LM/GT and Italian Super Cars Sunday event on 3rd Feb 7:30pm UK time

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  1. easy9

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    This event is for clean and friendly drivers only, no bumping or pushing pass etc.

    If you enjoy a lot of tactical racing (with some tyre/fuel stops) with long intensive battle lap after lap without the worry of getting bump off the track every other corner, you have come to the right place. There are some pictures and videos onhttp://www.gt5racecentral.com/seriesdtmvsjtc.htm

    Details of the event as following:

    1) Date & Time & Place:

    m1racing Lobby open at Sunday 7:30pm UK time (GMT) for warm up, start on 7:45pm for 10min qualify, should finish at around 10:00pm, please try to be early.

    If you are not a friend already, you need to send a FR to m1racing.

    2) Track:

    Race 1 Madrid Rev = 6 laps (Italian Super cars)
    Race 2 Madrid Rev = 15 laps (Italian Super cars)
    Race 3 Madrid Rev = 9 laps (LM RM cars)
    Race 4 Madrid Rev = 35 laps (LM RM cars)

    3) Cars:

    Race 1 and 2 = Italian Super Cars

    555pp / racing med tyres / fuel & tyres @ very fast

    Race 3 and 4 = LM and RM cars

    Nissan GTR LM @ 626pp

    All other cars @ 660pp

    Car List:

    S BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car ‘97
    S Chevrolet Corvette C5-R (C5) ‘00
    S Dodge Viper GTS-R Team Oreca Race Car ‘00
    S Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR Race Car ‘98
    S Panoz Esperante GTR-1 Race Car ‘98
    S Chevrolet Camaro LM Race Car
    S Mazda RX-7 LM Race Car
    S Pagani Zonda LM Race Car
    P Pagani Zonda R
    S Audi R8 LMS Race Car ‘09
    S Audi R8 LMS Race Car (Team PlayStation) ‘09
    P Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) RM ‘09
    P McLaren GTR Stealth
    S Lister Storm V12 Race Car ‘99
    S Nissan 350Z Concept LM Race Car
    S Nissan GTR Concept LM Race Car
    S Nissan Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car
    P Chevrolet Camaro SS RM ‘10
    P Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C6) RM ‘06
    S Lamborghini NOMAD Diablo GT-1
    S Jaguar XJ200 LM Race Car [not yet tested]
    S Honda NSX-R Prototype LM Race Car
    S Mazda RX-8 Concept LM Race Car
    S Ford GT LM

    4) Points system:

    1st = 16pts
    2nd = 15pts
    3rd = 14pts
    4th = 13pts
    12th = 5pts

    5) Handicap system:

    Race 1 & 2

    - ‘The Club’ the top finishes of each race will start the next race with:
    3rd 657pp
    2nd 655pp
    1st 653pp

    - Top half finishes of race 1 can not start race 2 with racing soft tyres

    Race 4

    - ‘The Club’ the top finishes of each race will start the next race with:
    3rd - 3pp
    2nd - 5pp
    1st - 7pp

    - Top half finishes of race 2 can not start race 3 with Sport med tyres

    6) Lobby setup

    -ABS and Traction Control allowed, all other aids are off
    -Damage: weak
    -Penalties: off
    -Boost: on race 1 & 2, off on 3 & 4
    -Grip reduction on track edge: real
    -Tire wear/fuel consumption: normal for race 3 & 4, very high for race 1 & 2
    -Mic off
    -Tyres: not restricted for race 3 & 4, racing med for race 1 & 2
    -Grid start with false start check
    -For race 2 & 3 & 4 reverse grid base on previous result
    -Slipstreaming: weak on race 3&4, strong on race 1&2

    7) Restarts:

    If someone had a connection problem / game error at the start (disconnection or black screen etc), he must try to make his way back to the lobby and send a 'restart' massage on chat within 5 min of the start, all cars already started will race as normal. If I see the restart massage within 5 min, I will call for a restart and we will take a random grid. Only 1 restart per race. No change of setups.

    8) Rules:

    -Save replay of each race.

