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    Like the idea of designing your own racing overals, and helmets :)

    JohnBM01 - have to agree with you there. Despite the fact you won't see the driver in most of the game, if he wasn't then when you could, it would look really odd. Just like having a view of the cockpit and steering wheel, but no hands on the wheel. I'm happy for PD to spend their time putting details like this into the game, so long as it doesn't get in the way of other more important gameplay elements.

    And yes it is very nice for PD to keep us in the loop :D
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    I updated my thread entitled "Rider Gear? How About Driver Gear?" to talk about racing outfit possibilities in GTHD and GT5. You're free to discuss this sort of thing in my old thread. Need a link? Come here: < >. Thank you.
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    It's not that hard to see the drivers plainly in real life, and of course Kaz and the lads are shooting for lifelike realism. I've been having too much fun creating race cars in Forza, as the paint shop is surprisingly powerful, and... well, I think I'll head over to John's thread and continue.
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    It's eye candy. Adding massive amounts of eye candy (the lengthy intro view of the track, excessive driver detail) are added in two situations: the game is damned good and there's not much room for improvement; or the developers have long since lost track of what constitutes the type of game that got them there in the first place.

    I hope for the former, but I'm not optimistic. :indiff:

    It is kind of neat, but unless bikes are included, there will be little time when you will be observing the driver. Even then, the "better" drivers don't drive/ride in 3rd person view, so that leaves replays (which are cool), and intros (which are fleeting). Again, read the paragraph above....
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    Is the GTHD+Nissan video new? Pretty awesome, shows they added the new G35 re-designed... looks great...
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    Coool vid!
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    The site also has this "Nismo Festival" article, which shows several variations of Nissan Z's (Calsonic, Xanavi, Motul, Woodone, ???)