Hard to say, but i miss him a bit lah."

    And you lean into the weather, and it drops you, drops you.

    Jacob: "He's in Europe, doing his own gangster things."

    UNKNOW. Just while love remembers. I was given these lungs.
    UNKNOW. And I won't be ashamed no more.
    UNKNOW. We were ripped from those arms. They no longer protect us

    Sonny: "Hmm.. oh really? If you meet him, say hi from Sonny. I taught the guy how to go around a corner in speed anyways, so i know he'll remember."


    UNKNOW. Just while love remembers. I was given these lungs.
    UNKNOW. And I won't be ashamed no more.
    UNKNOW. We were ripped from those arms. They no longer protect us

    Jacob: "Well, alright, should we ever meet."

    Sonny: "What's that supposed to mean?"

    Jacob: "You do know Gary's gangster history?"

    Sonny: "I am aware, ya."

    Unknow! Pour me away~. Pour me, pour me, pour me away~.

    Jacob: "He wants the person that put him behind bars dead. Said person is the best hitman money can buy in Europe."

    Sonny: "Gary's cool, most of the time. Never heard he had a grudge."

    UNKNOW. Just while love remembers. I was given these lungs.
    UNKNOW. And I won't be ashamed no more.
    UNKNOW. We were ripped from those arms. They no longer protect us

    Jacob: "I just knew about this too."

    Sonny: "Well, Gary has no idea on how we were Mythic."

    Jacob: "He 'knows' I'm Outlaw, though. I didn't leave a freaking clue, at all. Just said he knew Leona."


    UNKNOW. Just while love remembers. I was given these lungs.
    UNKNOW. And I won't be ashamed no more.
    UNKNOW. We were ripped from those arms. They no longer protect us

    Sonny: "Well, alright. I'll know what to come should he go asking."

    Just while love~, just while love~, just while love~ remembers.
    Just while love~, just while love~, just while love~ remembers.

    The two carry on the drive quiet, reignited with another topic.

    Jacob: "Since you're a teacher and all, i really wonder what happened to the Proteges?"

    Sonny: "They all split up. I eventually met them all in one or two occasions. You want to see the teacher smiling on them should they change, but as you know, like always.."

    Jacob: "Not a bit."

    Sonny: "Not. A. F:censored:king. Bit."

    Jacob: "Pity."

    Sonny: "I thought so too, until i met Takuma some time ago in Italy. He really looks like a different person."

    Jacob: "You've heard of the Kanonji twins and their exploits?"

    Sonny: "Yeah. Never knew he had a twin. I met Ben on my first year in the UK, and knew all about little Takuma then."

    Jacob: "Apparently, his love for his twin reminds me of Keith. He said hi, by the way."

    Sonny: "Say hi back. It's the tennis of greetings."

    Jacob: "Just like you."

    Sonny: "As always."


    Jacob: "So, where's this port?"

    Sonny: "Not too far off, if we go 170 miles per hour. 20 minutes. Think you can drive?"

    Jacob: "It's 4 am and I'm as sleepy as the average bear."

    Sonny: "Oh.. Well, if that's the case.."

    Jacob: "I didn't say no, Son. Work on your hearing skills. Just give me a small nap and I'll be fine."


    About 20 minutes later..


    Sonny drives up the Autobahn, with Jacob taking a small nap. Sonny keeps the radio on, and sees one of his best friends sleeping soundly, despite the song style.

    Song: Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Dani California.

    Sonny: "Getting born in the state of Mississippi. Papa was a copper and mama was a hippie. In Alabama, she would swing a hammer. Price you gotta pay when you break the panorama. She never knew that there was anything more than poor. What in the world does your company take me for?"


    Lit up so no-one in the dark can't see, Sonny sees no-one other than traffic he might've overtaken.

    Sonny: "CALIFORNIA, REST IN PEACE. Simultaneous release. California show your teeth. She's my priestess, I'm your priest. YEAH! YEAH!"


    No signs of stopping from the Camaro, it presses on. Sonny continues singing, while adding his own touch for this part of the lyrics.

    Sonny: "He's a chimera and a fighter. Should've seen it coming when it got a little hotter. With a name like Sonny California!"


    With port in sight, the Camaro slows down.


    Sonny leaves Jacob asleep in the car. Getting all the little details done, he re-enters 10 minutes later.

    Sonny: "Hey Jake. Wake up."

    Jacob: "...huh? Already?"

    Sonny: "You know, Jake. I'm having doubts of you driving my car to Nurburg."

    Jacob: "Don't worry, Son. I've done worse. Cross country all nighter back in the US."

    Sonny: "Really?! Lucky sonofagun. Okay. The car i want will react with these keys. You'll feel at home with it."

    Jacob: "And i don't have to ask why."

    Sonny: "Mmhmm. Your GT is one thing i based it on. Superb, controllable handling. Tuned by me; approved by racers and your dad too. Well, I'll be leaving."

    Jacob: "Well, see you in Nurburg, then."

    Sonny leaves.


    Jacob has a look around in the port. The port is empty, compared to the military base he currently remembers visiting in Japan. As he walks, he sees the keys in detail and sees the same emblem used by Chevrolet.

    Jacob: "Chevy. Well, i won't be surprised if it was.."

    Jacob tripped over something and fell. In a bit of pain, he gets up and dusts himself off.

    Jacob: "Again?! Err.. *breathes quickly*"

    Realizing that he tripped on a piece of bodykit, he is introduced to the car he might be looking for. Another Dark Horse, or a predator of such.

    Jacob: "A Camaro? Sonny.. that was so predictable."

    Analyzing the car, he sees the works done by Sonny's crew. Lighter rims, a street legal aero bodywork. Even a racing conversion inside, with a rollcage holding a single seat, even though air conditioning seems to be present. The doors are surprisingly not bolted in, allowing treatment of a normal car in that case. Turning on the engine, Jacob drives out.


    Jacob: "Okay, okay, Son. I'm officially impressed."

    Song - Megadeth - Duke Nukem Theme.

    Jacob: "Let's rock!"

    Jacob powers up the car and burns out.


    It reaches nil to sixty in 3.6 seconds. It leaves the area.


    Jacob: "Feels like my Ford.. Lee and Sonny's tuning prowess makes a deadly combo sometimes."


    Next section, for single post users.
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    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    Monaco. 12 pm.

    A V12 Vantage prowls through the streets, speeding up after a small group of cars leave in front.


    Passersby notice the V12 in the hairpin, roaring seemingly louder than any cars of its class.


    It parks by the sea. Paul exits the car and looks at his phone.


    Paul: "What a beautiful marina mm? This is no such view where i was from."

    As Paul admires the scene, he hears the sound of an old Ferrari blaring. He sees the woman he needs to meet inside.


    Paul: "F40? That lass has quite the touch for fast cars."

    Parking next to the Vantage, she exits, and recognizes Paul.

    Ginoa: "Paul?"

    Paul: "Aye, lass. You thought i was the Harbinger, no?"

    Ginoa: "Well.. yeah. You got the confirmation as well?"

    Paul: "Yes.. yes.. i was the one who got it, not the big boss. I have to talk to you in private, Assassin. I need ta tell you the real motives of our employers."

    Ginoa: "*sigh* And i thought i was going to do some killing."

    Paul: "Oh, you will be, lass. You don't mind if i can come in your magnificent steed?"

    Ginoa: "How about your V12?"

    Paul: "I'm having it worked over by people here. It'll be faster than an Enzo by the time it's done. And it's not going to break the rules of the competition."

    Ginoa: "You could've told me before!"

    Paul: "I'm sorry, I am. You wouldn't come if i told ya."

    Ginoa: ".... Whatever. Don't make a mess."

    Paul: "Cheers, lass. Let's head to Nurburg. The briefing's tomorrow, and i don't wanna be late."

    The car lines up to the tunnel; a very popular place for journalists taking car videos and photos. The F40 is considered more of a rarity than most other supercars.


    Paul: "How long you've had this thing. A Ferrari like this, if original, is a wee bit more than worth a mansion's size worth of gold."

    Ginoa: "If i told you, I'd have to kill you. And no, it's an original, not a recreation."

    Paul: "Seriously, lass."

    Ginoa: "Seriously. If your name isn't Paul Henderson, I'd have a corpse on shotgun."

    Paul: "I'll be a bit curious here, but you're a free agent, and not at all, had a boss outside those who pay you."

    Ginoa: "If you just shut up, I'll tell you, okay?"

    Paul: "Cool down, lass. You remind me of me girl."

    Ginoa burns the wheels of her car. Photos are taken as they spin.


    It leaves into the tunnel.


    Ginoa: "Well, Mr. Henderson. I had a job involving someone wanting a certain millionaire slave trader dead."

    Paul: "Fascinating."

    Ginoa: "He's dead. I barged in his home and killed all the guards. 32 guards. 10 magazines of my own bullets. I approached, past corpes after corpse. He begged and begged, but a job is a job."

    Paul: "I would surely hate being your target, lass."


    Ginoa: "I'm a walking weapon. How about you look at me and, please, stay away from the ladies' pieces."

    Paul had a look at Ginoa's athletic figure and her beautiful face.

    Paul: "Oh me dear mother.."

    Then, Paul saw the unseeable. Ginoa has a deadly weapon in many places in and around her body, from a broad needle in her hair clip, small bombs in place of her teeth, to a blade in place in one of her fingers.

    Paul: "Lass.. you're a fine piece."

    Ginoa: "These pieces of information are those i don't keep with a living thing."

    Paul: "And the supply for all this?"

    Ginoa: "Paid for. Refills in my safe homes."

    Paul: "My, oh my. I can't stop looking, lass. And bombs for teeth? I suppose it's begging time?"

    Ginoa unsheathes a small knife next to Paul's throat in a quick fashion, positioned at the ready for a kill.

    Ginoa: "Whatever you do, don't beg. That personality is reserved for those who wants to die by me."

    Paul: "Erh.."

    The knife is hidden once again, giving Paul a sign of relief.


    Ginoa: "Back to the car. I set the place to blow and my escape had me go through a garage. Said slave trader has quite the car collection. I decided between a Lotus Elise GT1, a Porsche Panamera, a Lamborghini Miura and this."

    Paul: "Oh.. that's a shame there with that GT1. And a Miura.."

    Ginoa: "I know.. The F40 was my choice. And i had no time to think. The only key i recognize from this man is the Ferrari's. I'd have to manually unlock the others, or go rummaging for what key fits what. There is fire everywhere."

    Paul: "And you know he's a slave trader how, lass?"

    Ginoa: "Incriminating evidence. Also, a little personal for me. Said evidence proved that my mother is killed working for him."

    Paul: "Aye.. how many apologies do i owe ya, lass?"


    Ginoa: "No need.. So, how about the Harbinger thing? Their motive."

    Paul: "Ah. You see. They're going to take over this King afta Ring tourney. They want me to win it, so i can take control of what's to come. I've been dying for a good race for a while, but to take over like a gun pointed towards.."

    Ginoa: "I'm not fazed, Mr. Henderson. And where do i come in?"

    Paul: "Simple. you do the killing. A list of targets are handed to you on the day you do your job."

    Ginoa: "Targets? Don't say it's the whole cast of racers?"

    Paul: "Doubt it. Maybe those who would get in me way. I heard the list might be of some FIA adjudicators and some experiments that are on the loose. Maybe you've heard of Project Mythic?"

    Ginoa: "The Harbinger's caged pets on the loose. He approached me about it."

    Paul: "Righto."


    Paul: "The Harbinger himself wants them dead. His agent failed him with desertion."

    Despite her knowledge, Ginoa holds back, to see what happens.

    Ginoa: "You've heard of Outlaw's death. The police investigation. No leads and all?"

    Paul: "Maybe you're right on that, but I'll hold that thought. But if you're right, lass, that makes it 2."

    Ginoa: "2? I thought there were four?"

    Paul: "Well, yes, since you know so much.."

    Paul opens his buttoned shirt and reveals the green dragon.

    Paul: "They offered me a job. I cannot fail, or even refuse. Lives are to be lost should it happen, lass."

    FIN PART 5

    Author's Notes

    - Ginnie is the nickname i always go with Ginoa. Her given name is, most of the time, Ginnie Fantoccia in other media.

    - Slow and steady now. A part a week is expected.

    - Paul is intended to use the Camaro, but is scrapped due to Sonny's presence.

    - Sonny's new Camaro is based on a replica ZL1 model, but tuned to my liking. If you noticed, all cars are given tuning, but no titanium exhaust and carbon hood, save for some cars.

    - This chapter is going to have more than 7 parts. The next chapter will be the final.

    - Gary and N.Z will appear soon.

    - Next page: Nurburgring Demo.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Ginoa's Ferrari F40. Tuned for 550pp.
    - Sonny's Camaro SS. 575pp.
    - Paul's V12 Vantage. 572pp.
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    I shall continue to wait patiently
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    Part 6: Orange Lightning.

    Nurburg, Germany. 12 PM

    Arriving the scene is a Dark Horse Camaro, driven by Jacob. After parking near the building, he meets up with Sonny.

    Sonny: "So.. how'd you like your muscle?"

    Jacob: "I'd like it not a Camaro."

    Sonny: "Jake, oh Jake. You never change."

    Jacob: "Really?"

    Giving that moment some thought, Sonny replied appropriately.

    Sonny: "No.. not really. You have changed from the times with Sir Ben."

    Jacob: "And me quitting the Outlaw moniker.."

    Sonny: "True, ah."

    Jacob: "You're here quite some time ago. What's the plan?"

    Sonny: "We play the waiting game. A game that everyone loses."

    Jacob: "Well, i don't mind. We're going to be entertained by each other. And him."

    Murph appears.

    Murph: "Hey, lads."

    Sonny: "Where's the big guy?"

    Jacob: "He must be having lunch."

    Murph: "Likely, but I can't say that's right, mate. Haven't seen him since breakfast."

    Sonny: "Well, if you know him, he must be giving some random butcher a lot of money in this country. Meat's one thing the Germans are good at."

    Murph: "True, but he's not some rabid dog. He has his limits."

    Jacob: "I doubt it. The day Outlaw passed, he went to brunch with me, and, suffice to say, he ate more than what can be given to an African country."

    Murph: "I don't know if he's nearly reaching the 190 kilo limit or what?"

    Sonny: "Don't matter lah. It's all about the girls, from what i see."

    Jacob: "The only way anyone's marrying him is if the woman is OK marrying a fat ass that likes to eat."

    Murph: "Spot on."

    Murph received a phone call.

    Murph: "Sorry, lads. Priority call."

    He walks away.

    Jacob: "You know, you do speak in a rather Singaporean accent, for my neighbor across the street."

    Sonny: "I technically have my summer holidays in Singapore. I know all about the life there, and i like the way they talk there too, so yeah."

    Jacob: "Right.. Let's get to know the other competitors."

    Sonny: "Why not lah."

    The two enter the building and moves towards the direction the signs point to. They enter a conference room, with hordes of people inside. Varying from normal people, racers and adjudicators, their nationality can help tell that they're for the competition. A man approaches the duo.

    Eduard: "Hey, Mr. Jacob Ross, amigo."

    Jacob: "Ed."

    Eduard: "And who's this? THE Sonny Meng?"

    Sonny: "In the flesh."

    Upon overhearing that, many cameramen approach him, aimed at the Singaporean man.

    Sonny: "What the?"

    Cameras point towards Sonny, much to his dismay.

    Sonny: "Oh my god, come on lah! Why you all want me soo bad, huh?"

    Jacob: "Hey Son. You come back here later. Have a nice jog."

    Sonny: "That's what's on my mind, Jake. Buh bye!"

    While Sonny leaves, Jacob reconnects with a Portugese millionaire.

    Eduard: "You knowing Sonny is one thing."

    Jacob: "Met him when we were kids. He was the neighbor across the street."

    Eduard: "Is that so, amigo? I want to believe, but it's not that easy."

    Jacob: "Whatever."

    Eduard: "By the way, how about a small walk. The conference won't start in a few hours. Get to know the Nurburgring air, you feel me?"

    Jacob: "I wanted to take a nap, but... what the hell, right?"

    Eduard: "Good man."


    Jacob and Eduard walks to the nearby parking lot. They sit on a nearby bench.

    Jacob: "How long have you met Will?"

    Eduard: "Will.. Will.. ah. Okay. We met in a car show. My Nardo is a dead supercar project, after all. I'm one of the very few who own a real, pre release road going model. I did tell you about the orange ones being fakes?"

    Jacob: "Yea."

    Eduard: "They are fakes.. but they possess the real color of the car on it's debut. I met up with the genuine owners of a Nardo, and we chose to change our coloring to mark the occasion that we own such a car."

    Jacob: "I should have a go on driving it myself."

    Eduard: "I would let you, but the track's off limits now and i need to use the pits to change it's oil."

    Jacob: "Bad oil is bad business."

    Eduard: "Exactly."

    The parking lot fills up slowly. A white Delta soon arrived.

    Eduard: "That'll be Will."

    Jacob: "Really? That's not exactly the car i had in mind."

    Eduard: "He's with his sister and her fiancee."

    Jacob: "Luce and Bern?"

    Eduard: "Si."

    Jacob: "Are you really Portugese? I hear Spanish."

    Eduard: "I am! I just prefer Spanish. I lived there my whole life."

    The car is emptied.

    Williem: "Mein kameraden! Ed, when did you get here?"

    Eduard: "Just an hour ago, amigo. You know me and speeding tickets: non existent but needing of some."

    Williem: "Oh. Well, we're late because Bernardo's map skills are just not good enough."

    Bern: "Mi dispiace."

    Jacob: "You're not really late, are you?"

    Williem: "Not really, Herr Ross. I'm due for a small round the ring later. Have a look at what's to come. Come on, Ed."

    They both leave, leaving Jacob to reunite with more friends.

    Jacob: "Huh. How's your little racing thing going, Luce?"

    Lucia: "Oh, it's great. We did get a little too intimate in the snow though."

    Bern: "And luckily, i got no emergencies to call to. Free as a bird, mi amico."

    Jacob: "That's great. Will's not being a b:censored:h on your marriage?"

    Bern: "Nothing much, but one thing: He's not comfortable with the wedding being in Japan."

    Lucia: "Ja. It'll be too much for Diener or Keith to come over."

    Jacob: "I doubt it is. Alan's a legend, and Keith bought a really expensive Alfa Romeo that day and no installments; all full on cash paid. Racers have the paychecks of movie stars, as far as i know."

    Bern: "That Keith. Always full of surprises."

    Lucia: "Ja."

    Jacob: "Say, this sounds like a perfect honeymoon stop, no?"

    Lucia: "Well, we're having a 2 week intermission before the next rally starts. It's demanding stuff."

    Jacob: "The Finnish. Always so top tier."

    Bern: "We barely get a good position each race."

    Jacob: "I have this feeling i won't be getting a good position with the vibe of all these racers. You guys remember Sonny, back from the UK?"

    Bern: "Him? That Sonny? The one who wants to succeed the deceased racing legend?"

    Lucia: "Herr Meng. Oh, what a guy. I hear one mention of Little Luce, and he's toast."

    Jacob: "He has no clue you both got together."

    Then, Leona and Sonny popped up.

    Leona: "Sonny, you know you owe me."

    Sonny: "I know, you Russian bi.. Hey! It's Big Bern and Little Luce."

    Lucia: "Grr.."

    Sonny: "Easy, Fido. Not everyone is 6 foot 2 when you're 20. Consider yourself priviledged."

    Bern: "Haha.. huh?"

    Bern sees Lucia and Sonny being about the same height.

    Bern: "Wow.. Hey Sonny, mi amico. Did you know Luce is a trained mixed martial artist?"

    Sonny: "She is?!"

    Lucia: "Yea!"

    What happened to Sonny is unpleasant. Leona drags the boys away from the scene, while watching.

    Leona: "Well, we leave your little friend to her beatup, cowboy."

    Jacob: "You don't have to. And what do you mean he owes you?"

    Leona: "He ran in the girl's toilet. I was in. Hid him, and a favor is owed."

    The three watch the asian get beat up, afraid to do anything.

    Leona: "Is very bad day for Sonny, huh?"

    Jacob: "So far, it is."


    A few hours later.

    The conference began, with the racers and the related staff of the track inside. During an intermission after a rather sleepy talk about safety, Jacob sees his neighbour and tends to a rather scarred Sonny.

    Jacob: "Hey.. i thought you do high school wrestling?"

    Sonny: "I... i know. It's just that i won't hurt a small girl like Little Luce. I mean.. really lah, you won't hurt a random girl?"

    Jacob: "Unless i need to, you've nothing to worry about me and girls."

    Sonny: "You're cool, Jake. Cool like a cucumber. No wonder Rin loved you.. oww!"

    Next to Sonny was Paul Henderson, a fellow competitor, and, unknown to many, assisted by a large criminal group.

    Paul: "The great Sonny Meng himself. I've heard big tales bout yer skills."

    Sonny: "I get that a lot. And who are y.."

    Jacob: "Oh, Son. You don't remember Paul? He was my first mentor Alan's first understudy. Nice to see you again."

    Paul: "Ay, mate. It's been a long time, Ross. Say, how's everything?"

    Suspicious, Jacob replied with the common:

    Jacob: "Fine. How about you? You had a brutal last few years."

    Paul: "Ey, i'll be fine. How's old Al? Must be lonely out east, eh?"

    Jacob: "He's got his eye on Luce. The little girl who lived with him. She's studying a course, courtesy of Toyota."

    Paul: "Wah. Dinna know the girl's got potential."

