[PS4] GT3 Championship -Friday GTRP Is the Champion!- Final Round @Spa 23rd julyOpen 

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Thanks @Webschumi i'll try adding more camber and I'll drop the pressures a little too. I had actually taken some camber off compared to my last race in mugello, as there aren't too many long sweeping corners to lean the tyres on. I've never tried having a different set up left to right, but I suppose it makes sense to use it if it's available.

I'll update once I've had a try
Alway dangeous to go off symetric of cause :) But Red Bull layout almost ask for it if any none-oval do. The fact that right frontwheel acts so 'independent' tembs me to try ;) ...
I believe there's more than one important long(-er) curve at Red Bull where camber could be usefull.
Camber is kind of tricky in sim out of my view, as it has had very different impack on physics from one game to another -even from update to update, yes?
I see it very reactive to ceetain drivingstyles, not nessesaey just in long fast curves, but generel very depending on springs rate. Maybe soft springs makes camber influte even to slower bends? I'm just suggesting. Had to work some, but I"ve achieved all tires at temps as wanted. Good luck :)

@azidahaka I'm in too
Didn't had the chance to connect wheel or even do a single lap yet due to lots of rl issues... can someone work out the number of laps?

As usual closest to 20 mins as possible for r1 and double laps for race 2
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I give up,got disconnected at the end of qualy and missed the start by 30+ seconds then d/c again around lap 8.

I'm not even gonna try the longer race.
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Had a late one last night with a race that was delayed and finished much later than it should have done and barely keeping my eyes open at the moment. Enjoy the rest of the racing this evening.
Sorry for the crash in race 2 lap 16 (last corner). my car was damaged and i spun, tried to get back in direction but the time I saw the blue flag it was already too late. :S I don't even know with whom I had the incident perhaps @Friday_GTRP who was leading. So sorry!
RACE 1 Review

After a very tough time in RL i had very little chances to train before hand and no times to compare with, so i spent the time i had before race as best as i could and managed to get a setup that would allow me to run 26 laps without mistakes as fast as i could and callled it a day.

A few hours late here we ready for the race 1. I qualified in the midfield, but i was quite hopeful since the car balance was ok. Red lights off aaaand a nice start, managed to keep position, entered turn one and as usual yet again i was rammed in the back and sent out with aero damages on the whole car. yay. oh well i restarted last as all weeks and started rushing up the front taking advantage of other drivers crashing or going into gravel, or whatever hapened until very last lap i managed to pass @buybon355 and defend from @littleregret265 . give the start ending 5th felt golden even tought i was sure i could have done better. Roll out Race 2!

RACE 2 Review

I entered qualy more determined than usual. I knew i could had a chance in a longer race. Took fuel out and second attempt i rolled out with a 1.30.750 that allowed me to leave the grid from 3rd position, the best start since whole season. I crossed fingers nothing would happen at start :embarrassed:

Race starts, i had a good out and was heavily sticked to @MarcoGT5 that looked like having a problematic first laps. While the race went on @littleregret265 managed to catch on me and apply pressure. While i had to defend marco managed to take a good gap an left me with regret sticked to my ass. After like 6-7 laps i was holding and defending as best as i could when i see a lambo havinga pic-nic in the sand... Couldn't believe it, but i was second!

I tried my best to keep my position but pace wasn't there and after marco got rid of regrets he managed to catch me. It was 16th lap i think, marco made a bold move at T1, and stuck my car's back HARD. basically i lost all the rear aero. In a few laps he managed to overtake me (my laptimes were over 1 second per lap slower, with no rear aero i couldn't put power down out of corners) and proceeded to take a big gap. My pace was so much slower that i could see regrets catching me from afar. It did happen and i already felt sorry for my wishful first podium :P

I managed to defend as strenuosly as possible and i was lucky enough for regrets to make another mistake and spin out leaving me unpressed and able to bring home a 3rd!

Great stuff in this race and incredible battles.


oh and btw, @Friday_GTRP Is already the champion! Congratulations to him!


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A couple of little **** ups while pushing hard to catch friday but he just has such consistency. On race two I was pushing too much and span out and went down to 3rd and had to slowly catch up to karsten and it wasn't easy but had to blast my way through back into second place. There was a bit of contact but sometimes that's the way it's gotta go so long as nobody got spun out like I did on nurburgring (sorry, that was a bit too extreme and there was a long race ahead that time) It was a good battle this time though.
I was hoping to finally win a race this time but did **** in quali and once you're behind Friday it's pretty much how it's gonna stay.

Oh well, look forward to spa. It's a longer track so laptimes may vary quite a bit like 1.16 for the fast people to 1.23 or so.

Congratulations to Friday for winning the championship. Fast and consistent will do that.

This is the first time I've done a SIM championship, it's been good and and I hope to improve and one day win something. This is the only kind of game I really enjoy anymore so I dfinatley want to do more. Better than just public lobby mess
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Enjoyed both races, even though I was forced to drive a car I've never driven for the first one. Actually quite liked the audi. Lost the rear on the last lap to allow karsten through.

Race 2 back in the z4 pretty lonely race for most of it. Was running last for a while so was happy to finish where I did
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Yeah that was some intense racing again :gtpflag:

Yeah @The35 that was me, luckily it didn't affect the outcome but i had to drive a damaged car home. Apologies accepted.

Was pushing hard for that 29'er but never could manage to string it together, luckily for me @MarcoGT5 wasn't able to do that either.
First race again much pressure from @MarcoGT5 , too bad for your mistake at the end.

The races from my point of view.

Race 1 :

Race 2 :