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Discussion in 'GT5 Drifting' started by nk4e, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Sk84u


    Hey everyone. I hope it's not too late to say hi but I am new to the forum. I've been practicing for hours every weekend and sometimes on the weekdays drifting on gt5 since last summer. I've really improved to the point of 4th gear 90-100mph drifts, transitions from high speed to low speeds, "clutch-kicking"(press the gas and ebrake down to simulate clutch kick) and all other types of stuff. I'm looking forward to drifting with any of you guys and maybe even joining a team.
    My missile cars:386hp efini rx7 fc, 280hp s13
    Go to drift cars:450hp m3 '04,
    350+hp ft86 gt.
    Casual drifters:318hp IS200, 350hp 350z