Should PD Just Scrap the Penalty System Altogether?

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Should PD Remove the Penalty System Altogether?

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I voted Yes. But only with full damage on. I agree, any penalty system is better than nothing but this version gets 9 out of 10 penalties wrong. Last week's race C at Spa was super fun but it was a ****show. I've seen players getting penalties after being intentionally punted off the track. I've gotten a few 5s penalties out of nowhere with no reason displayed or a few "Forced Another Car Off the Track" penalties for a completely inconsequential contact. Something should be done, this version is downright broken.
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I don't think the way in which the SR numbers / data is used, helps the situation.

If someone's SR was an average of their complete GTSport race history, rather than a current figure, it'd at least stop the people who have an SR rating like a heartbeat monitor being occasionally matched with genuine careful S/SR drivers.

I'm not sure if we're allowed to post other people's kudosprime stats as examples? It's the type of people who never really get that high DR i.e. 30/40,000+, then drop right off back to 15-20,000 (probably to sandbag and start from the front, which subsequently takes their SR back to 'S' before reaching their skill limit and going right back down to B again, and again and again etc).

It's not an overall solution but it's a little change, which shouldn't be too hard to implement (surely it's just a change in a calculation in the programming rather than an entire new penalty system), which is at least in the right direct IMHO.

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Here's an example of someone I ran into, actually they hoofed me for no reason other than I was on pole and using meds @ Brands GR3 and they were on softs, but hey.....c'est la vie. You can see they occasionally get to max SR, but also go right back down. To try and be fair to them, I've used 2 periods of their history, 1 not too bad (plenty of max SR) and one period not too good.

319 19357 B 18 D
318 20260 B 33 C
317 22878 B 59 B
316 26112 B 77 A
315 27074 B 99 S
314 25256 B 78 A
313 23705 B 99 S
312 25078 B 86 S
311 27144 B 99 S
310 32029 A 99 S
309 29355 B 99 S
308 28674 B 99 S
307 23034 B 99 S
306 23564 B 89 S
305 27536 B 99 S
304 26389 B 55 B
303 25569 B 73 A
302 22220 B 66 A
301 21366 B 68 A
300 18852 B 82 S
299 20839 B 85 S
298 20848 B 90 S
297 17544 B 54 B
296 19056 B 81 S
295 17737 B 75 A
294 19868 B 90 S
293 19014 B 93 S
292 19753 B 96 S
291 18134 B 99 S
290 16073 B 99 S
289 16291 B 99 S
288 14868 B 99 S
287 14789 B 99 S
224 3492 D 14 D
223 2860 D 1 E
222 5986 C 7 E
221 7515 C 63 B
220 8703 C 64 B
219 7878 C 57 B
218 7980 C 52 B
217 7670 C 44 B
216 6272 C 50 B
215 3000 D 1 E
214 4673 D 6 E
213 3000 D 1 E

45 days, total of 2996 = average of: 66.57
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I'm going to have to go with no. Obviously, it needs more work and I don't think they'll be able to perfect it until possibly the next installment. It doesn't seem likely, at least to me, that they'll have this perfected before GT Sport's shelf life ends given that the game has already been out for more than 2 years. But I'll take some semblance of a penalty system over nothing at all. At least you can still race, even if the quality of racecraft varies depending on the makeup of a lobby.


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This might be an unpopular thing to say but sr is not everything.
I’m clean and my stats back it up.
One thing I did notice on alt though after intentionally resetting sr early in my career was that, well, at mid level the 99s only sr rooms were, gulp, much slower overall.
The rooms where sr matched dr were much more competitive timewise.
I mean we are racing after all, the object is to be fastest.
It’s not a contest to see who is safest.
If you watched ‘gentleman driver’.on Netflix, the heavy set guy that practiced on sim a lot came off track and told his teammate pros he got punted several times in one stint. He was out there racing.
Just sayin sr is not the object of racing.
There is still way way way too much fun racing in sport mode for me to not race...


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Yeah I don't agree with that at all. As soon as I hit SR 99 with all three of my accounts the racing got much better, the people were faster and made little to no mistakes likes spinning off the track. Feels like once you hit 30-35k DR then you race against people who actually practice.


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Yeah I don't agree with that at all. As soon as I hit SR 99 with all three of my accounts the racing got much better, the people were faster and made little to no mistakes likes spinning off the track. Feels like once you hit 30-35k DR then you race against people who actually practice.

Once you go mid A and above and race the A pluses you get people with more skill yes. You gotta play rough though imo if you don’t wanna get trampled and pen system gamed.
I’d rather have no pens at all than learn that the reason they are diving is because they already know they are giving me 2 seconds in the process.
It’s stupid with some of them.
Some of the ‘name’ players...
But, as you say 99 or you don’t get to race them A and above.
That’s why I mentioned mid level.
If you reset an account for fun you learn there’s some quick folks down in b b and a b.
But yeah shoulda made more clear, at the top is at the top.

Edit I don’t think the game is any less fun because it is the way it is. It just shows that the penalty system rules set driving standards.
I also won’t just tap out and quit because I got knocked around, I will race according to the rules, just because I prefer non contact racing doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy ending a fight if some idiot starts one.
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