    Sonny: "If you don't mind, you can swap seats so i don't hear these things lah."

    The three didn't notice the change of the presentation to a preview of the Ring. They stopped talking after seeing what's to come.

    Presenter: "We have many of our ring meisters here, all faster than the top racers in the world on this road. One such meister is the recurring champion Weiss. He's on track with a few traffic. The track won't be 100% clear when you use it, so take care."

    A small live stream is played, placed on the front of Williem's orange Audi: a concept Le Mans Quattro. With very few released on the streets, it's presence on the ring is considered a glorious thing.


    After getting orders to overtake the small group, Will gets to work.


    He got by the first car no problem, and scopes on the SL infront.


    Forcibly slowing down, Will patiently waits for a hole to crawl through.


    He finds it shortly afterwards.


    The long straights meet with a 620 hp supercar, as well as it's lightweight chassis. It overtakes another car.


    A few more cars ahead. Super powered Audi saloons. Williem just wonders, as a large Audi supporter, how they would be the ones in front.


    Next section, for single post users.
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  9. SomePlayaDude


    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    He makes his move..


    Another car is ahead, probably the last.


    Up towards Kallenhard.


    And overtaken after the chicanes ahead. Williem sees empty roads ahead, according to the track marshals.


    Williem puts up a good show for the other 15 about to compete in the competition.


    He drives like a Ring Meister, with a mind saying that he exceeds them.


    Around the Karrusel.


    The prototype Audi R8 goes around flawlessly.


    Chipping a few strands of grass doesn't stop the mad 4WD supercar.


    The crowd sees the limit they need to reach to remain competitive.


    And into Dottinger Hohe.


    The Audi speeds to 211 mph.


    It veers back into the GP circuit. The competitors can hear the car coming in.


    It enters the pits.


    The video ends. While the small conference takes a small break afterwards, Williem gets out of his car and greets the staff in the conference room. He is bombarded by questions from media.

    Presenter: "I'll take the questions for Mr Weiss. You over there?"

    Williem: "What a day."


    Back outside by the pits.

    Jacob: "You're not worried?"

    Sonny: "Nope. I can see that Will guy being pretty good, but not good enough. Like the Proteges before me."

    Jacob: "Uh huh."

    Sonny: "I can only see you as a real threat, Jake. The days you're Outlaw is you in the spotlight. No doubt you want to relive that."

    Jacob: "I would."

    Sonny: "Asking twice, why are you here? Wouldn't you be in Japan looking for Rin?"

    Jacob: "I would.. but let's say the spotlight calls for a new person to follow. I can't just stop at Japan. It's a world of opportunity, it is."

    Sonny: "Yeah. You know your s:censored:t, lah."

    Murph and Lee dropped by.

    Murph: "Jake. A man wants to speak to you. Said he had something to hand over."

    Jacob: "I see. And why did he go to you?"

    Lee: "He was all, help me with finding this Jacob Ross. Persistent, macam singa (like a lion)."

    Sonny: "Well, no secrets to the many people that you're here. It's not like you have fans, being such a mystery."

    Jacob: "Oh Son. I know how having fans really feels like. Well, Murph. Take me to him."

    Murph: "Come on then."

    The two leave the other two.

    Sonny: "Oi Lee, buat apa sini? Jumpa kami punya geng saja, huh?" (Oi Lee, what're you doing here? Meeting the gang, huh?)

    Lee: "Tahu lah. Syok juga jumpa rakan." (You know. It's fun to meet our friends)


    Jacob signs a paper. To Murph, his curiosity strikes him.

    Worker: "I moved it there. You know what to do."

    Jacob: "Thanks."

    Murph: "What's the paper for? Insurance? A package of illegal things?"

    Jacob: "Nothing of the sort, friend. Come this way."

    They both walk out to the track.


    Murph: "Jake. I'm having doubts on walking on the track like this. There might be a random car going to give us the tap of destiny."

    Jacob: "Don't be a worry wart and keep up, motherf:censored:r."

    Murph: "All right, all right!"


    Murph: "Jake. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but.. i see just track."

    Jacob: "Murph. You're seeing the wrong part of the road, my friend."

    Murph: "What are you babbling at? Oh.. my bad, mate."

    Song: Junkie XL - Def Beat


    Murph: "The fabled dark horse has arrived."

    Jacob: "Yes. Yes it has. 550 horses of no disappointment."

    Murph: "With this, you on wheel, Lee and Sonny on tune."

    Jacob: "And a few clinks back East, and this competition's good as mine."

    Murph: "You mind me getting a lap here? It's for that time in Japan."

    Jacob: "Sure."

    The car sets off.


    Murph: "I'm not a fan of left hand drive, Jake."

    Jacob: "It barely makes a difference. Just imagine a mirror. I drive many right handers myself."

    The manual gearbox shifts down to one from 4 as Murph enters the infamous hairpin and exits unscathed.


    Murph: "I'm pushing this thing and it's stable like a pony."

    Jacob: "Perhaps you're not trying hard enough."

    The insane style of Murph is backed up with serious racing prowess.


    The car tackles the next turn and approaches the hairpin.


    A spectator witnesses the car by the hairpin, and uses a cell phone. A picture is taken. A moment later, and said picture has spread to another residing on track. Receiving that picture is an assassin, who recognizes the man.

    Ginoa: "Outlaw.. you're the Dark Horse everyone's talking about?"

    Back on track.


    Jacob: "Smooth. That's not likely of you."

    Murph: "That sort of persona is not going to be on the track. It's this clean hotness, or no racing license in this part of the world."

    Jacob: "Smart man."


    The car reached the chicane, with a small crowd overlooking.


    And as the Ford reaches the straight, a small crowd looks in amazement. Murph purposely puts the Ford to roar by, with the intent to spook someone.


    The Ford gave the people around remarks.

    Leona: "That car.. Now i think about it.. Is a marvelous car."

    Sonny: "The Dark Horse. I can feel myself shaking. This is going to be great!"

    Lucia: "Herr Ross and that car. This is a real competition."

    Paul: "Aye.. that's a proper beast there, laddie."

    Bern: "That's my man, Jake over there!"

    Lee: "Marvelous, marvelous. Ohohoh!"

    Eduard: "That car. It's that Ford again!"

    Fred: "That'll be Little Jacob's car! What a sound!"

    Williem: "This is about to be the competition i hoped for."

    FIN PART 6

    Author's Notes

    - Was busy due to Eid-ul-fitr being a major holiday where i am. Hoping i keep up the once a week thing.

    - And that means no PS3 for a while. Don't ask why.

    - There are about twice the pictures of the orange Audi. I cut them in the final revision.

    - Sonny was intended the driver of the GT, but i swapped.

    - Next part: Jacob's first time around the ring, accompanied by a ring meister he didn't expect.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Williem's Le Mans Quattro. 585pp.
  10. RCKakashi14


    I like that orange Le Mans Quattro there. A nice change of pace from the usual Jet Blue color.
  11. amemyarz


    United States
    Great stuff. Good cliffhanger before the race.
  12. SomePlayaDude


    Part 7: A Whole New Breed Of Supercar.

    A cafe in the Nurburgring. Noon.

    Jacob: "You don't know?"

    Murph: "Nope. This is not the most reliable company in the world, but i trust them over some peanut butter's ingredients, if you know what i mean."

    Jacob: "Uh huh. And you're giving them money with trust more than the amount of paperwork i filed, if you know what i mean."

    Murph: "More like the amount of claps in a bad stand up, if you know what i mean."

    Jacob: "Okay.. let's stop. We're not too good at this."

    Murph and Jacob stares at an empty space for a few seconds.


    Murph: "You're right, mate."

    Jacob: "What's that sound?"

    That empty space is suddenly filled in with a Mercedes SLS appearing.


    Jacob: "Hey. Another of those SLS AMGs. Why's it stopping here?"

    Murph: "Hmm.. I think i know this one.. This one's Queen's. Palladium Silver. A different exhaust set up, a bit of ECU and transmission work from Hamann."

    Jacob: "Okay.. Okay.. how many times has she talked to you about it?"

    Leona exits the car and fills up that bit of info.

    Leona: "It's a spectactular ride, zakona. Da. I think i like this more than SL."

    Murph: "Well, how about you bring this over to the supercars club drive?"

    Jacob: "Supercars?"

    Leona: "I'm not sure, balagur (joker). They reserved the ring. There's no such thing as last second."

    Jacob: "Well, that's too bad, Queenie. I'm having some practice runs in the ring myself tomorrow. Maybe you can pop in and.."

    Murph: "Er hem.. Jake. You underestimate our dear Queen. She's here because i called her, to help."

    Leona: "Da."

    Murph: "She's only told this to me, so pay attention. You're okay with that, my sweet princess."

    Leona: "Da. Now stop stalling, balagur."

    Jacob: "Like the lady said, Murph."

    Murph: "Okay, okay! Leona here recently appointed herself as one of the ring meisters."

    Jacob: "Really?"

    Leona: "Yes, cowboy. You aren't the only one getting famous around the racing world. I am officially inducted 2 weeks ago. I've been giving taxi, done a few races. It's my home away from home."

    Murph: "Back on the supercars club. I'm sure they will let you in. You're a freaking meister! I'll help too."

    Jacob: "And how about you hand me a favor, Queen. A race around the Ring would help me get started with my training."

    Leona: "Hohohoho. What do i owe you, cowboy?"

    Jacob: "Your racing life. You're the first racer i chose not to punish losing. Where would you be in a few months after the day your SL gets the chop shop treatment, huh? Don't be such a b:censored:h, Leona."

    After a few seconds of silence.

    Leona: "Proklyatyy! (Darn) No more favors after this, cowboy!"

    Jacob: "Good girl. Now, head over to those clubbies and talk yourself in."

    Murph: "Tough stuff. Haven't heard that since Rockport."

    Jacob: "You'll get used to it."

    As Leona and Murph exit, Jacob relaxes and reads a magazine.

    Jacob: "Exploits of the great Louie Ross Jr.. Well, to them it's like a dedicated honoring.. but to me, it's bedtime stories all over again. Nurburgring? How did that story go again?"

    A waitress serves food, also for Murph and Leona. Jacob failed to notice, reading the article. He then smells..

    Jacob: "Bacon.. typical Murph. Isn't it 12 already?"

    Jacob looks at his branded watch and tells him it's nearly 1 PM.

    Jacob: "Ah well.."

    Just as he is about to begin, a woman sits down. Jacob hears it well, despite him reading the magazine.

    Jacob: "It takes guts to sit down next to a stranger."

    Ginoa: "I know. How about you give me time to tell you what's going on, Outlaw."

    Jacob looks at the woman.

    Jacob: "I don't know what you're talking about. Also, what's with the niceties?"

    Ginoa: "Hmm.. Quite the contrary.."

    Ginoa kicks the table and gets started. Jacob, hailed by food, is knocked down and tries to get up, only to see that woman holding him down with her weight, with knife at neck.

    Jacob: "Gah! What is this?!"


    Gary Flashback: "If you weren't listening, J. It's a personal thing with the most experienced, while a bit heartless assassin. Her name's Ginoa Fantoccia. She's still a free agent, and won't hesitate to kill for a sum.


    Jacob: "You're the assassin? Fantoccia?"

    Ginoa: "Oooh.. it seems that I'm not the only one with their homework done. Tell me.. did Gary try to sell me out again? I know you're on cahoots with him."

    Jacob: "What will you gain from killing me? Let me go!"

    Ginoa: "How about you hear me out, before i change my mind, Outlaw. The Harbingers have plans for your precious Mythic. I managed to scoop up the Mythic around here, and the Harbinger himself want you guys back on the regiment. Mr. Meng, and Mr. Henderson, and you."

    Jacob: "Paul?"

    Ginoa: "Yes, that Paul. *pushes knife* He's the dragon. They are still on high alert for the Chimera, you and the Phoenix. Not that they know who has that info.."

    Jacob: "Really? And why are you telling me all of this?"

    Ginoa: "They hired me.. but like the day i betrayed Dhetto, there's someone with a larger bid. One that wants the Harbingers gone. *pushes knife closer* Don't ask."

    Jacob: "I wasn't.. going to.."

    Ginoa: "I never trusted the lot. The Harbinger.. Paul.. Something's bringing Paul to run this competition. I haven't gotten that bit of intel."

    As she rubs her knife, Jacob starts to lose his breathing.

    Jacob: "Listen.. if you want.. to talk more.. let me.. go before.."

    Ginoa: "Ohh.. whatever."

    After a small intermission.

    Jacob: "Now.. *breathes* about me.. How'd you know?"

    Ginoa: "I was spying on you. The tattoo's a nice touch, while seeable to an exposed eye. You can say i can't wait to meet you.."

    Jacob: "And.. be honest.. did you like having to work with Gary?"

    Ginoa reveals a softer side, but quickly threatens the slightly balding Jacob with a knife from one of her fingers.

    Ginoa: "Don't.. mention.. HIM!"

    Jacob: "Okay.."

    Ginoa hears people approaching.

    Ginoa: "Crap.. I'll tell you one thing: You're not on my list, for now, Outlaw. I'll see you again, I'm sure."

    Quickly hiding, Ginoa suddenly steps into the shadows. Jacob cleans up, and a waitress arrives, unexpectedly ordered to clean up the table. After 10 minutes of thinking, the food returns, with Leona and Murph returning.

    Jacob: "Man.. she's something Gary would have on his bed.. Oh, how did it go?"

    Leona: "We're in. Cowboy, you're with me. I'll show you the ring."

    Murph: "And, believe it or not, chap. Leona made quite the bet. She's going to be all out. Perfect to see how our Queenie's doing."

    Jacob: "Alright then."

    As they head to their cars..

    Leona: "Cowboy?"

    Jacob: "What's up?"

    Leona: "Well.. i think this is quite the bet.."

    Jacob: "I'm not surprised, if you won this car from some random man."

    Leona: "I had the talk with the men, and had a nice offer with their leader. 2 brothers, driving Vipers. They say they've been around the ring more than i had, and well.. they are jealous of me being what i am."

    Jacob: "Well.. are you really a meister? I mean, no Russians involved in sugar coating your racing skills whatnot?"

    Leona: "I had fast laps with my SL. My best just under 7. Impressions. These are turns that is no problem with the fast driving from back then, and the months I've practiced here, cowboy."

    Murph: "Leona.. You're one of the best. You make the New Blacklist proud, girl. You'll do fine. I'll butter them up for you up front."

    Jacob: "You're going to owe me big if I'm going to go around here for quite some time at this pace. No pressure."


    A small race begins on the ring begins. Murph leads up front, while Leona starts at the back of the middle pack. The SLS, while a new addition to Mercedes' supercars, is already proven to be on the level with many supercars. Braking on the first turn is mandatory.


    Leona: "Look, cowboy. Fans."

    Jacob: "Really? It's not like I'm the only one who can drive a GT."

    Leona: "Relax, and take notes, cowboy.. This is why i claim Queen of The Ring."

    Jacob: "You're with Weiss?"

    The SLS attacks outside as the Ford takes the inside too safe.


    Leona: "Nyet. But.. he does remind me of you. A little."

    Jacob: "He does.. now that you mention it."

    The car moves closer to a SLR McLaren.


    Leona: "Balagur used to own one of these."

    Jacob: "Yes.. Any news on our old cars, anyways?"

    Leona: "They're with Murph in Guildsford. He manages to get them under his name, no suspicion."

    Jacob: "Professional Murph. And are you okay with me, talking to you at this speed."

    Leona: "I can hold your cheeks like a baby if you want, cowboy. It's that relaxing for me to drive at this speed."

    Jacob: "You do deserve that meister status."

    She overtakes the SLR and moves ahead.


    Leona: "A Citroen. That's not a normal sight."

    Jacob: "How'd you know that's a Citroen?"

    Leona: "Sonny told me. He plans to bring them to the LM scene, but has no plans to do so yet."

    Jacob: "It does look like something Hot Wheels would chug out, though.. I think you can take it."

    Leona: "Da."

    Next section, for single post users.
  13. SomePlayaDude


    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.



    Leona: "There."

    Jacob: "Took your time there, but good job."

    The roads are cleared once again. Jacob has been taking notes on his phone the whole time on track.


    Jacob: "120 here.. maybe a little less."

    Leona: "If it's no different, the GT can do 130.. 135 maybe."

    Jacob: "You had a feel for any car you drive, no?"

    Leona: "It's one thing we're good at, cowboy."

    After a few turns, Leona hits the gas and takes out another GT.


    Leona: "I would have no chance if that was you."

    Jacob: "I wouldn't give you the chance to attack."

    Further ahead..


    Leona: "There's balagur."

    Jacob: "And a Corvette.. Keith comes to mind here."

    Leona: "Keith?"

    Jacob: "My brother. He's in Japan now."

    Leona: "Oh.. that's where you went? Thought of you actually getting a house there."

    Jacob: "That's a maybe, but.. maybe is a good word.."

    With the Corvette gone, they focus on Murph's MP4-12C: A supercar with no remorse, and no soul; only performance.


    Leona: "Come in, balagur."

    Murph: "That's me. How's the ride so far, Jake?"

    Jacob: "Not so bad. I dread the day i go shotgun with Fred."

    Murph: "Hahahaha.. that's a scary thought. Well, these guys ahead are not jokes, Queenie."

    Jacob: "She'll do fine."


    Leona: "It's no problem. I just relax for one moment, if you don't mind. Murph. Get up to speed so Jacob here don't get slow turn speeds."

    Murph: "Alright."

    Murph catches on to one of the Vipers ahead.




    Murph: "Is that a drop i see. Guys. You're going to need to overtake me."

    Jacob: "The rain. Queen."

    Leona: "Don't worry, cowboy. This is technically my hundredth time around."

    Jacob: "Murph, take it slow and try not to hold the people up."

    Murph: "Gotcha. I'll see you at home base."

    They turn off their comms. Murph gives way to the SLS, due to his urge to go drifting in the wet might bog the race.


    The rain slows down everyone, except Leona, whose confidence is up with the sky. She manages to take out one of the Vipers.


    Leona: "Loser."

    Jacob: "That guy is not the driver i hoped for."

    Leona: "None of these losers are in your competition, but traffic has gained with the competition on the horizon."

    Jacob: "True."

    They take on another SLS.


    Jacob: "Where is this last guy?"

    Leona: "Let me handle that. You get your notes, and i get my bet done."

    Jacob: "Alright."

    They zoom away.


    They just keep going, and going.. until..


    Leona: "There."

    Jacob: "Go."

    The Citroen is no match, but the Viper?


    Leona: "Is really good."

    Jacob: "Well, he's no doubt better. You're even better, from the performance so far. I have notes like a mad man's ramblings."

    Around the carousel..


    The SLS catches on.

    Leona: "Say goodnight, poodle."


    After a moment enduring at the back, she finds an opportunity.


    And takes it, leaving her to clear roads. Jacob is too busy taking notes.




    Jacob: "This is good. Very good. I'll get to work on this tomorrow. Thanks so much."

    Leona: "No, no.. Thank you, cowboy."

    Jacob: "Hmm.. no more favors, Queen."

    Leona: "A thousand euros."

    Jacob: "Say again?"


    Frankfurt, 10 PM


    Paul enters a bulding and heads to the top floor. He exits the elevator and goes in a dark room, light illuminating a small desk, with a man inside. The mysterious man begins to talk, while a nearby servant serves some wine to the two.

    ???: "I see you've settled well, Henderson?"

    Paul: "Ya.. Enough with the niceties, pal."

    ???: "Straight to the point. And please, 'pal' is underrated. Call me like everyone else does: The Harbinger."

    Paul: "Alrite. It really does na matter, does it?"

    Harbinger: "Well, since you are hired, it may be. You know about your circumstance, should you fail or succeed?"

    Paul: "Aye. You don't have to repeat."

    Harbinger: "Good. We're paying you top dollar on this one. After this, FIA might as well give themselves their racing leagues."

    Paul: "I get the point, Harbie.. you don't mind, do ya?"

    Harbinger: "*laughs* No. I like that name.. not joking."

    Paul: "Back on track. Just wanna know about how that's going to work. You got only a handful of em racing leagues in yer name."

    Harbinger: "Ah.. you need a sharper mind, Henderson.."

    Paul: "I'm not exactly a study man."

    Harbinger: "Well, it's all about the sponsors, the fact with how powerless the FIA are with our actions and also, the money we get for running these things."

    Paul: "Alright.. alright.. but it's not like the police are minding this, no?"

    Harbinger: "No.. we pay them off as well. Rid of all evidence. And no public word about it. Think of it like being responsible because you took action."

    Paul: "Yea.. yea.. i think i get it. You guys have the manpower to take over anything, aye?"

    Harbinger: "We are the biggest crime group in Europe. You wanted a good race, and we got you one, Henderson. Don't screw it up, and at the finals, I'll see you as the rightful king.."

    Paul: "Rid of them. I got it, no problem, Harbie."

    Harbinger: "Excellent! You have the potential. No wonder i chose you.. to be Mythic."

    Paul: "It's a tough run, but worth the dosh."

    Harbinger: "Ten million dollars spent. If it weren't for our runaway agent.."

    Paul: "Agent? You mean.. Nash Kirkham?"

    Harbinger: "Who's now dead. His... passion for Project Mythic really overthrew his ambitions in our group."

    Paul: "He's a fine teacher, Harbie. No need to worry."

    Harbinger: "You're the only one who knows about the ins and outs about Mythic. Nash took the info away from us to his grave, so we have to find them from scratch. The horse.. the chimera and the phoenix."

