Renault Sport Race Series (Finished)PS4 

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Results post updated. I'll try to keep on top of that as we go along.

Paul Is that F.L. for both races ?
For the Megane it's an overall fastest lap over both races. So there's only one point on offer to stop the leaders making too much of a gap. By the way, good to see you back on track.

not so experienced in the RS01 but I'm sure I'll be fine.
Yes I think you were. :)

@GTP_Jonjig - nice driving with your new wheel. 👍

I'm not sure if everyone was in the right number/colour car. It doesn't matter overall but just looks better in any photos or videos.
For the RS race I must remember to swap cars first so it gives you more time to select.

Now since race 2 appeared to be a bit chaotic for some I took a look at the replay.
The random grid of the 2nd race is designed to mix up the field (and points) and maybe allow those drivers who are not normally up the front at the start a chance to be there. Which it indeed did do. What I'll say is...
1) To the faster drivers be patient with the slower drivers and allow them time/space - don't try and get past them straight away. The positions will sort themselves out as the race progresses.
2) To the slower drivers don't get overwhelmed just drive your normal race - don't feel you have to let the faster drivers past, go for it!

Sorry @half_sourly, you were on the receiving end again. :boggled: One race soon... ;)
Project CARS 2_20200916102634.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916102725.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916102924.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916103005_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916103236.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916103314.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916103416.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916103456.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916103623_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916103735.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916103850.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916103943.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916104038_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916104112.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916104422.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916104506.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916104322.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916104614.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916104709_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916110246.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916110318.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916110358_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916110515.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916110618.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916110720_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916110618_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916110931_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916111041_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916111217_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916111413_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916111439_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916111542_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916111655_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916111810_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916111840_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916111903_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916112032_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916112057_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916112129_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916112231_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916112330_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916112508_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916112613_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916112655_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916112825_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916113141_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916113256_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916113334_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916113620_1.jpg
Project CARS 2_20200916113852_1.jpg
After a little bit of testing I think we will be looking at 14 laps of both the Indy and GP layouts of Brands Hatch. Again that works out to be about 12 mins in the Megane and 23 mins in the RS01.

I`m on the road with our camping car. See you next race.
Hope the weather stays fine and you have a great time Andreas.

Now I really must remember to grab those race result screen shots. :)
Results post updated with the results from Brands Hatch. I hope it's understandable - not quite so clear as the ones from Andreas.

It seemed to be relatively incident free this evening, I will take a quick look, so hopefully you enjoyed it. The Meganes were certainly very closely fought races!

I think the format seems to work in its current state, no more tweaks required.
Q. are the stewards watching ? would like review of incident with @Napalm_LT at sheene's in the last race.. ?

@IfAndOr trem's get the job done !
thank you opioids :bowdown::banghead:
I saw your message yesterday and checked replays. According first lap with RS - I did a mistake and had bad exit from fourth to the end corner, saw in the mirror you are coming and used a bit compromising line. I didn’t expect you will try to pass by the outside in third to the last corner and moved a bit to the natural line. My left back corner touched your front right corner and you went off. Sorry but I think you are no less guilty than I because your try was to optimistic. @IfAndOr if you think it is only my fault - fell fry to give me a penalty, take my points to the Rich or something other.
BTW Rich keep in mind what situation from another car can look very different than from yours. As example second race with Megane. You went wide in the first corner on the final lap, I moved inside but tried to leave you space, our cars touched but there werent sometnig really bad, in the third corner you touched me and I went off. When I rejoyned our cars touched and if you look at your car seems I tried to push you of track, but look at my wheel position - it is turned to the right but car dont turn due to contact with your car. And the last corner is even more interesting - if you look replay from your car, looks I hit you, but if you look from my cockpit, looks you pushed me of track yo the inside :).
Anyway - sorry :cheers:
would like review of incident with Napalm at sheene's in the last race.. ?
Well there's one thing I do know now and that's which Sheen corner is. So thanks for that. :)
Although I'll probably forget it next time.

To save filling the thread up with text.
I'm going to put it down to a 1st lap jostling for position incident.

Napalm was recovering from a slow corner and trying to get back onto the racing line while you were approaching a fast corner on the racing line. Perhaps he should have tried to stay on the inside, perhaps you should have eased off a little. But both things are easier said than done at racing pace. The result was contact between you both but it was only a graze really. Either of you could have gone off but unfortunately you got the worst of it. Probably because of your extra speed and your position on the outside of the corner.

