Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Revealed, Arrives November 6

I feel like that Ford GT is actually a message...along the lines of "older is better"...which is true. :lol: The game did come out before the new one, yes, however, I can't stop thinking how it might be a subtle jab at Ford. :lol:

Wish they remastered Most Wanted '05 instead.
With all DLC'S great! maybe i playing it again in PS5 if it's possible with the retrocompatibility, i hope so
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Sounds good, especially given that they're including all the DLC - I would hope the three cars from the Dr. Pepper promotion would be included, too. And it seems like some of the UI is different, too, like this one screenshot I saw that had this list off to the right. I'm also wondering what that new wrap editor is going to be like, too, though I loved using the factory colors the first time around. I bet it'll be like Rivals, where you pick some pre-set vinyls, which I wouldn't mind at all. It also seems like there's a color picker option, where you can basically pick any color you want, but I don't think I'll be using it, as I really do prefer the factory colors.

I think $40 is a solid price for it, too, so I might really consider getting this one. But I really wanna see what sort of changes have been made, and/or extra content has been added, as the official website does allude to some new content (e.g. new wraps) and QoL updates, such as for the photo mode.
Sounds good, especially given that they're including all the DLC - I would hope the three cars from the Dr. Pepper promotion would be included, too.

the 3 Dr Pepper cars are in game and seems to be a late game unlock now.


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Meh. I was quietly hoping this was gonna be Underground 2 (cos of the 350z and that's the starter car in U2) or Most wanted 2005.

I don't even think I've played HP, from that video the graphics look like it's the original and not the remastered. I also didn't like the advert and at the end the girl pulling the face cos the guy is playing the game, but pathetic for a few reasons.

Feels like a minimum affort cash grab for this last generation, £35 is a bit much imo probably be worth £3.50 in a year.

Hopefully hopefully they're working on something big for next gen.
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the 3 Dr Pepper cars are in game and seems to be a late game unlock now.
Even the 370Z Coupe and the Panamera? I thought those two would be relatively early-on, especially the former since it's in the first group.

Hopefully hopefully they're working on something big for next gen.

We know they are, given that preview image from EA Play that showed a stock 911 GT3 RS and a modded Nissan 240SX. I'm especially hopeful since they're moving development back to Criterion in the UK, where they say it's much easier to find talent. Keep in mind that the last NFS game to get above an 80 on MetaCritic was developed by Criterion, being Most Wanted 2012. I think the big question will be if Criterion still has its touch, since its leaders Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward have since left to form Three Fields Entertainment.

In the meantime, I think remasters would be a great idea for the "gap years" for NFS, given that we won't get the next game until Fall 2021. In that regard, I could see a remaster of Most Wanted 2012 coming in the Fall 2022. I don't think a remaster of The Run or Rivals would happen, though - I think EA would prefer to remaster NFS games that were already well-received the first time around, whereas I think The Run and Rivals got more mixed reception.

Weird pick.
EA should learn from Activision and remake NFSU1 and 2.
Now that would be huge.

I'd really rather have a spiritual successor, or at least one that's better than NFS 2015. I'm a bit tired of NFS fans clinging to the past so much, when I'd much rather see an evolution of those games. While NFS 2015 wasn't this desired evolution, I have faith that the new change in development will lead to more fruitful results. For example, why use a bunch of made-for-game parts when I'd really rather see more licensed bodykits and parts? Especially in the Black Box era - some of those bodykits looked horrendous, even though I liked the gameplay. I'd especially love to see a new approach on Carbon's territory system - if brought online, it could lead to some real emergent gameplay, ala Planetside or MAG.
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I’ve only noticed two downsides about the remaster so far:

1. Toned down rain - I don’t think it’d be a performance issue so maybe just a visual choice by the developers, but the amount of rain drops and fog during a rainstorm is significantly reduced, looked better in the original one, hoping it’s just an early build issue.

2. Loss of the SLR - this is the only other loss together with the E7, but also the biggest one, seems like it’ll always be stuck in licensing hell which is a shame, though some recent games do have it, so fingers crossed for a possible agreement and comeback of the 722 and Stirling Moss.

Another possible issue is the soundtrack and removal of certain songs. Ideally I hope all of the songs have comeback, but if they didn’t, then I hope the losses aren’t too big and significant.

Other than that, this is already my game of the year and a perfect way to send off the current generation. Starting off the new decade with the best NFS and one to the best racing games of the last decade is everything I didn’t know I wanted, roll on November 6th :D
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The trailer seems to hint that our original Leaderboard times from 10 years ago are still there, wonder if that’ll be the case for a player picking up the Remaster.


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^ Low-effort cash grab indeed.

HP2 would've been a better game to remaster, but I think they weren't going to put any of the time and effort to implement some kind of autolog equivalent or online multiplayer mode. I think their decision to go HP3 was solely for this alone.
I saw the video comparison and...yea it's a bit more polished but without a side by side comparison it's not possible to see the differences. The worst thing is not the barely sufficient remaster, but the fact that looks better than heat imho. Also I don't understand why there is not a PS5/Series X enhanced version. At least we can play a good multiplayer nfs this year...
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Although I'm a fan of the original game, I don't see the point of remastering it especially if no new cars and events are added aside from giving people who may have missed out before the chance to play it. With the game's most recent cars going on ten years old, you would think that EA/Criterion would update the car list to keep up with the times, possibly adding some new races and features to address quality of life issues. Besides, some of the cars have aged better than others (but being a game with licensed cars from the very early part of the past decade I'd say the car list aged quite well for what it is). That's why I'm sceptical of remaking/remastering/whatever word you want to use for visually redoing racing games: it ends up being the same game with different graphics, and that doesn't cut it for me.

Though custom paint (even if it's just recoloring) and PC players getting the DLC seem to be slightly more than just scraping by.


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Could they not have made an all new Hot Pursuit sequel / next title in that series instead? :odd: If they absolutely had to do a remaster I would have preferred NFS3 (which is basically HP1) and HP2 combined.

Seems so odd with the resources EA have to pump new NFS game after new NFS game out every few years to just do this. Plus it's literally a re-release with nothing different, its not old enough to need total overhauling to be passable as a title today. It still holds its own if you play it on a 360/PS3 and I guess its mainly for the people that missed it first time around, people who were toddlers at the time :lol:
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This feels like licensing shenanigans more than anything else. They have rights to a load of cars that aren't being used, and this particular pile of assets made money the first time so why not squeeze out some more before they expire...throw in the DLC to hook more in, and yank the few cars that lapsed, this can't go wrong.

Maybe it's just me being cynical again.
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People don't understand the effort it would take to remake a PS2 era NFS like underground.

Everything will need to remodelled and texture which comes to it being useless when they can use that time and money for a new game.

So. Much. This.

Even though I would appreciate a modernized game from the black box era, it's almost never going to happen.

A remaster would be underwhelming to everyone except the few thousand cult fans of the series. Once you take off the rose-tinted glasses, you discover the game design is fundamentally dated and everything pre-Carbon doesn't even have any online functionality.

A remake would be too costly and the investment would be far better spent creating a new game with new experiences.
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Hoping the SLR makes a comeback last second, otherwise very exited for this to come, with all the extra dr pepper cars


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The DLC coming as standard is more than enough for me to double dip on HP2010. Never bothered to buy the packs on PS3 and now I can experience even better quality on my PC.
None of the SLRs are probably gonna come back. There appears to be some licensing/legal disputes about the car as neither Mercedes nor McLaren have it on their historic cars pages. They've actually seemed to have deleted almost all references to the car, SLR erasure