Meeting with Kazanori Yamauchi him self

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    Well, while you have no evidence for this theory ^^ (do you?), people with a different 'perspective' would say 'same old excuse since ten years' ....
    and ONLY PD aren't allowed to have damage, while everyone elses games can???
    To implementing damage PD would need to rewrite their code 90% because the cars would have to react not so weird anymore!
    (e.g. flipping )

    BTW i don't really want damage, i'd rather have tirescreeches and flashing light and stuff, I guess the tire brands won't allow visible 'tirewear' though. :sly:
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    I'm not the one slamming PD calling them a failed software house. I think C.D is overreacting and that gives me less reason to take his point seriously. I do look at it from both sides of the arguement. I agree that it seems PD have been saying that manufacturers are preventing them (or making it difficult) to implement damage the way they want to for years. PD now have more influential power with their games proven to sell millions and they have said damage is coming. It was a mistake for me to say 'that is how it is'. Read: 'that is how I think it is'.

    I don't know another game that has dynamic, realistic damage applied to a range of road cars from many manufacturers. It must be a logistical nightmare contacting and sorting out deals / terms with all the manufacturers. I think that is one factor that makes it hard for PD to go ahead as they have stated that they want to do damage properly using crash test data, not just scrapes and bumpers that hang off. I also thought PD had stated they're modelling cars differently (per panel) in prepartion for damage. I also wonder whether a money incentive was offered to Ferrari, for example, allowing Forza to lightly damage their cars.

    I doubt that rewriting / adding improved car crash physics / collisions would take up 10% of their code. Perhaps the code is already there and - as has already been said - certain manufacturer(s) don't allow their cars to be rolled or flipped.

    I believe that the great interview super_fla has posted has reaffirmed that Kaz is a fair, hard-working man with honest intentions, trying to make the best game possible for himself and the fans. I have no reason to doubt his words. Just because he would love to give us feature X and it doesn't make it in to the final version doesn't really make him a liar or his development studio a failure. I like his ambition. Perhaps he should be less public about their game concept as no videogame ever has all the features they intended to implement. There are probably so many reasons things get changed / taken out, they wouldn't have the time to explain all the business ins and outs and why should they (rhetorical question) ...? Implementing damage is obviously a tricky thing to do in many ways. I don't believe Kaz is making excuses but stating the facts.
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    ^^ Yep I agree about some overreacting a bit, though he has a point. ;)
    Also have to agree about realistic damage is quite a task, but I just don't buy the manufactures theory anymore lol.

    I too think K.Y. is a very nice guy, but he's also a smart guy and certainly knows how to get sales up! :tup:
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    Marketing a product is as important as the product itself.
  5. Excellent questions, shame about the answers!

    Looks like private rooms will only be available on GT5 rather than Prologue. If this is the case im very disappointed and cannot see myself continuing playing prologue with its existing content.
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    Private rooms will come to GT5 coz it sooner than expected... Source: Kazunori Yamauchi.... If something wrong we will kik K.Y :)
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    My dad told me you put the PS3 on ebay and sold for 20G, is it true?
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    to be honest, I don't care about no lobbys for gt5p. I haven't played gtp5 for ages now. I've just been playing Condemed 2 and Saints Row 2.
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    Thanks for sharing super_fla. :tup: Good news for most part!:)
    As far as RBE, damage and weather go, I think they should all be optional and scalable. RBE is just ridiculous. In a pro race, why would you want less experienced drivers artificially running laps 2 to 7 seconds faster than the leaders? If you messed up, or you're not as good, sorry, that's racing. Mechanical damage helps promote fair. clean driving and add's the challenge of taking care of your equipment. Weather add's to the challenge and gives you variety.
    I've been in many online tournaments in various pc sims (rfactor, gtr, live for speed, nfs prosche etc.) and it's always been driving skill that wins the day.
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    HERE'S TO "AHMED AL AZIM" aka Super_Fla
    for sharing us, he's wonderful experiance with Kazanori Yamauchi,
    TO US ALL!:)


    NOTE: image was done today; less then 1 hour, no pencil, no ruler was used, just fine-line pen & image references :tup:
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    I like the artistry. :tup:
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    Judging by what Ferrari said in this statement , I would have to say they are stretching the truth about damage to their cars !!!

    Can anyone explain this - in the game "Ferrari Challenge" , there is damage to their cars !!!!

    Something is contradictory here !!!!! Hmmmmmmmm

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    But think about how it has been implamented: I've seen crashes that should have torn off most of the front bonnet where the most damage that happens will either be a broken headlight or a bent front bodywork. Also, "Ferrari Challenge" is game featuring only Ferraris threfore, not as big a deal. Now yeah Forza also has Ferrari and Damage along with others but again, I've seen crashes which should've have worse damage like a entire broken suspension, broken A arms and so forth but somehow, only a bent bonnet. Thats not realistic damage and Ferrari most likely(Seemingly being the picky company they are) don't want the kind of Damage PD has in mind, which is alot more realistic then what Forza and Ferrari Challenge offered.
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    First off, major props for the amazing interview and for your trip.

