Finished LM1000hp Le Mans Championship - Sundays @ 19:30 GMT+0

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    • Latest News :gtpflag:
    Sun 14th

    M1 wins the LM1000hp Championship in the final round at Le Mans! He finishes 33 points ahead of fellow Nissan R92CP driver Flanked.


    Round 10 sees VeeDubber record his first series win in the sprint race with Sig claiming top spot in the 24-hour event.

    :gtplanet: Final Championship Standings


    :gtplanet: Podium Positions


    :gtplanet: Race Results - First Half Season


    :gtplanet: Race Results - Second Half Season

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    • Series Information and Regulations

    LM1000hp Le Mans Championship

    • 1. Background

    This is a championship which combines both modern-era open and closed cockpit LMP/LMGTP cars with those from the historic Group-C category.

    The series has a history of both highly competitive and fair racing with a friendly spirit to the championship as a whole.

    All cars will run in the region of 1000hp on RS tyres.

    Group C

    Group C was a category of motorsport, introduced by the FIA in 1982 for sports car racing, along with Group A for touring cars and Group B for GTs.

    Designed to replace both Group 5 Special Production Cars (closed top touring prototypes like Porsche 935) and Group 6 Two Seater Racing Cars (open-top sportscar prototypes like Porsche 936).

    Group C was used in the FIA's World Endurance Championship (1982–1985), World Sports-Prototype Championship (1986–1990), World Sportscar Championship (1991–1992) and in the European Endurance Championship (1983 only).

    Also used for other sports car racing series around the globe. The final year for the class came in 1993. Broadly similar rules were used in the North American IMSA Grand Touring Prototype series GTP.
    (source: Wiki)

    Le Mans Prototypes (LMP and LMGTP)

    A Le Mans Prototype (commonly abbreviated as LMP) is the type of sports prototype race car used in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, FIA World Endurance Championship, United SportsCar Championship, European Le Mans Series and Asian Le Mans Series.

    Created by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO), they are the fastest closed-wheel racing cars used in circuit racing today, considered a class above production-basedgrand tourer cars which compete alongside them in sports car racing.
    (source: Wiki)

    Here is a link to Autosport's Top-50 Le Mans cars:

    Info and pictures on season 3 (JGTC 800hp cars)

    If you like the following:

    - Watching F1/WEC and the various tyre/pit stop strategies
    - Pushing these Le Mans cars and tyres to their limit (end of life)
    - Long tactical battles with clean drivers
    - Fighting for a championship by playing the long game
    - Tyre management and pit tactics are an important part of this championship

    You will enjoy this event, starting 28th Sept 2014.

    Clean drivers only, every driver must complete in one of the pre-season event without causing an incident. There is a set of rules and penalties, we will look into each complaint as well as watch replays, and penalty will be given to drivers who cause race incidents that could be avoided.
    A driver may be banned from attending the next race(s) if drivers cause a race incident intentionally.

    We have a comprehensive handicap system to keep both the racing and championship as close as possible.

      • 2. Time & Place:
    Host: VeeDubber

    Steward: Doctorpotford + Laryo

    Race Length: Race 1 is approximately 20mins while Race 2 is approx. 45min to 55min

    The 50min race 2 (the longer race) (will be tactical like a compressed F1 race with1 or 2 or possible 3 pit stops, if and when the tyre/pit bug is fixed) , and 2 or more compounds could be used, fuel will be an added issue for extra fun.

    Pre-season starts from 14th Sept 2014

    Championship race every Sundays from 28th Sept 2014

    7:30pm (UK time) open for warm up ** 2nd Nov Spa @ 17:30 GMT

    7:45pm 2 to 3 laps warm up race non-compulsory, no points, no penalties, no handicaps and no car checks

    7:50pm handicap/car check

    8:00pm qualify for 5 mins depending on track

    8:05pm Race 1 start (appox 20min)

    8:45pm Race 2 start (appox 50min)

    Planned pre-season races: see track list, every driver new to this series must complete in one of the pre-season or testing event i) without causing an incident and ii) finishing the long race within 180 sec of the time limit.

