Online word filter is driving me bonkers!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Tommy_861, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Tommy_861

    United States NY

    Seriously, I used the stupid controller to type out a whole message with no "naughty" words that I know of and I get ****************

    I figured out you can't:

    use other players names
    use the word punched, but punch is ok
    thong (don't ask)
    And certain words are ok on their own but combinations of certain words it blocks.

    Seriously do they have to filter the experience that bad? Just block the "7 deadly words" and let us talk.
  2. ikarys


    It really should have been assessed before it got to this point.

    Or, as GT5 would say:

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  3. jmsbrydon


    I was telling someone about the motorbike engine in a Caterham until it turned out motorbike is a *******************
  4. Darktuna


    Yes, even the word "engine" is forbidden in the filters dictionary. Long series of numbers without spaces are forbidden as well.
  5. jmsbrydon


    Screwed if your trying to tell someone the name of your Lamborghini :p
  6. birksy82


    Iv'e not used chat much but I have seen people get around the filters with swearing by putting dot's between each letter. I can't swear on here but it's l.i.k.e. t.h.i.s . Try this for the non swearing words that it blocks :tup:.
  7. ASH32

    England Nelson, England

    This isn't GT5 related, it's the PSN chat that's filtered and it has been complained about before, lots of times infact.
  8. jjaisli

    United States The Ramapo Mnts

    You know ******* because ********* but then if ***** ********. Of course that ***** to say *********.

    :lol: Trust me, I know the feeling. Especially when you're in a hurry to type something before the race starts. It's ridiculous.
  9. ikarys


    Perhaps it's just chat. I know I can put obscene things into PSN messages and send them to my friends.

    I regularly tell my PSN friends they are the biggest monkey feltchers I know. And the real money is, when you put it in the subject it pops up on their screen regardless of what they are doing :)

    I know it's not filtered because of some of the messages I receive. They would make your grandmother blush.
  10. ASH32

    England Nelson, England

    Yes the chat is filtered, messages are not. Also if I got a message like that it wouldn't show up on my screen as I have turned notifications off.:sly:
  11. ikarys


    HAH! I'll be sure not to inform my PSN brethren.

    I'll leave it on just for the hilarity :)
  12. dark_ruffo


    It's stupid to censor the chat. You can curse all you want with a headset.
  13. Tommy_861

    United States NY

    LOL I turned off notifications too because I found when they were up there and I'd get a message while racing I'd immediately crash into the nearest wall lol.

    Problem is, in a long message sometimes you don't know which word was the one that was blocked!
  14. ASH32

    England Nelson, England

    I turned them off because I got sick of all the ***** is now online/offline messages. If I could keep them on for messages but off for this I would, but you can't do it, so they are staying off.
  15. curtis_boy


    how about buying a headset
  16. Tommy_861

    United States NY

    Come on man, this is gtplanet, logic is not allowed!

    In all honestly up till now I never had a desire to talk to anyone in online games and would just as soon mute it (especially in some of these games you wonder wtf is wrong with people). But I've actually met a lot of decent people here. So I am considering it at this point because typing with the controller is just too tedious, especially if every other message is going to get *********ed out!
  17. mcfizzle

    Germany Frankfurt am Main

    The first time I raced online was in SS_1182's lobby.

    He asked if I'm on GTPlanet because he saw a post from mcfizzle. I said "yeah, was it the post about ***?" I was confused as it was my first time. Again, " the post about ***?" Now I look bad, like I'm talking about booty:guilty:. It turns out LSD is filtered so I had to type out limited slip differential.:tdown:
  18. OK8

    Finland Glass Village

  19. Minty

    United States Pasadena, MD

    The funny thing is the LBP2 word censor can be throw off any word simply by adding one extra letter. I was told the GT5 word censor is simply following Sony's rules, but after being able to type some very inappropriate things to my friends in LBP I doubt that's the case.
  20. Well, I think ***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************'.
  21. VBR

    United Kingdom London England

    Crazy censor, it drives me mad too. By the way, it does let you type "bollocks", "crap" & a few other words without censoring it though, go figure!

  22. Carl the Sloth

    United Kingdom Great Britain

    I'm pretty sure Tsukuba, is censored, that is strange indeed.
  23. Tommy_861

    United States NY

    LOL yes it is i noticed that too!
  24. jjaisli

    United States The Ramapo Mnts

    Have you ever tried using a headset in a room with 15 other people, all talking over each other?
  25. Wolf-M

    PSN:BlackWhiteWolf; GTP_DeadlyWolf

    I got kicked from a lobby some other day after my innocent message was censored....
  26. zedextreme8177

    Maldives Maldives

  27. parabulla

    Argentina Kingwood, TX, U

    "Fast" is also censored, found that out last night.
  28. The Bman

    United States Pittsburgh, PA

    Why did you type that in the first place? I'm :lol: right now!
  29. Hotdoguk


    Pitted is also censored
  30. ghsnu

    United States Tucson, AZ

    It also blocks "lolwut".


    Damn, meant: the word filter is a l o l w u t thing.
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