    Paul: "Isn't Outlaw already crossed the line?"

    Harbinger: "I have to doubt that. The police are still looking. I'm still looking."

    Paul: "That man.. is Mythic too?"

    Harbinger: "I'm afraid so. No sighting of the phoenix and the chimera?"

    Paul: "Without a picture, i doubt we'll be seeing whoever the rest are. You taking over these racing competitions.. i see.. to find 'em?"

    Harbinger: "Yes.. they are the best. Bred to perfection. Everything about them. Nash was calling the shots, with things like selection, before his accident."

    After a long talk.

    Harbinger: "Well.. before we reconvene, someone awaits you downstairs."

    Paul: "Who? The lass?"

    Harbinger: "Not the Assassin, no.. It's your car. It's ready."

    Paul: "Alright."

    Harbinger: "And I'll swear, on my honor, that she won't be hurt."

    Paul: "Thanks.."

    Paul exits the room and heads down to see his car, ready against the supercars that await him.


    Paul: "That's my baby right there."

    The car parks next to him.


    Paul: "Step aside, pal. What happened to the V12?"

    Man: "It's fitted with race spec engine parts, new headers.. i don't want to get into all the details, but you'll find it tuned to the racer's liking. And 620 horses."

    Paul: "That's a fine thing, that is. Aston's one of the best in the world. I trust my life over their beauty."

    Paul heads in and sees the engine responsiveness has changed to his liking.

    Paul: "Whoaa hoahoaa! This is a beast now! Watch out you Nurburg scum, comes the Highland Wyrm, you're all doomed, ya."

    The car leaves.


    Paul: "Handling is spot on.."


    Paul: "I'm coming, Amelia!"

    FIN PART 7

    Author's Notes

    - Jacob's nickname (The Horseman of The Apocalypse) is straight from the popular use of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

    - Sonny's nickname (Soul Chimera) is from the monster itself, but mentally from the same species in Resistance; experimented abominations. This is Sonny's intepretation of the training he gained. Thus gaining the 'soul of the Chimera'.

    - Paul's nickname (Highland Wyrm) is inspired from Dreamworks' How To Train A Dragon. The movie is told in a highlands setting with dragons.

    - The Phoenix came from nothing in particular, believe it or not. As far as i know, it's a mythical bird that gives life as it dies.

    - Miss Gary? He's going to be involved soon in the story.

    - It's not realistic if Jacob to just know the Ring without any tries around. This is the same case with the tracks Jacob went through this story, like in Suzuka and Fuji, where he studied first.

    - There's one more car left in this chapter to be seen. Spoiled in photobucket as always, and a big one..

    - And with that car is one straight on antagonist, since Paul and Ginoa aren't straight on evil people. A last resort from the Harbingers..

    - Chapter name came from EA's way of nicknaming their supercars in the NFS Hot Pursuit Reboot. I personally like these:
    A Whole New Breed of Supercar.
    Driving Fun with Absolute Precision.
    The Ultimate Edition.
    Four. Uncompromised.
    The Pace Car for An Entire Company.
    Porsche Intelligent Performance. The Next Spark.
    Possibly The World's Most Desirable Automotive Art Form.
    Reigning King of The Asphalt Jungle.
    Experience Perfect Control Over Incredible Levels Of Power.

    And some of these cars will appear in the story soon.

    - Next part: Jake gets his kicks, on Route Nordschliefe.

    Cast Introduced.

    - The Harbinger. Like N.Z, also an enigma. Leads the Harbingers in their conquest to dominate the racing world with Project Mythic.
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    Good read again.
  15. Turbotwin01


    Nice Read :tup: Keep it up!
  16. SomePlayaDude


    Part 8: 7 Minutes. That's All I Need.

    Nurburgring, 5 AM.

    The birds chirp and animals sound in the forest. Within these hills lays a track well known for it's 24 hour racing. A long racetrack. Unusually, another sound interferes the serenity of nature. The sound of a supercharged V8 from a lone car drives along the track, with no other on it's path.


    Inside the car is Jacob Ross: a man in search of his beloved, ending up in Nurburg for many other reasons. Having a set of notes at the ready on his Hudsen Tech control panel, he sets off to make practice laps in the ring.


    A nearby village is alerted by his Ford GT: a car well known for it's performance and demand from it's driver, with the lack of any traction control and ABS. The villagers don't mind, seeing many events happen and loud cars pass by everyday.


    The car moves along the many speedy turns, and reaches a milestone.


    It weaves through the turns.


    And after some time, it reaches the hub between the GP track and the start line.


    It crosses the line. Someone outside watches the car and stops a stopwatch held, with orders from Jacob.


    Jacob stops the car, and a woman with teal hair approaches the car and meets up with Jacob.


    Leona: "So, you're ready, cowboy?"

    Jacob: "As ready as I'll ever be."

    Leona: "Okay.. *yawns* your time is just at 7:13.249"

    Jacob: "Well.. that's my safety run. I have to adapt to the apex in the track."

    Leona: "You're doing in a day what i did in months, cowboy. This is crazy."

    Jacob: "Well.. it does look like the rest of the racers have the track all sorted. I have no other choice."

    Leona: "Half the competitors are returners from last year. The other half, including Sonny raced here one time. You're the odd one out, cowboy."

    Jacob: "Well, they'll be surprised on how this is going to turn out."

    Leona: "Hahaha.. Well, i set up a computer to keep track of your lap times that speaks through this radio."

    Jacob grabs the radio tossed to him.

    Leona: "The rest of the gang will come visit time to time, cowboy. Don't overdo or it might kill you."

    Jacob: "Don't worry... Well? Get out of here, Queen. I have some practicing to do."

    Leona: "Do svidaniya, vnye zakona."

    As Leona leaves, Jacob sets up the radio and types a few thing on his control panel. He sets it to race mode, disabling the apex options on the track.

    Jacob: "Well, it's me, track and the GT.."


    Nurburg Village, 10 AM.


    Ginoa relaxes in a church, sitting on the provided benches. Very few people sit around and do their business. Seeing the rather suspicious Ginoa, an old priest approaches her.

    Priest: "Hello, sister. What brings you to this sacred place?"

    Ginoa: "Ahh. Just the person i want to see. Father. I was hoping that you'll be around so that i can atone my sins, and beg for the forgiveness our Lord provides us everyday."

    Priest: "That is a fine admission, sister. May God bless you. Come to me. We shall privately talk"

    As Ginoa walks with the priest to a nearby confessional booth, she thinks about what to say. As they both enter their respective booths, they begin.

    Priest: "So.. shall we begin, or do you need a little more time?"

    Ginoa: "I'm good, Father. Let's see what to begin with.."

    The passing of time also brings information Ginoa wouldn't normally share. Even to Paul.

    Ginoa: "I lived in that mess of a place, because my father.. MY real father is a stupid, wasteful, deceiving son of a b:censored:h! My mom taken, i was left and he lived the high life. I want to regret, but.. but.. it seemed like he deserved it. To see his daughter grown up and stronger than he will ever be!"

    And seconds turned into minutes. The priest patiently listens to a teared up woman.

    Ginoa: "They refused to help me.. my mother died because of that. I will never believe in the force again.. the man who paid them off.. ohh he paid alright.. in blood! Along with the police scum that never arrested that as:censored:le slave trader."

    And the confessional revealed to the priest about the infamous Assassin an interesting fact about Gary.

    Ginoa: "And then.. there's this one man.."

    Priest: "I can give you some time to calm down, if you need it, sister."

    Ginoa: "......."

    Priest: "There you go. Now, please continue your confessions."

    Ginoa: "Okay.. Gary. Gary and i.. we were like Mr and Mrs Smith. The perfect dream team of killers. He would catch every fall, and he knew i got his back as well. From small heists to eliminating a small nation's uprising, we were getting to retirement, until one man asked me to leave him in ashes. That man paid me a fortune, alright, but in guilt, i killed him and to this day, I regretted the betrayal and my best partner wound up in prison, and i know he will never forgive me..."

    Ginoa starts to cry.

    Priest: "Such a fascinating tale, sister. Are we done here?"

    Ginoa: "........ Oh? No.. not yet."

    A sinister face arises.

    Ginoa: "Just one more thing.."

    A few minutes later, the church bells ring. The man ringing that bell checks on the priest, weirdly still in the confessional booth. After opening the door after a few warnings, he sees blood and a dead priest, stabbed in the face with the booth's screen pierced with a small hole that fits someone's arm.


    After half an hour.

    Sonny is busy browsing the area for things to bring home in America. He sees too many of the same things in store, and skips ahead to see a dedicated shop on souvenirs. He stops at greeting cards.

    Sonny: "Tell the devil to get off his throne as i went around Green Hell.. not everyone believes anyone can do that lah. Bodoh! (stupid)"

    He then goes on to see a sweater that took his interest. He called the shopkeeper.

    Sonny: "Hey, what does this one mean?"

    Keeper: "This? Hmm.. 200 Stundenmeilen auf Döttinger Höhe.. it means 200 MPH on that straight on the Nurburgring."

    Sonny: "Peh.. how lame! But.. i like the picture. Does it come with dark blue?"

    Keeper: "Da. All sizes."

    Sonny: "Okay. Get me one in M and.. these shoes.. these mugs, and that's it."

    Carrying a bag, Sonny then passed by a spot. He remembered that spot.

    Sonny: "How long has it been, since i last saw you, Takuma? As a teacher, I'm proud of you.. and you make me wonder why haven't i found a significant other yet?"

    Sonny leaves the area and passes by the church, to see:


    Sonny: "A mint F40?! Wow!"

    Sonny had a small inspection.

    Sonny: "Stock engine, well tuned and nice lightweight replicas?! And well maintained!"

    ???: "Excuse me."

    Sonny looked at his side to see a woman in a clergy robe.

    Sonny: "What's up? Want my autograph, sister? I didn't know the road to faith can allow fans of racing."

    ???: "That's my car."

    Sonny: "Really? You don't mind if i buy it off you, no?"

    ???: "I do mind, sorry."

    The clergy woman opens her robes and obviously reveals Ginoa. Sonny sees her face and is instantly diagnosed with love at first sight.

    Ginoa: "Now, if you excuse me, i have to go."


    Sonny: "Wa lao.. She's pretty.."

    Ginoa: "What's that?"

    Sonny: "Oh.. ermm.. nothing! Hey. Can you do me a favor? I'm a famous racer and.."

    Ginoa: "Would like to make your acquaintance? Sorry, Sonny. I have things to do. But I'll tell you one thing: call me Ginnie. Ciao."

    The Ferrari leaves.

    Sonny: "Ginnie? I hope I'm the only one she told about her name."

    Ginoa, driving away, opens her special camera. Shot when she's in the robes, the picture reveals the tattoo under Sonny's jacket, despite the covering. She remarks.

    Ginoa: "Sonny Meng.. the Soul Chimera. I'll keep this to myself.. just in case."

    The church is in turmoil from Sonny's point of view. Policemen covered the area to look for someone, which didn't matter to Sonny. He left.


    Nurburgring, 1 PM.

    Jacob stills goes on, after a few refuels and tire changes.


    His exhaustion compares to those racing Formula cars for the duration of one race.


    He reaches the finish line at 7:05.913. Murph, Bernardo and Lucia watches their friend go through the torture Jacob goes through.


    The three look at the man go so far through the laps.

    Murph: "Jake.. i've seen one hour pursuits, but this is insanity."

    Bern: "You're right! He doesn't look like he would stop."

    Murph: "He has no plans to, until he gets the milestone he wants, which is.. i have no clue."

    Lucia: "I've seen 5 hours, but Herr Ross isn't built for these sort of races! This is dangerous!"

    Bern: "Si. I hope he's planned for a really long day. Even though Jake is the best racer i know, this isn't the sort of track that can be mastered in a small time by anyone."

    Murph: "Just hope for our sake, Jake... that you get out of this alive. I don't want you to die again."

    Inside the Ford, Jacob drinks an energy drink from a 6 pack he placed underneath the passenger's seat, unpacking it each time made a fuel stop. Continuing on the track..


    Jacob's pace has been increasing second by second. The weather changes over the German forests has no effect on the performance of the Ford.


    It crosses the line once again, but a new record of 7:03.442 is achieved.


    Jacob: "Come on.. I know i can beat that 7 minute limit."

    Next section, for single post users.
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    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    Frankfurt, 3 PM.

    Gary walks on the streets with a plastic bag on hand, containing food for a few days time. He walks by the populated streets, unaware of a few people following him.

    Gary: "*whistles* What was really good? My, my hood!"

    He keeps walking until he reaches the hotel he stays in. He enters and calls the elevator. As he waits, the 4 people following him caught on and stayed by him, seemingly waiting for the elevator as well. They all enter, with Gary pushing the button indicating the top floor.

    As the elevator rises, Gary had a call.

    Gary: "Sorry guys."

    He answers.

    Gary: "Talk to the G."

    ???: "You are Gary, correct?"

    Having no recognition, Gary goes for the obvious reaction.

    Gary: "The f:censored:k? Who the hell is this?"

    ???: "A friend of an old friend.. and don't say we never met. Let's say he was.. intrigued in your potential as a killer few years ago.."

    Gary: "What?! Stop giving me that crap, or I'll find you, and r:censored:e your f:censored:ing as:censored:le!"

    ???: "Alright... I just want to see.. see if you still have the touch. When all hell breaks loose, will you be riding the eye of the storm? Hehehahaahaaa...."

    The call ends. The 4 men around him take off their jackets to reveal that they want a piece of the gangster.

    Man: "Too late, Gary. Now, die!"

    Nothing good came out of the elevator. Many sounds of brutality came from it for a while.

    At the top floor, the elevator door opens. Gary comes out, strangely unscathed and walks away with the groceries at hand. The four men are incapacitated. Gary reaches his room and makes a call. The call replies with a voice messenger.

    Gary: "Yo, N! Got a bit of news for ya. A man called me and threatened me with 4 punks. I got out, but it might not be over. Can you make a trace on that caller i got? Might be international. Smell you later."

    As Gary undresses to a towel due to a few spit, sweat and blood on his clothes, he turns on the large TV. He sees a few preview shots on ESPN for the competition in Nurburg.

    Gary: "Hmm.. better make sure J will be fine.. nah! Maybe later."


    Nurburgring, 4 PM.

    The GT still carries on, lap after lap.


    Jacob: "7:01.352.."


    Jacob: "7:05.128.."


    Jacob: "7:31.601?! Oh wait. It's a wet lap."


    A few hours later, Lee, Fred and Sonny hang out in bleachers for some time. They see the sunset as Jacob finished another lap, registering at 6:59.230.


    They look at the time and writes it down. As they look around for the fastest lap time, they are surprised to see:

    Sonny: "6:58.126?! That's hyperspeed, for a car with no assists. I've seen 7 minutes in this level."

    Lee: "Adik.. tahu kamu saya yang menyesuaikan apa yang di dalam?" (Bro.. did you know i adjusted what's inside?)

    Fred: "Holy heck, Lee! Don't be talking your tongue in front of me! Speaking of tongue.. i want some tongue to eat."

    Lee: "Yuck!"

    Sonny: "Oh Lee.. give me a bucket so i can express how i feel about eating tongues lah.."



    Sonny: "So cantik lah."

    Fred: "That means pretty, right?"

    Lee: "Baguslah, Fred! You got the hang of it, man."

    Fred: "Don't expect any more of that though, but thanks, gehaha.."

    Sonny: "Hmm.."

    Sonny has a look on the clock and still registers as the 6:58 they saw.

    Song: Cirrus - Time is Running Out.

    Sonny: "Wait.. how long was that ago?"

    Lee: "Oh.. emm at 6:40."

    Sonny: "It's 7 O'clock. Jake should've been here three times already!"

    Fred: "You don't mean.."

    Sonny: "He'd call us if he crashed and he's a safety belt kind of man lah.. You two wait here, and do something practical.. maybe call the sick bay or something. I don't want to see my friend in need of dire help."

    Lee: "Hey, Son. Dia boss saya pun. (He's my boss too.)"

    Fred: "Come on, Lee. We gotta call the ambulance!"

    Rains starts to pour.

    Lee: "*sigh* Okay, okay. Go, Sonny racer, go!"

    Sonny: "Sonny racer? Really, Lee?"

    As Lee and Fred find some help, Sonny takes his leave and enters green hell.


    Sonny: "I haven't been here for some time."


    As Sonny passes through the track, he realizes something. His car's engine is bogging down.


    Sonny: "Rustbucket? No.. no no no! But.. i have to find out about Jake!"

    The car bogs down through the rain, making Sonny glad he brought a spare Camaro for the competition.


    Sonny: "Come on! 160.. 170.."


    Sonny applies the brakes on the upcoming hairpin. His car suddenly overheated and started smoking out from the hood.


    Sonny: "Great.. second Camaro it is.."

    He then sees a view.


    Sonny: "Jake! The car's fine, but.. Jacob Ross?"

    Sonny veers closer and gets out in a rush. He sees Jacob, worn out like a dried sponge. He sees him breathing fast, indicating a high amount of fatigue.

    Sonny: "S:censored:t! Jacob.. you pushed a little too hard."


    He opens the passenger door and struggles to get him out and get him some air. He looks at him and has no idea on what to do.

    Sonny: "No.. No not like this. How's Rin going to see this?"

    Then, he gets a call.

    Sonny: "Lee?! What's that blaring sound eh?"

    Lee: "We got an ambulance! Fred's got the wheel, and a paramedic's in the back. We're entering the track now!"

    Sonny: "Okay. Good timing. Jake's going through some sort of fatigue by the carousel. His heart's pumping fast and he's breathing like there's no tomorrow. Even the rain's not waking him up."

    Lee: "Our boss is tough. Not to worry, ahh? I'll get the Ford away for him. He has a competition in half a week."


    Sonny: "Jake.. however you feel.. don't make me do mouth to mouth."


    Jacob enters the same white void where he faced an irate Rin and a disappointed Outlaw. He sees his father instead.

    Jacob: "Pa?"

    Louie: "Son. It's about time we had a talk about your affairs so far. You entered this competition. You met your kid friend Sonny. You achieved a lot in a small time, like always. I'm proud, but.."

    Jacob: "What are you getting at?"

    Louie: "Well, it's all about you, Jake. Are you happy?"

    Jacob: "...."

    Louie: "Listen to me, Son. My last race was on the Nurburgring. It was the best race i ever had. It was heart pounding. It was challenging. No words can really explain what it meant to me."

    Jacob: "I can hear that it meant a lot."

    Louie: "It did. But with all this effort, I'm seeing that it's going to mean a lot to you, as well. That's one way to follow your pa's footsteps. But let me ask you. What are you going to gain? Fame? Money?"

    Jacob: "They are things I already achieved."

    Louie: "Yes. It's not too shameful to show what you really mean, son."

    Jacob: "What does that mean?"

    Louie: "Look, son. You just beat 7 minutes. Only a handful of them meisters can do that with any normal supercar. I'm just asking about the effort you're doing here. Are you happy on what's to happen? Happy that you, my son, is going to win the King Of The Ring? What happened to your real objective?"

    Jacob: "....."

    Louie: "Think about it, my son. Now... wake up, Jake. Wake up.."

    The void expands..


    A small clinic in vicinity of the Nurburgring. 8 PM.

    "And CLEAR!"

    Jacob: "Stop shocking me!"

    Jacob, after the sudden jump, goes back and lies on a bed with lights all over. Sonny sits close and stands hearing a scream.

    Sonny: "Jacob? Lee, Fred, get over here lah."

    Lee: "Boss?"

    Fred: "He's up."

    Jacob: "Ughh.. what happened?"

    Doctor: "You passed out. How long have you been out in the ring, Herr.. Jacob Ross?"

    Jacob: "What time is it?"

    Sonny: "Just after eight PM."

    Jacob: "Damn.. From five to about 7.. that's more than half a day."

    Lee: "And how many tires?"

    Jacob: "9 or.. i don't really know.. I'll pay the crew later.. How about my fastest? it's an endless day of sevens.."

    Sonny: "Look.. 6:58."

    Jacob: "No joke? Whoa.. i think i might just faint.."

    Murph barged in.

    Murph: "Hey, mate. When the crew WhatsApp'ed me, i had to rush. Lucia, Bern and Queenie are coming."

    Jacob: "Really?"

    Eduard came in.

    Eduard: "Yes, really, amigo! Also.. there's like a pile of fans outside for your autograph.. and news reporters. No more Dark Horse of Japan! They want to see the real Jacob Ross, as himself! Don't ask, i didn't say anything, i swear."

    Jacob: "Really?"

    Williem entered.

    Williem: "There's the man of glory. All the meisters are watching you, Herr Ross. That was some spectactular lap timing! Although, stay away from the endurances.."

    Jacob: "Really?"

    Ginoa, surprisingly, managed to come in, unnoticed by the rest.

    Ginoa: "It's me.. death!"

    Everyone turned around. Jacob, on the other hand..

    Jacob: "Really?! F:censored:king hell! Get me out of here!"

    Jacob manages to escape his bed and passes the visitors. He then tripped from some loose wiring, with the defibrillators paddles suddenly on his chest. It turns on, and zaps him unconscious once again.

    Ginoa: "Wow.. that really sucked huh?"

    Murph: "Uh huh."

    FIN PART 8

    Author's Notes

    - The official remake of my original style in this episode. How it changed...

    - These are tough laps. It did give me time to re-tune my Ford GT to my liking though. These are Sports Soft, ABS 1, racing line to no assist runs.

    - Jacob, even a man claiming to be a racing god, has limits. Limits that he will learn to respect soon in the following chapter.