    Drivers can still join the event after it is started, we can set up ‘testing race’ event on weekdays to check new drivers.

    • 3. LM1000hp Car and Category Choices

    There will be a compulsory category change after 5 rounds (at half time). If you started with a LMP you must change to a Group-C and vice versa.

    After you have selected your race car, you may still change it up until the start of the season.

    • 4. Regulations and Lobby setup
    -ABS, TC and racing line allowed, all other aids are off
    -Damage: weak
    -Penalties: off
    -Boost: off
    -Grip reduction on track edge: Low
    -Tire wear/fuel consumption: High on both R1 and R2
    -Slipstreaming: weak or real depends on track
    -Mic on for management and emergency only, no talking at Q and race
    -Tyres: not restricted in most cases – see tyre rules
    -Grid start (with false start check)
    -For race 2 reverse grid base on previous result
    -Pitstop: not mandatory on R1, minimum 1 stop on R2
    -All car tuning and setups is allowed

    • 5. Starting Procedure - Rolling Starts

    • Races will be started from a stationary grid as normal with the polesitting driver responsible for leading the field around for a formation lap. They should wait until the starting lights turn green before steadily moving off.
    • All other drivers will move off only when the driver who qualified ahead of them goes. (Note your position and the car ahead prior to carefully moving off)
    • Drivers required to start at the back of the grid (those automatically placed at front due to reverse grid due to missing race 1 for example) should make their way to the rear of the grid over the course of the formation lap in a consistent manner avoiding any incidents
    Formation lap
    • Formation laps shall be driven in single file. The leader shall maintain a consistent pace and should aim for a target speed of around 100mph (where safe)
    • No driver shall use excessive acceleration or braking during the formation lap.
    • During the formation lap, a minimum of 1 car length should be maintained at all times. Note this is not a maximum and drivers should avoid travelling too far behind or excessively close to the car in front.
      • Drivers are permitted (where safe) to exceed the 100mph target speed only in order to close the gap to the car in front

    Driver Error
    • Any driver who because of a mistake stops, or who leaves the track is responsible for rejoining the formation lap safely.
      This may mean waiting until the entire field has passed and rejoining in last place.
      The driver shall not attempt to regain their original starting position
    • If a mistake causes a significant amount of other drivers then a restart may be called at the discretion of race stewards Doc and Yo. This will involve a further formation lap with the car instigating the incident starting at the back of the grid.
    Race start - green flag
    • Each driver shall *only* start to accelerate to race speed upon crossing the start/finish line.
    • Any drivers deemed to have jumped the start or driven carelessly by race stewards will be demoted by an amount of positions relative to the advantage unfairly gained or 20 seconds added.

    • 6. Tyres
    Race 1
    No restrictions, use any tyres.

    Race 2

    Top 3 finishers of race 1 will not be allowed to start race 2 with RS, only RM or RH are allowed at the start.

    • 7. Ballast

    The ballast system will be split into 2 categories, Race Ballast and Championship Ballast.

    1) Race Ballast.

    If you finish in the top 4 of either race you will gain:

    1st = 20kg

    2nd = 15kg

    3rd = 10kg

    4th = 5kg

    This will not be added until the following round of the championship.

    This ballast will remain with you until the car change at the halfway point of the season.

    2) Championship Ballast.

    Ballast will be added to your car if you are in the following championship positions.

    1st = 100kg

    2nd = 75kg

    3rd = 50kg

    4th = 25kg

    This will be adjusted between championship rounds.

    • 8. Penalties:
    7.1 If you are responsible for an incident that could be avoided, there will be 10 sec added to your finishing time the first time on one night of racing, and 15 sec for the second time, 20 sec for the third time etc…..

