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How cool would a crt tv of been like this?

The prompt for this was along the lines of 'A Waterboys gig in 1985 in a Camden pub', with the intent of capturing a scene from Karl Wallinger's time in the band. Alas, just a few days later - and a couple of days ago - he passed away, aged 66. :( RIP Karl - a great musician and brilliant songwriter, and a personal inspiration.


I tried recreating some other musical heroes, but Copilot was starting to get a bit antsy about it, blocking almost everything that had a specific person's name in it - which is perhaps understandable, but it was still a bit annoying. Anyway, here's my take on Tony Duhig (Jade Warrior) and Jon Anderson (Yes/Jon & Vangelis), though he looks more like Alan White, also of Yes.


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Here's the image which started the journey which passed through the seahorse image above, before my mind wandered into the realm of fractals and seahorses.

I used a camera photo of a very abstract painting as inspiration to ChatGPT. The photo was taken in poor light, from a side angle and slightly blurred. It was also cropped. I asked ChatGPT to use this as an inspiration to create an artistic image of a princess.

The result picks up on the abstract paint-streak forms and uses a similar color palette to the original. This technique of uploading a photo and asking it to combine said photo elements or style with unrelated ideas can be quite ... interesting.

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This is version 3 in a journey...

"A photograph capturing a unique phenomenon at the beach: the surf and waves composed entirely of laser-illuminated liquefied confetti, emphasizing an even more dramatic and vivid display. In this third iteration, the confetti waves are towering and powerful, with an explosion of neon colors - electric blue, radiant magenta, and lime green - against a pitch-black night sky. The laser lights are more intense, creating a dazzling spectacle that illuminates the beach and the faces of awe-struck onlookers. The dynamic movement of the waves is captured in stunning detail, with the confetti seeming to dance and swirl in the air before it crashes down. This time, the photograph utilizes a technique that combines long exposure with a flash freeze on the onlookers' expressions of wonder, creating a stark contrast between the motion of the waves and the stillness of the moment. Camera settings are adjusted for night photography, with a high ISO to capture the vibrant colors and details in low light, a wide aperture to allow in as much light as possible, and a mixed shutter speed to blend motion and clarity."