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A very good Manufacturers race tonight. Win.
No pressure , no training almost , a little beer.... cool way.
I did a good qualif and start at 2d but pos 1 disconect so i stay in 1st position .
I could the break of 2 second and 1 second till the finish line. No penalty , no driving error , a regular 1:45 mid....
Good points , let see the regional position tomorrow.


You're welcome. I also love to drive this Alfa, a wonderfull balance. Perhaps you'll like the
Citroen DS 21 Pallas '70 - 450PP - Comfort Soft Tires - All Track -1.34 or
Renault R8 Gordini '66 - 460PP - Comfort Soft tires - Alsace Hum. Com -1.41 .
They are also very good to drive in this PP range.
Happy to know you enjoy the game with my cars .
Have a good drive.

Please, you have to write in english in this forum. It's a rule. You can use GOOGLE TRANSLATOR . Have a good day.
👍👍I tried these two cars that you recommended, the Renault R8 Gordini drives well, but the Citroen DS 21 is a real discovery, I never thought it would go so well, thanks for all the work you do, greetings and have a good day.
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Stasera è stata un'ottima gara Costruttori. Vincita.
Nessuna pressione, quasi nessun allenamento, un po' di birra... fantastico.
Ho fatto una buona qualifica e sono partito dalla 2a posizione, ma la posizione 1 si è disconnessa, quindi sono rimasto in 1a posizione.
Potrei fare una pausa di 2 secondi e 1 secondo fino al traguardo. Nessuna penalità, nessun errore di guida, un regolare 1:45 medio....
Buoni punti, vediamo domani la posizione regionale.
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Update did this . Set the max speed auto to 400kmh , put 1st gear at minimum value to reach top speed available , Set others gears basing yourself on the top speed for each gear. Anyway , this is not a special track setting , it's generic "All track" . So you have to set for a special track you want to drive. Normally it fit to Le Mans or SPA.
Thank you, sir! Works beautifully.
There's a 'swap' tune here, might be a good place to start for the suspension and diff settings.
Adding to this, I have one f40 with the swap tuning version and bought another F40 which can be run stock as it doesn't have any permanent body or engine tunes.

Using the swap tune suspension, lsd and gear ratios on a stock car (tires and body fully stock) with minor changes works wonders in both 600pp and particularly 700pp with a ultra rpm turbo. A pleasure to drive.
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Hey Master, do you have a setup for Ferrari f40?
Hi, here the 1.25 tune from Praiano.
It works very well

Front standard
Side standard
Rear standard
Wing A

@praiano63 I think this tune deserves to be in your list/garage


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Nissan Fairlady Version S (Z33) '07- 700PP - Racing Medium Tires - All Tracks - 1.45
Wide Car
Rims 18" - Width Wide - Ofset Wide
Front B - Side B - Rear A - Wing B

This car was taking a lot of dust at the end of my garage since the beginning of GT7. I'd never find a way to let it performant or at least pleasant to drive.
Trying some news options today , i've find a perfect balance 50/50 , as fast as top 10 700PP road cars now and very good to drive. I'm happy to find a way because i love this car since the first GT Academy time attack online events a long time ago.
100% Raceable.

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Enjoy your drive.
@praiano63 would this tune also work on a non swap Z34? Been trying to dial my z34 in
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Manufacturer final round 6 .
Another win . I prefer Gr2 or Gr1 for this track but it was a cool race. I know i didn't let a lot of space after overtake but still clean . This guy did a dive on me earlier so no regrets at all.
I think i'll stick Porsche for the next season , i really love the car.
Total 812 points , let's see the rank tomorrow .



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Lexus LC500 '17 - 700PP - Racing Hard Tires - All Tracks - SWAP - 1.47


Wide car
Rims size 21"
Width wide
Front A - Side A - Wing custom

Too much gas consumption for Le Mans , only 2 laps. This SWAP is not so performant. Same path as the original engine at 700PP.
You can max it using max front downforce , Ultra RPM turbo and racing soft. Even like this it's not performant against top 800PP but it's staying a good car , pleasant car to drive.





Enjoy your drive.


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I wanted to chime in and say that I used this tune for the first time for a fun and challenging lap on the current weekly Green Hell challenge:
Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5 16 EvoII '91 - 700PP - Sport Hard Tires - Nordschleife - 1.41

I turned into Galgenkopf without ever putting eyes on the P1 car. The tuning was so fast that I managed to catch him and overtake him for the win just as we reached the end of Dottinger Höhe.

I also tinkered this tuning down to 580pp for the Historic Masters event for a fun win and great drive in VR:
Ford Mustang Boss 429 '69 - 600 PP - Sport Soft Tires - Tokyo - 1.41
Hello, which street cars are fastest on the Nordschleife with full power?
I often see GTR/R34 with swap/without swap in lobbies.

I think it would be great if we could list a few vehicles here that have the potential to keep up. Regardless of an LP limit...

I've been following you Praiano for a long time and take my hat off to you. Greetings
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Mazda Atenza Sedan XD L '15 - 600PP - Sport Medium Tires - Nordschleife -1.47

Rims 19" - Rim Width Wide - Offset Wide

Front A - Side A - Wing custom

Not so fast for Tokyo but excelent grip , after testing the car there , i fine tune it for Nordschleife. Mainly gearbox. It seems a very long gearbox but remember the max power is at mid range RPM , around 5600 RPM , for this you need to shift passing a few mid RPM bar on the dashboard. Excelent car , just a bit tight talking about the rotation. Just a bit lazy but not too much as most 4WD cars are.



Enjoy your drive.
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I'm doing a new BOP power and weight setting for my GR3 cars. A lot of people is racing online using this base, with stock or custom gearbox. This one is oriented to Grip on technical tracks like SPA or Suzuka..... For fast tracks like Daytona , you can low front and rear downforce same amount (to stay with the optimum balance) till the speed/grip compromise you prefer.