    - Yes, how is Sonny not married aged at 30? Let this be the answer for all you lovebirds. Although, most of the cast are not married..

    - And lots of references and inspirations in this one part.

    - Next part: The elimination round! Is Jacob ready?
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    Damn...I can't wait for next week's read! Good job
  19. SomePlayaDude


    Part 9: Back Through Hell.

    A cottage hotel in Nurburg. 6 AM.

    In a bedroom, Jacob wakes up, with the sound of the alarm clock. He stretches and goes out of the room. A coffee machine gets to work and a toaster holds down a pair of waffles. Afterwards. he then takes a small shower and wears his clothes, ready for the day. He then looks outside to see what looks like Sonny working out.

    Sonny: "4, 5, 6, 7, 8! Okay!"

    Jacob: "Hey Son. I didn't know you were part sissy."

    Sonny: "Just part of the morning routine, Jake, my man. I won't stop until i find out how to do a Hadouken lah."

    Jacob: "That's not going to happen."

    Sonny: "It helps to keep imagining the impossible. Anyhow, the competition begins today. Let's not go on the way losers go with collusion and play like real gentlemen."

    They shake hands.

    Jacob: "It's all on the mind games, Son. How about you give this neighbourhood a bit of peace and quiet? You're all skin and bones; you can't do a damn Gadouken, even."

    Sonny: "I can't, but i play a ridiculous Guy game, Jake my man. You still play Street Fighter, right? We're partners, like our characters back in the day. The days we played Final Fight, man. It was the s:censored:t."

    Jacob: "Yeah. Let's put racing on our quota first. We can play Street Fighter later, Son."

    Sonny: "Fine.. We should get going soon. It starts at 9."

    Jacob: "Plenty of time to relax. "

    They both get a chair and look at the "Dark Horses" while chatting.

    Sonny: "I sent my other Camaro home."

    Jacob: "Your 'rustbucket', you mean?"

    Sonny: "Yep. It's apparently got some engine failure, so expect an overhaul soon. This car is better to drive anyways."

    Jacob: "What got you into the whole "Race-spec" style interior?"

    Sonny: "It's that or there's a lot of weight still hanging around. Helps with balance lah. Also, the race judges don't really mind. Many of the cars in the competition will have interesting quirks like splitters and whatnot. If it can run the Ring, it's probably street legal as well."

    Jacob: "Mine's just lightened, but Lee didn't specify what he changed."

    Sonny: "If i know Lee, which i do, he would just take some bits somewhere and make do. He's a pro at it."

    Jacob: "Mmmhmm.. You have any plans in America?"

    Sonny: "Nope, aside from my Camaro and my racing license. I'm thinking of a quick stop to Singapore to visit my dad. And then Japan."

    Jacob: "He went back?"

    Sonny: "Ya lah. My dad got a job there. He's doing security to the prime ministers there. Guarenteed big big money, lah."

    Jacob: "And your mom?"

    Sonny: "She passed on."

    Jacob: "Wow.. s:censored:t. Hey. I'm really sorry."

    Sonny: "Don't worry, Jake. Cancer's a b:censored:h. Told the old lady to stop smoking one day, but there we go. I miss her though."

    Jacob: "I remember those days.. and what's up with Japan?"

    Sonny: "Just want to see Sir Ben's resting spot. You have a place, right? Got room?"

    Jacob: "You'll want to tell Keith about that soon."

    Sonny: "Also, I'm going to reclaim my R34. I spent hundreds of thousands on it for the old dude. There's no way I'm letting some guy take my souped up racecar lah. And better: they're facing the real deal in racing powerhouses here."

    Jacob: "You have a rich rich dad.."

    Sonny: "And he has a rich rich son. I still have a few million dollars to spend, Jake. Just not on one go, that is."

    Jacob: "Me too."

    Suddenly, Murph's MP4-12C arrive. Another car arrives behind it: a black 1960' Corvette.

    Sonny and Jacob: "What's he doing here?"

    Sonny: "Okay, Jake. You first."

    Jacob: "That's my Pa, or dad, in your terms."

    Sonny: "Uncle Lou?"

    Jacob: "Yep. I wonder where's my Ma?"

    They get together.

    Louie: "Well, at least you got us here in one piece, Murph. Hey, son."

    Sonny: "Which son?"

    Jacob: "Yea, Pa."

    Louie: "Oh, i hardly recognized you. You're... Sonny, right?"

    Sonny: "You're not really into television, right? I am pretty popular as of today."

    Louie: "The internet is where it's at. How's Jackie? Pretty good?"

    Sonny: "Ya."

    Jacob: "Hey, what's with the sudden visit, pa?"

    Louie: "They called me in, that's what. They rather let me go out in flames than prepare a death bed. Believe it or not, your other dad Shinzo's supposed to be here. The King Of The Ring is on the rise for indie racers to hit the jackpot. Oh, and you're the famed Dark Horse of Japan? You're no end to these cheesy names, you hear me?"

    Jacob: "No.. not at all. The whole world will know who Jacob Ross is after the next few days, after that news report."

    Louie: "At least you don't look so f:censored:ked up this time, huh son?"

    Sonny: "Me? I'm always handsome, lah. Jake's a handsome sonofab:censored:h too."

    Louie: "Wrong son."

    Murph: "Let's go, Sonny. Let them have their reunion."

    Louie: "Scram, you punks."

    They leave with their cars. The neighborhood is officially awake after that.

    Louie: "Well, son. We have yet another proper meet. Your ma's back shopping at Berlin. I'm sure you have the inside scoop on the competition? 16 elites, 4 will stand out, but one will take it all."

    Jacob: "And I have this feeling the special car for winning is on you?"

    Louie: "How'd you know it's a car? Er hem.. It's from a collaboration of sponsors. It's coming today, but at the ring itself. Did i tell you that my last race was done here before my retirement?"

    Jacob: "I think you have."

    Louie: "Well, let's get to it. Think you can lead me there?"

    Jacob: "Pa! Do me a favor and get a freaking GPS. It's not that expensive."


    Nurburgring GP Track. 8 AM.

    The pits filled with the 16 racers and more. The amount of fans and crews in the lanes are comparable to a small touring car race. The father and son go along the lane.

    Jacob: "Pit crews?"

    Louie: "Organized by the FIA. It has the official seal of approval. You can bring in your own tuning before the competition, or you can experiment along here."

    Jacob: "And no track chicks here huh? Kind of surprising."

    Louie: "There are sponsors, but the competition isn't big enough to make an impact. It's nearly there, though, and then the sponsors say this is a risky investment. Where's your car?"

    Jacob: "Right there."

    Louie sees the striped GT in detail for the first time, after hearing it infront of him. The New Blacklist hang around the car.

    Louie: "The Ford GT. It'll cost a fortune to get one now. But Rin did have connections with Ford, right?"

    Jacob: "She did. I do too, with a bit of help from Jackie and Sonny."

    Louie: "Sonny did tell you about his mom, right? A shame, it is."

    Jacob: "I never got to know the mom that much."

    Louie: "Yea, well she's a hard boiled American. A biker chick. She's the one with the genes that made Sonny the badass he always is. I won't say more."

    Jacob: "You don't need to."

    A man approaches Louie.

    Man: "You're Louie right? The sponsor's prize is at the back. Here are the keys."

    Louie: "Thank's buddy."

    The man leaves to do other things. Louie sees the keys, connected to a square plate.

    Louie: "McLaren?"

    Jacob: "That's a rather old McLaren symbol. I recognize the slash used on the MP4-12C's keys. Murph's one."

    Louie: "You still hang around the crazy man, eh son? I don't mind at all, but he was driving the other side of the Autobahn just now, drag racing me all the way here. I'm surprised he's still alive."

    Jacob: "A born lunatic, but still someone i can trust. He's someone i think should be competing with me."

    Louie: "As do the many drivers that fail beating the requirements, or don't give a damn. Like i said, son, it's not a big competition, but it's on the rise. We need the endorsement of more big racing celebrities or something like that. I'm a guy from the past, and that won't cut it."

    Jacob: "So, someone like Sonny?"

    Louie: "Yeah, if it weren't for his banning on his license. Come, let's see the McLaren."

    They both end up at a small room, with a McLaren at the wait. A Carbon Black McLaren F1. They feel the vibe.

    Jacob: "The Bimmer V12 legend."

    Louie: "It's a car that stings you if you don't know how to drive it. They want me to get it around the GP circuit for a small test. I'm all skin and bones now Jake. My Corvette's tuned for me, and since this is plain stock.."

    Jacob: "Say no more. I once owned Shinzo's Bugatti, getting me up to grips speed wise, and my Ford's the same breed of difficulty in the corners, so this should be a snap."

    Louie: "Good boy. If you like it, you better win."


    The stage is set. The show begins.

    Many spectators watch from the bleachers, and the drivers stand in place, with a commentator ready. Many celebrity drivers make their way into the VIP sections, to see the action from all available angles.

    Broadcasts, journalists, cameras. There is no end to the exposing of the media to the competition, with expectations exceeded by millions of views worldwide.

    The fourth annual King of the Ring begins.

    Commentator: "Guten tag. Willkommen in Nurburg. First of all, thank you all for coming, and the sponsors that make this event possible. Now, we shall begin the fourth annual, King Of The Ring!"

    Sounds of all sorts come from the bleachers, and no doubt the television viewers are getting their worth in sports entertainment.

    Commentator: "Now, let me present to you the current king, Williem Weiss, as he explains what will be happening with a new rule enforced."

    Williem takes the stand.

    Williem: "Danke. Now, for the competition to keep going, i have decided to withdraw my right of being king after 3 years. That means, a fresh new king or queen will replace should they last the maximum three victories of this competition. It makes for an interesting choice to see new drivers take the spotlight for who knows how long. Don't start booing yet.. I'm exempt and still in it for the win, only for this year, and my stakes are high, if i would be the only person to take four years?"

    Excitement can summarize the crowd.

    Williem: "Now, let the show begin! Let me introduce our guests."

    After a few moments of celebrity racers talking their way through, Louie decided to pop in unannounced.


    Commentator: "Now, it seems that we can't find.. oh wait. There he is. Someone is a little too excited today!"


    Commentator: "We present you racing legend... LOUIE ROSS JR!"


    The V8 engine plows through the straights, matching the sounds of the crowd. It stops by the pits and Louie gets up in a quick fashion.

    Louie: "Sorry, guys. An old man has nostalgia in his blood going around this place again. How're you all? Now, we have legends, and friends from all over, from F1 racers, NASCAR, and many other disciplines standing next to me, and i just hope they get the American humor i am about to land at them. Sorry, Jeff. Anyways, these guys aren't just here for the crown, ladies and gentlemen. There's a certain someone i want to introduce that has been leaked to the news just a few days ago.."

    Murmuring sounds all over the track.

    Song: The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Cato Remix)

    Louie: "You all remember the last second win in Fuji a few months ago. Ku.. whatever that guy's name is. Apparently going in as some sort of mystery, *making ghost sounds*. Well, i had a chat with him, and that's like a privilege only kings can reach, right? WRONG! I got to him because he's my son, and one of my successors. Jacob Ross.. come on down!"

    Going around the Nordschliefe, Jacob is getting his grip on the Mclaren. Jacob hears everything his dad just said.

    Jacob: "Today marks the day i shake these very foundations."


    He enters the GP course. Most of the crowds recognize the BMW made V12. A legend passes the straights.

    Louie: "There he goes! This is the competition's true honest reward. Your very own vintage McLaren!"

    We don't get fooled again!

    All the racers are motivated, surely making the competition a hard one for Jacob, if such a word can scare him.


    Louie: "And he's off for a lap. Well.. up to him. I would like to say many thanks to you all, and for calling me back here. It's a thing of beauty, it still is, and i want to see the new generation tackle it with true racing spirit, not the sort that goes with bodykits wider than your mother, some neon under their seats.. you know what i mean.


    Jacob: "Sitting in the middle sure feels odd, but special. These apex turns are harder at first.."


    Jacob: "..but nothing is impossible!"


    Jacob gets a delicate feel for the car's handling, reinforced with its racing heritage within, like his Ford.


    He speeds the car up, going at a sluggish, but responsive rate.


    He then slows to a halt and parks near the hub betweeen the GP track and Nordschliefe.



    The pit lane. 10 am.

    The competition begins with it's signature full day elimination time trials. Sonny sees Jacob cleaning his Ford.

    Sonny: "So.. how was the car?"

    Jacob: "It's like my Ford. It sees the potential inside you, and either tests it, or provokes it."

    Sonny: "Not to mention the cash prize being high. Sponsors are watching. This is my chance to get back on the track."

    Jacob: "Good luck. You know i want that car too."

    Sonny: "You have a Veyron lah!"

    Jacob: "I do, but i decided to hand it back to Rin's place at Tochigi with my R8. They feel at home there."

    Sonny: "Shame. Oh well. If it's one way to spend money, then it will be."

    Jacob: "Say, you know any threats on the competition?"

    Sonny: "You lah, of course."

    Jacob: "Except me."

    Sonny: "Hmm.. that Alvarez guy and his W12. And Paul's Martini tuned Vantage."

    Jacob: "Not on Williem?"

    Sonny: "Homebrew LM Quattro? He's a threat alright, but i already ruled him off. The rest are pretty good. We have champions of indie racing, some veterans on the track, but nothing too legendary. I'm the closest there is on the celebrity level."

    Jacob: "Aren't sponsored racers not allowed here?"

    Sonny: "I'm fired, Jake. You remember that lah."

    Jacob: "Oh."

    Sonny: "And if you ask me, that's the rule ruling out many top racers in the world. I'd have the Proteges here if it weren't for that. They're bad news altogether."

    Jacob looks at the names..

    Jacob: "Well, there are quite the amount of small scale racers. I guess making it to the big leagues can be done here. Paul must've been fired or something like that. What happened to the touring car successor of Alan the Bristol Harbinger?"

    Sonny: "Must be some bad luck lah."

    Jacob: "Yes, but two coincidential people kicked and license on hold. It's not happening like that, it's a plan. I have this hunch that you two are aimed for something. Someone told me Paul's part of Mythic."

    Sonny: "Really? Which one?"

    Jacob: "If she said dragon, it means the Highland Wyrm, no?"

    Sonny: "Yep. Dragon cannot mean the Infernal Phoenix."

    Jacob: "That's what they call it, huh? It sounded like something a kid made up. Infernal... Phoenix?!"

    Sonny: "Not from me. I'm only the messenger. Take that and go, lah."

    Jacob goes on his phone and researches the 2 drivers' license statuses.

    Jacob: "Says here that your licenses are suspended for appeal and you lost it at about the same week too..

    Sonny: "License, schmicense. Winning here will get sponsors' attention lah. That's the one way ticket for license."

    The two are interrupted by the commentator, requesting all the drivers to get ready.

    Next section, for single post users.
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    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    SMALL DISCLAIMER: This is the most picture heavy part i ever made so far. Consider yourself warned for performance issues.

    The Nordschliefe hub has never been busier. Cars prepare to leave for their timed runs, with mechanics adjusting and checking last minute for adjudicators to pass by.

    Rules are set:

    - The adjudicators surveyed the cars to ensure nothing illegal is found. They will ask to adjust to ensure a fair competition is made.

    - Eliminations will be carried out after a set time, eliminating the person in last place at the time.

    - Strictly try to avoid contact.

    - Slowing down to wait is illegal, and you are required to get off the track should the car needs maintenance.

    - Tuning is not restricted, but you cannot gain any significant boost during the competition. Take care, as this IS the Nurburgring.

    - Accidents on track will delay the competition. The elimination timer will carry on as normal.

    - If you see another car on track, any action with it is discouraged.

    - Slipstreaming is allowed, but must adhere to rules above.

    - Should a car crash, it is an automatic DQ if said car suffers terminal damage.

    - No teaming or collusion.

    - Pit only at the GP track. We will arrange so that no discrepancies will be made in re-entering the track.

    Jacob: "I guess the rules changed for the 3 heat eliminations.. Sorry N.Z, you old codger."

    At the spot he parked his GT, an adjudicator inspects his car, with Lee next to him.

    Adjudicator: "Can you disable use of that device? A racer was found using it's turbo function at the 24 Hour Le Mans race a few months ago. The FIA strictly bans use of these."

    Lee: "Of course! I knew this would come! You don't mind, eh boss?"

    Jacob: "*tosses keys* Knock yourself out."

    Lee promptly disables the control panel by taking a hidden safety plug so it turns off.

    Lee: "That's it."

    The Adjudicator looks through the hood and the papers.

    Adjudicator: "Hmm.. yes.. Alright. If you can churn out a bit more power, or lighten it up a bit, and you are set, Mr Ross."

    Jacob: "Alright."


    After finishing the opening ceremony, the cars leave, one by one.
















    And then, Jacob had his turn, coincidentally the last one out.


    After getting the signal to go, he shifted to gear one, and releasing the clutch, he took off.


    He exits the first turn, going through hell once again.


    But he was ready to face the devil.


    Jacob: "I'll take that throne from you, Will!"


    Jacob: "This GT will face anything the streets offer me!"


    Jacob: "180...190..."


    And across the line!


    Jacob achieved a solid time of 6:59.310. With the practice he gained a few days ago, the time is natural for him to reach.

    The leaderboard shows him up at fourth, with Eduard reaching the top at 6:58.002, and Williem running up at 6:58.493. Sonny runs at third at just 6:59.203. Satisfied so far, Jacob sits at a chair in his pit garage, with a monitor overseeing the other cars.

    Jacob: "This is quite the competition.."

    Murph: "Elites from all over. This is Will's last run too, so he's giving all he's got."


    Jacob: "Is that so? I can't give up yet. My pa's watching me with a sharp eye."

    Fred: "Remember, Little Jacob. Eliminations are about to start soon. The last placer is just barely above 7 minutes, 3 seconds."


    Leona: "These are remarkable lap times.. but I have faith that cowboy got this."


    Lee: "Your car's ready to go, boss. Oil's all cleaned and new set of tires."

    Jacob enters his Ford and starts the V8. The sound rebounds the walls. He opens the windows.

    Jacob: "I won't be back outside refuels and breaks, guys. Go ahead and use the radio to warn me about the latest lap times."

    The Ford leaves.


    Over time, the competition reached an all high in views, and the cars gained a faster pace.




    Still holding his original time, Jacob is demoted to 7th place, with it's elimination coming up shortly.


    Going around the track with no improvement, Jacob is notified of the news and he has to improve.

    Song: Biffy Clyro - Mountains


    He plows through the track that claimed so much of their racing confidence. None of the 16 that raced through has been intimidated or defeated by the turns within.


    No turn stops the living embodiment of Ferrari's humiliation, with Jacob on wheel for a long time with it.


    Jacob: "The pace car for an entire company.."


    Jacob: "I agree.."


    Jacob: "Let me pace it through the toughest track on Earth."


    Jacob reached a time of 6:57.242, gaining the top spot.


    Soon, Sonny managed to get up in front after that, with 6:57.219. Upon hearing that..

    Jacob: "How the hell is he always in front?!"

    While managing to escape his elimination, Jacob is content. He just watches cars attempt to beat his time until elimination.








    Content until..

    Murph: "Jake, you get back on track now! Will's ranked up in position, and the last elimination is coming in a bit."

    They walk like a moving briefing, akin to secret agents in a hallway.

    Jacob: "How about a rundown, Lee?"

    Lee: "1. Sonny with 6:55.936. 2. Eduard with 6:56.118. 3. Will with 6:56.405. 4. Paul with 6:56.553."

    Jacob: "Okay. Analysis, Leona."

    Leona: "Looking at footage, i see you need to take it cleaner at Aremberg. Push harder at Exmuhle, and take more care around Karussel. Find a better apex at Brunnchen. Enter Galgenkopf at more optimal speed and don't brake too hard by Antoniusbuche."

    Jacob: "Mmmhmm.. Fred! Tell my dad.. that he will never doubt me after this."

    Fred: "Already there, Jacob."

    Jacob enters the car, motivated. The final leg for him begins, as the track clears for his last run. He clinches hard to the pendant N.Z gave him.

    Jacob: "You're not going to give up on me, as i haven't given up on you."


    N.Z Flashback: "Just believe in something that'll help you focus."


    Jacob: "The fastest racer is the one who believes.. Time to go."

    He enters the last lap, as warned by the race adjudicators. The television watches with amazement.


    Commentators on various channels blast through the televisions; a moment identical to a climax in top racing, but lasting a long 6 minutes. The bleachers on the GP track watching through a monitor chant various things.

    "Bring it home with the trophy!"

    "U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!"

    "Ford's best feat yet!"

    "Ross! Ross!"

    "You can't doubt him!"

    "Send them packing!"


    The forests that make the landscape of the track shake and animals watch the car pass by.


    Jacob: "That's a better pace, but not by far."

    Louie: "Yes but a little ahead is still ahead. You got it. I know it."


    Jacob: "I want Keith to reach this level of performance. You watching me, Keith?!"


    Jacob: "200! This is good."


    Jacob: "We're done!"


    Song: Biffy Clyro - Mountains (Cinematic)

    The TV screens are unspeakably excited, as with the viewers. American flags are waved in what's left in the bleachers.

    Leona: "He's done it. Cowboy is the best on track!"

    Jacob finished with a stunning 6:55.124. The timer has expired, and Paul Henderson is eliminated from the competition. The last four remains for new challenges ahead. The pit lane remarks on this.

    Paul: "Great.. i knew this would'a come.. Be safe Amelia, for even i can't anticipate their plans now."

