Legacy Of The Dark Horse Ending: The Sun Sets. A Cowboy's Last Ride.

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    A news bulletin on television. 9 PM

    An international channel on Japan has a daily news report everyday to keep everyone in the country in sync with what's happening in and out of the country. To international news, to small scale news every now and then.


    News Reporter: "Thank you very much for that report. On news in crime in Japan: quiet, but it seems that one of FBI's Most Wanted, a criminal, street name 'Outlaw', was last seen in Japan driving in his trademark Mustang. The police are asking Interpol to double their efforts on his search, and his true identity behind the mask. Once proclaimed dead, it appears that his recent reappearance in Germany was no fluke at all, proving the fluke of his death in Rockport a few months ago."

    The expressway just outside Kyoto.

    Song: Rudimental ft. John Newman - Feel The Love.

    Song Progress: 0:00 - 1:02

    It was dark, and rainy.


    The streets are monitored with authority since the day Jacob used his illegal Turbo on his Ford GT. Although, this didn't stop people from street racing here.


    Nothing is happening this certain night, until a lone 1970s Mustang appeared.


    The car starts accelerating. The powerful classic V8 Mustang engine roared, A small on radio broadcast can be heard inside through the driver's phone, since the car is stripped of all comfort based amenities, like air conditioning.


    Legacy Of The Dark Horse...​


    Part 1: Streetwise.

    Song Progress: 1:03 - 2:29.


    News Reporter: "Outlaw's identity as the real deal was found when the person, found in Nurburg, Germany, was revealed to have proof in the form of his trademark tattoo underneath his left arm."


    News Reporter: "His car: A new generation Mustang, was alleged smuggled straight from Georgia. The illegally powered up muscle has seen the many demises of police interceptors, and a hefty bounty is being held on it's destruction or recovery."


    News Reporter: "After the period of his appearance, rumors arise of his new home? Some say the streets of the United Kingdom. Others say in the far eastern country of Japan. But the attention has shifted to his home ground in Georgia, where local street racing scenes have recently spiked.

    Turning off the Radio Station applet from his phone, Outlaw keeps the car's speed up to 215 MPH.

    Outlaw: "Peons.."


    The car's reputation has once been shunned by a prominent American driver once. Outlaw's mission, already fulfilled, with weeks of illegal racing and Interpol evasion in Japan, is so far well known to all as a public nuisance, an idol and inspiration, or maybe just nothing altogether.

    He drives underneath an overpass.


    He sees the arc, remembering the day he drove past it and reminisce about his days in Seacrest.


    The car's top speed is spotted by a speed camera. It records at 223 MPH. Outlaw manages to get it from his control panel in his car.

    Outlaw:"Hmm.. just one mile underneath Gary's super Shelby.. No matter."


    Receiving a police call from his scanner, he knows about a roadblock set up in front, so Outlaw slowed down and took the next ramp.


    Song Progress: 2:30 - end.

    Outlaw stops the car to slow down the heat. Turning the engine off, he gets out in the rain. His outfit, doubling as a poncho, fills with the rain falling.


    He sees the lighting around his hiding spot.



    Outlaw:"No way i can hide here for long."

    He re-enters his car and gets his phone. Setting the police scanner to maximum range, he goes through his private e-mail, used to receive messages and send them as Outlaw. He reads through 3 unread letters.

    Dear Outlaw. (redirected 8 times)

    While we have to keep this in private (for our sake), we are grateful for your order on your classic Mustang's conversion to our award winning Trans-Cammer Mustang. With many representees of the legendary Ford muscle car, you, no doubt, would also bring forth the name to the highest attention level. You won't be disappointed with the car; I myself made sure of that. Give us a call, or send us an email should any problems arise.

    Phil Koenan.
    Grand Touring Garage.


    To Outlaw. (redirected 8 times)

    It's not easy to get this over continents unnoticed, but i hope you know what you're doing with that. Me? I just want to see you burn the competition, or even, a few enforcement centers need a wake up call. I'm also sending this to say we confirmed your payment, and would like to thank your patronage. Do me a small favor and send my regards to another American who's quite popular in those parts. His name's Jacob Ross. I know him as the man who slept in my office, don't say why, okay?

    Owner of Block's Overseas Shipping, California Branch.



    Hey, man. Before the guys managed to ship it to Japan, me and the boys got to work with it and adjusted what's what, eh? I put in an old school supercharger inside it and adjusted a LOT of things inside. It should be more responsive, with the classic feel of old school muscle, given all the race parts. 748 horsepower, should reach 220, no problem, with it's hot rod like design, like your Mustang back in the day. There's nothing i know that can beat it in a street race with you on board, except for the occasional hypercar. For the occasion, I gave it a fresh coat of Nissan's Diamond Black Pearl, and got some nice Torq Thrusts. You should feel like a king racing it, and the handling.. what more can we say? Well, good luck, pal!

    Your Pal.

    Outlaw: "I can't believe he would go so far and help me.. This is the perfect car."

    The police scanner inside the Mustang beeped. Just as a police cruiser came over to investigate, he managed to get away, undetected, before a chase could begin.



    Gion, Kyoto. 10 PM.

    A couple walks among the streets at night. That couple consists of Hideki Minami, and Ayumi Tanaka. They recently started dating with each other, while still managing their street racing clubs.

    Recently coming home from a date and study period, the two walk back together to Hideki's place, since they live together after Ayumi moved out of her dormitory.

    Ayumi: "And after that ride with Takuma-san, i've decided: to make some sort of engine that'll compete, or maybe even revolutionize, like Mazda's Rotaries! I am the Rotary Queen, after all."

    Hideki: "Interesting.. A new engine type for sports cars?"

    Ayumi: "Well, it's not all for speed, and i'm still in the works. Now, Deki-san, I want you to tell me what you plan to do for your project?"

    Hideki: "I don't know.. i'm still a little embarassed to show it, Ayu-san."

    Ayumi: "*gasps* Deki-san! You need to man up! If you already vowed to me, you really need to shape up."

    Hideki: "Okay. Thanks."

    After the words of encouragement, Hideki reveals his plans to draw some hybrid prototype cars, with some sketches he put in his pocket.

    Ayumi: "You just carry that around?"

    Hideki: "Focus, Ayu-san!"

    After a while of looking, reading and walking.

    Ayumi: "Well, Deki-san.. i have to say.."

    Hideki: "Don't worry, i understand."

    Ayumi: "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?! It's such a free form category? I mean.. you can do this and that and.."

    Hideki: "Ayu-san.. Ayu-san.. please calm.. huh?"

    Hideki sees a black Mustang in the front of his home.


    Hideki: "Huh.. American Muscle don't come here often. I've seen tuners and exotics in Gion, but this.. Mustang? Ayu-san.. where have i heard of someone mentioning a black Mustang?"

    Ayumi: "I don't know. I have this feeling i've heard about it too, yet i can't seem to recall about it."

    Hideki had a sudden mind recall of a similar situation.



    The car is empty, but lights still on. Assuming it's just an oversight from the driver, he approaches even closer, when suddenly:

    ???: "I wouldn't do that if I were you."


    His instincts struck him again.

    Hideki: "There you are!"

    Hideki pointed to nothing.

    Ayumi: "Deki-san, please don't be so paranoid. I won't touch it; i promise. I don't want to do it like the last time i came close.."



    Ayumi: "Don't be a paranoid man. It's not like this car has an alarm.."

    *Alarm sounds*

    Hideki: "It's a road car, Ayu-san. Come on, we gotta get out of here before the neighbors.."

    Unfortunately behind Hideki is a woman known to make any man cry, despite the age difference

    Lucia: "You again, kleiner mann? And it seems you brought a little friend too."


    Ayumi: "That European woman gives me the chills.."

    Hideki: "Yeah, but once you know her, she's not that bad. She helped with a few things in my Toyota. Believe it or not, she's the prodigy everyone's been talking about: Lucia Weiss."

    Ayumi: "Really? She's the prodigal tuner? I have this feeling she knows Jacob-san too? Man! I wanna live there!"

    Hideki: "If we're done with our studies, maybe, with cash by track racing, we can open a garage by the small town. We can try and see what the landlords offer there first."

    As Ayumi goes around the bodywork, Hideki looks around the area for the owner of the Mustang. Then, after a brief look, it hit him.

    Hideki: "Wait.. Mustang? The news said something about a Mustang, owned by a criminal on the World's Most Wanted. There's only one man i know who fits this description."

    The moment Hideki is about to mention the name, someone behind the two hits a button on a keychain, prompting the car to automatically start. It startled them, especially when the mufflers blow out fire just centimeters from Ayumi's feet. The backdraft of the two? Ayumi is suddenly in tears, of fear.

    Ayumi: "AAAAHH. Deki-san! Deki-san!"

    Hideki got pushed away as by his love interest, and he's on the floor, in a crouching position.

    Hideki: "Where are my glasses?! If they're broken, ohh you're really going to pay!"

    Someone appears nearby, but the panic happening veils him from the two.

    Ayumi: "Who's there?!"

    The car turns off it's ignition, responding from the man that just appeared, drinking an energy drink from a can. He crushes it with his hand and tosses it to the nearby bin.

    Jacob: "And i was about to go, too. Well, this will have to do, i guess."

    Ayumi: "Huh?! You!"

    No doubt conflict would've happened around the area after what Jacob did. For purposes of safety, we skip this moment and move on.


    Later, inside the shared home of Hideki and Ayumi.


    Ayumi: "And you've stopped here, just to say hi?"

    Jacob: "Maybe. I just came here to lay low. Why? Well, I'm sure you know who's car that is?"

    Hideki: "You did mention a black Mustang once, but not an old one."

    Jacob: "The one i used to ride back in Rockport? It's crashed and burned now. Another black Mustang like this costs a fortune, but like a friend said to me once:"



    Gary: "It isn't that expensive. You have to know the right people, b:censored:h!


    Jacob: "You just have to know the right people."

    Hideki: "That looks pretty obvious to me, if you want to give advice."

    Jacob: "I really didn't come here for another story, or give more advice."

    Ayumi: "How about.. *gasps* Tell us! Tell us when you were at Germany, Jacob-san!"

    Jacob: "Hmm.. the unveiling of Jacob Ross, and Outlaw's return."

    Jacob stood up, but not for long.

    Jacob: "How about just a simple summary. It'd take too long for me to cover it all."

    Hideki: "It's late anyways."

    Ayumi: "You're right. Well?"


    Jacob: "We begin with my arrival."


    Murph: "He misses you blokes a lot. I think i broke a rib meeting him a few days ago. 2 weeks is quite the long time for this man."

    Fred: "No doubt i miss you boys. What's the plan, Little Jacob?"

    Jacob: "Oof.. You tell me. Plan a meet with Leona and Sonny. We'll have the old gang back, and then we take over the King Of The Ring."


    Jacob: "Remember the New Blacklist? I met them all."


    Getting out of said car is a woman, with a long, swanky dress. She also carries a new haircut and dyed her hair aqua, for hiding purposes maybe. This is Leona Mashkov.

    Leona: "Gospoda."(Gentlemen)

    Jacob: "Looks like the gang's all here."


    Jacob: "Ayumi, i did tell you about my childhood friend slash racing master Sonny. He's there, competing. We met. I and Sonny reconnect."


    Jacob: "So.. heard you retired."

    Sonny: "Yep."

    Jacob: "You've no shame discussing it with me."

    Sonny: "No. Not at all. It's just someone chose to mess with the wrong dude. That's what i told everyone."

    Jacob: "I'm sure it's not your doing."

    Sonny: "To me, it isn't. I think someone did something, but let's leave speculation to God, okay?"

    Jacob: "Sorry about that."

    Sonny: "No. Thanks for asking."


    Jacob: "We ended up getting his car for the competition."


    Jacob: "Gahh! Err.. *breathes quickly*"

    Realizing that he tripped on a piece of bodykit, he is introduced to the car he might be looking for. Another Dark Horse, or a predator of such.

    Jacob: "A Camaro? Sonny.. that was so predictable."

    Analyzing the car, he sees the works done by Sonny's crew. Lighter rims, a street legal aero bodywork. Even a racing conversion inside, with a rollcage holding a single seat, even though airconditioning seems to be present. The doors are surprisingly not bolted in, allowing treatment of a normal car in that case.


    Jacob: "Okay, okay, Son. I'm officially impressed."


    Jacob: "Arrived in Nurburg. Met up with Williem, if you remembered, Hideki."


    Williem: "Mein kameraden! Ed, when did you get here?"

    Eduard: "Just an hour ago, amigo. You know me and speeding tickets: non existant but needing of some."

    Williem: "Oh. Well, we're late because Bernardo's map skills are just not good enough."

    Bern: "Mi dispiace."

    Jacob: "You're not really late, are you?"

    Williem: "Not really, Herr Ross. I'm due for a small round the ring later. Have a look at what's to come. Come on, Ed."


    Jacob: "Saw a lap."


    Jacob: "Witnessed a lap."


    Jacob: "Made my own laps."



    Jacob: "Leaked my identity."


    Song: The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Cato Remix)

    Louie: "I got to him because he's my son, and one of my successors. Jacob Ross.. come on down!"

    Going around the Nordschliefe, Jacob is getting his grip on the Mclaren. Jacob hears everything his dad just said.

    Jacob: "Today marks the day i shake these very foundations."


    He enters the GP course. Most of the crowds recognize the BMW made V12.


    Jacob: "Got first in the elimination."



    The TV screens are unspeakably excited, as with the viewers. American flags are waved in what's left in the bleachers.

    Leona: "He's done it. Cowboy is the best on track!"

    Jacob finished with a stunning 6:55.124. The timer has expired, and Paul Henderson is eliminated from the competition. The last four remains for new challenges ahead.


    Jacob: "Stuff happens."


    Paul: "Oh my God.."

    Ginoa: "It can't be! (Isn't Jacob Ross in our custody?!)"

    Outlaw: "It's good to be back.... hehehehaa."


    Jacob: "Then i got the runner up position. That i don't need to explain any further."

    Ayumi: "But your debut was there. No more Kuroiuma-san anymore."

    Jacob: "I'm being offered endless sponsorships, despite my loss to a friend.. Sonny, who's now back in business, last i heard."

    Hideki: "You know Sonny? The racing enthusiast, Sonny?"

    Jacob: "He's my best friend in school, and in university. He went to a different university though, to do Automotive Engineering in UCL, while i did some Sports Science in Brunel. Both just around London, so we meet often."

    Ayumi: "And how about your first meet with Nishimura-san?"

    Jacob: "That's an interesting tale, actually."

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    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    I walked out from a bar with my classmate turned friend: Jared Sykes, who began as a room mate in a house i rented. Eventually, we, three of us under one roof, became friends and we do many things together after our studies. For Jared, i ended up meeting him as my superior on the fields back in my days as a marine.

    Jared: "Alright, mate. I'll see you back home, eh. I'll keep the door unlocked, i hope."

    Jacob: "You can ask Bern to do that. Just make sure you catch him not studying for his paper so he loses that bet."

    Jared: "OK. Memo noted. Good luck, loverboy."

    Jacob: "See you."

    He's big and strong, and he's actually part South African, but unlike Sonny, he's mainly American, and lived his life in America. I wasn't very close to Jared before the military, but we lived together and studied at the same university at the time. He was brave, sometimes too brave in the open and went through a bit too many surgeries in his life. Since he lived in Washington, i don't meet him often as normal people.

    At that day, i was late for a date. I rushed through a rainy London evening and saw a scene with a small girl threatened by a man. Naturally, i rescued her, but..

    Jacob: "Hush now, you're safe."

    Girl: "Was ist passiert? Geh weg!"

    Jacob: "The hell? What language is that? Do you speak English? I heard a 'help' there just now."

    Foreign and stubborn. She won't tell me anything. It's easier to comfort than just leave it at that.

    Jacob: "If you're going to be a b:censored:h, then i'll begin. I'm Jacob Ross. I study a bachelors in Physical Exercise. What's someone like you doing in an alley at this time?"

    A little warm fuzzies, and it's all good. She got up and became comfortable to me. I then realized that i am late.

    Jacob: "Great, i have to get going. Stay safe now, and get away from these alleys, OK?"

    She speaks up. I must be daft to let her go like that. Must be me rushing due to my tardiness.

    Girl: "Wait! Mister?"

    Jacob: "Huh?"

    Girl: "I.. don't have anywhere.. to go to. Can i.. come with you?"

    Jacob: "Hmm.. alright. Just don't go embarassing me. I'm sure you've heard of blind dates."

    Jacob: "What's your name, little princess?"

    Lucia: "Lucia... Lucia Weiss"


    Hideki: "That's how you know the prodigal tuner?"

    Jacob: "Apparently so. Believe it or not, she's hardened after that event, thus her tendency to use her fists to do her bidding."

    Ayumi: "Deki-san, let's meet her. She might be able to help my engine dream."

    Hideki: "Sounds like an idea, but remind me. Moving on?"


    I arrived at the place i was supposed to meet my date, unfortunately with me soaked, and bringing a teenage girl. I suppose i'm getting a good score for impressions.

    Jacob: "Now what do we do with you? Don't you have a house? A guardian?"

    Lucia: "I can call him to come here.. but i don't have a phone."

    I had a trusty old phone. I handed it to her to make the call by the waiting area. Leaving her, i went ahead and saw my date.

    Jacob: "Ah. An Asian? I swear, someday, Sonny needs to find me..."

    Rin: "Excuse me. I can hear you perfectly well."

    -1 points on me.

    Jacob: "That's an impression for the weak minded, i suppose. I'm Jacob Ross. Call me Jake."

    Then, she bowed.

    Rin: "Konbanwa. I am Nishimura Rin. Just call me Rin. No tricks in the naming... i swear, hehe."

    Jacob: "A Japanese, huh? What's an easterner like you doing here, huh? So.. Rin, was it?"

    Rin: "Yup!"

    Jacob: "Let's begin with the basics. What're you studying? I'm a physical exercise major in Brunel."

    Rin: "Umm.. I'm only here to study computer science in UCL."

    Jacob: "Computers? What drives you?"

    Rin: "Ohho, ehh.. just passionate for the future, i guess."

    I'm fierce as a tiger. I can't let that little bit of doubt escape me.

    Jacob: "What future is there without computers? How about you elaborate?"

    She's no different.

    Rin: "Well, it's not like you can just do sports sciences with a snap of your fingers, Jacob-san. What says you, Jacob-san?"

    Jacob: "Tough words.. And you have fluent English too? Damn. I withdraw that question."

    Rin: "*mimics southern USA accent* Ya can't beat a girl, you brawns for brains person?*normal accent* Then, by my honor, you'll have to, so you can impress me."

    Jacob: "Hehehe... you're unusual for a Japanese person.. And did you know the use of honor is cliche and overrated?"

    Rin: "*gasp* Oh you wouldn't even.."

    Jacob: "I would.."

    It was heated, but i don't want to really explain our little talk we're having. To carry on, I was told by Lucia about what happened before she came to me. She was playing a game on my phone. At the time, Androids and Apple devices aren't a thing at all. I wonder how she's holding on her own, being 15 years of age at the time.

    As she went to beat my high score, a man of importance came through the front.

    Nash: "Sorry about my lateness.. I made a reservation.. Canceled? Okay.. I'll wait here then. Don't worry."

    Lucia: "Laa laa laa~"

    Nash: "Hmm.. What's a lone young lady doing here?"

    Lucia: "Oh! Ermm.. I don't.. really.. speak English."

    Nash: "Hmm.. a German, from the sounds of your accent. Hey! Aren't you Alan's little protege?"

    Lucia: "You know?"

    Nash: "Well, lucky for you, i do. Name's Nash. I'm a friend of your teacher. Say, i do remember him calling the police for you. He said you were lost."

    Lucia: "I was.. but that man over there's saved me from.. worse."

    The little Lucia points at me having the showdown talk with Rin.

    Nash: "Ahh.. them. (Jacob, huh? Never knew you were a heroic type. But this date is all in schedule.)"

    Lucia: "I like him.. he's nice."

    Nash: "He's.. not someone that i know of. But, it'll be fine if we say goodbye?"

    Lucia: "Ja, but.. can we meet him again?"

    Nash: "Whatever rocks your boat."

    Nash Kirkham. A young racing legend. His death is unforgotten by many, like me. They approach me, as they are led to a seat nearby.

    Nash: "Excuse me. You don't mind if i take her off your hands, eh? I know her guardian personally."

    Jacob: "Oh. Is this right, princess."

    Lucia: "Ja. Oh, and i forgot to properly thank you, Herr.. Ross?"

    Jacob: "Yep.. and stay safe, kiddo. No more little alleyways, alright?"

    Nash: "Come on. Give him his phone first."

    They leave. I had no idea that Nash was spying on me. Why? That's classified. Yes, Deki-san, I'm never going to tell.

    Rin: "Wait.. you saved her?"

    Jacob: "Well, it's just the one girl i had to save. Saw her threatened by a man with a knife. It's not my style to let people kill others for pure profit."

    Rin: "Wow.. I dreamed to be a hero when i was young. Aside from Otousan and Okaasan, I never got to be the hero for anyone in my life. You're amazing."

    So, that summarizes it. Rin's a loner. She's pretty, tough, and just the sort of girl i want in my life.

    Jacob: "Well, how about you.. be the hero in mine? I like you, Rin. How about you show me how smart you really are, eh. We've been impressing each other so far, and to me: you really have the potential to be my future wife, eh?"

    She laughed. At first, i thought she'd find it funny. But then, i looked at her with confidence, and it's a laughter of joy, not denial.

    Rin: "Oh, Jacob-san. You're soo dreamy! Let's get together more often."

    Jacob: "Hehe.. score."

    Rin: "What's that?"

    Jacob: "Umm.. nothing."

    Nash was watching.

    Nash: "Well, that's that. What was he thinking? I hope this ends up to be quite the gamble."

    Lucia: "Huh?"

    Nash: "Oh.. emm, don't mind me, girl. Order anything you want. I just hope you don't eat like a pig."

    Lucia: "Pig?!"

    Nash: "S:censored:t! I didn't really mean it! (Her English is pretty good, i must say)."


    Jacob: "I'm sure you know what happened after that."

    Ayumi: "Haha.. I'd laugh like that if Deki-san made the wrong moves."

    Jacob: "Well, i better get going, before Keith opens the security that'll leave me stranded out here. You need a ride?"

    Hideki: "Oh.. she lives with me now. It helps with money. I drive to class now, with her around."

    Jacob: "Oh. I'll be off then."

    Jacob gets out and starts his modified Mustang. He leaves the area, with the two waving him goodbye.

    Ayumi: "I can't believe he spooked us like that, Deki-san."

    Hideki: "I thought you kind of like that, with him giving you the knockout choke that time.


    Then, at a secluded area, he changes identities, for safety purposes.

    Jacob: "Together? What is together.."


    Outlaw: "If we're far apart from each other?"


    Freeway roads just outside Tokyo. 11 PM.

    The night is quiet at this part of Tokyo. Street racing is abundant in the areas. But one car makes a name for itself, due to it's performance.


    It passes by the many racers in the area.


    Many cars were also no match for the driver's technique.


    The white Lexus, driven by the Infernal Phoenix. As quoted by N.Z's journal: it is a sight to see.


    Rin: "I don't need a special edition to bring all of you down to shame."




    A man approaches the Lexus.

    Rin: "How was it?"

    Jared: "I must say, it was fantastic racing."

    Rin: "Thanks. So, what are you doing far east, Ed-san?"

    Jared: "Oh? I got reassigned here. Working as the commander of a task force looking for some terrorists. The less you know, the better. Also, I'm here for the wedding of my old friend Bern. He's marrying to the small girl Lucia. Remember her?"

    Rin: "Lucia? Oh, Jacob-san.."

    Jared: "You know, i heard about what's happening this past year. What's with the sudden split, Rin? I don't want to get in between if you quarrelled or something.."

    Rin: "Oh? Emm.."

    Looking at her face, Jared stopped.

    Jared: "It's okay, Rin. You don't have to. I'll talk to him, on how you feel. The one thing i want to achieve here is the reunion of my fellow soldier, and his second in command."

    Rin: "Ed-san.. can you help me?"

    Jared: "Help with?"

    Rin: "...This wedding. Where? When? Who?"

    Jared: "Oh.. I have the invitation here. Feel free to take a look."

    She looked at it, and jotted down the details she needs.

    Rin: "Arigato... now i need to go."

    Jared: "Hey, if you need any more things, just holla."

    Rin then drives away, to who knows where.


    Jared: "Jacob.. she's a catch indeed, mate."

    He walks away and enters his car, parked nearby: a Green Lotus Esprit.


    Jared: "It's time we had a little talk about our duty, Gunny."

    He starts the car, and begins to leave the area. Having owned the Lotus since his university days, he keeps it as a prized possession, as Esprits are no longer being produced nowadays.


    Jared: "Whoo-ey! The turbo was worth the money."


    FIN PART 1

    Author's Notes

    - Had a lovely break, but i can't get this off my head. The little teaser proves it.

    - The opening song is a reference to the music video, with horses riding in snow. See the Mustang in the rain? No, not a NFS:MW Criterion reference.

    - The release of GTA 5 will probably affect my progress. Or not.

    - The Trans-Cammer is such a safe car; understeering and no voluntary drifts! Some tweaking from many of GTP's tuner forums got me into trying to make it race worthy, outside the straights. It's a work in progress, so it won't feel the same over time.

    - Most of the chapter will reference Metal Gear Solid 4's style of flashbacking.

    - Jared's most likely one of the last characters to be introduced. His role is not the antagonist.

    - I don't know much about South African accents, but I'm thinking like it's like a blend of so many accents.

    - His car was meant to be the Evora, but I'm sure he would prefer a man's Lotus (no offence of masculinity is regarded on the Evora, since it's my 3rd favourite Lotus behind the Exige and the Elise GT1).

    - Outlaw was intended to have the Mach 1, but i find the Trans-Cammer a better drive on the whole.

    - The more criminal characters appear next part. Also: someone who played a prominent role in Chapter 3 returns. My teaser is also on 4-2, as said by a rather to-be-embarrassed Ginnie.

    - Next part: Jacob gets his hands on with some of the more elite racing disciplines: GT500, LM and F1.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Jared's Lotus Esprit. Tuned for 550pp

    Cast Introduced.

    - Jared Sykes. A Sergeant Major. He claimed to be a war hero due to the medals surpassing the other accolades he's gained over his years in the force. After retirement, he is assigned to take out a potential terrorist group: the Harbingers in Japan.
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  4. SomePlayaDude


    Part 2: Eruptions From Mt. Fuji.

    Shibuya, Tokyo. 5 AM.

    The night is quiet for most of the year in the neighborhood. Many supercar enthusiasts live in this certain section. It appears that nothing in particular will happen this time..


    The moment of calm and silence is broken with a man kicking a door of a home with a purple Challenger in front.


    Coming out of the door is Gary, casually twirling a 45. pistol. The pistol, with safety on, has no way it could discharge outside the consent of it's wielder. Gary gives out a command.

    Gary: "Alright guys.. this a way."

    The men mentioned carries out a wooden tatami with a futon out of their master's home. The help consists of some gangsters loitering the place, under hire from Gary when he first arrived in Japan. The futon on the tatami carries an asleep Ginoa: an infamous criminal known as the Assassin, who has righted her wrongs with Gary: a former gangster, on the rise to infamy as something even bigger altogether.

    Gangster: "Okay.. So! To where now, boss?"

    Gary: "Just head off over there, by that wooden bridge. Make sure she's not going to get one hint of this."


    Not realizing the actions of the notorious Gary, Ginoa carries on sound asleep. With the help of the 3 gangsters, Gary's plan is as he would see it. The tatami is repositioned to a spot on the bridge's handrails, with her, miraculously balancing like an empty see saw.


    Gary: "Alright guys. That's a hundred bucks for each of you. Go.. do something with it."

    With the gangsters paid off a meager sum, they leave the area. After seeing his partner hanging in the balance for a while, Gary turns off the safety and then shoots his handgun, aiming it to the sky.

    Gary: "Wakey wakey!"

    With an act like that, Gary is bound to win the 'Worst Neighbor of All Time' award. Birds fly, people are disturbed and authorities are noted, while the response of the latter blocked by Gary's own men.

    The gunshot obviously wakes up the once asleep Ginoa, wearing sleeping robes. She sees the situation and immediately panics. Her movement leads the futon, along with tatami to slowly fall into the water, with her.

    Ginoa: "S:censored:t! GARY!!"

    Her climbing off the rather smooth floor panel ends up in futility. In her struggle to keep clean and dry, Gary starts laughing.


    He hears the splash he wanted so much with the small prank. Unexpectedly, Ginoa, still dry, managed to escape a premature bath by jumping off the tatami the last moment she could and swiftly hangs on to the stone wall. Slowly and quietly, she moves to the nearby bushes and climbs herself up to the nearby bushes.

    Ginoa: "F:censored:king hell, Gary. You really want to equalize our little prankfest so bad."


    Unsheathing a knife from her shin..

    Ginoa: "Sometimes he forgets why i am so feared."

    Then, she quickly jumps out, and does a knife-to-the-throat choke hold, to a quick change in mood Gary.

    Gary: "B:censored:h!"