    7.2 If you are responsible for an incident, you must stop at a safe place immediately allow the innocent driver to pass freely to re-establish ahead of your position, failing to stop will net you another 15 sec added to your finishing time the first time on one night of racing, and 30 sec for the second time, 45 sec for the third time etc…..
    In addition, time loses of the innocent driver as a result of the incident will also be added to your finishing time (max 30 sec).

    7.3 If you've overtaken someone using "questionable tactics", such as push pass or corner cutting, you must give back that place, failing to do so will result in 10 sec added to your finishing time the first time on one night of racing, and 20 sec for the second time, 30 sec for the third time etc…..

    7.4 When defending on the straight, the leading car has the right to choose his own line down a straight. He can change his racing line once while driving down a straight (move from the outside line to the inside, or vice versa). Each additional change of racing line will net 1 penalty point. As the leading car approaches the next corner, he can return to the racing line of their choice. However, he is not allowed to move into the path of an overlapping car or of the car behind and causes an accident.

    7.5 After ballast check, you must stay in pits and not to go back to the lobby, it will cost 2 penalty points.

    7.6 You must not disconnect from the lobby/race for oil change or any other reason (except for connection problems), it will cost 2 penalty points and you must start from the back on the next race (allow every car to pass you before turn 1) if not that will be another 3 penalty points.

    7.7 You must not drive through to pass a transparent car you are battling with, that will cost you 2 points.

    7.8 If you DNF/DNS the first race for any reason, or you came in late, you must start from the back on the next race (allow every car to pass you) if not that will be 3 penalty points.

    7.9 Cars on the race track have right-of-way over cars entering the race track from the pits or recovering from an off. You have to take care not to interfere with other drivers on the track. Swerving in front of upcoming cars to defend your position is not allowed. When there are other cars around or other car(s) coming down the track, you must not cross the white line and stay on the same side of the track as the pit exit until the next corner, or there will be 2 penalty points. If you cause an incident, additional penalties from 7.1 and 7.2 will apply.

    7.10 There is no going into car setup on restarts or at qualify, it will cost 3 penalty points.

    7.11 2 WHEELS ON TRACK AT ALL TIMES, track as the black part between the white lines (Kerbs are not part of track). If you gain a place or defended a place by cutting the track, you must give up that place and allow the car behind to pass you, or there will be 3 penalty points.

    7.12 deleted

    7.13 2 penalty points for overtaking other drivers when entering the pit lane.

    7.14 2 wheels on track at all times

    • 9. Points System
    Race 1 & 2

    1st = 18pts
    2nd = 16pts
    3rd = 14pts
    4th = 12pts
    5th = 11pts
    6th = 10pts
    7th = 9pts
    8th = 8pts
    9th = 7pts
    10th = 6pts
    11th = 5pts
    12th = 4pts
    13th = 3pts
    14th = 2pts
    15th = 1pts

    (There will be no points for fastest lap or pole position)

    Double points for rounds 5 and 10 including both races R1 & R2

    Dropped-Score System

    Each driver's 2 worst scores of the season will be dropped, meaning 18 scores out of 20 will count for the Drivers' Championship. This allows drivers to miss 1 race night without too much disadvantage.

    • 10. General
    -Save replay of each race.

    -If you are the leading car in a battle you have the right to the racing line, whatever you may deem that to be.
    You are no longer classed as the leading car when the driver behind has his front wheels level with your rear wheels. At this stage you are now classed as 'side-by-side'
    When side-by-side you can no longer taker the optimum racing line as this will either result in an accident or someone being ran off the track, you must follow either the inside or outside line of the corner depending on which you are on. You are not allowed to cut across the track until you are clear of the car alongside.
    Not sticking to these rules when in a 'battle' will result in someone's race being ruined, either by a crash or by penalties and most of all it spoils the fun!

    -If you can’t see the car close from behind or side by side (may be at your blind spot) always give extra room when you turn into or out of the next corner, better then have an accident.

