PS4 or PS5? Which Version Of GT7 Are You Buying?

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PS4 or PS5 - Which Version Of GT7 Are You Planning to Buy?

  • PlayStation 4

    Votes: 190 26.2%
  • PlayStation 5

    Votes: 199 27.4%
  • Both but NOT 25th Anniversary

    Votes: 17 2.3%
  • 25th Anniversary (includes PS4 and PS5)

    Votes: 294 40.6%
  • Neither

    Votes: 25 3.4%

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United States
As the title states, I’m curious to know what console you’ll be playing GT7 on.

In the current state of the game’s development and the availability/cost of a PlayStation 5, I’m leaning towards getting the PS4 version of the game. If the PS4 variant features similar visuals as GT Sport, I don’t really see that as much of a loss because Sport is still a very decent looking game imo. Of course dynamic weather my affect the smoothness of gameplay and visuals but we’ll have to wait and see some GT7 gameplay footage on PS4.

Besides some visuals, loading times (according to Kaz), and potentially noticeable different frame rates with dynamic weather; both console versions are the same game (according to Kaz). I‘m not sure if I’d like to spend a small fortune to purchase a PS5 to get some of these advantages.

My opinion is subject to change once we see footage on both consoles but I think I’m sticking with PS4 at launch.
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It only makes sense to buy the PS5 version, which I did. The 25th Anniversary box. The PS4 version is included which is what I'm actually going to play unless I've sourced a PS5 by then but I probably won't even begin shopping until release time.
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United States
Well I'll buy the PS5 version that comes with PS4 Digital Version... and that will be ok for me until I can get my hands on a PS5 (well technically I can get a PS5 at cost but I rather wait for Slim PS5 if that ever comes)
I think I will buy the physical copy of the PS4 version at launch and once we have confirmation that the Drivehub works flawlessly with the PS5 version as well, I might also get the PS5 version, once I have a PS5...
I wonder will the save game file from PS4 be transferred to PS5?
I will buy the Digital Deluxe edition as i 've done with GT6 Anniversary Edition.


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You should add a poll.

There's no way in hell I'm buy GT7 for PS4.
1) The installation process on PS4 is a pain in the arse, especially since it requires double the space of the game to install updates, rebuild everything (takes hours sometimes) and I only have 500GB HDD with other games on it, obviously. I don't want to waste my energy with this anymore. GTS already made me uninstall important games such as FF7 Remake and God of War.
2) The PS4 is 8 years old hardware, it made its time. I want better graphics other than better HDD management and loading times. I don't believe the two versions will be the same, visually. I'll wait and see the real comparison between PS4 and PS5
3) My 2013 console could fail at anytime

I'd rather wait one year to get a PS5 and play GT7 the way it's supposed to. I'll also get a new HDTV....I'm still using my 2008 Sharp Aquos X20E.
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I'd find it pointless to spend $600+ just to play one game (price of the PS5 console plus the game, including taxes). I'd already done so with the PS4 Pro and Gran Turismo Sport, but not this time. In addition, there's absolutely nothing else on the PS5 that I would play besides Gran Turismo 7 that isn't already on other platforms, so the PS4 version it is; had the PS4 version not exist, then maybe I'd sell my PS4 Pro and put that towards a PS5, since it's backwards compatible, but thankfully a version does exist.


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I pre ordered the 25th Anniversary Edition in the hopes I can find a PS5 at some point in the near future.

I skipped GTS so I’m looking forward to playing a GT again.
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25th Anniversary playing on PS4 unless there's a bargain on the PS4 version.

I share an account with a family member who has a PS5 so that'll mean they can also play the game.
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Since I still have a PS4 Pro, I'll bring it out of stasis and I'll buy the game for that. Not worth the PS5, for me.

The plan should be to play on my PS4 Pro, initially. Then, if the PC port comes, buy it again (also as a way to thank Sony for the port) and replay it on PC, my preferred platform.


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I think I'll be going with the PS5 standard disc version. I'm still deciding on whether to pre-order or not.