    Ginoa: "Ohh Gary.. that tactic was like a... boxful of kittens: so.. cute."

    Gary: "Ahh s:censored:t.. I surrender. So.. emm.. still remember the score?"

    Ginoa: "4-2. I'm.. the 4, by the way."

    Gary: "Look, Gin. I didn't send you swimming with the kois for no reason. You've been sleeping a lot lately. Mr. V just wanna see what's up?"

    Ginoa: "Haha.. since you asked soo nicely... *pushes knife* A target i want dead? He's dead, but.. not by me. I'm not.. getting paid for that circumstance, Gare-bear. It's like.. the paperwork's done for you the moment you get on... the desk."

    Gary: "Hah! That's nice. But if you're curious, i lied. I was pretty curious, Gin. I woke you up, because Mr. V wants us at Fuji Circuit by noon. I suggest being early bird and grab the sleeping worm, if you know what i mean. Thought you weren't getting much sleep on the futon."

    Ginoa changes the blade of the knife from a sharp one, to an electric one.

    Gary: "Whoa.. You zap me, and it's either you sleep with me, or you're not getting a new bed."

    Ginoa: "Oh, don't worry. It's not a fatal.. zap. I'm grateful i.. got your message, Gary. Get ready to.. go by 8, and no.. gangsters. Traffic here can be unpredictable.."

    Gary: "Okay.. but one thing.. don't mind me having a guess, but.. but what's up with the rather bumpy talking, eh? Hmm, I'm guessing.. are you shivering?"

    Ginoa: "Huh? You're.. right.. I'm freezing out here! What's going.. on?!"

    They both see the area the bush Ginoa jumped out, and sees her sleeping robes, hung by the leaves. She lets go of Gary, revealing her slender body covered by an undershirt and panties.

    Gary: "4-3?"

    Ginoa: "4-3 it is. No wonder.. it feels so cold.."

    Immediately rushing for the garb, she puts it on and starts walking back with Gary.

    Gary: "You know, i was thinking extending that score to a draw.. I can call my boys over there and.."

    A foul wind blows. Her face turns red in shame, despite shivering.

    Ginoa: "Don't.. you.. say.. a.. thing.."

    Gary: "Gary, with the hat trick! What a play!"


    Ross Residence, Fujinomiya. 9 AM.

    Keith leaves the area with Alan on shotgun. They exit the area with the Corvette roaring away.

    Alan: "You sure it's going to be safe?"

    Keith: "Trust me. I locked the door, and even if some random set of hitmen gets in, they have to realize that Jake's inside, and he's awarded a medal for masterful CQB. It tells you not to worry."

    Alan: "Well, alright. But don't go ranting to me if something gets lost."

    As they leave, a white IS-F arrives from the other side of the street, with Rin on board. With the Corvette's sound veiling her entry, she gets out, carrying a load.

    Rin: "Let's see.. cameras #4, #9 and #20 need replacing."

    She tries to enter through the front door; a trait by Japanese to leave the door wide open due to the safety of the country. Unfortunately..

    Rin: "Nngh. Kei-san must've learnt his lesson, somehow.."

    She dropped the load in the front. Then, Rin has a look around for another way in. Looking at the Ford GT of her husband's nearby, she decides to use it to elevate a jump.

    Rin: "Wow.. the infamous Dark Horse. I can't believe Jacob-san is the one holding it's reins.."

    The all aluminium plate work holds up to Rin's weight as she jumps up to the balcony. She climbs up to the railing and gains access.

    Rin: "There we go."

    The balcony doors open. Rin places the 3 cameras at their designated places: near a picture frame at the living room, by the stairs, and another inside her husband's room. Having done this before, with things like the message at the back of the photo from the beach, Rin has no issues with the first 2 spy cameras, she has an issue with the third, being her husband sleeping inside.

    Upon entering the room, she sees what she once experienced in life: his habits of cleaning. Everything has a place in the room, and there are many frames and decor reflecting Ford's glory days, and many photos of his life with Rin, and their many activities before their separation. Her reaction?

    Rin: "Ahh!"

    She starts to tear up little by little. Struggling to keep quiet, she carries on.

    Rin: "We won't be far apart now, Jacob-san."

    After all is done, she looks at her husband once again.

    Rin: "I'll be the hero.. to your lonely fate. But that time.. it'll come soon."

    She tries her best to smile, while leaving the home.


    Later.. 10 AM.

    An alarm beeps, unnaturally late. Jacob gets up.

    Jacob: "Okay.. after these past few days, i think i have to monitor my time so i can reach home by midnight."

    He opens the windows to see a bright, sunny day. After a few stretching, he sees a note.

    Jake. Will be at the circuit for some runs. Old Al wants you to be there. He's got a surprise for you. ~ Keith.

    Jacob: "Well, i wonder what surprise this would be?"

    He gets up and gets ready in a quick pace. After shower, breakfast and general tidiness, he gets to his Ford. As he opens the door, he sees something in front.

    Jacob: "Hmm? And this is?"

    A six pack of American beer, with small 1000 Yen note, with a small insignia of a regal bird with flames engulfed on it.

    Jacob: "So the phoenix decides to bestow it's fiery fury? I'll let the stars line up first. But, how can this Phoenix know i like this brand of beer?"

    He thinks..

    Jacob: "Maybe.. MAYBE... just a plain coincidence. I don't mind fans sending me free stuff."

    He puts the keys in the ignition and starts the car. It leaves their home after Jacob turns on the security system.


    Song: Metallica - Some Kind Of Monster.

    Jacob drives by the wilderness outside his home. The route always taken by Keith should he have obligations in Fuji Circuit, He is suddenly reminded of Sonny.


    Sonny: "Always. ALWAYS. One step ahead, Jake."


    Jacob: "Haha.. oh Sonny. Some kind of monster.."

    Jacob, seeing the empty straights, takes his time to unlock and go to his phone's music player. He plays a song he considers a personal favourite, due to it reflecting on what he might be.


    He remembers the time he drove alone to the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit from Osaka.


    Jacob: "*sighs* If only my Trans-cammer wasn't holding a bounty."


    Jacob: "But being accustomed to this car for so long now, i doubt it'll be the end of me driving Fords."


    Jacob: "Going up.."


    He sees a very bumpy road ahead, with elevation going crazy.

    Jacob: "Road legal monsters only. Hahaha!"


    Fuji Circuit. 11 PM


    Jacob arrives and parks his GT by the back. He sees that the track is reserved for Keith's team and people that know him for the time. After reassuring the guard ahead that he's the 'street racing king' Jacob Ross, he moves ahead to see Gary and Ginoa.

    Jacob: "Oh. Gary? Where's Vulture?"

    Ginoa: "Who's Vulture?"

    Gary: "Hehe.. Mr. V's over there. But he's a little distracted with what's on track now."

    Ginoa: "Gary. Be a dear and answer the question."

    Jacob: "Vulture is Koji's nickname, but don't tell him we told you."

    Gary: "Or he's going to be the judge, jury and executioner on your ass."

    Vulture approaches.

    Vulture: "Well, i don't tell everyone my street name, Assassin."

    Ginoa: "Ohh, so charming. Rawr."

    Jacob: "Now that i think about it, what's your street name, Gary?"

    Gary: "Oh? They just call me the Ghetto Dude. Simple, but not too cool, like yours, J."

    Jacob: "True. Back on hand, Keith called me here, but what're you all doing here too?"

    Gary: "Seeing that it's not a racing weekend, J, Mr. V decided that we keep a close eye on Keith. He didn't mind having us on his practice runs."

    Ginoa: "Also, I heard some agency b:censored:h's taking over the role as his manager. Koji here is pleading for us to be Keith's manager."

    Vulture: "Izumi's info. And if things don't go smooth, i know who to ask."

    Gary: "Mmmhmm. Ain't no way i wanna hack into some agency s:censored:t. Might get me even more than just a lifetime sentence."

    Ginoa: "You already got one. You know you don't want another, hehe."

    Then, they hear a blaring sound.


    Gary: "Oh.. it's coming. Close your ears."

    Ginoa: "Done!"

    The car then leaves the grid area.


    Jacob: "Huh? Is there an F1 on track or what?"

    Vulture: "Kind of. Keith drives a Honda HSV-010. Since that car's not yet finalized for production by Honda, they used it's mainframe, which is already done. All they did is put a spare F1 engine from back in the day into it, and detuned it for regulations."

    Ginoa: "Well, who wants to be caught cheating?"

    Vulture: "Most of the money i receive are legit, clean. None of them are illegal. I just so happen to have access to the Yakuza under my fingers."

    Keith creeps up on to the hairpin.


    Jacob: "I was thinking about F1, since the season starts anew soon."

    Vulture: "You're not experienced for F1, right?"

    Jacob: "I wish i was. I have a friend that does F1. He was with me back in Germany."

    Afterwards, he puts it all in towards the Dunlop Corner.


    Gary: "So, if you want to drive an F1, this is the closest you can get, i suppose."

    Ginoa: "That is, if the manager is okay with you on that. Or the f:censored:king staff."

    Gary: "I heard you had it rough, eh Gin? You could've wished i was there to finish the job."

    Ginoa: "If Keith's driving partner was somewhat a person who knows how to defend oneself, then yeah; it's rough."

    After racing here for a few years, he finds no problem in taking the next chicanes.


    Jacob: "Where's Izumi?"

    Vulture: "She's working. In Tokyo."

    Jacob: "Haven't seen her since the days with N.Z hanging around."

    Vulture: "The Enigma sent me his farewells. He told me he's trying to reunite the Harbingers' splinter factions after their dissolution. It's tough work."

    Jacob: "Just hope he's not going to use it against you."

    And he turned to the Panasonic corner fast and precise.


    Gary: "Oh, N. Gary will miss you."

    Ginoa plays with her new knife at the time she heard Gary's little plight. It was the same knife she used earlier that morning.

    Ginoa: "Don't be such a baby."

    Gary: "Hey, J. Gin here's got a nice new toy."

    Ginoa: "A knife with a built in taser. Gary would make a perfect test subject."

    Being called in by Alan beforehand, he drives into the pit lane.


    Gary: "For the zapping? Oh hell no!"

    Vulture: "Keith's coming in.."

    And then the car enters the pits.

    Jacob: "What a car. At least it's not a GT-R. Not that I'm against it or something.."

    Gary: "Hey, I'd put in some more variety in these GT500 racing cars. Too much NSXs, ugly ass SC430s and GT-Rs."

    Ginoa: "Maybe you should watch more TV. Japan's full of those ridiculous shows with hot women."

    Next section, for single post users.
  5. SomePlayaDude


    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.


    Keith gets out.

    Keith: "Jake! Glad you made it."

    Jacob: "It's that or i have nothing to do. Unemployment sucks sometimes."

    Keith: "Trust me, you'll have something to do, according to Al. But first, let's have lunch."

    Jacob: "Now? It's not even noon, you ass."

    Keith: "Yes, now. I'm starving!"

    Keith then passes by Vulture and Gary. This is the first time he meets the infamous Assassin.

    Keith: "Hey, Gary! Is this another one of your w:censored:es or what?"

    Ginoa: "What?! A w:censored:e?!"

    Ginoa does her thing. The new knife gets some exposure, to a set distance apart from Keith's neck at least. The boys stand clear, already knowing about Ginoa's contract.

    Ginoa: "Now that you're crying to me, it's time we meet personally, Keith Ross. I'm Ginoa. Everyone around the world calls me 'The Assassin', and for a good reason too. This isn't the first time I've seen you in your cute little car."

    Keith: "Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod dohgyod gohymod."


    Keith: "Someone plans to take my life again?"

    Shiro: "Yeah. And I must say, it's such a nice workout. The assassin escaped, though."


    Keith: "Assassin? You're the one who tried to take out Shiro-san?"

    Ginoa: "Yep. He's good, at least. You can say i was holding back on him, so that i don't scar you for life, with things like a body bag. There are tools within me that can depopulate an elite squadron of soldiers."

    Jacob: "Ahahaha.. Hey, Keith. The day i met her, she had a knife to my neck too, except it was closer, i think. Don't get your pants wet!"

    Vulture: "Okay, that's enough childish bulls:censored:t. Stand down."

    She lets go. Keith takes a few breathes before getting back to what he's about to do.


    After the small hiatus. Jacob is checking Keith's lap times, with the best at 1:35.235. Alan approaches.

    Alan: "Jacob."

    Jacob: "Oh. Al? When did you get back? How's the UK?"

    Alan: "Just yesterday. And, as per usual, it's cold and dreary, but that's just me rambling on the bad parts. You don't mind following me for a bit."

    Jacob: "Sure."

    The moment is yet another that can be referred with another..


    Jacob: "It's here in Japan, and I'm hoping you can take me to Osaka in 3 hours."

    Alan: "Wha? That fast?"

    Jacob: "Does it look like I'm lying?"

    Alan: "Well, i don't want to answer that. But i think i can help. Come with me."

    Alan walks about a few blocks away from the house, with Jacob following. Upon entering the small town nearby, there are people around that hang around or prepares their business. As Alan walks further and further, Jacob gets more intrigued by the surroundings. Eventually, the two arrive in a rather sturdy looking hangar-like structure. Alan opens the door with a retinal scanner.


    Instead of a hangar a few blocks away, they just moved down a few garages. Then, Jacob sees a revelation.

    Song: Criterion - Need For Speed Most Wanted Menu Theme

    Alan: "Ta-daa."

    Jacob: "Hey.. this is the real deal, right?"

    Alan: "Why, i'm not one with making replicas, Jacob. This is the real deal, as you say. It's the one and only: my old friend Sir Ben's Ford GT LM."

    Jacob: "And, before we get to more fickle details about engine and downforce, how'd you manage to get it here? Wouldn't his kids get pissed?"

    Alan: "I asked the right people back in Europe. It took me a while, but.. there you go. They won't know it's gone, and it'll be back before they know it."

    Jacob: "I have to say, Alan.. I'm impressed. You'd do that to impress me, eh?"

    Alan: "Hahaha. But before you get into the seat, Jacob, you have to understand the amount of fatigue LM racers get driving this thing fast. My days as a LM racer really tore me inside out, opting i take touring cars instead."

    Jacob: "Al.. I drove a McLaren. I drove my Ford past 220 MPH after pushing a button. Heck, i drove for 13 hours, prior to the debut of Jacob Ross the 'Street Racing King'."

    Alan: "Confident?"

    Jacob: "Very."

    Alan: "Just think of it like Na.. that McLaren"

    Jacob: "About that McLaren. N.Z told me one thing."


    Jacob: "Well, Kirkham is dead. It's a shame to let it go."

    N.Z: "True, but let me tell you.. *whisper* Kirkham wants his car back, Ross. I.. want my car back."

    Jacob: "Oh. That makes sense."


    Jacob: "So, you were visiting.."

    Alan: "Yes. Nash wanted me to see the Harbingers go down. We used to lead the small racing group, before the new Harbinger came up with the lineup of criminals and things like that. Nash wants to see the days of our past, so he managed to persuade the boss to start on Project Mythic."

    Jacob: "Pity. It's purpose was to bring back memories, but to use it for more sinister purposes."

    Alan: "Mad."

    Jacob: "Now, before anyone goes and eavesdrop this conversation, how about a few laps with this thing? It appears we only have time for that, according to Keith's reservation papers."

    Alan: "Sure. I'll get it started; you go get some racing gear."


    After a warm up lap, Jacob gets started on a full blown lap, reminding him of the day back in the showdown in Motegi.

    Song: Airbourne - Live It Up.

    Song Progress: 1:20.

    Jacob: "Showtime."

    The car accelerates to the start line at an alarming rate: a rate Jacob once felt in a 4WD Bugatti.


    The timer starts as the car crosses the line.

    Jacob: "200 already?!"


    Remembering the qualifications with Shinzo watching, he quickly remembers his racing line. The first turn was flawless.


    Already having the throttle control over an unstable Mustang, a racecar with slicks prove to be not a problem for Jacob.


    He takes a more inside line by the 100R.


    Which paid off by the hairpin.


    He takes the Dunlop Corner like back at the qualifier round.


    And shows the right pace at the Netz Corner.


    Exiting the Panasonic Corner at optimal speed, he puts it all down, unleashing the beast.


    Jacob: "Hahaha! So this is the joy of the track, huh?"


    Jacob: "I'll have to admit defeat on my stance on street racing.. But then, with all the time on the streets, I'll be unstoppable on track!"

    He crosses the line!


    He receives a time of 1:29.914.

    After a few more laps..

    Keith: "Jake, get back in. The people reserving the afternoon are here."

    Jacob: "Got it."

    He drives back in.



    Keith: "How was it?"

    Jacob: "I'd pay all of my money to own one of these."

    Vulture: "Well, the raw value of that one car can be up to 1.5 million, and that's an estimate."

    Gary: "I'm guessing.. 3 million?"

    Ginoa: "Nah.."

    Jacob: "Okay, so it's not mine to judge, but I'll have a think about racing cars outside the streets and into the confines of the track."

    Vulture: "I can get you started, just give me the decision."

    Ginoa: "Hmm, that's the man reserving our track. The car's coming."


    Jacob: "I wouldn't be able to make a lap if we didn't live nearby."

    Gary: "Hmm.. i really like the gold paint."


    Keith: "A GT by Citroen? There's like very few of those on the roads."

    Jacob: "Hybrids. They're powering our streets in the future."

    The car enters the pit lane.


    Jacob: "Hah.. Just as i thought."


    Vulture: "My apologies. Hello?"

    Vulture leaves the scene.

    Ginoa: "There goes Koji."

    The car stops to a halt next to the gang's garage.


    A man exits the car. Wearing an American biker attire, and wavy long hair, not to mention his manly mustache and goatee combo.

    Song: AC/DC - Back In Black

    This man is Sonny Meng Xian Zhen: a man well known by Jacob as a childhood friend, and rival that appears to beat him at every single thing. He exits, waving his hair in slowmotion like a total cliche.

    Sonny: "Oh. Hey Jake."

    Jacob: "You took the track?"

    Sonny: "Hey, i managed to get it reserved. A guy needs to be on his game at every second lah. Have a look: FIA approved license!"

    Jacob: "And the gold paint?"

    Sonny: "Don't take it as an 'in your face' moment, because it's not. It's to commemorate my victory back at Germany lah. White's a little too dull for this car."

    Sonny gets a small inspection to who's around.

    Sonny: "Oh. Keith! Remember me?"

    Keith: "I can't forget a guy who was on TV. All is fine?"

    Sonny: "Ya! Of course. Or i won't get to see my good buddy get wed."

    Gary: "Oh! That's right. Burner's wedding is just around the clock."

    Sonny: "Holy heck!"

    Sonny takes off his shades for a moment.

    Sonny: "Gary?"

    Gary: "You talkin' to the boss, or well, was the boss."

    Sonny: "Say.. your little mark on your eye here gives me nightmares sometimes, eh?"

    Gary: "Hahaha. I already promised you no more gun threats to heads, okay. Well, unless you screw me over or something.."

    Sonny: "And Ginnie?"

    Ginoa: "Oh, I'm sure we meeting is pure coincidence. And, no, I'm not dating with Gary."

    Sonny: "We can have.. i mean, well you both look like you're dating, no offence."

    Ginoa: "Don't worry. You're not on the hit list."

    Sonny: "Hit list?"

    Ginoa: "Well, nothing personal, but... wha? Hey!"

    Gary drags Ginoa away by her top's collar, under command of Vulture.

    Jacob: "So, what're you driving this time? Some sort of Camaro, I'm betting."

    Sonny: "Nope. Just look."

    A truck deploys a blue Formula 1 car onto the pit lane.

    Sonny: "What do you say, eh?"

    Keith: "What's with the F1 all the way here? The first leg's not in Japan."

    Sonny: "It's too late for me to join this season, since i just reacquired my license. They did hand me the model i once rode in, since they're all updated with newer models each year, just a way to say sorry and welcome back."

    Jacob: "Yeah. All that Harbinger crap we've been through really paid off in the end, huh?"

    Sonny: "Ya lah. Also, Jake. Remember that black African dude living with you back in London?"

    Jacob: "You mean... Sergeant Major Sykes? Yeah. I was under his command back in my marine days."

    Sonny: "From what i heard on the news, he's in Japan, reassigned to a special task force to secure and find the Harbingers here."

    Jacob: "Oh. I'll be sure to see him, since he's a close friend of Rin's."

    Sonny: "It made me wonder how a Major got into university?"

    Keith: "Oh i don't know, maybe to get a majors. Hehehehe.."

    Sonny and Jacob: "Shut up, Keith!"

    Keith: "Ahahahah!"


    Song: UNKLE feat. Josh Homme - Restless.

    Song Progress: 0:52

    Sonny used his reserved time to get a lap with his F1 car.


    He makes a warm up lap, which is never easy for anyone driving the pinnacle of racing.


    The lap time starts.


    The car goes around smoothly, passing the Coca-Cola Corner in a pinch.


    And, while Sonny messes up the apex in the Hairpin, he makes up for it by perfectly leaving it without skidding.


    Braking for the Dunlop Corner..


    Sonny's experience in racing impresses the whole group, being a once going-to-be racing icon before the Harbingers' tampering.


    And he crosses the line, registering at 1:18.335.

    Song Progress: 2:51


    His crew begin celebrating the return of Sonny. The rest of the guys:

    Keith: "Man, who has the balls to race an F1 on his leisure?"

    Vulture: "So, this is the man who taught you, Gary? He's no doubt a good teacher, even though you forced it out of his mouth."

    Ginoa: "The Chimera. No doubt you're showing your true colors, huh?"

    Alan: "I can't apologize anymore, if this is the end result of our training.."

    Gary: "Yo. Sonny's in the house! Eat that for F1's, Keith!"

    Jacob: "I guess there's a long way to the top. Time to start climbing soon enough."

    FIN PART 2

    Author's Notes

    - 1st crossover car, and a predictable one to boot.

    - Long, picture heavy. Yeah.. it's going to be a trend now. Last chapter motivation sort of thing.

    - Boo! Sonny's back, and better than ever, i hope. He won't be playing a large support role though, this time. That role will be given to Jared and Rin.

    - Well, the beginning proves that i've been writing long before i release work. The process of taking pictures is a different story. I'm not the sort that wants to do the plot from last second decisions.

    - I've been dying to put Jacob in the racetrack in a racecar. That Ford GT Spec II Test car is perfect, should he ever go do that. He's more comfortable on the streets, though.

    - The Citroen GT on 3-Finale is different from this new, golden one. The white one was tuned for 630pp, while the golden one's specs on the "Cars Introduced" section in 3-Finale (Now 572 pp.)

    - A small tease: Keith will soon promote from GT500 to LM racing, following his father's footsteps. Might be part of a sequel, but i don't know.

    - Next part: Jared meets Jacob. Rin meets Gin.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Sonny's FGT. 900pp.
    - Keith's Weider HSV-010. Tuned for 600pp.
    - Sir Ben's Ford GT LM Spec II. Fully tuned at 682pp.
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    United States
    Good read. Took me a while to catch up. The last of us took up my free time
  7. SomePlayaDude


    Part 3: Duty And Honor.

    Ross Residence. 9 AM.

    Keith and Sonny play a game of Street Fighter. With Keith playing his usual Adon, Sonny, who has been playing for a while now, plays a tricky character in the form of Bushin ninja: Guy.

    With running and jumping all over the matches they play, Sonny gets the upper hand in their last round with the tricky grab game, ending with Guy's grab Ultra after a stun.

    Sonny: "That's how you do it, eh? Mash those lights at me again, Keithie. HAHA!"

    Keith: "Well, s:censored:t.. Good games."

    Sonny: "Hahah! You lost! But, yeah.. no hard feelings, eh Keithie?"

    Keith: "None whatsoever. Gotta amp up my game soon enough."

    Sonny: "Cool. So.. where's Jake?"

    Keith: "He's busy doing his own things, i guess. I think Old Al's about to go get Bern and Luce from the airport."

    Sonny: "Big Bern and Little Luce, eh? I better be more careful on my speaking or it's curtains for me lah."


    Sonny: "I know, you Russian bi.. Hey! It's Big Bern and Little Luce."

    Lucia: "Grr.."

    Sonny: "Easy, Fido. Not everyone is 6 foot 2 when you're 20. Consider yourself priviliged."

    Bern: "Haha.. huh?"

    Bern sees Lucia and Sonny being about the same height.

    Bern: "Wow.. Hey Sonny, mi amico. Did you know Luce is a trained mixed martial artist?"

    Sonny: "She is?!"

    Lucia: "Yea!"

    What happened to Sonny is unpleasant.


    Keith: "Jake told me all about it."

    Sonny: "Heh.. it was the worst day for me, it was. Speaking of Jake, where is he?"

    Keith: "Maybe undermining other street racers outside as he does his things. Fuji's fresh mountain air comes to mind."

    Sonny: "Ohh.. That's what he's been doing these past days? He needs to get productive. What's his progress?"

    Keith: "Hmm.. Oh! He's got this list with people's names on them. He races them with the creed of street legal monsters only. He lets me see the names and after every time i look, there's bound to be one or more that gets crossed out."

    Sonny: "Cheh, he's dumb if he wants to bring me in that list."

    Keith: "Technically, you're no street racer. Also, he said he's already beat you one time, in the form of the best lap in your competition."

    Sonny: "Hmm.. he's got a point. It's the big hot rod he's using, is it?"

    Keith: "Yeah. Not everyone in Japan street races with a hypercar too. You're lucky if you find something like a Bugatti or a McLaren on the roads here."

    Sonny: "What's with all the racing? Just a quick guess lah, but I think he probably found out about something."

    Keith: "About?"

    Sonny: "Don't judge me, but it's something.. Something that hints.. that his wife's a street racer too?"

    Keith: "Rin? Ohh, she's the opposite of that statement. You'd enjoy being on shotgun when she's on pursuit."

    Sonny shows a more serious demeanor.

    Sonny: "You don't know, huh? How is it that Rin, a woman who just appears to be your sister-in-law, ended up as one of the finest police chasers in the States? Coincidence doesn't begin to explain it."

    Keith: "Now that you mention it... she might've had some street smarts. Uncle Shinzo was a street racer back in the day."

    Sonny: "He's no slouch, but people's been watching Rin ever since she was born. Something about her metabolism as a true blooded racer."

    Keith: "And, you know this, how?"

    Sonny: "Some papers got to me while i was still chilling in the States. After getting a source, I can't say they're lies..."


    Sonny reaches out to his past that torments him, which happens to him a lot after he receives the information.

    "You are born supreme.. now hold that wheel hard, and feel the wheels of destiny roll underneath the ones that oppose us!"

    "It's not worth it! You're pushing the boy too far!"

    "The effort or the punishment. I want your entire potential unleashed."

    "The perfect racer. He's about to be one. You are about to be one!"

    "So, you're Singaporean? The place that gave birth to the dreaded Merlion.. how about Chimera? What a fitting name."

    "I'm not the only one? Why do you have to do this?!"

    "If you want out, boy.. you will prove yourself as the one above the rest!"

    "Go then.. your soul is strong-willed, Soul Chimera! I think the others would be dead, going through what you have been through."

    "Sonny? Alan's told me all about what happened. It was harsh, wasn't it. How is it that you want to stay the path that tormented your soul?"

    "You call yourselves Proteges?! Just a bunch of ragtag misfits. You're going to show ME why you're the chosen ones. Call me Sonny, your worst nightmare."


    Keith sees Sonny on the floor, looking like he just escaped a jungle.

    Keith: "Hey? You don't look so good."

    Sonny: "...."

    Sonny regains his composure.

    Sonny: "Don't worry about me lah... Jacob's the one in torment. We have to reach out to him lah, even with the burdens i have to carry."


    Just outside the home.

    Jacob is polishing his black Jaguar XKR; a car he hasn't driven at all.


    Having acquired it from some Harbinger mooks, he sees back on the brief moment of what the car and him went through.


    Jacob: "No! Not that. I want you to repair any damages and clean the interior. Also, clean all ownership to this car, and replace it with me."

    Gary: "Hand me the keys, I'll get started tomorrow."


    Jacob: "Hmm.. I think Alan would make more use of this than i would."

    Jacob then walks across the street and goes towards a brand new black Audi R8 5.2 Quattro.


    Returning the yellow Veyron and the other R8 in respect to his other family, he walks towards it, bringing more memories of sorrow.


    Shinzo: "Jacob.. if you are going to race him.. use my car.. Nami knows which one.. *cough*"

    Nami: "This one?"

    Nami dangles a set of keys, showing one that is enbalmed with the 4 rings of Audi.

    Jacob: "How did you know I'm going to race him? And this is.. An Audi?"

    Keith: "That car? It's the original R8, Jake."

    Shinzo: "Use it.. and i am so sorry... about Rin.. if only i knew before.."

    The machine records a near fatal state of heart beat.

    Gary: "Docs! Get the defribs!"


    Jacob: "Shinzo. You and that as:censored:e Oyabun street raced, huh? The sort of things Nami would tell me.."

    He sits by it, looking at the cleanliness of a car straight from the factories, and the insides smell of new car. Getting a mood to drive it, he hears Alan passing by.

    Jacob: "Oh, Al? I swear i should hear your bones crinkle while you move across the street there."

    Alan: "Funny. My bones are still tough after all these years, Jacob."

