Project CARS 3 Information Rundown: Revamped Career, New Cars, and More

Discussion in 'Project CARS 3' started by GTPNewsWire, Jun 4, 2020.

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  2. Bogie 19th

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    I guess Forza won't get the Corvette C8 as the cover car :(

    I am skeptical about this change in Project Cars, but I would be lying if I said I probably wouldn't buy it either way.
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  3. juanffy18


    I guess the next forza cover car is the Koenigsegg Jesko
  4. TokoTurismo


    No worries. The Koenigsegg Jesko will be FM8's cover car, whereas the Corvette C8 Stingray will be included in the game's car list (along with its race version hopefully). :tup:

    As for PC3, I am excited for it! I definitely see some NFS Shift-ness in there, which has me hyped because that game was a CarRPG and I LOVE CarRPGs thanks to GT and Forza. :)

    Loving this new direction the game is taking in terms of fun.
  5. klondike


    It all sounds very good.

    Just want to see it before I belive it.

    If all this is true, then this is going to be the game I have wanted for years. But I am very afraid, that its just again trying to do too many thing at the same time.

    Hope I am wrong. They defenetly have my attention atm. But I am holding on with a purchase until I see what the sim racing community says about it :-)
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  6. CharmsAlarm


    This could be a day one buy for me, if they release more info on platform compatibility. If i but the ps4 version, will i get a free upgrade for ps5? How much does the PC version differ from consoles? Is there PSVR support? What’s it look like on the X1X or Series X? I plan on buying it anyway, but I’d like to know which platform is best for me.

    There were so many complaints in that last thread that i didn’t bother posting. I dont know why so many here feel that every racing game needs to be iRacing or rFactor. What happened to fun?
  7. davidt33


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    I'll definitely be buying myself Pre-Order Deluxe.
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  8. Ditch Brodie

    Ditch Brodie

    Trust but verify for me
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  9. AlbertaGamer


    I'm definitely gonna try Project Cars 3. Credits and Experience Points along with assists that you can partially increase/lower are something I love.
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  10. NaRP_Fr


    Obviously, same message as Project Cars 2... :indiff::tdown:
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  11. astrarobotica


    I would like to take their word for it. Maybe they are intentionally showing more arcade-style gameplay to market towards people who don't want a hardcore experience. If they can make both camps happy, great. Still, I'm worried about optimization on current-gen consoles, PC2 doesn't look great on base PS4.
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  12. Wolfe

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    It was way better and easier on my hands than PCARS1. You can be proud of something that is better even if it's not flawless.
  13. Sage Ages

    Sage Ages

    What exactly is this "arcade style gameplay" that people are talking about? Outside of some flashy UI elements, I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary and I can't imagine that you can really tell what the driving is gonna be like based off of a video, especially one being played on a gamepad with assists.
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  14. SestoScudo


    Im not really against the shift vibes. I loved nfs shift 1 and 2 a lot.

    I have to admit project cars 2 is hard compared to gt sport and forza. Seriously its what made it so good it was unique when you go back to it feels so refreshing.
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  15. RedRockValley


    Like I said in a status of mine, anything that resembles "fun" seems to equal "arcade baby racer" to some people.
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  16. Wolfe

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    I can tell it isn't pivot-steer Codemasters physics, but not much more with the assists on and the way it was played, gamepad or otherwise.

    I'd like to see a roadcar in the hands of someone who can drift it for a peek at the oversteer physics, not to mention how the chase cam might handle that now.
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  17. BreakerOhio


    It has a Driveclub vibe, and I liked everything with Driveclub. Simple to pick up and drive and play without worrying about all kinds of setups.
    It also has a Project Gotham Racing vibe and that was fun too. I'll buy this game, I hope it releases soon and doesn't delay.
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  18. MagpieRacer

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    It sounds more like they've developed the pad controls and refined the assists rather than stripped the 'sim' away. It has to appeal to a mass market to make money so they can keep making it. So this is a very good move and one I'm personally very excited to get my hands on. Its been in development for quite a long time as well so hopefully there will be a very refined game coming.
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  19. evldave333


    I like the idea of a game that can be all things to all folks, the sim racers will be happy with more of the same, and it will be pick up and play too which is equally essential. Im feeling optimistic about it... the press releases are saying the right things, they've listened to feedback it seems. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Im looking forward to the GT Planet review & hopefully a demo too.
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  20. Nowax


    This link brings me to Forza Motorsport twitter, can anyone fix that? thanks.

