RaceRoom's Entire Content Library is Free to Use Until June 25

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Is there anything raceroom offers that is equal or better then other current sims?

I only tried it once or twice for a very short time. There was nothing that made me want to continue my experience. I felt the menus/user interface to be not to my taste and hard to understand.
@greenlightning We started redoing the interface. You'll find that all the deeper menus are redone, and we still have to do the most important one - the main menu. I'm hoping for this to be completed this year.

As to what is special and better in raceroom, the sheer amount of official content, the physics, sounds and the new pure FFB that's only based on physics without artificial additions. Some sliders for bump amplifications are there still however.
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I got recently the "premium pack" via vrp points and took the audi r18 lmp1 for a ride on the nordschleife.
Even with the keyboard the car "felt nice" :D
Looking forward too playing it with my new Fanatec CSL DD bundle, not today as I need a new wheel stand from next level racing coming tomorrow that will take the forces :)
Should fun to dig into all the content added since the last free content weekend (even if it means my PC is about to become yet another aircraft engine :lol: )
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