    Jacob: "About to get them from the airport?"

    Alan: "Indeed. A taxi will be too taxing for them."

    Jacob: "So, what the heck are you here for? Don't you have your Chrysler?"

    Alan: "The Jaguar. Lucia hates the Chrysler."

    Jacob: "This? What about it?"

    Alan: "You don't mind if i took it out for a spin?"

    Jacob: "Actually, how about you do me a favor?"

    Alan: "Me? Of all people? Oh no, no, no my boy."

    Jacob: "You'll like this one, Al. Here!"

    Jacob takes something out from his pockets and throws it to his mentor. Alan catches it, revealing a pair of keys, with the Jaguar insignia on them.

    Alan: "And what would this be?"

    Jacob: "Take the Jag. I mean, literally take it. It's clean."

    Alan: "Ohh.. how nice. I suppose there's no harm in taking it. How about coloring? I'm no fan of black.. maybe a good maroon would spice it up."

    Jacob: "Do whatever you want. Consider it my undying gratitude for the rest of the guys here. You're like a friend to most of us, and a father to Luce."

    Alan: "Ahh, that warms my heart. I won't disappoint no more, Jacob. I can't thank you enough. Now.. to hear the engines, born by the people of the Union Jack."

    Alan leaves the area as he reverses the car out. He notices the golden GT by Citroen.


    Alan: "Sonny? Hah, that's an interesting coat of paint."

    He gets on the streets nearby. After a small while, he gets used to the car, while passing by a green Esprit.


    The Esprit heads off, unknown to Alan that it's heading to the homestead.


    Jacob looks at Bernardo's Murcielago SV for a moment.




    Jacob and Bernardo hangs out near the SV. With Bernardo recently buying the Murcielago SV, Jacob asks.

    Jacob: "I thought you were getting an Aventador."

    Bern: "I was, but to bring sentimental memories strengthens me. The agency found me an SV that i can buy; important that we get fast cars for our jobs."


    Jacob: "Sentimental memories? I guess the R8 was a move for that."

    The silent moment is interfered by the said Esprit arriving and revving, parking next to the Citroen.


    Coming out is a man with big, muscly features all over, an american style of clothing, and combat boots. This man is Sergeant Major Jared Sykes, Jacob's superior back in the day. Should World War 3 happen, Jared is most likely going to turn into a war hero, with his experience on the field and his knowledge of enemy tactics, not to mention his First Class Degree in politics.

    He walks towards Jacob with distinction. Jacob reacted with a straight posture that is required as a marine to their commanders.

    Jared: "At ease, Gunny. We're not in the army. Lighten up, will you?"

    Jared marks their reunion with a signature handshake.

    Jared: "It's good to see you still alright, Jake."

    Jacob: "The same could be said. You're looking fit, as per usual."

    Jared: "Of course, silly! Let's catch up, eh? I know you're about to ask: Bern's wedding, mate! I got him some gifts! I'm sure Bernardo would love some new gadgets."

    Jacob: "Presents, huh. I think that's not the only reason you're here. You don't just bring toys like your concealed gun to a wedding."

    Jared: "Still a sleuth, eh? Alright, alright. No more secrets. I'm assigned to find the strays of a group you're familiar with back in Germany. My force's stationed just in the base in Osaka, Japan; a small task force of elites. I want to have them feel like home for now."

    Jacob: "Search away. You know i don't want them lurking in my backyard. They've threatened Keith once; it means I want them G-O-N-E."

    Jared: "That's my pal! And another thing: heard you're getting popular in these parts. Sonny's telling me about you, street racing? Never knew you would come back to do that."

    Jacob: "Just something to kill time with."

    Jared: "With a dad that race cars, it's no surprise his sons are getting a few hints here and there. Also, terribly sorry for your loss, mate."

    Jacob: "Don't worry about me.. I get that a lot. I'll be worried if she's getting herself in trouble."

    Jared notices the cars outside the house, seeing only supercars.

    Jared: "We know who owns that Ford GT. And I've seen a lot of Corvette ZR1s these days, but this golden batmobile thing?"


    Jacob: "Sonny's car. A Citroen."

    Jared: "Sonny's here too?"

    Jacob: "For the wedding as well, but i suspect a little more than just that."

    Jared: "Alright.. I'll see him in a bit. How about this here R8?"

    Jacob: "Fresh off the dealership. Bought it in memory of Rin's dad passing away. He lended me his 4.2, but i returned it, with his Veyron."

    Jared: "S:censored:t. A Veyron? Damn.. And it must be hard for the girl to feel all of this."

    Jacob: "Mmhmm.. I'm about to have a small drive with it, to test out the sports packaging a friend gifted. You don't mind tagging along?"

    Jared: "Would I? I mean, why should i refuse?"

    They leave in the Audi, with Jacob on wheel.


    Narita Airport. 11 AM.

    Alan looks on his watch and remembers the fateful day Jacob ends up in Japan.


    Bern: "Jacob! Mio buon amico!"

    Alan: "That's him? Oh my goodness, it has been ages. Did you do something to your hair, good sir? Haha."

    Jacob: "Bern. Alan."

    Alan: "Oh! He remembers us. Ti devo, old man."

    Alan: "Let's see what bag of tricks i have.. You drive us back then? Hahah."


    Alan: "Bernardo's bound to remember that moment.. better keep that in mind, hohoho."

    The flight, already landing 15 minutes ago, has it's travelers exiting to the arrival hall, where Alan waits. After checking he's in the correct hall, Bernardo and Lucia, alongside Williem, appears.

    Alan: "Sharp as a killer. Hello, Will."

    Williem: "It's you again? You servant man... Alan!"

    Alan: "Who did you expect? Jacob?"

    Lucia: "I did too, diener, but let's not get out of hand. I just want to be home."

    Bern: "We still have 3 more races before season's end, mia cara."

    Williem: "Don't worry. I set up a few friends from the ring to take over. Needless to say, they were excited too. To make sure, i have Eduard ready."

    Bern: "Ohh.. you don't know how much we owe you, mi amico."

    Williem: "It's going to be a lot more than just begging, if i don't see my dear schweister married to a brave man like yourself."

    Bern: "That's not sarcasm? I'm not tolerating any more lies, Will."

    Williem: "No! Really! I trust you with my life, after that day."

    Alan: "*clears throat* Shall we? If you want to head home so bad, i suggest you keep up."

    They get their bags towards the Jaguar waiting in a parking space. As they enter and put their luggage in..

    Lucia: "Another Jaguar? Diener.. we kind of expected this."

    Alan: "Well, you would, but what you won't expect is that this Jaguar is handed to me by our American street racer. For free. He even gave it to me as a favor. Yes, you heard right."

    They leave the airport area, taking the same route to their home.


    Williem: "Well.. i heard Outlaw has been making a name for himself here. He's ruining racers' dreams every single race, from the rumors."

    Alan: "Street racing.. Something's come up to his mind on why he's doing it again."

    Lucia: "I can't believe he would go back to that. What would you say about it, Herr Bellini?"


    Bernardo is fast asleep.

    Williem: "Now that i see it, i am kind of sleepy too. *yawns* Jet lag is a hazard.."

    Lucia: "OHHH NO! We are not letting it beat us. Diener! Radio."


    Alan: "Hold your horses. You're like someone during her period."

    Alan turns on the radio, changed it to the mp3 player. For the occasion, he uploaded songs that he likes to a flash drive. He sees the song list and thinks it would be fine to play a certain song.

    Alan: "I think a bit of Queen would suffice."


    Alan: "Well.. *listens to DJ* I'm sure you enjoy Queen."

    Jacob: "They're fine to me."

    Alan: "Fine?! To Queen! Blasphemous."

    Jacob: "You want to prove me otherwise? I do know a few songs."

    Alan: "How about.. Under Pressure?"

    The song's bass riffs, stolen by a rapper, beats through the stereo.

    Jacob: "I like this."

    Alan: "Relax to the tunes, my boy."


    Alan: "How about we begin with Hammer To Fall?"

    Song - Queen - Hammer To Fall.

    While the songs, set in a shuffled playlist of Alan's favourite band, managed to wake up the siblings for a while..

    They end up asleep over time.

    Alan: "Oh well.. i don't mind a relaxing drive. *clears throat as he syncs with song* You don't waste no time at all! Don't hear the bell but you answer the call.. It comes to you as to us all. We're just waiting for the hammer To fall!"


    Alan: "Oh yes.. My chords of steel are still working! Magnificent! *coughs* Or not.."

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    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    Just around the hillsides of Mt.Fuji, Jacob gets together with his commander in a Lamborghini powered Audi.


    Jared: "You used to driving the car? This isn't a computer powered car."

    Jacob: "I once drove it's lesser model, so it won't be much of a difference. Besides, wouldn't 2 years of improving help make the car a much more pleasure to drive."

    Jared: "Heh.. after all the Humvees I've driven in the sand, you never really commented on cars back in the days."


    Jacob: "I never got to it that time, and even after i realized, why would i talk about Humvees? I guess having my pa' as a racer really can rub off on you. He did nurture me as a regular boy. Keith got the successor treatment, until recently in Germany. Guess we have bags to carry."

    Jared: "I'm seeing pals from my days while i was learning politics, and they're destroying the competition. Tell me, Gunny. How many opportunities afterwards? I'm talking, sponsors."


    Jacob: "About 20 I've looked through, I'm sure there's a lot more, but the streets call out to me. What about you? You can't be serving all the days I've done my things."

    Jared: "3 years of service then I'm retired from the marine corps. It's not yet over. I've done things for the Government, like leading special task forces. Not bragging, but i was the best of the best. The medals I've earned and the praises i get made me push ahead. I've applied for senator. It didn't go so well though, with me being not a pure American and things like that, like the U-S of A learned their lesson with Mr. Obama."


    Jacob: "Well, you looked pretty American to me. I mean, not being racist and all."

    Jared: "I'm not angry. You're a fine man, Gunny. Say, how about we go do things the old fashioned way while I'm around? Like the days before you put the ring on Rin, we can have a big bachelor Party for Bern. Sonny, Keith, you, me!"

    Jacob: "If it won't hurt, then okay. Don't go crazy, like in my wedding."


    Jared: "Ahhaha! I went around Tokyo looking for Rin, hoping to surprise you, but found one American working here for a few months. Naturally invited him for the occasion. He's a little man, with a scar on his eye.."

    Jacob: "Scar on the eye.. Oh God.. You asked Gary?"

    Jared: "You know him? Damn, man.. What's he like?"


    Jacob: "Typical American gangster. He was once interested in Rin. We helped him with some favors back at L.A. I'm glad i knew him. If it weren't for him, i might be dead though."

    Jared: "I see. No wonder i see his name a few times in the criminal department. He's got the eyes of cruelty."

    Jacob: "He's honest now. After escaping a life sentence, he's not a threat to the US government, last i knew. All his agenda's are for him or his employees."


    Jared: "I don't really care about his motives as a criminal. After out meeting, I'll have to say he's likable, and you trust him. I'll give him that much."

    Jacob: "Just don't go all protocol on him. He's the sort that would bring a gun to the Jerry Springer show."


    Having received said invitation from Jared, Gary moves from Shibuya, Tokyo to all the way to the Ross residence in Fujinomiya.


    Gary: "*whistles a tune*"

    Choosing to go there by car instead of the natural bus or train, he takes the mountain routes just by Mt. Hakone, like the days he went to save his friend from a criminal boss' son, filled with vengeance.

    Gary: "*sigh* In memory of old challenger. I got your kid here, man. I'mma take care of it like my own."


    Then, he decides to make a call to Ginoa, to update each other's status.

    Ginoa: "Who is this?"

    Gary: "It's the main man. Gin! Come on. You have to stop being sooo anonymous like in these calls."

    Ginoa: "Oh.. Gary? What's wrong?"


    Gary: "Just telling you that i won't be home for a while. You have the spare keys, right? Don't want a break in that'll lead to death, eh?"

    Ginoa: "Yeah.. don't worry about me, you dork. Got any progress on the agents? I've done the ones you already went through. Clinton's blood is getting sweeter, and i can't wait for a taste, or a bowl full of it."

    Gary: "Hehe.. That's old school, Ginnie. Alright, yo. Last night, I had one of my boys sneak around in their agency. Needless to say, he's done a splendid job, getting in and out. The dossiers are back home. You can't tell if they're monitoring this very call."

    Ginoa: "I would love to get them monitoring, if it's going to spill blood."

    Gary: "I know, girl.. I know. We gotta lay a little lower or they'll send in the big guns. I don't want that."

    Ginoa: "Well, don't tell me what to do, then. Adieu, Gary."


    Swooning around the corners like cars in touge, Gary brings his foot pedalling and steering strength to the challenge.


    Gary: "Yeaah! Just like Vin, baby! You don't f:censored:k with American Muscle."


    At the same moment in the center of Tokyo, Ginoa enters her Ferrari and drives it away, seeing that she is now free to do anything she wants. She takes out a small list from her pocket and ticks off names of her targets. Upon looking at the other names..

    Ginoa: "Hmm.. I think I'll let them live for today."

    She drives away.


    Traffic fills parts of the city quick, if Ginnie didn't take the routes her GPS recommended.


    Passing the stadium, Ginoa's Ferrari gives attention to the people walking nearby.


    As she stops for a red light, she sees a big sign. Filled with basic methods of Japanese exaggeration, Ginoa reads..

    Ginoa: "A megamall? Ehh.. why not."


    The large billboard has no hint of English on it whatsoever. Ginoa, as a woman, loves to shop, and finds the perfect opportunity.

    Ginoa: "Hehehe.. my Nihongo's doing just fine. Just need Arabic and Spanish to practice then."


    Minutes later, she enters the brand new shopping complex in Ginza, Tokyo. After parking her car in a designated parking space, she walks inside to see what's what. Despite being an infamous criminal, nobody recognizes Ginoa, as she browses what is being sold on the stores that she pass by. After half an hour of endless browsing..

    Ginoa: "Well, this is turning out to be more of a bore than i thought it would be.. *slurps a drink*"

    Already wasted enough time to her mind, she heads back to her car. After exiting the building and walking down the steps, something hits her at the back of her head.

    Revealing that a skater crashed into her, she gets up. The 'attacker' is a woman with pink hair, on the floor as well. No injuries were found due to her wearing of proper gear. They both get up, with Kate doing so a little later due to reattaching her wig.

    Ginoa: "My tea! Grr... What's your problem?!"

    Kate: "Ahh! Sumimasen!"

    Naturally, this is where Ginoa would take out one of her knives and play with their emotions for an apology, but she has a feeling that wouldn't be possible to explain why she's not doing it to Kate at all. While living a life where friends don't matter much, Ginoa decides have a go at being cordial, fearing that she might need said skills for the future.

    Ginoa: "Er.. Hey."

    Kate: "What do you want? Compensation?"

    Ginoa: "Ahh, so you know English perfectly well too, eh?"

    Kate: "I do. I used to live in the UK. Eheh.. I'm Kate-Lynne Yamada; half Japanese, half Brit. What's your name?"

    Ginoa: "They call me the a.. Just call me Ginnie."

    Kate: "Cool! So, Ginnie. What's a foreigner doing around here?"

    Ginoa: "Ever heard of a holiday before, Kate?"

    They have a walk around the area, while Kate casually goes around in her roller blades.

    Kate: "Well, i lived here for a while now. Since my dad's Japanese, he taught me how to speak."

    Ginoa: "I'm pretty fluent in most languages. I used to study language. You might think it's nice, but having so many ways to speak and read can really strain your mind."

    Kate: "Hahaha! How about parents? You look pretty young to be wandering out here."

    Ginoa: "Don't worry. I lived my life without a guide, and i can handle anything that comes."

    Kate: "Ohh.."

    Ginoa: "What's wrong, hun?"

    Kate: "I recently lost my dad. Since you were an orphan, i didn't think you'd really care."

    Ginoa: "One of these days, you have to stop relying on others to live your life. Only the strong survive. That's the creed i live by, and i don't let the ones i tell that live, except you."

    Then, Ginoa gets a message, stating a new contract is ready, should she accept or not.

    Kate: "What's that?"

    Ginoa: "Oh.. nothing. It just means i gotta split. It was nice meeting with you.. Kate."

    They split up. Ginoa heads to her car, while Kate skates back to the megamall, probably trying out another stunt.


    Ross Residence. Midday.

    Jacob finishes his drive with his commander. As the Audi gets emptied, Gary arrives.


    Gary: "Wassup, J and other J."

    Jacob: "Gare-bear. Glad you're here. How's the average bear?"

    They both shook hands like they were buddies for life.

    Jared: "So, Mr. Gary. Gunny Ross here told me you're quite the criminal eh?"

    Gary: "I am, but I'm cool with you guys. It don't mean I won't be filling you full of lead, though. Only if you screw me up then i will screw you back."

    Jacob: "Hey, calm down."

    Jared: "Yo, Gunny. It's totally okay. Me and Gary here, we're destined for good things; i just know it."

    Gary: "Positutely magnificellent!"

    Jared: "*points with ear* Gary! English, please mate."

    Jacob: "Gary, did you kill a dictionary author? He must be possessing your soul."

    Sonny and Keith gets out.

    Sonny: "Hey, big Red!"

    Jared: "Sonny! Hey, what's going on, brother."

    Sonny: "Never better. How about we get up to speed on what's what, eh? It's a little cold out here."

    Sonny and Jared enter the Ross home, with Keith, Jacob and Gary outside.

    Keith: "What's going on, Jake? Me and Sonny were on Street Fighter. He's ensuring i don't do anything with the freaking grapple game i have to work on."

    Jacob: "That big Shaquille O'Neal lookalike over there is Sergeant Major Sykes: my commander in the front of my days in the Middle East, and a friend of my college days. Oh, and Gary's here. We're planning a bachelor's party for Bern and Luce, albeit a last second one."

    Gary: "Yeah! It better be like yours back in Cali, J. I was so into it with Murphy. We ended up jumping down from your dad's room up high to the swimming pool."

    Keith: "Hahaha. That was a mess with the landing, dude. It's like we had to save a drowning dog."

    Gary: "It was, but i got better in my swimming. I know how to do them strokes, and on the board: i feel like a real diving board spe-cia-list."

    Jacob: "Too bad we haven't got a pool yet, Keith. Also, i think i need to make a call to Murph."

    Keith: "Hey! I don't live with someone that can take care of the pool every day. It's a pain in the ass to do it."

    Jacob: "Mmmhmm. We had a servant at home doing that, right?"

    Gary: "Say, how about i give up some green for it? I mean, where i live, it's just too cramped to get me a nice pool, and it's a little cold too. Up these here mountains, and you get more sun and more winds. Whaddaya say? I'll pay!"

    Jacob: "100%?"

    Gary: "Yeah! Uno hundredo percento, b:censored:ho. Just don't mind if you see the random Master G with his ladies hanging around, you dig?"

    Jacob: "As long as you don't make the squealing noises of.. you know what. Well, since a pool takes so much space.. we can at least get a hot tub. Saves cash."

    Keith: "We can put it somewhere inside the house, and it's easier to maintain. Sorry, Gary.

    Gary: "It's cool. But you don't mind giving me some compensation, right, since you all into this?"

    Then, a black Jaguar arrived. Everyone gets out.

    Gary: "Well, lookie here.."

    Jacob: "Well, it looks like we have to see each other here again, Will."

    Williem: "Herr Ross.. Kamerade! How's it going? Heard you're getting famous in these parts."

    Lucia: "And what mein bruder meant was your Outlaw face, Jacob."

    Jacob: "Ahh. Well, i did tell you that Outlaw's street racing, right?"

    Williem: "You did, but i am in no mood to challenge you this time, Herr Ross. Just want to see my dear schweister get together with the incredibly talented Italian there."

    Lucia: "Bern? What's wrong?"

    Bern: "Ohhh."

    To Bernardo, what he sees to his dear Murcielago is like a perfume commercial: full of orchestra music and as if a light shone on his car. He approaches it slowly, with Keith and Gary consoling him.

    Bern: "Come to papa!"

    Keith: "You miss it like it was your son, or something."

    Gary: "Well, I'd have opportunities for children if i wasn't wearing a.."

    Keith: "GARY! Too much info!"

    Gary: "Whoops. Sup Burner. How was the ice?"

    Bern: "Oh.. Gary. If i wasn't your friend, I'd have you killed, you know. You're getting on the nerves of the CIA and the FBI. They have your dossier. Here."

    Gary sees a dossier of him, but knowing this would happen, it looked more like a CV to a clown school.

    Gary: "Mmhmm. Does that n:censored:r look like me? I had someone hack the databases and who knew that your Gary Dhetto is a n:censored:r with an eyepatch.. Don't worry, Burner. We're buddies. Just hoping your agency's not watching you or Izzy, and we cool."

    Jacob: "You guys done with Bern? Come on, someone wants to see you."

    Bern follow Jacob into their house and he meets his housemate Jared, and he meets Sonny once again.

    Jared: "There's the man of love. Here comes the groom~ Hahaha!"

    Sonny: "Here comes the bride~"

    Bern: "Oh mio Dio."

    The living room table is riddled with empty bottles of beer.

    Jacob: "You freak! This is from the States!"

    Sonny: "Sorry, Jake, but it was his idea. You know i don't drink lah. I'll find you a nice keg for later."

    Jared: "Come on, Bern. We're going to make a bachelor's party tonight. Laa laa laaaaa!"

    Bern: "Hahaha! Okay! Just hope the lady's okay with that. Come hand me some of that stuff."

    As they start consuming the alcoholic beverages in the fridge, Sonny notices Jacob sitting, looking at a 1000 Yen bill while drinking.

    Sonny: "What's up, Jake?"

    Jacob: "Oh. It's this note. Look."

    Sonny: "Ohh ho.. The Phoenix. In Japan. Not really a big surprise."

    Jacob: "Looking at it, I think this Phoenix person wants me on the streets."

    Sonny: "Well, i got a read on these documents from someone while i was still back at the US, and if I'm not wrong, it says that Rin is the Phoenix."

    Jacob had a thought, hearing that. While he's not fully convinced, he keeps that info in mind.

    Jacob: "She is? Well, with this Yen marked like this, she must've been in this house then.. The beer!"

    Jacob rushes to the six pack, pushing a sleeping Bernardo away. Holding the casing, he gets his UV light ready, and he scans and sees yet another message.

    The Phoenix has gone through hell, but from the ashes, it will rise.. be ready. ~
    (凛 - RIN)

    Jacob: "Well.. i can't believe it."

    Jared: "Huh? Why is Rin doing this to you, mate? There's more to it than we think."

    Sonny: "Jacob.. who knew.. if she's about to be the one to finish the winning streak you have lah?"

    Jacob: "It seems that I've reached an impasse, once again. It's my pride, or the girl."

    FIN PART 3

    Author's Notes

    - Sorry for filling up the story with flashbacks. This is, after all, the last chapter. They won't be much as we go on.

    - More Street Fighter? Yep. I play Guy and Adon as proficiently as Cody. There's 2 more characters i have with that level of gameplay.

    - The pictures with the Jaguar in Tokyo aren't original. Can you find where it came from?

    - Jared's figure is big and muscly; which we have Fred for the size, and Jacob for the build. But, I imagine him voiced like Drebin from Metal Gear Solid 4.

    - This chapter is definitely not going to be as long as Chapter 3.

    - The 5.2 Quattro was intended to appear in 3-1, but i pushed it back.

    - Jacob initially is the one who picks up the gang, but that would conflict with meeting Jared.

    - Worst in game editing ever (Red Bull hangar pics)? You decide.

    - I have plans to introduce the antagonists soon.

    - I am not getting a sure definition of progress since the release of GTA 5. Also, GTA Online will destroy me, so if no progress is made, there's that to blame.

    - Next part: Alan, Sonny and Jacob pays their last respects. Also: Here comes the groom, here comes the bride. Crossover plot device.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Jacob's R8 5.2. Tuned for 550pp
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  9. SomePlayaDude


    Part 4: Escaping Death.

    A bus stop in Tokyo. 12 PM.

    Jacob, Sonny and Alan wait. Buses pass, showing that they wait for something else altogether. The three wearing suits show some suspicion, but nothing of such is shown.

    Sonny listens to some music on his MP3 player, with Alan getting a read from the day's newspaper and Jacob reading his Outlaw e-mail. Jacob's Outlaw e-mail redirects the many messages sent to different fence e-mails to keep hidden. Seeing many fans and possible foes, he reads and reads and reads, until a horn is heard.


    Jacob: "What? Don't startle us like that! He's here."

    Alan: "Well.."

    Alan sees the car: a silver BMW M5, with Vulture on wheel. It parks by the waiting men.


    Sonny: "That's him? Rather swanky for a rich guy."

    Alan: "That's Mr. Yamazaki. Unlike you, Son, he's a CEO, so he's all swank, as you say. He's the one Jacob here called to pick us up."

    Vulture gets out to greet them, but Jacob stops, as he recognizes the car.

    Jacob: "Wait a minute.."



    Heishiro: "You've already lost, Kuroiuma-san!"


    Jacob: "This is.. this is that p:censored:k Heishiro's car."


    Vulture: "Let's say i repossessed it.. There's a lot in what he did to the car, well according to Gary, that is. Meng, Dakai taa."

    Sonny pulls a lever inside and gets the hood up. They see more than just the regular V10 supplied with the car.

    Sonny: "I see a lot of racing spec tech here.. Is that even street legal lah?"

    Alan: "Well, this is interesting. Stock R8 against this? I really doubt those were there the day you 'repossessed' the car."

    Vulture: "Since i had nobody change what's in it, they have to be. Look at me; do i look like the sort that enjoys that sort of mess?"

    Jacob: "I'd say the man that does has already arrived."

    Lee, who happens to be passing by, already has a look at the engine, without anyone noticing.

    Lee: "Wah.. Hey, man. How much for the car?"

    Vulture: "200 grand."

    Lee: "Tch.. reasonable, but I'll be back. Hey boss."

    Jacob: "Well, what's new, Lee?"

    Lee: "Your friends wedding, as per Murph. I'm not invited, but Murph's going to be present."

    Jacob: "Memo taken."

    Sonny: "So, where'd you live, eh?"

    Lee: "Son, saya tinggal di Kyoto." (I live in Kyoto)

    Sonny: "Eheh. Okay, okay. Saya akan melawat kemudian." (I'll visit later)

    Alan: "Can we go now? I'm afraid standing around like this won't get us anywhere."

    Jacob: "Well, you don't mind taking the wheel, Koji?"

    Vulture: "No thanks. I'll pass. I'm more used to my Mine's for a car with a lot of power."

    Lee: "Power? Hey, I'll take the wheel."

    Sonny: "Mention power in front of Lee, and yeah, reminds me of the first day with the Dark Horse Camaro."


    The car steadily gets it's way across Tokyo to their destination. For Lee, steady is with a few cases of burning rubber.


    Lee: "So, how fast do you want me to get you there?"

    Alan: "Dear God, do you know where we're even going?"

    Jacob: "Treat it like a taxi drive from hell, Al. Koji?"

    Vulture: "Hmm.. the local graveyard in Minato Ward."

    Lee: "Time for some fun."

    Sonny: "Fasten your belts lah, and prepare to hold on."

    The car goes around in speed.

    Jacob: "Yes! Just like old times."


    Vulture: "This is a bad dream. This is a bad dream. Please pinch me.."


    Sonny: "Lee, you're taking that turn 15 MPH more than i ever would. Aaaaaaaahhhh~"


    Alan: "Jacob, my boy. Please! If you ever see my dear Carrie, please tell her i love her."


    Lee drove around the roads like if Murph lost his mind.


    Then, they reach their destination.


    Jacob and Sonny praised the former taxi driver. But the older men?

    Alan: "Mr. Yamazaki?"

    Vulture: "Please give me a moment..."

    He starts throwing up at a nearby drain.

    Lee: "No fares? Oh, come on boss."

    Jacob: "You wanted to hop on, Lee. No fares, and that's final."

    Sonny: "Jake, you can learn something from being a nice nice guy lah. Here's a thousand yen. Go kill something."

    Lee: "Terima kasih. See boss. That's a man with heart."

    Jacob: "Whatever."


    The five enter the graveyard. They move around and see the many dead in the area. Jacob is reminded of death, once again.


    As Jacob walks to the sun outside, he sees a plaque of many deceased drivers who died racing, with most names Japanese. Their pictures and dates are given as well, with a small memorial for each of them.

    Jacob: "Death is no stranger to the racing world."


    Alan: "Come on, guys. And I'm the old one.."

    Lee: "This place.. ohh so creepy lah. I'll wait by the car."

    Jacob: "You go do that, scaredy cat."

    Sonny: "I'll have to come along."

    Vulture: "Guess my job here is done. You. Mr. Lee?"

    Lee: "I'm Ramlie. But, Mr. Lee is okay too lah, just don't say Ee, or Ram."

    Vulture: "Yes. Well, Mr. Lee. How about negotiations? I've no interest in selling this car, but a good price will have me reconsider. What's your first offer?"

    They split up. Alan navigates through the many tombstones and shrines to the Kanonji Mausoleum, where they visit the departed soul of a man deemed important to the three approaching. To Jacob: a man he deems as his sparking to the racing world after Project Mythic's treatment. To Sonny: a man who accepted his plights for his rather forced-to-be-strengthened interests. To Alan: a friend, which they once battled together on track.

