Need help deciding between these two. Which would you choose?

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Suzuki Or Honda

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  1. Go with the Honda bikes

  2. Go with the Suzuki Bikes

  1. Lancia stratos

    Lancia stratos

    United States
    I wonder if I should go with buying a suzuki motorcycle or a Honda motorcycle?
  2. Rykon Zero

    Rykon Zero Premium

    United States
    You need to clarify what Honda motorcycle or what Suzuki motorcycle. Then someone can give you an answer.

    I have no experience with motorbikes, at all, but I'd go for Suzuki because I hear Honda too much.
  3. Lancia stratos

    Lancia stratos

    United States
    Well I haven't chose any specific bikes yet. But I'm letting the fellow members decide which manufacter to go with.
  4. FishforRent

    FishforRent Premium

    United States
    How much experience do you have on bikes? If this is your first, then don't buy a sport bike and you can choose either. They are basically equal, although Honda is usually (not always) an easier bike to start with.

    If no one can talk you out of buying a sport bike, then get a Honda as well. The trail and rake are easier on beginners. The riding position is also easier and more upright, which will help you keep it upright while you gain experience. Take a rider course (min 3 day course!). And wear ALL the gear! Helmet (obviously), and a good leather riding jacket and leather gloves. Kevlar lined blue jeans are not that expensive and will substitute for leather pants. There are many brands.

    Take it SERIOUSLY!!! People will kill you if you don't. Literally. Good luck. :tup:

    Edit: One last thing, If you don't want to fall, stay in a car. Two wheels means you're going to fall, eventually. There is NO way around that. Accept the fact that you WILL crash, on your own (most common) or with another vehicle (worst case scenerio) it's only a matter of time. That's why you wear the gear and that's why you take this sheet seriously. I've dropped my bike a few times. Had all the gear on and only once did I really hurt myself (broken thumb) and I still can't fully expain how I did that. The culprit in all get-offs: gravel or mud, road conditions, dirty streets, etc...stuff you don't think about in a car. Nevertheless I still ride every week.

    Motorcycling is AWESOME!! Take precautions and train yourself, and you should be fine. Know your limitations.
  5. Neal

    Neal Premium

    ^ What Fishforrent said although I voted Suzuki as I prefer them as a brand to Honda but mostly because they are less mainstream and I've always loved blue and white Gixxer's (GSX-R). I've had Honda's and Suzuki's and to be honest there's not a lot between them, as is the case with all the Japanese manufacturers, it really does depend on the specific bikes you are considering and your own personal choice. After all riding a motorbike is a pretty personal statement.

    Assume everyone on the road is trying to kill you and then it won't be a surprise when they do and accept that you will crash one day so always wear appropriate clothing and it's worth protecting your bike with crash bungs/mushrooms or engine bars. Also look after your bike and it will look after you, they're not made like cars and need much more maintenance (chain adjustment and lube, tyre wear and pressure, suspension wear and adjustment, fluid levels, brake pad wear, lights/bulbs).

    What age and type of bike are you thinking about?
  6. mani_23


    Suzuki has crappy customer service, I wont support one dime to them in the future.
    Go with honda, Even if you do regret it, it would still have been better than suzuki.
  7. Dragonistic


    Customer service from the manufacturer is likely to be completely irrelevant if he's buying used. Though that said, there's no point just picking a manufacturer straight off as one is not always superior in every single class. It's completely pointless just saying one is better flat out, there needs to be some sort of criteria such as type of bike, price, reliability, preferences etc.
  8. wfooshee

    wfooshee Premium

    Customer service experience is almost always at the dealer, not the manufacturer, and there are crappy dealers and great dealers for any brand.

    As for the poll, it's like asking us to vote for American cheese or Swiss cheese. Um, it depends.

    Sportbikes, 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. If you're new, you'll die on either one.

    Cruisers, 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. Shadow, Boulevard, Boulevard, Shadow. Who cares?

    Honda doesn't have anything that compares to the SV bikes or the V-Strom, but you may not even know what those are.

    You do know there are bikes out there that aren't GSX-Rs or CBRs, right?