Post a pic of your pet(s)!!

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This is Buddha my daughter's dog I watch while she's in the hospital:


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It's a picture of his daughters dog.


Second interaction was a massive success, especially compared to the first one. First time was with a milk crate and boxed off the rest of the access and it was hisses and slaps on eye contact. This time was no hisses whatsoever. Her and my oldest did get startled at a fast movement when they were playing with the banana and tapped the gate(not hit) but there was still no hisses at all. Decided that would be it for playtime just incase.
She's getting comfortable really quickly

She just started snuggling on the bed during sleep this past weekend. Time is also flying, this Friday will be 3 weeks since she was given a home. Going to hold my boys up in the restroom let her explore the rest of the house sometime this week, then maybe I can get an actual face-to-face going without the gates, for the 3.
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Sorry for spamming the thread but progress is going amazingly.


Over the past two days I was giving my two boys one on one time without the gate, letting one of the boys explore the room and letting the new girl explore the rest of the apartment. It went well, some swats here and there of course but no fights. They don't mind each others presence and she will even play when theyre around. Last night I let everyone have free reign to do what they please and it went well. Shes not scared to have them around but she will let them know not to get in her face as shes not ready for that yet. This is a great step in the right direction and I was super relieved it went as well as it did. I'm deciding to open the gates every day when I get home from work because of that, and will put her back in the room when its time for bed.


They were all sleeping here but my phone woke them up when I took the picture.
It's been a constant 1 step forward, two steps back with the living situation here, but its not going terribly. She's acclimating great, it's just that my boys don't know what personal space means. She's fine with them being around but the moment they get too close she will hiss, which makes complete sense really, but still. Once I remove the gates I have to make sure to supervise 100% of the time, otherwise my boys will try to play with her but she wont be ready for that for a long, long time. There is no aggression from my boys but she just doesn't understand their intention is of a playful nature since she's never had the best living situation and experiences with any animals while living on the streets.

Either way heres a photo dump:


Yesterday, the 8th, was Mazzie's gotcha day, the first anniversary of adopting him. In the time I've had him, one thing that stands out about him is his fascination with the TV... he loves to sit in front of the TV and watch. I have no idea what he possibly comprehends about what he's seeing, or if it's just fascination with colors and motion. I will say that he seems to know when it's cats on the TV; he'll come running from somewhere else to plop himself on his perch and watch. Also, sometimes he watches for 15 or 20 minutes!

I've posted this one before in this thread, where it seems the TV cat is looking right at him.

More cat videos


Nature documentary

He's a MotoGP fan!

Baseball fan

I wanna play!!!

College football fan


Next time I'm working on the car I'll have a trained assistant!

Oh, cool! GT7!


Uh, Mazzie? The TV's off, dude...

Tan is out for the count. I gave her a grooming not to long ago, now she’s taking up all my sofa space.

She snores gruff. I wonder if the poor air quality is taking its toll. She likes to be outside mostly where the air is getting foul.

I had to peppermint the sofa to stop her scratching, as it’s a new item and she’s tearing it apart. Seems she’s happier to chill when I’m also on the sofa. Kneading my legs is par for the course, as long as I wear trousers it doesn’t bother me.

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