    Jacob: "Shot by his brother, according to Izzy. We never said our farewells."

    Sonny: "Awu.. And i didn't bring flowers. Too bad lah. It's the thought that counts lah."

    Alan: "It's odd to see it here rather than back in Dunsfold, but i have this feeling this is where you belong, old friend."

    Sir Ben McCarthy. Dead after an incident involving a certain criminal group gone bust afterwards. While Sonny and Alan give their respects, Jacob has other opinions.

    Jacob: "And another one, dead. I can't believe i hated him, once."

    Sonny: "Not going to guess it's with the Proteges, right?"

    Jacob: "Yeah. He would get things done with being the best. I admire that goal, but i would never achieve superiority without the glory of getting it done fairly."

    Alan: "Oh, Jacob.."

    Jacob: "Even Mythic seems to be a saner opinion on the whole racing god ideal."

    Sonny: "Just less sane on the methods."

    Jacob: "Should i come here as Outlaw, i would be charged for desecrating a grave. But, let's have our last respects."

    Sonny: "Mmhmm. I'd be nothing if he didn't accept me into his Proteges."

    Alan: "You have me to thank for the teacher position, kiddo. You're blessed, you are."

    Sonny: "Your influence knows no bounds lah."

    Jacob: "Let's see.."

    Jacob kicked a worn out gold trophy carrying a medal, which just happened to be lying around.

    Jacob: "What's this? This sort of junk belongs to a trophy case."

    Sonny: "Lemme see.. Looks like a trophy for winning a Group C LMP racing season. Hmm... At that date, i was racing F1s around the world."

    Jacob: "One step ahead of the trophy's achievements, eh Sonny. Predictable."

    Sonny: "I plan to be one step ahead of the pack. Anyone claiming to be the best, then i am just too good to be named the best."

    Alan: "In racing."

    Sonny: "Of course lah. Or what? The guitar? Leave that crown on Lynyrd Skynyrd."

    Jacob: "You need to start accepting the fact that your Mythic lead you to success, like it had with Paul's touring car success, and Rin's law enforcement."

    Sonny: "That'll take some time, Jake. It's not a fast process to say yes on something that i said 'OH HELL F:censored:G NO AAH AAAH AAAH!', but hey, thanks for the encouragement."

    Alan: "Hush boys. How about we give a last goodbye? One by one. You don't mind getting started, Sonny?"

    Song: Rush - Vapor Trail

    Sonny: "Ahh, yes. Ermm.. where do i start?"

    Sonny steps up.

    Sonny: "Hey. Erm... so, I've never really spoken for a dead dude. Other than my mom lah. She calls herself Red Hot M, but i call her mama, and her name: Miranda. Now, Miranda was a girl on the road, tougher than steel she was. But, she got into some bad s:censored:t a lot, and then after one cardiac arrest, she's gone. I can't imagine people you know well gone in an instant.

    Well.. i didn't plan to say anything, Ben. I respected you as a man who brought me in, while i was drunk for the craving to race cars. I don't care what you really meant for the Proteges, or what you wanted to repent lah. It's that i wanted to see you alive again when i raced the LMPs, when i raced the F1 racers, when i tested out the fastest cars on earth money can buy. Heck, the days i went around the Nurburgring a month back, i thought a lot about you.

    I can't say i want to let go on what you did, man, but what you did brought me into this life as a rich ass racing guy, not just some dude. I came over to Japan for a lot: to get my car back, to see my buddy wed, but also to say goodbye, old friend. Thanks for a lot, eh? I'd drop my money here if it meant something in the afterlife."

    Sonny drops off one of his rings on the trophy cup. The ring, made of gold and adorned with a skull carrying pure ruby gemstones on it's eye slots, has an estimated value of the thousands.

    Sonny: "Well, that's my lucky charm lah. I'll miss you, eh Da Killa."

    Alan: "Touching. I've rarely seen things like that over the years."

    Jacob: "I guess there's a lot you relied onto that old man, eh Son. No disrespect."

    Sonny: "None taken. Come on up, Al."

    Alan: "Ohoho."

    Alan moves ahead.

    Song: Queen - Now I'm Here

    Alan: "Ben. Ever since your first days racing, i've never seen anyone more inspirational in my lifetime. I know you quit when you did, but when you did, it made me chug along the train tracks past Penzance i did, hoho! I've yet to meet Takuma cordially and how he's getting along on his life. We did suggest giving him my dearest Carrie to marry, and when he said no.. ahh the memories.

    They don't dull easy if you enjoy the moments, or even show your hatred to them. Ben.. i hated your Proteges. I hated your opinion on the king of the track. I hated the days they knighted you. I hated even the evils you and Michiharu have done to bring forth the children you never really wanted. But, as i carried on, training Paul and eventually, Lucia, i have to say they whittled down from a flame to nothing.

    I didn't have the courage to meet you here, Ben. My impurities within might ruin our friendship, and after i heard about your death, my hate for you disappeared and i even cried, like the days i lost my dad and mom. I still have little courage to meet Takuma after all the years. If it weren't for Jacob here, your grave here would be lonely this day.

    I didn't get the fame i wanted to surpass yours, old friend, but i got the satisfaction that you were always the man that got my back, even if it's not a long time behind my old XJR-9. Haven't got it running for a long time. I'll see you soon, i know i will. I don't know how long i have this lifetime, but it'll come."

    Alan made an overhand toss to a rose he hid in his jacket into the trophy cup.

    Jacob: "Just like Dudley. The rose was quite the touch."

    Sonny: "How's my impession, Jake? *mimics Dudley from Street Fighter* Let's fight like gentlemen."

    Jacob: "No."

    Sonny: "You have little respect, huh Jake? It's so predictable of you."

    Jacob: "Why fight with respect when something's on the line? You will want to win with what you've got; there is no class in losing."

    After Alan stands, straight and long, he moves back, as Jacob moves up.

    Song: Metallica - Turn The Page

    Jacob: "Where do i begin with you, Ben? What are you and you Proteges capable of? They're just a mess. I've lost all respect from you that day. You old fool. The methods you did were pointless, and, from what i heard, i unvoluntarily got me someone who's vengeful to you fellow Proteges. I never wanted to be part of that rabble. I just wanted to find the true meaning of my pa's intention of taking a car and taking it up to a speed that gives him the rush. The feel. The adrenaline of the car and the racing.

    I found it, and while i didn't really like you, i have you to thank for starting it. I got into the roads of Rockport as a god. I left it looking for someone. It's not you, but i thought about you when i met Tak again, and his other Tak. We never see eye to eye, old man, but if there was anyone who gave Outlaw his power, gave him his money, gave him his street smarts, who else did?

    I am the best there is on the streets, Ben, and i have a lot of people to thank for that, but i won't forget you, teach. It looks like i never regretted saving a small girl that day, as that mess led it to your might on the track. I'm going to share it to the world, whether they like it or not. Your desires.. we are alike minded, while not similar in affinity. When you died, i wasn't shaken, or stirred, but it's like something was taken from me, as i haven't finished understanding the ways that you mastered. Well, that's all. Thanks for what you gave... teach."

    Jacob remembered the moment he left one of his Outlaw hats to another dead man.


    Jacob got back to the car and took something from a compartment under his seat. He places it on the small shrine. A cowboy hat, once owned by the Most Wanted street racer, Outlaw. He then took out his phone and asked Lucia to take a photo of the plaque as it is.


    Jacob: "I disrespected you, but it's not worth anything anymore."

    Jacob came closer to the tombstone. He held it hard..

    Jacob: "It was all or nothing, teach.. You didn't deserve to go just yet.. i am nothing but the ultimate street racer without you, but i could ascend even higher.. I'm sorry i couldn't be better than i would be.. My pa' was proud of me, but i wanted YOU to be proud.."

    Obviously seeing their friend crying, Sonny and Alan back off, to leave the wanted criminal momentarily in peace with one of his former mentors.

    While it took a moment, it was like Jacob was petrified to the tombstone, but then..

    Jacob: "I'm done. Manly tears.. *sniffs*. It's in us."

    Sonny: "It's also the right thing, but Jake: How about your views on superiority?"

    Jacob: "Outlaw is a different entity, Son. What i say as Outlaw wouldn't reflect my views, for the sake of cover. (But i do follow them.. somewhat.)"

    Alan: "The roads are hard, and we went through his guidance to get to where we are today."

    Sonny: "True, but there are a lot more people we should appreciate to full understand destiny lah."

    Jacob: "Either way, let's head back to Koji and Lee. I wonder how long they've waited?"

    Next section, for single post users.
  10. SomePlayaDude


    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    As they return, Koji has finished haggling with Lee.


    Vulture: "It has four doors, Mr. Lee. That's the killer. I wouldn't strip such expensive parts. You take the seats away and that's 10k value gone, and even more money gone to pay the people."

    Lee: "Alright. You win, Koji. I guess i better find a faster car to buy. 200k can get me a nice supercar anyways."

    Jacob: "You done? I always thought you'd win, Vulture."

    Vulture: "A buzzard wants his meal, and he'd fight for it, regardless of who, or why."

    Sonny: "That's nice, but let's get going. Bern's wedding's not too far off, right?"

    Vulture: "According to Izumi, it's at the outskirts of Tokyo, by the bay in Yokohama. But after that DREADFUL, SPEEDY, ROLLERCOASTER OF A CAR driving..."

    Alan: "Oh dear.."

    Jacob: "Here goes.."

    Vulture: "Are you employed, Mr. Lee? I want you to be my driver. I want the famed Pakcik of Rockport as the man that takes progress to those that need it. There's no way i want to let you live the rest of your days rotting. What do you say?"

    Lee: "Huh? What an opportunity lah! Let's talk business later. We got a wedding to get to."

    Sonny: "Aiyoo Lee! Fikir kamu tidak mahu ikut! (I thought you didn't want to follow us!)"

    Lee: "Ehh, mahu jumpa si Murph saja. (Just wanted to see Murph.) Alright guys, come on."

    They all enter the M5, with Lee, ready to go once again. He calls a number.

    Lee: "Oi. Get Tommy to the bay. There's this wedding in Tokyo Bay. Hard to miss. Pronto, ahh. I'll pay extra."


    Jacob: "So, Lee. Who's Tommy? Another of your weird speed freaks?"

    Lee: "No, no boss. Just see lah later. Now, time for CRAA~ ZY TAXI!"



    The M5 reaches Tokyo Bay in a flash, thanks to some crazy taxi driving.


    They reach the wedding reception, with the passengers having a time of their lives. A British man walks across the streets, meeting with a woman, dressed to kill.

    Murph: "Hello, hello, there beautiful. Sign me in. Barrister, first name Murphy."

    Izumi: "Barrister.. (Isn't that the name of a coffee server? Oh wait, spelling!)*inhales* Yep. You're in, Mr. Barrister."

    When the M5 nearly runs him over, the man, revealed to be Murphy Barrister, jumps away in fear, alongside Izumi Yamazaki, a laugh happy double agent for the CIA.


    Izumi: "Aaaahhh!"

    Murph: "What in the blazes?"

    The people from the BMW gets out.

    Lee: "Sampai sudah! You OK?"

    Izumi: ":) Hahahahahaha. ehehe.. :( Waaahahahaha!"

    Jacob: "Izzy? Murph? Did we scare you?"

    Murph: "You have to start controlling the beast lurking in Lee's soul, you hairless ape."

    Jacob: "Whatever. You're no different from the man behind the crazy taxi driver badge."

    Lee: "Eyy Murph. I got a job now."

    Murph: "That fast? Well, spill the beans, then, Uncle."

    Vulture: "He's under my hire. Koji Yamazaki. Hagetaka Finance. CEO, and possibly Director by next week."

    Handed a business card, Murph has a look.

    Murph: "Ha-ghee-tay-ke, eh Lee? You got yourself in one of them criminal huddles, eh? You alright with that?"

    Lee: "Alaa Murph! Ingat kami lumba kereta dengan boss ini untuk saja-saja, ka? (Did we race cars with our boss just for nothing?)"

    Murph: "Whatever. Anyways... Lookie!"

    A supercar is seen, moving across the bay road.


    Jacob: "Oh Murph.. We can hear that thing coming, with exhaust work like that!"


    Tommy is revealed to be another supercar: a TommyKaira ZZII.


    Lee: "Tommy, meet the guys. Murph, Sonny, Boss.. and the rest."

    Alan: "Tommy's a car? A rather nice looking one, I'd say."

    Vulture: "Hehe.. Come on, Alan. Don't we have a reception to get to?"

    Izumi: "Nii-san. You guys are on time, and i don't mean directly on a clock, teehee."

    Vulture and Alan head on in, being ticked in Izumi's list. Lee went to park his car away.

    Murph: "Say, can't believe Bern's about to get through the arch. I remember the day you went through the arch, mate."

    Sonny: "Ya lah. I was best man, but now it's your turn lah. Just stand still, let your suit do the talking, and prepare a toast. Easy."

    Jacob: "Not going to be a problem, Son. Don't worry. I've speeched infront of a lot of people before. Remember the debut of The New Blacklist? It was on national television, although, i have to say that was Outlaw, not Jacob Ross."

    Murph: "No pressure. You're always the best man for us, Jake."

    Sonny: "Yeah. Talking skills isn't my forte, but it's yours."

    Jacob: "Moron. You never was the sort that likes show and tell up front."

    Sonny: "Mention any more, and you're best man in getting beat up."

    Murph: "You're all skin and bones, Son. Jake's a man of stature."

    Jacob: "Let's stop here before i lose a best friend. Come on, Son."

    Sonny: "Cheh, okay."


    The wedding reception went smoothly before the ceremony, but the judge that's about to officiate the wedding hasn't arrived.

    To answer that, we zoom out to a small part of the bay just a mile away...

    Ginoa: "Adieu..."



    A scene happened outside the area of the wedding.


    Two people: Gary, dressed in a purple suit, and Ginoa, dressed with a midnight sky dress, are present, with the judge dead. A car stays still on the road, with the front screen splattered with blood.

    Gary: "So, he's a target? For what, exactly? I don't see him looking pretty shifty."

    Ginoa: "Better that you don't know the details, but i'll say what's what: he's a member of the Harbingers, never lost a target, paid to eliminate Jacob Ross, a master practitioner of Shaolin. Apparently, our dear Enigma paid me to take him out, so i did. Papers here."

    Gary reads said papers, confirming the facts.

    Gary: "S:censored:t, Gin. You're good. But.. but.. there ain't anyone that gonna officiate the s:censored:t called Burner's wedding."

    Ginoa: "Well.. i think we have to find a priest ASAP. It's not going to be cheap.."

    Gary: "That's okay Gin. I got this."

    Gary shows Ginoa a small card. It shows that Gary is a qualified priest, apparently.

    Gary: "I am o-ffi-cial-leh a priest, for once being part of a gang that based themselves in a church. I did sermons, although about.. it's tough to mention, but i was a priest of the earth, of a church that teaches the people what place do they have in life if they take action."

    Ginoa: "Okay, okay, enough. You win. You get to officiate the wedding, but there are agents in there that want your head the same way like our relationship back in Germany. And this judge's suit's too big, and and too bloody"

    Gary: "And again, Master G's got this covered. I packed me a spare clergy suit for the occasions."

    Ginoa: "For f:censored:k's sake. You knew this was coming. You went all ahead of me! You as:censored:e, Gary!"

    Gary: "Awwwh yeah! Now, let's get rolling. We're laa-tuh."


    The reception, worried about the judge not making it in time, start murmuring.

    The best men, Jacob and Williem, with the bridesmaids, start chattering nearby the to be wed.

    Williem: "Herr Ross.. there is a problem, ja? Priest isn't here yet."

    Jacob: "I have no idea, will. Just hope it's not going to ruin the wedding."

    Lucia: "Papa and mama are watching, Herr Ross. I can't mess this up, i just can't!"

    Bern: "Relax, mia cara. Everything is going to be fine. I mean, i think the man that's going to officialate our wedding arrives in a bit."

    Song: The Cure - Just Like Heaven.

    Gary and Ginoa have just arrived, as he finished that sentence. Gary, looking like a fine padre, walks down the aisle. His height of only 5 foot 8 alienated the crowd, as he walked past them all. Ginoa moves out of sight, to ensure none of the agents see her, with Gary hiding in plain sight with the hacking stunt he arranged.

    Gary: "Hey, Burner. Luce. Ya'll ready for some gospel from the G?"

    Bern: "Gary? Are you sure you got this?"

    Gary: "It's cool, Burner.. i've wed a man and his pig, a homosexual, and the occasional weird combination. No questions."

    Lucia: "Herr Dhetto, this better be good."

    Gary: "Let's begin."

    Gary gets the thinking and the silver tongue ready. Knowing that he has to make a great impression, he lets go of his gangster tone and prepares another tone of a professional. He then gets started.

    Gary: "Dearly beloved. We are all here to get these two lovebirds in matrimony, one of positive energy brimming from his intelligent mind, and the other: a beauty and a prodigy, what more can we praise? Now, you two don't really look like you match, no, you don't, but.. let me say, looks aren't what's being judged here. It's about unity through the more complex, inner self. You both, will then cast down your vows, and then, we will see the depths that your love for each other has reached?"

    Bern: "Ahh! Mia cara.. I want to accept you into my life, ever since the day, when a young girl visited our home of study. I want to live with you. We together, can overcome the weaknesses, we carry each other burdens together, we overpower what's to challenge our love, and our happy life, provided by the efforts already laid out.

    But, as a family man, i won't desert you anymore. I won't leave you to be alone, for every action you push, i shall push harder alongside you. I will put my life in front of those that would threaten us. We will build a home, dedicated to the future of good, and one that the Earth would accept without hesitation. There won't be a flaw i'd leave unchecked."

    Lucia: "Bern.. you were in my life the day i visited a man deemed important to me. He would go in my life as a friend that would nurture me and protect me, but i have lent my heart to the man that ran away and played tricks on me for the life we continued in this country. I was angry, but i was happy that a man can be so patient to continue his work. One thing i learned studying here is that the dedication of a person can be the factor that brings success.

    I wanted a husband that is not only dedicated, strong, smart, charming and also brave. I have found that inside of you, Bern. I never intended to hate you forever, and i have never intended to betray you for one second. I want my best friend to be closer to me, as we would be unstoppable."

    Gary: "Short and sweet. I never would see that light of day. You both are obviously in love, and there are no objections or any comment from the crowds? Love is a fickle thing, so be careful if you wish to lend your words to the lovebirds."

    The crowds are in high emotion. Gary sees no reason to stop. Ginoa watches, while in hiding. She smiles..

    Ginoa: "Oh Gary.. you've got a heart of gold, huh? What changed you?"

    After the wait..

    Gary: "Then, that's that. Nobody's going against the power the love's got here today? Well, then i want to hear it from you two myself. Do you, Bernardo Bellini, hailed from Sicily, be married to the lovely Lucia Weiss of Nurburg? And i don't have to repeat for you, Luce."

    Bern: "I do."

    Lucia: "I do."

    Gary: "Then, let the stars fall tonight. Can i have the ring, to commemorate the moment?"

    Jacob moves ahead. He shows the ring. The ring that once shone infront of him after battling a psychotic Yakuza boss.

    Gary: "18 karats. Perfect. Then, i declare thy man and wife. We're done here. Time for a celebration."

    The ring is placed. Families are happy. Gary gets more praises for getting it done. Then, events following, it really is the perfect ending, and the beginning for a new family to be raised.


    A week after the wedding. Suzuka Circuit. 1 PM.

    By the 130R, the infamous Trans-Cammer stopped.


    Outlaw exits. He then carries a gas can he put in the boot. Keith exits on the other side.

    As Keith has a look in the bright Japanese sky, Outlaw carries said gas can out, he revisits the webpage of a paparazzi, aiming at racers, and printed the details necessary.

    Keith: "You're right? I'm having a little doubt about this. But.. that car tapped me and he told me something about the GT500 legend.. It's just like what they say.. but.. but.."

    Outlaw: "Quit blubbering. Let's back up your little theory with this: I've done my own digging and I've confirmed that this one fan says the man they worship in this shrine here is alive."

    Keith: "It could be just a fluke. The fanbase can be unpredictable"

    Outlaw: "It would be, but... *brings out a piece of paper* this man witnessed and sourced the doctor. He witnessed Ginoa fighting this man and he recognizes the movements of his idol. He has the tendencies to see his brother, he's with his junior, and recently visited his former family's home. I had Izzy watch and compare the movements these past few weeks, with a positive. Why would a random man do the visiting?"

    Keith had a look at the paper, backed up by Izumi's dossier of Shiro. He saw the comparisons of them and his idol. While biologically hidden, notes taken by Izumi, along with a few pictures of movement comparison bring Keith's doubt to a halt.

    Keith: "I can't believe it... i just can't. To hide his face from the media like that.. He was next to me. He saved me from abduction. He did so much, but to lie to me? I could've recognized Juri's jump kicks when i saw them!"

    Outlaw: "I felt that pain once. To be lied to. I was dragged here by the one who loved me. It was an amnesiac thing, but i realized: how can an amnesiac come here by herself? There was more to it. I can feel it. But, now, Keith, now we get to what I've planned for Japan. Ready the camera. I won't be bored if this goes well."

    Keith leaves the scene and prepares his HD camera. He makes an assumption that he's a fan of Outlaw, a cover that he's very good at since his reappearance. and starts doing his act of narrating.

    Keith: "Alright.. I followed him all the way here. It seems that he's decided to stop by the 130R. The GT500 legend's memorial to be visited? Let's have a small peek."


    Keith approaches to see Outlaw pouring a liquid from the gas can. He pours it all over the shrine.

    Keith: "That's him. Hey! Outlaw!"

    Outlaw: "Huh?"

    Keith: "What's going on? You look like you're preparing a barbecue with something like that."

    Outlaw: "Ahh. Well, Mister.. hmm.. You're Keith Ross! I admire your racing. You're born to ride into the sunset."

    Keith: "I get that a lot, but thanks for the flattery anyways. But what's this?"

    Outlaw finishes with the gas can and tosses it aside.

    Outlaw: "You have a camera pointed at me? Just the moment i need."

    Keith points the camera to Outlaw, as he planned to.

    Outlaw: "Look here. We are at the Suzuka Circuit's 130R corner. I can see just a small memorial standing, but.. why am i here? Let's answer that. I'm still looking for that racer that will end my streak on these lowly streets! And, with that, I want to make an 'announcement'."

    Song: Metallica - Devil's Dance (S&M).

    Outlaw took out a lighter. He lights it and tosses it into the oil covering the sand and the small memorial. The blazing flames burn the memorial, and whatever is on it. The fire burns the walls of the corner. A fire fighting force responds, giving Outlaw barely any time to finish his speech.

    Outlaw: "I found your precious racing idol, alive and well. I won't tell you who, or where, but there's decisive evidence. I have people that confirmed this, and i am putting a nice bounty on this man's head. Judge me all you want, but we will see if your pathetic minds can accept the truth that lies ahead."

    Outlaw and Keith walks away from the blaze, still recording.

    Outlaw: "I'm waiting.. oh so frail is your emotions. How i will savor them."

    Outlaw starts laughing like an evil overlord. Even though he knows him as his big brother, Keith feels shivers on his spine, and then stops recording.

    Keith: "Hey.. Did you really put a bounty on his head? I'm not too keen to see him dead again."

    Outlaw: "No. Just something to rile them up. Besides, if someone survived an encounter with the Assassin, she'd have me pay double or triple.."

    Keith: "Says the guy who's 'died' once already. So, what do i do with the video? My Youtube account will be too popular should i go uploading."

    Outlaw: "Make an anonymous account. Upload it there. Delete all evidence once it's done. And.. let's say I'm sorry, for two things today."

    Keith: "Okay, i accept your apology on the burning my idol's shrine, you idiot. But.. what's the other thing."

    Outlaw gets in his car and revs, as Keith checks his recorded video. Then..

    Outlaw: "This. See you at home for dinner. Goodbye!"

    He leaves Keith with a cloud of smoke, by the memorial on fire, as the firefighters arrive.


    They come and couldn't save what was on the shrine. They see Keith and rescue him like he was in a building. While intact, Keith only had one thing to say.

    Keith: "OH MY GOD! *coughing* F:censored:KING HELL, OUTLAW!"

    FIN PART 4

    Author's Notes

    - Layout change, and probably the last. I added Cast Introduced to when it mattered.

    - Walls of text.. dammit! Sorry if it's going to bore you, but i read and read.. I know it won't.. hopefully.

    - This is the crossover plot point. It's time Outlaw gets his head on the radar for a while.

    - And anything Outlaw says will not reflect on how both Jacob and I feel.

    - The Outlaw persona is planned to be an antagonist, ever since his return. Jacob's struggle will be the focus the next few parts.

    - And Rin's going to find a way to free him, with the help of Jared and the already teased antagonist.

    - The 2nd antagonist will be introduced next. This chapter is a little like Aliens Vs Predators, except that we don't lose. Also, this 'antagonist', like Paul, isn't a straight on bad guy, just motives against the protagonist.

    - Next part: The spark ignites. Outlaw is on fire, and sees a never ending list of racers and challengers. Also, another king of the streets will be introduced, and he spits on people racing on the track.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Ramlie's ZZII. Tuned for 600 pp.
    - Vulture's M5. Tuned for 550 pp.
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    United States
    God read. School has kept me busy.
  12. SomePlayaDude


    Part 5: Infamous.

    Ross Residence. 6 PM

    Jacob returns home one day to see a nuisance in the form of paparazzi hanging out in front. Unable to escape, he is forced to see what he wants.

    Jacob: "Hello? What are you doing in my house? Don't make me call the neighborhood watch. They're brutal, let me tell you.."

    Pap: "Oh, sorry Mr. Ross, but i was sent by my news agency to investigate, you feel me?"

    Jacob: "Investigate? Who? I mean, Keith Ross is racing today at Suzuka. He won't be back till late, so I'm afraid.."

    Pap: "Hey! I'm talking about you, silly! Haven't you heard? Outlaw destroyed a sacred relic of the racing world! There are people that are pretty much enraged! They saw that video, it's gone viral, baby! Discussions here and there! There are websites dedicated to the praise and the shunning of said burning. Thing is, the main fact is that Outlaw's identity is still a mystery, and Keith is our first lead."

    Jacob: "Well.. if you're looking for him, tell him that he should really mind his own business. Now get out of here."

    Pap: "Stop denying it, man. You're Outlaw, right? You both drive the same car manufacturer, you have a nice southern accent, and you're a famed street racer. It matches so well."

    Jacob: "...."

    Pap: "Tell me. You are the one? Don't lie.."

    Then, the infamous black Mustang arrived at the front, surprising the paparazzi.


    The man exiting is no doubt, Outlaw. Full suit, tattoo lights as well. It's hard to say this isn't him, while it obviously isn't.

    Jacob: "Well, I'm sorry to say about your precious theory. It appears that somehow, he's right there, and I'm here, thus, I'm not him. Also, I find Mustangs revolting anyways. (Come on, Jake. For the sake of cover..)"

    Pap: "Huh? But.. But..."

    Outlaw approaches, showing his tattoo.

    Outlaw: "Save your breath, ass head. You're Jacob Ross.. that man in California said hi. The one you slept in."

    Jacob: "I'll be sure to remember that. I did an all nighter that night."

    Pap: "So, Outlaw-sama. What's your stance on burning up Nobuhiko-san's memorial?"

    Outlaw: "Justified. He is still alive. That is all you need to know. But, i would like to thank Japan for their tendency to give me a good race on the streets, and fail to impress! Mwahahahah.."

    Pap: "So, who are you behind the mask?"

    Outlaw: "To know that is to know that you will die. I hear that question again, and you're a dead man. Also, face me.. anywhere at the night's sky.. and a defeat will ensure that you will find out for yourself."

    Jacob: "I'd keep it a mystery. Makes it more interesting. Don't want to know if I'm racing an F1 racer, or a retiree, or something like that."

    Pap: "Interesting. Interesting."

    He takes a photo of Jacob and Outlaw, together.

    Pap: "And before i go, how about seeing that tattoo?"

    Outlaw: "HERE! NOW.. GET.. OUT.. OF.. HERE!"

    He was convinced, and shaking.

    Pap: "Whoa.. It's been an honor, Outlaw-sama!"

    The man leaves. Jacob helps Outlaw bring in his Mustang and cover it up after they are secure. Then, the Outlaw opens his mask and reveals himself as a ruse.

    Jacob: "That puts Jacob off the suspicion list. Thanks, Son."

    Sonny: "Hey, no problem lah. Writing your script on the days of the force sure did pay off for imagination, so it's no big."

    Jacob: "Yes, but it's been a week already, and I've met no end to the people that wants to race Outlaw. I've no problems winning, but it's monotonous of losers and poseurs. There hasn't been any of the occasional celebrity or professional racer trying to redeem the memorial i burned. It's turning out to be more of a bore.. to claim to be undefeated when there's not a single great racer that has challenged me yet."

    Sonny: "Ya lah. Very few people know of your exploits in Georgia, and even fewer know your identity. Your neighbors.. the List, Keith, Koji's guys, Nash's bunch.."