    -No blue flags, standard race rules apply to both the lead car and the lap car.

    -You may only drive through a car that is transparent if it is a lap down, on penalties or recoving from an off. You must not drive through to pass a car you are battling with.

    -Everyone behaves like sporting gentlemen at all times. You are expected to compete in a fair and honest manner, to drive responsibly in a way that’s not likely to ruin the racing enjoyment of your fellow drivers/friends, no aggressive driving please.

    -Show some patience, think F1 and not touring cars, safe overtake only.

    -No bad general behaviour under all circumstances, no abusive or offensive language (including but not limited to swearing) in any of the chat.

    -If you can’t see the car close from behind or side by side (may be at your blind spot) always give extra room when you turn into or out of the next corner, better then have an accident.

    -You're not allowed to overtake other drivers when entering the pitlane.

    -It is the responsibility of the car returning to the track to ensure there are no collisions so that no other drivers have to manoeuvre or brake to allow you to resume racing. If there's a chance of a collision, wait and be patient as other drivers have the right of way.

    -If you are the leading car in a battle you have the right to the racing line, whatever you may deem that to be.
    You are no longer classed as the leading car when the driver behind has his front wheels level with your rear wheels. At this stage you are now classed as 'side-by-side'
    When side-by-side you can no longer taker the optimum racing line as this will either result in an accident or someone being ran off the track, you must follow either the inside or outside line of the corner depending on which you are on. You are not allowed to cut across the track until you are clear of the car alongside.
    Not sticking to these rules when in a 'battle' will result in someone's race being ruined, either by a crash or by penalties and most of all it spoils the fun!

    -Times when to wait. A rough guide of knowing when to wait for a driver after a strong move is as follows:
    If after the move you think you will need to say 'sorry' back in the lobby, then that is the time you should wait and let the 'victim' re pass you.

    9) Penalties:

    9.1 If you are responsible for a incident there will be 1 penalty point for the first time on one night of racing, and 2 penalty points for the second time, 3 points for the third time etc…..

    9.2 If you are responsible for an incident, you must stop at a safe place immediately allow the innocent driver to pass freely to re-establish ahead of your position, failing to stop will net you 2 penalty points. If the innocent driver loses 3 places after the incident, there will be 3 penalty points, 4 places = 4 point etc etc…..

    9.3 If you've overtaken someone using "questionable tactics", such as push pass or corner cutting, you must give back that place, failing to do so will result in 1 to 2 penalty points for the first time, 2 to 3 points for the second time etc etc…

    9.4 When defending on the straight, the leading car has the right to choose his own line down a straight. He can change his racing line once while driving down a straight (move from the outside line to the inside, or vice versa). Each additional change of racing line will net 1 penalty point. As the leading car approaches the next corner, he can return to the racing line of their choice. However, he is not allowed to move into the path of an overlapping car or of the car behind and causes an accident.

    9.5 After 'Club" and 'KGC' check, you must stay on track and not to go back to the lobby, it will cost 2 penalty points.

    9.6 You must not disconnect from the lobby/race for oil change or any other reason (except for connection problems), it will cost 2 penalty points and you must start from the back on the next race (allow every car to pass you before turn 1) if not that will be another 3 penalty points.

    9.7 You must not drive through to pass a transparent car you are battling with, that will cost your team 2 points.

    9.9 If you DNF/DNS the last race for any reason, or you came in late, you must start from the back on the next race (allow every car to pass you before turn 1) if not that will be 3 penalty points.

    9.10 Cars on the race track have right-of-way over cars entering the race track from the pits. You have to take care not to interfere with other drivers on the track. Swerving in front of upcoming cars to defend your position is not allowed. When there are other cars around or other car(s) coming down the straight, you must not cross the white line and stay on the same side of the track as the pit exit until the next corner, or there will be 2 penalty points.

    9.11 There is no going into car setup on restarts or at Q, it will cost 3 penalty points.

    9.12 2 WHEELS ON TRACK AT ALL TIMES, track as the black part inside the white line (Kerbs are not part of track). If you gain a place or defended a place by cutting the track, you must give up that place and allow the car behind to pass you, or there will be 3 penalty points.

