Real drifting vs gt5 + g series wheel drifting

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    lololololol :) Thats a great thread, im gonna go play flight simulator then get my license as a commercial pilot.
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    Lol I understand your points ezza. Atleast you know the basics on what to do on a car sim & trying them in real life. Just let them be, MOST of them don't have a clue of what your trying to imply.
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    Ugh these people really make me mad. I've never understood why people get like that, just this full on elitest condescension. How could you possibly suggest that a realistic simulation doesn't help you learn driving techniques? I've applied plenty of what I've learned in gt and lfs to real life driving situation. Obviously you don't get all the physical feedback you do in a real vehicle, but that almost forces you to understand the physics of the vehicle more.

    Actual FEEL aside I can say that lfs with my dfgt (I haven't had a chance to play gt5p with it yet) is a very accurate representation of actual driving, the feedback feels natural, the wheel will unwind itself realistically as you pull through corners, the vehicle behaves as you
    would expect it to. Keeping in mind the differences between sim and reality there is plenty to learn that can be directly applied, wasn't some UK racing team using lfs to recruit drivers?

    Its like these tools think that we believe were actually sitting in a car and its a 1:1 simulation. Granted I would rather be out practicing in a real car, but that doesn't mean there is a most accurate simulator to practice with.
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    Because a lot of people have egos so amazingly fragile that the only way they feel good about themselves is by trying to knock down others...

    It's amusing that they think simulators don't work. I wonder if they understand how pilots are trained?

    Racing sims definitely had a positive impact on my ability to auto-x and ice-x well. The relationship is clear. In fact, the more I do real-life motorsports, the more impressed I am with some of these sims (GT4 especially shines as an amazing achievement. The handling in it still stands up very well today.)
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    I own pretty much every flight sim made for PC and I can honestly say that physically handeling the G force aside I could fly a fighterplane (Assuming I knew which buttons do what in the cockpit). My bet is I would be better with the physical feedback of actually being in the plane and I say this because It's easier to drive IRL than in GT games with a wheel because you don't know your G load like you would if you were in the car (they got that tire squeal tuned pretty good for that though).

    Fighters Anthology was the best flight sim ever, very arcadey but at 52 cents per plane it was an incredible buy. Most realistic would be Janes F-18 where you fly an F-18E (only game to get the cyclic rate of fire from the vulcan cannon right) and Longbow 2 where you fly an AH64 Longbow. Microsoft combat flight sim (best WW2 I think) is probably the most complete and mod friendly and you can get downloadable planes from 1% where they claim their planes are within 1% of the real thing.
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    I had to register to give my 2 cents on this insanity.

    I'm going to qualify a couple of things as a prelude to what I will say.

    1. I'm no pro race car driver/drifter

    2. I have about 6 seasons under my belt of amateur experience racing and while I'm reasonably fast given my level I'm no where near the best.

    3. I'm decent at drifting in rally but I'm more of a grip driver myself. D1 and or street drifting is just not my cup of tea mostly because of the scene kids.

    4 GT4 and the GT series is absolutely responsible for encouraging me to get into organized racing.

    I've only played the GT5 time trial 350Z demo (all assists off) and I have actually driven a stock 350Z in real life at relatively similar speeds (a much longer but tighter course actually but I could reach 110 on the back straight).

    The similarity is scary. No it is not like the real thing but it behaved exactly like the real car does when giving it input. I was honestly blown away. I've played just about every other driving game and they are fun but all miss the mark somewhere.

    So I'm excited to see what they come up with this November.

    That said.

    You posted on a DRIFTING forum that somehow games can simulate drifting.

    Games can simulate how a car will react when drifting -yes
    Games can simulate how the steering will feel when drifting -ehhh sort of. within their own limitations

    Games CAN NOT teach you how to drift well. Sorry they are absolutely right.

    You can learn theory - yes
    you can learn technique - sure

    But you can not apply it to a real world situation. If you go on to a drifting forum and tell experienced drivers that you learned :censored: all from a game that translated in any way into real world talent they are going to call you out for your BS.

    Don't get me wrong GT5 will be satiating my driving addiction all winter but in no way are my real world lap times going to improve as a result. Sorry.

    If anything experience driving at the track could help when I play the game if the physics are as good as I expect they will be since you will be able to anticipate forces that are being calculated in game but that you are unable to feel because it's just on your TV.

    Anyway that's my 2 cents.
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    i think GT5 definitely teach you alot about driving line, concentration, reaction, endurance and consistency and this is what racing is mostly about
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    I've noticed a few people mention LFS. This is the best simulation you will ever find right now. It really does make GT5 look like car-porn, eye candy, just a game.
    I own a G25 and I'm not going to say LFS is the perfect representation of driving in real life, because that will never be attained.
    BUT. The first time I ever used a standard transmission irl (FWD Honda Civic) I used a lot of my theory and practice because I've had my G25 for over a year at this point. Needless to say I only stalled the car on my first attempt getting a feel for the clutch, which is hard to represent in a game. Every cars clutch has a different feel, pull, and point where it engages.
    It's been nearly 3 years I've had my G25 and that's all I can really attest It's taught- theory. And lots of it.
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    Anyone heard of Colin Turkington, the '09 British Touring Car Champion?

    I've raced against him in a place where there is a proper setup (seats, g27's, rFactor software). Needless to say he destroyed me, even though I've put some good time into the game and the place where I go. Colin says he uses the place from time to time to get track time since he cant really just jump onto a plane to germany with his full team and cars etc.

    Yes its not drifting related, but thats my take on it.
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    As someone currently working on their pilot certificates I have to say flight simulator if used well is a great tool to learn. Same can be aplied to racing sims. Its all on how you use them. I learned how to drift in GT5p and have on a small number of ocasions drifted my car (not donuts or just a powerslide u turn, i mean real drifting in a gokart track) and got a good hang of it quickly. I atribute this to GT5p.
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    I personally made the real life transition from gt5/g27 to a 240sx(sr20det), welded diff, and coilovers.
    Here's my first event with the this setup.

    The guys who did the sr swap didn't expect me to do this well.