    I'm actually looking forward to this game, i'm not that kind of pro sim racer, PCars 2 was really hard to me, specially with controller lol. I was 7 years old when I got to play NFS Shift, gee, time really goes by!
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  21. mastergracie


    It seems that all cars won't be available from the start, I hope that we can least use them in time trial and custom races.
  22. MroczMR


    What? Some source of this info or something?
  23. blankfile


    It has been mentioned that in custom race mode and in online lobby multiplayer all cars are available. to use upgraded cars though you have to own it.

    You can find this info in the ign article
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  24. Maskmagog



    “In the custom event mode all the cars and tracks are available straight away in that mode,” added Joe Barron, marketing and esports manager for Project CARS 3. “So if you’re more on the hardcore end of the scale and the first thing you want to do is turn every assist off and go and race in a thunderstorm in the middle of the night in your prototype or something like that, you don’t have to play through hours of career mode to get there if you want to jump straight into a custom event.”

    “And likewise in multiplayer as well; everything is available straight away in multiplayer. The difference is, in the multiplayer side of things, if you don’t own the right car for a specific multiplayer event you can borrow one from the game for that multiplayer event. The only difference there is that you can’t customise or upgrade your car if you’re borrowing it for a one-off event, whereas if it’s in your garage you can do all the tweaking.”
  25. Georgeagea


    Oh boy! I was at first shocked by the feedback in this thread, but then I remembered that it's a "GT"planet website so not everyone in here is a simulation geek.

    I was EXTREMELY disappointed by the trailer. I had fears it looked/felt like a Forza/grid game. Then the gameplay came to verify my fears. It's a simcade at best. And that's not a bad thing by itself. But it's also not what a pCARS game was promised to be. Call it Grid 2020, call it NFS shift 3, call it whatever you want SMS, but why call it PC3?! Why ruin that great image that you worked hard to build for PC2 in our minds?!

    Now to answer some of the people questioning what's looking arcadey in this game, or that some stuff look fun and that fun contradicts with simulation.
    1- fun isn't contradictory with simulation but fun is subjective. What you might find Fun, I might find it silly, stupid, etc... The opposite is also true.
    2- the game introduces heavy blur effects which are a trademark of all arcade games from NFS, to FH to Asphalt games. That fake sense of speed.
    3- points for taking a corner perfectly?! Really?! Points for getting the line right?! What is this?! Asphalt 8?! If that was a tutorial it would be understandable, but unfortunately it wasn't.
    4- the car reactions look very weird, from braking to accelerating.
    5- the HUD is very similar to GRID HUD. Now imagine the downgrade that happened from the amazing PC2 HUD to this...
    6- oh is taking cars out, as seen the the start of the trailer, considered fun to some people in here? Just watching the awesome serious trailer of pc2 gives me chills. Now this trailer makes me sad, disappointed, and angry...

    Again, nothing against arcades or simcades, but that wasn't what the series was promised to be. Just call it something else and keep pCARS series for the real deal. Is it too much to ask for?! But of course it's their call in the end... And we can simply voice our disappointment in 2 ways: forums/posts, and our money.
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  26. Maskmagog


    From the IGN article above:
    “We haven’t forgotten about what got us to this point and the people that supported us up to this point,” said Morrish. “So what they know and love about the franchise is there and it’s better than it ever has been before.” - Pete Morrish

    I was very concerned as well after seeing the trailer and gameplay video, but the more I read from the developers, the more I think that there is a really nice sim in there too, without blurry fluff and points for cornering.
    Regarding the gameplay: Ian Bell said that was on a controller with all driving aids on.
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  27. 02civic


    the physics remain to be seen however two things really stand out to me as deal breakers:

    1. there is no pit lane access in the gameplay... that'd be a huge bummer if all races are short affairs

    2. the spoiler falls off of cars very easily, which is just really bizarre and breaks the feel of an official circuit race. it'd be different if this was truly a NFS game where police chases and destruction was common....but this is a serious circuit race and the cars are falling apart via a slight touch. that didn't make any sense and makes it feel like SMS isn't sure what it wants to be.

    also i don't like the techno background music... again, it'd make sense in a police chase/NFS style game, but PC2 was nothing like that and this was a race on a circuit, so I'm just focused why im not hearing my spotter instead.
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  28. 02civic


    also, there is such emphasis from the SMS team about pad controls... which is great... but the concerns about pad controls came in previous games that were heavily sim focused.

    if you didn't have good pad controls in an arcade/chase cam focused game, that'd be a huge huge problem bc I'm not sure how many ppl will be using a wheel on this game in the first place
  29. Bloodytears

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    Lol, those complaints about spoiler, in PC2 from this contact, merc would fly high up. At least now the car stayed on a road.
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  30. 02civic


    i think I'd prefer to see the rear wheels jacked up off the road compared to seeing the spoiler pop off the car... that just looks like something out of NFS from 2005