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    Some people can't be bothered working it out so they just round it to 900,000
  2. Mach 10

    Mach 10

    Wow, he was less than 7,000 Cr. off. :lol:
  3. Hapul


    I'd personally rather having cash and spluring on different cars. Honestly, raising the money for 700 odd cars could get tiresome. Having said that, if B-Spec was binned, i wouldn't complain!


    Can I point out that the exact DTM prize money is: 893,749 cr.
    I am very sure this is it
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    Can I point out that the exact amount is not very important? :rolleyes:

    Can I point out that you already have pointed that out? :rolleyes:
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    its good for doing the 24 hour endurance races and thats about it.

    ÄŁPĨЙΣ (Banned)

    win the Deutsche Touring Car Meistershaft, (I use a tuned CLK touring car) you will win a mercedes CLK GTR, sell it for around 750,000 credits

    I must have done this 100 times or more



    Can I point out that I am sorry that I forgot I already said that?:guilty:

    Can I point out that the exact amout does matter, because it could make the difference between buying a used car by the end of the 7 days it's for sale. You might end up having to wait another 250 days or so:nervous:
  9. iLex


    Nope, it's not (but you probably figured that out already :) ). The cars that can be driven in DTM are:

    Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI Race Car ('93)
    Mercedes-Benz AMG 190 E 2.5-16V Evolution II Touring Car ('92)
    Opel (and Vauxhall) Calibra Touring Car ('94)
    Audi A4 Touring Car ('04)
    Audi Abt TT-R Touring Car ('02)
    Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car ('00)
    Opel (and Vauxhall) Astra Touring Car ('00)

    The BMW 320i Touring Car can also NOT be driven in this competition.

    list copy-pasted from a post by Greycap ;)
  10. Metar


    What about that Honda Fit Touring Car (Fit, or some other little Honda)? :dopey: I'm sure it can beat everybody in there, stock :crazy:

    Seriously, I only use the DTM or Costa di Amalfie to rack up those 9 millions for the black racers and those other rare used cars - i'm trying to collect all Fiat 500s. I've got 7 (or 8, not sure) by now (day 520), including that 10.0km 500R. Cool.
    And, even simpler, I showed my brother how to B-spec the DTM, and he already won it at least 8 times for me. Already nearing the 9 million, plus a Pescarolo Playstation C60 + Upgrades.

    And (forgot): Did anyone compare Ingame-days/$? The 1000 Miles! Championship nets you 150,000Cr per race, and 300,000Cr per Championship, totaling 900,000 + Worthless prize. Are there any shorter (ingame days) ways to earn (say, you're on day 694 and lack two millions) money?
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    lol. A real team boss :sly:
  12. Metar


    Well, he enjoys it. Every couple of minutes he declares: "First place, once again!" And after a while "Another CLK!" (he's a car-freak too, even at the age of 9, so he asks about the names of the cars. He already knows all french cars, and identifies 'em, as well as all Silvias)
  13. Luca


    Wow, this thread is funny. Ten pages of people reposting "do the german touring car one you get a CLK race car that you can sell for like $750,000." At least it's all contained in one place instead of there being several new threads a day asking how to make money.

    BUMP so people can see this :)
  14. xjr-9


    If you do the DTM championship...:)

    I think that if you get any DTM car and tune it...:)

    Have you heard how to get lots of money...?:)

    Just kidding.:)


    P.S. Just pulling your legs.

    P.P.S. If you want lots of money...:)
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    It's already said
  16. ÄŁPĨЙΣ

    ÄŁPĨЙΣ (Banned)

    I've won around 100 :D
  17. iLex


    I didn't say I thought you were a slave driver or something like that ;)
    Your just a real team boss.. no offence at all intended :tup:
  18. Metar


    I know. I wasn't offended :)
    We do a lot of gaming together - as much as he can, at least, since he's still 9...

    On topic: Only won as many as I need. I won about 10 Rally Raids, with each buying me a car (one kept and tuned), then the last two bought me the Abt TT-r Touring Car + Upgrades from 1000 Miles! = about 12 CLK-GTRs (one for a Pagani 7.3, 5 for a Pescarolo, and the rest for various, like the Stealthy-black M5 [black rims and spoiler too] and SLR). The rest will go for the Black racers, then for their colored versions.
  19. WRXmaniaman


    alright people your troubles are over, get a fast german car, SL 65 AMG or M3 GTR, and enter shwarzaliga B in european races and win all. you get 10,000 for each race and at the end you get a sweet benz (forgot the name) that you sell for 374,000.
  20. skaterava


    ye the Rally Raid Toyota thing works well,

    but i dont bother with rallyin so i do the endurance races in B-Spec with a super fast car.

    E.G in the European races, theres a classic car endurance race.

    Mercury Cougar XR7, 400BHP, put it in B-Spec and leave it 4 a few hours...

    30,000 Cr. in each race, plus about 200,000 at the end, and a nice Jag E-Type too :)
  21. BobK

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    Here's a summary of the best races for winning cash. The times I give are actual elapsed times in B-spec mode (except for Capri) and are close approximations since they'll vary depending on the car used. The times also assume that in the case of enduros the game is reset to 3X speed immediately after all pit stops.

    Deutsche Touring Car Meisterschaft (DTM)
    Prize money: 150,000
    Prize car: Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR race car
    Car value: 743,749
    Total cash: 893,749
    Time: 16 minutes
    Credits per minute: 56,000
    Advantages: Fastest payoff rate in the game by a wide margin.
    Disadvantages: Takes seven game days. If Day 694 is right around the corner and you have your eye on the black beauties, you might want to consider the Nurb or Fuji races instead, at 3 game days each. Requires a decent B-spec driver.