    Sonny: "That Jake.. he's made the competition much more interesting."

    Williem: "Outlaw.. how i can't beat you. It is really you?"

    Eduard: "I thought years racing in Hawaii is good enough. Good races, amigo."

    Louie: "Never doubted you for one sec, son.."


    Later that night, the members of the New Blacklist had a celebration at their rented cottage.

    Murph: "Hey Jake, Sonny's not picking up the phone. He must be driving."

    Fred: "Oh. Well, more meat for me."

    Jacob: "Well, that's fine, Murph. Sit down."

    Leona sings gibberish Russian, evidently proven that she's drunk.

    Fred: "Where's Lee?"

    Murph: "He's getting your dad. I'm sure he'd be here by now. He did mention a surprise for you."

    Murph receives a call.

    Murph: "Sorry, lads. It's no end to them priority calls."

    Murph leaves the scene.

    Fred: "Well, it's you and me again, Jake."

    Jacob: "And her.."

    Fred: "She's going to be fine. She's used to alcohol.. unless she took.."

    They both look at the amount of alcohol Leona took up. It was a lot.

    Jacob: "That's the worst hangover yet. I'm a control freak in drinking."

    Fred: "Well, you ever tried moonshine? Them southern folk sells them if you know who to look for, gehaha."

    Jacob: "Well, you think you can drive to her place?"

    Fred: "Hand me the keys, and we're good to go. Let her nap here first."

    They then hear the door knocking.

    Jacob: "That's Lee."

    Jacob opens the door, to see Lee all bruised and beaten to a pulp. The rain falls heavily.

    Lee: "Boss man! Boss man! *wheezing*"

    Jacob: "Lee?"

    Fred: "Jake?! What's going on? Lee?! You okay? What happened?"

    Lee: "Boss... bapak kamu.. bapak kamu kena diculik."

    Fred: "Jacob! He's saying your dad's got napped?"

    Jacob: "Oh no.. no!"

    Murph: "Jake! I heard the ruckus and I came over as fast as i could. Nobody lets our man here get beaten to a pulp."

    Jacob: "I know. Lee? Lee? Before you lose me, you have anything?"

    Lee: "Nurburgring. Over there. The guy's calling you out, and he gave me this note.."

    He took the note and read it. A cliche "come alone" note.

    Jacob: "I see.. we might be targeted. There's a crime gang that has plans for this competition. I guess we took out their driver."

    Murph: "Say again?"

    Jacob: "The Harbingers, Murph. Your crew."

    Murph: "My old circus. I don't miss my stunt driver days in their heyday, and it seems they haven't kicked it yet."

    Jacob: "They hired an assassin and a driver. They're about to take over part of the racing world, and i have this feeling they're close to taking this one."

    Fred: "A lotta money comes from the racing world, Jacob. I have this feeling Sonny's taken too."

    Jacob: "Okay.. Okay.. Fred. You take care of Lee."

    Fred: "Don't worry. I got this place secure. I have friends from the police here."

    Murph: "Where have not you any police friends, Freddie?"

    Jacob: "Murph, you get my back. Call up Bern and get us some backup."

    Murph: "Aye aye. I'll catch up to you. They might do some bad things if you break their trust."

    As Jacob leaves, Murph calls Bernardo.

    Murph: "Bern, it's time. Meet up by the hub in the ring. And, bring a gun. Kidnappings."

    Bern: "Si. I got the memo from HQ."

    Murph: "And the luggage?"

    Bern: "All ready. It'll be a while, though."

    Murph: "Well hurry. Jake's in trouble if we aren't faster than a jackrabbit."


    Nordschliefe. Midnight.

    Song: Biffy Clyro - Mountains (Gladiator)

    Took a bite out of a mountain range. Thought my teeth would break the mountain down..
    Lets go, I want to go, all the way to the horizon.

    Took a ride, I took a ride, I wouldn't go there without you.
    Lets take a ride, we'll take a ride, I wouldn't leave here without you.

    Took a ride, I took a ride, I wouldn't leave here without you..


    Jacob sees suited men. They point guns at Jacob.

    Jacob: "I am the mountain.. I am the sea!"

    As Jacob exits the car, he knows no good will come from criminals. Guns surround him.

    Soon afterwards.

    Henchman: "Mr. Harbinger. We have him. Jacob Ross is ours."

    FIN PART 9

    Author's Notes

    - Long part. Long time to get pics. All is long.

    - Part of this episode is inspired by me playing GRID 2. The competition is a mix of GRID 2's time trial mode, elimination mode, and Gran Turismo's Endurance mode.

    - Louie Ross Jr. is a last second addition, which is about a week before finalizing.

    - Sorry if Sonny is too good. He is, after all, a virtual me.

    - The best lap time is done with a 600pp Ford GT '06 with sports softs assist-less sans ABS 1. The laps for Paul, Williem, Sonny and Eduard are done with the same criteria, while the Camaro goes with racing line or the occasional racing hards, since I'm not the best driver in Earth.

    - And the rest of the competitors? Well, let's use our imagination, huh? No hybriding is used making them, and they help for practice too. That Plymouth got me 7:15 with sports softs.

    - Plans: Finish chapter 3 (close to the end now), then another hiatus before going in the last chapter. I might do a sequel, but that will wait for GT6.

    - Next part: Paul divulges about his down to earth honest motivations. An enigma marks his return and appears with the intent to challenge and destroy all the competitors.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Louie's Corvette '60. 570pp
    - Unknown McLaren F1. 621pp
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  21. amemyarz


    United States
    good read again. Keep it up
  22. SomePlayaDude


    Part 10: Demon.

    Nordschliefe. Midday.

    Paul gets a practice run in the track, with Ginoa at his side.

    Song - B.R.M.C - Beat The Devil's Tattoo.


    Ginoa: "So, the Harbinger's got you a second chance, eh? That's so unlike many of my clients."

    Paul: "The man's nice, but a crook's a crook, lass."

    Ginoa: "How about a small rundown on plan B?"

    The car goes around the roads again, like the days before, during the competition.


    Paul: "Plan B's all about takeover. They take the people responsible and then overtake the admin. The cops gets paid off to not give a damn about the bloody problem."

    Ginoa: "Yowch. They have that amount of manpower?"

    Paul: "Aye, lass. They have that, and hired you to ensure they won't get any threats. You're THE assassin."

    Ginoa: "Wait, he made it public to the crime bosses? That'd piss me off if i was someone else."


    Paul: "You have limits too, lass?"

    Ginoa: "Yeah. I'd hate to break them though, or I'm a living massacre."

    Paul: "You've already told me about it. No need to shake it anymore, lass."

    Ginoa: "Huh?!"

    As Paul exits the curve, Ginoa does her mini threatening.

    Ginoa: "Shake what?"

    Paul: "Easy! I meant your little armory, nothing about yer assets! I'm driving fast here!"

    Ginoa: "Oh.. sorry."

    Paul: "Don't worry."

    Ginoa: "I don't apologize often, pal."

    Paul: "Okay, okay. I don't want much noise, assassin. Give me a moment of focus."


    Paul vents his stress with a nice speedy drift.


    He turns in the many bends very smoothly, following the apex most of the time.


    Leaving the nearby village with a trailing V12 noise, Paul gets a time he once gained back at the elimination.


    He continues up to the Karussel, until.


    Paul: "Hey, lass. Got a moment?"

    Ginoa: "What happened to the 'i don't want noise'?"

    Paul: "I'm needing a bit of steam to put away. It's about the Harbingers. How i got into their mess."

    Ginoa: "Story time, huh?"


    Paul: "I was in the top of me game. Touring cars for my old mentor Alan. After project Mythic went bust, he took me in to satisfy my want to race. I was a rising success. Sponsors, respect, a family even. My wife, Carrie, was the best girl i got. We lived happy, and gave birth to me daughter: sweet Amelia."

    Ginoa: "Wow. You never told anyone about your wife? Isn't she worried you're doing work for the Harbingers?"


    Paul: "Well.. she is in a coma. The Harbingers did it, somehow."

    Ginoa: "Wow."

    Paul: "I was hired by them after their last driver quit, and they somehow found out I'm the Highland Wyrm. I refused, and they didn't accept me sayin' no. The first time, i was set to lose me license. Then, the coma. And the last strike: they took me sweet Amelia. I just couldn't take it if they would do anything to her. I had to accept!"

    Ginoa: "Harsh stuff."


    Paul: "I had to let that go, lass."

    Ginoa: "I know. I can see how you feel about it."

    As he traveled down the Dottinger Hohe, he had a look at Ginoa.

    Paul: "Somehow.. you remind me of Carrie, lass."

    Ginoa: "Well, I'm nowhere like her. I'm a femme fatale, sure, but i grew up poorer than an urchin under the bridge."

    They crossed the line. Ginoa gets a time of 6:56.445


    Paul: "Not good enough! How does he do it? That Jacob Ross lad.."

    They get out and sit, watching the track cameras. Knowing the rest of Mythic outside the Infernal Phoenix, Ginoa decides to tell him.

    Ginoa: "About Ross.. He's part of Mythic... alongside Sonny."

    Paul: "Really?"

    Ginoa: "Yea. Sonny's the Soul Chimera.. and Jacob.. he's.."

    She had a feeling about Outlaw's mysterious vibe, and somewhat decides to hide the info.

    Ginoa: "..the phoenix."

    Paul: "Wow. Your reputation precedes you! And you haven't told them, why lass?"

    Ginoa: "It's important we don't spread this info like a flyer."

    Paul: "True.. with the Harbinger wanting them back so he can use them. The tattoos won't take long to find."

    Ginoa: "He can't just use them like that?"

    Paul: "He could do what they did to me, to them."

    Unknown to them, a car travels on the streets of Green Hell.


    A sector time is shown, showing a pace as fast as Paul's. The two see the computer.

    Ginoa: "That pacing.. Paul! It's better than yours by a second."

    Paul: "What? It cannae be! Assassin! Get the cameras to the car."

    They see the car. A Fifth Generation Ford Mustang. The performance tells that the car is obviously tuned, while looking pretty stock.


    It blazes through, while seeing the car struggle through the turns, the power balances it as it passes the straights.


    Paul: "A Mustang. Not many can achieve the time i can reach. This one's a stock!"

    Ginoa: "Looks like one."

    Paul: "That's what i meant, lass."

    Song: Metallica - The Outlaw Torn.


    The two see the car in amazement.


    And it reaches 204 mph at the large straight, reaching it effortlessly.


    It crosses the line, lapping at 6:55.914.


    And now I wait my whole lifetime, for you...
    And now I wait my whole lifetime, for you...

    Ginoa: "Well, Paulie. Whoever tuned that thing has to be smarter than any tuning company ever. It must be race bred."

    Paul: "S:censored:t.. I have to give it all i got to beat cars like that.. How is he not in the competition with performance like that?"

    Ginoa: "Calm down, Henderson. Maybe he's not qualified to."

    Paul: "I have to see that man. If my instinct's are right he could be.."

    They notice the black car parking nearby.

    I ride the dirt, I ride the tide, for you...
    I search the outside, search inside, for you...


    Paul: "*gulps* I haven't shook like this in a long time.."

    They get out of the pit lane.

    Paul and Ginoa approaches. They feel a vibe, of fear. As they come closer, the car opens it's driver's door. A man steps out. A cowboy hat. A mask with a voice adjuster. The recognizable getup. The jacket's ripped off, to see the tattoo in bright light, thanks to some wiring in his jacket pointing a UV light to where he intended to.

    To take back what you left me. You know I'll always burn to be.
    Don't want to seek so I may find. And now I wait my whole lifetime!

    Paul: "Oh my God.."

    Ginoa: "It can't be! (Isn't Jacob Ross in our custody?!)"

    My Outlaw torn!

    Outlaw: "It's good to be back.... hehehehaa."


    To explain how Outlaw is here, we go back to the past, at the fateful night Jacob Ross exited his car to get apprehended by Harbinger henchmen.

    The henchmen, in the dark, receives Jacob Ross. Then, one of them is shot by a dart, unnoticed by his fellow minions. He goes and sleeps.

    From a distance, a man with a dart gun talks through the radio.

    Bern: "Okay, mi amico. Go."

    A car appears in the dark, startling the 2 minions and prompts them to raise their guns to the car: a black Mustang. Jacob moves away immediately into the forest.


    Henchman 1: "A car? At this time of night?"

    Henchman 2: "Doesn't matter. Waste it!"

    Before they got to work, Murph turned off the lights and pushes a few buttons on a control panel.

    EMP activated.

    The EMP, aimed towards the Ford GT, launches at the two men. They're unaffected, but their phones and flashlights are off, leaving them in the dark. Suddenly...

    *cliche beatdown sounds*​


    Murph: "Let's see how this device works.. Mr. Harbinger. We have him. Jacob Ross is ours."

    Murph closes the radio and smashes it. He sees Bernardo finishing his talk with an officer and joins the rest.

    Lucia: "Nightvision goggles. The sort of toys Herr Bellini can provide.."

    Murph: "That's some amazing beatings there. And i have like a few of those back home. You'd never know when you might need it."

    Lucia: "You'd like a helping, would you?"

    Bern: "Mia cara.. control yourself."

    Lucia: "I know. I was kidding."

    Jacob: "You did do it in the lowest, right?"

    Murph: "Yep. Just enough power to say bye to your battery for a couple of minutes, but the whole car should be undamaged after the power comes on."

    Jacob: "Okay.. Any scratch and you're paying, alright? By the way, nice little setup guys. And.. that isn't an illusion?"

    Murph: "Nope.. and this means i want my 100k now, Jacob."

    Jacob takes out his wallet and hands the money in a sealed package, all of it to him.

    Murph: "Holy hell! American dosh!"

    Jacob: "The keys. Now!"

    Murph: "Slow down."

    Jacob inspects his old Mustang with excitement. After getting back to it and hear it's powerful 700 horses like a kid with a new toy, he looks the interior with detail.

    Jacob: "Hmm.. let's see if you touched anything inside, eh?"

    Murph: "I promise nothing, but I'm sure i didn't set foot inside. I used the rig Fred hooked us up with, and it took some convincing from the chaps back at Seacrest. Don't get me started on the move to Germany."

    While soaked and excited, Jacob sees the place at where the rear seats used to be, and sees a duffel bag. He points it to Murph.

    Jacob: "You know what's in that bag?"

    Murph: "A bag? Blimey, I didn't see that before.."

    Jacob: "It's mine. Let me show you what's in it after we clean this mess."



    The police cleans up and arrests the armed men. The gang rests in the building, seeing the rain drop very heavily.

    Murph: "Pretty lady. Where's Bern?"

    Lucia: "Herr Bellini is finishing a bit of paperwork. You do know he's a member of some secret service?"

    Murph: "I know a lot of things. Looking at Sonny and Louie gone, i can safely assume your big brother's gone too."

    Lucia: "You're right.. I would cry if i can't do anything. Herr Ross and Herr Bellini.. i owe them so much. "

    Jacob: "Don't worry, Luce. Now, you'll want to see what i have planned to get my Pa' and the rest back. This is the same bag i showed Lee back in Rockport, planted the day of 'The Outlaw's Last Ride'.."

    He opens the bag. A set of clothing is revealed. The cowboy hat tells it all.

    Lucia: "Outlaw?"

    Murph: "Jake.. you're going to get real attention wearing that."

    Jacob: "I know.. they think they have Jacob Ross.. Bern set up a decoy, just in case this would happen, as i told him so."

    Murph: "Wow.."

    Jacob: "And according to an assassin i met a week ago, they don't know about my demon horse tattoo relating to me. They're trying to compile all the racers with the tattoos."

    Murph: "You never told me about them tattoos back in the City, but i think it's got something to do when i was still with them. It goes like.. a project of racing gods.. You were one of them, right?"

    Jacob: "Yep. Sorry, Luce. This is information more private than what Keith sings in the shower."

    Lucia: "It's okay. I don't really care about what you did, Herr Ross.. but if it will help strengthen you today..."

    Jacob: "You learn well, Luce, and you're on the rise to stardom."

    Lucia: "I won't give up so easy. We have to find them soon."

    Jacob: "What i recommend is that you stay away from me. Murph.. you can tag along, but i suggest you get the New Blacklist's s:censored:t tight."

    Murph: "We've got gun training, Jake. Don't worry. You need a reliable buddy, come find me, OK?"

    Jacob: "Hmm.. yes.. and another thing.. can i get another favor in.."

    Jacob notices Laura coming over, worried over the events..

    Laura: "Jake dearie.. Am i glad you're fine. I don't know how this might've happened! I'm sweating and i don't think i can sleep tonight. Heck! Without Lou, i don't know how to survive in this country anymore!"

    Jacob: "Ma! Calm down. The last thing i want is you taken as well. Just.. just stay with Murph and my guys. They should be keeping you safe."

    Laura: ".... alright. But where will you go? What will you do?"

    Jacob: "I have that covered. The next thing is my lead. I have to go now, ma. Please.. stay safe."

    The two in tears, split up, hoping to see each other safe again.


    Jacob: "I would tell you, but.. It's just that.. he's so much an enigma."

    Next section, for single post users.
  23. SomePlayaDude


    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    2 days later.

    The next stage of the competition is set in a week. The Harbingers are finding their next top driver within themselves, to have them look like they competed in the King of The Ring. N.Z arrives in Circuit De La Sarthe, knowing their newer batch of top racers appearing there.

    He approaches the racers in a garage. The leader, a young racer known as Komodo, responds.

    Komodo: "And who's this? The old man racing club's not here, Mr. Enigma. It's the new generation now."

    N.Z: "Oh.. sorry. I thought this was the Harbinger's top guns, not the insult comic rejects."

    The people around Komodo start to act like gangsters, hearing a good joke.

    Komodo: "Piece of s:censored:t! You must've got the memo of our plea, eh? Well? What do you want? Only racers get to go on the Ring, not a walking corpse."

    N.Z: "Corpse? When a corpse is treated right, the spirits grant him life. I have spirit. You have nothing but an ego the size of Africa."

    Komodo: "Okay! Is this what you want? A spot on our ring run, Mr. Enigma? You'll have to prove it. My GT500 car is faster than anything that competition's offering to race with. You have to prove yourself. See how many laps does it take to beat us, if you can."

    N.Z: "Hand me a garage and a crew. Any bulls:censored:t you play, and the consequences are dire, Mr. Komodo. Ready up!"

    N.Z leaves them, with Komodo suddenly giving orders to his fellow racers.

    Then, they see the car they face up against: An Orange Viper ACR. The car carries a steep bounty, much to the joy of Komodo.

    Komodo: "If i beat that car, I'm the best there is. New objective!"


    Equipped with racing tires, the cars set off. N.Z has more than just slicks and a V10 up his sleeve.


    The much more better equipped cars perform well ahead of the orange car, but, unfortunately, the Enigma was getting warmed up.


    They all braked at the right time by the Dunlop chicane, but the orange viper strikes it's fangs.

    N.Z: "In for the kill. So simple. Racers today are so timid."


    2 Vipers go head to head. For some reason, the ACR lunges ahead in the Esses chicanes.


    Already on a spree, N.Z goes for another overtake on the Tertre Rouge, into the opening of the Mulsanne Straight.


    By the first chicane..

    Komodo: "Impressive, old man. But not good enough!"

    N.Z: "Your place on the track is nowhere near the safety car's."


    The straights are invaded with speed.

    N.Z: "C5.R.. the Harbingers have influences.."


    N.Z: "Influences i want to destroy."

    The Viper takes it by the second chicane.


    And leads the pack by the Mulsanne hairpin.


    The ACR taunts the drivers behind, with a bit of oversteer by Indianapolis.


    After Arnage, and into the Porsche curves, the Komodo waves his flag..

    Komodo: "I can't believe it.. my moment of fame is ruined.."


    And the Viper enter the Ford Chicanes, but a little too fast beforehand.


    N.Z: "That's where track cleaners come in.."

    Line is crossed. Only one lap to best racecars with a car, named the one off exotic prototype.

    Song: Anberlin - We Owe This To Ourselves (Cinematic).


    Later, by the pits. The Komodo takes a call and returns to the Enigma.

    Komodo: "Well, you're in, Enigma. You're the perfect racer, it seems.."

    N.Z: "You're not so bad yourself.. but i have my eyes on you. You have talent, but stop fooling around."

    Komodo: "That's a lot from an old man. I won't give up so easily the next time we roll."

    N.Z: "Pah.. we'll see about that."

    Then, they split up.


    N.Z hears a police call, reporting of the Viper's presence going way above the speed limit.


    N.Z: "Not a problem.."


    He keeps up speed. He knows the police will never arrive. Soon, the Viper badge shines.


    N.Z then reaches a spot in front of a warehouse on his way. He meets up with two members of The Scotland Yard: Johnson and Jonnson, investigating The Harbingers, with the help of the Enigma.


    N.Z: "Boys. I am in."

    Johnson: "See there, Jon? Zed's better than you think."

    Jonnson: "Really? I didn't say you suck, Zed, or something like that."

    Johnson: "Oh, from my ears, you did."

    Jonnson: "Did not!"

    Johnson: "Did to!"

    Jonnson: "Did not!"

    Johnson: "Did to!"

    N.Z: "GUYS! Guys... get this car somewhere i can get in a flash should i need it. You have the other car all ready?"

    Jonnson: "Yeah. You sure nobody's watching? Because this is a car worth 2 million in policeman royalties."

    Johnson: "Don't worry Jon.."

    Jonnson: "Who say's i'm worried?"

    Johnson: "I..."