    Jacob: "I told that information to a very select few. But maybe the ones that saw the tattoo will have no problem finding it. Oh, and you should get that tattoo off your arm, or there would be two Outlaws. I'd hate that."

    Sonny: "Kehehe.. Maybe I'll prank Takuma with this.."

    After their business is done, Jacob walks out with his cleaning tools to do some cleaning outside. As he is about to begin, he sees the silver M5 again.


    Then, Vulture and Izumi stand by the door, ringing twice, unknown that Jacob is behind them. Gary and Ginoa watch from the car, signalled by Jacob to not startle the siblings.

    Jacob: "HAAA.."


    Jacob: "Good one.. *falls*"

    Izumi: "Aaaahahahaha! That's what you get for being Agent Blaze, Jacob-san! Ahahahaha!"


    Vulture: "Izumi.. please behave from here on out. You're about his age anyways."

    Izumi: "*sarcasm* I'm sorry. It's just that Jacob-san was chosen to be the one to try out my portable nightstick."

    Gary: "BOOO! Ahahaha.."


    Gary: "One little birdie.. two little.. *falls*"

    Ginoa: "Oh, Gary.. you don't want to tempt the lady."


    Izumi: "Dammit. You really are good. If you weren't hunted by my agency, you'd be the best damn agent we'd have."

    Jacob enters with a tray of drinks, also with a bandage on his brand new injury.

    Jacob: "You're lucky you're a girl, Izzy. If you were Vulture, it won't be the same. Owwww..."

    Ginoa: "Hmm, i don't know. Gary here would kill a woman if he could."

    Gary: "Yeah! Woman and man.. they're technically the same. It's just that you girls got the.."

    Ginoa: "Ah, ah, ah! Gary. Control your thoughts. Don't make me do the nice gutting you deserve."

    Gary: "Man, Gin! You always trying to threaten me. You don't have Luce's temper, and yet it's like you want to kill me all the freaking time."

    Ginoa: "Force of habit, Gare-bear. It teaches the men to fear women too."

    Izumi: "It's not going to get you on someone's bed, like Agent Sayuki-san had."

    Vulture: "Let's be frank, you're not the kind of person that would have the.. er hemm.. every day, no?"

    Izumi: "Hell no! That's sick. I would NEVER NEVER do that. Except, if Gary would abduct me.."

    Vulture: "And that's a contract termination, and the Assassin has the rights to kill him."

    Gary: "Hey, I'm not exactly a straight on honest dude, but i always stick to the contract."

    Jacob: "Okay, we're all here. What's this about?"

    Vulture: "It's about the Harbingers. They're getting a grip here in Japan. While not a big one, just like the days before, they're trying to reignite their racing roots, from rumors abound."

    Izumi: "And it appears after your mishaps in the German supercar competition, the CIA took no quarter in trying to huddle the splinter factions back. We have N.Z in contact to confirm the things we're doing won't interfere with his own plans."

    Jacob: "Mmhmm.. I met up with my commander, leading a special task force here. But about the leader of this bunch.. is he from here?"

    Vulture: "I know Japanese people when i see one, but this one's not, and a born street racer, like you. He calls himself the Messiah. His name? Clark Kayne. Heard of him?"

    Jacob: "Kayne.. Kayne.. Aahh! I heard of his exploits back when i was at London."


    Jacob: "Apparently, he's, how they say: the Michael Schumacher of the streets. But he's known to be ruthless. He's not afraid to take your car out. And he treats each race like his last: no mistakes, and no mercy."


    Jacob: "He's refusing any offer on the track, claiming that there's no joy in racing without the risks. Also, he's a veteran in the worldwide street racing business. There's about 50% of the racers bowing to him like Ramses."


    Jacob: "For a wanted man, he's never caught, like Outlaw. He has connections to the black market, and i met him personally, in my days before in London. Just wonder if it's the Scuderia?"


    Gary: "Interestingly, I've done deals with Clarkie before i met Mr. V, and i know, other than a few expensive objects of value, he's a sucker for Italian cars. He owns a good variety of them, from the Bulls like the Gallardo, a SuperLeggera, a Countach, to the Prancing horses like an Enzo. I don't mind meeting with him again."

    Ginoa: "We've been hired by him a few times before me putting Gary in the clink, and before our escapades in Nurburg. He's seen driving his Scuderia, for your information, Jakie. And, unlike the bulls:censored:t people spew out about him, it's never seen a loss before and he's got the proof. I wonder why he's in Japan?"

    Vulture: "I've arranged these two to find him. Their relationship with him can be useful, you know."

    Sonny, while knowing he's not one to overhear, overhears.

    Sonny: "Hey. You don't mind if i pop in? Back when we were test subjects, Jake, I remember having my team mess around Clark's 430 lah. Then he was all 'it prances across the fields like a Dark Horse' lah. You can say i adapted that name for our cars, Jake. And he should know you're Outlaw, being part of Nash's teaching circle with Alan."

    Jacob: "Right.. and from what you're all saying, I'm guessing he wants a showdown with me. If you don't mind.. Izzy."

    Izumi: "You want anything?"

    Jacob: "About the papers... most of it seems far fetched. I'm having a hard time believing anything about this. You claimed he's a ghost?"

    Izumi: "I'm not a fan of the paranormal too, but.. there are files of Hiramoto Nobuhiko. It's all on his racing potential. And i found them decrypting from a rogue group of scientists, related to the FIA. They so happen to match this Shiro's racing skills, that i found within what's left of the Harbinger's files. I don't know why the Harbingers are so interested in Shiro-san so much.. But, a match is still a match. Let's say i was lucky that i stumbled between those files, teeheehee."

    Jacob: "Well.. okay. About the race though.. I don't mind, but.. i need his name on par with the top street racers, so it'd be worth Outlaw's time, and get Rin's attention. I need agents, and not the shady sort like you guys. I know who to call."

    Jacob takes out his phone. He dials numbers.


    Monaco. 3 PM.


    Leona exited a casino, carrying a duffel bag she didn't bring when she came in. Her luck has paid off once again.

    Leona: "Hahaha! Gained a million. Is good day to be Queen."


    Leona: "Great.. Hallo?"

    ???: "Bring forth the kings and queens of Rockport."

    Leona: "That message.. Cowboy's calling!"

    She hangs, and with that, Leona dials another number.

    Leona: "Hello! I want the next flight to Japan this instant! I'll pay. In 3 hours? I'll make it there!"

    She enters her SL and leaves in a flash.



    A hotel in Kyoto. 8 PM.


    Murph takes a nap in his hotel room. Only wearing a towel, he went for a small nap as he was about to get a shower. Then..


    Murph: "*snore* F:censored:g yobbos.. take that.. you doctor.. from 'ell..*snore*"

    *Ringtone continues*

    Murph: "What's this? Must be the pizza from Alberta. S:censored:thead Canadians.."


    Murph: "You called?"

    ???: "Bring forth the kings and queens of Rockport."

    Murph: "That message.. it's a reunion! Yes! The New Blacklist's back babay!"

    Murph gets out of his room and rushes, only to realize he's wearing a towel. He gets back in and wears some clothes.


    He rushes down to his SLR McLaren and leaves.


    A Highway in America. 9 AM.

    The last leg of the American Supercar Championship carries on. The cars went around the track. It's the final lap. Fred leads the pack.


    The race is tense.


    But Fred's Saleen is a beast on the whole, considering the S7's position as a bare bones hypercar.


    He crosses the line.


    But as he is about to get to his podium celebration.


    Fred: "This is Gator."

    ???: "Bring forth the kings and queens of Rockport."

    Fred: "King's n' queens? That's the code! I gotta jam!"

    He leaves the area in an instant, leaving behind his prize and celebration.



    The expressway out of Kyoto. 11 PM.

    A silver TommyKaira blazes on to a nearby Bugatti.


    Both cars travel at 200 MPH.

    Lee: "Ehehaha. It's on, fatso!"



    Lee: "Good thing i put hands free, kalau tidak, matilah saya! (or else, I'm dead!) Ya, you want a ride? Call me back.."

    ???: "Bring forth the kings and queens of Rockport."

    Lee: "The message! Boss panggil kami! (calling us)"

    As both cars reach 250 MPH, Lee makes the call to the Bugatti's owner, being a friend.

    Lee: "Sorry, man. Bet's off. I have to go. I'll keep my deposit, and you keep yours."

    Bugatti Driver: "It's alright. Maybe next time, we'll see who's faster, eh?"

    Lee leaves the Bugatti in the dust, rushing to the distress call.


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  13. SomePlayaDude


    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    A bar in Tokyo. 8 PM.

    Gary waits outside, alone. The moon shone the night sky. Gary stared at it.

    Gary: "Mmmhmmm.."

    The door opens.

    Ginoa: "Looks like you're not allowed in the bar, mmhmm? How about a sip."

    Gary: "I ain't getting one so i can get back to the house on time. There's so many times i ended up in someone else's home. Some Japanese know martial arts, so it's a hazard to get the G thing filled with lessons of what's a kiai is. And, i ain't banned. Just waiting."

    Ginoa: "Well, more for me then! *drinks* And who're you waiting for?"

    Gary: "Him."

    The green Esprit arrives. The man exiting is Jared, being the owner of said car. His big muscly figure impresses Ginoa.

    Ginoa: "Whoaa... that's a man. Come on, Gare-bear. I'd be so into you if you were as big and strong as he is."

    Gary: "Heh.. I'd prefer a speedy body. I have quite the small ass metabolism."

    Jared: "Gary! Good to see you! And with the Assassin? What a sight. It's magnificent."

    Ginoa: "Mmhmm.. I'm very popular in these parts. Speaking of popular.. there's someone over there watching us. Do you mind if i.."

    Gary: "Have fun. If he's enforcement, hand me his ID. Might need it."

    Ginoa leaves.

    Jared: "So, we're going to get drunk tonight?"

    Gary: "Not yet, J. I have here some documents from Mr. V. It's about your terrorists. The Harbingers, right?"

    Jared: "Yup. Can i have a look see?"

    Gary: "Sure, pal."

    Jared reads the papers about their activities. Being a minor threat, Jared makes a decision.

    Jared: "I appreciate the help, Gary. But.."

    Gary: "But?"

    Jared: "I'm afraid at these conditions, it'd be unwise to make a move. This is just a split from the big cheese. I want to make a pizza out of them and i want all the cheese."

    Gary: "Goddamn man, you making me starve or what, n:censored:r."

    Jared: "I'm saying that the group's too small. I'm thinking we have to either allocate resources over the world that we don't have, or preferably.. we bring them over here."

    Gary: "Yeah.. bring them here sounds like my kind of plan, man. They plan to bring their racing roots back. I hear the street racing Messiah's here to make a name after Outlaw's reappearance."

    Jared: "Messiah? Ahh.. Clark Kayne. The last time me and i crossed paths was 2 years ago."

    Gary: "Yep. That Messiah C.K. I was thinking we could use a big ass race that'll bring them Harbingers all the way East. I suggested that to Sonny. I'll help influence him to do it."

    Jared: "You do that, but I was thinking we could use something else to make this from small scale bet, to a millionaire's gamble in Vegas. Something of a prize, maybe. I heard of the Harbingers' plans to use genetics as a weapon to get supreme racers."

    Gary: "The f:censored:k? Spill it, then. You're a smart man, so i'd be impressed."

    Jared: "Hold your horses, Gary! Well. It's time, so come on out."

    The other side of the Esprit is opened. A woman is revealed. A thin, beautiful figure with short hair. Gary knows who this is.

    Gary: "Holy s:censored:t n:censored:r ass f:censored:k! Jess?!"

    Jared: "Meet Jessica Ross, or, our bait for the Harbingers."

    The woman bows.

    Rin: "Gary-san. Long time no see."

    Gary gets a light hug, amongst close friends.

    Gary: "Yeah.. you have a crazy husband that you lured all the way here, Jess. You're pretty as always."

    Rin: "Heh.. I'll say that was a compliment."

    Jared: "And also, can we trust you not to tell Jacob? It'll motivate him to race the Messiah, since he knows her true identity as the Phoenix."

    Gary: "I can promise that. It'd be good to see them Harbingers put down."

    Ginoa then comes back, wiping away blood from her hands with a wet cloth. She throws it away.

    Ginoa: "Well, Gary. you won't believe me if i said there was a whole armada over there.. Oh.. hey, Kate."

    Gary: "Wait.. wait.. wait.. You're Kate? The skater Kate? The one that threw me like a.."

    Rin proceeded to judo throw Gary like back in the restaurant.

    Gary: "Yep.. I'm convinced..*moans*"

    Rin: "You're.. Ginnie, right? Nice to see you again."

    Jared: "She's the infamous Assassin, Rin."

    Ginoa: "I am.. but i don't tell that to everyone. And let me do my own talking, big strong."

    Jared: "Call me Jared. I once applied for Senator. That's the sort of publicity i go with to help recognize me."

    Ginoa: "Maybe I've heard of you before. I.. kind of killed off the Senator before that."


    2 days later.

    A secluded area... in Fujinomiya. Midnight.

    A meeting room in a hidden basement is filled with four recently discharged street racers. They consist of Leona, having a break from her ring meister job. Murph, recently staying for a wedding. Fred, the self proclaimed successor of Outlaw, recently moot. And Lee, expressway speed racer on the rise in Japan, and part time driver.

    Murph: "So, you went all the way from the States? Even i think that's just plain bonkers.."

    Fred: "It is, but we have to react from an emergency. I call dibs on Lee's place."

    Lee: "Oh no, no, no, no, Freddie! It's just an apartment, but it won't be after next week. Moving to Tokyo."

    Leona: "That's okay, Dyadya.. i just won a million dollars in Monaco.. That's enough for a few homes around here. We can start something here."

    She brings to the table a bag of money just dying to get out.

    Fred: "Oooh yes!"

    Lee: "Gimme gimme gimme, what i want!"

    Murph: "Hand me that one. And that one. Hand me them all!"

    Sonny enters the room.

    Sonny: "Looks like you guys are having a good time. Mind if i jump in, lah."

    All: "Sonny!"

    Sonny takes a seat.

    Sonny: "Now, the boss is going to be late. Said he has a little police accident and got himself into another chase."

    Murph: "Just a day on the job, Son. Nothing to worry about."

    Lee: "Boss is good driver. Not a problem lah."

    Leona: "Pity.. i want in that chase. Would make it interesting."

    Fred: "I should help, that is, if they need smashing."

    They all wait for Outlaw to arrive. It took a while, but then..

    Outlaw: "Ahh.. the gang's back. I haven't seen you lot with this coat on me for a while."

    Murph: "So.. what's up, boss? Ready for more racing?"

    Outlaw: "Actually, we've already quit on the list, right?"

    Fred: "I don't mind doing more dirty work again, Little J. We brought our cars for a reason."

    Sonny: "Well, it appears we have things to arrange, particularly a race between THE street racing veteran Clark Kayne and Outlaw. It's going to be the biggest race yet. We plan to reach millions of people to bet, with their domination of the streets, and then there's HIM doing the burning of Nobuhiko's shrine. The payout will be massive, and we want to arrange it first."

    Outlaw: "Firstly, i want an opinion. The racers of Japan are infuriated of me burning up some wooden shrine. It's just a so called dead guy with *sarcasm* some kind of significance on the racing world today. Also, my fury to it is quite.. well, let's say I would even bomb it if it was a stone statue."

    Leona: "That shrine needed to burn. I heard of people back in Germany using the body once for their own mischief, since they kind of knew how potent this Nobuhiko is. They should just use my body instead."

    Fred: "I'm not into smashing peoples thingies that they like, but that shrine business got people in Rockport cheering. You have a big fanbase there, including the police chief being corrupt now. It got you more than what you want, eh?"

    Murph: "If i was me, I'd just get rid of it. You'll never know if a ghost might haunt your soul, eh?"

    Lee: "I've no stance lah. Too much controversy on you, boss."

    Sonny: "It's all cool, if you keep up your anonymity.."

    Outlaw: "Well.. I've nothing to say back, but thanks. Now, the next agenda is the veteran. Do you have faith in my skills, or not? That's all i ask. I want no siding with me or him, just a honest opinion."

    Murph: "Well, mate. You're the best racer there is, to my eyes. I've seen Kayne race before. It's excellent, but i think his days are already over. You're still in your golden days."

    Leona: "Also, he's part of the Harbingers. I heard he has connections, but it's not clear what it is to us so far."

    Lee: "We're not doubting you, boss. You're the king."

    Outlaw: "Where's my crown? King nothing, at least. That's what king i am."

    Fred: "The only person that's just a little bit better than you, J, is Sonny, over there."

    Sonny: "Haha. But, I'm no street racing specialist. I'd want to keep my license this time lah."

    Outlaw: "Hmmm.. Okay.. Now for the mission. You're going to mix with the street racing in Japan. Leona, you'll handle the touge, Lee has eyes on the expressways, particularly Shuto. And you two have some more to cover. Race when you want, but keep an eye out for the Harbinger's pet dog. Try not to get yourselves noticed; i mean you, Murph."

    Murph: "Clarkie's a pal, so i can't guarantee me sneaking by him. But we're more popular than even McDonalds in this country, now that you've burned a dead man's shrine. That dead man's the idol of so many racers."

    Outlaw: "Murph.. he's not dead. I know that this hunch can't be. And we're too out of league with the racers here. And when i mean out of league, i mean we're too damn good. Rockport carries the best, and the best has their own best few."

    Leona: "I don't mind racing with my sleeper SL. Nobody knows the 700 HP it has under the hood. Top speed of 214 MPH too."

    Fred: "We're not going to take no prisoners should someone go gung ho against us, Jake."

    Outlaw: "Good.. good.. Then we adjourn. Sorry if i had to drag your sorry hides all the way here."

    As they all leave, Outlaw stays and draws a small table, with the names of The New Blacklist members arranged in the same manner as before.

    Outlaw: "To be back on streets.."

    Outlaw takes off his mask..

    Jacob: "My skills and my sanity are on the challenge again. I hope i find her before it's too late.."

    Jacob starts tearing up.

    Jacob: "Before I lose it.."


    A road in Tokyo, Japan. 1 AM

    A heated chase has ended. The police has left the area after a while. The man they're pursuing is hiding in his car, now moving after no sign of police cars are seen. This man is Clark Kayne, currently driving in his Dark Horse 430 Scuderia.

    Song: Dynamite MC - After Party

    As he drives, he gets a call from some Harbingers.


    Henchman: "Come in, Messiah."

    Clark: "This is Messiah. Loud and clear, henchman. Your voice isn't convincing. We have to be strong after what's happened."

    Henchman: "Right.. sorry. The Harbinger requests your attention. Should we patch him through."


    Clark: "For a failure, why should I? His decisions led to the end. He risked it all on that supercar crap last month."

    Henchman: "I have orders to follow, Messiah."

    Clark: "And i have the right to refuse. I am the Messiah. I'm the one to lead the Harbingers out of their mess. That man has proved himself unworthy, like what I'm about to do in this pathetic country."

    Henchman: "Right.. I'll tell him the usual then. Signing off."

    Clark: "Good night."

    He turns off the communication device. He focuses on his driving. The dark roads prove no challenge to a man that trained the Mythic. He then talks to a recorder.


    Clark: "*sigh* Outlaw's coup de grace has enraged the racing community here. I think i can make use of such underhanded tactics to gain popularity. But then, there's the mission.. the mission for years i've yet to succeed. What point is the mission if the boss is a pathetic lout who can't protect his own hide from Nash?"


    Clark: "And then, suddenly, Sonny's here too. I know about his connections with Outlaw thanks to Mythic.. *sigh*"


    Clark: "I may be the one above it, and i desire more. The one that would be the next big thing.."


    FIN PART 5

    Author's Notes

    - First of all, Murph's little outcry against Canadians? I've got nothing against Canadians. Please read my Disclaimer. I really don't want anyone getting mad on a fictional character's actions.

    - A Dark Horse is defined as: Sonny's personal signature on the car, having a black and white stripe livery, and is a race tuned, street legal machine.

    - The official last character revealed. Promises there, because we're closing this chapter hard.

    - Clark's name and preferred look (Sunglasses and cap, not muscles.) came from the grappler character Clark Still, from Ikari Warriors, then King Of Fighters. Leona Mashkov has no relevance, although the Ikari Team carries a woman named Leona, and with approximately the same hair color too. Coincidence?

    - And, behold: Clark is 3rd place in my personal favorites, just inches off Ginoa and a foot long from Gary. Anyone seeing a trend, particularly from GTA 5? (Skillwise: Gary = Michael, Ginoa = Trevor, Clark = Franklin)

    - Should a movie come out with those three voiced by high pay actors, Gary is Phil LaMarr, Ginoa is Laura Bailey, and Clark is Paul Eiding. These sort of fantasies really help character development, although i've already made this up about a year ago.

    - His personality is a full head on dedication to the streets. He has no known relatives, and he was once a track racer, rumored that he's so bored (yes this is the most epic villain in the racing world ever) that he shifted to the streets for it's thrills.

    - Clark's having a hissy fit, huh? Clark's seemingly repulsive manner references Adon from Street Fighter, after witnessing Sagat's loss to Ryu. That manner is linked to the Harbingers, so stay tuned to find out more.

    - Next part: The Messiah gets a focus for this part of the chapter. Reuniting with the relevant characters, he then gets a grip on what's to come.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Murph's SLR McLaren. Tuned for 600 pp.
    - Clark's F430 Scuderia. 586pp.

    Cast Introduced.

    - Clark Kayne. Street racing veteran, and similar to Outlaw in many ways. Part of the Harbingers, somewhat, and partially involved in Mythic. Has lost respect for the Harbinger, for reasons mainly from the dissolution of the Harbingers.
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  14. RCKakashi14


    Kousoku means "High Speed" in Japanese. Maybe you meant "Shuto", short of "Shutoko Expressway", a highway system in Tokyo. I've passed there when I had a trip in Japan 3 years ago. It's actually narrow, especially the C1 Route.
  15. SomePlayaDude


    Part 6: The Messiah And The Hero.

    A luxurious hotel in Tokyo. 11 AM.

    Clark, a man with no faith in the racing world of today, watches television. He loses even more faith on the screen as time goes on.

    TV: "Oh. You cannot stop me, for i have claimed the power of the immortal almighty scroll of ultimate.."


    TV: "And then.. the weather today in Tokyo.. sunny."


    TV: "..tragic accident years ago claims the life of..




    TV: "Can you tell me what's missing? Of course! Sugar!"


    TV: "Outlaw's return to street racing has angered many fans, and they're ready to go war with the mystery behind the cloak."

    Unlike the other shows, Clark takes interest in Outlaw's return.

    Clark: "Ross.. you've turned a new leaf. I'm sure it's time you get your moment of fame, like i plan to. Hehehehe."

    Then, he is seen coming out of his executive room with a rucksack, walks out after looking left and right. While he ensured he has everything, he realized something is missing.

    Clark: "Check.. Hmm... Sunglasses! Damn! I can't be seen without these on."

    He gets the missing sunglasses from his bag's side pocket. He then wears the expensive pair of Louis Vuitton Evasion, funded by his winnings by racing. The attire he has on reflects his style, like a cap and his climbing boots. He gets down the floors and decides to go walk to the nearby shopping mega mall. He browses for expensive watches, proving that he enjoys shopping for luxuries.

    Clark: "Let's see if Dubai's got some stiff competition. Hey! Can i have some help?"

    Shopkeeper: "Coming sir."

    The shopkeeper came close to Clark, whose face is all over the news for street racing. The glasses he wears and his cap help cover his identity.

    Clark: "Do you have a special offer for these nice Chopards?"

    Shopkeeper: "Not for this model, sir, but we have some other brands for sale."

    Clark: "Really? I like your shop though. All so fancy."

    Shopkeeper: "Well, i saw you walk from that five star hotel, sir. Only the rich end up here."

    Clark: "Or someone with way too much money... Excuse me for one second."

    Clark sees Ginoa browsing watches as well. An ally in the crime game, Clark knows Ginoa, and who she really is.

    Clark: "Assassin. It's been a long time coming. What's someone like you doing here?"

    Ginoa: "Hush now.."

    Clark: "Pardon?"

    A man gets out from the office.

    Manager: "Right.. what seems to be the problem?"

    Ginoa: "Well.. why ask me, when you can ask... yourself?"

    Ginoa launched a hidden attack in the form of a small needle from her fingers. The manager dodges it. Clark steps back with the civilians running away, knowing of her talents.

    Ginoa: "And i thought you weren't going to go down without a fight. Ah well. Let's repent your sins. The jewellery here are frauds, and I'm the one that hell calls to get you."

    She kicks the wooden display; a trademark move should assassination be part of some sort of profiteering business.

    Manager: "Security!"

    As the people flee in panic, Clark nudges a passers-by.

    Clark: "Do me a favor, kid. That's a big cinema right there, right? I want you to buy me the most expensive snack there. I'll pay double."

    Ginoa, well versed in the arts of killing, dodges every strike the manager attempts. One opening later..

    Clark: "Ouch.. *chews candy bar*"

    Security guards came in, pointing their guns at her. They bring her down to her knees, only to see a smoke screen instead. They enter it with their guns ready. Then..

    Ginoa: "I love cliches.. if they're used against you."

    *Violent stabbings*

    Then, the radio signals in maximum security forces to arrive in a short time.

    Ginoa: "F:censored:k. This is why we have a driver.. ohh Clarkie!"

    Clark: "I thought we've already settled that i won't go with Clarkie anymore, you bi.."

    Ginoa points a hidden blade from her fingers to his face, holding him.


    Clark: "Let go! As:censored:e!"

    After letting go, the two escape the scene, running into a nearby parking lot. They see the Dark Horse Scuderia.

    Ginoa: "Same old car, eh Clark? Drive. Or it's curtains for us."

    Clark: "I know what to do, just don't be all so irate about it, Gin."

    They escape. Clark heads out to the outer Tokyo countryside to keep the heat low.


    After losing them, and the Ferrari's police scanner all quiet, they reconnect.

    Ginoa: "That's that. Payday imminent. Now, we catch up.. How's the years gone by without me, Clarkie."

    Clark: "Nothing to note, if you know much. How's the grudge with Gary? Finally got the bugger?"

    Ginoa: "Nah.. he took advantage of me, but we reconciled and we're back in business. It's a shame if one of our talents go to waste."


    Clark: "Cute. The dream team, reunited."

    Ginoa: "Enough about me. How about you?"

    Clark: "I'm straying from my job, as second in command of the Harbingers. Let's say i have reasons."

    Ginoa: "Yeah.. You weren't part of the failure in Nurburg."

    Clark: "I already know about it's failure. I even predicted on how it's not going to work out. You have smart people, and then, there are smarter people that wants to end us. We just met some of them."


    Ginoa: "And your boss isn't one to listen to his next of kin?"

    Clark: "No. I want to rule out the Harbingers myself, but.. maybe when it was intended as such in the first place: a street racing club. Nash has a lot to do."

    Ginoa: "How is our dear Enigma? I heard he was so busy, that he nearly forgot to pay me for that one time."

    Clark: "He's preparing his own things. Some sort of debut, but for what? I'm guessing, from all the riddles he's given me, it's going to be Nash Kirkham's return to the track. I'd personally support that."

    Ginoa: "Whatever. I have an employer that wants the Harbingers gone. We just need your cooperation."

    Clark: "Co-operation for what?"

    Ginoa: "We want to bring the Harbingers here.. the ones that are still scurrying around like rats out of their cage. We lure them all here and with one fell swoop, all gone!"

    Clark: "Hmm.. as much as i like the sound of that... Okay.. that's an interesting idea. Very good. very good.. But.."


    Ginoa: "But? It's the perfect plan. I've yet to give my boss credit for the idea, since he's clueless on what's to come, for a short while, that is."

    Clark: "I'll agree. But.. can i have insurance in this? I'm part of those scurrying rats, and i want to claim stake in Mythic's progress afterwards. Even I, king of the streets, will want something to do to get the police off my tail."

    Ginoa: "I'll get something done to work it out. Consider it a favor, Clarkie."


    Ginoa: "Hehehe.. you know you're cute when you're angry? You're a lot like Gary."

    Clark: "A... how is Gary, anyways?"

    Ginoa: "You know... being a free man has it's perks. He does a lot of things nowadays.. Arson, murder, jaywalking."

    Clark: "And the like. Not much has changed since you threw him in?"

    Ginoa: "Well, much has changed. Our partnership hasn't. And.. we're about to get some food to eat."

    Clark: "We? You're.. dating with the former gangster doing gangster things?"

    Ginoa: "No! No! It's nothing like that! He's just showing me around Tokyo, is all. Big city, big life, big variety."

    Clark: "Don't make me keep an eye on you, Ginnie."

    Clark stares Ginoa in the eye. Not everyone lives to do that to her. He does so, but the pause is interrupted with the sound of a stomach rumble.


    Clark: "So, where are we going? I didn't get any breakfast, so i am a little light on the belly now."


    A restaurant in Tokyo. 12 PM.


    Gary waits for Ginoa to arrive. He remembered the time he invited Keith and Jacob to a lunch meeting turned ambush.


    The Challenger parks next to the restaurant.


    The man getting out is former gangster Gary Dhetto.