    -It is the responsibility of the car returning to the track to ensure there are no collisions so that no other drivers have to manoeuvre or brake to allow you to resume racing. If there's a chance of a collision, wait and be patient as other drivers have the right of way.

    -There may be stand in/guest driver racing with us from time to time, these will be clean drivers that we have raced together in the past. They will not be given any championship points, but will receive handicap ballast like any other drivers.
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    • Car list:

    Cars available for selection in this season's championship are listed below.

    • Order of Car Selections

    Please see below for selection order.

    Drivers on days after first day of selection need not wait for choices to be complete from previous days.

    Choices are not final and can be amended (if alternative car available) unlimited times up to day before of race 1 of season.

    A maximum of 8 LMP and 8 Group C cars can be selected at one time.

    *There should only be 2 of the 4 group c Nissan cars chosen in any combination.

    • Available Cars
    All cars to be run at maximum of 1000hp with no minimum weight requirements
    (all cars listed are at 900kg as standard apart from where indicated)


    • 2005 Audi R8 (Playstation Team Oreca) *950kg min.
    • 2001 Audi R8 Race Car
    • 2003 Bentley Speed 8
    • 1999 Toyota GT-One (TS020)
    • 1999 BMW V12 LMR *975hp max.


    • 1992 Nissan R92CP
    • 1989 Nissan R89C
    • 1991 Mazda 787 *987hp max. 830kg min.
    • 1989 Mercedes-Benz Sauber C9
    • 1989 Toyota Minolta 88C-V *850kg min.
    • 1988. Jaguar XJR-9. *894kg min.

    Pre-Season Races

    For the purposes of the pre-season races any of the cars below are fine. However only the cars listed previously will be eligible for use in the championship.

    Maximum 1000hp - no minimum weight.

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    United Kingdom
    • Race calender:
    Dates now confirmed

    Week commencing Sun the:

    14 Sept preseason 1 Tokyo R246
    21 Sept preseason 2 Rome (rev)

    5 Oct Daytona (road)
    12 Oct Red Bull/A1 Ring
    19 Oct Special Stage R5
    26 Oct Laguna Seca
    2 Nov Spa 24hrs
    (day/night cycle - double points) *** race start at 17:30 GMT ***
    9 Nov mid season break
    16 Nov Nurburgring
    23 Nov Silverstone
    30 Nov Monza (chicanes) 80s
    7 Dec Suzuka
    14 Dec Le Mans 24hrs (no-chicanes)
    (day/night cycle - double points)

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  5. VeeDubberLow


    United Kingdom
    • Signups: Rounds 6 to 10

    You'll need to participate in a practice race without any incidents.

    Exceptional speed unnecessary - awareness of other cars much more important.

    1. Leave a message on this thread
    2. Send PM to VeeDubberLow
    3. Complete in one of the pre-season or testing event without causing an incident, you can use any Le Mans car, no need to buy a car from the car list yet.
    4. Select your race car
    5. A spot in the championship is confirmed

    • Drivers to complete a pre-season event:
    1. onebadvr4
    • Confirmed Drivers
    1. VeeDubberLow
    2. Bob0011
    3. Doctorpotford
    4. Unclepsx
    5. LordNem
    6. AyrtonSchumacher
    7. Flanked
    8. Laryo
    9. Jokair
    10. <<<available
    11. Mulligan
    12. <<<available
    13. M1
    14. Atlon
    15. Cris
    16. <<<available
    • Guest Drivers
    1. Sig
    2. Dazgtr
    3. Bouya
    • LMP Category.
    8 cars max. (2 left)

    1. Audi Factory. VeeDubber
    2. Audi Factory. Atlon

    3. Audi Oreca <<<available
    4. Audi Oreca
    5. Bentley Mulligan
    6. Bentley. Doctorpotford
    7. Toyota gt1 Uncle

    8. Toyota gt1 <<<available
    9. BMW. <<<available
    10. BMW. Sig

    • Group C Category.
    8 cars max. (1 left)

