Pininfarina Teases Fittipaldi EF7 Vision GT Before Geneva Motor Show

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by GTPNewsWire, Feb 1, 2017.

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  2. C-ZETA

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    Nice of them to turn up uninvited.
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  3. MrWaflz55

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    It seems the news is starting to pick up again.
  4. SavageEvil

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    I wonder how GT Sport is going to work with VGT's, will there be a section that is completely devoid of the main grade/class system? Will the VGT's in their unadulterated forms be present? Are we going to get DLC cars to fill up the groupings and more road cars as well? What are their plans? It's great and all to have a racing game aimed at online e-sports but unless it includes a lot of options in terms of cars and courses it's going to fall flat in a few months.

    That is an interesting looking car, screams Zonda though.
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  5. stop this VGT, i hate them so much, i think GTS is a racing Sim, why we have this stupid VGT, they dont lookin realistic in my opinion
  6. Johnnypenso

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    If you mean real world car show news you'd be right.
  7. ghostrider135

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    Gotta be honest I really don't see the point of PD continuing with this VGT crap, How does a game mix reality (FIA Licence) with idiocy (VGT) they serve zero purpose and PD really should spend their time making a better sim not half arsing it with so many pointless things.
  8. MrWaflz55

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    Nope, just in the past day Pikes Peak is returning to the series and a new car was announced. So it's news for Gran Turismo in general after going months without anything major.
  9. Samus

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    I think Johnny's point is that direct news on the game hasn't picked up, PD are still silent.
  10. MrWaflz55

    Canada Canada

    Oh, k.
  11. Johnnypenso

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    Exactly, this isn't PD news it's Geneva Car Show/Pininfarina news. Same with the Pike's Peak information "leak", not from PD either.
  12. SlipZtrEm

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    Strictly speaking, that's not true. We don't know when/if Pikes Peak is returning to the series: all we know is that Polyphony has locked it up so that other developers no longer have access to it, exactly how EA handled Porsche.

    I mean, yeah, it's assumed that the track will arrive in a game—probably GT Sport—but so far, we've had no word from Polyphony, only from other developers.

    It's only been almost two months since PSX, and over five since the delay announcement. In GT terms, those are both very short amounts of time. :p
  13. MrWaflz55

    Canada Canada

    Yeah, I suppose your right.
  14. jm79

    Spain Barcelona

    I'd say that a Vision Gran Turismo car tease is some Gran Turismo news but maybe I'm just missing something here.
  15. I wonder what racing class this variation of Batmobile will be crudely altered to be competitive in.
  16. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    Yes, "PD News". ie, news directly from Sony/PD/Gran Turismo about the game. The point was simply that these two news items are a coincidence occurring at the same time, it doesn't mean we're suddenly going to get an influx of news related to the game because PD themselves are still silent.
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  17. Why do people hate VGT cars? Its not like you are forced to pick them, I like the idea of driving cars which different manufacturers have dreamed of but wont make because of price, regulations etc.
    It's a game and work like this that manufacturers put behind is only a bonus for me, i get excited when real world car manufacturers make a concept car i can drive in a game, it's not like a random dude made a concept car

    For people saying it's a driving simulator, true PD want to be a simulator but also want to satisfy all kinds of gamers, with different content, from rally, gokart, pikes peak (hopefully in GTS), le mans, formula 1, road cars, old cars new cars, concept cars, vgt cars, even moon cars lol.
  18. Even when they want to hire, they don't speak too loud. And IMO, it's a big news that English speakers can work at Poly. But no, a simple line on the frontpage of Poly's website. No fb post, twitter or on the official GT website. Still in the 90's...
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  19. jm79

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    News pedant :cool:
  20. People said this would be the case with Standard cars before GT5 released

    And why isn't it?
  21. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    No, but PD are "forced" to model them, and they aren't quick at modelling. Time spent on VGT could've be used on real world cars.

    As it is, GTS is going to have 140 cars and 24+ are going to be VGT. That's nearly 20% of cars.

    Or technology that doesn't exist yet....:rolleyes:

    They are just as unimportant. It doesn't really matter who drew it. They're just fantasy machines which nobody has any emotional attachment to.

    Yeah, that'd be great if they had the time to model all of those in great numbers. They don't. As above, we've got a small car list and nearly 20% are VGT. We might not be forced to pick them, but they're taking up a huge part of the car list. Those 24+ cars could be 24+ real world cars that people actually desire driving.

    Well you did ask what you were missing. ;)
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  22. Johnnypenso

    Canada Windsor,Ontario

    In my case, and from what I've read others say on this forum, a big part of the objection is that the resources used to create the VGT's could have been used to create other, more popular cars. Glaring omissions from the GT lineup like a premium version of the Supra, BMW E30, classic F1 cars that appear in other games, and many, many other popular cars, are being supplanted by fantasy cars that have no emotional connection to many GT fans.
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  23. Well thats something else, because there were 200 premium cars and 800 standard cars in GT5. 200 cars for a GT game is not much, if you only could pick premium cars. So if people didnt pick the standard cars, they could only pick 20% of the cars in GT5. There are not many VGT cars, its not like people are missing out 80% of the cars in the game. There are only 20 VGT cars for now, so why not let people enjoy those 20 cars? It was another story if 80 cars were VGT and 20 were real cars, then we could compare with your GT5 example, but thats not the case.

    Because PD made agreement with the manufacturers and not a random dude that made a concept cars ... Why u asking?
  24. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    What is the difference to me and you, the end user? It's still just a fantasy machine, whether a manufacturer designed it or a random joe.

    This fan made Mercedes concept:

    This official one:

    No difference to me once I'm on the track, they're both fantasy, fictional batmobiles that doesn't exist properly in reality and I wouldn't care about either of them.
  25. No it's not. The game this car might be in is so unknown that we don't even have a release date. How can you claim "just don't use it" when we have no idea if you can actually have that choice?

    You already said that. Why is that actually different from if a game developer or independent artist, who in 2017 would have likely gotten the same formal training as one who worked in an automotive design studio, came up with something?
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  26. trustjab

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    So do any of you know if this is just a fantasy car with no real world working vehicle? Or is it the common consensus because the term "vision gt"? From what I read around other sites it seems like it's actually going to be produced. Guess we'll have to wait until the Geneva show to see if that's the case.
  27. Well for me its something different when a manufacturer put their idea into a concept car and not someone who just got bored and painted a car. Some of the VGT cars show which direction they are going, just look at the Bugatti VGT and Chiron, the other ones could maybe use a part or something of that concept into their actual cars or maybe not at all, we dont know (maybe the new GTR could have parts from the Nissan 2020 conept), the thing is, its something else than a random joe painting. Atleast for me
  28. So it's not actually different unless the concept in question is relevant to something produced or to be produced. The problem is that that's, uh, like three of them; all of them almost certainly based on cars that already finalized designs rather than the other way around,

    The rest of them are such an interchangeable mess of exaggerated contemporary design cues that there have been at least two instances where a random guy did make a VGT-esque thing (the Porsche one and the watch manufacturer one) that was so indistinguishable from the ones automakers have put in the game that they were treated as definite leaks of cars that the series would get (the former also being used as "proof" Porsche would be in GTS, even). That's before you get to the, ah, shoe companies jumping on board.
  29. girabyt3

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    From Instagram!!

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