    N.Z: "Oh for crying out loud!"

    He parks his car in the nearby parking lot and enters his specially made MINI, parked there conveniently by the two officers.

    N.Z: "Alright, you two. Get out of here."

    Johnson: "Jon's got the truck ready. We trade keys."

    They trade keys.

    N.Z: "Alright, you two. I'll get you Harbinger info. Keep me posted on things you guys can see."

    Johnson: "Roger."

    N.Z starts his MINI. 160 horsepower in a 600kg package. A car he once drove in his heyday. He leaves.


    It accelerates fast, nil to sixty in approximately 6 seconds.


    N.Z: "Let's see what address that Komodo provided.."



    N.Z then moves to an unsuspecting street, doing nothing while his phone uploads secure Harbinger files, planted inside the building he parked nearby.


    With many files ranging from top secret, to domestic business transactions, he keeps up the upload and made a secure call to his partner, on speaker and with files accessible on computer.

    Song: Anberlin - We Owe This To Ourselves (Gladiator).

    Gary: "What up, N?"

    N.Z: "Gary, i am in. Uploading intel now, will upload to our online file storage soon."


    Gary: "Bravo! Just one thing: how will you get the competition up and running again? You know about the kidnapping, right?"

    N.Z: "I'll have to find the Harbinger. He owes me a lot, and i will reclaim that. He's in Germany according to the files i got, but even his subordinates keep that private for some reason. I'll be there pronto, and start with Berlin."

    Gary: "You can ask me and tell me where he is and a bullet is in his head by the time you reach here."

    N.Z: "No. He is mine and mine alone. And a bullet?"

    Gary: "I met up with a few of them mooks. They were carrying them and i can't hesitate to take them."

    N.Z: "Subtle.. where are you? You secured your GPS tracker pretty well.. in India?"


    Gary: "Aww, N.. I'm in Germany. Just off the Autobahn, headed North from Bern in the Switz. I had to get a few supplies there, in the form of a car with some of my supplies from back west. Along the normal pair of 45s, I got me a nice M-95 for the special occasions."


    N.Z: "Okay. It seems you're up to the task then.. You have to go find Outlaw, who's been rumored appearing in Germany over the net.. Not a joke, Gary. I'm rummaging the files and i'm seeing that the Jacob Ross in the hostage report doesn't add up. No tattoo."

    Gary: "He has a plan.. like always."

    N.Z: "I didn't make any contact with him since we got here. He must've encountered someone or caught wind of something. It seems i taught him well.. or he might've been told."

    Gary: "Something.. someone? Maybe someone from them Harbingers?"

    N.Z: "Let's see their roll call.. they hired.. Paul Henderson, eh? A little premature for choice, but an excellent driver.."

    Gary: "You know your stuff, N."

    N.Z: "Just a chip off the block. I watched him a lot. The list finishes with another objective. You know about Ms. Fantoccia, correct?"

    Gary: "Yeah. You know how i am going to express my feelings to her.."

    N.Z: "Mmhmm.. oh and before you do.. get to Frankfurt. Scout the whole city's skyscrapers for activity. Then Outlaw."

    Gary: "That's steep man, but anything is good.. if i am going to meet her again."

    Gary hangs the call and leaves. Reminiscing the moment his older Challenger blew up, he holds the steering wheel firm and strong.


    Seeing a picture of him and Ginoa next to the air freshener, he remarks.

    Gary: "Gin.. you were my best partner. You were my inspiration."


    Gary: "You're a p:censored:y, you are. I know you too well.. Well enough to be your counterpart."


    Gary: "What plans do i have for you? I'm guaranteeing f:censored:king you up real good.. but these things need a different approach for you, unlike the contracts Mr.V hands me."


    Back in France, N.Z proceeds to call a few numbers over his phone and goes through his laptop next to him. After 30 minutes, he somehow got hold of Outlaw's phone number and proceeds to voice call, while making a move.


    N.Z: "Outlaw.. it's me.. Find Paul. He's the answer to your problems with the capturing the past few days. He's under threat to work for them. I'll send you the things you need to help him out. Call Gary. I asked him for permission to your protection.."


    Back in the present.

    Paul: "Assassin.. snag him. We'll be done with him captured."

    Ginoa approaches professionally with concealed knives unleashed, only to see something in the eyes of Jacob Ross, thus stopping.

    Ginoa: "*whispers* Holy.."

    She sees a mirror image of another person, with that same face of vengeance. She then suddenly goes on her knees and breaks down in tears. Paul looks and worries.

    Paul: "Lass?! What's wrong?

    Ginoa: "Hi.. hi.. him! It's... it's..."

    Outlaw stares her to death. As she loses her consciousness..

    Ginoa: "Stay.. stay.. AWAY!"

    In the roof of the GP hub building, Gary watches casually..

    Gary: "Man.. that b:censored:h.. *sigh* I wanted your head on a silver platter, but.. but if you're such a softie, Master G can't just say sorry.. it'd take something to get her back to me. But, I think a duel to the death would suit the occasion. In the red corner, weighing just 160 pounds: GAARY!"

    Gary disarms the rifle and puts it away, seeing an insignia of a blue rose on it.

    Gary: "What am i doing with my life?"

    FIN PART 10

    Author's Notes

    - I'm speeding up to finish chapter 3. Expect the last 2 parts done by the following Monday.

    - Outlaw's return is long awaited, as his first line is a reference to Twisted Metal's return in the PS3.

    - It seems that our Protagonist crossed the moral line. The focus of chapter 3 is about Jacob being a racing god, and thus: Outlaw is back.

    - And the lap with the Mustang? It's with Racing Softs. Well, i can't get a good lap without them. It took me ages to tune it too. Also, if it's straight from the streets of Rockport, the last upgrade for tires is racing slicks. Another car for Outlaw (with MUCH better performance in the 580pp region) is in the waits.

    - Gary has a theme. He wears purple a lot, and the Challenger is his signature car, so yeah: straight Third Street Saints reference.

    - And that race? It was just the Viper ACR, ECU, broken down and oil change, with Racing Hards.

    - Sorry, competition watchers. I don't think the last parts will have the competition finals shown, but I'll spill the winner by then. That McLaren is still up for grabs.

    - Next part: Moves are made. Deals are done. And Gary's vengeance possibly fullfilled?

    Cars Introduced.

    - Outlaw's Mustang. 565pp.
    - Gary's Challenger SRT8. 582pp.
  24. SomePlayaDude


    Part 11: Outlaw's Last Ride.

    Nordschilefe. Midday

    Paul looks at Ginoa, seemingly defeated in the psychological war by a man presumed dead.

    Outlaw: "She's fine.."

    Outlaw approaches closer, with Paul getting his hands ready.

    Outlaw: "It seems that the famed Assassin has her limits.."

    Paul: "Ohmigosh.. WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE LASS?!"

    Outlaw: "She looked into my eye. You will have to ask her.. and why do you even care?"

    The voice spooked Paul easily.

    Paul: "Erh.."

    As Paul lets his guard down, Outlaw strikes. He grabbed him and pushed him to the Mustang's heated body.

    Outlaw: "Now.. you do as i say and not to those fools who call themselves the Harbingers. I know you're not eye to eye with them.. and i know why. Don't make me use this information against you."

    His face rubs with the car's body.

    Paul: "Och! This here is hot! Please! Make it stop!"

    Outlaw loosens up a bit, while still in position.

    Outlaw: "I will, but you will answer me this: why have they taken my competition away? Meng! Ross! You and I; we are those selected by Kirkham to be gods! Those men have taken your cherished, and they have mine. We have a common goal, Henderson."

    Paul: "....."

    Outlaw: "You understand what i am getting to, right? I am the racer the world needs, not the losers that rely on illusions of bloodline, successors or crap like that. It's all on superiority! That's how they took your life away, one by one. They were stronger, bigger, ruthless."

    While enjoying his raging rant, Jacob feels like a whole different person under his Outlaw persona, which is intended to. He realizes, through the mask, on how he lost his wife. He threw the emotion away and continues to torture Paul, who started to tear up.

    Paul: "What are you trying to say?! I am a loser?"

    Outlaw: "No. Let me help you realize that.. the world of racing is ruthless and it will destroy you, if you're not careful. It's not just sponsors and money that fuel the criminals' desire.. "

    Paul: "So.. so you're trying to.. steel me up, eh?"

    Outlaw lets go.

    Paul: "I.. think.. think.. you're right in a way.."

    Outlaw: "I lost a partner in my lifetime. I have relied on being alone for a long time. Friends backed me.. and i am still empty.."

    Paul: "I can feel your sorrow, mate.. My wife's in a coma for a while now.. My dear Amelia might be the only thing i've got left."

    As he finished that sentence, Paul received a phone call. Looking at the phone, it shows that said call is from an unknown number.

    Outlaw: "Take that..."

    Slowly, Paul takes the phone in front of a man full of fear emanating.

    Paul: "Hello?"

    ???: "We will continue phase 2 this evening. Please head to the designated spot in Frankfurt, Paul. Bring the Assassin."

    Paul: "Gotcha."


    Outlaw: "Frankfurt. He's right.."

    Gary overhears the call, being nearby. He then instantly calls N.Z.

    Gary: "Yep.. N, head over to Frankfurt. You know where to go?"

    N.Z: "I am right, no? I have business to attend to nearby. Do your thing, Gary. Make Vulture proud. See you."

    Gary gets a small gaze at his former partner. Gary remembers all the memorable things about her, from the weaponry attached to her, to the choice of attire always being simple. He then moves away. Outlaw continues.

    Outlaw: "What's happening there?"

    Paul: "They didn't mention a wee bit about it."

    Outlaw: "Mmhmm.. that's suspicious."

    Paul: "And they said to bring her."

    Outlaw: "Double suspicious."

    Paul: "What's on your mind then, eh?"

    Then, sirens are heard.

    Outlaw: "Just what i need.. Get her back on her feet. I'll be close by in Frankfurt. Catch up, Paul, or we may never see your precious Amelia again."

    The Mustang leaves, with Paul shaking his partner up.


    Paul: "Oi! Get on up, lass. He's gone."

    Ginoa: "Who? Who's... gone?"

    Paul: "Outlaw."

    Ginoa: "..."

    Paul: "Lass.. you don't look so good."

    Paul turns her to see her face in tears.

    Paul: "What's wrong?"

    Ginoa: "His eyes.. Henderson.. his eyes.."


    Visiting room. Alcatraz, 2 years ago.

    Gary: "Gin.. how could you do this to your fellow n:censored:r?!"

    Ginoa: "Oh Gare-bear.. you're so cute when you whimper like that."

    Gary: "Gin.. i thought we was like partners for life. We're on the road to the top, man. I have a career in the big screens. There's so much that we could've achieved."

    Ginoa: "So? A job is a job. In this world of ours, only the strong survive. Let's just say that your worst enemy is your best friend. I've seen a lot of moments where one person takes the notes and the other takes it from him and takes all the credit for it."

    Gary: "That's what's happening to me? S:censored:t, Gin! You don't want to know what happens when i get the f:censored:k out of this hell hole."

    Ginoa: "Adieu, Gary."

    Ginoa looks at him in the eye and then leaves the scene, with Gary feeling down so low, than even hell's on Mt. Everest.

    Gary: "F:censored:k! This isn't where i belong! When i ever get out of here, you are going to get the Gary treatment on capital punishment!"

    The guard behind him walks to him.

    Gary: "*sigh* Back to the hell hole?"

    Guard: "Actually, no. Another man wants to see you. A guy named... Koh-Jiy."

    Gary: "Koh-Jiy? Spell the name."

    Guard: "K-O-J-I."

    Gary: "Hmm.. Koh-Jiy seems about right."

    Not realizing Koji already on the chair, Gary gets a warning.

    Vulture: "Kow-Jee. Now, can i have this meeting, Mr. Dhetto?"

    Gary: "Huh? Alright. You and your red ass suit is a sign that i don't trust you, as much as you shouldn't trust me."

    Vulture: "It's an expensive suit, tailored to fit me like an athelete, made from the rarest skins of the world, including many endangered animals. These buttons are accented with pure gold. But enough about me, and more on you: I've been watching people like you, Gary, and you stand out."

    Gary: "I'm the best there is, man! But... what do you want from me? A new rap single? Be the next star on the sequel to 'Way Too Fast'? Autograph your niece's bling?"

    Vulture: "No. No, and i don't have a niece. I want to offer you something. The woman i just passed by was the Assassin. Your former partner. She's paid to see you, you know."

    Gary: "As i thought. What's this offer?"

    Vulture: "Hmm.. first things first.. i would like to see what you're made of. Your 'CV' is impressive to say the least."

    Gary: "What'chu think i was made of? Pudding?"

    Vulture: "Hmm.. brash, tough, cocky? I like that. Because one believes in oneself, one doesn't try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn't need others' approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her. Very good, Gary, very good."

    Vulture stands up.

    Vulture: "I have people that'll save you from your current judgement, and when you get out, let's say to the best of our partnership. Hehehe."


    After a moment to clean up and relocate..

    Paul: "And about his eyes?"

    Ginoa: "They're.. filled with rage. An intent that's not easy to stare upon when it's like the devil wants you in hell."

    Paul: "And Gary?"

    Ginoa: "He somehow got out and i was away from his sight. I know I'm scot free, until came Jacob Ross: a friend of his. He's coming for me. I know it."

    Paul: "Well, the boys called me to head to Frankfurt. On the big building again."

    Ginoa: "Really? That is an eerie place to meet. I mean, i'm suspicious on why there, not in some cafe like our first meet."

    Paul: "They're orders. Outlaw wants me there though. What's he plotting?"

    Ginoa: "Not sure."

    Paul: "Well, be on your guard. He told me he's not pleased with the Harbingers taking his racing rivals, but he must have some help if he's going to stop a big criminal group."


    2 hours later.

    After a heated pursuit, Outlaw drives the streets on his way to an undisclosed location just outside of Frankfurt. After a while, he gets a call.

    N.Z: "Where are you headed to?"

    Outlaw: "Somewhere. I just fled the police. Not everyone is excited about me."

    N.Z: "Outlaw is one person on the world's Most Wanted, so get comfortable. Anyways, i asked the police to set up a false meeting so i can gather information on what they want for the hostages back. You know what they want in return?"

    Outlaw: "You tell me."

    N.Z: "They want the black McLaren. Your prize money's wife."

    Outlaw: "What significance is that McLaren to them anyways? I'm sure you know."

    N.Z: "It was owned by former Mythic driver Nash Kirkham. From what i see hacking their databases, Nash might've hid something in the McLaren related to Mythic and it's four members."

    Outlaw: "You know where it is?"

    N.Z: "I think you're on your way there now."

    Outlaw: "Correct. When i drove it back on the GP track and to the storage spot, i saw something unnatural about it. The dashboard felt like something was stored there. I had to have another look."

    N.Z: "Perceptive.. You better get to it first. I'll rendezvous with you there once you secure it. You have the keys from before, right? I don't want anyone smashing that car, okay?"

    Outlaw: "Whatever. See you."

    As Outlaw hangs the call, he wonders:

    Outlaw: "Why does he care so much about that car?"


    A few minutes later, Outlaw arrived at the secluded area with the McLaren stowed away.


    Parking far away so nobody notices, he gets out and scopes for nearby pedestrians.


    After ensuring nobody sees him as he is, he peeks ahead and sees a small group of armed men with formal clothing by a set of warehouses. He also sees a man with a walking stick.


    N.Z suddenly sneaks by.

    N.Z: "Just as i feared. The Harbingers must've watched you store it that day."

    Outlaw: "Hmm? Here already?"

    N.Z: "Alright. I took the liberty of 'hiring' some policemen from the elite of The Scotland Yard, specifically ones that wants the Harbingers all cleared up. If we take out most of their gunners and top dogs here, i'll buzz them in and they'll handle the rest. The Harbinger is that old one with the stick."

    Outlaw: "It's about action now. We can't do anything by talking."

    N.Z: "I have an idea. Come in with a distraction so big that the policemen around can just come in and grab them hapless. I assure you, they're experienced veterans with the 'flash and clear' tactic."

    Outlaw had a look at his recently cleaned up Mustang.


    Already prepared for this moment, he realizes that it had to do.

    Outlaw: "... I can't believe it but.. let's have at it."

    N.Z: "You're doing it again?"

    Outlaw: "I've already given up on the whole Outlaw persona, but if part of me wants to stay alive, it really leads to self debating. I can always get another Mustang, while it won't be the same."

    N.Z: "Hmm."

    Outlaw: "And I was thinking about something... ahh! Where's Gary?"

    The question is answered after a few seconds. His purple Challenger appeared with a bit of style.


    N.Z: "There. Now: has he passed the mission with everything check?"

    The car parks, opposite of the road.


    Gary exits, with Ginoa next to him. An unnaturally happy vibe came from them. Gary has bandages on his head and his whole left arm, somehow minor enough that he can still drive. Ginoa, receives bandages on her whole body, but a few marks on her arm and her neck stood out red.

    Outlaw: "Oh Gary.. What happened?"

    Next section, for single post users.
  25. SomePlayaDude


    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    To answer that, we go back 2 hours to where Paul and Ginoa head to an address that is lead to a high rise building in Frankfurt. This building serves as a large banking company's headquarters. The Harbingers only use the top floors for storage and transporting, and these things conducted are best left alone by other people.

    They park and enter the building. Both go up to the top floor via the elevator. At the same time, a green Mercedes parks outside.

    Leona: "Well, according to the cowboy, this is where we stop. I have to get his source of info soon.."

    Murph: "So, Queenie. What's the plan?"

    Leona: "Actually, i have no plan. That sort of thinking is cowboy's. But we can make something up. I'm prepared for this."

    Murph: "But you do know how to shoot a gun? One with real bullets?"

    Leona: "Yes. To deport, i have to learn how to use handcannon like normal 9mm gun. Look in the dashboard."

    Murph opens the dashboard. He sees..

    Murph: "P99s. Old school. I'd say more if i was somewhat a gun freak."

    Leona: "They're easy to get, and we can conceal it. Also, you won't have any trouble with metal detectors. I had someone take out all of the conductive metal and replace it. Bullets.. on the other hand.."

    Murph: "Yeah. I get it. We come in clean and just nab 'em from a random mook."

    Leona: "Let's slow down on the death count, balagur. On request, i had Bernardo send me some sleeping bullets. Built for this gun so no pulling the handle every time.. At this time, there are only few guards. Intel says so, or we'd be outnumbered."

    Murph: "Smart.. he knew. Where is he anyways?"

    Leona: "He say he's going to get the Harbingers' under lock and key with the vnye zakona's assistance."

    Murph: "Mmhmm. It's not like the leader's the only one they have to take. There are small factions within in different nations."

    Leona: "Which we also take down with this."

    Murph: "A hard drive?"

    Leona: "I called upon someone to supply me this: a deadly virus that'll destroy a set piece of network. Simple, but not cheap. All you do is plug into one of the Harbinger's computer terminals."

    Murph: "And it's just ash and smoke for their inner admin."

    Leona: "Mmhmm. We waste no time. Friends need help. Let's go, balagur."

    Murph: "Alright."

    Murph notices a purple Challenger by the parking.

    Murph: "Where have i seen that Challenger before?"


    Paul and Ginoa enters a room where they're instructed to. The room is comparable to a CEO's office, with glass panels overlooking the area and shelves and sofas. They see the Komodo sitting on a chair with guards watching.

    Komodo: "Sit down, Paul. Assassin, you know what to do."

    Paul takes a seat, while Ginoa wanders away.

    Komodo: "Now.. you all know that the hostages are currently being watched underneath us. We managed to secure two of the Mythics provided by Ms. Fantoccia here: Sonny and Jacob."

    Paul: "It explains why they're on the top."

    Komodo: "Yeah. They're trained by the best. Kirkham is no ordinary driver. You felt it too, right? When he held your hand and guide you through the path of racing godhood?"

    Paul: "What's with the odd question, lad?"

    Komodo: "I just want to ask you.. if you wouldn't want to co-operate.."

    Komodo points towards Ginoa, holding a small girl with a knife nearby.

    Ginoa: "You'll get a part of your heart cut off."

    Amelia: "Dad!"

    Paul: "What? Amelia?!"

    Komodo: "Keep your cool, wyrm. Now.. tell me all about that man. Outlaw!"

    Amelia: "Please, daddy! Don't worry about me."

    Paul struggles to see what's clear to his moral conscience.

    Paul: "Argh... i don't know.. really! That tattoo is illuminating! That's all i know, just let her go!"

    Paul lets go of his chair to rush to his daughter's side, only to be caught by nearby strongmen.

    Watching outside is a uniformed man, cleaning up the windows on. He sees the scenes and remarks.

    Gary: "Hmm.. kills 99.9% of germs? What the f:censored:k is up with the .01%?! We get the tech to mass manufacture that s:censored:t, and i'd be a world power."

    Realizing the futility of some soap for glass, he gets his serious face on.

    Gary: "Oh well.. back to work!"

    Suddenly, he rips off the uniform and let it fall down, following with a powerful kick to the windows. The broken windows gave a surprised reaction, unsurprisingly.

    Komodo: "What the?"

    Paul: "Huh?!"

    The man reveals two golden guns and starts blasting to the many guards around the room like a cliche movie scene. Ginoa immediately hides away behind cover.

    Ginoa: "Him?"

    Paul immediately makes a mad dash for Amelia and grabs her as he exits the door. They reunite in tears.

    Amelia: "Daddy! I knew you would come!"