    Capri Rally (Easy) at Costa di Amalfi
    Prize money: 10,000
    Prize car: Toyota RSC rally raid car
    Car value: 265,624
    Total cash: 275,624
    Time: 9 minutes
    Credits per minute: 30,000
    Advantages: Fastest race to run. Available right at game start, provided you started the game by earning the IA license and have the Nismo 270R prize car from it. Best for a quick shot of cash to buy most production cars and tuning parts, unless the production car you have in mind is something like a Shelby 427 Cobra.
    Disadvantages: Must be driven A-spec; B-spec not available in the Special Conditions hall. Requires National A license.

    El Capitan 200 Miles enduro
    Prize money: 250,000
    Prize car: Toyota Minolta 88C-V race car
    Car value: 743,749
    Total cash: 993,749
    Time: 43 minutes
    Credits per minute: 23,000
    Advantages: Pays more than DTM and in fewer game days. Fastest enduro payoff.
    Disadvantages: Still takes twice as long as the DTM. Endurance events require 25% game completion.

    Fuji 1000 km
    Prize money: 750,000
    Prize car: Nissan R92CP
    Car value: 743,749
    Total cash: 1,493,749
    Time: 2 hours
    Credits per minute: 13,600
    Advantages: Lots of cash in a reasonable amount of time. Best race to run unattended; ideally suited to leave running overnight making money while you sleep, or leave running while you're at work/school.
    Disadvantages: Requires a top grade properly tuned LMP car to win, or the Formula Gran Turismo. Endurance events require 25% game completion.

    Nurburgring 24 Hours
    Prize money: 1,200,000
    Prize car: Formula Gran Turismo
    Car value: 1,593,749
    Total cash: 2,793,749
    Time: 9 hours
    Credits per minute: 5,200
    Advantages: Best payoff per game day. A single race can pay for two of the week 100 black beauties, the R92CP and Mazda 787B.
    Disadvantages: Takes the longest to run. Endurance events require 25% game completion.

    The Japan Championship takes about as long to run as the DTM and only pays 391,249.
    Schwarzwald Liga B also takes the same time as the DTM and only pays 421,874.
    The All Japan GT Championship at 10 races takes much longer than the DTM and only pays 536,874.
    All other events in the game, with one exception, pay even less except for some other Special Conditions Hall events, but they're in the same ballpark as the Capri Rally.

    The exception is the highest paying event in the game, the Formula GT series. It pays 4.5 million in cash prizes alone. However since it's 15 full blown enduros, I don't think anyone would consider it as a quick cash maker.

    Edit: Changed El Capitan from 40 to 43 minutes and 25,000 credits/min to 23,000
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  22. jessekatianda


    BobK, you have done a fantastic compilation of information.

    Somebody should probably put it in a sticky. :)
  23. tommeh


    Hey, you CANNOT use the Vauxhall Astra Touring Car, That really annoyed me, i spent about Cr.700,000 on it, and then i couldn't use it! :grumpy:

  24. GM


    Nah, things like that don't get stickies.

    Laguna Seca Endurence takes around 30 minuites B-Speced with an Lmp car.

    Pays Ford GT40 Race Car (Sell for 740,000) and 200,000 prize money
  25. BobK

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    The Ford GT40 from Laguna Seca and Toyota 88C-V from El Capitan both sell for 743,749 but El Capitan pays 250,000 in prize money whereas Laguna Seca pays 200,000 which is 50,000 less. Furthermore a Mazda 787B on S2/S1 tires does El Capitan in 43 minutes and Laguna Seca on R2/R1 tires in 47 (not 30) minutes. El Capitan is 66 x 2.97 = 196 miles whereas Laguna Seca is 90 x 2.24 = 202 miles.

    So El Capitan pays more in less time than Laguna Seca.
  26. DeSwyft

    DeSwyft (Banned)

    Just do Capri Rally Easy, I calculated it now, Approx. 9 mins with a 500hp car.
    2 races, 10,000 Cr. for the 2 races, 265,624 for car.
    I want to get all the black cars at once, so that's why i did this.
    275,624 Cr. in 4 days (2 race days,1 day of recieving car, 1 day to sell)
    In 104 days, winning 26 RSC Rally Raids, Selling em all for a Grand Total of...
    7,166,224 Cr.!! Ain't that amazing? With that much and your approximate amount of Cr. you'll be able to buy ALL the Black Cars..
  27. Metar


    First: No, they all cost together about 9 million Cr.

    Second: There are much more efficient ways, so check the thread if you're interested.
  28. Digital-Nitrate

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    United States
    Or just B-spec the 24hr Nurb three times, and in only 9 game days you'll have $8,381,247 Cr. :)
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    well this is a fantastic amount of ways to make money, the german touring worked for me.. tho after the 10th time my driver seemed like he didnt wanna do it anymore, he just lagged behind (changed, oil tried dif tyres and other settings even tho he was winning very well b4). now im usin the audi Abt TT-R (catchy name eh) and its doin good.. i was really stuck for cash till i stumbled across this site and the posts inside ;) thanks a lot dudes for the info.. (shoulda found it myself really but oh well)

    well it seems i was mistaken, its just that opera paris course the ai has trouble on :) never liked it myself.. always wins the rest tho ;)
  30. shabba


    My B-spec Wally driver doesn't have too much of a hassle with Paris. I find you've got to micro-manage him, though. If you drop the pace to 1 or 2 around the tight top end, I find he gets around fine, and then you up it to 4 or 5 on the back straight (depending on tyre condition). Back to 3 for the tail end of the course and my Wally wins by about a half lap in both the CLK and the Audi A4 touring cars. That's the only downside to the DTM championship - you have to sit through it and advance screens, as well as micro-managing your B-Spec driver.