There was no ill intent from either of you, we're all clean drivers. So let's move on to Dubai and hopefully that will give you a better race - it's much wider there. :)
Lessen to be learned for all? Try to avoid pressing too much on the initial lap(s) there's plenty more to come. ;)
@slthree I recall reading (somewhere) that you liked the R.S.01. There's plenty of Johns excellent pictures of them in action on this thread. OK some are on the grass, in the gravel or stuck on a barrier, but it's still a pretty car. :)

I like the 3rd one from bottom with Max pointing the wrong way with Beachboy and Oldbass taking evasive manoeuvres on either side. I watched that on the replay. :P
I've had a chance to test next week's race at Dubai out today - to get the track temperatures and lap counts sorted out. And in doing so I'm making a couple of changes.

The main change is that I've swapped the sprint races onto the National layout (instead of Club) since I now feel it suits the Megane a little better. There's more potential overtaking spots, it evens the heat out in the front tyres (a bit!) and it will be different to the RS race. Sorry if anyone had practiced at Club.

Another change is that I'll run without tyre wear since overheating is always a problem at Dubai. Your tyres may still get hot and possibly loose grip but won't degrade. It should promote closer racing throughout the meeting (I might have a think on this for series).

So it'll be Megane @ National - 8 laps / R.S. 01 @ International - 14 laps.
Time of day and weather will be adjusted to suit the tyres of both cars. I always try to use the default date for the tracks.

And a word of caution. There are a few places that the track limits can be abused. I've tried it with the limit penalty on but it was too strict with genuine errors and spoiled the fun. So I'll trust you all to be on your best behaviour and I'm going to continue without penalties. But just try not to go out of bounds too much too often. ;)
Looking through the replays...

I thought it was Red Bull that was supposed to give you wings!

Oldbass' car after he got disconnected in race 2

Lancer, Don and Max discovering if 3 into 1 will go. It didn't. :)

Rich giving Don a free under car inspection.

Hope you enjoyed the heat in Dubai. My Megane's tyres were still suffering even though it was fairly cool early in the morning. It's always a balance in trying to get the rear tyres warm while keeping the front ones from overheating. It'll be cooler next week in Germany.
Great pictures @John Wells 👍 you've captured the lighting well.

It'll be brighter at the cooler Hockhenheim. It'll probably be the reverse and I'll have to experiment to try and get heat in the tyres. :)
For those who might like to know or practice Monday's races will be 11 laps of the Short layout in the Megane and 15 laps of the National in the RS.

Now I'm fairly confident in swapping the settings around between races I've began experimenting with the time of day and weather options. It's mainly to get the optimum track temperatures throughout the races to suit the different tyre types of the 2 cars, slicks and hard slicks. The slicks don't like it too hot but the hards don't like it too cold!! Hopefully it'll help with better racing and provide some more varied weather effects.

I could do with PC3's one tyre suits all approach, I could maybe add a bit of rain then. I'll see what I can come up with. :)
Something has come up and I'm not sure if I'll be available to host this evening. I could ask someone else to host but the settings and changes are a little complex to explain. So it might be best if we postpone the racing for one week and hopefully it'll be back to normal next week. Apologies for the late notice!
Something has come up and I'm not sure if I'll be available to host this evening. I could ask someone else to host but the settings and changes are a little complex to explain. So it might be best if we postpone the racing for one week and hopefully it'll be back to normal next week. Apologies for the late notice!

Thanks Paul, just wait to next week.👍
Sorry again about missing out yesterday's meeting folks. Unfortunately my cat had gone missing during Sunday night and I'd been sorting out phone calls, emails and checking with neighbours so I'd not had any dinner. I really wasn't quite in the right frame of mind to host.

Still no sign of her. Ah well that's cats for you. :guilty:


There'll be a space for you @JockeP22. 👍

In theory there's 15 sign ups but not everyone's raced at the same time and we've usually been running with 12 or so drivers. So you'll be more than welcome to join. Note we start at 8pm (UK) now instead of Sick's previous 8:30

Pick a colour/number for each car - not that it's crucial since not everyone sticks to them. :)

Although they are both fairly easy cars to control it's probably best to get a little practice in. ;)