    Paul: "Darling. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry for everything. Now let's get out of here before things get outta hand, it's dangerous."

    Hand to hand, they reach the elevator in a flash. Then, as they head to the ground floor, they are stopped by the floor underneath with people entering.

    Sonny: "Paul?! What you doing here lah?"

    Paul: "What are you doing here? Never mind. You're the Chimera, right?"

    Louie: "Apparently we all found out with the interrogation methods they used. Your kid?"

    Paul: "Aye."

    Williem: "These guys are bad news. We gotta get out of here before more of them awake from our Fraulein's sneak attack."

    Outside the elevator, Eduard and Murph carry an injured Leona.

    Eduard: "You alright, senorita?"

    Leona: "Just a flesh wound. The virus is up, eh balagur?"

    Murph: "Yep. 2 hits on the arm and the leg, eh. Point me to the next hospital, eh Queenie. We'll get that sorted."

    Leona: "Whatever.. *moans*"

    Back upstairs.

    All the guards are dead. Komodo comes out and sees.

    Komodo: "Well done. But now.. now you shall face me!"

    As he shows his gun from his pocket, he gets shot in the chest... many times. He falls, seemingly dead. Gary blows steam off his guns, devoid of ammo.

    Song: Hybrid ft. Perry Farrell - Dogstar.

    Gary: "If you want to shoot, shoot! Don't talk."

    He enters the room through the glass. After a small while, he then sees and approaches his former partner.

    Gary: "This is it, Gin. The last stand."

    Ginoa: "Funny.. i really wanted to meet you again, Gary."

    Gary: "It ain't funny when you left me for dead!"

    Ginoa: "I've met cliche men who died, but you.. you're a heartless money grubbing pervert."

    Gary: "Enough admiring me, Gin. Time to brush your teeth, cause' it's bedtime!"

    Gary throws his expensive guns to her, which she dodged easily, only to be caught by Gary's trap: a fast football tackle.

    The tackle lasted until they reached the wall. As Gary starts his assault, it prematurely ended with a blade in his hand.

    Gary: "B:censored:h! That's my good hand!"

    She flipped Gary away and starts unsheathing a knife in her knee. Gary gets back up and taunts accordingly.

    Ginoa: "Give it up, Gary! I don't want to end it like this!"

    Gary: "I do!"

    Gary starts approaching. Ginoa stabs many places, in which Gary dodges with some stylish posing.

    An opening, Gary holds her hands hard, losing grip of the knife. Quickly, he bit it.

    In pain, Ginoa shrieks, but she managed to send out a smoke bomb from her pocket. She immediately counters the dirty bite with a hit to the head, while losing their balances. They get up in the smoke.

    Ginoa: "Where are you?"

    Gary: "Peekaboo!"

    Gary stabs Ginoa with her own knife in the shoulder area and rides her back. She immediately jumps backwards, to land on her back and crush Gary, who is stunned.

    Ginoa: "That's rough house, Gary!"

    She finds the knife and landed on his body, ready for a stab.

    Gary: "Come on, you p:censored:y! Finish the G."

    Ginoa: "You think i'm not trying?!"

    Gary managed to dodge the stab, getting the knife stuck on the floor. He spits in her eyes straight afterwards. Ginoa loses her balance as she gets thrown back.

    Ginoa: "What the?"

    Gary: "Oh.. i seem to have aimed where it can see. Gehaha!"

    Ginoa: "F:censored:k you.."

    They start again. Ginoa hits hard with some martial arts, blocked by Gary.

    Gary: "I know you... too much, Gin."

    Ginoa: "Same..."

    Gary sweeps low and Ginoa jumps, landing a powerful kick that would shatter skulls. Gary gets hit and lands on the floor hard, with his head in intense pain.

    Gary: "There's.. so many.. of you.. f:censored:king s:censored:t.."

    Ginoa throws Gary into the desk and smashes him into it. Surprisingly he gets up fast and readies up.

    Ginoa: "I'm surprised. Not even a case of amnesia?"

    Gary: "You drink your milk each morning, and you got bones of steel."

    Ginoa roundhouses, aiming for the head even more. Gary aims to protect it, as one swift hit would be the end. Gary would counterattack with punches to the central area: the areas he already injured.

    After volley of volley of attacks, they both parry each other's and get into a standstill.

    Ginoa: "You're not tired, aren't you?"

    On the contrary, Gary looked like a basketball player just off the bench: ready for more.

    Gary: "Come on. Like Muhammad Ali: you only need just one volley of punches, and the champ is down. What says you, Gin? I know the last strike's the last one."

    Ginoa: "Alright. I'll play your game."

    They both run into each other after a long stare. Ginoa reveals a hidden knife from her small hair clip and leaps into action. Gary, predicts and sidesteps swiftly after a sudden stop. The Assassin takes a small slide to stop.

    While she's getting up, Gary starts his attack. He looked at the area behind her and immediately, he sprints fast towards and pushes her to the glass window panels and held her on her neck. Ginoa is dangling high above with the clouds.

    Gary: "Scare o' heights still, Gin?"

    He sees the many signs of fear in her, especially with a steady flow of tears. A scene to give mercy for anyone, but to him, it's revenge served cold. His hands get more and more fatigued, with the punching and the stab earlier.

    Ginoa: "Before.. you drop me.. how about you think.. what's happened between us."

    Gary: "I've thought of that for a looong time. You sent me to hell. I made a deal with the devil. I had to hunt down the harlot that took me in, or she might do it again!"

    Ginoa loses a bit of energy with impaired breathing, but still sees Gary, satisfied, until..

    Gary: "But.. then when i met Mr. V.. it was so much fun. Contracts.. I met N, and J again. He needs my help. If it weren't for you, Gin.. i might not see my good pal happy, or even alive again."

    Ginoa: "Good... good... then drop.. me!"

    Gary: "Right... I'm sorry Gin, but.."

    Gary shows his favourite gun: a special Desert Eagle with gold finish and engravings.

    Gary: "I'd want you to be forever engraved by this! It'd make sure i don't forget you."

    Ginoa: "Ga.. ga.. LOOK OUT!"

    Behind him is Komodo, awake and about to attack Gary. He drops Ginoa and immediately shoots him in the head.

    Gary: "And stay dead!"

    He sees Ginoa hanging for her life on the ledge,

    Gary: "Kept you hanging, huh?"

    Ginoa: "Gary! You.. you.. heartless s:censored:thead! Get me up!"

    He thought of reaching out to her aid, but instantly stomped the hands with his sneakers, causing a shriek and a fall, waving goodbye to the famed Assassin. Her fear of heights caused her to pass out.

    Gary: "Bon voyage!"

    As he looked at her fall, the hit on the head causes a shooting pain to intensify, causing a recollection of memories in Gary's mind. In a flash, he then realized the things he said in rage really mattered to him, strangely. He remembered the good times with her, his movie career supported by her, his meeting with Koji, his reunion with a morally wounded Jacob. He then remembered his mission: to have in hire the best assassin money can buy.

    From that, he had a change of heart.

    Gary: "Holy s:censored:t!"

    He sees the parachute he prepped and wears it as he runs and dives down the tall building. He dives into a high speed. As he falls, he feels more and more strain to his birthmark on his eye, indicating a moment he long awaited.

    Soon, Gary swoops down and catches a fainted Ginoa. As that happened, he unloaded the parachute and the Assassin regains her consciousness.

    Ginoa: "Is.. this hell?"

    Gary: "Gin!"

    Ginoa: "Gary?"

    Gary: "Gin.. i have a lot to confess, but.."

    Ginoa: "You're.. you're not so heartless at all, eh?"

    Gary: "No.. i got pals. What's so fun of being a heartless ass anyways?"

    Ginoa: "... you're right.. Gary.."

    They dove down slow. Both of them carry tears in their eyes.

    Ginoa: "I'm so sorry..."

    Gary: "Don't be.."

    They find themselves entering the nearby riverside. Just outside the building is all the people the Harbingers captured, reassembling, with the police securing what's left. Murph and Leona are nowhere to be seen.

    Sonny: "Hey, Bern. Where's little Luce?"

    Louie: "Bernardo?"

    Bern: "She's in hiding, with Laura and Jake's friends. They're fine."

    Louie: "Thank God."

    Sonny: "I'm seeing adjudicators, competitors, and even our celebs lah. Think your guys can control them?"

    Bern: "Si. There's another group coming in for that in a few seconds. The Polizei already here are searching the building now."

    15 minutes later, he gets a clean response soon afterwards.

    Bern: "Right. The Harbinger isn't here, but the computers show that their data and resources are nil. Someone is in possession of one hell of a killer virus."

    Policeman: "Alright, guys. Assemble here and tell us where you need to be."


    Back in the present..

    Outlaw: "So.. you're united? Unexpected."

    Gary: "Ah yup, but thing is: My killer instincts are kind of a bind now, thanks to her. No snipers, N. Sorry."

    N.Z: "And you brought the M-95? A waste it is."

    Ginoa: "M-95?! That's mine! Gary!"

    Gary: "Hey, hey, hey.. Don't make me wrap you up again.. actually, we can start a chase scene and.."

    Outlaw: "Guys. They're coming in. The Mclaren! The precious intel!"

    Outlaw suddenly jumped in his Mustang and started a charge to them.


    N.Z: "JACOB!"

    The Mustang went head on to the people at 120 MPH, passing a grassy patch. The natural off road nature of muscle cars helped have it travel faster than the norm.


    They get started on firing as they hear it approach. As bullets destroy parts of it's engine, it gets on fire.

    Outlaw: "This will be your last ride!"

    Outlaw jumps out and rolls to slow down, with a few scrapes on his jacket. The Mustang crashes into the wall and explodes, injuring everyone else. Back at the three, Ginoa pushes a button as she sees the car crash through her sniper scope.

    Ginoa: "And boom goes the dynamite."

    Gary: "You asked him, right?"

    Ginoa: "I planted it earlier today, when i was 'knocked out'. Part of his plan."

    Gary: "Smart.."

    N.Z gets a radio and talks to it.

    N.Z: "John, it's time!"

    Johnson: "Roger!"

    Police surround the area where Outlaw crashed. The three get closer and they ponder.

    Gary: "Where's J?"


    Outlaw sneaks by and enters the warehouse, and sees the Harbinger, alone with all his bodyguards apprehended or killed by the explosion.

    Harbinger: "The Demon of Rockport.."

    Outlaw: "You."

    Harbinger: "I'm about to get the biggest payday of my life, Outlaw. You.. you want to ruin an old man's life?"

    Outlaw: "You.. you captured my competition. You waste of flesh!"

    Outlaw grabs him and immediately interrogates him, Batman style.

    Harbinger: "Oww.."

    Outlaw: "The police are outside.. There's no way out, Harbinger. Your men are killed in that explosion of my only steed. A man wants you to pay, dearly!"

    Harbinger: "And what? Kill me? That's the only way out, right?"

    N.Z: "Kill? That i would gladly do so."

    N.Z pops in, with gun at hand.

    Harbinger: "You.. the Enigma."

    N.Z: "Yes. I want to end your miserable existence, old man. You're going to pay for what's happened to me."

    Harbinger: "I don't know you, Enigma. But who are you.. within that suit? I was once known as N.Z, and i gave my suit to a.. *cough* fool like you?"

    Outlaw: "Ahh.. that explains it then.."

    Harbinger: "The N.Z name is a name given to the worthy driver, beginning from the legends of the first days of car racing.. It was given over the years as the best racers. If it matters to your age, Outlaw: touring car legend Alan Robinson took the mantle from the 90s, then me 5 years later, then.. him. Alan's in cahoots eh?"

    N.Z: "I'd tell if you are dead. But, let's say i want you out of my life. I'll give you that much, before I'll be branded as a man who killed an old man."

    Outlaw lets him go.

    Outlaw: "Go. This is the mercy we're giving now."

    Harbinger: "Hah.. I'll remember this. And you're cocky enough to destroy what the Harbingers have achieved over the years? Fine job. But should i be back, you two will come in mind."

    The Harbinger gets away.


    A few days later. Frankfurt Airport.

    Jacob: "So.. good luck then, Paul."

    Paul: "Aye. Me and Amelia here.. we're in no more Harbinger business no more. Free as a bird, eh?"

    Amelia: "Yea! Come on, daddy! We have to see mom!"

    Paul: "I know."

    Jacob: "Well, alright. I have a final to start preparing."

    The gate is calling for Glasgow.

    Paul: "Come on, Amelia. Let's go see your mum."

    Amelia moves on in excitement, but as Jacob leaves, he gets a pat.

    Paul: "Jacob."

    Jacob: "Huh?"

    Paul: "Don't lie, mate, but.. you're the man who beat me to a pulp?"

    Jacob: "Well.."

    Jacob smirked.

    Jacob: "I am still empty, Paul. The outlaw torn."

    FIN PART 11

    Author's Notes

    - We're near the end!

    - Lack of pictures? Hey, I'm sorry alright. Just don't stare at me like that. :sick:

    - Gary and Ginoa takes the spotlight this time. The spotlight will return to Jacob by the start of Chapter 4.

    - By chapter 4 (final chapter), half the cast here won't be present, or just appear as cameos. Keith, Jacob, Sonny, Gary, and Ginoa are in.

    - And prepare for Ginoa's tendencies for getting contracts from different stories..

    - A Saints Row: The Third reference when Gary parachutes to get Ginoa.

    - When i mean "A villain who's determined to win no matter the cost", i didn't really finish that sentence, right?

    - That's that for the Mustang. But Outlaw will carry a new car into the fray. It's an excellent 580pp racer, comparable to the Ford GT.

    - Next part: The end of the competition. The New Blacklist walks away. Many new things revealed.
  26. SomePlayaDude


    Part 12/Finale: We Will Never Forget.

    Nurburgring. 10 PM.

    Song: 30 Seconds To Mars - Night Of The Hunter (Gladiator).

    The competition's finals. An elimination race in the dark, with no media coverage and the cars in pure darkness.


    Eliminated after one lap, suspense fills all those who aren't driving. After the last elimination, which is set up before the large straight, the winner is told to pass the GP track finish line.


    The rain falls heavily. What car will be the only one that will pass the line?



    Voices from the grandstands, to live TV watchers, to even radio stations. Many variants of these came.


    "Guys, it's the winner!"

    "We have a new King. A new King!"

    "The car.. the car we're seeing.. a black Camaro!"


    "My gosh. It's Sonny! Sonny's done it!"

    "A racing king is born from the depths of hell! Soooonnnyyyy!"


    "And the chequered flag is waved at 10:21 PM. The Camaro takes it home."

    "Go! Road America!


    Sonny has became the new King of The Ring. Crowds are cheering and news are announcing the results in quick succession.

    After all the cars return, Sonny gets out and is bombarded by a crowd and fans, with the rain stopping.

    Sonny: "Yo. I won, but one at a time, please."

    He get's carried into the crowd, like in a concert.

    Then, a live recorded event starts. Williem, holding a crown, goes to Sonny.

    Williem: "Congratulations. I have been dethroned from a chance at immortality."

    Sonny: "Nice. Yes. Thank you, Mr. Weiss. I would like to thank my dad, Jackie.. my mom, Red Hot M, God bless your soul. My buddies here for supporting me. Outlaw, whoever you are, you're mine."


    After all the conferencing and many things, Jacob is on the phone.

    Jacob: "Mmmhmm. Killers. How basic. I've been hit by a few here, but nothing to report back."

    Keith: "Alright. I've been through one hell of a racing season when you're gone. I'd tell you later. I mean, things like hitmen just attacked our home, man."

    Jacob: "Hitmen? Ask Vulture to add even more security; that attack will be the last. Speaking of attacks.. you remember that Ginoa woman Gary's getting a fit about."

    Keith: "Yea.."

    Jacob: "Say she and him got together again and they both went back to Japan."


    A few days ago. Narita Airport. 10 am.

    With baggage in hand, Ginoa and Gary enters the arrival hall, with the latter holding the former to battle a fear. Their wounds heal fast, despite their battle between themselves happened shorter than a week ago.

    Gary: "Stop shaking like that. You're making yourself a rather poor impression to my boss."

    For a woman who prefers wearing casual over something tight like a catsuit, Ginoa is currently making a bad visual of her professional self. Still shaking..

    Ginoa: "I.. know. Your holding on my arm isn't helping."

    Gary: "Whoops."

    Ginoa: "So.. that's your boss? I know him.."

    They are led from their airport to a small cafe. Then, the waiter leads them to a private room. Waiting for them is a man in a red suit and a woman in a grey Chinese dress.

    Vulture: "Gary. You overshadowed your emotions, it seems."

    Ginoa: "Am I glad. It's that or he would left me to fall a high riser."

    Gary: "Hey, V. They aren't the easiest emotions to manipulate."

    Izumi: "Hmm.. I have this device in my phone and it's detecting a lot of dangerous weaponry on your body.. knives shrouded as fingers, detonatable teeth.. do i see a blade in your hairclip?! Well, it's the real deal, nii-san."

    Vulture: "Okay. Welcome to Japan, Miss Fantoccia. The Harbingers?"

    Ginoa: "Already done for. I 'supplied' a virus to destroy all their information, and planted a bomb in Outlaw's Mustang, with his consent."

    Izumi: "It seems that you're getting outmatched, eh Gary-san? Teeheehee."

    Gary: "F:censored:k, s:censored:t, sonofa.. Don't make me hold your arm, Izzy."

    Ginoa: "I told Jacob that i was hired already with a bigger payment. Mr. Koji here took quite a risk. You just beat their offer by 200k."

    Vulture: "Flattering. Now, i want your eternal trust, Assassin. I want to make sure you don't get hired for these names, and payment shall be regular."

    Ginoa is handed a list from Izumi. The list contains names from various people Vulture knows or has befriended, like Gary, the Ross brothers and more.

    Ginoa: "Name the price and I'll consider it."

    Vulture: "Good. And your first contract right away; I know you love it. I've been put on suspicion by some law enforcement. I want you to slowly destroy my dear Izumi's organization so she can take the helm. Agents from the CIA, led by a man you should already know: Clinton."

    Ginoa: "Ahh, him. That old codger's finally getting what's coming. This'll be good. I know it."

    Izumi: "But first, let me suggest you take out this man: Toshiro Chouji. He's being too close on Keith, and under that much pressure, he might break our cover. I want him *cuts throat sound*."

    Izumi shows her a dossier of said man, taken from the CIA.

    Ginoa: "Hehehe.. what a cutie."

    Gary: "I'll get started on those agents that need taking care of. Something you might need to know: according to N's files, a small group of Harbingers made base here after we took em out that day."

    Vulture: "Speaking of which.. where is our dearest enigma?"


    Jacob: "According to some tweets i got, Gary's got her in agreement that she's not going to kill any of us."

    Keith: "Uhhuh."

    Jacob: "Well, parents were here. They said hi."

    Keith: "Cool. Saw our pa' in the TV and man, was i surprised."

    Jacob: "Well, they went back to California and my flight home is tomorrow morning. And this time: the Ford's on the plane. Also, any news on Alan?"

    Keith: "Now that you mention it, he just went to see Aunt Nami when i caught them.. doing the you know what.. But on more pressing matters, he's gone back to the UK for a while. He'll be back for Bern X Luce.

    Jacob: "Get ready to be called best man, Keith. See ya."


    Jacob sits in a spot near a sleek white car. He relaxes and reflects on what he's gone through these past weeks. Then..

    N.Z: "Hey."

    Jacob: "Enigma."

    N.Z: "I managed to grab the keys from Will and secure the McLaren in my place in Britain. Whoever held it before donating to this place is to be punished."

    Jacob: "Well, Kirkham is dead. It's a shame to let it go."

    N.Z: "True, but let me tell you.."

    He whispered through Jacob's ears. It made Jacob realize.

    Jacob: "Oh. That makes sense."

    N.Z: "Yep. Don't worry. Sonny's going to get another car. Those Citroens aren't easy to grab hold on, but he will want it, i know it."

    Jacob: "Speak of the devil."

    Sonny appeared.

    Sonny: "It's you! Where's my prize car, lah. I swear.. i have the keys here from the ceremony.. and they told me it's here.."

    N.Z: "You must be exhausted after that race. It's right here."

    The car next to Jacob is revealed as a GT by Citroen.


    Jacob: "Now that's something from the future."

    Sonny: "Wait.. where's the McLaren?"

    N.Z: "About that car.. I had someone go through it's authenticity and then it was found with drugs, probably planted by the Harbingers or there for a long time.. Sorry."

    N.Z nudges Jacob.

    Jacob: "Uh.. oh.. yeah.. can smell it a mile away. Must be fake. Wore a helmet so i don't get any hints."

    Sonny: "Oh come on! But.. i'm interested in this 2 million dollar car. It feels real."

    Jacob: "Well, congratulations, Son."

    Sonny: "Peh.. good races anyways, Jake. I have plans for you, Mr. Citroen, keh keh keh."


    A proper closing ceremony occurred the day after. Williem is officially retired as of then and rejoins the fray in snow rallying with Bernardo and Lucia. With them about to be married in a few weeks far east, the period of time will have the racing arranged with another set of drivers, led by Eduard.

    Louie reunites with Laura and happily left Germany, leaving Jacob once again. They marked their German holiday with seeing their son race like a real, proper racer, not a law breaking street racer.

    News of Outlaw's return has reached the world, and many bounty hunters and Interpol agents end up there to apprehend him, with a wave of fans trying to find him for the opposite reason.


    The roads between Frankfurt and Nurburg. The morning Jacob leaves Europe. 6 AM.


    Jacob: "Ahh, what an interesting turn of events."

