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@MUC76 donated, thanks for coordinating 🙌


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YOU did it !!!
Congratulations to the donators. It was my pleasure to be a part of it.

Good news: @praiano63 can get the steering wheel of his choice via france, which makes it much cheaper.

The target amount of 700€ is reached.
Now that we reaches this amount, we will transfer our donations to him via paypal.

Final Status

#1@MUC7650 €50 €
#2@Savage Henry100 USD94 €
#3@Flamingo£ 5057 €
#4@User747spec£ 5057 €
#5@Lochi197225 €25 €
#6@ants81850 USD47 €
#7@CustomX50 €50 €
#8@samsaoule50 €50 €
#9@Bendough20 USD18 €
#10@Ohayo25 €25 €
#11@stanley5620 €20 €
#12@boski20545 USD42 €
#13@oldboy1943$ 50 CDN35 €
#14@tehprofessor137 USD130 €
700 €

Hint: How to send the money to praiano63:
1. Follow the LINK on the first page of the thread.
2. Make sure you enter the amount in the correct currency - usually Brazilian Real (BRL) - in the transaction.

Approximate exchange rates:
1 € = 5.31 BRL
1 USD = 5.04 BRL
£ 1 = 6.15 BRL
$ 1 CDN = 3.70 BRL

This is fantastic , thanks so much everybody. I receive EUROS 530.00 since yesterday , the rest of the 170 euros for the Fanatec are coming to night and tomorrow. I'm very happy , it'll be a game changer for me , a lot of settings coming next.
My son is going to buy the wheel tomorrow from south of france tomorrow.
Thanks a lot to @Jordan to allow to raise money here , :gtpflag: :gtpflag: :gtpflag: :gtpflag::gtpflag::gtpflag:
It appears you have reached your goal, none the less, this is overdue for the work you have put in. I have moved over primarily to Sport mode, so I haven't been browsing this much at all, but when I caught that "almost-goodbye" post, it genuinely made me sad. In fact, in that very moment, I was daydreaming about winning a "ultimate sim rig giveaway" by Logitech that I entered and began thinking to myself "What would be the logistics of sending my t300rs over to Brazil if I won?". (spoiler alert - I didn't win)

Now GT7 was my introduction to "sim racing", and without a doubt, you played a big factor in the excitement the game brought to me

Hope you enjoy the new wheel, you absolutely deserve it!

Well done everyone......:gtpflag:the promised €700 has been raised......all that's left to do is to make the payments.

As far as I'm concerned, as my wife has a Paypal account for her craft activities, we'll just have to wait until she gets back from her trip with her sister on Tuesday or Wednesday.....the promised €50 payment will be made on Thursday at the latest.

That's we need to contact President Lula to get him to finance a "Playseat".......🤣🤣🤣


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now we need to contact President Lula to get him to finance a "Playseat"
Thanks a lot for your help.
Lula is just a compulsive thief , he never give only take . He just dive the country in a deep intellectually and material poverty.....


Again congratulation and a big thank to @MUC76 for the collect organization. Great job !
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A Big Big Thanks to all the guys that participated to that " great " move .

@praiano63 and GT series are two things interconnected for many years .
Like it or not this guy become an ornament for the GT community that never get the " attention " he deserve from any official body that involve in the GT series in every way .

Thanks again guys for making him happy and give him the motivation to be with us as long he can .
If you want to use the IMs or Wets at Le Mans for the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak, change the following on the Praianos tune:

Output adjustment: 83 percent

Downforce: 230 front, 660 rear

Make sure you set the gearbox manually or use the stock one (top speed of 340 should be fine).

With these setting PP values are as follows:

RH: 699,26

IM: 672,90

Just did the Lemans 700 with these settings, works like a charm. There is a glitch where if you put the output adjustment to below 84, the PP suddenly drops below 700 and you can play around with wings and whatnot. You still have 814 bhp which is plenty.
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Tuning cars myself is the whole point for me. I usually spend about a day tuning one to perfection and then move on to another. I'm not sure what else I'd be doing in the game to be honest!

Fair play mate. I have neither the mindset, knowledge or inclination to spend that amount of time tuning...
Fantastic to log in today and see that we've hit the goal! Big thanks to everyone who contributed. I just transferred my donation.
A little disappointing to see that only 15 people contributed. Lets keep the generous spirit going, so that Praiano can get a suitable rig to which he can mount his new DD wheel. Also I'm assuming pedals are accounted for in the original target goal?
Even small donations help. Whatever you can afford.

Lets try this.

Donate and post here (you don't need to say the amount!) dedicating your donation to the Praiano GT7 tune that puts a smile on your face every time you take it for a spin.

For me, its the F40 Enzo swap tune. Still loving this beast.

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Likewise. It’s not the sort of thing you can dip into. Fair play to anyone who masters it.
I don't know about mastering it... but I haven't worked since last December (when I happened to buy the game) and have been playing it for about five hours a day ever since. I'm starting a new job next month though so it will come to an end for me too.
as we say in France, chose promise: chose I've just made the transfer I promised you.

I hope your son will be able to receive the DDpro before returning to Brazil.

And like everyone else now, I can't wait to see you in a photo with a big smile on your face and your hands on the wheel.

We'll be as happy as you are..... 😂😂:gtpflag:


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Toyota GR Corolla M Edition '22 - 600 PP - Sport Hard tires - All Track 1.38

-Wide body
-Custom wheels : Rims width wide
-Custom parts
-Front A
-Side B
-Rear St
-Wing B

Very good everywhere from Nordschleife to SPA or Tsukuba with a shorter gearbox. Don't overdrive the car or you can lose some grip 4 corners , it's not the faster way to lead this very good car. You can set also softer tires but you'll lose top speed.

Enjoy your drive.
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I’m looking forward to the new swap tunes whenever you get a chance!
It's better to tell me the specific car you're looking for. The Swap cars list is very long actually and some are not so consistent or even worst than original engine.
Good afternoon Praiano63! I really like your configurations. You can make configurations for Civic 2015 - 22. Honda Integra

Or tell me by what principle do you set up cars? THANK YOU. Good luck in life !!