    Keith: "Jacob, meet Ga.."

    Already knowing the man approaching them, Jacob does what's natural.

    Jacob: "Gare-bear!"

    Gary: "My brotha' Jake! What up dawg, gimme some skin."

    The two buddies shook hands like they were buddies for life; something Keith didn't anticipate.

    Keith: "You met before?"

    Jacob: "Oh, if you told me it was Gary beforehand, i'd tell you more."


    Gary: "My brotha' Jake... Man, we were banged up good there, but it's not our time to go yet, eh?"


    Gary then notices the Scuderia coming in. It parks in a swift fashion, like in an action movie.


    Clark: "That's style points, courtesy of moi. High five."

    Ginoa: "....."

    Clark: "Come on, Ginnie. I said HIGH FIVE GODDAMMIT!"

    Then he realized Ginoa was asleep. He also realized Gary made a funny face on the window, hoping for Gary that action would prompt a jumpscare. Clark was not amused. Ginoa woke up.

    Ginoa: "We're here already? Can i have five more minutes?"

    Clark: "I swear, you're like the only person who could sleep in a sports seat. Get out.... I mean it."

    Ginoa and Clark exits to meet Gary.

    Gary: "Hey, wow! Didn't expect you to do your job so well, Gin."

    Ginoa: "*yawns*"

    Clark: "And being a total d:censored:head about it too. Gary?"

    Gary: "Hey C.K. my main dog! You're all glasses up and cap on. I was cap on, until i nearly got capped."

    Clark: "Glad to hear you're still in the groove, like me and Ginnie here."

    Gary: "We all still funky, like old times?"

    Ginoa: "Well, we're getting a little older, but.. maybe still in the groove."

    Clark: "Hey, let's not get carried away on who's famous, guys. You both match like peanut butter and jam. Not mentioning love, anyways."

    Gary: "Hahaha. Still a weird ass, eh? Let's get some grub, guys."

    They enter the restaurant. Reuniting can be a sweet memory, created by the memories behind them.


    Autumn Ring, Saitama. 2 PM.

    Clark, standing at the lakeside, watches the reflections.


    The track, widely used for more domestic racing, is hardly used in recent years in favor of the size of the other tracks. The small, technical track is still being used for events and occasions, while none is happening today.

    Clark enters a black GT-R and drives back to the large building that serves as the pit lane for the racetrack.


    Upon arrival, he holds the Nissan's pair of keys, as he walks around the place, passing by people working or visiting.


    He then sees a woman, whom he recognizes He tapped her shoulder. Upon being looked at, Clark gets started.

    Clark: "You.. Come, drive. Don't argue. I know who you are."

    After a small quiet session of ignorance..

    Clark: "I see.. so this is how you want to play? Don't play coy with me, girl! Rrrraaaaahhh!"

    He sees the woman, Rin, about to run away. Before she could do that, Clark slams her into the wall, not holding back at all.

    Rin: "Aaahh!"

    Clark: "Please, Rin. I don't want to hurt you. I just want to see an image. The image of the teacher's pride and joy. My image. We didn't select you just like how children go eenie meenie miney mo."

    Rin: "But... but how? I'm done for, now that YOU found me, sensei. I spent years on staying away from people like you.."

    Clark: "Oh please. I'm in the leagues of the extraordinary gentlemen, yes, but i have no love for the comrades i call the Harbingers. I'm kind of in leagues with Nash, now. Don't worry. They think i am still in Tokyo, getting myself drunk again."

    Rin: "How about this... this drive? Why? Aren't I already well known on the streets as it is?"

    Clark: "I just want to see how you're doing. A teacher to student relationship shouldn't be soiled by separation. I heard your name's carrying weight as much as mine. I also want to see for myself; can't go relying on the rumors nowadays."

    Clark, seeing his student relaxed under the view of his sunglasses again, lets her go.

    Rin: "So... what about the car? I'm comfortable with anything you throw at me, sensei."

    Clark: "Let's get out, eh? It's one of the limited edition GT-R SpecV models. I'm sure you'll find it easy to handle, considering the friendly nature of the car."


    The drive begins.

    Rin: "Be honest, sensei. How did you find me?"


    Clark: "I had a little bit of help. Know the right people, and they can do anything. I'm sure you know the dream team of killers?"


    Zoom out to a car in the parking lot. Alongside the Dark Horse Scuderia, and a white LF-A, Gary takes a nap inside his Challenger. Ginoa enters the other side. They start conversation.

    Gary: "....."

    Ginoa: "Gary? What's wrong? You look a little yellow?"

    The 'Gary' she refers to is a dummy. Ginoa turns the dummy to see a face that triggers a jump scare. Gary stands outside, recording Ginoa's little suffering.

    Song: Pearl Jam - Jeremy.

    Song Progress: 0:00 - 0:21

    Ginoa exits.

    Gary: "*humming along the basslines of the song*"

    Ginoa: "As:censored:e! D:censored:khead! F:censored:king.."

    Ginoa stabs Gary's right arm. After that.. Ginoa stops, realizing her rage really did something this time. Gary shrugs it off, with the blade still in the arm.

    Gary: "Hey, Gin. Don't make me regret not leaving you to die that day."

    Ginoa: "Hey, wow.. You're still okay? Hahahaha... it's like you are the living test subject. Let's see.. energize."

    Suddenly, the knife reveals a small light on it's hilt. Being a voice command, it swaps from cut to shock. What happens afterwards?


    Ginoa: "Sorry, Gare-bear. *evil laughter*"


    Back on track.

    Song Progress: 0:22 - 1:17.


    Rin: "This car's feeling a little too stiff. You sure it's stock?"

    Clark: "I didn't do anything to it. Must be on how you feel on cars going on all wheels."


    Rin: "I'm more comfortable with what i drive now. These all wheel drives tend to lose grip easily, while being suited for newer drivers."

    Clark: "Yes.. yes.. you know your things. What is it that you drive? That LF-A? White?"


    Rin: "Uh huh. White, Mythic's colors, with black as well. The money's from Otousan's passing. Okaasan couldn't get a job, so we opened a charity. It's working out, but some people pay a lot. Who had the guts to donate 5 million Yen anyways?"

    Clark: "Insurance, perhaps? Shinzo was a very influential man in these parts."

    Rin: "Yeah. But i guess we have to move on. You did that when you lost your family, right?"


    Clark: "I'd rather not speak of them at this moment, dear Rin. You know. Me and family, we don't get along very well. Let's leave it at that. Focus."

    Rin drove the GT-R naturally around. Her training and reflexes ensured the GT-R is pushed to the fullest.

    Clark: "Yes! YES! You're amazing, Rin-san! Magnificent!"


    Rin: "Praise me later. The road is the endless sea to plow through, but just one moment careless.."

    Clark: "Sometimes you get carried away.. I said that, right? I'm never proud of anyone's driving but myself, but you, my dear, have proven yourself."


    The car laps around what seems to be an eternity. After the rounds made, the best lap stands at 1:18.655.

    Next section, for single post users.
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  16. SomePlayaDude


    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    Song Progress: Rest of song.

    After finishing, Clark checks on the GT-R, running fine. He then sits by Rin.


    Rin: "I ran away.. in fear.. that someone like you came."

    Clark: "Me? Look here, darling. I'm a bad man, yes, but unlike my boss, I'm 100% faithful to you. I wouldn't come here to kill what I've created."

    Rin: "The Harbingers. They're looking for me, are they?"

    Clark: "I believe they still are looking you as we speak, but they haven't forgotten the rest of Mythic. I'm sure Nash already briefed you on them.. Sonny Meng.. Paul Henderson.. Jacob Ross.."

    Rin: "......"

    The seemingly cruel man consoles his protege.

    Clark: "There, there.. I feel your pain too.. That man is too far gone now. He's riding the lightning now.. Lost within the confides of the ultimate street racer. A name I've sought."

    Rin: "You have to help! He's about to turn himself in to a prison i might not be able to shake off."

    Clark: "I know. Gary and Ginoa filled me in on the situation. We're about to lure the Harbingers in Japan to finish them off from good, while the Enigma can start again with us, clean like a plate."

    Rin: "So? What's that got to do with Jacob-san? How?"

    Clark: "Jake's about to play a large role in the attraction. You've seen that video on Outlaw's burning the memorial?"

    Rin: "It's all over the news. I knew he crossed the moral line watching that.."

    Clark: "Well, according to some plans, I'm to race him. A fitting showdown of racing masters, at their game. I can't say no, to a challenge, that is. And, you can say, I am looking forward to it."

    Rin: "..No! Just as i feared.. Let me show you this."

    Rin takes out a list, reflecting the actions of Jacob. After months of watching the Ross homestead, she keeps tabs on her husband's personality, with one side a happy family man, and the other as the street racer he's currently priding on. As of now, it's 30-70, favoring Outlaw.

    Rin: "You see, this is what I've been working on ever since the day he arrived. He's been fighting the inner Outlaw within him. It's all stable until he returned from Germany, that day. I'm guessing now, he's lost between his craving for a race, or to finish his objective to find me and carry on with his life."

    Clark: "I've been suggested to race him.. It appears that if i do so.."

    Rin: "We might lose him as Jacob Ross. He will be riding the rest of his life being the ultimate street racer. I don't know if there's anything to demotivate Outlaw."

    Clark: "What a gamble.. we have to bet our chances carefully or we might lose one of the most valuable assets of Mythic."

    Rin: "Is that all you care about?!"

    Clark takes the fist to the face like a man. They pay no attention to what's arriving.


    Rin: "He's not an asset! He's my husband, and you know how much it matters to me that he stays as he is!"

    Clark: "Calm down.. Hey, i didn't mean that he's a tool. He's blazing through his own decisions; nothing fueled by us at all. Why don't we go back to how this started. I mean, you crashed in the mountainsides. We get through our past together, and it'll be a memory we will cherish."

    Rin: "I'd not mention any more.. especially if it's me that gets hurt."

    Clark: "Please. I want you to comply so i can help."

    Rin: "Uhh.. Red-san?"

    Jared exited his car that just arrived. He then stood by the two.

    Jared: "Just my luck... You know who that is next to you, Rin? Clark, a wanted street racer. You're being called a terrorist by the worldwide enforcement, mate."

    Clark: "I am no such thing. Sure, i am with the Harbingers, but i have no such motive to destroy or terrorize. Our organization is in shambles as it is, and i want out. We'll have a talk later, big Red."

    Rin: "Guys.. can i begin? I want to make sure it's not going to burden me any longer."


    Red = Rin.
    Blue = Clark.
    Green = Jared.

    I had a drive by the northern side of the Blue Ridge mountains. It was an arranged drive with some traffic in the way. I'm sure Nash already filled you in with what happened. Jared.. you know this from the man that despairs from what happened. I appreciate your visiting.. all of you. Wani-san.. Son-son.. Murph-san.. Otto..

    Jacob-san wasn't going to give up on me easy. He started street racing, to fund my recovery. I might not be alive if it weren't for Outlaw. It's that much i owe him, but.. they weren't the only visitors. That man they call the Harbinger as well.. He wanted to find a way to make sure i end up 'dead' so he can harness my ability as a racer. He went with some rogue FIA members, and then.. it began.

    I was still in a coma. Red-san.. you remember what happened? You were with Clark and Nash. I think you were already inside the room.

    That's how i got to know you. Charmed.

    Yes.. but we had a mutual goal, Messiah. I'm not going to extend all my trust to your lot that easily again.

    Great. I'll know who to trust now.

    No more arguing! You boys! It's like when Jacob wanted to get that hunk of metal he calls a vintage!

    Wow.. that's some rough words, sister.

    Let's get back to what's what.

    Eheh.. Back on topic. I have to thank Nash on how he told me this. It was night, and thunderstorms were imminent. Jacob just left after waiting his daily things. Sensei.. You met up with Nash on this.

    Clark: "We keep on coming, night after night. Are you sure your miracle cure would work?"

    Nash: "Don't get all fussy on me. If i get her up again, who knows.. i might be the next big thing. The title is still in the waits. I know it. That I'll be the one!"

    Clark: "That position.. for you? I'd imagine that!"

    Nash: "It's not the sort that would go with you, you fool. It's a real racer's title. You're just a street punk."

    Clark: "Watch your tongue, fool. The streets breed the best."

    I might be harsh on Nash, but.. he's like the brother i actually would care.

    Nash: "Let's not waste any more time. Visiting hours are almost done."

    You two managed to enter my room. A doctor was ready. Jared.. you were with me. I love flowers, but not the ones that go on your hands. A pot would be better.

    The doctor.. what did he do?

    There was a defibrillator.

    And a few cases of adrenaline. That weird man wants you back up. He's giving no expense.

    Then, I got back up. It hurts. It hurts. I see the three of you.

    Clark: "She's up. So it does work..."

    Jared: "My God.."

    It was a pause before my mind got back up to speed.

    Rin: "...Sensei.. Red-san.. where's Jacob-san?"

    Nash: "He's.. not here.. but be grateful.. you wouldn't be alive if he didn't pay for your expenses."

    If you two remembered..

    You shrieked, many many times. It was painful for us to hear. I would've gone deaf.

    Easy on the girl, man. She must've felt the fracture on her skull.

    I couldn't control it. Nash's paid treatment forced it out of me. I felt that i was about to die. I held and held and held.

    Just when i couldn't handle the pain.. i left. I had a moment of peace, until..


    Clark: "This is Clark. Who's speaking?"

    Harbinger: "Hello? Clark.. where are you?"

    The Harbingers would really hate their own members going against what they planned. It's like going against word of the Germans in the 2nd World War.

    Clark: "In a bit of a pickle. Street racing.. that sort of thing."

    Harbinger: "Ahh.. when you can, head to the General Hospital. In just a moment, we grab the Infernal Phoenix, whoever this person is. If what Nash said is true, then we won't be needing the person.. just the body."

    Clark: "You... i object! There's no way anyone can allow you to claim the DNA of someone we can still use! That technology is still on the drawing board."

    Harbinger: "The decision is made, Clark. I've sent a small force to claim the body. Then, we will see what happens next."


    I was angry. I hit a wall pretty hard. My frustration at that moment really boiled. That old man can get to your nerves easily.

    With the pain came some painkillers. I calmed down after a few moments. Calm thoughts.

    I came in telling everyone to get out, particularly you. There was no doubt hitmen are coming after that call.

    Rin: "What?! But.. how can we get out.. unnoticed? Ahhh..."

    Jared: "Easy there.. we may be in a hospital, but it's not safe."

    Nash: "The big boss has men all over this country. I'd say we get away from the country. Anywhere in particular?"

    Jared: "No idea. How about somewhere you think they don't have any hold on. What's your name?"

    Nash: "Nash Kirkham. Racing legend. I don't need any introduction. This here is Clark Kayne: street racer."

    Nash.. who knew i met up with a man i had no idea about at the time. I should've asked for his autograph.

    Why not ask for mine?




    You were looking down that window.

    Clark: "They're here.. Nash.. you better think of something."

    Nash: "I'm working great here, with news like that."

    Red-san's large stature made it easy to push away any staff passing by. We headed to the elevator. I think i left sensei and Nash-sama to fend them off.

    Nash used the element of surprise, while rummaging through the staff rooms, he went out after a bit and threw to me a pair of keys. Helicopter keys. It's like he knew i once piloted helicopters. He then told me to get these clothes and a big gas tank. With those, I ran up. And then..

    Nash: "Guys! The Phoenix made a run for it. She's gone to the rooftops."

    Henchman: "Nash? What's he doing here? Come on, boys!"

    They ran up. They saw nothing. They realized Nash was double crossing them. Nash barred their escape. I got on the helicopter at the time. Floating up.. with a dummy. They assume that was you, Rin. They only wanted your blood, so they opened fire.

    Henchman: "That's the Phoenix! Open fire!"

    I managed to escape gunfire, but after that, they saw my face, and then I was branded a traitor, along with Nash. While Nash managed to get away with faking his death just moments after, i took it in after admitting i hate a runaway. I had reasons. They let me live, for reasons i don't want to divulge...

    Right.. and then, i had a ride with you, Red-san.


    Song: Hollywood Undead - Levitate (Gladiator)

    Your Lotus was a familiar sight. My consciousness challenged me. It's like I've been drugged. Must be the after effects of the medicine.


    I would never let them get you. I'd get you to Jacob, but that would have them target you both so quick and easy. I had to do it. I had to send you packing. It's that or death. It brings me pain to bring up the topic that i was the one that split you two up.


    You were mixing around between dead and alive. It wasn't easy to look at one of your friends like that. Pain is also contagious to the spirit. After moments, we kept going north. We're trying to keep a low profile in my V8 sports car. It wasn't easy, especially with speeds in the dark night rain.


    Soon, we ended up in the military base just out of Washington. It was a long trip, but...

    Jared: "Wake up, girl. Rin! Please tell me you're alive."

    I am. Still breathing. It was hard. I was wondering. Worried. About Nash-sama. About Sensei. About Jacob-san even.

    Jared: "Thank the heavens. Now, we might as well get your bearings up, or we won't be getting anywhere. Let's make sure that fractured skull didn't give you any memory loss, hmm?"

    Rin: "Where.. am I? This doesn't look like the afterlife. Aaaah! My head!"

    Jared: "Calm down. Hey, can we have any medical attention here!"

    I had some boys come on out and get you some first aid. You've been drugged, by that Nash guy.

    I don't think he knew about the side effects of a large dosage. Nash-sama did the right thing. I heard he died after that, though..

    No. Nash Kirkham is the N.Z. The one you met up with, as per his recollections.

    Nash.. he must be watching out for me. I.. I didn't know. That's why he knew all about me..

    I did what i had to do. I got hold of Clark and had him get your things to go.

    Passports, money... It's easy to get them when your hubby's not home all the time. I wonder how he never notices them gone?

    I won't hide no more! So, I told Gary-san, and Gin-san. They have the right. They can be trusted. I'll tell everyone i know. No more hiding. I want Jacob to end his struggle.. But he has his own struggles within.


    Rin: "What an adventure. I never knew it would go so far, to bring us here today."

    Jared: "Yes.. It's been a pleasure, Clark. I never knew i'd meet you again, on the opposite sides of the spectrum."

    Clark: "I've no intent on bringing you down, but mess with me, and you'll mess with them."

    Clark points to Gary getting chased by Ginoa.

    Jared: "Uhmm.. Okay? Gary? What the hell, man?"

    Clark: "Way to put insult to injury.. Hey. Calm down, you two. You're like kids!"

    They stopped.

    Clark: "Now, tell me what happened."

    Gary: "Gin.. Let's be adults now. I'll start.. i got stabbed. Right here. See the mark? Doesn't that mark tell you something? Something about a certain assassin.."

    Ginoa: "Yeah, because of that little jumpstart! Gary! We've settled out pranking season! Please, can i get on with my life?!"

    Rin: "Guys! Guys!"

    Jared: "It's like two privates putting flashbangs under their pillows."


    Ross Residence, Fujinomiya. 9 PM.

    It's dark at night. No activity is seen or made, until a lone car illuminates out front.


    The car is the Dark Horse Scuderia, and Clark arrives up front. Ringing a bell..

    Clark: "I came for one thing, but i guess Outlaw won't be here."

    The door opens, revealing Sonny.

    Clark: "Ohh.. why if it isn't Sonny?"

    Sonny: "Clark? Oh hel.. i mean.. hey. Nothing much to mention, to you, that is. You saw me win that competition?"

    Clark: "No, but i knew you'd be the one. But, don't make me stand here. Let's come in.. we reminisce. And before you ask: The car's still fine."

    They have a small talk in the Ross living room. Keith sees down from the upper balcony and comes down.

    Clark: "So.. Jacob Ross isn't home? And for how long? A week already?"

    Keith: "Sonny, why are you bringing random guests to our home. I told them, i have no connections with Outlaw.."

    Clark: "I know all about it, boy. Just keep your mouth shut. Outlaw is your big brother."

    Sonny: "Sorry lah. Keith.. this is Clark Kayne. The legend of the streets. The many more unmentionables, and one of my mentors. His methods are the ones that I've been tormented with lah."

    They shook hands, meeting for the first time.

    Keith: "Jacob never mentioned you. Don't tell me you hypnotized Sonny.."

    Clark: "Don't be daft. And, let's be honest: I only know Jacob through his wife, and that Singaporean mess of a hairdo."

    Sonny: "Jacob had N.Z. for teaching the code of the roads. Clark had the liberty of putting me through a torture chamber."

    Clark: "Well, it paid off, right?"

    Keith: "It did? After the King Of The Ring, it sure did, huh?"

    Clark: "So.. Keith Ross, huh? Your brother's issuing a challenge, is that right? I'm the one to accept, and i will, infront of his face. I have no regrets. Money isn't an issue."

    Clark stands up.

    Clark: "But.. in order for a challenge, I will need to bring down the hammer on this one. There has to be something i can do to have myself square with Outlaw. The racing i can manage.."

    Clark has a small thought about it. He remembers Rin's plight about Jacob losing his own mind.

    Clark: "And I heard about Outlaw's losing his mind too. But, no matter. It's fine if i should face the Devil himself. It's all about claiming the throne of the underworld."

    FIN PART 6

    Author's Notes

    - A part, dedicated to the antagonist?! THIS IS MADNESS. But, said part is backed up with the origins of Rin's amnesiac escape. A big part indeed.

    - GTA Online is sucking the life out of me. Having Gary roam around Los Santos can really affect progress..

    - And we're about to nearly lose Jacob Ross, as he turns to an antagonist. This might seem a bit alienating (i know i felt it too), but it's not changing much of what's to come, if you didn't really read the fine print.

    - Rin's photo of Jacob and Outlaw battling within is based on Lilo and Stitch, when Lilo measures Stitch's badness levels on a coloring in a picture.

    - Think Clark's not a bad guy? He isn't evil, just chaotic. The Harbinger will make a return, but i won't tell when.

    - I'm planning out the duel for the finale. Yes.. the duel get's it's own part. In the Epilogue chapter. It's going to be long, but i won't go with cliches, and i will need assistance. The Ferrari or the Cammer, both fun, excellent drives in Sports Softs. Up to you.

    - Next part: Clark Kayne, more than meets the eye. And street racing..

    Cars Introduced.

    - Clark's GT-R SpecV. Tuned for 550pp.
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    Part 7: Stacked Deck.

    Vulture's office. 7 am.

    Lee: "So, i bring your M5 for the occasions. Okay lah, but don't mind me bringing it out now and then."

    Vulture: "Haha. Then it's settled. Just one parameter: Keep the luxuries, and then you can technically use it as a company car."

    Lee: "Ehehe. We all know air-con is too important. Don't worry, boss. Just ring me if you need a drive."

    Lee exits the office, giving way to Gary and Ginoa.

    Gary: "Hey Mr. V. What's the private call for?"

    Vulture: "Sit down. Close the door. Let me make sure we're not interfered or monitored."

    They sit down on the chairs prepared. Vulture locks the door.

    Vulture: "Let's keep this information between us. It's important we don't have anyone spying or hearing us."

    Ginoa: "Makes sense, but you don't have to make an emergency on it, old man."

    Gary: "Gin.. he's just under 40. He's not that old."

    Vulture: "We all get older. Stop treating it like an insult, like... technically, everything Izumi says."

    Gary: "Well.. I'm not exactly the wisest man on this here planet.."

    Vulture: "But, i called you on a few things. One. Clark Kayne. You have contact?"

    Ginoa: "We did better, since he's technically our third guy back before Gary's imprisonment. He's with the Harbingers, all right, but he's in it for the long term, and he's not happy."

    Gary: "With the current Harbinger, that is. That man's a b:censored:h i'd r:censored:e."

    Vulture: "Yes. I received info from N.Z. a few days ago. Who knew he was the legendary racer that died tragically after a Harbinger attack?"

    Ginoa: "I kind of figured out he's Kirkham from the times we were at Nurburg, Gary."

    Gary: "Yea.. except you didn't tell me you b:censored:h!"

    Ginoa shows a teasing face, with her tongue exposed to Gary.

    Vulture: "And with the Kirkham out of the bag, he's divulged what they call 'Project Mythic'. A supreme racing team turned into a lab experiment."

    Ginoa: "I was hired to kill, but also to scout for them beforehand. I found out who's who the hard way. Gary here kind of made me fail that mission."

    Gary: "I did? I mean.. *cool voice* I did. And you didn't figure out about Jess. She wasn't there, but I'll hand an applause for getting the perfect score, anyways. WOOP."

    Vulture: "With this information, i get why the Harbingers are here. One of the members apparently, is Rin Nishimura. Jacob's sweetheart. What coincidence that they married not knowing each other's Mythic status?"

    Gary: "A funny one, i bet. We kind of found Jess. She's with her buddy the task force commander."

    Vulture: "Ahh.. Okay. We make sure they stay safe. That's agenda number one. The Harbingers are yet to find the Phoenix's true identity as Rin, as they plan to use her. The technology to use DNA for other purposes than identification has been amplified over the years. I've heard of an experiment that included the man's shrine Jacob burned that day. Said racer is perfect. It's heartless, but why the Harbingers have plans to do more than that on Rin?"

    Ginoa: "Might be just a matter of choice. Or could it be that Mrs. Ross has some sort of empowered racing reflexes. And, you don't mind if i get a second run at the memorial man?"

    Vulture: "I don't mind a second try, but that has to wait. One that has already dies, they have to stay dead, or the rules of nature will be in conflict. Next: another agenda is to help Clark."

    Ginoa: "Side with the enemy? Come on, Vulture, you old geezer!"

    Vulture: "Calm down, Assassin. Nash told me he has Clark in his pocket. We need this race to happen. The ultimate street race. From the logic we're gathering, it's going to bring the Harbingers over, and we can deal with that. I'll prepare the Yakuza and the Triads. It's going to be legendary."

    Ginoa: "They sent a small group to do one thing: get Rin. We're risking her. They might just kill her. It's evil, i know."

    Vulture: "I still want Jacob in my pocket too.. his usefulness has been rewarding."

    Gary: "Er hem.."

    Vulture: "I've appreciated you as much as you should do so for me, you two timing gangster."

    Gary: "Two timing??"

    Vulture: "Not a manner of insult, that was."

    Gary: "Ahh.. I'll get over it. So, what to do with Clark?"

    Vulture: "Use him. Use your relationship to get into the Harbingers. Make him use you for any scheme as long as it doesn't harm us. That race will be the one that'll bring the Harbingers to it's knees. He's going to need some more 'fame' alongside his wanted status on the interpol's list. If he's hitting CIA or Interpol, that's good. And.. he's called you two for services he needs in Suzuka Circuit. Good luck."

    Ginoa: "We're on it. Come on, Gary."


    Suzuka Circuit. 12 PM.

    Recently turned off season, this track sees no action for a while. The dreary rain brings the racers away. One car manages to have itself present at the moment.

    Song: Avenged Sevenfold - Chapter Four.

    The sleek body reveals it to be a Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary edition. While the bodykit does give it style points, it stands out as the very last Countach, and a celebration for the raging bulls.

    Clark: "I vowed to never set foot on a track again, but.. to beat them at their own game? It's the best insult."

    Clark gets a lap around Suzuka. Formerly a track racer, Clark is the sort that would wear a blindfold going around Donington Park. Unfortunately, his days have passed, and he goes around, seeing if his street tendencies get him a better lap time than the last time he went around.


    Clark: "What are you planning, Nash? Your return? There's more to it than i know. I'm sure you don't mind if i choke it out of you."


    Clark: "I don't mind driving antiques, because to have them belong in a show room? I'm not one to one on that, Alan."


    Clark's street racing talent reflected on the current pace he follows.


    The Spoon Corner faces down an Italian legend.


    And later, it brakes hard before reaching the 130R. The ash has been cleaned, and the sand has been replaced.


    The Lamborghini crosses the line, finishing at 2:17.941.


    Clark: "Now.. to settle something."


    Clark parks by the 130R.


    He walks to the former spot of the memorial. As he looks at the area, he imagines Outlaw's inferno.

    Clark: "What demented fool gave you that idea of a towering inferno, Ross? Never mind.."

    After the moment has passed, he contacts Gary via his hidden earpiece.

    Clark: "Is this thing working? Ahh! Gary. Are you ready?"

    Gary, who's hiding around the hub in the Back Stretch with some of Clark's right hand men, awaits.

    Gary: "Hey man, your boys are here. Just tell me when, and we do it."

    Clark: "We've been through this. My men are just backups. We can go, but first, we check on Ginnie first."

    Ginoa: "Oh, Clarkie.."

    The focus turns to the assassin, with her sniper rifle, on the giant Ferris wheel.

    Ginoa: "Tell me when, and they will be scared s:censored:tless. I can't wait to see what's about to happen.. ahahah."

    Gary: "Hey, what'd you tell this cat anyways to make em come out over here? It's not like you was about to make a drug deal, or what?"

    Clark: "I told them.. that i have the evidence for a crime they think they didn't commit... that i have the truth they hid.. for all these years.. blackmail is so sweet."

    Ginoa: "F:censored:k.. stop being such a maze for words, Clarkie!"

    Gary: "Hey, girl. It don't really matter. What matters is that it's going to really suck to be them. What do you want to do anyways, C.K?"

    Clark: "I'm about to tell you how i became what i am, before the days of our partnership. Prepare yourselves."