    Williem: "Ja.. i can't believe we lost to some random asian."

    Hearing that, Jacob can't help but mention his Mythic status. But before he does, Lucia gets in the conversation.

    Lucia: "Oh bruder.. it's okay. You got like, 3rd, right?"


    Williem: "Ja. Herr Ross here did really good. Behind Sonny's tail non stop."

    Jacob: "That Camaro's a monster. We reached the large straight, and i can't believe him.. always in front of me, EVERY GOD D:censored:N TIME!."

    Bern: "Chill, mi amico."

    Jacob: "I know.."

    Williem: "Well, perhaps next year would be more fruitful. Maybe a few rookies going in poor then go out stinking rich."


    Lucia: "Herr Ross? Can i ask you?"

    Jacob: "Huh?"

    Lucia: "That Paul guy. I have this itching feeling i met him before."

    Jacob: "Him? He's Alan's first apprentice, before you."

    Bern: "Speaking of mi servo, Keith told us he's not in Japan."

    Lucia: "Maybe to visit that Paul guy again?"

    Williem: "Maybe, but i can't believe he's behind all that kidnapping. He's too sincere."

    Jacob: "He told me. He was blackmailed. They took his kid."


    Bern: "So that's what happened? So sad."

    Lucia: "We should give him some training on how to protect your family. He's so timid."

    Jacob: "I guess i have that covered. Step on it, Bern. I don't want to be late."

    Bern: "Aiya.. you're like Keith."


    Frankfurt Airport. 8 AM.

    Finishing check in, Jacob meets with the European trio. His flight goes in about an hour.

    Lucia: "Well. This is it. Bruder.."

    Williem: "Yes.. emm. Good luck, Jacob. Let's have another showdown on the track soon. Maybe somewhere in Japan? I've not much faith in the skills their racers provide, but.. the roads?"

    Jacob: "The roads are splendid. Just hand me a call, and we can arrange something. Bring a mask; you'll get the privilege of racing Outlaw."

    Williem: "Ahh. So sneaky. Great! I can't wait, but.. my schweister needs my help."

    Lucia: "Oh, bruder.."

    Williem: "Hahaha."

    Bern: "Either way, see you soon, mi amico. We'll be back."

    Jacob: "Yeah. Okay. And Will: keep an eye on Leona for me."

    Williem: "Her? Oh, don't worry. She's in good hands."

    They split up. As Jacob comes in closer to the boarding gate, he sees his old crew. Lee has bandages on his face, with Leona on crutches.

    Jacob: "Queen? What the hell happened?"

    Leona: "I am shot. Don't worry. It's not that bad. It's not my first time."

    Lee: "Ya, boss. She's tough, macam.. gajah! (like an elephant)"

    Murph: "Ehhehe. Whatever that means, it's bound to be an insult."

    Jacob: "Heh.. So, what's your plans? Just go home."

    Leona: "I came to see you and dyadya off, cowboy."

    Lee: "First class again, eh boss?"

    Jacob: "Doing what we can with the money."

    Fred and Sonny came over, done with off duty shopping.

    Sonny: "You're about to go, eh Jake? So fast lah, no time to chill?"

    Jacob: "How about you? I heard you're flying later."

    Sonny: "I am. I arranged my 2 cars, and taxes, man. First priority, get insurance for the Citroen."

    Fred: "I know it won't be much of a surprise, but I'm heading back to the States as well, Little Jacob. Same flight."

    Jacob: "Poor Leona."

    Leona: "Don't worry about me, cowboy. Balagur is still going to be here."

    Murph: "Yeah.. i love the fresh air here."

    Jacob: "I asked Will to help you should you need it."

    Leona: "Just what i needed.."

    The gate calls for boarding to Japan. Jacob and Lee say their goodbyes.

    Jacob: "Murph. Thanks for everything, man."

    Murph: "Hey, it's no big deal. Make a call, or e-mail me when's the next big thing, alright?"

    Jacob: "I will."

    Fred crushes Lee and Jacob again.

    Fred: "Come on, you two."

    Jacob: "Ffrrreeed!"

    Lee: "Owwww.. you'll get used to it."

    Then, Leona.

    Jacob: "Well, Leona?"

    Leona: "Do svidaniya, cowboy. Now, get out of here."

    Jacob: "Tough words. Well, see you soon."

    Leona: "Da. Oh, dyadya?"

    Lee: "Huh?"

    She kissed the Malay man in the cheek.

    Leona: "Bol'shoe spasibo.. dyadya."

    Lee: "I'll miss you too, Queen."

    Sonny: "Guys? What about me?"

    Jacob: "Oh? You're coming for Bern's reception, right? I'll see you there, then."

    Sonny: "I'm coming a week before that. Just a few steps, just in case lah. Get ready, Jake!"

    Lee: "Ehhh Sonny! Jumpa lagi di Jepun!"

    Sonny: "Ya.. selamat jalan."

    They enter the plane, leaving Germany. Their hearts feel heavy after the goodbyes, hoping to see them again.

    Next section, for single post users.
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    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    A house just by the Thames at Westminster. 2 PM.


    A black McLaren arrives and N.Z parks it by the bridge. With a badge on his chest, N.Z has been recently commended by The Scotland Yard for his efforts on bringing down the Harbingers. Satisfied, N.Z carries a small briefcase and rings the bell. Someone approaches to answer it.

    Alan: "It's you. And you managed to bring her back in one piece."

    N.Z: "Fine car it is; you know i can't just leave it to someone else. I see you got the old pad cleaned up."

    Alan: "Just a speciality. How's your face?"

    N.Z: "Why so curious?"

    Alan: "Just want to know if you feel different after plastic surgery."

    N.Z: "Dumb question.. but, maybe a little different."

    They enter the house with hot tea waiting.

    Alan: "Where's our old friend the Harbinger, eh?"

    N.Z: "He's gone, penniless, guideless.. I gave him a new life with some of the leftover Harbinger cash. I'm vengeful yes, for ruining my life, but i guess we have to move ahead."

    Alan: "So very true. Nice touch. It's like you and Mythic."

    N.Z: "It is. The day we found the Harbingers was great, but i guess we have to move ahead and aspire for more."

    Alan: "Well, i heard their servers went and gone. Mythic is now just a fleeting memory now, huh?"

    N.Z: "Yes."

    Alan: "Well, welcome back home, Enigma. How about i make you your favorite dish?"

    N.Z: "Like a dad, huh? Well, okay. Remember: no nuts."

    Alan leaves the home to shop. N.Z ends up into a room, containing his computer and signs in while plugging in a small hard drive. He enters a folder called "Mythic" and many logs are shown. He starts a program and starts typing down:

    Mythic Log #63.

    It's been 8 years. 8 long years. The Harbingers are now turned from criminal conglomerate to a small scale bank robber. I'll take that as vengeance complete after they tried to kill me. I managed to reclaim the right of Mythic (i 'stole' it), after getting it taken from me. They're dangerous if they're used the way they're intended by my old friend. I managed to split them up again, but the days of their training haven't escaped their minds. 3 of them entered a large scale racing tournament in exotic road cars: The Horseman, The Chimera and The Wyrm.

    Before that, i managed to get involved in their lives and kept track of their progress. I won't go rambling over their time i stalked them.. maybe i should find a better word.

    Song: The Maccabees - Pelican.

    Small author's note: Instead of posting the lyrics, i'll post the times of the song to sync with the story, stopping after reaching a line. But feel free to just listen or not. I'm not forcing you to do anything to properly enjoy my writing.


    Song Progress: 0:00 - 0:43.

    Name: Sonny Meng Xian Zhen.
    Named: Soul Chimera.

    Texas, USA. 8 PM.

    A lone car travels across the long roads. Sonny drives away at his team's renewing on his old rustbucket.

    Sonny: "This is splendid!"


    Progress: Sonny's been positive the past few months after the Harbingers took their license. He's been entering the car in high speed again and again in the US after this, due to testing supercars.


    Many witness him on test tracks and speed drives on behalf of companies like Ford, SSC, Chevrolet and SRT, with many aftermarket tuners as well. His opinions are regarded as unbiased and as one of the best, and even while our training him might've scarred him, it reinforced his interest.

    Sonny: "180...190... Whooaaaa!"


    He recently won the King of The Ring, and won him another car for his team to work with. The team isn't the New Blacklist, but his own racing team, loyal to him even before his first day on the tracks. Just a reminder. His license is reinstated, with Paul's after the Harbingers' taking out.


    Sonny: "No more old rustbucket! It's the new hot shot lah!"

    Action: No priority is given. He might be the next to carry the N.Z visage. I'll consider it.


    Song Progress: 0:44 - 1:35.

    Name: Paul Henderson.
    Named: Highland Wyrm.

    A raceway in Cumbria, England.

    A trackday is present with many prominent UK racers. Paul, invited due to his progress in Nurburg, takes the wheel of his tuned Aston Martin, with his daughter hanging around in the pit lane, with a crew to watch her.


    Amelia: "Daddy! Someone's here to see you."

    Paul: "Who?"

    Progress: According to some contracts and audio files from the Harbingers, his wife's been in a coma for some time, and his daughter was taken.


    Amelia: "It's Mister Singh."

    Paul: "Eh? Doctor Singh? Put him on the line, then."

    Forced to race for them for money and maybe a threat is posed. From the forced racing, i can see his potential being much much higher than what we already saw back in Germany; emotions hold you back if they're negative.


    Amelia: "Oh... he'll wait for you to finish, dad. He said something about concentrating."

    Paul: "Ehh.. okay then. Give me a few more rounds."

    I'll ensure Carrie comes back up so he didn't need to worry, since Alan's been meddling with me about his own daughter. I'm sure with a racing career I'll set up for him; he won't be seeing retirement anytime soon.


    Since his idol is Colin McRae, how about WRC? Maybe 24HR Le Mans, since he's a prime Aston Martin driver? I'll ask soon. Since i want to have a close eye on him, I've set up plans that i won't return to Japan. SELF REMINDER: give regards to Vulture.


    Action: See above. Just hope he's being more open now.

    Paul gets out, finished with his run. He then sees the doctor.

    Paul: "Doctor. Well, now you see me in the moments of me day job. What's up?"

    Singh: "Eyy Paul. Someone wants to see you."

    The doctor moves away and reveals Carrie, standing next to her father Alan.

    Alan: "Paul, my boy. Please take more care from now on."

    Paul: "I know i will. Come here, sweetums!"

    Carrie: "Honey! You're okay!"

    They both kiss, with Singh and Alan standing by. After a small while, Amelia approaches.

    Amelia: "Mommy?"

    Carrie: "Dear. How was your father?"

    Amelia: "He's gone through a lot of stuff.."

    Paul: "And after all of them stuff, this is the moment of me life!"


    Song Progress: 1:36 - 2:37.

    Name: Jacob Ross (Outlaw)
    Named: Horseman of the Apocalypse.

    The Military base in Osaka. Midnight.


    A car leaves the area.


    Progress: Jacob nearly did it, all the glory taken by his friend. He's the pinnacle of our training. I have to say: Outlaw's return is uninspiring and short. Maybe he's already given up on it? I can feel that he enjoys being Outlaw, so i won't expect a permanent disappearing.

    The car continues along, with two people inside.


    His wife's missing, and he's trying to get her back and stop street racing. I can see that with races like recently in Germany and against the Yakuza, it's a hard thing to focus on two things.. His culture status in Japanese racing really shines on what we provided to his skills, while hiding it, of course.


    Vulture: "Your legacy still goes on?"

    Outlaw: "I think it's time it carries on."

    Vulture: "I've helped you with surveying the island and even receive this car from afar; now will you help me?"

    Outlaw: "I'd want to be free from debt already, Vulture."

    I bumped him a few times, from the days in The City, the Yakuzas, and giving him a bit of inspiration here and there. He's set his own path, so i won't really interfere that. If I'm being biased, he's probably our best man, but i'll reserve judgement.

    Vulture: "Teach me.. the way of the streets."

    Outlaw: "Unexpected, you would ask me of all people."

    Vulture: "Yes. Gary says i needed a racer's touch"

    Outlaw: "Well, i can't promise a result, but it doesn't hurt to try."


    Action: Watch, with a capital W. Maybe ask Alan to help out.


    Song Progress: 2:38 - 3:19.

    Name: Rin Nishimura
    Named: Infernal Phoenix

    A Shrine in Mt. Hakone.


    Keith and his auntie, Nami, waits inside.

    Keith: "So.. what's the note say."

    Nami: "Don't worry, Kei-san. It just says to be here at this time. The note technically wants me to come alone."

    Keith: "You sure it's not dangerous?"

    Nami: "Don't worry about me. It's just an empty shrine. I know a way to leave."

    Nami had a look around and notices many things as somewhat recognizable.

    Progress: Not much to say. She's been hiding out in many places in Japan, moving constantly (I'll admit, we agreed not to see each other often and she'll call to see me) and it's by sheer luck i met her in Okinawa.

    Nami: "This shrine.. if I'm right, we once had a walk here with your uncle, when Rin was still so small."

    From back in the day, she's one that's wanting to use her skills for her so called 'greater good'. I'm trying to get her back into her training from street racing, since police work and track racing won't count as an anonymous thing.

    Then, after that, another car arrives. A white IS F.


    Coming out is Kate, surprising Keith.

    Keith: "It's you. Skater girl? You called us out."

    Kate: "Yep. Now, be a nice man and leave us be. I just want to see the old lady."

    I asked her to watch her husband now and then, but her methods?? who knows what she'll do. She's has a large want to come back into her married life, but holds back on why (even me) she doesn't want to.

    The young lady approached the widow.

    Keith: "What's a sweet woman like her going to do?"

    Keith leaves the area with his Corvette. The noise interferes with what Kate has planned.


    Nami: "What do you want, calling me out like this? I'm a busy woman, and i don't have time for.."

    Kate: "Give me a moment.."

    Kate moves her pink hair off her head, revealing a short set of dark hair. The look of Kate resembles someone Jacob recognizes, as his wife.

    Like a fledgling phoenix, about to be an immortal messiah. It'll be a thing to see.

    Nami suddenly floods her face with tears.

    Nami: "Oh.. is it... but.. but.."

    Rin: "I'm sorry, Okaasan. I couldn't protect Otousan.."

    Action: She's on my priority, even though I'm not going back to Japan. I'll have to contact her again about her progress. Woman racers are a rare breed, and she's the cream of the crop... I wish i was Jacob.

    They both reunite, hugging what seems to be an eternity.


    Song Progress: 3:20 - End.

    I managed to get back my McLaren from those villains. The files on board.. a decoy. I have to thank Jacob soon about it. I carry these files with me 24/7. I won't let anyone know who i really am. It's the way of the enigma. I can't believe i have to give up on that soon, but.. i hope it's going to be worth it.

    Got to keep going forward..

    Nash Kirkham.


    Author's Notes

    - On a break now. I'm enjoying myself writing this, but i have to get a break from writing, right? I'll be back.

    - Sonny won? Well, it's too cliche for the Protagonist to win freaking everything. Also, i am biased to me. :)

    - Trans-Cammer time in Motegi West: 36.638 seconds. Took me hours tuning it.

    - Notice how the Mythic cars are black or white? I made it like that.

    - We won't be seeing a lot of characters for the rest of the main story. Gone are the New Blacklist (except Murph and Lee), Eduard Alvarez, Paul Henderson (with family), The Harbinger and the Ross' parents. Nash might be back, but that's still in the works.

    - Rin's going to play a role in the next chapter. The couple will meet in the end. Notice how i might play with the word 'meet'.

    - Sequel for GT6? Maybe. I'm not getting enough demand to get any inspiration for it yet.

    - The characters in this fanfic are free to be used should you want to use them, just don't have them break character, killed, crippled, change in any slight way etc. and try not to conflict with what I'm doing. Ask me for the little details via PM. Cars? I'll provide a copy should it not reach the 1 million limit.

    - Next chapter: The stars are in place. Play your cards right. Before it's too late for both of them.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Sonny's Camaro Z28 RM. Tuned for 600pp
    - Sonny's GT by Citroen. 570pp
    - Outlaw's Mustang Trans-Cammer. 581pp
    - Rin's Lexus IS-F. Tuned for 525pp

    Cast Introduced.

    - Nash Kirkham. If you've read along, he's the identity of the current N.Z. Taught the Mythic what's what on the road. Faked his death to preserve their purpose in life.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Awesome finale! Hope to see it return sometime.
  29. amemyarz


    United States
    Amazing! Good twist, actually glad jacob lost
  30. SomePlayaDude


    Sneak Preview.​

    Author's Note: A small section, starring Gary and Ginoa. This will reappear in Chapter 4, and they are subject to change. This is a purely entertainment section, so no spoilers or anything progressing ahead, i think.

    Shibuya, Tokyo. 5 AM.

    The night is quiet for most of the year in the neighborhood. Many supercar enthusiasts live in this certain section. It appears that nothing in particular will happen this time..


    The moment of calm and silence is broken with a man kicking a door of a home with a purple Challenger in front.


    Coming out of the door is Gary, casually twirling a 45. pistol. The pistol, with safety on, has no way it could discharge outside the consent of it's wielder. Gary gives out a command.

    Gary: "Alright guys.. this a way."

    The men mentioned carries out a wooden tatami with a futon out of their master's home. The help consists of some gangsters loitering the place, under hire from Gary when he first arrived in Japan. The futon on the tatami carries an asleep Ginoa: an infamous criminal known as the Assassin, who has righted her wrongs with Gary: a former gangster, on the rise to infamy as something even bigger altogether.

    Gangster: "Okay.. So! To where now, boss?"

    Gary: "Just head off over there, by that wooden bridge. Make sure she's not going to get one hint of this."


    Not realizing the actions of the notorious Gary, Ginoa carries on sound asleep. With the help of the 3 gangsters, Gary's plan is as he would see it. The tatami is repositioned to a spot on the bridge's handrails, with her, miraculously balancing like an empty see saw.


    Gary: "Alright guys. That's a hundred bucks for each of you. Go.. do something with it."

    With the gangsters paid off a meager sum, they leave the area. After seeing his partner hanging in the balance for a while, Gary turns off the safety and then shoots his handgun, aiming it to the sky.

    Gary: "Wakey wakey!"

    With an act like that, Gary is bound to win the 'Worst Neighbor of All Time' award. Birds fly, people are disturbed and authorities are noted, while the response of the latter blocked by Gary's own men.

    The gunshot obviously wakes up the once asleep Ginoa, wearing sleeping robes. She sees the situation and immediately panics. Her movement leads the futon, along with tatami to slowly fall into the water, with her.

    Ginoa: "S:censored:t! GARY!!"

    Her climbing off the rather smooth floor panel ends up in futility. In her struggle to keep clean and dry, Gary starts laughing.


    He hears the splash he wanted so much with the small prank. Unexpectedly, Ginoa, still dry, managed to escape a premature bath by jumping off the tatami the last moment she could and swiftly hangs on to the stone wall. Slowly and quietly, she moves to the nearby bushes and climbs herself up to the nearby bushes.

    Ginoa: "F:censored:king hell, Gary. You really want to equalize our little prankfest so bad."


    Unsheathing a knife from her shin..

    Ginoa: "Sometimes he forgets why i am so feared."

    Then, she quickly jumps out, and does a knife-to-the-throat choke hold, to a quick change in mood Gary.

    Gary: "B:censored:h!"

    Ginoa: "Ohh Gary.. that tactic was like a... boxful of kittens: so.. cute."

    Gary: "Ahh s:censored:t.. I surrender. So.. emm.. still remember the score?"

    Ginoa: "4-2. I'm.. the 4, by the way."

    Gary: "Look, Gin. I didn't send you swimming with the kois for no reason. You've been sleeping a lot lately. Mr. V just wanna see what's up?"

    Ginoa: "Haha.. since you asked soo nicely... *pushes knife* A target i want dead? He's dead, but.. not by me. I'm not.. getting paid for that circumstance, Gare-bear. It's like.. the paperwork's done for you the moment you get on... the desk."

    Gary: "Hah! That's nice. But if you're curious, i lied. I was pretty curious, Gin. I woke you up, because Mr. V wants us at Fuji Circuit by noon. I suggest being early bird and grab the sleeping worm, if you know what i mean. Thought you weren't getting much sleep on the futon."

    Ginoa changes the blade of the knife from a sharp one, to an electric one.

    Gary: "Whoa.. You zap me, and it's either you sleep with me, or you're not getting a new bed."

    Ginoa: "Oh, don't worry. It's not a fatal.. zap. I'm grateful i.. got your message, Gary. Get ready to.. go by 8, and no.. gangsters. Traffic here can be unpredictable.."

    Gary: "Okay.. but one thing.. don't mind me having a guess, but.. but what's up with the rather bumpy talking, eh? Hmm, I'm guessing.. are you shivering?"

    Ginoa: "Huh? You're.. right.. I'm freezing out here! What's going.. on?!"

    They both see the area the bush Ginoa jumped out, and sees her sleeping robes, hung by the leaves. She lets go of Gary, revealing her slender body covered by an undershirt and panties.

    Gary: "4-3?"

    Ginoa: "4-3 it is. No wonder.. it feels so cold.."

    Immediately rushing for the garb, she puts it on and starts walking back with Gary.

    Gary: "You know, i was thinking extending that score to a draw.. I can call my boys over there and.."

    A foul wind blows. Her face turns red in shame, despite shivering.

    Ginoa: "Don't.. you.. say.. a.. thing.."

    Gary: "Gary, with the hat trick! What a play!"

    4-1 Coming Soon.