Production Car Racing (GT4, CTSCC, PWC GTS/TC, MX-5 Cup, etc)Touring Cars 

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Indeed. Such a good start. Surprised no R8 and Aston Martin. With Toyota so big down here, someone has to enter a Supra.
Live timing. A bit late. GT4 are on track for Practice 1. Mustang P1 at the moment.

Edit: end of session
1. BMW
2. Mustang
3. BMW
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GT3 & GT4 Speed Series stream is up on 7+.

Stream for international viewers. Not sure if they’ll show TCR and the other categories.
Wish I saw this earlier. I spent half the GTWC race trying to log back into Stan, only to remember it was on 7 once I finally got in. 🙃
Lots of firsts, globally. Couldn’t have scripted the GT4 race. Or maybe could have scripted it? ;)
Other than that pit lane entry incident good first race for the series. The field would have to grow. The cars are too good.
Longer race, hopefully, tomorrow.

As for the GT3 race, not bad. Really cool to see the Ferraris competitive and the battle at the end. Shame about the Gracie R8.