    1. Nissan* Flanked, R92CP
    2. Nissan* M1, R92CP
    3. Mazda. Cris

    4. Mazda. <<<available
    5. Mercedes-Benz Jokair
    6. Mercedes-Benz AyrtonSchumacher
    7. Toyota 88cv Bob
    8. Toyota 88cv Laryo

    9. Jaguar XJR-9 <<<available
    10. Jaguar XJR-9.
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  6. easy9


    United Kingdom
    Testing this Sunday? Still 1000bhp? Weight?
  7. VeeDubberLow


    United Kingdom
    Testing this sunday @ 7.30pm

    Provisionally running at 1000hp and 900kg.
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  8. BOB0011


    Please sign me up for the series. Thanks
  9. doctorpotford


    Count me in :-)
  10. Unclepsx


    United Kingdom
    I'm in :tup:
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  11. LordNem


    I'm in,
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  12. easy9


    United Kingdom
    I will try to be at the Pre-season on the 14th, look forward to see everyone again after this long summer break.
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  13. stevegf37


    United Kingdom
    Hi Mark

    I really enjoyed racing with you guys, and although have concerns about 1000hp on a controller as previously said, would like to give it another go, if okay, can I attend this Sundays pre-season, but which track are you going to use, as I can get some practice. I intend to use the Bentley if that is okay.
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  14. VeeDubberLow


    United Kingdom
    That's great news. This sun is at Tokyo r246. Bentley is good.
  15. BAZZER


    I'll join this with you guys, need to save some cash to buy a car though
  16. LordNem


    Try the red bull races :) welcome back

    Get bonus 5. 20 mins 2 mil
  17. VeeDubberLow


    United Kingdom
    Each championship race is about 260k for win with 1m for championship winner :tup:
  18. BOB0011


    Mark: I just did a fuel/tire test and according to my data (I tend to be hard on both) I can get about 10-11 laps out of a set of soft tires and most of the fuel will be gone. If we lap in the 1:25 range then a 50 minute race would be about 37 laps. That would require probably three stops and we would need to use 4 sets of tires which would force everyone to use one set of medium tires. This counteracts the concept of slowing down the faster drivers from race 1 to bunch up the field. The simple solution would be to remove the restriction on the number of soft tires that a driver could use.
  19. VeeDubberLow


    United Kingdom
    Hi Bob. Currently working on system to keep races close. Post asap. Mark
  20. BAZZER


    Going to have a cash building mission later on this evening then I'll choose my car. Really miss racing with a good group of lads like we have here.
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  21. BAZZER


    Question for you guys, I dont know much about these cars so are the group C cars slower than the LMP? Will it create like a race within a race? Or can i pick any car knowing each one could potentially win a race
  22. VeeDubberLow


    United Kingdom
    Hi Bazzer. Have updated car selection above. Cars eligible for championship now listed - each car should be competitive against the rest of the field. Testing carried out by myself, Doc, Nem and Uncle.
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  23. BOB0011


    I had an opportunity to give a couple of the series concepts some though and wanted to share my perspective.

    Standing Start VS Rolling Start

    · Rolling starts are kind of fun but are difficult to manage.

    · Side by side is better than single file

    · The series that use this system in real life have driver communication that lets everyone know when the green flag is waved so everyone gets to start at the same time.

    · If you are in the back it is very hard to time the start and it is easy to jump the gun

    · Policing becomes an issue

    · Standing starts given the game restrictions are fair for everyone

    Success Penalties

    · There are two success penalties both are designed to help equalize the skill levels of the participants and make the racing closer. One to slow down championship leaders and one to slow down the faster drivers after race #1.