    The sand by the 130R is greeted with an SUV. Coming out of that SUV is a suited man with some personal men. Clark recognizes the man, knowing that he is the one to be sought. That man is recognized as a high ranked FIA adjudicator, recently visiting Japan for the F1 tournament.

    Adjudicator: "Now then.. Mr Kayne.. What does it take.. to silence the lies you've been spewing about me?"

    Clark: "I suppose I called you out here for a reason. We keep this meeting under the shadows, and it will stay there. I'm true to my word."

    Adjudicator: "Peh! And you claim so much bad about me that you'd bring yourself in such a pickle with yourself. Don't you really know who i am? I have the wealth and the influence, you fool."

    The bodyguards aim their guns at Clark.

    Clark: "Nice.. nice.. but now.. before you shoot me, I want to ask you one simple question: Do you recognize that car? *whispers* Gary, come in quiet. Have the boys back you up."

    Clark points to his Lamborghini Countach.


    Adjudicator: "A Countach? The 25th Anniversary model? This is a rare specimen of a beautiful car."

    Clark: "A beauty in the eyes of everyone. You have a good taste for cars. *whispers* Ginnie, prepare. No fatalities."

    In the distance, a covered up Ginoa gets ready.

    Ginoa: "Everything's set. Just hope i don't get a cold this time..*sneezes* Oh for the love of.."

    Upon seeing the laser pointed, and the presence of his Harbingers, Clark starts with what he's planned: a punch to the jaw.


    The bodyguards are about to fire at Clark, until..

    *Weapon sounds*

    The bodyguards were surrounded by the guns pointed at them, forcing them to put their hands up.

    Gary: "That, my dear friends, is what they call, a cruel irony. These men are handling custom made German submachine guns that'll rip your entire torso in a time shorter than the amount of lifeboats that the Titanic. You'd be wise to just stand still, because..."

    A laser is pointed at the bunch, moving past the men like they're being scanned by a computer.

    Gary: "The Assassin is rather hungry for another kill. I can't hold her back any more unless you homies keep still, eh?"

    The horde of men inside the track watch the beat up. Clark did what he did. He beats up someone senseless, something Clark has planned to do to those he despise.

    Adjudicator: "What... what is.. this?! What trickery.. did you use? What purpose do you have to..."

    Clark: "My revenge. You and that stupid racing league killed me.. old fool. But you.. You ruined my life. You RUINED.... EVERYTHING!!"

    Clark took off his cap and his sunglasses. His face reflects the tragic evil within. It's someone recognizable to the eyes of the people that changed him. The adjudicator was one of them.

    Adjudicator: "You? But you died!"


    Clark: "I wanted to make that death a reality, with what you've done to me! This Countach has unintentionally claimed a life once, and we came from hell to get you. Do you remember now?"

    Clark kicks the man in the ribs, while the rest are helpless to do anything.

    Clark: "ANSWER ME, OLD F:censored:K! DON'T YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?!"

    The man, currently coughing out blood, refuses to speak. Clark reveals an evil side, and a tragic origin, unknown to even his close mates Gary and Ginoa.

    Gary: "Yikes.. this reminds me of God Of War, for some motherf:censored:king reason."

    Ginoa: "I like this new Clarkie, even though it's the same one.. So rash and angry."

    The man, crawling in pain, is given no time to get up. Clark continues until he sees the former spot of the Nobuhiko memorial. He then ignites yet another hatred.


    Adjudicator: "*wheezes* The GT500 Legend.."

    Clark: "Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! Now.. i was pronounced dead on that track.. My career and wife.. gone! and no love? No love for me? So.. HOW IS THIS FAIR?! WHY THE F:censored:K DOES THIS SHOWOFF HAVE THIS FREAKING PLAQUE? HE SHOULD HAVE MY BOOT UP HIS HEAD, YOU HEAR?!"

    Clark proceeds to carry the man and throw him to the spot where the memorial is supposed to be rebuilt. The spot is covered once again, not with ashes and flame, but with blood and sweat.

    Clark: "So.. this is it. This is where it's about to end, for you. Why is it that you want me dead all that time before, huh? I was the man, destined for the highest level. I've prepared myself for the consequences. LMPs.. F1s.. Why is it that you ruined my destiny? Ruined my life?"


    Clark: "And don't crawl your way out of this one."

    Clark sees the situation to his advantage. He punched the man one last time, out cold in the rain.

    Clark: "I'll let the rain decide your fate. Come on, boys."

    Gary and the Harbinger mooks leave, keeping their aim at the bodyguards. Ginoa turns off her gun, disappointed. They clean up, leaving the old man in the rain.


    After the reveal, Clark calls on his boss to update on what happened.

    Harbinger: "So.. you've unleashed all your rage out on the last man that destroyed your prospective life? And.. not a death? That's.. holding back, I'd have to say."

    Clark: "I did what had to be done, like the others. And.. that shrine.. it made me think: If we can't use the Phoenix's body, we might find this alternative instead. I'm not planning on getting this Nobuhiko guy until circumstances change. Might get too much attention with his relations towards the CIA, and his current career."

    Harbinger: "Nevertheless, that was some excellent work. Although, the Phoenix is still agenda number one. You left him in the rain?"

    Clark: "I just let fate decide. This was all just adding options. But I might do more than just stay here, hehehe. Farewell.."


    Clark releases some stress. Gary came by to see his friend.

    Gary: "Them Harbingers are gone. I'm surprised they didn't notice the presence of their life long enemies Master G and Gin."

    Clark: "They're technically a fresh batch. They trust me more than the Harbinger. Where's Ginoa?"

    Gary: "She has a job to do. She left sad. Who knew coming all the way here without anyone to kill really kills her mood?"

    Clark: "Didn't get one, huh? I do want to reduce casualties, but, after this.. Those top end Japanese racers will be in fear of me. I know I'm close to reach Outlaw's status."

    Gary: "You mean less competition, or what? I'm more confused than the logic of playing cricket."

    Clark: "It's nothing of that sort, just a straight path between me and him, and nobody else. I think, after all of this, Clark Kayne's about to get more than just an arrest warrant."

    Gary: "Must be s:censored:t to be him now. Why you'd slam this guy anyways? You're really a dead guy?"

    Clark: "Yes. I was. I live with Clark Kayne as my name now. I'd leave that past behind. We keep moving ahead. That's what Nash kept telling me."

    Gary: "Moving ahead, eh? I can't imagine moving ahead without Gin."

    Clark: "Tell me, Gary. Do you love her?"

    Gary: "Love? Her? Oh hell no! I have my own private love life, C.K. Don't go prying into it without knowing the risks."

    Clark: "Pathetic... didn't you know? Ginnie has it. The feelings that makes up of love."

    Gary: "For real? Gin? The Assassin without a heart?"

    Clark: "Did you do something? Gave her a heart or something? Particularly, to you?"

    Gary: "I kinda caught her falling down a skyscraper, so what?"

    Clark: "There's more to love than just a tool, Gary. You might as well utilize it so she's on top form 24/7. I've used my potential more than just a tool. I utilized.. and then they call me the Messiah."

    Next section, for single post users.
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    Ended up here? Click this for the first section.

    Ross Residence, Fujinomiya. 5 PM.

    Lucia: "Here's to a good luck for Herr Ross."


    Williem: "To be promoted to Le Mans racing. What an opportunity! If you need a partner, don't hesitate to ask."

    Bern: "Mia cara! Where's mi servo Alan."

    Keith: "Al? He's kind of gone somewhere. He went to have a meeting with Vu.. Koji. Don't worry about them. We can celebrate later, since the first season's not around the corner yet."

    They celebrate. Food on the table gets taken, and a mess that seems to be impossibly cleanable piles up.

    Williem: "For curiosity, schwager, where is Sonny?"

    Bern: "... now that you mention it, where is he? He's the sort that would go crazy on celebrations sometimes."

    Lucia: "Don't worry too much. He must be aboard or something. Let this be our celebration. I mean.. we even imported some German lager and some bacon for our savor."


    Murph: "Did someone say bacon? I could go for a half pounder.. or more of that stuff."

    Keith: "Someone should restrain you, man. It's a bacon shredder."

    Murph: "Better that than the bacuum cleaner. Hehe. Oh, and a proper congratulations to you mate. Not everyone goes to do Le Mans at your age."

    Bern: "You know, Keith. Your dad would be proud of you, man. Following the footsteps, it's icing on the cake of true fatherhood."

    Keith: "To you, maybe. Jacob's not exactly on path as of now."

    Upon hearing the words giving meaning towards his superior..

    Murph: "Ahh.. yes! There's something wrong about my good pal Jacob. It's.. it's something i can't really get a lock on, but it's somewhere in my head."

    Williem: "He's getting broke?"

    Lucia: "Maybe he's went through rougher days?"

    Bern: "Someone found out he's Outlaw?"

    Keith: "He's fat?"

    They look at Keith with an odd vibe.

    Keith: "Hey, I'm sorry. He's my big brother. He's got to have at least a sense of humor, and it appears that he's lost it. I don't know where can i go funny nowadays."

    Murph: "Scary thought there.. that's one thing, but the other thing is that he's gone bonkers with the roads. I can't get a straight face with him anymore. The gang's lost contact of his saner side, like back in that wedding. It's like he's strayed from what he's supposed to be."

    Bern: "You think he might be.. back to?"

    Murph: "It's his Outlaw ego. It's returned, and it's grown back to a reasonable margin that, if untreated, might wipe out all he's believed in. He's gotten hold of a new Mustang. It's like the cowboy will ride his horse till the last sunset."

    Williem: "So, my kamerade might turn from kamerade to a demon? How did he even get hold of that anyways? It's not like all the racers on the tracks have this inner demon."

    Lucia: "Bruder... i know we're here for a good time, but.. this is worrying me. I can't feel that i have to stand by and do nothing about it! Herr Ross is someone we owe so much to, and we can't lose him now!"

    Murph: "You're right, pretty. There has to be someone that can tap into the inner Jacob. If you can't seem to do it Keith, that means there's someone else that'll be able to do so. His mate. The woman he loved."

    Lucia: "Frau Nishimura? But she's gone."

    Keith: "Don't you dare doubt me if i said she's alive! I have this hunch that she's still part of this world! We just have to try harder. We've been so occupied with what we tried to achieve. With the expense of his time and dedication, he helped us achieve what we hoped for."

    Bern: "He told me to make a move on you, mia cara."

    Murph: "He took me in trying to get out of a destroying city."

    Williem: "He motivated my schweister to race, and i was given more ways to fame."

    Lucia: "He saved my life.. we have to help him!"

    Keith sees the determination, after a few brutal last days of GT500 racing. He knows he can't give up.

    Keith: "Thanks everyone.. I don't want to lose the one and only bigger brother. I can't bear to feel that pain knowing i have to live with it. First! We have to find him. He's not home for about 2 weeks now, and the Dark Horse GT is actually gathering dust. I just have to find that he's still him. That Mustang..."

    Murph: "Fear not, mate. We'll find it. I just can't believe we, as his closest allies, appear to have lost track of him."


    Route 5, just outside Tokyo. 8 PM.

    A large scale street race takes place. After laps around the expressway, the race hasn't ended for a while. After eliminations are finished, the race is settled with only four cars remaining.


    One of the said cars is a white LF-A. With no relation to the Takaguchi clan's Katsu, this certain model of the LF-A is owned by Rin, whose racing skills she only can practice on the streets. The heated race continues, with Rin going paces faster each lap. She sees the next two opponents: a black Ford GT and a blue Viper.


    Minutes pass as she finds a hole to pass them.


    And more minutes pass as the LF-A already moves ahead the stripeless GT.


    With the Viper coming shortly afterwards.


    And as more time passes, the police scanner responds.

    Operator: "We have received numerous calls of supercars street racing. They were last seen traveling north on Route 5. One caller witnesses a car matching description of stolen Nissan R390 Road Car model. Units are dispatched, A.S.A.P."

    Rin: "Crap! Tell me it is.."

    All cars receive the report, and they also receive an order from the organizer.

    Leona: "Sorry, guys. Heat is boosting. Unless you want to get a chase in, we put this as last lap, alright."

    Rin: "... Let's get to it, then!"

    Rin creeps up to the stolen Nissan.


    Rin: "It's not everyday any GT1 gets on the roads like this.. It's too bad it's a stolen car."


    They go head to head. The Nissan is lean and fast..


    Rin: "But so am I!"

    Ermm.. thanks?

    Rin: "Don't mention it."

    The cars get around the last few corners before meeting with the group.


    And then, Rin crosses the line, registering at 179 MPH.


    Leona: "Okay. Phoenix.. you will have funds in account soon. Do svidaniya."


    Rin: "Better find a spot.. fast."

    As Rin gets to a parking lot, she parks the car up high and gets out. Upon waiting..


    Rin: "Moshi moshi."

    Clark: "Hey. Don't ask how i got this, but don't worry; it's private and unmonitored."

    Rin: "Sensei! You sure know how to surprise people. How is it you Europeans say.. 'what's up'?"

    Clark: "So cheery.. What happened to the emotional, gloomy Nishimura."

    Rin: "What?!"

    Clark: "Nothing. We get back on topic."

    Rin: "Don't go changing our discussion's focus, sensei!"

    Clark: "Erhh.. (She's a tough b:censored:h, i have to not forget that.)"

    Rin: "Never mind. I'm just happy. I won a high ranked street race, and that's months of living covered. Police are scouting and we're splitting up now. What are you up to?"

    Clark: "It's a recon mission. It's best that you don't know."

    Rin: "Sensei!"

    Clark: "*sigh* Fine! I'm at the mountainside just by Gunma. Near the base of Shibutsu."

    Rin: "Why such a peculiar spot? There are such things as wild animals in Japan."

    Clark: "There are animals here. It's called a street racing crowd... I got to go, bye!"

    Rin: "Wait! Sensei!"


    Rin: "What's he hiding from me? The nerve of some men."

    The LF-A, in a stand still, is being watched. The identity of the men watching it are so far, unknown.


    Where Clark stands is within a crowd of underground street racers. He walks around to see a small feed from cameras planted on the cars racing. One such car is Outlaw's Mustang.


    The route, while not deadly mountain passes, is equivalent to such when it comes to the width and the banking of the roads, while not as taxing for climbs. The Mustang, oddly, catches up to a tuned Audi, despite the conditions being advantageous to the Audi.


    The crowds grow wild as they almost reach the finish line.


    With about a few more kilometers before that, it won't be long before they celebrate who wins.


    Clark: "Outlaw has made a move. It's amazing, it is."


    Clark: "I have a feeling Sonny's got something to do on what's under that hood."


    Clark: "But to control it at these circumstances? That takes a lot of practice to master."


    Outlaw outruns the Audi. The duel is already decided.


    It arrives by the crowds.


    Outlaw gets out, with crowds cheering for his victory. The Audi's driver, while defeated, is given a sporting chance not to get his car taken.

    Outlaw: "I'm getting tired of people not giving it their all. That orange Audi has a lot of moments to win there, I'll be honest. But, now that I've defeated you, oh great racer, who's next?"

    The crowds end up quiet, looking at each other. Clark, who's yawned hearing on what Outlaw presented stepped up.

    Clark: "Outlaw.. I'm sure i don't need any introductions. As much your fame has reached an all time high, it's never going to be as high as what I've already achieved."

    Outlaw: "You... you are Kayne. The Messiah. There has been talk that you've shown your face around these parts."

    Clark: "True. I'm the Messiah. I am going to be the one that leads these people, and become their king, like the roads behind me."

    Outlaw: "Cut to the chase.. I know what you want. We are the kings of these roads."

    Clark: "And, like a God, there can be only one."

    They come close and shake hands.

    Outlaw: "It will be days before we can arrange something of such a scale.."

    Clark: "I can wait forever. But.. It better be worth my time."

    FIN PART 7

    Author's Notes

    - If you actually find me in a 500pp street legal room, chances are you will have already seen the Countach, given MRs aren't banned. It's sluggish on getting top speed, but it turns like a dream, and it gets off the line like a 4WD (Sports Softs). I'm still looking for the proper 500pp car outside the obvious NSX, Elise, HSC, M3s..

    - And i have a few contenders, like the Isuzu and the Esprit. Interesting MR cars, they are... There's also some FFs like the Scirocco and the FTO, and muscles like the Series One, the Mustang Mach One and the Shelby GT500.

    - The scene of Clark's vengeance reflects NOTHING about me. Nobuhiko is my favorite character in another fiction (despite the burning), and I'm not the sort to shun other works like what Ford did to Ferrari in the 60s.

    - And censored too. Requested for that. Apologies. I am about to end this (and my fiction career, since i have no requests for a sequel), and the dark mood this carries will keep on going.

    - I planned to use the explicit version of Hype Boys. Clark is partially inspired from Darius, thus the song.

    - And despite Clark's soft demeanor in the part before, he is an antagonist. He needs to do something evil, or he won't be very convincing. This'll do.

    - Clark will be staying in Japan for a while now. Why? It's more to an in your face thing, to him.

    - Next part: The future is unpredictable: An important lesson to all.

    Cars Introduced.

    - Clark's Countach 25th Anniversary. Tuned for 500pp.
    - Rin's LF-A. 580pp.
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    Part 8/Finale: Is This The Destiny We Seek?

    Lakewood Golf Club. 12 PM.


    A Sunday. Like many like minded business entrepreneurs, Vulture plays golf, using an expensive set of clubs, identical in price to a cheap car. Having played golf since he saw the professionals in Japan, he prepares his aim on the tee, riling up for a shot.

    Vulture: "You have to get your posture up like this, so that when you swing, you can feel your abdomens stretch. It's the power from both your arms and your body."

    Gary: "You play golf pretty often, Mr. V? I'm more of a baseball person."

    Vulture: "That's a similar sport, but the serenity of golfing is just what a man needs. YOu keep calm, and take your time."

    Gary: "I didn't say what the ball was, eh? I'm sure you can guess."

    Vulture: "Okay okay. That mental image will be made in a few moments."

    Gary: "And don't get me started on what i mean by a foul ball."


    The ball lands by the edges of the fairway.

    Gary: "Well, at least I'm not your caddy, V. That's a pretty far shot."

    Vulture: "But it's not exactly where i want it. Put a few more power into your ball, and you know it's not going to go where you want it to. Power is a corruptible force, it is."

    Gary: "Power, huh? Reminds me. It's about J. He's in that corruptible section of his mind."
    They prepare to leave the tee. They use a golf cart to get around.

    Vulture: "And? That's unusually wise of you to mention, especially from someone that has no education."

    Gary: "S:censored:. I didn't tell you? It's a secret, but we've got the proof of that from our J's sweetheart. Me and Gin promised not to tell... f:censored:ing f:censored:!

    Vulture: "His sweetheart? You mean the very thing on why i have him in my pocket?"

    Gary: "Ah yup. That sweetie. Jessica Ross. I know i kind of leaked that like an overflowing drink, but, on orders, we're keeping her in a secluded place where nobody knows where she is. That kind of sneaky."

    Vulture: "We have no word on Harbinger activity as of now. Just keep her on our eyes. Don't alert her if i go spying on her with her task commander."

    Gary: "I got that, no problemo. Master G's going to keep an eye on her, no pun intend!"

    They arrive at the ball, using a golf cart.

    Vulture: "5 Iron, please"

    Gary: "5? Which one's the iron?"

    Vulture received..

    Vulture: "This is the fifth wood! Come on, Gary!"

    Gary: "Hey, man. These things are all the same to me: something to whack with."

    Vulture: "How are you such a primitive ape, Gary?"

    Gary: "I grew up that way. It's not like i can control who i become in the future when it's too late."

    Vulture: "Fine. Now hand me the fifth iron. The smaller one that has a five on it."

    After another swing, the ball flew to the green. It landed at a far location from the hole. The two start walking to the cart.

    Gary: "That's a fine shot."

    Vulture: "It is, but I'm going to need some focus over there later. Golf is a game of patience. You can't rush the perfect score."

    Gary: "Hey! I got your back, 24/7. The only way this is going to screw up is if there was a mouse in the hole."

    They head to the green. As Vulture prepares the putt, a few golf carts appear with people.

    Vulture: "*sigh* And i thought i had the course to myself."

    Gary: "Man.. these peeps seem all suspicious. What the heck are they here for?"

    As Vulture scopes the green.

    Man: "You're.. Koji Yamazaki?"

    Vulture: "Yes. I am. Why do you request my attention? I have office hours."

    Man: "You're under arrest, for multiple charges of criminal activity."

    Vulture: "And what claim do you have over me? I'm just a lone man trying to make a living."

    Man: "We have records of your activities. Please come quietly, or.."

    The men around reveal their guns and point at the golfing Vulture.

    Vulture: "So.. this is how it is, eh? Who are you? CIA?"

    Man: "That's classified. Now, come along."

    As they escorted their suspect, they didn't realize Gary gone, being focused on the CEO.

    Man 1: "Wasn't there another guy?"

    Man 2: "Who cares. He's probably the caddy."

    Man 3: "Dispatch. Suspect's been taken into custody."

    Operator: "Roger. We have the siblings."

    Vulture: "So... that's it, eh?"

    As they reach for the radio, Vulture breaks loose of the cuffs and starts attacking the men. Surprised, they couldn't react. He punched and kicked his way out, until he was pinned down by some more agents.


    Man: "Thank god that's that."


    Gary: "Fore!"

    The man goes down. Gary picks up his gun on the floor, and starts doing his work.

    Gary: "Hands up! No? Let me be the first to fire! P:censored:es!"


    The clubhouse. 30 minutes later.

    Vulture: "That's our cover.. blown. *sigh* I can't believe this has to happen."

    Gary: "Not to mention the mess them course keepers have to clean. Now what, Mr. V?"

    Vulture: "We go get Izumi. I think they got her captive."

    Gary: "Really? S:censored:, dude. I can't believe they got Izzy."

    Vulture: "Yes. Must be some professional watching her or what. She's not the sort that would mess up on her dream job."

    Gary: "It's kind of a given, since she's more loyal to you, or what."

    Vulture: "Where's the Assassin? I think we'll be needing her services now."

    Gary: "*looks at recently received text* She's... with Clark. They're near the CIA HQ. You know, i thought they was having a date or whatever."

    Vulture: "They're ahead of us. Maybe they knew.. somehow."

    Gary: "Maybe Clarkie has another reason they want in? Someone from C.K's huddle."

    Vulture: "..... That's it! They must have someone on the inside with Izumi. I guess Clark knew from there. You don't mind if.."

    Gary: "No probs, V. Start the car. We head to them, pronto."
    Gary takes out his phone. He dials..

    Gary: "C.K. What you up to, pal?"

    Clark: "So, you made it out alive again, eh Gary? That's not much of a surprise. I'm afraid Ginnie's busy scoping the CIA base, and I'm going to hold back on her idea on raiding it with full force."

    Gary: "You make sure Gin won't do such crap, C.K. We on our way, you hear?"

    Clark: "Yep. See you."


    They enter the Mine's R34. Getting a few lessons from Jacob before his over-priding of his other persona, Vulture gets in the driver's seat, ready to roll.

    Gary: "ALRIGHT! PUNCH.. THAT.. S:censored:!"

    Vulture: "I was born ready!"

    The car leaves in a speedy fashion.


    Lee's apartment in Shinjuku, Tokyo. 1 PM.

    The door is knocked. A just woken up Lee moves to it, and opens it after he peeks through the hole.

    Lee: "Boss? What's the hurry? Isn't this our day off?"

    Vulture: "It is, but something's come up. Excuse me.."

    The location of the apartment grants Lee a view of the CIA offices just across the streets. Vulture takes out a pair of binoculars, and starts thinking what to do.

    Lee: "Eleh.. you guys, ah. How about you keep me up to speed. So much ruckus."

    Gary: "Izzy's been taken into po-po custody. We think she might be still in the building."

    Lee: "Police, eh? I have a friend who's in there as of this morning.."

    Gary: "Is he?"

    Lee: "He's investigating police activity, so that racing goes smooth on the roads. It's like his second job, and he knows how to make them work in our favor. Things like... i don't know lah. Look for an Agent Fred. Big man."

    Vulture: "Any help is appreciated.. it's not like they're going to forget our faces if they got the information, though. Gary. Any word on the Assassin?"

    Gary: "She's upstairs. Maybe we get a better grip on things with her."

    Vulture: "Okay.. Mr. Lee. We have to lower the heat after what we've planned goes into action. Ready the M5. I'll get the R34 up and we have Clark to clean up. You know what i mean."

    Lee: "I can't wait already!"

    As they make a move moments later, Gary goes to Ginoa, who's prepared with her sniper rifle.

    Gary: "Sup, Gin. What do we have looking out?"

    Ginoa: "The exact location of Izzy's cell, and a few other snitches.."

    Gary: "The fella downstairs mentions a snitch who's real big and fat."

    Ginoa: "He's not caught from what it looks like. He must've done some bribery or something like that."

    Gary: "The big guy's scoping for us too. And.. what's up with the rifle?"

    Ginoa: "Well... i wanted to take out Clinton too. He's a thorn on my side, and i want to soften that out of my checklist, but... still considering."

    Gary: "Being curious and all, but, who the heck's on your list now?"

    Ginoa: "Oh.. just a bunch of people. Nothing that concerns any of us. Do me a favor, and check that grappling hook launcher?"

    Gary: "Damn, girl. You really into this? You'd kill so many just to get one man?"

    Ginoa: "Business is business. You know that."

    Gary: "Yeah. I gotta respect if you have to make money, you gotta make it.

    Ginoa: "Exactly."

    Clark comes to them.

    Clark: "Well.. this is the end, it is."

    Gary: "Why would you say that?"

    Clark: "According to your boss, after this, he has to go to hiding, with his sister. You'll have to go your separate ways, I'm afraid."

    Ginoa: "Such is the life of a criminal."

    Clark: "Yes.."

    Gary: "How about the race between J and you? I heard millions are flowing through to see who's going to win."

    Clark: "He's now calling himself Outlaw. The quota is already reached, and the race is tomorrow. The day that he will show me what he's got, is then."

    Gary: "I'll be honest, but i don't know who to bet anymore."

    Ginoa: "Same. It really looks like a 50-50 split. There's like, nobody else with these stakes, especially against Outlaw."

    Clark: "Me and him.. we're not getting any losses, even if we lose. It's just making street racing look like a whole new level of racing."

    They have a brief pause.

    Gary: "I can't believe it. I'm about to say goodbye to the man that saved me."

    Ginoa: "Aww... come on, Gary. How about the woman that ended you?"

    Gary: "If she's one of my best buddies in life now, i don't think the past matters anymore."

    Clark: "So true."

    Ginoa: "So.. i can't believe it's time for me to get some people out."

    Clark: "How about Clinton? Don't you want him dead?"

    Ginoa: "What fun is there if i kill him? There won't be an enemy that equals you."

    Clark: "Point taken. Let's get ready, Gary. There are agents, distracted by our car show outside."

    Gary: "Sure. Have fun, Gin."

    Ginoa: "I will."

    As Clark and Gary exit the rooftop, Ginoa shoots the grappling hook to a window opposite to their location.



    *Ringing alarm sounds*


    Three cars wait outside. The agents that were investigating the cars were moved inside due to the panic caused by Ginoa.

    In the Countach..

    Gary: "*sigh* It's unusual, but this has to be the biggest gamble she's done."

    Clark: "Mmhmm.. I just hope she gets out okay."

    Gary: "Gets out okay? I hope you mean: get out at all."

    Clark: "Get out of the car, Gary. I have to rescue my Harbinger contact. I'll see you tomorrow, at the race, if all goes to plan."

    Gary gets out and enters the BNR34.

    Vulture: "I think if i would travel with Izumi, it would be too much attention for them. We have to split the load. I asked Lee to leave with his contact's people. I think you'll have to make do with the Assassin, and get yourselves another car. I'm taking Lee's inside man."

    Gary: "This must be him."

    They swap seats. Gary leaves the car.

    Fred: "You're Lee's boss? You remind me of a video game character. I mean... a CEO and a martial artist. Gehaha! That's awesome. I'm Fred McStevenson."

    Vulture: "So, Mr. Lee's snitch is also a racer of the New Blacklist? Interesting.."

    As the BNR34 leaves, Gary calls a number.

    Gary: "The Challenger. Yes. Pronto. In front of the CIA branch of Tokyo. Just you. I need no boys. Holla at you later. Peace."


    Upon putting his phone away, Gary sees hostages exit. 5 of them. They head to the M5, with one heading to the GT-R. Upon entering, the cars leave the scene. There are agents leaving the building, shooting at the cars. Gary hides from view. He witnesses Ginoa slashing necks. She then comes close to a hiding spot, noticeably struggling to move. Gary approaches after seeing her. Her eyes are a sight only for the strong to handle.

    "Find her! We want her dead or alive."

    "We've lost her!"

    Ginoa: "That.. was fun. Ha.. haha.."

    Gary sees blood come out from various parts of her body.

    Gary: "Holy s:censored:, Gin. Was it worth it?"

    Ginoa: "I might bleed out if.. if.."

    Gary: "Hey, Gin! Help is on the way, girl. We don't want you gone yet!"

