SLRE Honor System League

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Good in spots, bad in others. Was a topsy-turvy Rally.

Got an important phone call in the middle of stage 2. Awesome.

I had a couple adventures off-road and probably would have benefited to use the rewind function but never remember how to use it, so I didn’t bother. Not sure what stage I tried to rewind, but that’s the other reason for pausing the game.

My times are slow enough to just upload the PS and total times. Don’t believe anyone will ever accuse me of cheating.



Took the opportunity for a rerun. Didn't do much better. Made a poor decision on repairs which meant running the power stage with what looks like a broken wishbone.
PS: 5:20.099
Total: 37:45.816

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Nacho cannot run Finland. So the last of the privateers that hasn't run already is @Scaff . Do you want to take Drex's place at Ford for Finland?
Nacho cannot run Finland. So the last of the privateers that hasn't run already is @Scaff . Do you want to take Drex's place at Ford for Finland?
No problem with that at all, should get to do the run tomorrow night
Did my run last night, too cautious on all but the last stage (and I hate the lampposts on stage 1/5), still no major offs that weren't fixable by the one rewind.

Stages 1 to 4

Stages 5 to 8
OK that's just weird, my PS4 uploaded the first video twice. Will re-upload the second tonight
Rally difícil, lleno de trampas escondidas en la hierba. Espectacular, resbaladizo, se siente cómo el coche se desliza en los cambios de terreno. Pero con los árboles esperándote a la salida de los saltos en el medio de la curva. Fallé en la quinta etapa golpeando un árbol en el asfalto. Fue un pequeño golpe, pero rebobiné y cuando reapareció ... el coche y se estrelló contra todo. Aun así, disfruté mucho la segunda parte del rally. Conducir con más precaución ... porque sin turbo o intercooler era imposible ir más rápido. Seguramente eso me salvó de cosas peores.
Lucas_Picone1 Wins Finland






Round 6: Australia


Due to the Holiday season we will leave Australia with an open date and see how it goes. Also, due to the continued absense of Drex we might have to do some team reshuffling.
Since I am 9,680 km away from my PS4, I did Australia and Alsace before the trip. Australia was very bad, with very bad pacenotes:

Lucas has also ran with a total time of 33:47.393
Australia so far:

Screenshot from 2019-01-01 11-59-52.png

Everyone is way behind schedule because of the holidays but let's try to get this wrapped up in the next few days.
Did Australia couple of days ago.
Started well but all went wrong once I got to Valla and Hydes Creek. Great stages but the pacenotes really let me down so lost a lot of time and gained a lot of damage. Had to do Shipmans 2 on 3 tyres and what sadist at Milestone thinks the night stage should be Hydes Creek?

Anyway, here's my effort;

PS: 3:52.654
Total: 37:59.181
Australia results. Stage 1-4 were decent, the second half was crud. Watch out after Stage 5 if you want to avoid damage. Just like Finland if you go full bore through the finish you’ll get damage. Thank you very much for that smashed windshield upon starting Stage 6...

Either way, other than shattered windshields I couldn’t see through a third of the time, overall damage wasn’t too much of a problem.

Power Stage, total time and video below.


So you're doing runs now just for fun and to compare times?

I'd say that's in the spirit of this league.

I particularly liked the way you styled out the roll in stage 1!
The moment with roll is nice, but it was just a working moment :lol:

The spirit of the league... looks like, at least two of participants keep more serious philosophy... and just with them I have to compare.

and since results for compare is already on, I tried Australia also.... my result occur a bit strange....
(still uploading for the moment)
Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO, SLRE Honor League Season 2 - Event 6 / 8 RESULT

PS: 03:56.853
Total: 37:55.830

p.s I did RESTART once. The reason was because I tried to play a game on a live broadcast yesterday, but it was a serious cut-off, so I just recorded it after 1 minute.