    I dream of something like it, you must have had a blast...

    About the damage stuff, maybe we are reading too much based only on one example. Maybe Kaz just mentioned two distinct brands just to give an example... it doesn't mean that Ferrari was saying no and Porsche yes - at least that's what i read given the context of the event.

    Once again, awesome interview, just a shame you didn't remember to ask for a racing car:dopey:

    Thanks for giving us the write up.
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    I would like damage, because it's an integral part of racing. But not without Pitstops and options to repair it. Like the way it is in ALMS. But then I'm an endurance nut. I want it to be possible to run a real 24H race with driver changes and be able to repair the car even after extensive damage. And refueling, tire changes and .... well you know the rest.
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    ok all you people on ferrari and kaz about damage. could you at least stop and think first?

    from what i took from that statement was that certain factories wont allow damage while others will. it sounded to me like he was just using Porsche and Ferrari as two examples but not as true statements.

    see the words like? it means hes most likely just using them as examples. for all you know it could be renault that dosnt want damage. he was just giving an on the spot answer that would make the most sense through translation is what im getting from it.
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    i appreciate your kindness. thats really nice :)

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    I really don't mind if Ferrari's don't have damage, as the other cars will.
    That's just one manufacturer out of how many?
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    I think the main damage we will see is to my ps3. If we had endurance races and I crashed at lap 99/100, i'd stamp on my playstation.
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    Cool Picture!!:D
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    Although I see your point, I think you're forgetting that what's written there is just super_fla's recollection of what he said. I'm not making any comments about his memory, just saying that that isn't a direct quote.

    Furthermore, super_fla has said his English isn't great (despite being very readable :):tup: ) so I think picking up on the finer points of implied language is perhaps unsuitable given the source.

    Finally, this has also gone through a translator, who may have misinterpreted or misrepresented the exact words KY said.

    All I'm saying is I don't think we can really say either way whether Porsche and Ferrari were just generic examples of two marques that were on his mind, or literally those two marques have those stances on damage.
  22. super_fla


    guys , the man mentioned ferrari as an example, he didn't have to explain to me all the problems that they are facing with every single car manufacturer.

    besides, alot of people take every word as if it were from the holy-book like , he said "like ferrari" or "ferrari is" :)

    i know this is a forum, and it allowes discussions, but things can't go that far in precision, unless we are talking about grammar subject :)
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    Absolutey amazing interview!!

    I'm sitting here grinning from ear to ear, reading that!!!:sly:

    Well done bru - i would have been really nervous around Kazanori:nervous:
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    Thanks for asking all those questions super_fla and most importantly asking for, and getting, the online race without the rubber band effect - it makes racing online so much more fun!
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    Yep guys, I know Ferrari could have been just an example ... but honestly it wasn't the first time he used it, so it might be more than just an example .
    And for RBE I agree it's nice to have it off, but just for a single event is a bit lame imo... I want it off for all PRO events!
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    GT5 is getting better and better... I didn't expected a Porsche... maybe will be also there Yugo... we'll see... but BTW, Gran Turismo series rocks!!! I never like these NFS and other american games. Japanese games (for me) are the best games and with hardworking, just look GT series and MGS series. But Enthusia is also cool game.
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    So, super_fla
    Any more events or interviews with other people you have in the future?
  28. super_fla


    same here :)

    i don't think so, but i'll let u guys know if there is any
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    About the damage, Ferrari care about how they cars look, just like how Alfa do.

    And I have a question super_fla, when Kaz laughed at the 2010 date, just to make it clear, did he say GT5 would come sooner than 2 years or before 2010? I ask this because if he said "it's coming sooner than expected" and you said 2 years he might have ment GT5 is coming out sooner than in 2 years which could mean anywhere before October.

    Thanks man.
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    Regardless of how it is implemented, whether only certain manufacturers get it, or if every car gets it, or just race cars, Kaz did say "that's (damage) also coming."

    We won't know what cars will get damage until information is released, or we receive an update, or GT5....but he said we will get it, so it sounds to me that even if there are manufacturer troubles, we're going to receive it in one form or I'm excited either way. Just by knowing PD, I don't think there going to release a half-thought out version of damage unless it's in prologue to test it out. If it's in GT5, I'm sure we'll be thoroughly impressed.

    In my worries :tup:

    I don't know if I've said thanks to Super-fla....but again thanks for the awesome interview, and congrats on all of those rewards. Well deserved!!