Post your best online Drift rankings

I think i am still 10th with the viper srt10 in london pro mode. I am a racer but love to try to drift sometimes specially when u have one of the best deifter teams in the world within our league. :)
It's not the same person cuz I made a higher score than neko (once, almost twice;)) with f430 & I don't think i could take out stepmania pff, I can't even get close to him.
who needs an xbox.....
bmw m3- suzuka east- 21,xxx points. my first win over stepmania :dunce:

Pro physics
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Dear lord, I should ahve expected the ppl on forums would be ppl that post these scores...I did my first drift session today, I normally hate drifting....But I'm 96th in the Evo X on HighSpeed Ring...I feel as if there are mistakes in my driving...I know I can do better...
word, i am now ranked 65th in the Evo X on High Speed ring. I can still improve....I'm just shy of being in the top 50...what an achievement this would be. lol I know- I need a life.
ferrari california EN reverse 23000 off line would of put me in 7th i guess ill have to just take 13th then, biggest points for an aussie ive seen. does tis mean im the best in my country?
I was able to slide into 28th with the z4 on Fuji regular with Pro physics scoring a 9200+. Currently holding the top score with N2 tires front and back.
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Started to drift with the Lancer Evo X GSR last night on Suzuka east and managed to get 37th overall with a 11398. :)
#7 at Daytona Road with the 111r/Tuned
#35 at London with the Z06
#37 at Fuji with the Z06

I could have gone higher with the Corvette runs if I really tried, but I got bored and frustrated before that happened.