    Any complains, you must inform me by PM with details within 48hrs of the race, and you must saved a replay of that race.
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  2. easy9

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    Sign up and results


    Standby1) -
    Standby2) -
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  3. BOB0011

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    Someone needs to get in the way of the fast guys so sign me up...Bob
  4. BOB0011

    Canada Brampton

    I assume that we are planning to use the Tri-Oval at Daytona. If that is the case we could grab one of the Nascar cars and through the big rigs around. It was just a thought. I can be slow in anything...Bob
  5. Perth

    Finland FINLAND

    I'm in
  6. tytan235


    Please add me to the list.
  7. joetruckv8

    United States Los Angeles, Cali

  8. easy9

    United Kingdom London

    One last seat left!
  9. easy9

    United Kingdom London

    It was exciting, racing this LM/GT cars. Very tactical too with the new 2.02/3 tyre wear, everyone was trying different cars/tyres/pit stops. Any of the top 4 cars could have won the last race, 3 cars were on 2 stops and one on 3 stops, at the end it was won by 0.3s after almost 40mins of flat out racing, and the top 4 cars were separated by only 4s! Great fun, we will race the same again this Sunday:tup:
  10. BOB0011

    Canada Brampton

    You can add me to the list. It is fun slowing you guys down...Bob
  11. joetruckv8

    United States Los Angeles, Cali

    Missed you guys this week, but i'll catch next Sundays event!
  12. tytan235


    Sign me up please for the 29th January.
  13. easy9

    United Kingdom London

    It is fun trying to pass you :)
  14. Felix

    England Oxford

    Hi thanks for the PM about this. I would like to sign up as I've been waiting an eternity to do some clean racing in my CLK-LM , I would prefer to be a stand by driver as due to health issues with spinal nerve damage I would struggle to do a full evening and it is not fair on those who can if I took up a slot of someone more physically ( and skilled :p ) than I am.
  15. joetruckv8

    United States Los Angeles, Cali

    I hope I can get some practice in for once so I can run up front. This GT5 is using up my whole calender (I signed up 4 to many series), and it takes me at least two 2hr practice sessions to combat all the issue's I can find at a track. I actually like to put in 3 practice sessions just to be sure. :tup:
  16. easy9

    United Kingdom London

    And keeping your wife happy at the same time, I hope:tup:

    With these LM/GT cars, it is all about staying on the track and not to use up tyres too quickly. Speed is less important!
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  17. easy9

    United Kingdom London

    Testing and quick races tonight from 8:30pm UK time @ m1racing, all welcome!!
  18. BOB0011

    Canada Brampton

    I noticed that I got dropped from the final list am I in or out...Bob
  19. easy9

    United Kingdom London

    Sorry bob, not sure what happened, you are in.
  20. BOB0011

    Canada Brampton

    Thanks. Just planning my day to see if I was going to watch the Rolex 24 or race...Bob
  21. joetruckv8

    United States Los Angeles, Cali

    Yeah,. So its official I'm having scheduling issues all of a sudden a this time slot. I guess I will be a casual race entry on the grid until life thins out. You're right easy 9 too many women around to keep happy in 1 household. Ill still be on the grid in the future, this isn't a farewell!
  22. easy9

    United Kingdom London

    There will be no racing this Sunday 5th Feb:grumpy:, both Doctor and myself are away from our PS3.
  23. tytan235


  24. joetruckv8

    United States Los Angeles, Cali

    Watch, now this will be the weekend I have free.
  25. easy9

    United Kingdom London

    New sign up for 12 Feb.
  26. BOB0011

    Canada Brampton

    Sign me up please...Bob
  27. tytan235


    :) Yes please.
  28. james6653

    United States MI

    when are these races are they on the weekend
  29. BOB0011

    Canada Brampton

    Family commitments are going to prevent me from racing in the first two races. I will be there for race 3 & 4...Bob
  30. easy9

    United Kingdom London

    No problem Bob.
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