    · The best way in my mind to reduce speed is to reduce HP

    · These cars need different setups for different tires and unfortunately the game does not allow the setup to change during a pit stop

    · Concept: Determine what HP reduction is required to reduce lap times by 1 second per lap and this penalty would be applied for the next full day of racing

    · Championship leader would reduce HP by the determine amount

    · P2 would reduce HP by ¾ of amount

    · P3 would reduce by1/2 amount

    · Winners of last race would have additional penalties applied

    · Ie. The championship leader would enter race #1 with a one second per lap HP reduction penalty and if he won race #1 would start race #2 with a two second HP reduction penalty

    · I used one second per lap in my example and that may be too much of a penalty especially over a 30 lap race. The concept is workable but the correct level of the penalty needs to be tested. I think drivers like Mike are probably 1/2 to 1 second per lap faster than me so a 2 second penalty on a longer race would be unfair but on a short race would probably be ok.

    · We need to be careful that in attempting to equalize the field that we don’t penalize the better drivers to the point where they can’t compete or where the less talented drivers don’t have a need to get better to compete.

    · I can live with whatever we decide.
  24. VeeDubberLow


    United Kingdom
    Thanks for some great feedback Bob.
  25. VeeDubberLow


    United Kingdom
    Re rolling start any problems encountered occurred when drivers suddenly sped up and braked heavily.

    This caused a knock on effect down the grid but was simply people having fun and wouldn't really be a factor in the races.

    Setting a min/max speed for formation lap and selecting a point to go green would solve a lot of things. See what people think and what works in testing.
  26. VeeDubberLow


    United Kingdom
    Re performance ballast sounds workable but docs probably best person to comment. Any system that does away with changes in between races will be good.
  27. doctorpotford


    OK, here are my findings on success penalties from my observations/experiments over the past years of racing.

    First to even up the races you need to find where the fast guys are faster, then you need devise a method of slowing them without being too artificial whilst still being effective and easy to implement/police.

    First off, where are the fast guys faster? That tends to be in the corners, braking into them, going round them and getting on the power out of them. They also tend to be faster with regards to optimising their tyre stratagy.

    Next problem is how do you slow them down, but only where they are quicker to keep the racing close. The 3 options are reduce power, add weight and/or restrict tyres.

    I have found adding weight is the most effective way of slowing the fast guys down. You have to brake earlier, carry less corner speed and it's more difficult to get on the power. You also use more fuel and wear your tyres more. The racing will closer through the corners which will help the slower guys with lines etc. but will also still be close on the straights too.

    This is where the problem of hp reduction comes in. The fast guys are still faster in the corners but are then sitting ducks on the straights which is rather artificial, like a permanent DRS in F1. Also with reduced power you will use less fuel, tyres and will be able to get on the power earlier.

    The restriction would be mainly placed on championship positions (100/75/50/25 kgs) but top 4 race positions would also incur ballast (20/15/10/5 kgs) which will remain on the car until halfway point of the season to prevent someone running away with the championship. At Tokyo, 120 kgs increased laptimes by approx. 2-3 seconds, but obviously each track will be different.

    Tyres are a mixed bag. Forcing the fast guys onto slower tyres in race 2 is designed to give the slower guys a lead that they can attempt to hold onto and feel a bit of pressure in the later laps, but there's 2 problems with this.

    1) Harder tyres have a longer life which can be turned into an advantage

    2) Numerous places can still be made at the race start from the rear of the grid, then sit behind the slower guys on the harder tyres until the pitstops then disappear on the soft tyres.

    Number 1 can be controlled with good race planning. Number 2 will hopefully be controlled by the rolling starts.............

    Rolling starts. These have been included for the 2nd race to hopefully spread out the pack. It is intentional to 'hold back' the cars at the rear (the fastest guys from race 1) so the slower guys at the front are not coming under attack at the first corner. It will also mean cars coming from the back will have to make their way through the field car by car instead of taking 6 or 7 places in one corner.

    Hope this covers everything and gives some method behind the madness!!
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  28. BAZZER


    I still haven't had time to practice or even buy a car yet but will be at the race tomorrow
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  29. BAZZER


    Whens the room open and how many have we got?
  30. GTBE_laryo


    Am in even if I cannot take my pink panther
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