    Ginoa: "You.. you'd promise me that you'd protect Clarkie and i, is it? Let's see.. how far you would go... to reach out that promise.."

    Gary: "Gin! No... s:censored:! Gin! Gin! C'mon girl.."

    Ginoa lost her consciousness once again. Knowing that getting to a nearby hospital would end their free will, he knows there may be no other choice. Gary runs to his recently arrived Challenger, carrying Ginoa.

    Gary: "Come on, pal."

    Gangster: "Holy s:censored:! What the fu.."

    "There they are!"

    "That's the Assassin."

    Gary: "C'mon! Drive! I'll see to her wounds. We head to St. Luke's N-A-O. Lose these guys."

    Gary goes in the passenger seat, putting Ginoa in the back seat. Covered in blood, he takes out an UZI in the dashboard. The driver takes the wheel and leaves fast.


    Just outside Mt. Tsukuba

    The M5 meets with the BNR34 2 hours later. Clark is nowhere to be found. A conference call is made.

    Izumi: "How is she?"

    Gary: "Critical. It's strange, since this is the first time I've seen it. There's no way we can get her any proper treatment without attention."

    Vulture: "You're at St. Luke's? Get her to the most immediate treatment money can buy, NOW! If she dies, I don't think I have the will to live anymore."

    Gary: ".... Alright. I'll see what the G can do to cover this up. Friends will be friends, eh. I'll have to clean up the blood in the side seat too."

    Izumi: "Please save her, Gary-san! We can't bear the fact that she sacrificed her life for many more."


    Vulture: "I can't believe it's come to this, Izumi."

    Izumi: "I know, nii-san. I just lost my dream job just because of some misunderstanding, and Gin-san. Where's your driver?"

    Vulture: "He's off to keep the heat down, and hide the prisoners to secluded safe homes. We might need their expertise, if they were in the CIA."

    Izumi: "The CIA houses the smart prisoners. Is that what we need? Smart people.."

    Vulture: "That won't afford making the same mistakes. They'll be perfect. But for now, we hide.."

    Vulture gets another call.

    Vulture: "This is Koji. Speak."

    Keith: "Hey. Vulture!"

    Vulture: "Keith? You sound pretty.. off. What's wrong?"

    Keith: "It's about Jacob. We kind of lost contact with him for weeks now."

    Vulture: "I suppose you do know his big race is tomorrow. The street racers are your friends here for his current state."

    Keith: "You think we didn't try that?! We have his old gang here. The New Blacklist."

    Vulture: "So it's more dire than you think?"

    Keith: "Hell, it is."

    Vulture: "I'm in a bit of a dire situation myself. Izumi and I have been compromised. We're not going to be talking to each other for a while now. I pray for your success, as for mine."

    Keith: "Damn.. the future can be an unpredictable force indeed. I mean.. like I just got word from Gary about your assassin a few minutes ago."

    Vulture: ".... well.. good luck to you. It's been a pleasure being your sponsor.. Keith Ross."


    As Vulture tries to relax his mind, he gets yet another call. After seeing the number, he walks away.


    High Speed Ring, Shizuoka. 2:30 PM.

    Keith re-enters the car after talking to a bunch of racers loitering about. In the other seat is Murph, scratching his hair reading his notepad.

    Keith brings out the car that made him a racing fanatic: the Corvette. He drives at a high speed, comfortably.


    Keith: "Well, that's that for information. It's hopeless to get any more from these guys if Outlaw's keeping so much of himself, to himself."

    Murph: "That's something I'm disgruntled with, mate. Anything that goes through his mind always goes through his crew, at least. Is he meeting with someone behind our backs? Unlikely, but possible."

    Keith: "You've really known my brother like your own. He's very choosing when it comes to those he would give it all he knows."

    Murph: "Ehhh.. It was this one time. We're besties for a reason, mate. The situation's kind of like Lucia. If it weren't for him, I'd be a dead man."

    Keith: "Let's be more frank about it. Did he like having you by his side?"

    Murph: ".... those sort of things are the ones that develop through time. You'd have to be patient to get the respect of a potent racer."

    Keith: "How about we start all over? It's not like you started by shaking his hands so quickly."


    Murph: "You're right. It all began when i crashed into his wedding day back in Cali. Since i.. (Must not tell i was spying for the big H, no, no, no..) got to know him well in England, i headed to your place. Stumbled upon you guys. Things happen. The end. Poof."

    Keith sees through the vague story. He knows it's not convincing enough to meet his would be best friend.

    Keith: "I don't see how you know my brother so well by just tumbling by his big day."

    Murph: "You're like him, eh. You want all the answers? I'll tell you something, kid: I kind of invited him to a large rally up north. I met up with him, call it a coincidence, and days went by. Eventually, the event went to all hell, and we had to escape a big earthquake. After having a talk with Jacob myself (To think i was going to assassinate him.), i got.. (K.Oed..) hit by some debris. He was going to leave me, but he took me in his Mustang and drove. He.. put me in the boot, and i know because i woke up afterwards, alive."

    Keith: "And then.."

    Murph: "Your brother gave me the boot treatment to allocate space for another of his rescuees: the famed Formula Big Rig racer Fred McStevenson. At first, big Fred wanted to end his life in splendor from that rally after the quake claimed his rig, but.. Jake convinced his arse, and he's on the bandwagon."


    Murph then reminisced the moment they got off the carrier and went their separate ways.


    The Great Basin. 4 years ago.

    A striped Mustang stopped by a lone gas station. The lone attendant gets the pumps ready for the Mustang, needing a full tank.

    Jacob: "That's that. So.. shall we get him out of the trunk?"

    Fred: "Who's him?"

    Jacob: "Just another guy. I stuffed him there since i removed the seats at the back. It wasn't a professional's job at it too."

    As the gas refills, they attempt to open the trunk. But just before the lift..

    Fred: "Hey.. you're. Jacob Ross, right? Son of Louie Jr?"

    Jacob: "You just know me because i look like my dad, right? A tuft of hair would be the only thing that would cover it's giveaway."

    Fred: "Gehahaha! So I'm right, eh? I like you, little fry. Your performance there was amazing, for a guy that brought just one car."

    They open the boot, to realize the Jack in the Box has sprung.


    Jacob: "So.. you were one of them? Mythic's boys?"

    Murph climbs out, and starts talking.

    Murph: "Heh.. so you knew. After the wedding. After convincing you to head to a death trap. I guess Nash took some actions that wouldn't wound you up as dead."

    Jacob: "What about Nash?"

    Murph: "You can say that he's got an eye on you for quite some time. Go ahead and kill me. I deserve that much."

    Jacob picked up a tire iron. Fred just watched.

    Murph just stood, fearless of his punishment.

    Then, Jacob headed for the tires.

    Jacob: "Do whatever you want. I just want to go back home."

    Murph stood up, and then had a stretch.

    Fred: "Where's that, then?"

    Murph: "Georgia. A continent across. Am I right?"

    Jacob: "*breathes* Like he said."

    Fred: "Ahuh.. Looks like the gas is done, Little Jacob."

    Jacob: ".... Little? I'm 6 foot 2. Look at this guy... what do we call you?"

    Murph: "Call me anything you want. If you boys ain't going to end me, then I'll just be having the rest of my time here in the desert.."

    Fred: "Wait! Come on! Just want to know you more. You have your eyes on the road like a darter to the bulls-eye."

    Murph: "..well.. i don't know.."

    Jacob: "It's that much that I give you a second chance. Can we not waste it?"

    Murph headed back to the car, coming close to the two.

    Murph: "Barrister. Murphy Barrister. I already know you two very well. Me code name's Clown. What says you, Gator?"

    Fred: "Impressed.. I am. You're from some sort'a organization, eh? I think we can say yer fired now, Murphy. Geha! Gehaha!"

    Murph: "Yeah.. sucks to know that, if you're them. I'm the best there is in terms of how to turn around a blind corner."

    Jacob: "Except.. well.. you know. My situation."

    Murph: "Yeah.. Thanks for giving me that chance sport. I'm a rich brit. Cars more filled up than the amazon. I can hook us up with assets. Friends. Opportunities. We can rebuild what's lost, just nudge me. I won't forget the opportunity."

    Jacob: "So, Murph. How's about you get yourself something to drive and get on the bandwagon."

    Murph: "I don't mind the boot, if you let some air in this time. And.. yea. I think I'll go with Murph now. Makes it more easy to conceal my old identity."

    The three set up a new friendship. One that would last them years of street racing. Still going strong now, it's no wonder worry flows through them if one of them ends up missing.

    Jacob: "So, you saw it, right? It's no fluke. Big Dog's dead."

    Fred: "Yeah.. I'll miss the guy. Hey, Murph.. was it? What's this you're doing?"

    Murph: "Lads. You don't mind taking that lone attendant out. I'm planning to take that old vintage chair for the back of your ride."

    Jacob: "S:censored:. I thought you didn't mind the boot?"

    Murph: "Shut up and go already, chrome dome."

    Jacob: "It's thinning! It's still got the stalks. Come on, Fred! You have some common sense."

    Fred: "Whatever you say, Bruce Willis."

    Murph: "Ehahahahah!"


    Keith: "I've drove around this place again and again. Got another idea, smartie?"


    Murph re-enters the present world.

    Murph: "What an interesting fairy tale... ermm. I mean! Gah! Let's wait for tomorrow. I heard of Outlaw's big race with the street legend coming up tomorrow. If it's all over the underground world, then we'd know where they're headed. Strap your boot, Keith. We're going for a swim in the mud to find your brother."

    Keith: "Alright. I wonder how Bern's doing."

    Murph: "He's with Leona, right? I guess they'll be alright."


    Bernardo, at the meantime, is with Leona by the mountainside.


    Bern: "What's with the teal hair?"

    Leona: "Cover. I was going to let it go, but i like it. Feels unique."

    Bern: "So.. what's with you and Murph, mi amica."

    Leona: "We're just racing partners. Street racing. Things that you wouldn't give a damn about."

    Bern: "Right.. I'm a member of enforcement, mi amica. I so happen to be stationed here in Japan after racing myself."

    Leona: "And you said you was engineer? How is engineer turned into racing?"


    Bern: "I follow many Italian greats. From Fisichella, to Agostini, and then Rossi. It's the passion of following their footsteps. But I'm more of a study person. Took a few side classes on law. Apparently, to me, my bachelors isn't good enough for a good life, so i took in racing with Keith, and then found an opening in the police."

    Leona: "So.. you watch Keith as a police officer, da? I wouldn't like that very much."

    Bern: "Si. But then, i wasn't very close to him. It didn't stop on how much fun we had racing together. My job took a higher role after some Yakuza mess with Luce, and the introduction of Koji."

    Leona: "You boys have no stakes at it. What's fun if there's nothing to gain?"


    Bern: "What do you say then? What's your opinion on racing?"

    Leona: "We all have opinions, da? For me, It's about reaping what's possible, or lose it all. The fun is there."

    Bern: "I can't say you're wrong."

    Leona: "Neither can I."

    Bern: "By the way, about Jacob's skills? I heard rumors leaking on how he's part of some lab experiment?"

    Leona: "He never mentioned it to us, if that's what you want to know."

    Bern: "How did he get to know you anyways?"

    Leona: "I met cowboy after racing him in Georgia. He was about to leave me for dead, until he took me in as part of the herd. I find it disturbing at first, but then, i feel accepted. Balagur must be the only other person that felt that. You, on the other hand, just so happen to know him from study. That's such a pansy role."

    Bern: "Pansy? At least i met him."

    Leona: "Ehehehe."

    Leona receives a text.


    Leona: "Alright... Bern. That was a fun ride. We have to back now. No other option."

    Bern: "Ah well.. We'll find Jacob soon. He can't end up gone forever."

    Leona: "Tomorrow's that day, Bern. His big race with Messiah is then, according to text. We go back."


    The base of Mt. Hakone.


    Lucia: "How long are we already looking around for, bruder? Ich will nach Hause gehen"

    Williem: "Schweister. I want to get a feel of this car. It's somewhat so magnificent. I can't let my hands go so easy."

    Lucia: "*sigh* We're already told about the situation. We'll have to confront Herr Ross tomorrow, after his race."

    Williem: "Ja. I'm afraid we have to stop his shenanigans eventually, especially if he's so committed to it."

    Lucia: "Who knew he would be?"

    Williem: "It's so obvious, but we didn't worry?"


    Lucia: "Who knew he's one to lose his mind on something that doesn't involve drugs.."

    Williem: "Well, you too can lose yourself in the things you do best? I'm sure the cars i see in your garage is just the beginning. There might be more to adjust. It's endless."

    Lucia: "You know what.. You're right."

    Williem: "And why did you get this Audi out of the blue? It's not like you can drive all the cars you own."

    Lucia: "Diener Alan gifted it to me after acing my studies. It came in orange and it reminded me of you so much."

    Williem: "It did?"


    Lucia: "Ja. And now.. can you accept the car? I had my hand on it for a long time and didn't get any time on driving it."

    The moments Williem had the car is with as much joy as when he won the King Of The Ring the very first time.

    Williem: "I accept! Just look at it! How it drives and turns. Minimal oversteer! And then, papa and mama can see what you accomplished back at Nurburg! It's going to be legendary!"

    Lucia: "One condition."

    Williem: "Name it."

    Lucia: "Home. NOW!"


    Williem immediately sets for the couple's home. As they went..

    Lucia: "Herr Ross.. What are you up to now?"


    A white void.

    Two figures stand: Jacob and Outlaw. They walk towards each other, in hostility.

    Song: Pearl Jam - Black.
    Small note: Song carries on to the end of this part. Read at comfortable pace. If you need a guide for the flow, finish the song by the time the part ends.

    Jacob: "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"

    Outlaw: "What I've done is extend the hands and reached out to your true potential."

    Jacob: "My potential? What you've done is lose control of the racing. Is these millions of Yen what you won is what you need? What happened to the favor that old cowboy has given to me?"

    Outlaw: "You got yourself down to this path, Ross. I was just letting your destiny roll, and leave it as such."

    Jacob: "And what about Rin? What about my destiny if I want to find her?"

    Outlaw: "You let your destiny move ahead in the face of a tool. How petty of you."

    Jacob: "You don't tell me the s:censored: that you spew out of your mouth, demon!"

    A struggle began.

    Outlaw: "You already know it. You are the supreme. You are one of Mythic. You are the one amongst them. You.. you are ME."

    Jacob: "Give me back my sanity, demon!"

    Outlaw got stronger over time, overpowering what's left of Jacob's sane self.

    Outlaw: "Now.. you fool. You're never going to neglect your racing roots. You're never going to neglect Mythic. And to top it all, you created me, and you're never going to let go on what you've already given up.."

    Tossing Jacob aside, Outlaw then stomped on his self conscious' abdomen.

    Jacob: "I can't believe.. I created... Mr. Hyde."

    Outlaw: "And then.. Mr. Hyde will want his own body, so all that faces him will regret it for sure.. Mwahahaha!"

    Outlaw takes Jacob up by the neck and punches his face multiple times, more brutal after each hit.

    Outlaw: "You're hindering true progress!"

    Soon, a neck snap is heard, killing Jacob. Outlaw tosses the body on the void. He sees that the memories within Jacob's body still has faith in his inner self, thus leading to the body not disappearing.

    Outlaw: "So.. you won't perish so easy? That's fine.. When your eyes open again, you will see the future I have created for our benefit... huhuhu.."

    The body of Jacob Ross awakes in another white void; a void covered in snow.


    Outlaw: "*pants* That's what i get for a lack of sleep.. Even in the cold, I die.."

    Outlaw gets in the car and starts the engine, for fortunately nothing has frozen over.

    Outlaw: "But after that last death, I am reborn."


    The Mustang roars open. The cold of the weather, combined with the lack of air conditioning makes up for a chilly ride.


    But for Outlaw, the situation on where weather slams him down on the table: it is like Tuesday.


    The skills possessed by Jacob Ross once, now in control is his enigmatic other.


    Jacob's mastery of rally with a muscle car is shown, while no witnesses aside from nature gets to experience seeing it.


    Outlaw: "Gahahahahaha!"


    Outlaw: "Today.. i am no longer the weakling that is Jacob Ross.. i will lead a new identity that will shake the fools roaming the streets."


    Nishimura famliy home, Tochigi. 3 PM.

    Nami sees her daughter in a state of mourning.

    Nami: "Rin? Daijobu ka?"

    Rin: "Otokosan.."

    Jared: "I think it's something to do with Jake. He's been missing for days, even from the eyes of the underground racing community."

    Nami: "Jacob-san?"

    Rin: "I'm praying. Praying for the return of my knight riding his stallion. But then, the ring i wear on my hand feels burdensome. I can't say why.."

    Jared: "You shouldn't really think about what's going to happen. You look pretty parched too. How about some tea?"

    Rin: "Maybe that would cheer me up *sigh*. Arigato."

    As Jared leaves for the kitchen, a man snuck by to the women and suddenly..

    Nami: "Aaaaahhh!"

    Rin: "Huh?!"

    While Nami gets thrown into the nearby pool of fish, Rin gets grabbed, immediately getting drugged by a handkerchief. The man then sneaks out, carrying her through the home.

    An hour later..

    Jared: "I can't believe this sort of lunacy would happen, mate. Just a few seconds off her eyes and then.. gone. Like a tsunami."

    Sonny: "Big Red.. don't blame yourself lah. It's just something that we'll get fixed. Don't go all sentimental lah."

    Jared: "And who is this we? You're just a man with long wavy hair. I don't think a gang of Harley Davidson riding criminals can help."

    Sonny: "That stereotype? That's just wrong. But, about this 'we'.. It's also lucky that you asked."

    A taxi parked outside the gates of the home. The man exiting..

    ???: "Hmm.. I know you. You're the commander that saved the girl that so happens to live here 2 years ago."

    Jared: "How'd you know that much? Wait.."

    The man opens his mask. Fresh from removing his guise as N.Z, he is known now as..

    Nash: "I just so happen to know what's going to happen, and we're going to help each other out. Looking at what happened, i can tell you have no choice."


    Narita Airport. Midnight.

    A private plane arrives and lands. Walking out is a small armada of suited men, giving way to the man behind them: someone known as The Harbinger.

    Harbinger: "So.. everything is set? Clark.. it's about time you get yourself the moment where the world finally see your wings."

    Henchman: "Sir. The phoenix is ours. What should we do?"

    Harbinger: "Let's go meet this phoenix, but i want to see Outlaw first. He will be the one to see me reach the pinnacle."


    Author's Notes

    - 1 week off without announcement? Well, take this extra long part and go.

    - Lack of pictures? Well, it's this or we're going to lag this.

    - We're about to finish this. 2 more parts to go! Although, this will be on hiatus until the 2nd half of November. I'll accept any requests to do the many duels, as long as i am online. It's not a good time for me now, as exams are coming.

    - These events are to set that any sequel will NOT be the same pattern of style.

    - Jacob is dead? Mentally, yes. Ginoa, on the other hand..

    - When listening to Black, please consider reading the lyrics to understand what it means, since Eddie Vedder isn't the clearest lead singer of all (while one of the best). The songs from here on will be heavy on the emotional impact, hopefully.

    - I'm not going to script the duel, so any of the two can win. It's not going to make much of an impact in the ending.

    - You might be thinking: when will I ever use that HPA TT? Nah, i doubt that you do.

    - The Trans Cammer changed color. Ermm.. Black? Yes. From Diamond Black, to Ultimate Opal Black. Both Nissan colors, i know.

    - Next chapter: They traverse through the roads of fate. Only one will reach the end triumphant. Gaining the ultimate prize.

    Thanks for reading!
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    I can't wait for the finale!
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    I will wait patiently for the finale. I, too, have midterms and exams coming up.
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    Hey guys.

    I've finished writing 1/2 of the ending. But i think it would be finalized by the last week of this month and posted then, since I'm pretty busy now with academics. The other 1/2 would require me of my duel pics, which i haven't got to yet.

    A small blurb: The ending is not just a battle between heartless street monsters. There's no short of drama, action and a fitting end to the storyline.

    Here's a few things to tell you:

    - If you haven't noticed: Sequel details. 3rd Post. Yes, the characters are getting more diverse.

    - I'm happy with some of the cars revealed with the blowout. I did want: Aston V12 Zagato, Bentley Continental Supersports, BAC Mono, Any Koenigsegg, but we got what we got.

    - That SP1 by the synopsis? It's a nice car, but well, it's obvious who owns that. He won't use it.

    - One of the songs to be used in the duel.

    - I have to decline all requests for crossovers for now. Sorry guys.

    - Another character will be introduced, while already mentioned. Can you find it?
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    One humanoid escapee.
    One android on the run.
    Seeking freedom beneath a lonely desert sun.

    Name: Sonny Meng Xian Zhen

    Age: 30

    Chosen car: SRT Viper Launch Edition.

    Owned cars: A variety of Camaros, GT by Citroen Road Car, Stielow Red Devil.

    Occupation: Professional celebrity racer.


    Sonny was born in California to a Singaporean father and an American mother. While mostly looking asian, Sonny's mannerisms mostly reflect his mother's, like his interest on riding her OCC chopper every now and then. His father fills in his Singaporean side like language, culture and personality.

    His childhood is spoiled with a mix of his mother's biker friends and his father's police friends. While conflicting interests, his parents love each other; unexpected to the common eye. Sonny grew his own interests, mostly from the Hot Wheels brand of toys that arrived to his world. Should he ever go out with his parents, he would always ask for a toy or a book, but one relatable to cars. He would normally pester his neighbor/best friend Jacob about cars.

    One day, when Sonny is 10, his dad received a promotion and a large bonus. This bonus affected Sonny as a motivation to succeed in life. His birthday was greeted with a mint Camaro Z28 '69; a car very rare to find in that state. Sonny was given a promise from his mother and father to bring forward their name as a well known one. Sonny's path was clear, at the time, to be a success in life.

    Over the years of his study, Sonny's performance has been top notch, with things like his position on the honor roll, achievements for various charities and institutes of benefit, and even being the student of the year at his last year. Despite this, he was bullied for not being a pure American, and he adapted the psychology used in ring wrestling to overcome the physical abuse, specifically from his icon: The Undertaker. This led him to believe that his "to be one step ahead" creed proved to be effective, and he began to adapt that for the rest of his life.

    Sonny eventually got to a place to study Automotive Engineering in the University College of London. He met up with Jacob at the year they left the States. They ended up with living with a soldier and an Italian. The house they lived in was cheap and they couldn't take the poor treatment of their landlord. In response, Sonny brought over the Camaro and began racing.

    While slowly getting his grips on the tight roads of London, Sonny eventually got money for the foursome, and put Jacob in the bandwagon to the fast lane. The two was unnoticed at first, but then, gains the attention of the street boss at the time: Clark Kayne. They moved homes as soon as they got the money, and life in college got better for the four.

    Soon, Clark personally walked up to Sonny and told him: "I'm about to make you the myth amongst those that race today." For Sonny, his meetings with Clark was the most traumatizing thing he's been experiencing throughout his life. From perfect laps, to unnecessary punishments for the smallest blunders. But, over time, Sonny began to respect Clark. Respect all he's taught him, and succumb through the punishments. Sonny turned a new leaf.

    Sonny then was involuntarily given a tattoo of a blue chimera on his right hand. After that, he saw a woman, crying over the pain she's gone through. This is Rin Nishimura. Sonny consoled her, and then thought about her pains. Clark, who treated Rin with delicate care, in contrast to Sonny, even helped the two. While admitting the experimentation of how he taught them, they got along.

    After the Mythic tests, Sonny met Rin personally. Seeing her needs of a strong man, he arranged a meeting for her to meet with his partner on the streets: Jacob. It turned out to change the man's life; one Sonny didn't expect. He soon pleaded to Clark, who asked him to meet a legendary racer: Ben McCarthy. Sonny soon decided to be a tough teacher on to the disrespectful bunch he met. Sonny was encouraged to take racing as a career with experience on the track and off it as well.

    He graduated, but as soon as he entered US soil, his racing skills aren't unnoticed. A man, claiming to be from the FIA gave him an offer. It was an offer that put Sonny on the map. His parents were proud, and Sonny's future life was set. While being the best he could, a racism conspiracy rose within the racing ring after years of racing. Sonny decides to retire to ensure he wasn't part of it.

    While living alone in California, Sonny kept tabs on the New Blacklist in Georgia. Having a second home all the way across the nation, he kept the group alive and provided what they might need. His main reason to stay by his parents was that he was invited multiple times to test drive cars in Willow Springs. This made it his favorite track to race on. He tested a whole variety of supercars, mostly American. He bought some that he enjoyed a lot, such as the new SRT Viper, and the Camaro SS.

    Recently, Sonny's mother passed away of cancer. He never gave up on what she taught him in life, and he slowly accepted this. His father moved back to Singapore, while Sonny is now free to do what he wants.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Adopts an American Badass motif.
    - Speaks with a Singaporean accent.
    - A linguist in Malay and Mandarin.
    - If interested in something, he will commit.
    - Experience in almost all disciplines of racing, even F1.
    - A great mechanic, coming from his degree's studies.
    - Desires no attention, but wants popularity.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

    Weight: 69 kg (153 lbs)

    Height: 6'1" (1.85m)

    Sports Played: Wrestling, Darts

    Favorite Music Genre: 70s Rock.

    Inspiration: SomePlayaDude, The Undertaker (WWE), Raymond Mak (Sleeping Dogs), Johnny Gat (Saint's Row).

    Author's Notes:

    - I'll appreciate any feedback. This is all canon, and a test on making detailed bios. It won't be for all characters, mind you, but feel free to make requests.
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    Callin' out, around the world.
    Are you ready for a brand new beat?

    Name: Paul Henderson

    Age: 32

    Chosen car: Aston One-77

    Owned cars: Aston V12 Vantage, Aston DB9

    Occupation: Professional Racer


    Paul was born in London. His father is a Scottish pro golfer, while his mother is an English housewife. Paul has a sister named Fiona, and he treats her like any kind brother would. Paul grew up with no goal in mind from his parents, because they wanted their children to find their own path. Paul's path was clear to him when he met a legendary F1 racer: Jackie Stewart regarding a balloon on the loose.

    When he met Jackie Stewart, Paul saw his whole personality. While hard to understand as a kid aged 7, the Flying Scot is a sight to see for the public eye, and for Paul, an idol. Paul did ask the question: "what are you?", which got him the motivation to be the racer he is today.

    Paul's life was filled with opportunities, but he asked his dad what it means to be a racer. While not understanding what it meant, Paul is close to his father, as they would take to the tees and swing rounds of golf every week. His mother took to the advantage of this relationship, and started supporting Paul and Fiona's interests in life. She would tell them bedtime stories, buy them clothes regarding their interests and so on.

    Paul had friends in school. Being one of a much lesser status, he hangs around the middle class people with about the same morality he has. While not exactly a top student, Paul's manners and personality makes him a likable person within the halls of study. Also, his extra curriculum activities has him reach the top of his potential, joining in golf and a recent addition: go karting.

    After 3 years in school, Paul's view on life changed slightly when he is greeted by a new girl of school: Carrie Robinson. He immediately is struck by love at first sight. Having a positive first impression, Paul's friends decided to give moral support, by either pestering him about it, or having him attempt ridiculous things to gain her heart. Paul did go along with the charades, but nothing took her heart in.

    Paul was depressed, but he never gave up. He asked Fiona on how to get a girl's heart. Fiona's advice would be to be the truest you would be. Paul took this advice to heart, and eventually asked Carrie to accompany him go karting. In joy, she accepted. Paul eventually met her and her father: the racing veteran Alan Robinson. During that race, Alan noticed a lot on the boy that tried to impress his daughter for a while. The racing style he adapted is similar to that of Alan's, and thus, Alan has found his protege.

    Carrie, naturally impressed, began an undying relationship with Paul. This relationship soon led to a marriage when Paul reached the age of 23. Paul would begin a life under the racing care of Alan. 2 years in marriage, and their first child, Amelia, is born. Paul gained a career on racing touring cars in the UK, under Alan's consent. With the monitoring of his peak performance each year, Alan processed Paul's involvement in the small group of elite racers dubbed "Mythic".

    Paul, who was okay with such an involvement, was only opposed on having no idea who's in it. Alan taught the man all he's got, and Paul entered a new level of professional racing. To back up the experience, Alan borrowed a friend's X2011, and Paul handled it with no issue whatsoever. What disgruntled Paul was the presence of a Japanese woman at the time he finished his run, and the fact that she jumped in the car he was in. He wondered: could it be?

    Eventually, Alan would leave for Japan to train his second protege: Lucia. Paul bid farewell to the old man that raised him to follow his dreams: to be one with the likes of Jackie Stewart and Colin McRae.

    Skills and Traits:

    - Has a blazing heart on what he believes in.
    - A family man.
    - Would protect the ones he loved from those that would threaten.
    - Quick on his feet due to boxing, and has strong arms due to golf.
    - Believes in the 4 leaf clover.
    - Can be a little timid at times, but won't give up if it can be solved.

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Weight: 72 kg (158 lbs)

    Height: 6'1" (1.83m)

    Sports Played: Golf, Boxing.

    Favorite Music Genre: Alternative.

    Inspiration: Nobody in particular; an attempt at something fresh. Small hints at How To Train A Dragon.
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    Do enigma